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The study of the origin, infinite potential

and the complete rehabilitation of the spiritual being

Prime Time Publications
Zero Edition 2013
Prime Time Publications
The study of the origin, infinite potential, and the
complete rehabilitation of the spiritual being

As the subtitle of this handbook indicates, Spiritologie
contains procedures for the rehabilitation of the spiritual
being. Spiritologie was developed for this purpose alone
and does not see itself in any way as a medical science nor
does it claim to heal physical illness. This intention is not
even part of it.

The Spiritologie-Navigator mentioned in this book serves

exclusively the purpose of locating so-called mental charges.
It is therefore in no way intended or effective for diagnosis
or healing in the medical sense.

Spiritologie is a registered trademark.

Andreas Buttler, SPIRITOLOGIE

Online Publication: Prime Time Publications 2013 Version 3.0

Bigera Haus, Brdeland, OT Biere.

2008 by Andreas Buttler

All rights reserved

Translation: Caspar de Rijk

English Editor: Clive Whittaker

Proofreading: Jonathon Westley-Richards, Co Bakker

Cover and Typesetting: Annette Rossmy
Illustrations: Alexandra Dring
Table of Contents

Foreword 9
1. Barriers of Communication 11
2. The Spiritual Being 19
3. The Eight Impulses of Existence 31
4. Nothing but the Truth 43
5. Pretended Reality 47
6. Unmatched Normality 55
7. Free Brainwashing 61
8. Three Universes 71
9. Self-Determination 77
10. Cause and Effect 105
11. God Defined 111
12. Spiritologie is not Scientology 129
13. Pan-Determination 145
14. Power and Simplicity 167
15. Consideration or Thought Pattern 181
16. Fantasy as Source of New Realities 193
17. Infinity Brought Back to Life 209
Epilogue 242
Andreas Buttler 243
Appendix 247

I t is great that you hold this book in your hands now,

although you really do not have any such things as
hands, as you will have noticed by the end of this book,
providing you read it very attentively.
Spiritologie is an applied philosophy that can be exam-
ined, tested, and verified for effectiveness by anyone using
his or her own observations. It is not just a nice theory
that may sound great or intellectual but does not assist you,
the reader, to increase your understanding of life and from
this assist you to rise to heights where you live and control
your life not the other way around!
Spiritologie is not a religion in the sense of being a rigid
belief system having moral laws or rules that demands or
even tries to enforce that a particular view is taken. Rather
it deals with the attainment of personal spiritual freedom
and achieving the capability of independent thinking for
the individual who uses it. It is this that makes it a philoso-
phy rather than a religion.
At the age of ten, I actively began my search for truth,
having noticed how difficult it was to get any answers
that were at least half-way sensible or logical from the
apparently experienced and knowledgeable adults that I
met. What use is a philosophy that I might study, whether
it is at a university or at home, where I find myself reading
statements that seek to convince me from the outset that I
can never get answers to certain questions, since there exist
things that are unknowable?


Usually I toss books of this type into the garbage can,

but maybe someday I will find some use for the works of
these esteemed authorities who took so much trouble to
commit into writing their own misconceptions and con-
fusions about life and who, by doing so put barriers and
traps in the way of those who could have made it, perhaps,
had they not been so unbelievably gullible in accepting
what they were taught as being true or right, without
first establishing usable definitions for such seemingly in-
significant words as truth, reality, right, and wrong.
Now I heartily invite you to find your own truth, your
very own personal truth, because the biggest mistake man-
kind has made up until now has been the assumption that
there was only one truth, equally valid for all.
When such an untrue cornerstone serves as the basis
for right conduct or thinking, there can only be one variety
of outcome chaos, war, illness, sorrow and the suppres-
sion of the self-determination of the individual or whatever
else may have been conceived of as Gods inevitable trials
for man.
Here then, your voyage begins. A voyage into infinity,
because you were, are and will always be infinity, and I
look forward to see you when you will have gone the whole
way that Spiritologie describes.
I bet you were and are a good person, but now the time
has come to reawaken at last!

With love,
Andreas Buttler

1. Barriers of Communication

T his book should not deal with such a topic, nor should
it become part of my work at all. However, since a
few very smart characters here in Germany had nothing
better to do than to try to bring about a spelling reform,
an undertaking which has yet to find its equal in idiocy
and ability to create confusion and dissent amongst the
German-speaking peoples, so out of this situation I have
decided to address a much wider field of problems: barriers
of communication.
This spelling reform was supposedly introduced to
simplify. From my point of view it is a great idea to lessen
the complexity of things. But such an undertaking can
quite rapidly turn into something ridiculous when the
people who are working on such a project are not able to
distinguish between those things that are important and
those things that are unimportant.
Language, writing and spelling exist to offer one pos-
sible way to make oneself understood, not as a way to keep
everyone from communicating, branding them as stupid
if they have not learned to apply the spelling or grammar
rules as given in paragraph 1025b and who then become
unwilling to express their thoughts in public out of fear of
being judged or invalidated.
A person may be viewed as educated if he knows the
rules of one or several languages, but this fact alone does
not really say anything about his intelligence. Education

Note: This book was originally written in the German language. At the time
this book was written, certain spelling reforms were ongoing and the subject of
considerable public debate.
Chapter 1 Barriers of Communication

and intelligence are often presented as being equivalent in

meaning, yet in fact there is only a slight correspondence
between them.
Every language in the world has its own rules but not
one of these rules is based on something that might be
described as truth or any inherent correctness of the
language itself! Therefore, there can be no real wrong-
ness either! If you were to ask an American, as you point
to a pair of nail scissors, whether the correct spelling is
Nagelschere or is it Nagelschehre, the American will most
likely say that your spelling as well as your entire manner
of expression is wrong it should be nail scissors. To this,
you might say, Well thats normal hes an American,
Exactly so! The point I wish to make with this example is
how senseless a differentiation between right and wrong
spelling becomes as soon as you start looking at it from the
viewpoint of mankind as a whole, like I just did.
How stupid might the American seem in this case
taken from the point of view of the German speaker? On
the other hand, how stupid might the German speaker
look from the point of view of the American? Well, I leave
it up to you to decide on that, because it is subjective and
so the number of possible ways for someone to answer is
Perhaps you know of or have heard of the old biblical
story of the Tower of Babel, which deals with corrupting
the once uniform language of mankind so as to foster dis-
putes and wars amongst the peoples of the world? If you
look at the amount of discussion and argumentation that
has centered around just this German language spelling

Barriers of Communication Chapter 1

reform from this angle, you might agree that such a strat-
egy, as was conceived back then, had been wildly successful
and certainly succeeded. Where live, but above all honest
communication takes place, there is no breeding ground
for disputes or wars. These occur only in the absence of
adequate communication interchange, because a high level
of love and understanding will never be reached if com-
munication cannot flow freely or when it is completely
blocked by complexity or even by lies.
Have you ever noticed how quickly one can start to
feel irritated, or even begin to hate someone who when
you are merely trying to help them with a problem keeps
asking you what you mean out of his having trouble un-
derstanding what he is being told? If you have experienced
such a thing, then you will know how important under-
standing and therefore since it is a means of achieving
this communication is. It even happens sometimes that
people, who were only trying to help, were yet abused or
beaten up and even ended up becoming total enemies be-
cause the intended help failed due to some communication
problems between the parties.
It is of interest that the use of language by secret
services is strictly in line with the old Babylonic intention:
the prevention of understanding! This is the reason why
they are always creating new code languages to keep all
those who do not belong to their illustrious circle from
understanding their activities.
Now you may be wondering, what all this has to do
with the topic of the spelling reform and what exactly is my
point? Well, what happened was this. I wasted some time
at the beginning entertaining considerations of whether I

Chapter 1 Barriers of Communication

should use the old or the new German spelling, and from
this I came to the conclusion that it made no sense for me
to make a problem out of this issue, because with that I
only keep myself from doing what I actually wanted to do.
I didnt have any desire to sit down to learn rules and new
spellings. I only wanted to write a book! I very definitely
did not intend to get myself involved in solving what is in
reality an artificial and externally created difficulty what
I wanted to do was communicate!
However, in contemplating all this I became awareof
how the different rules of all the numerous languages
ofEarth make communication, agreement, understanding,
consciousness, and the resulting peace, freedom, and unity
things that mean a great deal to me harder to accomplish.
Right now, we, as mankind, have all the technical
means to accomplish rapid and free communication all
over the world. We have faxes, cell phones, satellites and we
have the internet which itself allows instant communica-
tion to any location over the whole world. I asked myself,
Why is it we still dont have one common language on this
Earth, when space and time are no longer barriers to com-
munication and are not now relevant where we are talking
about the exchange of ideas and thoughts? Wouldnt that
be the foundation for global understanding amongst peo-
ples? Yet we find here in Germany, the focus is put on some
petty rules of spelling instead of discovering ways to make
improvements of a really useful order of magnitude!
Therefore, I decided I would no longer stick to any old
or even new rules that have been (or may be in the future)
introduced by people whose vision reaches no further than
their subsidized fat bellies. So that is over now and I, with

Barriers of Communication Chapter 1

this, create my own spelling reform, one that goes far be-
yond a mere reform of spelling, but in fact concerns the
language itself. It is time for a new language with new and
simplified rules, one which invites everybody to have fun
using it, and does not require first having to spend years in
studying a book of rules.
I am calling this new language Spirit. With Spirit
there is only one single rule to heed, one rule which is
indeed in accordance with the universal principles of com-
munication: If the thought concept that the sender of the
communication intended to transmit reaches the receiver,
it is correct Spirit! To put it more simply: If you can make
yourself understood, it is right!
This one rule, I postulated is applicable not only to
verbal and written communications, but also to spiritual
(telepathic) communications and even to the transmission
of emotion! It is of no concern whatsoever whether it is
expressed using English, French, Turkish or Chinese frag-
ments of spoken or written language, nor does it matter
when it is in written form, if sketches and drawings are
part of it.
As children we didnt sit down to learn any of these
supposedly logical rules of language. We simply copied the
sounds we heard and gradually we got to know for which
object, which action, or which circumstance they served
as a symbol. If our parents had uttered other sounds, we
would have experienced these different sound waves as
normal and right and we would have used those in-
stead. This is why some people never get rid of their dialect
from their childhood, which they themselves regarded as
natural. It is the same with writing; for example, if you

Chapter 1 Barriers of Communication

had grown up in Japan, you would not have thought:

They write in a funny way here. Clearly, this matter has
less to do with logic and intelligence and more to do with
local agreements and the resulting reality of groups!
I am very well aware that any language deals with
agreement and I dont like to create an entirely new lan-
guage from scratch, as did the writer Tolkien with his
language of the Hobbits in his masterpiece, The Lord of
the Rings, so I will take the German language as a starting
point. Spirit will develop as an independent language far
beyond its initial German base, as soon as influences from
people living all over the world have contributed to it and
it has been absorbed into linguistic customs by its users.
If you grew up with a different mother tongue than I
have (and so didnt have anything to do with these crazy
German spelling measures), then you are not affected
by this failed reform and may not understand why the
German language specifically is being used as the basis for
Spirit. You are right therefore, just use your own mother
tongue as the basis for this new language, and start to com-
municate just as freely as did those who had a chance to
look at this chapter before publication.
You know, I greatly enjoyed seeing some email ex-
changes between certain Danish and English speaking
people, where the Danish person wrote the email in
English, expressing it in the way he would probably would
have spoken it. The receiver of the email was likewise very
pleased because, with this new approach, written com-
munication between them had become possible for the
first time. Previously it had seemed unimaginable since
of course they had apparently no common written

Barriers of Communication Chapter 1

language on which to base an email exchange. It was only

after these two had heard about the content of this chapter
that they suddenly saw a basis for their communication
and they then found they could understand each other
without a great deal of trouble. This happened, even given
how really outlandish and comical the resultant English
was. As you might imagine!
What I find particularly pleasant about this herewith
newly introduced language is that, there will no longer
be books dictating to people what is right or wrong about
their everyday language, but that books which may one
day be written about the language Spirit will have to be
continually updated, because they will have to conform to
the linguistic usage of the people. In that way man will take
first place again not a textbook! In the future people will
no longer adjust to books and rules, as was the case much
too often in the past, instead textbooks will be adjusted to
the people! Spirit as a language will, in some areas, result
in exactly what is the overall intention of this book: to
convert the apparent other-determination of individual be-
ings, and mankind as a whole, into self-determination, to
ultimately attain pan-determination. Now that I have told
you how I solved the problem of the spelling reform for
me, I can finally continue on with theplanned chapters,
which of course I will from now on write in Spirit. If
you should therefore discover, that I appear to be using
incorrect spellings and you are not quite sure whether I
am writing correctly or incorrectly, remember that I am no
longer subservient to any (German) spelling rules, because
it is Spirit that you are reading!

Chapter 1 Barriers of Communication

Furthermore, I would of course very much welcome it

if, whenever you find yourself getting fed up with having
to look up rules to determine how something should be
written, you would also decide to write it the easy way, that
is, just as it comes to your mind. Similarly, if anyone de-
cides to invalidate your intelligence because they claim you
are not following one of these oh, so essential rules, just
refer that person to this chapter, and mention that you are
also using this brand-new, user-friendly language, one so
simple that even a child can use it, that has only one single
rule and which has ended in one fell swoop all discussions
about correct spelling: Spirit.

2. The Spiritual Being

M an has basically three component parts. This idea

is not new: we find it expressed in many ancient
scriptures, religions, and philosophies.
He is composed of a fleshly body, a mind, and the spiri-
tual being; the spiritual being constitutes the part which
is senior, the steering or control unit, so to speak. This
spiritual being is the actual I of a person.
The body has many different drives or urges, such as
to eat, to drink, to procreate, etc. It must breathe; it needs
warm clothing in the winter with a roof overhead to pro-
tect it from wind and weather. The body has an enormous
need for things and having to obtain these on a daily basis
may already be enough to require all of a persons attention,
thus leaving little time for things the person himself the
spiritual being actually wants to do or experience.
The constant need to satisfy all of these purely physical
urges can then make work all too often seem a necessary
evil, because a spiritual being who is free and independent
of bodies would not waste a single thought on such things,
since they would normally be outside the sphere of his per-
sonal interests, a factor which also explains why so many
people have to whip themselves to get out of bed each
morning in order to do something that is only imposed
on them because they are so bent on playing along in the
game of Look, I am also just human.
If you were completely free, you certainly would not
be sitting around doing nothing, or getting on the nerves

Chapter 2 The Spiritual Being

of frustrated social security officials by demanding money

from them or by resorting to robbing banks! I can guar-
antee though that you would be doing work which you
would greatly enjoy, which you had chosen for yourself and
certainly not from the delusory idea that you had no other
choice because the world were just so bad or that you were
just an unfortunate person who had suffered such a bad
childhood, which even though that was long ago you
are still using as an excuse, for your own failure and what is
more would even be accepted by your unfortunately far
too sympathetic fellow men.
Of course I am not talking about you at all. The fact
is you wouldnt even be reading this book if this was your
way of thinking.
The mind is that auxiliary device that can support us
though it often fails in computing the right answers to
our issues in life.
Here is an example: Two people Erna and Emil are
standing at a table that has two apples on it. Each one eats
one apple. How many apples are left? Answer: Many mil-
lions of apples are still left in the world that can be eaten.
Also there will be new ones growing in the future and these
may even taste better!
Did your mind give you another answer? Well, well!
Did it whisper perhaps something like zero apples? Let
me share a big secret with you on the subject of math-
ematics perhaps even its biggest secret there is no
such thing on Earth as zero apples, as that is true only and
exclusively in mathematics itself. Applied in life however
this is a plain lie.

The Spiritual Being Chapter 2

I would suggest that you are better off figuring out

answers for yourself, rather than just taking any that have
been built into your mind and therefore into your thinking,
by parents, grandparents, schools and society in general
and that everyone is using as the one right answer which is
so perfectly and obviously true or is that no longer the
case now?
The spiritual being that is, the person himself, not his
mind, not his body, not his name has, by nature, abilities
that in their totality have never been suspected before, be-
cause someone would have had to define infinity correctly
first, which to my knowledge has not been done until now.
Every SB (I will now frequently use this abbreviation for
spiritual being) has the ability to create and place matter
and energy in space and time as well as the higher ability,
to even create the space and time in which to place energy
and matter. You say you dont know how you can create
space and time? You are lying, because you are still having so
much fun playing the game of being an unknowing human.
Dont worry; I am not angry with you just because you still
enjoy suppressing things that you innately know!
Only a very few months ago, during my further re-
search, I found what is the highest ability of an SB thus far
discovered, and I am proud to be able to tell it to you. The
SB has the ability to create itself as a spiritual being, as well
as the ability to create further SBs too.
Now you may be asking yourself how I might apply all
these abstract data to my life.
Okay heres a little example: might it be you can never
find sufficient time for your hobbies? Well, why not create
some time for yourself! You have the potential to do so.

Chapter 2 The Spiritual Being

You can even manage to create no time this must be so

of course or otherwise you wouldnt have this problem of
no time. You have no time because you think that you
would not have time!
Change your thinking about your time, and you will
notice that your experience of time will change, and all of a
sudden you can, after all, have time for what you want to do.
Later in the book I will cover the application of these
abilities in greater detail.
A spiritual being isnt subject to any limitation. In fact
SB is the correct definition of zero, since it has no mass, no
size, no extension, no wavelength, and no motion.
It has no position in space or time. It exists independent
of these factors as pure potential. To be exact, it is a noth-
ing with the potential to create whatever it likes to create,
for it does however have personality and individuality.
An SB can get the concept of being in a space, but
actually it only occupies that position because it thought
itself into that place. It does not even have to travel through
space in order to take up a particular point in space. If you
wanted to be in China as a spiritual being, you wouldnt
even have to look on the globe to find the way there. You
would simply decide in the moment to be at the place
where you wanted to be, and in the same instant you would
be there.
Einstein was of the opinion that nothing is faster than
light. Well, he was right! An SB is faster than light because
it is a nothing but a nothing with potential! Of
course he did not mean it that way, but, as we all know,
one shouldnt speak ill of the dead.
An SB in the original state is infinite knowing, im-
mortal, cant be wounded or hurt and possesses all the

The Spiritual Being Chapter 2

abilities already described before. It possesses the potential

to imagine something and then perceive and experience
what it has imagined.
You want to reach your original state again? Well Ill
let you in on a further secret: you never lost it! Time is an
illusion! Time is a very early notion the SB had, without
which there would have been no something, no beauty,
no ugliness, no pain, no suffering nor any happiness in
existence, since without there being time each and every
something would simply cease to exist!
Everyone who wishes to be self-determined should know
what time is and how he creates it, because in that way,
he takes control over what he wants to have and what he
does not want to have in his life, whether it is possessions,
objects, conditions, character traits, or emotions.
Since every SB is as free and unlimited at this instant as
when it was in the original state, there actually is no reason
to manifest any disability or have any lack of knowledge
because factually nothing ever happened to it! Yes, some-
thing could have happened to his body; that is so. But what
does that have to do with him now continually sitting
thinking of past happenings and then asserting how much
he is being influenced by those things?
In playing a computer game, you wouldnt think that
you were hopelessly lost, just because the life points of a
body you had been operating in the game had gone down
to zero and you saw on the screen Your game is over,
would you? Well, you and your body have a relationship
similar to this.
The mistake comes when you identify yourself with
something you really arent. For example imagine you

Chapter 2 The Spiritual Being

created a cup out of porcelain. In a while maybe you began

to get the idea of how beautiful this cup is and how you
would like to be this cup. Now, as an SB you can actually
decide to be this beautiful cup, and behold, you then are
the cup! You have taken up its space and stand on a shelf;
everyone admires your beauty, and some drink from you.
One day, however, all of a sudden this cup crashes to the
floor. Someone has dropped it and it has broken, and you
as the cup get the idea, Oh, I am destroyed.
Then someone comes along and sweeps you up and you
land in the garbage bin. Its dark in there, and also rather
smelly. And you lie around for the next three years amongst
the garbage, broken and feeling terribly depressed and sad
about your existence.
Does this sound crazy? Well, I can tell you I have
communicated with SBs telepathically, not verbally of
course who were still in their graves, because they thought
they themselves had died and they were feeling extremely
unwell there, especially after the body had been reduced
to dust and all that stuff.
You can so much be a body or, as in the example above,
a cup, and do it so convincingly for yourself, that you
simply forget well it does have to be realistic that this
is just a role you have selected for yourself, and it is all done
just for your own enjoyment! How simple it would be just
to look at the truth, notice that you werent ever broken or
reduced to dust and that all you then had to do was think
up something else that was new and fun to do, and not get
hung up in the space and time of some old game!
You can be all that you see or perceive. An SB can
create any space, times, energy, matter, forms, or objects

The Spiritual Being Chapter 2

and then decide to be what it created for itself in order to

really experience something.
There is nothing wrong with this at all. But in the past
I have heard so many complaints by so many SBs about
conditions and situations in their lives, that I now think it
is time to whisper softly in the non-existent ears of these
SBs: You have played these things very well, very convinc-
ingly, but now be yourself again!
Someone may yet, whilst trying to suppress an impish
grin and pointing to some real and tremendously dramatic
life situation, make a final attempt to get you to take part in
his game. Perhaps he is playing I have cancer, or Icant
stop drinking, then however you should recognize that
he is not a candidate for Spiritologie, because he has had
nowhere near enough of it and still wants to spend a few
lives here on Earth as a human being.
Be clear I do not assert here that Spiritologie cures
illnesses like cancer or alcohol addiction, since it isnt a
medical science. I would like to point out, however, that I
know of not one single SB that ever drank a drop of alcohol
or had a cancer growth in its bowels. Indeed so far I have
been unable to detect throats, stomachs, or any innards
of any sort in an SB, much less physical illnesses. That
is why Spiritologie does not deal with such matters, even
though it has the potential to enable even a speculative
science like medicine to grow up and become a subject of
real knowledge.
Send people who are physically ill to the doctors and
tell someone about Spiritologie who has other hobbies than
demonstrating how deeply one can still get oneself, as a
spiritual being involved in the body game.

Chapter 2 The Spiritual Being

The doctors will also be grateful for this so that they

can at least continue to make the payments on their ex-
pensive cars and houses, since you should understand that
a large percentage of doctors but by no means all have
built their whole careers feeding upon the illness of others,
hoping that these illnesses will last and hoping that no one
will follow up on the fact, which they themselves do talk
about, that even though around eighty percent of all ill-
nesses are caused psychosomatically they still continue to
treat only body symptoms in ninety-nine percent of cases.
In any case you will be supporting the self-determination
of other SBs by not insisting that Spiritologie is true, since
it really isnt. It is a road that leads to the full truth, but
Spiritologie itself is only a workable system. This certainly
will become clearer once the subjects of truth and reality
are discussed more extensively in the coming chapters.
What is true for you is what you yourself consider to
be true. And once you grant this right to all others around
you too, you will then notice that you never give offense
and that you will generally get along in life much better
than some country leaders, who think they can spread
their personal or national truth faster using the threat
of chemical or nuclear weapons, always of course for the
good of those who would be getting such stuff dropped
on their heads. Have you thought by any chance that it
might have something to do with the thousands of tril-
lions that can be made through wars and manufacturing
weapons? Please !!!
To spread Spiritologie, you dont need violence or weap-
ons, especially so since it is something that man has actually
been looking for since time immemorial and which can

The Spiritual Being Chapter 2

bolster him up in his self-determination; therefore there is

no need to try to force it upon him since it would not work
in any case.
Any attempt in this direction would only mean that
what Spiritologie is really all about was not understood.
The discovered foundation pillar, on which this book
is built, is essentially this:

All and I really mean precisely what I am saying here, all

that you perceive and experience is exactly what you, out of
yourself and through your own causal thinking, are creating
actually right now!

Based on this core statement, we can now also clearly ex-

press the final objective of Spiritologie and I assure you,
it is a worthwhile one:
A spiritual being that has regained full control over its
causative thinking and so possesses an infinite freedom
and self-determination over how it sets up its own world,
its personal universe, which is to say its actual home and
can decide what it will experience within it.
Both of these statements may seem at this instance to
be untrue or tremendously distant or unrealistic.
You should take into consideration though that there are
additional chapters in the book that you havent yet read
which express views on subjects that have never been dealt
with from such an awareness of things which is now within
reach of everyone.
So why not put the whole package of what you know
to one side for the duration of this book? Like the classroom
blackboard at school, first you would clean off all the old

Chapter 2 The Spiritual Being

chalk markings written on it so that new information to be

written on it would not blend with that earlier stuff that
has nothing to do with the present subject and would if it
remained only serve to confuse things since it might then
be unclear as to whether any old stuff showing through
from behind is actually part of the new data.
Do you see what I mean?
Before one can evaluate and judge a statement one must
at least have received it in its totality and meaning so one
can think with it. That will not occur if one instead of
actually reading thinks what it may be saying or when
there are words in the text that one does not really know in
their entirety but then neglects to look up their definitions
in a dictionary.
It would really be a pity if someone perhaps because
he did not know one of several of the meanings of the
word couple came to understand the sentence, You are
really a great couple to mean, You are really a great few
because he never noticed the difference between a couple
(meaning a pair) and a couple (meaning a few), and
because of that throws the book into the corner, thinking
its nonsense for the text that followed after that hardly
made any sense.
So if the text seems hard to grasp or you have the feel-
ing you cannot understand it, carefully check to find the
word which you have got no definition or a false definition
for, because you will be able to understand absolutely every
statement, if you follow that rule; it does not matter what
your teachers may have told you about talent, intelligence,
and other things to direct your attention away from the
fact that they didnt know why they failed so often in

The Spiritual Being Chapter 2

their efforts to teach and of course didnt wish to look and

find that the responsibility for their own failures lay with
I could make a mean remark at this point, implying
that the marks at the end of the school year only reflect the
quality of the teaching and that the children should not be
punished for that, but that parents should arrange to meet
with the head of the school to discuss the incompetence
of their childs teacher. Bear in mind, however, that this
would actually be an oversimplified view of the situation,
since the child experiences just what it thinks too and is
therefore also responsible for its marks.
I feel nevertheless that the days of I am not responsible
and Its not my fault are over and that such justifications
should no longer be accepted from anyone, for unwanted
conditions in life do not change for the better and that is
regardless of which area of life we are dealing with.
Otherwise please tell me who will make things better,
if everybody just points to the other and waits? If you want
a better, nicer world, you now know where to start.

And I wish you success!

3. The Eight Impulses of Existence

L ife is too complex to be understood in its totality

might be said to be the motto that summarizes the
stance of the currently popular philosophers and scientists.
Forgive me or not but I do not subscribe to this idea
but instead I divide life up into distinct areas to help clarify it
and enable it to be presented as a sort of ladder of awareness.
This ladder can then be ascended in a very relaxed manner,
so long, as it is climbed step by step, and one does not try to
jump to a higher level before reaching stable footing on the
level one is currently on.
The number eight has been used in earlier p hilosophical
and religious works that deal with the description of the
various areas or spheres of life and whats more the figure
eight (lying on its side) is also the symbol for infinity, there-
fore I use it to describe the individual impulses, drives, or
urges which any being can, to a greater or lesser degree,
sense intuitively.
When a spiritual being unfolds more and more and
provided it does not have too many problems and worries
regarding the lower impulses, it becomes very noticeable
that it increasingly extends its playing field and takes on
larger problems. A being is striving toward infinite happi-
ness, and it experiences this by overcoming perceivable and
not unknown barriers that stand in the way of its own goals
and intentions.
Lets take a soccer match, where a goal is scored against a
goalkeeper who was fully intent on preventing the ball from

Chapter 3 The Eight Impulses of Existence

going into his net, for an example of what is a moment of

happiness for the attacker and his team; we may ask however
would there have been such a happy moment if the goal had
been left completely undefended with no goalkeeper there
striving to stop the ball?
It is possible it would be so, however if this were the
case, then we would immediately know that the attacker
musthave been in rather bad shape, if such a performance
would have made him happy. His inability to play the game
in what we might term any normal sort of way might just
by itself have constituted enough of a barrier to overcome
so doing that would produce a feeling of happiness which
therefore still agrees with our definition of happiness.
The spiritual being is on the way towards infinity, whether
it is aware of it or not. This is the common denominator of
all its actions. It may have gotten itself so entangled in the
lower impulses of life that in the process it has forgotten its
own beingness, where it might look like its goal was his house
which, located on the corner of the street with a private and
fully enclosed yard, suffers from the inconvenience of some
overhanging branches coming from his next door neighbors
cherry tree, which obviously leads to many nerve-racking
court cases. Even after he eventually wins and has reached his
goal he still cannot get rid of the feeling that these material
things do not really make him happy in the long run and may
start thinking there has to be something more to life.
At this point, he might take up painting or writing stories,
perhaps in order to help others to lead a more satisfactory life,
to tell them his view of things or just to get them to laugh.
Alas, however there are many people who never get around
to such things as these since their daily life itself provides
them with sufficient problems they need to overcome, since

The Eight Impulses of Existence Chapter 3

a few politicians still believe it is legal because it has been

officially regulated by law to collect half of peoples
monthly wages in taxes, even when they cant produce any
real justifications for doing so.
Yes, sometimes they justify it by the costs of building
and maintaining the streets for example. But doesnt anyone
f illing up their cars already pay for these expenses through the
taxes on their fuel which are as high as 75% in many cases!?
If all these taxes even apart from the vehicle, environ-
mental and insurance taxes were being used on the roads,
which these politicians say they are for, then wouldnt the
world be just full of roads in all directions? Taxes are officially
regulated and legal, yes, but then werent those stand against
the wall executions of their own citizens by the government
of the former East Germany also in accordance with the
law and therefore legal?
I do not know if a law just because it is a law is there-
fore synonymous with ethics or reason? Of course you,
the reader, can come to your own conclusions on that matter.
I will also leave it to your judgment as to whether it is
purely by chance or instead the deliberate intention of some
few that you dont engage yourself in the pursuance of the
higher purposes of existence, but one thing I know for sure:
I have rarely heard anyone proclaim that he would pay to
this or to any former government, one Euro, or equivalent in
taxes if he hadnt been summoned to do so with affection-
ate arguments such as police, deprivation of liberty or other
threat of violence all provided quite decently of course, but at
the same time with alarming insistence, to get him to fulfill
his duty as a citizen.
Sometimes I wonder (well, I dont really) how countries
that dont require such high and all-pervasive taxation of their

Chapter 3 The Eight Impulses of Existence

citizens do actually manage? It doesnt seem to be impossible to

do; maybe all one needs is a government that is actually com-
petent, one that could make money just by itself, say through
international business. In other words, a government that also
performed work itself, rather than just begs from those citizens
who still do work, who arent yet fed up with this situation and
have not registered with Social Security in order to receive state
benefits that could pay them almost more than those who do
work day in and day out at tough, badly paid jobs.
An example, taken from my own observation may answer
the question, mentioned just before, as to whether it is by
pure chance or could it instead be intentional that we are pre-
sented each and every day with these inescapable problems
through the news and political broadcasts we receive.
Even politicians had arithmetic lessons in school, and they
did understand that if you cut a cake into smaller and smaller
pieces, you do not end up with more cake! My dear grand-
mother knew that this process means one will only get smaller
and smaller pieces, and in this way nobody gets his fill! Yet I
hear in the media every now and then that by sharing labor
with more, then more labor would be created! My grand-
mother would have simply baked additional cakes and then
there would really be more cake, well she was not so dumb.
That shouldnt be interpreted as I am saying the politi-
cians of the world are dumb! No, I am just pointing out how
clever my grandmother was! Unfortunately, she never was a
candidate and I think maybe she wouldnt have been elected
either since she could not give such awesome orations as
these intellectual old men with their fat bellies protruding
before them, who have their speeches written for them by
others so they can read them off, since they arent capable of

The Eight Impulses of Existence Chapter 3

thinking up, by themselves, such dazzling stuff, that would

also make them popular.
Besides, as I covered earlier, mathematics isnt actually
true so I will admit that I shouldnt have used that as a
measure of the intelligence of these people. So, I wont do
that again!
What all this may have to do with the eight impulses of
life will become clear when these areas will be addressed, these
areas into which a being expands as it starts to feel stronger
and more powerful. For it will by all means try to gradually
extend its self-determination over all of life. So you can see
how this works, I will now energetically direct my attention
onto the subject in a business like fashion and in a few words
sketch out the major subdivisions of the spectrum of life:

Impulse 1: The impulse to exist as ones own self.

This includes the survival as the body that one currently in-
habits, of ones own name, the hobbies one has as this human
being, the occupation as well as the role one has selected for
oneself for his human life.

Impulse 2: The impulse to exist as a relation-

ship, marriage, or partnership.

This encompasses the subject of sexuality, as well as the be-

getting and rearing of children so as to create future physical
life since the human game can only continue so long as
there are new bodies available through which the spiritual
being can also participate in this game in the future.

Chapter 3 The Eight Impulses of Existence

Impulse 3: The impulse to exist as a group or of groups.

This category deals with associations, parties, groupings of

people with similar interests, that are intended to make it
possible in agreement with several others to live ones
own thoughts, conceptions and preferences and possibly
disseminate them, so as to extend the influence of the group
or groupings. This impulse can be used also to fight opposing
groups, such as in the case of war, where one would then
designate ones own country, as well as friendly countries, as
ones own Impulse 3.

Impulse 4: The impulse to exist as all of mankind.

At this level the individual is dealing with mankind as one.

It no longer differentiates between races, like black, brown,
yellow or white, but sees its existence as that much more
pleasant, the happier, more content and harmonious man-
kind is as a whole, because a single individual cannot live in
peace and calm between warring nations, as it is influenced
by external circumstances, unrest and the emotions pro-
voked thereby, which reduce its own enjoyment of life.

Impulse 5: The impulse to exist as the world

of animals and plants.

All life organisms, however big or small they may be, fall
in this realm. Animals, plants, grassy meadows, and trees;
insects, bacteria or single cell organisms also belong here.
All that is alive but not in human form belong in this

The Eight Impulses of Existence Chapter 3

sub-division of life (sub-division, as used here, does not

express any significance of rank or importance).

Impulse 6: The impulse to exist as physical universe.

Matter, energy, space, and time are the component parts of

what we call the physical, material, or corporeal universe.
We may call this realm simply the playing field of the
spiritual being, the place where it can experience its adven-
tures and dramas.

Impulse 7: The impulse to exist as a spiritual

being or of spiritual beings.

Here belong ghosts, demons, and phenomena such as polter

geists, hobgoblins, fairies, angels, as well as such topics as
aura, astral bodies, and any other form of spiritual entity or
being. Telepathic communications with other beings, extra-
sensory perceptions, as well as other bodiless experiences and
adventures also come under this impulse.

Impulse 8: The impulse to exist as Supreme Being.

This could also be designated as urge toward divine con-

sciousness or infinity. At this level of awareness we find
nothing else but pure unlimited potential to be, do and have,
but without being, doing or having anything.
Here there is no time, space, extension, size, energy
or wavelength, motion, matter, significance or any other
things. This is, as covered earlier, the correct definition of
zero it is also the definition of a static and is the highest

Chapter 3 The Eight Impulses of Existence

level of existence. Here there arent even character traits or

emotion, as all these things have to be created first from
zero or nothing in order to exist and so be perceived. At
this level we find the spiritual being in its native state of
absolute knowing.

The most frequently asked questions such as Who or what

am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going to?
will only have been answered fully by an individual, once
it has achieved again the awareness of the eighth impulse,
since it is not what may have been supposed at the beginning
of the rehabilitation, that it is the first impulse that makes
up its whole personality, but it is actually composed of all
impulses together!
Expressed even more precisely: Impulses 1-7 are just
products of the actual personality, with which the spiritual
being however can identify, thus it can be these products, be-
cause the actual personality, the original and unchanged I
is pure potential, as described and defined under Impulse 8.
There may be people, reading what I have written here,
who will fear that they may melt together with others and to-
tally lose their individuality at this level, I can reassurethese
people this is not the case in fact, ascension through theseim-
pulses accomplishes exactly the opposite, namely: a separating
out from the crowd, and out of being equal. Recognition of
the interchanges of thought and e motion between you and
other people or beings will put you in a position to notice
from which direction the emotion that you experience comes
or who has the thought that you have picked up. Perhaps
you have already noticed how, you whilst you yourself are
in a good mood but are talking to a sad person, suddenly

The Eight Impulses of Existence Chapter 3

experience the feelings he does! That is advantageous in the

process of understanding and helping him, but after that talk
you should be able to recreate your own good mood without
the emotions that you only picked up and perceived from
outside is this not so? That will no longer work however if
you have confused his emotions with your own and are now
thinking that you arent feeling well, because then you will
experience exactly what you think!
You will think and experience finally wholly for your-
self, having your very own ideas of true and untrue,
formulate for yourself your own concepts and crystal clear
thoughtsand be able to distinguish them from those of other
beings and know with certainty exactly what it is you intend.
It is vital to realize, when considering all these impulses,
the fact that an SB does not go up as part of these im-
pulses,but is these impulses and so can think and experience
as them!
The SB is the origin of all these areas and taking Im-
pulse 2 (sexuality and partnership) as an example it does
not ascend and become aware of being a part of the relation-
ship it is living but it will look at the actions of its partner
as its own.
When being fully aware of Impulse 4 (Mankind) the SB
would be aware of being the entirety of mankind and would
be able to think, feel and act as each single one of these
people without feeling confused at all!
This is valid for all of the impulses listed above and it is
an important fact, that, if not taken into account, will com-
pletely block ones ascension to supreme being, since no such
ascent will be possible without recognition of and taking
full responsibility for all that one experiences and perceives

Chapter 3 The Eight Impulses of Existence

around one even however unpleasant it may seem. The

reward of freedom is worth it, believe me.
At the end of your road which actually doesnt have to
take a single second to travel, as I mentioned before, you will
know you have reached the Impulse 8 and are yourself. You
have no position in time or space, so you can no longer, in
any way be threatened, made to fear or be attacked, because
from then on you will never again identify or confuse your
own self with your body.
An analogy for this might be a computer game, in which
you thought for a lifetime you were the figure that you were
actually controlling with the joystick and you yourself got
very afraid when an attacker came too close.
After you had noticed that you are actually outside this
game sitting securely behind the monitor screen knowing
that there is nothing for you to be afraid of, as there is no
threat of danger from the game as long as you are outside of
it, so wouldnt the game at this point indeed really start to
be fun and wouldnt you now get onto all those things you
thought you could not possibly do before because you could
be slain?
If that should happen, why then well you take a new
puppet and go for the next goal!
You will reach it! The question is only how many lives
you need, but if you really rapidly scale up your awareness,
you will accomplish as much as you want since time is only
another one of those things which you will understand and
so control once you are fully aware of Impulse 6!

The Eight Impulses of Existence Chapter 3

Life is basically a game. It consists like all games do of

freedoms, barriers and purposes. But you can only play it
when you are a player. Figures in a game are played.
I will not have to ask you whether you want to be a figure
or player from now on, as a figure wouldnt have been able to
stand the things that have been said thus far.

So Im happy to know we have another player on this planet!

4. Nothing but the Truth

D o you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and

nothing but the truth, so help you God?
No, since in places like this the truth is neither wanted
nor accepted. What you mean is will I acknowledge the real-
ity, which is falsely designated as true by you.
This is pretty much how my answer to this question
would have turned out, had I ever been asked it. How come?
To explain this it is necessary firstly to define this small
yet so incredibly often misunderstood word reality. The
big question all philosophers, since time immemorial, have
sought to answer is exactly the question asking for the mean-
ing of this word reality?
The answer is that reality is the degree or measure of
agreement that exists between two or more beings. Realityis
not truth or something that actually and authentically
isthat way.
If it were like that, then I ask you to please explain to
me why not all people see or experience the reality of life,
as well as speak of it and judge it, in exactly the same way.
The reason for this is that there are many, yes even infi-
nitely many realities. A reality has been reached when at
least one other person shares your own view on something,
thus when at least one other live entity agrees with you, then
you both have a common reality.
Once upon a time there was a man who asserted that
the Earth was in fact not flat but instead was a sphere. At
that time he was rather alone in this opinion and as a result

Chapter 4 Nothing but the Truth

was given some quite rough treatment. His mental state was
questioned because he did not subscribe to the ideas about
the Earth that the majority was agreeing to at that time.
What he was saying was simply unreal since everyone
knew that if the Earth was round well of course then
people and things would just fall or slide off it.
Yes, today we may laugh at this situation. At that time,
however, it was not so funny if you were the person who
first imagined a reality that was different to the one that the
majority was thinking.
Today there are individuals who are also ridiculed and
attacked, just like this man of ancient times, but what seems
to be the method of choice which is most effective, is to cut
them to pieces through the media, so as to destroy their
reputation or even to get them treated by psychologists,
in order to help them to become normal once again and
so to think once more according to reality.
Indeed, I might simply submit here that psychology is
being employed and only exists to have this phony theory
of normality give you a hell of a fear of thinking differ-
ently or being different than is your environment, for if
you were you would be seen as having suffered a break in
reality and would be regarded colloquially as an idiot or
someone who is simply spinning.
Spinning I actually think is a nice compliment in a
way since to spin also means to create ones own world,
being creative, using ones imagination to weave ones own
thought web and knot it to other thought webs in a log-
ical or illogical way to shape new views of life, which may
even be put into action at a later time. Countless examples
of such eccentrics can be found throughout the history of

Nothing but the Truth Chapter 4

mankind. Many of them had been extremely rich but many

others also were just influential people, who created op-
portunities for future generations which they had to push
on through in the face of opposition of the type: You must
agree with our reality, otherwise , signed The Wardens.
Many of them even had to pay for this with their physi-
cal lives, some ending up being burnt at the stake, others
nailed to the one time so favored wooden cross, and all
this just because they insisted on seeing things the way they
themselves saw them.
Just imagine if Jesus Christ should really show up here
and say: Okay, here I am as it was announced I would
be and now let me give you the revelation. He would be
perfect bait for the psychologists and psychiatrists.
I bet that, after he performed the first healing of cancer
by the laying on of hands the medical men would take him
to court, well after all he would have no medical degree; we
can be sure he would be defamed through the media and
labeled as an eccentric and then maybe some Judas from
his family circle would be rapidly found to assist in getting
him incapacitated since he was clearly suffering from the
Christ Syndrome and hed be tied onto the old litter so
that a general anesthetic could be administered to cure
his tendency to think and even express such ideas publicly
let alone having the audacity to act upon them, which, by
the way, is the highest of all possible crimes here on this
civilized planet.
And why would this be so? Because he doesnt abide by
the truth! Whose truth? Why that of the general population!
In court he wouldnt fare too well either and he had some
experience of that earlier!

Chapter 4 Nothing but the Truth

If he were presently physically incarnated somewhere and

revealed himself to you, the reader of this book, then please
first get him to read a copy of this, so he can get himself a
bit oriented as to what is the game thats routinely played
here when someone with strange ideas shows up and is of
the opinion that he can just think and do whatever he likes!
So, why do I write about all this and what does it have
to do with the subject of truth?
Well I am inviting you to please stop adjusting your
personal truth to that of the general public and do not let
it be adjusted. That is what truth really is a personal,
individual thing!
A truth can exist for you alone. If others agree with you,
then you have made it a reality.
Do you now understand the difference between these
two words, words that have been wrongly defined since
times immemorial because they were considered as equal
to each other?
Dont invalidate your personal truth of things just be-
cause you havent yet found another being who thinks as
you do. Perhaps you are the one who carries some crazy
concept within you, that will, one day, become reality for
all of us, because you didnt give up and somewhere along
the line you do meet the right person who happily realizes
this concept with you.
Airplanes were once just such a crazy idea. It isnt that
way these days, is it?
Consider this there has never been anyone who did
not realize his ideas or goals. There were only people who
stopped, at some point, believing in them or working at
them. Have you ever noticed that?

5. Pretended Reality

N ow I think you are ripe for a chapter which carries

quite some impact. It is pure dynamite, because this
data will shake the structure of the society to its very founda-
tions. No, that is an understatement, because it will actually
dissolve these foundations into nothing. This will however
have the positive effect of allowing a new society to come
into existence, one which will be built on other pillars than
the oppression of all free-thinking.
The society in which you live now is based upon the false
definition of reality which was corrected in our previous
chapters. What then are the implications of this?
It means you live in a house of cards built on a lie! It
can break down any second, but not however because the
foundation is fragile, no, because there isnt any foundation!
It was only pretended there would be one.
Do you now understand why there is so much pressure,
violence, force, laws, psychology, psychiatry and even armies
required to keep this society going?
Why is it that every new idea in human history has al-
ways been attacked with the intention of eradicating it? Well,
it is because of the dominating fear that chaos would ensue if
one allowed each man to have and live his own reality.
No, no, there can only be the one reality, in order to
keep order! is the maxim of the powers that be, who, in
actual fact, have no power at all or have you ever seen a
really powerful man who was yet afraid? That is itself the
contradiction. For example take their university doctrines.

Chapter 5 Pretended Reality

In religious sciences they teach about the divine spiritual

nature of man, however across the hall they propound the
theory of animal instinct and the stimulus-response-based
character of man called psychology and on another floor
up one only hears talk about man strictly from the viewpoint
of inherited genes, which they say pre-determine all.
Yet all of them claim equally they are sciences and are
true! Incredible, isnt it?
In fact what they are is realities currently existing agree-
ments no more, no less! Believe me, in less than fifty years
people will be laughing so loudly about them, these people
who today still think they are teaching something that is
meaningful or containing truth, just the same as where one
would smile to oneself when considering a theory that has
since been superseded by new insights.
It has been the various religions of man in particular who
have repeatedly favored the use of the fear of hell and eternal
damnation, in order to spread their specific reality as the
one and only true religion and then tried to break anyones
neck who came up with any concept about life, which might
weaken their position of dominance. The basic intention of
any religion which wants to enforce upon you a pre-fabricated
thought and belief system is actually control. There are ex-
ceptions to this however, such as with Buddhism, which was
originally a pure philosophy without prayers or any rigid doc-
trine or rituals. However in the course of time even there, de-
viations have crept in, which Buddha himself certainly would
not find at all funny as a matter of fact I know from a reliable
source, that this is something that he cannot bring himself to
laugh about. So this isnt even a matter of pure speculation.
In Buddhism the one and only objective was the recogni-
tion of ones own spiritual nature which was achieved by

Pretended Reality Chapter 5

leaving the flesh. That is why there was no God doctrine

in it. Instead one was speaking of the Supreme Being and
the fact that a being creates its own destiny through its own
thinking and acting and so should not be taken in by the
illusions of the outside world the physical universe and
would not go looking for the cause of conditions experienced
in places where certainly no cause is to be found. The only
cause is and will only be you, the Spiritual Being. You see in
the world around you only the effects you have caused.
When you throw a rock into a pool of water and then
waves slowly spread from it you could assume that the rock
was the cause of the movement of the water, or could you?
Well I wouldnt know what effect a rock could create all
on its own, were it not for a cause deciding to throw this
rock into the water and then also doing so by use of the body.
The whole confusion on the subject of truth and reality
was created in order that a mere few could, without any great
effort, manipulate and govern the vast majority of people for
their own purposes without these people even noticing it,
since, seen through the information given to them, somehow
it all makes no sense and therefore makes it look like chance
and natural chaos.
Accepting the potential of infinite realities does not
lead to chaos on the contrary, there is chaos because it has
not been accepted yet!
You would be amazed at how often people when they
start to feel secure in my presence tell me whilst in con-
versation All my life I have had this thought, but I never
dared to speak about it with anyone, in case they might have
thought I was insane!

Chapter 5 Pretended Reality

Do you see the fear people still have, even in these modern
days, of just talking of things they sense deep within them-
selves and hold to be real?
Exactly those are the consequences of the disease that
is this pretended and enforced with violence and threats of
punishment one reality.
In his history man has apparently learned one lesson
with great certainty; You may not think any independent
thoughts and if you dare to you better not talk about them
at all!
Every war, every fight is based on this exact theme. Your
opinion is wrong! Your reality is not mine! Your god is not the
god of my reality.
So your god is not the god of the other person with
whom you speak?
So now what? Which of the two should change his
mind then?
Of course its the other one, right? The dumb thing is that
other has the same viewpoint about this as you do! So I only
hope that you have a big enough police force or army backing
you up, one that agrees with your reality, otherwise you will
lose and your reality will then have to bend to what the other
says is reality, if you want to live with one reality.
The best answer must be for both sides to get armed
tothe teeth, so that each can always threaten the other, in
case the other thinks he might stick to his own point of view,
hmm? That sounds quite human and is generally accepted
as a sign of sound thinking. Entire governments do this.
So it must be right. Of course half our pay checks will
go again towards even more taxes well these missiles and
tanks that protect our way of thinking do after all have to
be paid for.

Pretended Reality Chapter 5

Do you know how much protection you would need if

you were to accept that others realities are just how they see it?
Zero! You would be safe, because you would have finally
understood that conflict and war come about when one
wants to restrict the self-determination of others and impose
ones own view of things also called reality onto them.
Now you might argue: But what about when the others
want to impose their reality on me? What then?
My answer is: You experience that which you think!
So change your thinking and stop imagining attacks against
your group or nations reality as a possibility.
That also is a pretended reality you see, which is already
being indoctrinated into your children in schools, so as to
make them into good but especially easy-to-control citizens,
whose freedom and self-determination can be taken from
them if they dont behave.
It is being taught, because it has been agreed upon that
nobody can do anything about his fate and can also be the
victim of anyone who has evil intentions!
Yes, when this is what the children believe, then its true.
Then they can and will certainly experience this also in the
course of their existence.
I also have a son and love him. It is for this exact reason I
told him the truth: With your thinking you determine what
you will experience in your life. If you think in terms of bad
people around you, you will experience people that way. If
you think of people being in favor of you, supporting your
self-determination, then you will actually meet such people
and your life will be easier than those folks who expect noth-
ing other than bad things because they have watched too
many X-Files and have created for themselves a view of the
world along the lines of The world is full of criminals and
Do not trust anyone.
Chapter 5 Pretended Reality

Man is basically good and it is the exception when this

is not the case. Why not talk to a few people and see how
dangerous and evil they actually are, once you get to
know them a little better?
Guess what? For a few months now, I have been think-
ing that there are no more criminals or felons at all, and you
know what I recently read in the newspaper? Juvenile delin-
quency in Nordrhein-Westfalen thats where I live has
decreased for the first time! What a coincidence!
They pretend there is this dangerous reality that is sup-
posedly the same for everyone, so as to have you think this
way and thus you can be kept under control. You can be con-
trolled only so long as you dont start thinking that you could
create your own reality, which, independent of the realities of
others, can have validity and be true; and which additionally
is accessible only when you give permission.
This is why we find the media is so full of death, suffer-
ing and reports of catastrophes and is the reason why you are
bombarded with such information in a continuous torrent
and why the police do visits to schools and in these teach
your children how evil strangers are and how they should
not be trusted.
This is just so you dont stop living in fear and never
question why we actually need so much surveillance, so many
police and armies, when people around the world after all just
want to live in peace?
How else could the governments of the world still justify
their tax collections, if you didnt need their protection
because you are such a small, weak human being living in
this dangerous and evil world?
When you are self-determined as Impulse 8, you will
be able to evaluate the effects of this media reporting very

Pretended Reality Chapter 5

exactly and understand even better those things I have de-

scribed above. You will be laughing aloud when you reflect
on how you were thinking and feeling earlier, because then
you will be completely free of fear. This doesnt mean how-
ever that you couldnt be so already right now!
You see, because I myself am not dependent on money
for my existence I can even afford to not insist that you first
must have walked my path so that you may be free. Why,
you dont even have to throw two hundred euros in my offer-
tory box each month in order that I consent to protect you
with my army non-existent, because its senseless or else
refuse to give you my blessing of course only out of pure
compassionate love of neighbor selling you the idea
that your personal ascension to God is an impossibility.

6. Unmatched Normality

H ow often have I heard the statement: He is not normal

or That is not normal? How often have you heard
it and perhaps you have even said it yourself? According
to which norm is this being or thing being evaluated as
normal or not normal? Who determines this? Who defines
what normality is?
Here we have a similar problem to the one we found in
examining the subject of reality once more a foundation
with no foundation.
Alas I am speaking once again about the psychologist,
who has been busy at work here too, pretending that there
is such a thing as being normal for which he however can
give no substantiated definition; because if hes saying, as
he does, that being normal is when one can adjust oneself
to ones environment, and so can operate as a good team
member and in general be sociable, then I am wondering,
what is this environment he is talking about?!
In my early youth I had a father who was an alcoholic. So,
should I then adjust to this so as to be normal? This means
does it that normal must then be where any man drinks
beer copiously every day? Well because of that situation it
was naturally not always very comfortable at home and, to
put it politely the conversational tone was often very far from
optimum. Might we say then that I am abnormal because I
did not want to be like this environment of mine?
Considered from a psychological viewpoint of course it
would have been normal had I turned into an alcoholic

Chapter 6 Unmatched Normality

as well, since this type of development as in such a case

would be considered, even from the viewpoint of society,
quite understandable. Maybe I should just tell you, as a
further illustration of this normality-nonsense, about an
incident in which my son was evaluated by one of these
scholars mentioned above.
He was asked if he could write his name, to which he
answered Yes. He was then told to write it and just like
you, as an adult would have done he asked Why? To
this the psychologist answered: Because I want to see if
you can really do it. My son responded Do you think I am
lying? since he resented the idea that anybody would be
of the opinion that he would tell such lies as that and so he
refused to write his name, this time saying: I do not have to
prove it to you. The psychologist then immediately knew
that my son would not qualify for school, since he is clearly
uncontrollable and does not do what he is told.
I had to laugh at this. I felt very proud of my son and also
myself, realizing I must have been a good father to have en-
abled my son to grow up to be such a self-determined person.
Yes, how unfortunate that someone has to actually ask him
if he is willing to do what is being demanded of him. Well,
I also expect to decide for myself as to whether or not I wish
to accept a request from someone else. I find that completely
normal. Dont you?
Certainly it is not so easy to deal with such a self-deter-
mined person, that is so long as one still deals with him by
the old method of working against his will or trying to
control him like a sheepdog. But once you are in agreement
with such a person about what needs to be done, you then
have the friend you always wanted.

Unmatched Normality Chapter 6

In a relationship or partnership it should also be this way.

If you or your partner always have the feeling you have to
take away the self-determination of the other because there
are different views of life and about how it should be lived in
a partnership and that leads continually to a state of war
between you, I would start wondering whether it may be that
you have the wrong partner at your side.
Perhaps there was no better candidate around when you
were single, or maybe you convinced yourself by negative
thinking that you would not be able to get the partner you
had imagined for yourself and therefore you allowed one to
be your companion who does not share your reality.
By continuing with that you completely closed the door
for both yourself and your partner to having a desirable and
harmonious relationship. So dont complain if your relation-
ship is an unhappy one because your partner does not give
in to your ideas. Honestly I dont want a submissive type at
my side, one who has completely given up her personality,
because I had somehow forced or blackmailed her out of
pure love of course in other words normal.
That would be a relationship along the lines of: You have
the wrong idea, so you better change it, a concept which
we explored earlier. Where a partnership is based on such
afoundation I would call this stone-age awareness. But in a
society that is based on the idea of there is just one reality
it probably is the normal type of a relationship or marriage.
No wonder then that marriage itself enjoys such a bad
repute and has become, in the opinion of most young people,
undesirable and notoriously unpleasant.
Do you see here how such fixed ideas of normality
can loosen up or change as soon as one starts to look at the

Chapter 6 Unmatched Normality

situation or circumstances from a higher point of awareness?

Do you also see how easily they can be solved? When you
look from a sufficiently elevated viewpoint, nothing more
will be left to resolve, since you will no longer be making
these mistakes to begin with, mistakes which you could have
made based on false values and data that you were taught and
had agreed with.
I would like to make it clear even though here and
there it may not seem that way that I have nothing against
psychologists, they are however a wonderful example of an
untrue science which is therefore of no use in the age of self-
determined, conscious people and beings, who are aware of
their spiritual abilities and who are finally using them for
themselves instead of always against themselves. There have
been great efforts to invalidate these abilities and even to
deny their existence on scientific grounds, in order to have
psychology accepted as true, so you can be made into a
controllable citizen.
The rule you experience what you think remains valid
here too! If you agree with what psychology considers you
to be, as a being, then you will lose your complete spiritual
potential and the doctrine that you are of animal origin will
also then be true for you and you will be forced to think
and act by external stimuli. If however you dont agree, then
soon there will be no more psychologists who specialize in
using their know-how to motivate you by putting stimuli
into ads to have you view any products they want to palm
off on you as indispensable and so buy them.
They will simply disappear from the face of the earth,
since no-one will spend a single dime anymore for their
so-called services to mankind because self-determined

Unmatched Normality Chapter 6

beings will no longer be manipulatable from the outside and

also would not pay either to listen to their assertions of how
ones thoughts, feelings, ideas and fears are not normal.
On the other hand why not pay them anyway? We could
then loudly laugh about what was once considered science.
Then psychology would just be another delightful way to
amuse oneself after all laughing is good for your health

7. Free Brainwashing

B asically the term brainwashing describes efforts

made in order to take away from the individual his
will poweror to nullify his ability to decide freely by the
employment of physical violence or mental pressure. How
severe this pressure might have to be isnt made clear, but
let us say someone started to espouse the idea that the Earth
was round, well might it be sufficient to just declare him
crazy or mentally ill to stir up those in his environment who
are still living in a totally different reality, so they would
all be against him? Wouldnt that encourage people who
know him to cease contact with this thinking individual, or
maybe to just no longer give him support, since if they were
to agree with this way of thinking they might themselves be
considered crazy or mentally ill too?
I only bring up this subject as I myself have already been
accused of using brainwashing.
You know when I work with people or even just talk with
them, frequently notable changes occur in their character
and actions and most of the time this happens quite rapidly
too. Take for example the case of a woman who has always
obeyed her husbands every wish and during the course of
our conversation she suddenly realizes that it is she who has
caused her own hypothyroidism by constantly surrender-
ing her own thoughts and opinions so as to keep peace and
harmony in the household but as a consequence has had
to live with the flat aftertaste of a chronic illness; so it is not
surprising then if she hits on the idea of putting an end to all

Chapter 7 Free Brainwashing

that by conjuring up the following approach (something she

had never done before): she decides to go out for an evening
with a friend, and so she goes to her wardrobe and pulls out
a nice, short skirt to get herself ready for an evening out.
Her husband looks on in disbelief. All their years to-
gether he had been able to nullify all of her attempts to
dress nicely when she is not going out with him, so he asks
as innocently as can be So, youre not going out for the
evening, are you? I thought we discussed this many times
before and you understood that She interrupts him
saying You have got to understand that from now on, I will
decide what to wear and when I will go out with a friend. I
have been an adult now for more than 20 years!
This is a new situation for him. She had never made a
scene before, never argued with him and never before openly
objected! All the alarm bells go off for him, since an other-
wise perfectly controllable, decent wife now threatens to have
opinions of her own. He catches his breath but recalls her
recently speaking about some spiritual crap, which she was
interested in called Spiritologie or something like that
and of course then he instantly recognizes the danger and
the true cause of the conflict, namely: spiritual nonsense!
That is why he now stammers: Since you started with
this crap I dont recognize you anymore. You have changed
completely, so thats it now, you better stop it. Dont you go
to this brainwashing anymore, I forbid you to speak to this
crazy fellow (he means me) again! And whats more, why
arent you taking your tablets these days? She tells him her
truth: Because I realized that you were the cause of my
physical complaints not really you, but me, of course, since
I was the one who permitted you to dominate me for so long.

Free Brainwashing Chapter 7

For the first time since the start of this partnership she
feels strong and self-determined, even if perhaps a little
afraid of what might happen to the relationship, since he
surely will not take it lightly when he realizes that he can no
longer impress his will on her. But that may be another thing
she will want to take up when she sees me next time, that
is the subject of her relationship maybe she will realize
that there never was a real partnership and maybe she will
end it, if he does not begin to accept her as an individual
with rights to have her own opinions and wishes.
From his viewpoint Spiritologie really is a type of
brainwashing. Except that what it is actually is anti-
brainwashing. For something to actually be called brain-
washing it has, by definition, to be directed against the
will and freedom of decision of an individual by the use of
psychological or physical pressure designed to achieve this.
Spiritologie however solely supports the self-determined
impulse of an individual. Actually neither my personal
opinion of what is right or wrong, nor that of the pope
or any other star apostle of morality from my town or
yours counts here. A real Spiritologist i.e. someone who
uses the principles of this book in his life and in his inter
personal relations would even support a person in giving
up their road to self-determination and freedom who, in
a similar situation to the above, might perhaps prefer to
continue to obey her husband, if he and the rest of the
family children, relatives and acquaintances might
exercise too much pressure on her and therefore from
her viewpoint make it impossible for her, to continue to
apply herself to the subject of self-determination.

Chapter 7 Free Brainwashing

That is not a loss for the Spiritologist either and is

in no way proof that Spiritologie doesnt restore the self-
determination of a person. If you actually look at it the
person never gives up their self-determination, since it is
the person himself who decides to give in to the will of
others. So other-determination is actually just another
illusion, at the bottom of which we find the main tenet of
Spiritologie once more: you experience what you create by
your own thinking!
In this way I have just once more offered the proof
that there is actually no road to travel no spiritual being
ever actually lost his self-determination or freedom. Each
being also has the freedom to create un-freedom and
other-determination for its life and then perceive things
accordingly. So, do grant him his self-determination and
do not make the mistake which far too many people have
already done for much too long of wanting to impose ones
own opinions and attitudes on another being. If you do
that then you will be no better than the man who wants to
dictate what clothes his wife should wear, what she should
think and what she should do.
The only result of doing that will be either outright
war or a person without personality who will still, in one
hidden way or another, wage a war against you, such as
by destroying completely unintentionally those objects
that you need or like so very much, and by forgetting
agreements or appointments etc. Personally I consider none
of these alternatives very attractive.
The situation sketched out above, not really being a
fictional account of events, including the brainwashing
criticism, is actually a good example in that it shows you

Free Brainwashing Chapter 7

what type makes such assertions. That is those who are afraid
of losing control over their docile marionettes, particularly
when they start to become self-determined or when some-
body like me gets the idea of wanting to help others to
rehabilitate their own opinions, and their own will.
This story also shows another thing just how easy it
is to give up a self-determination regarding the first im-
pulse, through suppression caused from the second impulse
because one does not have the courage to see these other-
determinations for what they really are: Ones own decisions
to be the victim! A very good indicator of whether you are
living by your own will or by the will of others is shown by
the way you are feeling! Are you happy or unhappy with a
decision or action? Do you feel stronger and healthier or
does it make you sick? If you suffer from depression, are un-
happy or are physically ill, you should begin to ask yourself
whose life are you leading, whose thoughts are you thinking
and for whom are you doing what you generally do?
You will be surprised!
Dont worry when someone talks of brainwashing and
such, when you no longer act the way they or others would
want you to. This is a fairly normal reaction and is relatively
deep rooted in the society in which we currently live. It
starts off as soon as one as spiritual being takes a body
which normally occurs during the pregnancy or right after
birth. Most parents see their child as their child. They see
it as their property and so continuously try to determine all
the things that this child does, thinks or says. Then, these
children are sent to school which is mandatory of course
so that, afterward, all can, in unison, parrot the same things

Chapter 7 Free Brainwashing

which they are required to know to be able to function as

good and decent citizens.
Data being rammed down their throats to be blindly
accepted has become normal procedure to such a degree that
after that basically everything written in the newspapers or
presented as facts in television programs will be believed
without question.
From then on they are of course really set up to com-
mence forming their own opinions.
When someone in school is asked Who shot John F.
Kennedy? well everyone knows instantly that the murderer
was a Lee Harvey Oswald and if they give that answer they
will get a nice little star for having given the correct answer.
You see the parents of the child already know this them-
selves too and so do their teachers and the teachers of those
teachers and each pass on this knowledge to the next
generation. Of course no one ever notices the difference
between agreeing with information which one has never
evaluated or observed for oneself and actual knowledge.
One is simply pleased when one has repeated, in parrot-like
fashion, all this stuff correctly in order to get his reward
in the form of a good grade in the subject of politics.
If one doesnt accurately repeat all that stuff like a well
behaved parrot, then one is threatened with no future,
since later, with the resulting bad grades, one will have
no chance of earning ones daily bread.
Here is a short story to illustrate how this free brain-
washing could be undertaken on a daily basis in the media,
once everyone has gotten used to looking at agreed upon
data as actual knowledge. Let us say I am a small time
crook and I own a medium-sized operation, however it

Free Brainwashing Chapter 7

happens that another guys dealings and actions are cutting

into my business. Perhaps lets say he also has a rather pretty
wife, whom I may have had an eye on. So far I have never
been in the hands of the police and so enjoy an untarnished
reputation well, just take a look at my fine cars and the
never-less-than-snow-white shirts I wear!
I find out this other guy goes out walking in the nearby
woods every night and he does so alone. I also find out that
he is a bit short of ready cash at this moment and because
of this he hasnt been able to pay this months rent. I hatch
a plan and now all I have to do is wait for an opportune
moment. At the right time during one of his nightly walksI
approach him. In my pockets I have stuffed lots of money.
I then push a knife into his hand and cry out please dont
kill me. I draw my wallet from my pocket, take out a few
bills and fearfully offer them to him. Note shortly before
I met him I had made a small wound on my lip, by cutting
myself with this knife the very one he is now holding so
not only are his fingerprints now on the knife, but also my
blood. At that very moment some passers-by arrive on
the scene. They have witnessed this drama from some
distance away. Of course these are really people who are in
my pay, in fact members of my small criminal-family, but
with whom however I dont normally have any real contact
in my daily life and certainly I am never seen in public with
them. It is for certain that when the police have heard all
witness statements and the reports from everyone are in, no
one is going to believe this guys crazy story that he was
set up. His denials will be dismissed it will be obvious that
he was caught in the act.

Chapter 7 Free Brainwashing

If this plan was well organized and executed the man

will, of course, end up in court charged with armed
robbery and these witness statements will of course with-
out exception confirm it and in the newspaper reports that
follow of course one can read the true story and it will be
clear why this bad person has now gotten the just punish-
ment that he deserves.
Several things might result, such as his beautiful wife
divorcing him due to the scandal that ensues, and perhaps
I would some time later even invite her out for a sumptuous
dinner and after all of those media reports and judgments,
everyone would of course know exactly what has happened
and what to think of this man.
Doesnt this short story illustrate the tremendous differ-
ence between agreed upon data and actual knowledge?
Do you realize how many people assume falsely that
they know something? Does it occur to you how incredibly
brainwashed our society has already become, if so many
people no longer notice that they actually dont know
anything, but in fact only suck up data fed to them and
which they then pass on to others as knowledge? Isnt
it time to finally close the door on this persistent error
by making sure that everyone understands the difference
between knowledge and third-hand information?
So would you please do me a favor and start right away
checking out information fed to you from external sources
before you integrate it into your thinking, feeling and a cting
as being true?
Because a failure to verify information could mean you
end up hating individual people or even whole races of peo-
ple and maybe even wish to see them destroyed. In the worst

Free Brainwashing Chapter 7

case you might even actively participate in the destruction

of people, merely based on what you have read in news
papers or have seen on the news and by letting your emo-
tions concerning these people be carried away by pieces of
information that you have never observed for yourself and
which actually shouldnt be considered anything more than
exactly what they are: unverified data!
Do you see now what I am getting at when I talk about
brainwashing? And free brainwashing is in fact not free
of charge at all, because you pay for it with the loss of your
capacity to think, to feel and to act as you might other-
wise; with the loss of your individual awareness as you then
become a small powerless cogwheel in a thought controlling
system. You have become one of what is colloquially referred
to as the masses! Lift yourself up out of the masses! Think
your own thoughts, know what you know and know what
you dont know and feel your own emotions!
The question one should always ask oneself is this: Is
this statement or the information I am being given true
according to my own personal perception and observation?
Here are a few questions you might like to try out:
Who shot John F. Kennedy?
When did the first people set foot on the moon?
Who is responsible for the attacks that occurred on the
11 of September?

What are the correct answers to these questions accord-

ing to your own observation and your personal perception?

I wish you a pleasant pre-wash cycle !

8. Three Universes

O ne could simplify the description of a universe by

defining it as a whole system of created things
thus putting aside the complexities of all that a universe
might contain, since the possibilities are endless. In order
to untangle the construction and anatomy of this particular
physical universe which we perceive all around us here, I
will define three universes as follows:

Universe 1:

That universe which you create for yourself. This is the uni-
verse in which you can create spaces, planets, times, beings,
ghosts, walls, barriers, energies, people, animals and plants
along all impulses of existence, where these creations are only
perceivable by yourself, and are only there for you. You are
the one determining the natural laws in your universe. You
decide if there is gravity, whether the clocks run forwards or
backwards, or if objects are moving or are stationary.

Universe 2:

That universe, which every other SB creates for itself, since

all other SBs also possess the ability to create their own per-
sonal universe with its own laws, sequences and functions
contained in its creations. It does not matter how big it is,
whether there are few or many things created within it. Still
it can be a whole system, complete in itself.

Chapter 8 Three Universes

Universe 3:

The sum of the illusions from Universe 1 and Universe 2

which has been agreed upon by all spiritual beings is called
the physical universe.
The powerful physical universe consists basically
of nothing more than the co-created intersection of the
different individual universes.

I think you will now see why, earlier in the book, I insisted
so much on differentiating truth and reality and why it
is so important not to normalize truth, or thinking or
perception. The importance of this lies in the fact that if we
accept current reality as normal, then no one will be able
to influence or change the character of the physical universe
since all beings are then agreeing on the same things.
At this time the majority of spiritual beings agree that
many tasks can be done by computers and microprocessors,
something very observable in the physical universe it is
full of these devices! One can find them in every new car,
in washing machines, airplanes, cameras etc. In other words
this is normal. But it was not always like that!
It is only this way because originally there was a single
spiritual being who was strong enough and who still had
its own universe in which it imagined just these things! It
simply created the illusion of how fantastic it would be
to have certain activities running automatically, faster and
with less effort, when compared to the general agreement
that was extant in that time. Then this spiritual being must
have imagined also that there ought to be a way to imple-
ment this dream. Up until that point in time such things

Three Universes Chapter 8

did not exist in Universe 3 but in its Universe 1 it could

already see them functioning.
When one communicates such an illusion to other be-
ings, maybe not all of them will agree that it can or should
become solid reality, however some may. These who do
then start to imagine in their universes exactly what the
other being communicated to them.
As they then duplicate the concept of the other they
create it as well thus we says they co-create it.
As this concept becomes more and more widespread and
ever more beings work at its creation, and as they do so they
bring others to agree and all of a sudden such an extensive
reality has come into being so that these plans canbe put
into operation physically for the first time andcan even be
proven. Universe 3 has been changed thereby! Completely
new possibilities now begin to open up; new playing fields
are indeed created!
The generations that follow are then born into this
changed Universe 3 and experience these things as com-
pletely normal, for example almost everyone now knows
what a computer is, can operate one and even owns one
themselves. The next generation concurrently and almost
automatically creates everything that others had al-
ready created in the past, just because they consider it is
alreadythere anyway. Well, no it isnt! If everyone stopped
creating computers in their ideas, they would just disappear,
just like they had showed up! If no one thought they were
needed any longer then nobody would pay for them and the
production would cease. After that computers would have
disappeared from the scene and have been replaced by the
brand new, maintenance-free invisible-noiseless-robots.

Chapter 8 Three Universes

Here is the essential point I want to make. It so happens

that by the same token undesirable things also manifest
and can be experienced and perceived in Universe 3 too.
Yet these undesirable conditions, circumstances such as
war, illness and even environmental catastrophes have not
always been there. They also were created at some point
in some Universe 1 and were then transmitted by com-
munication to other beings in their own Universes 2 where
upon they then at one time or another, through a greater
dissemination and agreement, manifested in Universe 3.
This includes space and time, heaven and hell, moun-
tains and lakes, planets and galaxies, good and bad, angels
and devils, happiness and suffering all these originated
according to this same principle and in no other way no
matter what you may have been told out of their fear of the
power of your thoughts!
Do you recognize in this the modus operandi of
viruses? Might it have occurred to you that we are deal-
ing here with a sort of infection of thoughts? One can
easily check out this principle of the three universes by
observing it in action in life. Look at how many people in
your environment get ill, when for example, newspapers
have stories about an upcoming wave of influenza. Do you
think these people would have become ill if they hadnt
read about it? No, they wouldnt have! Well, maybe some
would have since there are also those who like to spread
around what they know from newspapers. It is hard to
protect oneself from this type of thing, if one does not have
his own thinking under control and so is capable of hearing
such communications without then automatically dupli-
cating them in ones Universe 1. It is important that you

Three Universes Chapter 8

do not just simply copy everything that others handyou as

concepts into your universe.
This secret of the anatomy of and working of the
physical universe is the reason why the would-be p owers
have always paid attention to nullifying the value of dreams
and illusions they have done so in order to banish the
awareness of the power of thought from society. They re-
placed the teachings about spiritual beings with an animal
psychology in order that the children at school get the
idea that one cannot accomplish anything really as an indi-
vidual, that dreams give wings to fools and that you are
only a weak, fragile and utterly dependent body, and indeed
should very soon start thinking about having a proper old-
age pension and some good accident insurance.
Rehabilitate your self-determination along all the im-
pulses of existence to infinity, let your personal Universe
1 fully blossom again and you will then see exactly what I
meant when I wrote in the Foreword that the time to re-
awaken has come at last!

9. Self-Determination

S elf-determination is the ability to place matter and

energy in space and time plus the even higher ability
of creating the space and the time in which to create
and/or place matter and energy. Although this descrip-
tion may appear relatively abstract at first glance, it
does however enable one to very rapidly determine in
which areas of its existence the SB thinks of itself as
other-determined, when examining through conversa-
tion, the eight impulses of the spiritual being in regard
to these abilities.
Let us apply this definition now to some really simple
situations of everyday life to the effect of investigating
whether it really is as purely theoretical as it may at first
Does your boss take tasks away from you all the
time and do them himself because he considers you are
too slow or incapable in some areas? In that case you
are being robbed of your self-determination or you are
allowing it to happen. If, for example, the job involved
making an aesthetic arrangement of bottles of fine wine
on some shelves, it will quickly become clear, that this
task deals with the placing of matter namely the bottles
of wine in particular spots in the space that these
shelves occupy.
Another example to show the rightness and applica-
bility of this definition would be the guitarist of a band
who would like to have a particular chord added into the

Chapter 9 Self-Determination

third stanza of a song being rehearsed. If the other band-

members were against it, then he would have to restrain
his creativity, whether he likes it or not.
This chord he wants so much to play can be looked
on as energy, it is an audible waveform created by playing
several strings together. The beginning of the third stanza
is the exact point in time within the song. Additionally
there is also the space where the rehearsal takes place
which is of importance too.
So one could restate this particular rehearsal-situation,
as seen from the view of the guitarist, as follows: He cannot
get his intention of placing energy in the commonly used
space, at the specific time envisioned by him, through
to his fellow band-members, thus he is seen from our
definition as being other-determined.
Another example, if somebody tells you time and
again that they cannot manage to read this book, then be
aware that you are speaking with a person who has dif-
ficulties with creating time. Time doesnt automatically
exist but must be made or created so this also illustrates
another aspect of this self-determination definition.
There could be quite another explanation of course: This
person is lying and simply doesnt have any desire to
read it, due to insufficient interest in the subject. In this
case too there was no time created; not stemming from
inability in this case but because the person himself never
wanted to have or create the time for it.
You could build a house or buy one, in order to
create the necessary space for your matter i.e. furni-
ture, possessions, your own physical body and so forth.
However if one just rents a house or apartment, it could

Self-Determination Chapter 9

be that the owner forbids one to have a dog there, as it

is his space, which one may use for the term of the
contract. One doesnt fully own it however and therefore
cannot fully determine and control the use of its space
in a complete way.
Perhaps you have experienced some light irritation
if, when returning home you find that some article
you want isnt in its proper place, maybe because some
member of the family decided to put it in a different
place to the one that you had intended? So it may have
been that some neighbor maybe even one living six
doors further down the street has, on occasion, been
able to hear a penetrating but very understandable cry
of How come the remote control is not where it is sup-
posed to be? Why is this? Clearly from the viewpoint
of the troublemaker-in-chief his self-determination had
been violated. Yet the only thing that actually happened
is that someone misplaced some piece of relatively un-
important matter yet he explodes.
That may be a small everyday thing, okay. But here we
have the essence of the problem with self-determination:
Who may be self-determined and who may not?
That certainly is not a question which some knowledge-
able, learned, social-pedagogue could answer in one brief,
concise and yet for everyone else easily understandable
sentence. But one thing we can be sure of is that growing
up as a child on this Earth is in most cases not a good
starting point for a later, self-determined life.
One is born and at first carried or pushed around to
places where one may not care to go at all. Ones own
body is almost exclusively placed in space and time by

Chapter 9 Self-Determination

others. Hardly any object may be touched, moved, ex-

amined or fiddled with. Knives, forks, scissors, lights are
definitely forbidden which of course up to a certain age
is actually quite understandable but if you are also told
where to put the toys that you got for your birthday in
your own room you have pretty much had it.
Imagine for a moment that you won a fancy sports
car in the lottery but then the sponsor was continually
after you, trying to tell you how you should drive your
I could imagine that you might on occasion be
tempted to deliberately as you are backing out of the
parking lot in such a hurry show that guy just how his
face might look in two dimensions.
One wonders why hardly anyone understands that
the problems parents encounter with their pubescent off-
spring do not occur because of hormonal changes, but
instead stem from the fact that they have also reached
an age where they can now physically defend themselves
against other-determination and would often forth-
rightly do so if they were not in a position of financial
If one were a prison warden of course one would have
the means to let the inmates know who is boss, but if one
should use this power then it might be wise to also know
where the dark passages are on the way home, especially
those that might be known to former inmates or,
am I wrong? OK, now lets go back to the pubescent
The owners of male bodies may experience the ques-
tionable joys of a spell in the army. There, they may be

Self-Determination Chapter 9

quickly informed of the consequences of any refusal to

do one-armed push-ups in dirty mud holes ones that
even toughened boars would only put their feet in with
a loud scream of protest. And why is all that? So that
finally the last bit of pride and personal will-power can
be taken away from them and so they can be made ready
to master their existence as adults if only as empty,
though thoroughly functional shells that cannot do
any job without first having to ask the boss what they
are supposed to do.
And, as if thats not enough, we also have the psychol-
ogist coming into the picture revealing his wisdom of
how we are determined by our un-conscious and only
react to external stimuli. How damn right the fellow is
after one has been through this Earth school for almost
twenty years! But only for that reason is he right! Every-
thing has been designed and tuned to press everyone
into a straitjacket of other-determination. Yet even the
mean psychologist we may meet around the corner
hasnt himself got the faintest clue that he is also only
just another tool linked into the chain with the task to
continue to plant this fact into peoples thinking, so
they wont get any crazy ideas such as that one could
determine or completely control his own thinking. With
that idea one could also determine his own actions by
himself! That is an idea that his principals really dont
like! A planet full of self-determined beings, which can-
not be controlled like a flock of inert sheep? Oh no!
In Spiritologie A spiritual being without its own
subconscious is how the first big awareness-level to be
rehabilitated is described. Why is it so important to not

Chapter 9 Self-Determination

have ones own subconscious? is a question a somewhat

less than clever contemporary could ask himself. It is
because one does not really act out of oneself, if ones
action is not based on ones own conscious thinking!
If your thoughts were to be really colored by external
stimuli or the contents of your subconscious, you would
not then act entirely from the autonomous personality
which is actually you.
If your thinking has been impressed upon you through
years of practiced conditioning the education, social
compulsions, arbitrary moral rules of conduct etc and
lets not forget that we are dealing here with an immortal,
spiritual being, which has not spent just one lifetime as a
human being here on Earth the possibility exists that
not a single thought that you think in a given day may
be really your own!
Anyone who ever stood at a crossroads and could not
decide which was the right course to take, will under
stand that there is no motion in any one direction, no
action, nor is there advancement in life until one has
made a decision and also puts it into effect. I think that
we will agree on where self-determination begins, no
matter which of the different life-areas or impulses it
concerns: It begins in your own thinking!
I give to people who talk to me for the first time
about the topic of Spiritologie and who have no clear
idea of where it all should lead to, a type of checklist
or guide. On this list I describe the goal of their trip,
so to speak. For how would someone know whether he
had arrived at the holiday destination if they had never

Self-Determination Chapter 9

seen a map of the area? They need to be able to recog-

nize whether their intended goal is still a distance off or
whether they have already gone well past it and this is
not so easy to do if they have only a vague idea of what
the destination is. Therefore I do of course describe the
goal of this trip before its embarked upon. It is of great
importance to grasp the full meaning of the individual
points of this checklist; otherwise it would be difficult
to appreciate the extent of the gap between a normal
human being and a person who has rehabilitated his full
self-determination as Impulse 1!
I would like to emphasize once more particularly at
this point how important it is to consult a dictionary
should you become confused by the following lines or
if you get the feeling that you cannot possibly under-
stand something. If you find yourself frequently yawn-
ing while you are reading it is a sure sign that a word or
maybe several words were not understood in the correct
meaning as they are used there. As an aside, this is also
the explanation for the fact that so many people can fall
asleep with such incredible ease, when reading.
You can understand everything and you can be
sure that there are no reservations on my side as to
your ability. Besides dictionaries, there is the possibil-
ity of usingsketches to get deeper into what is written.
Even using objects such things as matches, paper
clips, paper-snippets, chocolates or whatever might be
around can help in clarifying.
As I am not describing here in the book objective
things but instead things of the spirit, it could lead to

Chapter 9 Self-Determination

feeling a lack of solidity or mass. Through sketches

or using small objects, you can create a substitute. You
wouldnt need such things, if for example you were read-
ing something about a car engine. There are many car
engines around to be viewed, so the matter that the
text is addressing is available to study. On the subject
of thinking however this is a different thing. If you
should experience a lack of mass while reading, then
you will notice things like feeling squashed or feeling
bent, your eyes might hurt or you will get headaches.
If it has got to this point one should have added some
mass to your study already.
Now lets get back to this checklist I will now
take up each point on it in turn and make them a little
easier to grasp with some detailed explanations.
A spiritual being has gained the state of full self-
determination as the First Impulse when the following
abilities and states of awareness apply with no shadow
of a doubt or reservation and can stand up to very exact
and careful testing:

1. An SB who is knowingly and willingly cause over

mental space, mental time, mental energy and mental

Here we would have a person in front of us who can con-

trol every aspect of his thinking and who is causatively
dealing with it. Statements like I can do whatever I
want, but every day I still see this picture, of my father
lying there next to his motorcycle with his arm torn

Self-Determination Chapter 9

off. would be a clear indication that this aspect does

not apply!
The motorcycle is part of the memory and is there-
fore mental matter, just like the material arm of the
father which meanwhile no longer has physical exis-
tence, but exists only as part of the memory. The space
and time of the event are likewise not physically present
now, nor are the emotions or the charges which were
accrued through that experience. I am quite charged
up is one way this is often expressed. Charges always
arise where somebody wishes to avoid what he is actu-
ally experiencing. That is, where one fights against a
situation in life, mentally protesting, and by this builds
up an invisible pressure. It is precisely this pressure out
of certain experiences that is the reason why one may be
molded or may be so impressed by them that one
changes character. Maybe you have heard such memo-
ries sometimes termed mental impression images?
Now, a person who is knowingly and willingly at
cause is capable of doing whatever he or she wants with
a purely mentally existing situation. He could simply re-
move the emotion and pain from it, and simply place this
experience there in the time where it belongs, namely in
the past, where it couldnt have influence on the present
mood or he could completely dissolve the record of
the event into nothing! Simply take out the continued
existence or expressed differently take out the time
contained in it, which would make it vanish, never to be
seen again.
Any constraints or disability that may have arisen out
of this would have also then vanished. It is possible you

Chapter 9 Self-Determination

see that someone on the basis of such an experience

would never be capable of riding a motorcycle! A person
however, that would fulfill the requirements of this defi-
nition, would be unaffected by his or her past, no matter
what it was. Memories can nevertheless still be created
consciously of course, ones that are desirable in ones
own estimation. In any case memories are not stored
somewhere. They are created in the present by the
spiritual being itself or just not created at all.

2. An SB that is aware of possessing and steering a physical

body; but is also aware of not being it.

Someone who has already had the subjective experience

of remembering one or several former deaths perhaps
because of the charges connected with such which had
kept one from doing things or being happy in the present
existence would certainly have no problem confirming
this statement with full certainty. It is therefore an im-
portant point because ones entire outlook and attitude
towards life is quite different if one is conscious of being
neither mortal nor vulnerable or assailable.
Of course the existence of the body is not to be over-
looked or denied but if one keeps in mind the statement
that all that one experiences one is the cause of, through his
own thinking, there could be a dramatic change in life,
as soon as this awareness floods your thinking.
Could you be attacked, robbed or abducted when you
dont think as a body but as yourself? No, as a spiritual
being you would laugh about that. It is simply impossible
to abduct a spiritual being that does not actually itself

Self-Determination Chapter 9

even occupy a position in space and time. And if these

ideas are no longer part of your thinking, the criminal
who plans such a thing, will no doubt have to wait for
the next person who comes around the corner, as some-
how when you appear he gets a funny feeling that
perhaps he should still wait a little longer

3. An SB without repressions, fears, compulsions or any

so called psychosomatic illnesses caused by ones own

Caused mentally manifesting physically. That is a very

simplified way to describe what is meant by psychoso-
matic. As we are speaking of a person who possesses
control over the mental processes that occur during
thinking, it immediately becomes apparent why this
aspect belongs to this checklist of points.
No compulsions would be found in such a person.
What would he feel forced to do if he knows that it is
he that decides what he himself thinks and so is himself
therefore solely responsible? Why for example would one
chew his fingernails to the quick if he had no wish to do
it? Really that doesnt look self-determined, if he had
to do it against his own will, wouldnt you say?
Fears have their cause in uncertainty or unknowing-
ness, which can very easily be created by questioning
oneself such as in a case of fear of flying. Why not
just enjoy the scenery above the clouds as one flies or
maybe just get irritated by the piece of dry cake that
one just got handed along with the tea, by the silicon-
breasted blond with an overpowering perfume.

Chapter 9 Self-Determination

However a person troubled by the fear of flying

instead is continually wondering: Will we ever land in
one piece? or How terrible it would be if we were to fall
into the icy waters down below and be eaten by sharks.
Can you see this?
He poses himself questions. And it is exactly through
this that he creates the fear! If he were in the present
and experiencing exclusively and only what actually is
happening around him or isnt happening for that
matter this special fear wouldnt exist.
There can only be repressions where someone cannot
resolve something or perhaps, more suitably worded,
cannot uncreate it. Where can one repress something
to if not deep within oneself? Would you repress stink-
ing garbage into any of the rooms at your home? No,
because if you did it would no longer be possible to enter
those rooms because of the foul smell you would then
get there, indeed you would probably prefer to avoid
them completely, even wish to totally forget them. You
would certainly not take this approach, if you knew how
and where you could dump such garbage.
And since a person who is cause over their thinking can
look at and resolve such things which he ordinarily would
have repressed because he as a spiritual being anyway
cannot really be damaged by anything such repressions
are completely unnecessary so therefore no longer exist.

4. An SB with the ability to create, to allow to continue

in existence or to put an end to all forms of subconscious
for itself.

Self-Determination Chapter 9

I cannot explain my aversion to the sound of trumpets.

It must be from my subconscious.
Every now and then one might overhear something
of this sort, if one were to listen to some of the woolly
conversation of some couple or other on their Sunday
evening stroll. And if one approached these people and
innocently inquired what they meant, one might think
that they knew what they were talking about! Such words
have become part of the language and are so readily
accepted that one could assume that those using them
understood what they meant when they spoke. But that
would be far off the mark!
Never ask such people what exactly this subcon-
scious, about which they speak, might be. Better not
ask either, where exactly does it reside. It seems that the
ideas, views, attitudes, thoughts, and feelings stemming
from this afore mentioned subconscious, must come from
somewhere, if you went by the statements of such people!
Thus, the subconscious must be somewhere too, correct?
And if it is somewhere then also, we may ask, what
does it consist of? What form, structure or anatomydoes
it have? What is contained within it? But if one knew
what was contained in it wouldnt it already be con-
scious? What does it look like? Why can one talk about
it, if it is below consciousness which of course is the
actual meaning of the word or am I mistaken here?
If it is truly subconscious then even the very existence of
such a thing should also not be knowable? You see what
I am getting at of course.
If you could answer all these questions and damn
it, realize that you do have all the answers to this in

Chapter 9 Self-Determination

yourself, regardless of what you may have been told

you would not also have any problem demonstrating
the abilities mentioned before in the wink of an eye;
and then maybe every psychologist in this world will
put his certificate at your disposal in case your stock of
toilet paper should run out, whilst you are on that long
evening walk across the mudflats
One could describe the subconscious as the accumula-
tion of all those things for which a person has not taken any
responsibility! It is exactly in this way that it is used in
many cases, since this provides for example a fantastic
excuse for any rapist who would like to declare his actual
no-responsibility before a judge, energetically supported
in that by the evaluation of a certified expert! This is
because it says that he would not have done it at all if it
werent for the strong impulse coming from his subcon-
scious mind, probably due to his traumatic childhood
blah, blah, blah
I would have the fellow, the one who produces this
expert opinion which ensures that such irresponsible
criminals will be out and about after a very short time
and again on the lookout for their next victim, locked
up at the same time! I would only do that however if
I didnt know that there is Spiritologie as an alterna-
tive handling, with which also his consciousness can be
brought up to the point where he would recognize for
himself which superstitions he has fallen victim to.
I think that it is about time that we stopped allowing
such pseudo-scientific nonsense, like these propositions
that insist one believes that there is a subconscious,
which can never be fully understood nor be removed,

Self-Determination Chapter 9

and which actually exists in every person, from being

taught in the universities.
What should not be tolerated at all is having such stuff
dumped into childrens study materials in schools all over
the world such erroneous assertions as this as if they were
scientifically acknowledged truth and then requiring the
pupils to parrot this back when they are tested or exam-
ined merely to get good exam grades, which they will need
later in life!
Because, once children have integrated this idea into
their thinking, they will also have created a subconscious
for themselves that would not actually have existed at all
without this teaching! And then of course we have the next
potential rapist who says that he simply could not do any-
thing else, even though he himself didnt want it at all etc.
A person who has taken full responsibility for his own
being, his own thinking, feeling, communications and ac-
tions etc, doesnt need a subconscious as an excuse and
becomes very willing to show you with great relief ex-
pressed in their voice exactly how one creates one, how to
let it continue to be and how also to dissolve it once again!

5. An SB that has released itself from the persisting link to

the masses, the energies, pictures, times and spaces of the
mind and can think and decide completely indepen-
dently of it.

You know what is often disturbing about people who

occupy themselves their whole life with very logical
things? They usually can no longer laugh!
As a child I loved the TV Series with Stan Laurel and
Oliver Hardy. And do you know what was the funniest

Chapter 9 Self-Determination

thing of all? It was this completely stupid and illogical

way in which they would stand, each in turn, and simply
wait for the mischief the other produced on them and
then theyd go straight back to the argument again.
Stans wondering, stupid gaze, as Oliver is busy smash-
ing a raw egg in slow motion onto Stans skull and its
running over his face and then he still manages with the
tip of his tongue to taste a little of it while he thinks of
his next move. God, did I laugh! Today, I can give you a
very exact analysis on why I almost fell out of the chair
laughing: because it was completely illogical to behave
that way in that situation! Logic would not have been
funny. Nobody laughs about something which is logi-
cal! No spiritual being that is too closely connected with
an experience-based logical mind can still laugh really
heartily or experience real joy in life.
A being who is completely devoted to logical reason-
ing, cannot any longer laugh about characters such as
Stanley and Oliver. Mostly you will hear them say
something like: That is stupid. I cannot understand why
anyone would laugh at stuff like that. That statement
itself describes precisely what makes one laugh: Stupid,
irrational stuff things that are illogical or something
that is real foolish.
The problem of the logical person is that he can no
longer think stupidly! He can no longer be consciously
illogical and this is how he has lost his sense of humor.
But he has lost something much more important than
his sense of humor, because if he is no longer capable of
being illogical, he has also lost his ability to be creative,
the potential to think up and create something new. He

Self-Determination Chapter 9

has reduced the entire area of his imagination to zero; he

thereby falls out of the circle of the personalities that one
needs to advance a society or civilization.
In the areas of science, research, technology, politics
etc. one is up the creek without a paddle if one does
not have a sufficient number of creative, courageous
individuals, who are capable of introducing solutions
and ways that no human being dared to think before.
If scientists are wondering how to reduce the time it
takes to travel to far off planets then it is quite in order
to try to find out whether there could be more efficient
types of fuel, that for example make higher speeds pos-
sible so as to shorten time to travel the distance between
planet A and planet B. But then look why doesnt some-
body say: Stop, thats enough! Lets start this whole
thing from a completely new point of view? In order to
bring some swing into the matter now we are going to get
busy and sort out how to manipulate the space between
two remote points, to achieve a lessening of the distance
to be bridged. We have been fiddling long enough with
accelerating matter through the use of energy to cross
the space between us and our destination. Now we will
look at how to handle this from a much higher point of
view. In six months from now by the latest I want to see
the first results. Lets go!
Space-manipulations nonsense? Or just not feasible?
Ah! If you think so then read once more the chapter
on Three Universes, in case you may have missed
something there.
You now have an idea of what it means when a self-
determined person has been able to disconnect the link

Chapter 9 Self-Determination

with this thing called mind? Great! And even Albert

Einstein who by the way was a very humorous and
crazy contemporary of his generation confirms the
importance of this fifth definition with one of his very
well known aphorisms, with which you will probably be
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Thank you, Albert!

6. An SB without undesirable or enforced behavior pat-

terns seen from his own perspective.

I think this almost speaks for itself and so actually doesnt

need much additional explanation. The only point that
is of particular importance here is that it has to be from
the SBs own perspective or viewpoint. It doesnt matter
what a third party might think about your behavior
or how they judge it. It is only of interest if you find
inyourself patterns of behavior that you didnt establish
yourself on the basis of your own free will.
Just because you are a person who wakes up every
morning at five oclock even in holiday times and first
thing is you have to listen to the current stock market
quotations, otherwise not even the most exquisite break-
fast is going to taste good, would by no means lead me to
assume that this is an undesirable or imposed behavior
pattern for you. If that is precisely what you want to do
because it simply is your personal ritual to begin the
day with, then nothing at all could be wrong with that.
It would look quite different however if you do that every

Self-Determination Chapter 9

morning only because you cant do otherwise, even

though you had decided not to.
If that is the case then, you can also be sure there
are lots of explanatory reasons for the presence of it
in your thinking which simply lead to this fact that
this behavior pattern cannot be changed without prob-
lems simply by deciding to do it differently from now
on. But these reasons and whys will rise up in your
consciousness as you listen a bit more closely to yourself
whilst you are addressing this topic. For it is almost never
only one single thought-pattern such as I simply wake
up every morning at five oclock whether I want to or
not, which is responsible for a certain difficulty if it
was just this one decisive thought keeping this behavior
going then the matter would have been solved faster
than one could even articulate it. If however, one looks
at this first, obvious and well known thought-pattern
through his mental eye repeatedly, one will find other
patterns coming to view that underpin the whole thing
and knit this beautiful tight sweater together, which
one then can no longer convert so easily into something
else. The latter would still have been possible at the stage
of thesingle, frail woolen thread.
When one examines this sweater more precisely and
carefully under the magnifying glass one can now
discern the stitches and loops that hold it together and
make it into what it is. To put it another way, there are
incredible quantities of such set thought-patterns that
may appear if you look, and the mere recognition and
unevaluated perception of them already makes them lose
their strength and power to influence. These patterns,

Chapter 9 Self-Determination

which may occur in very large numbers, can have con-

tent like: I am simply a work horse, There I am like
my father, just as my mother used to tell me I would
be when I was a teenager, I simply cannot change my
ways or many different variations, that you as the
infinity that you are in fact would have been able to
create in endless quantities!
Undesirable or imposed behavior patterns can also
turn out to have a much wider scope and be so far
reaching that one may be left breathless for a moment
realizing for example that one had built ones whole life
on them!
To get an idea of the possible magnitude of such con-
cepts lets take the fictitious circumstances of a relatively
successful and well-to-do attorney, who is obviously cop-
ing well, certainly as far as the material side of existence
is concerned.
Everything is running from a purely human physi-
cal view according to plan, and from the view of any
outside observer it looks as if nothing of any significance
would change in this successful womans life in the next
ten years. She is meanwhile forty-two years old, not re-
ally completely happy, but generally quite content with
herself. She only gets irritated from time to time over
the fact that on some days her ability to concentrate can
fade rapidly and often it may take several hours before
she manages to get to grips once again on the case she
is working on. She finds she must actually force herself
to do it.
When she is in such a state as this she doesnt
do anything really productive but rather watches TV

Self-Determination Chapter 9

documentaries about the life of Buddhist monks which

she has in her DVD collection, or reads books that deal
with paranormal phenomena, which has fascinated her
since her childhood. Really nothing to worry about up to
this point, one is likely to assume. She does have sporadi-
cally occurring headaches, which cause a mild but still
quite bearable dizziness, which does not however seem
to have any connection with that. But that behavior so
out of character for her is what gets her into a stress-
situation every now and then, because the hours lazed
away will be missed somewhere. It is for this reason
that she would like to get to the bottom of it when an
opportunity arises.
When she finally does that and examines her behav-
ior patterns more and more precisely and intensively,
she actually realizes for the first time that almost all
members of her family are lawyers. Now she suddenly
remembers the everlasting, quite severe arguments she
had with her parents when she wanted to break this
tradition as she didnt feel the slightest desire, at that
time, to practice the occupation of attorney-at-law.
It gets much worse when she remembers who, as a
spiritual being that is, she actually is.
She found out that she was once an important Bud-
dhist teacher, who had set himself the task of carrying
these teachings into the western world, to tell people
about their spiritual nature and of the possibility, through
responsible thinking and actions, of breaking the eternal
cycle of life, death and rebirth. And that is exactly what
she is doing ever since she found that out!

Chapter 9 Self-Determination

At this point no more questions remain as to why

such topics had attracted her attention so much or
why she felt her existence wasnt really satisfying. She
had been living the life that her parents had made up
for her not her own! The apparently atypical behavior
pattern was really her own. In the meantime she dropped
her other activities and since then the headaches have not
shown up again.
A very good measuring-stick for establishing whether
something really is yours (part of yourself) or not is the
quality and intensity of your own contentment. Even
physical health is an important indicator. What was that
saying again? A healthy spirit in a healthy body.

7. An SB whose conclusions, computations, decisions or

thoughts are no longer falsified or distorted by un-
conscious influences, which previously were causing it
tocome up with wrong results in its thinking or led to
irrational behavior.

In order to actually be able to solve an existing problem,

all facts concerning it must first be on the table. If some
aspects of it are missing, it may only partially resolve or
even not be resolved at all. This statement applies to the
fields of thinking and action too.
If you had to repair a car that wouldnt start, you
would at least have to actually check out the components
and cables that are connected to the starting mechanism.
If, for example, you dont ever look at the spark-plugs, it
might be that you miss the actual components that are
causing the problem and therefore, you will never have

Self-Determination Chapter 9

a car that starts. Of course, you can justify this failure,

and invent another true cause. With a really pomp-
ous and intellectually sounding explanation you could
possibly have impressed the unknowing, but you would
have demonstrably not managed one thing: to solve the
That this is the approach most used by psychology has,
unfortunately, not seemed to have attracted attention
until now. So I just thought that I would mention this
trivial point in this connection. To quote from a man
who was quite unpopular in his time: By their deeds
will you know them.
Jesus of Nazareth knew how to distinguish liars from
honorable people and real pros from quacks. He also
knew what to give attention to in order to be able to
bring to light this subtle difference, which is the result
that is obtained by the work or action of this person.
The human being isnt so complex that he cannot be
understood in his entirety. The existing mental sciences
are simply too untrue and so full of unrestrained
f iction to have any real workability. Therefore, we now
simply apply the same principle of the failed car repair
to the area of thinking, since it makes no difference
what is the issue one tackles. If all facts are known and
understood, then it is solvable and this applies equally
to human behavior.
Somebody who does something which looks stupid
or irrational knows why he does it! Of course, it can be
that he has hidden these reasons and motives so well also
from himself that at first he really does not know, but as
this situation has been self-induced, it is also possible to

Chapter 9 Self-Determination

reverse it. If a being started at one point to deny to itself

various decisions it made about its own behavior, being
or character and for an immortal being this could have
been a very long time ago that could create the appear-
ance that there might be something like unconscious
influences that slip into decision making or modify the
behavior of beings against their own wishes. But as I
said: there is only the appearance that these influences
are unconscious. It might be for example that a person,
when leaving home, always carries a liter of water with
him which is behavior he can explain only in extremely
illogical ways. However with a more searching examina-
tion of this behavior a certain incident may come into
view by using a particular procedure which is applied in
Spiritologie where this person as a caravan-leader
made a trip to a water-source which was two days ride
away, only to have to face the fact that on arrival it was
found there was no water at the destination and this sub-
sequently led to the death of all parties from thirst. Amid
his agony the person then made the decision, shortly
before his death, to never again in the future, leave home
to travel without an additional liter of fresh water.
When the person who manifested this strange be-
havior becomes aware of this incident he can revise the
decision, he had made at an earlier point in time. In
the present life-situation there are houses with flowing
water on every corner if he became really thirsty. One
can simply ring a doorbell and ask for a glass of water.
Now that the actual reasons for this funny behavior are
known, he can make a new decision that meets current
circumstances and demands.

Self-Determination Chapter 9

The types of procedure that are used in Spiritologie

in such a case I will describe in later chapters. How-
ever, it should also be clear that one basically does not
require any procedure to find such behavior in oneself
and change it, since it is apparent what one is doing. The
decision to behave in such a way one makes each second
newly, by choosing again for this behavior. Just like the
alcoholic, of course its not that he drinks today because
his mother never liked him, no the exact reason is actu-
ally that he knowingly grabs a bottle and wants to drink!
But it simply sounds better when it is not due to himself,
so it is useful therefore to have a procedure to expose
the unknown aspects of the case more rapidly, which
otherwise may have remained unheeded in the darkness.
Perhaps the true reason for reaching for the bottle is that,
he simply is too shy to talk to a woman while sober or
something of this sort. But again as long as this part of
the problem is not on the table, one cannot tackle the
actual problem of the shyness.
From the view of the alcoholic as described here the
alcohol would not be the problem at all. No, the alcohol
is for him the solution to an actual existing problem,
which is still unknown as it was disregarded like it
was in the case of the spark-plugs with handling the car
starting difficulties.
Because of this you would fail if you tried to talk
him out of his solution. This, by the way, is the real issue
that all those who try to help cases of drug or medicine
dependency encounter!

Chapter 9 Self-Determination

8. An SB that takes full responsibility for his thinking and

acting and no longer attributes this to the past, the sub-
conscious or other sources.

The taking of full responsibility is in the present-day

society not a really popular thing. We have extensively
put the excuse of the subconscious under the magnifying
lens here, but there are still an infinity of other possibili-
ties, of course, with the help of which one can present
oneself before ones fellow men as a victim of external
circumstances. The most popular reason given, that is if
one has a touch of weakness and in a less than creative
moment and really cannot think of anything else, is
God. I have no idea what God might have thought
when he sent me into this life with these character traits.
Sounds very suitable for a victim, doesnt it? It is clear,
however: This poor person obviously cant be blamed for
frequently acting like an anti-social personality.
The star sign fans, I dont even want to start with,
those characters who always happily bring up planetary-
constellations that occur at the moment of birth, to try to
excuse their almost impossible style of addressing one in
such an assertive tone, so that one might get the feeling
that one is the original sin personified. Once pointed out
to this person, one gets a Well, you know I dont do this
with any bad intention. You know, I am a Scorpio and
they always have their pincers at the ready. Aha! Now it
is clear, of course, why this person does not admit to any
responsibility for their behavior. Scorpio! One should
have known that beforehand! Right away then nothing

Self-Determination Chapter 9

would have been easier than to accept and understand

any verbal brutality that comes from this person!
At times one could wonder: Would it also be okay
and acceptable if I were to hit him directly in the face
telling him I am a Taurus? However I would not feel so
irresponsible on that occasion. But neither is the Scor-
pio in reality, since he knows exactly, how far-fetched
this explanation is. One cant get a change in behavior,
unfortunately, if he doesnt admit this pushing off of
responsibility. Lets, therefore, simply hope, that he gets
fed up constantly being at odds with everyone and de-
sires an introduction into Spiritologie, because he hears
from friends that there are a few answers to be found to
the question what to do if one wants to establish his
life more autonomously and somewhat happier at the
same time.
But there is hope even for a Scorpio. Even a person
of this sign has the possibility as described under this
point 8 to raise his own responsibility to one-hundred
percent and to no longer hold to his which is for a
spiritual being non-existent bosom those cherished
excuses, justifications and explanations that make ex-
ternal circumstances responsible for his own beingness.

9. An SB without its own subconscious.

The last point of the checklist is putting all of this to-

gether as a total-concept of all the separately listed points
1 to 8, which you certainly will now see are integrated
in this one sentence. Actually, I could also have put just
this one descriptive definition on the list just by itself,

Chapter 9 Self-Determination

but I dont think that it would have been as meaningful

because it is only now that the full scope and meaning
of these few words has been clarified.
When it concerns self-determination as Impulse 1, all
points of this checklist are verified without exception in
respect of the individual himself!
I can assure you that this is an incredibly beautiful
and powerful state, but I can also assure you that it only
starts to really get moving after this. Because when this
state is reached or rehabilitated with full certainty, one
can start to extend this to all eight life-impulses towards
full awareness as infinity!

10. Cause and Effect

L ets assume that you see a foot pushed powerfully

down onto an accelerator pedal. Almost at the same
time you hear the loud roar of a motor. This would
present a very obvious and transparent situation. You
could reasonably assume then that you could see pre-
cisely what the cause was of the effect that had just
been produced.
If I had posed the question about the cause here
to several different people who had also been able to
observe this event, I would almost be inclined right
away to predict with a probability close to certainty that
a few of them would already signal a slightly piqued
undertone in their voice, when spitting out their reply
to me with a But thats obvious!.
Obvious? Well I would be curious to know if these
people could actually see the cause.
Their answers would probably turn out like this:
Cause was the fellow there, the one who pressed the
accelerator pedal or The cause of the sound was
theloud motor or maybe even Cause was that the car
had previously been repaired and so should be tested
again to see whether everything is in order.
Doesnt sound too bad, eh? For a first attempt, that
is. The only problem is: No one has actually told me the
cause or couldnt do so. They all gave me effects!
But it was a real underhanded tactic on my part to
formulate the question in the way that I did as I really

Chapter 10 Cause and Effect

consciously wanted to know whether they could see

exactly what the cause of the effect that had just been
created was. And I was sure they couldnt have seen any!
How could I be so sure? Because as has been noted by
others What is essential is invisible to the eye.
These observers saw a physical body that moved, a
foot in motion, they heard an engine roar or even spoke
of a recent repair. There is however but one single cause
in the example: the invisible spiritual being!
The cause is that which initiates an act, motion,
impulse or action. In other words starts it.
The foot was moved; that was visible. The whole
physical body could be seen in action and perhaps one
could even perceive with the eye that some engine parts
were now turning faster okay. But all these things are
physical and consist of matter even if some is partially
of living matter (as in the case of the body). However
matter is not, was not and will never be cause in fact!
If you dont believe me on this point, then in order
to test my statement just place your body in a chair for
a day and wait to see if your foot starts doing something
by itself or even as far as I am concerned, if the chair
gets fed up after some time and goes to the Turkish
Deli across the street to order a juicy Dner Kebab. No
When I throw a stone against a windowpane which
due to this action then breaks into a thousand pieces,
one could say, as is usually said or out of pure human
ignorance that it was the stone that shattered the
windowpane. This statement however is only correct in
a purely material sense, as the stone didnt do anything

Cause and Effect Chapter 10

apart from just being a stone, which is merely, being

what it was created to be. Matter reacts, it does not act!
It may seem strong and impressive, but it has no power.
Matter is effect!
Just a moment! Did somebody say that there could
possibly be something else that was cause? You are
what, please? A psyche-, psycho-? Well, whatever! What
did you say? Oh, the brain is cause? Oh!
So the throwing of a stone is caused after all by
thebrain? Since these voluntary motions are directed
by the motor center, which is located in the posterior
part of the frontal lobes of the brain oh, I see all is
clear now. Then I must have been mistaken, my state-
ments have been disproven and I will at this point of
course not continue to write this book. But for all that
you and I now know who or rather what the cause is:
The prefrontal lobes!
But before I quit, maybe its better just to be sure
if I still do a test. So I am going to stand in front of
another shop window I have already picked up the
stone and now I wait, for this center in my lobes the
one that coordinates and controls to go into action
but oh dear nothing happens! No causation of
a broken window, no stone flying through the air, the
arm remains hanging limply at the side of the body, no
noise nothing! Hmm?
When this center the primary motor cortex was
mentioned we were talking about volitional (willful)
motion. But whose will moved it? Okay, I am back in
the running! The book will be continued.

Chapter 10 Cause and Effect

A will is needed as well as an impulse-giver

in order to convert this will that is created by the
impulse-giver into an action that can be perceived or
seen as an effect. This is what I am talking about this
whole time: the cause, the source that is starting an
action, initiating an impulse etc. We might conclude
with the assumption that it is the brain that executes
certain steering functions, but this statement is of a
similar kind as this one it is the accelerator pedal that
regulates the speed of the motor! It needs someone who
can be cause and uses it! Equally on this basis also the
brain is actually effect of a cause!
This cause is you, the spiritual being, invisible, with-
out position in space or time, without wavelength, dimen-
sions or mass, without motion pure potential that
which was described (Chapter 3 The Eight Impulses of
Existence) as Impulse 8.
No wonder so many things were declared to be cause,
which are in fact not cause at all, but actually effect! You
have hidden yourself well! Congratulations!
Of course, I could build or create something which
by itself causes something. I could for example write
a small computer program that would do this every
eleven months, for a 3 month period spit out a random
number in the range of one to forty-nine, which would
then produce all kind of colorful displays on a computer
monitor. Then I could befriend Bill Gates who will
then arrange that this program is installed on every PC
in the world in such a way that it cant ever be turned
off, since it is integrated into the operating system.

Cause and Effect Chapter 10

Some people might be pleased with this, others

would certainly get extremely irritated by it and yet
others might look on this as a rare phenomena as
actually being a kind of appearance of the Madonna
so they can being very conscientious, as they are
beef up the production figures for sacrificial candles.
But whatever the outcome may be, this program then
causes something. But it only causes something within a
framework that was exactly pre-determined by me, since
production of this number that seemed to be produced
randomly, was in fact programmed by myself and so is
not really by chance at all.
Isnt the reality after all, that also this program is
again only a perceivable, observable effect that I as
cause have consciously created? Yes it is, but perhaps
you are wondering just why I seem to deviate so far from
the subject with all this talk about a computer program?
Now, I might just as well have been talking about
some balls that always behave in a certain manner, turn
around, circle other balls, and maybe some of which are
particularly big and hot.
I could also have been writing about plants that
spring from virtually nothing, then grow bigger and
bigger, have colored leaves which later fall off. Some
small colorful aromatic creations would also be very
nice, they could blossom then soon after completely
disappear, but then next year as if by a witchs spell
sprout from the ground and let the same game begin all
over again.
Of course you will have spotted that I am writing
about solar systems, their suns, planets, moons and

Chapter 10 Cause and Effect

orbits and of trees and plants which exhibit a very

special behavior?
These are all effects just like the numbers pro-
duced by chance out of the computer program that
we can observe. They were created created by a cause.
Created with the intention of causing precisely those
things they do cause. Created to behave precisely in the
way they do behave. There are endless numbers of these
kinds of things! An infinity of perceivable, experience-
able, visible effects that we can find around us. How-
ever that which has created this unlimited multiplicity
and complexity, is not part of this world, as this world
consists of the products and creations of this creator
namely effects. These effects were created by an actual
cause and attempts to find it inside this world have till
this day been made in vain.

And this cause is you!

11. God Defined

I would like to begin this chapter by directly quoting

from the sermon given by the Holy Father Johannes
Paul II, on the occasion of the Holy Saturday Easter Vigil
Celebration of the 11th of April 1998:

Let us make man as our image, after our likeness. (Genesis

1, 26) God created man as his image, as the image of God he
created him; male and female he created them (Genesis 1, 27)1

Johannes Paul II was quoting from the story of creation

as given in Genesis, the first book of Moses in the Bible.
As image?! If one consults dictionaries Image is
defined as an exact rendition, as a reflection, as a recon-
struction, as a copy and as a likeness.
Since I dont think of myself as being completely goofy,
I ought to be on the right track if I then presume God to be
human as well, or to be more precise, physical right? Not
just physical but also at the same time being both physically
female and male, as both were created as his image!
Why does the remainder of the Bible then state that
God were of a purely spiritual nature? Furthermore, why
does it not seem to have occurred to the former head of state
and high priest of the Catholic Church that this statement
sounds completely irrational? I wonder if there is a logical
explanation for this.

this quote is translated from the original German text.

Chapter 11 God Defined

I wonder perhaps, if one wishes to study theology at

a university in order become pope it is mandatory on
entering to leave ones wits in the checkroom?
How dumb must one consider his sheep to be to quote
something like that even publicly? I would be ashamed of
myself for uttering something of that sort and would refrain
from teaching or passing on such teachings, for the simple
reason that the illogicality of it screams to the high heavens.
Apart from this I would also be quite sure that everyone
would notice, because I dont hold people to be obedient
and complete idiots who would simply swallow everything
I say. But it seems there are still quite a few spiritual beings
who were so overwhelmed by the brutality of the crusades
in former lives so that even today they dont dare question
this church and their teachings it has been impressed upon
them what would happen to them if they didnt believe
every piece of contradictory nonsense fed to them! Murder
and violence have always been unbeatable arguments in
questions of belief.
So once again let us have clarification of the meaning
of the word image for the few dyslexics amongst those
that you may possibly want to pass this book to: The image
of an apple is an apple! The copy of a sheep is a sheep! The
image of a human being is a human being! Therefore there
is no way Gods image can be a human being!
But it still continues! I cite once more like the pope
the book Genesis: Let us make man as our image, after our
likeness (Genesis 1, 26).
Let us? Who then are us? Are there several of those
who are called God?! Or did God maybe mean himself and

God Defined Chapter 11

his mother? A mother of God is also often mentioned in

Christian writings and sermons.
Quite honestly, do you know what sometimes occurs
to me when I look at mankind in general? That, perhaps
that mean mother-in-law of God had an unwashed finger
in the pie! But, strangely enough, I have not yet heard or
read anything about her. Maybe the fact that she wasnt
mentioned proves it to be true. Isnt there a saying: If two
quarrel, there is a third one who is happy? If one reads the
rest of the Bible there was constant dispute between God
and the human beings driven to the point of The Great
Flood. Therefore, if you ask me, the third one in the pack
Gods mother-in-law still makes the most sense.
You are right if this all sounds quite blasphemous and
rather profane, but I would like to point out that I dont
actually ridicule any God or Supreme Being with my state-
ments, rather I simply seek to expose the naivety and stupid-
ity of those who call themselves scholars!
On other civilized planets people claiming to be scholars
but yet who were unable to understand, analyze, question
and recognize and rectify contradictions in written mate-
rials as necessary, would hardly earn their daily bread, let
alone reach influential and powerful positions.
Do you know that this quotation we have been exam-
ining from the book of Genesis actually comes out quite
differently when put into English as compared to the
German version?
The English version reads: So God created man in his
own image, in the image of God he created him.

Chapter 11 God Defined

Well, Mr. Pope, this already sounds quite different, yes?!

Maybe he would have made more sense parroting the Eng-
lish version instead.
What does it mean, if one says a painter created the
landscape in his own image? Of course, it means that he
brought the landscape onto the canvas in accordance with
his own conception! It does not mean that the landscape is
a copy or image of the painter!
Already this makes much more sense. It does not contain
these idiotic contradictions as was evident in the German
translation the one used by the pope. But now I really have
to disappoint you, because:
God did not create man at all. That was someone else
How could I possibly know this? Well when you have
widened your own consciousness to infinity, you can
answer the question yourself! And even if the pope were
to tell you in person that it is impossible, let me assure you
that there are already spiritual beings on this level, who have
succeeded with the help of Spiritologie to rehabilitate
themselves as Impulse 8.
Of course I certainly dont demand that you have to
believe me, but I would like to tell you a story of creation
that is not full of strange contradictions and inconsistencies.
A story of creation that disentangles and uncovers aspects
that hitherto have remained inexplicable.
Before the beginning was a cause and this cause made
the decision to be. Previously, there was neither being nor
not-being, only the potential to be.
Sounds abstrusely philosophical? I will give you an
illustration of this which you will recognize immediately!

God Defined Chapter 11

You know it because you, yourself, assume this original state

almost daily!
If you sleep a dreamless sleep are you then conscious
that you exist? Do you then have the idea that you not-
exist? No, there is also no time or any question of How
much time was there before the beginning? As long as you
sleep dreamless there is no How long? since time does not
exist! Therefore, there also would be no ideas like So long
in the original state of not being?! Well how boring. There
simply is nothing at all do you see this? Okay, so this
cause, by its own decision, awakened to being and what
did it see? Nothing!
But thats how it actually was since nothing was yet
created. There was not even empty space as even the idea of
space had not been created yet.
Nobody was there to explain or show anything to this
cause since there was not any other either. Therefore,
this cause began to create a viewpoint. A viewpoint is a
point from where one can perceive. However, there was
not anything to perceive as yet. Only nothingness. This
cause thought: Maybe there could be something and
stretched out dimension points and through this action
dimensions and consequently space was generated.
A dimension point is simply a spot at as far as you try
to perceive or to see. In everyday life, you can focus on a
car on the highway in front of you or shift this dimension
point to the end of the highway as far as the horizon
through which you create and perceive more space of course,
compared to when you were only looking as far as the car
moving in front of you.

Chapter 11 God Defined

So the cause searched and searched, but found noth-

ing. It thought however there would have to be some-
thing or somebody there! Through these considerations
it created more and more uncertainty for itself. Whereas,
in actual fact what was there was precisely what it had
perceived nothing!
In the meantime, however, the cause had created some-
thing like dimensions space that it could search and
at that had the consideration: There must be somebody
around here somewhere that is just like me!
And so the cause set out to search for what it conceived
would be just like itself. There was no time yet, so it is
unclear how long the cause searched before another cause
appeared one day! It is precisely at this point in the develop-
ment of the spiritual being we have the creation of an image
or likeness! But it was not a human being that was created.
No, the first and thus supreme being created in its own
image the concept of another being with infinite create-
potential! The Supreme Being or let us just use the term
God for it thus created an exact copy of itself!
Now I would like to remind you of a statement made in
a previous chapter where I described the foundation pillar
that was discovered and on which this book is built:

All and I really mean precisely what I am saying here, all

that you perceive and experience is exactly what you, out of
yourself and through your own causal thinking, are creating
actually right now!

However, the discovery of this fact could only be made

through tracing back innumerable situations, circumstances,

God Defined Chapter 11

conditions, coincidences, difficulties or strokes of fate

to before their first appearance, even to a point before the
causation! Every examination established that in the begin-
ning there was the thought! Before these causal thoughts
difficulties or situations of this type did not exist! Only
after the causal thought did they appear in the existence of
people. I really looked very hard for any exceptions, since I
wanted to be quite certain about this point of whether any
different factors could have been the cause of things, before
I went public with this statement. This looked for exception
was not found in a single case! In the beginning there was
always the thought, the concept or the idea about what is,
will be or could be!
God surely had infinite creative power, but even he was
not aware he did! It turns out this whole story about the
willing and knowing creation from God is purely a human
invention! Thats why it is so completely contradictory,
irrational and does not actually explain everything!
The Supreme Being had no experience in dealing with
his unlimited creative power, dont forget that! It never said:
So now I shall create as it happens to be Monday and I am
feeling especially creative today a being, one just like I am!
No, this was not the way it was. This other being did in-
deed show up one day, but only after a very long time (if one
can speak at all of something like a time-frame here) after
the Supreme Being had come up with the concept there
must be somebody just like me, somewhere. That thought
brought a very likely possibility into existence which could
therefore manifest itself one day.
Positing a future possibility is in itself a very covert way
of creating something that can be experienced!

Chapter 11 God Defined

Now however I must wander off for a moment into the

realm of biology as I would like to cover some aspects of cell
division which Im sure you already know but which
can contribute to the understanding of what h appened
When a cell divides both of the newly created cells have
the same information within them as did the original un-
divided one. OK?
What information could God have passed on to the
other being after the lets call it also division? The in-
formation of course of being, then the information that
there are unknowns and especially and this is the most
important aspect the information that before the division
there was the consciousness of being alone! That is how
the whole idea of wanting to find someone else had come
about. Plus the concept of somebody else then involves
the concept of not-me. This was the information that was
also passed on at the exact moment of division!
Therefore all this inheritable data now exist also in
the other being, which so then knows, of course, that it
came into being only later since the knowledge of the first
being was also passed on to the second, which contained the
knowledge of the fact that previously it had been alone.
This is an incredibly important point here because it will
later lead to what was described as the Fall in the Bible. I
will come back to that.
So, these two beings communicate with each other after
the first meeting, not on a lingual level but exchanging
One day the new being asks the first being the ques-
tions: Where do I come from? Did you create me? You were

God Defined Chapter 11

there before me after all, to which the first being replies: I

dont know where you come from or who created you. I only
thought that there would have to be somebody like me and
then went on a search and one day we met, as you know.
The first being, thus, was answering absolutely truth-
fully based on its own experience and consciousness at
that time.
It cannot answer the question of who created it and
where does it come from, since, of course, before the begin-
ning there is no memory to be recalled.
Do you understand the problem here?
Imagine you do not have any physical beingness, just a
pure spiritual beingness. You would have exactly the same
difficulty that the Supreme Being had to account for itself,
if you were to suddenly wake up from the very first dream-
less sleep, before which there had not been any state of
Where would you have come from? From nowhere!
Who would have created you? Nobody! And what was
there previously? Nothing! And what were you exactly? You
wouldnt know! But these were the exact factual answers
which you could know of course! You really didnt have any
position in space or time, nor had you defined a character
or any particular mode of being for yourself either.
I swear to you that one can, facing such true but ex-
tremely vague seeming answers, feel damned uncomfortable,
so perhaps like the two first beings you could decide there
must certainly be even more beings, some of whom might
perhaps be able to provide answers to these questions.

Chapter 11 God Defined

Of course, both beings simultaneously create many

further beings in their conception which they now have in
common, who will also be found someday.
But these beings also have no answers to the burning
questions. They do know afterward however that these two
beings existed before them and that one of these beings
existed before the other.
Now the dispute begins, what I referred to earlier as
the Fall. All know there was a being that existed before
all others. So one of the newly arrived beings might quite
understandably get the idea that it has been lied to! Dont
you think that your children might consider you to be lying,
if you were to explain to them that you didnt know where
you came from when they inquired? You were here before
your children were here after all, so wouldnt it be entirely
understandable if your children didnt believe your answer?
The lack of a credible explanation would show up even
more starkly if your children were to ask you cleverly who
had actually given birth to the very first child ever! Uh-oh!
Would it be any surprise if you then felt it necessary to think
up some off the wall creation story, something of the order
found in some of the Bibles of the world? It would naturally
be full of inexplicable and contradictory things for sure. Well
maybe the children would eventually someday stop asking
about this and fall into an apathy on the subject after not
having gotten any really conclusive answers from you at least?
But maybe your children would just become furious; getting
the feeling you were deceiving them.
Like I said: One of the newly arrived beings thus spreads
the idea to all others that they had been lied to by the first
being. Some of them then agreed to the idea that God

God Defined Chapter 11

didnt want to let them eat from the tree of knowledge.

Thus came about dispute and discord between the beings,
with some for and others against this theory. Out of this
several groups were formed: the theory-opponents, the
theory-advocates and those who behaved neutrally with
regard to this theory.
The Supreme Being was offended very much by this since
it had never lied to them and so decided to do everything it
could in order to find out the answers to all these questions.
Then, out of one of the groups came attempts to attack
the Supreme Being, because the perpetual thought of God
lying to them generated hate, an emotion that had not been
created until then.
So the leader of this group launched an attack against
the Supreme Being out of its anger. It then waited for a
reaction to this attack, unknown to him what it would
be since there had never been anything like this be-
fore. The being who was leading conceived it would now
experience something unknown, which then really hap-
pened! Although God did nothing and this being only
experienced that which it caused itself, through the power
of its own thoughts regarding its possible future namely
something hitherto unknown it was quite clear from its
view that God himself had punished it. The idea of Gods
Punishment was here also prior to the actual experience of
the punishment the causal thought!
After the attack this being quite suddenly vanished
out of the circle of all the others, who were delimiting
the world, so to speak, although this world was without
borders until then. And since it had vanished then one
imagined, of course, to where it had vanished. Thus the
concept of a world under this world was created.

Chapter 11 God Defined

Since nothing was created yet outside of this world how-

ever, this also introduced the idea of an outside into the
thinking of those beings who had witnessed this happening.
The being, which had created the God-reaction idea,
did not know where it was, since it was in a nothingness
consisting of blackness of course because until now no
thing had been created there.
The Supreme Being again could not explain this inci-
dent to itself either, since it had not responded at all! But it
did also perceive how the other being had vanished from the
existing world into darkness, into the nothingness, after
the attack.
The supporters of this being, who was the leader of the
group the ones that represented the theory that God had
refused to let them eat from the tree of knowledge also
vanished from the existing world, since they had made the
decision to find their leader now in the underworld and
to help him.
Of course they found him one day, due to their think-
ing that they would. Of course, this being, from its view-
point, explained that it was thrown out of the world by the
Supreme Being as punishment for its action which is how
its supporters saw it too. This is what they had concluded
from their own observation and in keeping with the por-
trayed perception of the punished victim. This concept
of being thrown out was only seen afterward as being a
direct consequence of the attack!
Do you see what I am actually telling you about here?
This is the true story of how the underworld which we
also know as hell came into existence. This is also the his-
tory of the origin of such concepts as good and evil, action

God Defined Chapter 11

and punishment. But, above all, of the birth of the Fallen

Angel the one who has since then been known as Prince
of Darkness or Lucifer! The one, that had nominated it-
self to be Gods enemy, because he agreed with others about
being lied to by God and experienced in accordance with
his own idea exactly what he himself did create, without
however really noticing or knowing that it was he himself
who, through the power of his own powerful thoughts, was
subject to an illusory cause and effect!
This was the fact that was not known to anybody. It was
not known to the first being and, therefore, was also not
known to all the following beings that were created!
In the world existing to this point, there were some be-
ings who believed the first being, which had declared
its innocence, since it was completely certain it had not
done anything, though couldnt produce any proof or any
explanation for exactly what had happened. There were
some on the other hand who believed nothing at all and so
behaved neutrally they took a stance of waiting until all
these things could be explained.
So it came about that three groups formed: the believers
in God, the disbelievers in God and those that decided to
stay neutral.
Should I let you in now on who was responsible for the
creation of men? The Devil in person! Because you see the
Fallen Angel didnt have any higher goal than to find out
how he, himself, could be the Supreme Being. So he did all
he could think of to do to create life. Eventually he did cre-
ate a form of life. Physical life admittedly, but life after all.
He had been certain that the knowledge of how one creates
new life was withheld from him by the first being, who

Chapter 11 God Defined

he believed had kept all others ignorant so that they would

remain stupid and he could keep his power and controlling
position as the Supreme Being.
This being wanted to play God, but based on an
erroneous idea of what exactly God is, what he is like and
how he thinks or acts! It was he that talked about believing
in him, obeying him and this must be done otherwise His
Father will punish them all, and that one will only be
redeemed and be allowed back into heaven, if one humbly
and unconditionally does what The Son teaches. Does
this seem somehow familiar to you?
This Lucifer might be known better to you under one of
his many other earthly names; it is not without reason that
he is also called the master of deception: Jesus of Nazareth.
Each Voodoo Grand Master removes his hat before the in-
toned rituals like Eat, this is my flesh. and Drink, this is
my blood. If one then retains this ritual forever, repeating
it in short, regular intervals so that the agreement and the
thinking are confirmed again each time so as to let the
spirit and will of Christ work through ones own body with
the consequence that, of course, all who practice it will
get a mental remote control installed, through which the
entire thinking and actions of a person can be steered. But
of course this occurs only if one has given his agreement.
That is exactly what one does when one takes part in rituals
such as the one described!
And one of the unknowing accomplices of the master
of deception and camouflage to mention just one of the in-
numerable ones was the one I quoted at the beginning of
the chapter! There are many other beings that once consid-
ered themselves supporters of the Fallen Angel who also fell

God Defined Chapter 11

in love with the idea of playing God from there stem all the
other threatening, dogmatic religions which require absolute
obedience and blind faith, and which have fought each other
in wars over the centuries and in part are still doing so!
Of course one must not question the fact that each one of
these religions is the only true religion that can take oneback
into heaven! There is, of course, no doubt about that.
This story of creation that I have described here laid the
foundation stone for all that was passed on for generations
and still exists in a completely warped and humanly altered
form in the thinking of beings.
Revelation is spoken of in many religions. Do you know
what the dictionary says the word reveal means? You dont
need to guess: To uncover or disclose something, which
was hidden or unknown.
And this is exactly what the Supreme Being had decided.
To find out the answers to these unanswered questions,
in order to no longer be continually regarded as a liar or a
punitive God.
As a child I could already see the idiocy and inconsis-
tency in the statement that the loving God would punish
somebody. This was just one reason that I decided not to
study theology or to spread teachings which demanded
obedience by threats of punishment and even the violent
annihilation of all unbelievers! Too much stupidity, too
much contradiction and too much illogical stuff hit me in
the face whilst reading the Bible, which, incidentally, I had
completely worked through by the age of 10 without ever
even having been baptized.
Then what precisely is it that is revealed? What was not
known or was masked until now? What might it be?

Chapter 11 God Defined

God or the Supreme Being is exactly as was described

as Impulse 8 in the Chapter 3 The Eight Impulses of
Existence with only one additional point: This Supreme
Being was never aware of the fact that all and I really mean
precisely that, all it had perceived and experienced, was
exactly that which it had created out of itself, through its
own causal thinking!
But take another look at what I have laid out in this
chapter while you have this concept in mind, and you will
see that nobody has any reason to be angry at someone
or must hate them, since nothing at all of what happened
would have happened if this unknown information had
previously been known! Because if that had been known
then God would have created really consciously and would
have known that all others were created by himself and of
the unlimited creative power of his imagination. If this
experience had already existed in the Supreme Being, be-
fore the division, all other created beings would also have
carried this knowledge as part of their consciousness. And
if each created likeness had been conscious of its ability to
experience its own thoughts, dreams, imagined possibilities,
ideas etc. as reality, we would now have a different world!
From this point of view however the statement I made
earlier in this chapter that God has not created the human
beings at all. That was someone totally different! is not quite
true! Because of course if you, as God, create somebody
through the concept there must be someone somewhere who
is exactly like me, and this being then creates through his
ideas and imagination things of his own one day, then it still
is none other than you who is the cause of that which is cre-
ated or caused by this being! For without this unknowing

God Defined Chapter 11

creation of the other being, there would never have been its
workings or creating either! Furthermore, the human being
is not the body alone. Therefore one is still a long way from
creating a human being when one has created a body.
However, spiritual beings also saw the possibility in
these bodies to increase the range of the experienceable.
And as long as one doesnt mutate into a slave of ones own
body and doesnt identify oneself completely with it, one
really can experience very many beautiful things, which
would have remained closed off otherwise. If you have ever
tried to enjoy the ardent kiss of a human being without
having the possession of a body, you will know what I am
talking about.
But lets not lose sight of one thing: This world was
built on foundation pillars of unawareness, lack of expe-
rience and the fact that the true nature and ability of the
Supreme Being was unknown.
Think over this story of creation that resides in my
personal consciousness following it through until the
present day and decide for yourself whether it raises more
questions or instead whether it provides answers to many
things which otherwise would have been or were regarded
as being Gods unfathomable ways.
From now on the world will change! And it will change
because nobody will now wait anymore for a God to free
us from war and sorrow or to punish us for our mistakes,
as there is no God besides ourselves who could bring these
things about or who has even done it up until now! Now,
we are many, all of us having the same infinite, original
potential to create but this time consciously.

Chapter 11 God Defined

All of us are God and therefore we experience what we

as the intersection of all create in our thinking. And if we
still want to apply this ability to create murders, hate, terror-
attacks and other things which we may find undesirable, we
can of course do so. But let us not forget that from now on
we can no longer pin the blame for something that is bad
or from which we have not been saved on a God outside of
ourselves, or even an outer Devil. Our ability to create is
unlimited, unhampered, infinite and also now no longer
unknown or hidden.
We ourselves are the Supreme Being and can create
divinely, as well as diabolically but it will always remain
our own creation!

Wishing you a cheerful and conscious creation, God!

12. Spiritologie is not Scientology

E very now and then I hear of people asserting that Spiri-

tologie must be a split off from Scientology. Therefore
I will tell you a short but true story which surely will cause
a stir as it sounds so crazy and unbelievable that one does
not know whether to cry about it, cheer enthusiastically or
just laugh about it.
Before I begin to tell you this story however, I need to
provide some information you may not have but without
which the actual significance of this story cannot be por-
trayed in its full scope and magnitude.
There are definite parallels between Spiritologie and
Scientology that I do not wish to argue away. But one
could also say that there are parallels between Spiritologie
and Buddhism which also speaks of the spiritual nature
of man. There are also corresponding statements about
such subjects as reincarnation, the Supreme Being and the
underlying theory that all the knowledge and awareness of
these things can be attained and rehabilitated by oneself,
pointing out that one isnt dependent on the graces of an
external God or any other authority of the external world,
to gain knowledge or insights.
I myself intensively dug into the teachings of Scientology
some ten years ago and I would like to present to you a few
of the basic tenets, which you do need to know in order to
correctly evaluate what I am going to relate to you.
Independent of how you or I or others regard the Sci-
entology Organizations, the Scientologists of all countries

Chapter 12 Spiritologie is not Scientology

fully believe they are immortal, spiritual beings inhabit-

ing a body too. They do not have a pure reincarnation
theory that implies that after death one would be reborn
into a new body a belief frequently found in Eastern
religions but rather it was stressed in the lectures given
by the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, that for
a spiritual being it is actually quite common to inhabit
several bodies at one and the same time.
It is of no importance whether you personally think
this may be true or not, the only thing I am trying to make
clear here is what the Scientologists are convinced is the
way it is, okay? So lets go on.
The statement about simultaneously inhabiting several
bodies was made in the 1950s in a series of lectures given
by L. Ron Hubbard having the title: The Time Track of
Theta. A literal translation of the title would necessitate
too many additional explanations, therefore I have simpli-
fied it to its essence as follows: The story of the past of
what may be colloquially described as life.
You need to know that in this series of lectures the
intention was to teach those specialists, working in Scien-
tology organizations, in the application of the techniques
used in Scientology sessions. The reason why this state-
ment about the simultaneous operation of several bodies
is stressed, as L. Ron Hubbard explains, is to inform the
practitioners that they should not be puzzled if a person
in one session reports they had died in 1942 as a sixteen
year old girl in the war, but then, in a later session, says
he was also in the year 1942 killed during a robbery,
in which in that case the person was perhaps a forty year
old man!

Spiritologie is not Scientology Chapter 12

Thus it is expressly pointed out that this is not the

usual idea of reincarnation, the one where sometime
after the decease of a previous body a spiritual being then
takes over a new body, but that it isnt anything special for
a spiritual being to control ten or even more bodies at the
same time; these not only living in different cities or coun-
tries, but might also be of different ages and of different
gender. So those to whom this lecture was addressed must
not dismiss it as nonsense, but should treat it just like any-
thing else that may come up in a session since the person
who is getting a session already has enough to cope with
and does not need to enter any doubt or invalidate himself,
due to these apparent contradictions.
The examples given are not verbatim from the lectures,
but the actual statements made by L. Ron Hubbard in-
cluding those examples given in the original are verifiable
by anyone, because this lecture series can, even today, still
be purchased for a hundred or so euros. I mention this
just in case someone should wish to accuse me of having
misrepresented or given a distorted picture of the basic
statement, only because I have given different examples to
illustrate the theory. Far be it from me I should do that.
What is close to my heart is that I make it clear
to you that these things belong to the fundamentals of
the Scientology doctrine first of all, the statement
about the immortal spiritual nature of the being itself
and additionally the theory I mentioned concerning the
simultaneous operation of several bodies.
Every Scientologist in the world is convinced that
they are an immortal spiritual being, where the death of a
body doesnt mean the personality also dies, since it can

Chapter 12 Spiritologie is not Scientology

independently continue to exist and act be it in a new

body or even in several bodies operated simultaneously.
So far, so good. Logically speaking then, it should be
clear that this conviction would also be valid when con-
sidering the person of L. Ron Hubbard himself, right? Any
Scientologist in the world would confirm that, as it would
be absurd for them to argue against the teachings of their
own founder, and therefore also against their own reality!
Such a response would be something like the owner
of a cookbook which he himself holds in high regard and
defends against any outside criticism, who at the same
time, however, declares that the author himself could not
implement the recipe for fried eggs as given in the book
because when eggs are thrown into the pan in the manner
he describes they would only cook properly when it was
done by others.
You would think that such conduct is incomprehen-
sible and idiotic, as I do, right? Now hold onto your seat,
from here the true story begins!
But dont forget: Its not about what you believe, or
what might be true or is true for you. Its only about what
the people involved in the story believe. OK? Then lets
get going!

Spring 2004

In Germany there is a person male, born in 1966, the

name is known but not of importance right now who
is convinced he was once the physical identity of L. Ron
Hubbard. Perhaps I should mention that this person was
known to me personally and in fact still is. Thats why I

Spiritologie is not Scientology Chapter 12

know all considerations, actions and situations that Im

writing about here, out of first-hand knowledge.
This person had since 1989 personally visited, over a
period of several years, all kinds of different Scientology
organizations, in order to in his own words get an
idea as to whether the teachings he had originated were
still being used as originally intended. Alas, he had to
face the fact that in many instances this was definitely
not the case.
To fully understand the significance of such changes
one should know that these organizations may basically
only operate in accordance with the directives personally
written or authorized by L. Ron Hubbard. These written
directives, which exist for all of the areas of activity of the
organization, are not allowed to be changed by anybody,
let alone be gotten rid of entirely. The reason given for why
this rule was laid down was To keep Scientology working
as otherwise one could bet on alterations being made to
the original doctrine once the founder had left his earthly
body something that had evidently occurred in all other
religious groups.
This person had to witness, for example, that the
required contributions for services had been raised to
immense heights. Earlier guidelines that were written
with precise formulas, as to how to calculate these, had
been cancelled in the revised and re-issued compilations
of these directives (colloquially called The Volumes).
The revisions of these volumes were ordered, without
exception, by the international management who repre-
sent to the outside world that their main function is to

Chapter 12 Spiritologie is not Scientology

guarantee the purity of the doctrine and all of L. Ron

Hubbards guidelines!
This re-issue happened around 1989 three years
after the official death of the founder. More and more
remastered original lectures were published. This was
done it was said because the old recordings needed
to be improved by removing surface noise by using
modern digital techniques.
However, they were not just improved sound-wise,
but this person found out, by comparing them with the
original recordings sometimes complete lectures, which
may not have suited this new management, were now miss-
ing and sometimes you might hear sentences in a lecture
that were differently worded and which then completely
twisted the sense of what was spoken! Either they had cut
out single words or phrases and using digital techniques
put them together again differently or they have simply
used voice imitators, as its clear, isnt it, that the spoken
sentences from an original lecture dont change just be-
cause extraneous noise is removed!
He also found some of the written course materials, in
newly revised editions, which were dated at the beginning
of the nineties, either weakened his original statements or
gave them a total different meaning.
Apart from all that, when he investigated it the former
L. Ron Hubbard was shocked to find out into whose hands
his church had fallen. Officially, all the organizations are
controlled management-wise by whats known to Scientolo-
gists as RTC short for Religious Technology Center.
What they dont know, is that, above that, there is a further,
and very secret, management organization which is called

Spiritologie is not Scientology Chapter 12

CST, full title Church of Spiritual Technology, which

only lends the supposed RTC Management the copyrights!
Hardly any Scientologist in the world knows that in this
hidden management there are people who never even did
any kind of a course in Scientology nor ever had a single
session. One of these hidden managers, and as such, a con-
troller of the copyrights, is a Mr. Meade Emory. This tax
lawyer is straight from the executive branch of the American
Tax Office, the very one who had been trying for years to
drive L. Ron Hubbard and his organizations into bank-
ruptcy. Meade Emory was, from the beginning of 1970 until
the end of that year, one of the driving forces behind efforts
to refuse the Scientology organizations tax exemption.
Shouldnt one ask oneself then what such people, who,
during the lifetime of L. Ron Hubbard, didnt know a
greater enemy on Earth than him and his organizations,
are now doing in the management of the Scientology
church today?
The person, who refers to himself as the former L.Ron
Hubbard, drew the following conclusion as to what the
strategy behind all this might be: the former enemies of
L. Ron Hubbard could not stop him by normal means, as
there wasnt anything that they could have used against
him. So the idea was first bring the church under their
control but in such a way that it looked to the outside
world as if Scientology still existed in an unaltered and
unperverted form. Next step was to make the services so
expensive that no-one could afford them, so that none
would get benefit from these techniques.
For people like John Travolta and Tom Cruise, who
could afford it all the same, since a few million dollars more

Chapter 12 Spiritologie is not Scientology

or less wouldnt make much difference to them, the teach-

ings themselves are altered so they cannot take full advan-
tage of the application of the teachings and would therefore
not reach a high enough level of awareness to see through
the whole swindle whilst they still find enough workability
in it so that they would continue to stick with the organiza-
tions. This then creates a fantastically destructive picture
for the general public, who will then certainly lose any
interest in the whole philosophy and even oppose it.
Scientology, from the viewpoint of the former founder,
had become just a very abstruse trap, remaining only as
a shadow of what he had once intended. With all these
alterations this organization, of course, now also appeared
to the uninformed public as if it had been, from the very
beginning, intended to rip off incredible sums of money
from the members and, in general, to act with contempt
towards people, which the former L. Ron Hubbard now
operating in another body only confirms!
To aid in the facility of writing from now I will use,
forthe person who says he has been Hubbard, the initials
of the Scientology founder LRH.
Therefore, in the year 2004, LRH decided to contact
some different Scientology organizations in order to go
over with the local managements there the information
that had been collected over the recent years. As he, of
course, didnt want to talk to the former enemies, who are
today in the top management, he tried a direct approach to
the organizations in Copenhagen, Munich and Dsseldorf
to discuss these points.
The first phone calls with high ranking Scientologists
in the organizations in Germany were well received, they

Spiritologie is not Scientology Chapter 12

referred however to policy which says that such things

should be communicated to the international management,
because lower organizations would not be authorized to
deal with it.
To quote LRH from one such phone call: I know that,
I know the policies, I wrote them myself. But, if I am aware
that someone is selling drugs to schools, for sure I will not
now inform the Mafia about it and then expect something
to change.
However as it is the duty of these staff members to
report such extraordinary things to the upper manage-
ment, the response they got was an order for them to cut
off any form of contact. So later when called again these
people were no longer willing to talk and cut off the call
by putting down the telephone receiver!
If you, as the reader here, think all of this that Im
writing about the former LRH is nonsense anyway, you
should not forget that Scientologists wouldnt. It is the
base of their religious conviction that a being continues to
exist after death! It is the basis of all their books, courses
and sessions. In the telephone calls it was clearly stated that
the caller was the person who had possessed the physical
identity of L. Ron Hubbard, that it wasnt some sort of a
joke, or even a test of whether Scientologists are convinced
of the teachings of their own founder!
It was even countered in some of these talks, that the
person, who said he was LRH, could not actually be him,
since he was born in 1966 and the founder had died in 1986!
Firstly it seems it is necessary to remind some of these
would-be Scientologists that in their religion the usual idea
of reincarnation does not apply and to expressly remind

Chapter 12 Spiritologie is not Scientology

them of the LRH lectures that I referred to at the begin-

ning of the chapter!
In the next move a personal friend of LRH travelled to
Denmark in order to talk to high ranking staff of the Ad-
vanced Organization in Copenhagen. LRH had thought
it might be easier if a third person made contact and in-
formed them that the founder exists in a new body and
he would like to take up some important matters, dealing
with gross alterations of his teachings.
The response was similar to what happened with the
phone calls that had been made to the staff of the organiza-
tion in Munich. This friend had hardly started to say what
he wanted to talk about when he was being threatened
with police if he didnt immediately leave the building.
This visit, it seems, had already been anticipated and the
staff there were at the ready and even in a state of alarm. So,
he had to travel back and report the failure of this attempt.
There was not even one single person who was willing to
talk about the founder of Scientology, LRH, and his con-
cerns about the state of Scientology.
Can you understand that??
Scientologists all over the world, do defend their doc-
trine like crazy against any attacks from the outside, yet
if someone wishes to talk to them about the possibility
that their teachings might actually be true and about their
deceased founder now in another body wanting to talk
to them, they throw down telephone receivers and threaten
with the police?!
Any Buddhist would listen and factually check the
matter out if you came along and were merely speculating
that you were the Dalai Lama who had died and had now

Spiritologie is not Scientology Chapter 12

found a new body! Buddhist monks even go on a search to

find their Dalai Lama in the new body, after he leaves his
old physical vehicle! The current Dalai Lama came back
into office this way. The last Dalai Lama died in 1933. On
the 6 July 1935 a child was born with the name Lhamo
Dhondrub. Monks recognized in him the rebirth of the
deceased Dalai Lama and checked out the child to see if
he might be their spiritual chieftain.
The tests to verify this are not very complicated, but
can nevertheless, in no way, be passed by chance alone.
The child had, for example, to choose out of a great many
objects those pieces which were his own former property.
When, for example, you have to choose from twenty
prayer chains all of which look quite alike the one that
is your own, the one you once possessed, well you could
of course choose the right one just by chance, but when
you then repeat this with many other different kinds of
earlier possessions, it would be if all of the objects you
had picked actually belonged to the deceased a similar
chance to getting six numbers right in one of the big lottery
games infinitesimally small.
This was the way in which the Dalai Lama, the one
currently in office, was checked out as a child and was thus
recognized as the reborn Dalai Lama.
Whatever you or I may think is the truth on these mat-
ters: the Buddhists do at least believe and practice exactly
what they maintain is their conviction and religion. I have
never heard of a Buddhist calling the police if someone
were to talk about the rebirth of a deceased Dalai Lama
who would like to speak with the monks about Buddhism!

Chapter 12 Spiritologie is not Scientology

But the story goes further

After the failures in Munich and Copenhagen, Dssel-
dorf was the next place where a further attempt would be
made to get a talk arranged. This time, I decided I was going
to be there myself, as I could hardly believe what I had been
told, particularly as it was said of the Scientologists that they
would stand solidly behind their teachings. At the time, it
rather seemed to me that they werent standing behind any-
thing at all!
Once we had arrived in the Dsseldorf organization I
even took the lead in the conversation. Besides myself, also
present was the personal friend of LRH, the one who had
undertaken the failed trip to Copenhagen.
We had hardly passed through the entrance door when
three people approached us with grim looking faces. One
brusquely asked: What do you want? I said that our
intention was to speak with the leader of the organization
about the subject of L. Ron Hubbard and discuss a few
things that could be viewed as disadvantageous to Scien-
tology as a whole.
We were watched closely while one person left the room
for two minutes. When he returned he announced that the
leader of the local organization would not see us and that
we had to leave the building right away.
News of the visits to Munich and Copenhagen had al-
ready reached Dsseldorf too. Upper management had also
given staff here an order not to engage in any conversation
about that subject. I felt this whole thing was too silly for
words and so I remained in my seat and told these Scien-
tologists at this stage five of them stood around us it
ought to be possible to say a few words as we had not come

Spiritologie is not Scientology Chapter 12

with bad intentions. I had decided in any case not to leave

before I had said everything that I came there to say, and
so I proceeded to do so.
What happened? The police were called but they
didnt tell us! They only arrived after we had already left
the building, but still we were warned that, next time, we
should leave the organization immediately, as soon as it
was demanded.
I want to call your attention to yet another aspect of
this meeting. Perhaps you know that in Scientology or-
ganizations they also use an electronic apparatus, which
they call an Electro- or E-meter. This is in fact a very
precise instrument to measure resistance and is used in
sessions to locate areas of thought that are charged
in some way. I write also here as I am using a very
similar model in my sessions to help the person find
areas of thought, that still have to be looked at to really
free certain incidents and areas of life of charge, more
quickly. This will never happen if one tries to repress
details which are perhaps quite unpleasant and make
them into what one, later, could refer to again as ones
subconscious. A photo of the Spiritologie-Navigator
that I use you can find in theappendix. I chose the name
Navigator because I think its good that just saying or
reading the name instantly gives one the idea of what it
is used for. You see with it the attention of a being can
be rapidly and precisely steered or navigated to the
important, charged areas since these already cause
reactions that can be read, even though the being is still
completely unaware of having contacted a significant
subject hence Navigator.

Chapter 12 Spiritologie is not Scientology

I mention the E-meter here because I even offered to

the Scientologists to put me on this E-meter while mak-
ing my statements, so they could determine whether I was
really there just to have a talk or whether I might have
some other, even hostile, intentions in mind. If such
unfriendly intentions had not been obvious before they
definitely would have been visible if that instrument were
used. All they had to ask me was if I was there for purposes
other than what I was saying I was there for. You see if
someone actually had intentions different to what they are
saying they were, they would under questioning about it
be unable to avoid thinking of that. Since such a person
is trying to hide these intentions, there would then be an
effort to suppress or withhold these thoughts in order to
prevent them from being detected. However, it is precisely
this effort that leads to an increase of resistance, which
can then be detected on the instrument - to give only a
rough explanation of how it works. Everything that has
to be repressed or suppressed, or that one protests against,
that is unpleasant, that causes some form of mis-emotion
(in other words past mental or physical pain) increases the
resistance in the mind and is therefore measurable.
The point here is that the E-meter is a vital and fun-
damental part of Scientology procedures and no single
session at the higher levels may be done without it!
So I offered to be checked on the E-meter, and you
know what the response was? If no charge shows on the
meter, it doesnt mean anything! So with this statement
they refused to check me on the meter. What?!
This makes one wonder if, for these Scientologists,
any aspect of the teachings of their founder still has any

Spiritologie is not Scientology Chapter 12

real meaning. Do they no longer believe in the basics of

Scientology that they have been taught? If none of them
now believes in the subject, why do they do it at all?
Maybe they should be honest and say openly to people
Listen, its true we do take a lot of dough from you, but
actually we dont really believe you are a spiritual being,
that you have also had other lives, even if this reads on
the E-meter.
Lets take a comparison you enter a Buddhist temple
and say to them I wish to sit down and meditate a bit,
but first I would like to turn a few prayer mills, if I may,
and afterward I would like to talk to the monks about my
experiences and you were then told: Doing that doesnt
mean anything. Get out immediately! If you dont do it
now we will call the police!
So lets sum it up:
The Scientologists apparently think that their own
E-meter has no value! They will call the police if anyone
wants to talk about L. Ron Hubbard, their founder. They
also consider the idea that their founder, after his passing
in the year 1986, could still continue to exist as ridiculous
or even impossible and they react to such a concept in a
way that might only have been expected from a seasoned
inquisitor of the toughest school.
Furthermore all such communications are cut includ-
ing by telephone, and their members are threatened with
exclusion from the organization should they talk with us
or with the former LRH.
To be honest, anyone who would still pay a single cent
piece for Scientology services or give, for even one minute,
this organization support in any form whatsoever after

Chapter 12 Spiritologie is not Scientology

being told this story should actually be severely rebuked

for displaying incurable dumbness and ignorance and be
required to preach the first book of Moses from each pulpit
the world over for the next two hundred years regardless
of the ridicule he might meet! Although this book will cer-
tainly become part of the internal list of books forbidden to
Scientologists, members should carefully consider if they
ought nevertheless to read it or even contact me personally,
in case they are afraid of being excluded from their group
if they dont follow such orders. I can tell them a lot more
on these matters and give them a lot more explosive details,
which go far beyond the scope of this chapter!
Whatever you personally think of this story, you should
know one thing: I vouch for everything I write in every
single chapter of my book I live it, I practice it and I know
it! And I very definitely have nothing in common with
those now calling themselves Scientologists apart from a
few spiritual truths or philosophical fundamentals, which
however dont seem to fit any longer into Scientology, as
you have no doubt been able to read for yourself!
I conclude this with the words of the person who
with good intentions brought Scientology into existence
over 50 years ago and who just at this very moment
while I am writing these lines is looking somewhat sadly
at my monitor:

Spiritologie is not Scientology Spiritologie is free! LRH

13. Pan-Determination

I f, on reading the title of the chapter, you were to figure

At last we are getting to the part of the subject that
deals with how I can get all of those individuals around
me (against their own self-determination of course) under
my control so that I can manipulate them, then I have to
advise you that you have arrived at the wrong place.
When you are free of all charge along all the first 1to7
Impulses of Existence you will know very precisely who
it is you would want to manipulate or control against
their own will, that is you, yourself! With awareness as
Impulse8, you know that you are everyone and every-
thing, so the idea wouldnt even come to mind to display
such insane and anti-social behavior such as seen from
George W. Bush. However I must, in keeping with my
own teachings, put this statement into proper proportion,
because this man from the view of his personal truth and
conviction is totally right and so acts correctly. What
was it he used to say again? God bless America! Perhaps
this god fearing man should also try God bless Iraq too!
But God is as I have already described in earlier chap-
ters alas, also an American named George W. Bush, who
by such statements expresses a light patriotic and there-
fore limited shade of the divine love, but which obviously
cannot be all encompassing, as it only favors Americans.
From a limited spirit however one cannot really expect to
get unlimited blessings. Now I know, suddenly, what I

Chapter 13 Pan-Determination

might ask for as a Christmas present: A fully unrestrained,

unlimited George W. Bush.
Okay, I must also admit that this wouldnt actually
happen unless we handle it ourselves I have even heard
some mutterings that Santa Claus and even the Christ
Child are also mental constructs that cant affect anything
if there isnt anyone of us who slips into these roles and
creates their beingness and effects.
The American weapons industry, of course needs just
such anti-social, dead beings, which still as humans can
appear quite life-like, but are more like characters, in some
popular B movies (films) of an earlier age, which were
categorized under the heading of zombie or walking
corpse. This industry you see has enough money to be
able to place a cold unfeeling dumb-head in a position of
power, from which position he could no doubt be gotten to
arrange things so that missiles, that cost between 600,000
and 3,000,000 US Dollars each, would soon, preferably
over an extended period of time, be fired at the rate of one
per second.
What man who has even a little feeling left would be
able to issue orders which are based on some self-fabricated,
totally untrue stories, about factories producing weap-
ons of mass destruction which then lead to the murder
of tens of thousands of Iraqi fathers, mothers, sons and
daughters? All this just so the weapons industry the one
that contributes the lions share of the candidates election
costs, can, after now further incredible turnovers have been
achieved this way celebrate their hero and then make a
few more hundreds of millions of dollars available for the
next electoral campaign?

Pan-Determination Chapter 13

With all of this new investment in place and if one can

then lead the dumbed part of ones own population to
also believe that the whole country is under attack from
external sources having managed through many secret
service diversions to destroy two towers and murder some
of the population at the same time. Of course seen from
the viewpoint of those who planned these genius chess
moves; with this motive to make more money and so extend
their control even further its just awesome. Any chess
player would sacrifice a couple of towers, and, of course,
a few of their own pawns along with them, if through
this maneuver he could reach his goal to checkmate the
opponents king. Alas, however, one does need to obtain
the concurrence of the population in a democracy.
That agreement is rather easily obtained, certainly when
one takes care that the secret plans are smartly executed,
then by explosions and death puts everyone in fear and
terror and then with the help of a willing media, points
out the guilty country, which in actual fact was chosen
long before this event as the next theater of war, in order
to launch a few more missiles there and so guarantee fresh
turnover and to the delight of the American population,
even raise the gross national product! What unemployed
person would not be pleased when new jobs are created
that way because of course it requires a lot of people
to develop, build, put together and transport this whole
killing machine doesnt it?
Who would not be pleased about having such a job?
Well, I wouldnt be for one! And I hope you the reader
would reject such a job offer too, maybe with these words:
No, thank you, as I am an immortal spiritual being,

Chapter 13 Pan-Determination

Id take dying from hunger in my stride and would even

rather let my wife leave me, for the neighbor who of
course did unhesitatingly take such a job and owns a fancy
house and drives a super new car. Man, it is a lot better to
bedeserted by a shopaholic, materialistic wife than to be
abandonedby all good spirits!
Otherwise, you could be the next one, who aban-
doned by the spirit would be deserving of the title zombie.
I am quite sure with what I have written so far, that
I have put you in the picture and shown you what all-
determination does not mean. Pan-determination does
not mean mass-manipulation such as practiced by corrupt
politicians, self-proclaimed war-presidents and other crimi
nals or money craving elements of society.
Just the concept of the masses by itself is an in-
validation, as we are not masses! There is no big mass
of people at all, there are only single individuals. From
now on we should, no longer allow ourselves, through the
mass media, to be incited into mass panic which might
induce us to think that we need to hate Iraqis, Muslims,
Chinese or whoever so that because of this we then agree
to a war through which billions in profits are made. For
when we give our agreement to the one giving the order
to kill wemay as well consider we had done the killing
ourselves! These people will still have been murdered even
if afterward it is established that there were no factories
producing weapons of mass destruction.
Honestly I had to laugh out loud when I was reading
of how simple it had become to manipulate for instance
the German people. All that had to be done was to put a
few suitcases filled with electronic junk in some central

Pan-Determination Chapter 13

locations and then spread a rumor in the media that enor-

mous explosives had been found and they had been left by
terrorists and everyone would say Yes! and would almost
beg for more control and supervision. They will, of course,
also pay for this, again out of their own almost empty
pockets! So, it seems you dont even need an explosion
anymore which was of course how it used to be in order
to get people to agree to having laws passed to take their
own freedoms away!
This made me think of small children to whom all you
have to do is threaten with an index finger, because they
had been conditioned through frequent beatings in the
past to agree immediately with everything demanded of
them in order to avoid the possible pain hinted at, if they
do not comply.
After that in of course a democratic fashion even
tougher anti-terror laws are pushed through, of course the
tax burden to each and every worker will also increase in
order to support the ever increasing numbers of people who
produce nothing, do not work, except maybe making life
more difficult for those who do try to make a living! One
person works and five people verify his filled out forms, his
travel documents, his saliva test, his ballpoint pen (which
of course might contain hidden explosives and so must be
checked), listen to his mobile phone conversations, while
ten armed policemen also paid out of tax observe it
all nervously, as it is now clear anyone could be a terrorist!
We should definitely not mix up anti-terror laws with
anti-freedom laws even though the latter are sold to us
under that guise.

Chapter 13 Pan-Determination

Can this be democracy? Well no! There can only be

democracy when each single individual thinks his own
thoughts and makes his decisions based on these. But it
cannot exist where there are so many who are so easily
steered through use of their emotions and fears. In that
situation you only have a society, which just has the
appearance of a democratic society, because all it would
take would be any half intelligent, pseudo-Hitler to rise
once again in a new body of course and being obsessed
with control can have the means especially with the help
of the media to cause the alert beings be out-voted by the
manipulatable ones!
What I referred to above should make it unmistakably
clear why a peaceful philosophy such as this one, which has
the potential to factually raise the awareness of the single
individuals to new heights, are favorite targets for being
torn to pieces in the media.
For this reason I will be very proud when this book
and philosophy also undergoes this fate, since this will
be a direct indication of how dangerous my statements
are from the viewpoint of those who need to have people
who can still be manipulated and, thought-wise and emo-
tionally, to keep their system going and who are worried
about losing control. Well, they certainly are going to. I can
guarantee that with some pride!
From now on these are things of the past. This book
ends the Spiritual Stone Age when such things were still
possible, and begins a new era in which we know our
full potential and also consciously use it. An era in which
no-one will any longer say: Forgive them for they know
not what they do.

Pan-Determination Chapter 13

On the contrary, now we do know!

Therefore it is really important to have each SB in a
state of full self-determination, so that real and not just
apparent democracy is possible and doable. Of course, at
first this might look as if it would lead to chaos and lawless-
ness, but this impression would be very much mistaken, as
you will shortly see.
Once a person is really himself we mean here in the
sense of Impulse 8 he is also at the same time all others
and can occupy, as well as understand, any viewpoint. He
will look not only at one side of the coin in analyzing a
difficulty, but in fact both or even bigger all sides, as in
the case of difficulties that concern the whole population.
He is capable of creating a complete universe that is
his own and fully under his control (U1). In there he can
likewise observe and analyze all undesirable conditions in
the physical universe (U3) and calculate, with great speed,
complete solutions on a basis which makes allowance for
the self-determination of each individual since the person
as an SB is not subject to the laws of space or time.
As he is also all others, he will not of course fight, sup-
press, or even destroy any aspect of himself, as the optimal
solution is only an optimal solution when, through the
result of these computations, the survival and existence of
all is advanced! Part of that includes animals and plants,
objects and the continued existence of matter in space and
time itself. In order to have all that, a spiritual being doesnt
need anything other than its infinite, unrestricted and un-
limited creativity his fantasy which for this purpose of
course first needs to have been fully rehabilitated.

Chapter 13 Pan-Determination

A supreme being would not even want to see a George

W. Bush go to the electric chair for mass murder after all
the reasons for his wars were either invented or mise-en-
scne because obviously the product of such an action on
him would be a spiritual being leaving the body who would
then try again, in a new body, to become president of the
United States! In other words, it would produce no real
lasting solution to the problem. Besides, he would certainly
feel that he had been treated unjustly, which could then
lead to even more hatred, callousness and revengeful feel-
ings in the later new born child.
Dont think straight away that you are bad parents if
inexplicably your child demonstrates aggressive, anti-social
and violent behavior, while you really tried to let it grow up
in a lovely atmosphere.
Until now you were, perhaps, not even aware that you
could be holding in your arms such a cute little fellow
who had just been executed, and now arrived in your hospital
delivery room as your own new born child. Now it will
be clear that you would be getting the wrong advice, if later
on you let a soul-and-spirit-denying quack from around
the corner search for possible causes for these matters in
his childhood!
One might criticize you at the most for having spent
too much time doing unimportant overtime in order to
reduce the mortgage on your own home, instead of spend-
ing more time on spiritual matters and procuring factual
answers to hitherto unanswered questions which also
boils down in the end to bad parenting.
Dont worry about that too much however, as when
you look around you will find hardly anyone else who is

Pan-Determination Chapter 13

not in the same boat for such insignificances were all

too easily neglected especially here in the civilized, techni-
cally so highly-developed western parts of the Earth.
How could you bring someone like George W. Bush
to change his behavior without hampering his self-
determination or even forcing him in any way? Well by
helping him!
Maybe you dont think he needs help? Do you think
that a person who needs 60,000 security men and all
manhole-covers welded down within a radius of 60 km to
feel somewhat secure, when he comes for a visit is in a
good emotional state?!
What would you think the state of mental health
would be of someone who doesnt go out without expressly
forbidding all their neighbors to access their balconies or
look out of open windows? A person who demands that
nobody is allowed to park their personal cars on the street
nor even in their own garage garages that have to be
sealed, too and also who has all letter boxes, garbage
bins and electricity boxes removed when he announces he
is coming for a visit.
Precisely those and quite a few more were the conditions
exacted by George W. Bush for his visit to Germany in 2005!
I would neither support such paranoia nor fulfill these
conditions, which cost several million Dollars resources
that would be better invested in feeding hundreds of poor
families for a year or so. Instead I would deny such a person
the planned visit and as an alternative, offer him some
help in finding the causes that evoke such fears in him.
He doesnt have to come for a visit when these conditions
arent fulfilled. He wouldnt want to come at all. When

Chapter 13 Pan-Determination

there is no country in this world that fulfills his conditions

but does instead offer him help and education in how to
live a happy life without fear and without creating millions
of mortal enemies for himself, he would soon become no
more than a laughing stock and would no longer even be
of use to the arms industry.
Sure someone could threaten a country like Germany
with raised oil prices as a punishment, but what do we have
the BMW firm for, which for years has been able to mass
produce cars running on hydrogen? The first reports of
that I read back in 2004!
The emissions of these cars, by the way, only consist
of pure water vapor, so they dont cause any damage. But,
somehow, there seems to be no-one in charge who is really
that interested in the environment. Well maybe with petrol
and oil in common use one can extort more money out of
people. Also without that the environmental tax would
have to disappear too. I can understand it is maybe that
for these reasons they would rather not have this known or
acted upon! Also would it then be necessary to incite a war
in areas that have large oil reserves when oil is no longer
that much in demand? That alone would wreck the whole
war fun! But I dont want to be too much of a spoilsport,
so I wont mention it anymore well maybe we dont want
anyone thinking it over too thoroughly I can of course
every now and then be a nice fellow too.
Pan-determination therefore begins first of all with
granting every other being their own self-determination!
However if one of these beings would go beyond self-
determination and start to hamper the self-determination
of other beings, suppress them, refuse or deny them their

Pan-Determination Chapter 13

self-determination, or they try to force their own will

upon others, then that being has lost its own right to
self-determination and is to be restrained immediately in
order to restore the balance. Otherwise, all doors and gates
would be wide open for conflicts, wars, quarrels, violence,
as well as criminality!
What is a criminal? Just somebody who would like
to have money but rather than work for it himself, steals
it from someone else who has money. Do you see how
in this case the self-determination of the robbed person
who wishes to keep his hard earned money for himself, is
violated by the criminal?
That is the common denominator of any conflict, any
war, quarrel or act of violence regardless of the magnitude
of it. It does not matter whether the fight is between two
people, a war between two or more nations, or even a violent
confrontation taking place between the fans of two football
teams. The reason is always this: The self-determination of
others is not granted or tolerated! This is the same as saying:
awareness of pan-determination was not the basis for their
thinking and acting, as otherwise, there would not have
been a transgression against self-determination of others!
What exactly is this state of pan-determination which I am
speaking about? Here is the definition:

Pan-determination is the state of awareness in which a being

has reached the certainty of possessing the ability and willing-
ness to start, change and stop two or more forces, whether they
are opposing or not.

The above definition also implies:

Chapter 13 Pan-Determination

The ability to regulate two or more individuals, two or more

groups, two or more planets, two or more similar races, two
or more universes, two or more spiritual beings, as well as the
considerations of two or more identities whether they are in
opposition or not.

Maybe you think this is heavy? I can easily show you

with an example that nobody has lost the ability of pan-
determination; it is only the awareness of this ability!
Let us take the circumstances of a soccer game. The
two opposing teams are in position. The referee and his
assistants are also there to control the game. A goalkeeper
and ten field players per team, thus 22 actors, all following
one purpose: To get a better score than the opponent while
the game lasts.
In order to have a game the state of pan-determination
must not be taken, otherwise there would be no game. In
the game one does not grant the opponent even the least
bit of self-determination, indeed does everything one can
to hinder him in pushing through his will! In a game there
is force against force, intention against intention, effort
against effort and of course self-determination against
Just picture yourself in the role of one member of your
team, as an attacking player (also called a forward) and you
have the ball at your feet and attack the opponents goal
with the intention of scoring. Come on! You could move
a little faster in this attack, you could ! Now you can
almost feel the breath on your neck of the chasing defender
who has came running in from the left side his intent
clearly to wrest control of the ball from you so as to prevent

Pan-Determination Chapter 13

you having a shot at the goal. He isnt as fast as you are and
the only possibility he sees is to stretch out his leg and slide
sideways into the ball and try to divert the shot harmlessly
into the safe hands of his own goalkeeper, which would
handle the dangerous situation.
He takes off, stretches his leg and slides precisely to
the ball, which youre keeping close to your foot. But you
noticed this move just in time and with a tiny maneuver do
enough to foil his planned action. Just fractions of seconds
later, just as you now standing free in front of the goal
want to shoot the ball past the goalkeeper into thenet, the
defender still sliding along the pitch manages, right in
front of your eyes, to push the ball from your feet with his
fingertips! A clear case of handball in the penalty area! So
there should be a penalty kick. But no whistle sounds from
the referee. The dim-witted, grinning opposition goal-
keeper has picked up the ball that was played into his hands
by his defender and you are running to the referee to protest
very loudly but neither the referee nor the linesmen saw
the tricky handball and you call him a blind worm. This
leads to you getting a red card, for insulting the referee,
and you have to leave the field. This was the final game of
the championship where this one goal had to be scored in
order for your team to end the season as champions, and as
you are sneaking back to the locker room you hear the final
whistle. This hits you directly in the middle of the heart.
Terrible or not?
No, it is not quite as terrible as it seems. And, as other-
determined as it now looks to you at the moment, it isnt
actually. No matter how much you may hate the referee,
his assistants or the opponent player, please be aware of this

Chapter 13 Pan-Determination

one thing: You experience that which you, through your

own thinking, cause! Just as all others do too.
Isnt it right that a soccer player needs, not only fellow
players but, also opponents? Times are set so that everyone
is there together in order to play the game. They also do
not just take on any old opponent, since it is no fun at all
to take on opponents who will give no real competition.
Where is the suspense or thrill when you know beforehand
that you will win 40-0? Thus, you only have teams playing
together in a particular league that tend to be at the same
level of ability.
Of course, you also need a hopefully impartial referee,
who yet could every now and then still make a wrong
decision as every soccer player knows. Likewise, there
are some players, who engage in a contest but use unfair
means such as by committing fouls when normal means
arent enough to reach their objective, facts known to
any professional soccer player!
Add to that there are considerations of good luck,
misfortune, fate or simply bad luck these things, are
also contained in their thinking! To finish off this whole
constellation of thoughts there is also the idea that the ball
is round. Thats soccer, one says after the emotions have
cooled down a little.
And anyone who plays in a game such as soccer will
acknowledge that what I have described here is exactly
what can happen! That is what is considered to be soccer.
And nobody would actually like to go without any of these
aspects because these things in their complexity, their rela-
tive unpredictability and all taken together deliver precisely

Pan-Determination Chapter 13

that emotional roller coaster and thrill, which makes this

game so interesting to so many.
Is there ever anything that happens in soccer that isnt
in harmony with, or isnt in line with the thinking of each
being involved in the game? No!
Isnt it true that your opponent strives to be in a place
where he anticipates he should best be in order that he
stands in the way of your own purposes, and isnt this ex-
actly what is desired, in order to be able to solve, or crack
this wanted problem that is for one to be victorious? Yes,
that is clearly how it is!
So this actually, shows that the state of pan-deter
mination is present after all. It is only that it is kept back,
covered-up and purposely being kept oblivious of. Other
wise, the opponent would no longer be a real opponent,
but a fellow player! Observing whats going on very exactly,
one can see that opponents are not opponents and enemies
are not enemies!
Apparently opposing forces, individuals, groups or
intentions are then not factually opposing! But that you
would only perceive if you didnt identify with one side
or party, but independent of identity, space, time or event
can take the awareness of Impulse 8, through which one
is obviously capable of starting, changing, stopping and
regulating any of these situations!
Like in the case of policemen who are completely de-
pendent on there being active criminals, since otherwise
they would have no justification for being there, let alone
being able to demand tax money to pay their wages etc!
In fact policemen ought to transfer a percentage of their
income to each criminal since they make it possible for

Chapter 13 Pan-Determination

them to play the cops and robbers game. Or could it be

possible that police do this on their own in that they entice
through connections and accomplices other criminals into
criminal acts, in order to then be able to catch these guys in
the act and so arrest them? The question is open, however:
Would these criminals have committed these crimes if
they had not been led to commit them by an undercover
policeman? Is instigating crime not illegal for policemen
also? Or maybe are you telling me that, perhaps, in this
area of society something may have gone awry?
Or, maybe, would it be right to say here, that everyone
in the game of cops and robbers is completely in agree-
ment with each other, which indicates a state of pan-
determination and that therefore it can be said each of the
participants in the game does have a full cause position?
The answer is obvious if you have the courage to look at it!
Do you know that I had on occasion to suppress laugh-
ter born out of total perplexity, when I have watched TV
interviews with some American mothers and fathers shown
weeping over their sons lost in war? They were so proud
when their heroes in smart uniforms left to go kill
the evil Iraqis! So why would they now cry? They were
so proud of their well drilled potential killers of foreign
Iraqi fathers, mothers, daughters and sons. Would you
really be surprised, when these Iraqis did not say Oh,
you are Americans and so of course we will not defend
ourselves when you guys march into our country against
our will in order to chase us out or shoot us?!
I dont get it! What were these American mothers and
fathers thinking this thing called war to which they were
sending their children was all about? A neat Saturday

Pan-Determination Chapter 13

Evening Game Show, where no-one would be really hurt

let alone killed? He, who goes out with the intention to
kill, should not wonder how come he is killed himself. He,
who sends his children to the front lines for a cowardly nut,
should be aware that the enemy out of self-defense will
also shoot at his children where they are involved in armed
incursion into foreign countries! They have consciously
sent their children to their possible deaths the truth of
this fact was only repressed! And that is why they cry!
They know exactly who is really responsible for the death
of their children they are and of course their children
are responsible too. They could have, for example, become
Buddhists in order to then, later on grounds of their own
conviction refuse to take up the weapons!
Perhaps and from my viewpoint, certainly I am also
responsible for that myself. For, if I had been a bit faster
and had not wasted my time with unimportant things, like
music productions, film shoots or some adventures with
women, this book would have been ready much sooner and,
therefore, a greater awareness in the population would,
possibly, have led to no one agreeing any longer to have
such a war possibly! Because, even with a bloody war,
pan-determination is in play even if not consciously
like we have shown in the examples of the soccer match
and the game of cops and robbers. Everyone has all the
cards in his hand and tries through the power of his own
thoughts, to participate in this war game or not, to play it
or not; to get a foul or not, to kill or be killed. Perhaps at
first glance this is not so clear, but there will, no longer, be
any doubt if one looks at it from the view of Impulse8
which one can actually do at any time. In the examples I

Chapter 13 Pan-Determination

have given above, you also could do this. This is correct

isnt it? In the soccer and cops and robbers there was not
such a great amount of responsibility to be taken when
compared to the case of a war. But, actually the difference
is not so great since the factors involved are the same.
Even for me there was a gap to overcome, the gap lying
between purely knowing about ones own responsibilities
and ability, and the implementation or application of this
knowledge. This gap I have overcome in writing this book.
It is pure speculation whether such a book could have
prevented one or even both of the Bush-wars. But alas,
I unlike you do not have the excuse that I didnt know
as yet that I had the ability to actually change things.
But as of today you dont have this excuse either! Once
pan-determination and its meaning is taught in schools,
you see, we would within one generation have created
the basis for a new civilization which could bloom in fresh
splendor, in unity, justice and freedom.
Therefore, I am thinking right now: When we have
made it and this world no longer experiences wars be-
cause every SB has rehabilitated itself as supreme being,
as Impulse 8 what will your answer be to the question
Did you help, too?
Pan-determination goes far beyond the scope of self-
determination. It encompasses the awareness of not only
causing in ones own universe (U1) covering that which one
experiences oneself as his first seven impulses of existence,
but even that which every other being experiences in his
universe (U2)! A step further and one sees the next logi-
cal consequence of this which is that even the commonly
perceived physical universe (U3) corresponds exactly to

Pan-Determination Chapter 13

what is present in the thinking of the being who perceives

it. With that idea I want to acknowledge the often heard
wisdom: The outer world is just the mirror of your soul
as being correct adding of course that you do not have
a soul but are the soul!
And these aphorisms also apply to football players
and as some may have surmised equally to policemen,
criminals and psychologists and even to I really have a
hard time to get this one out George Bush. Since For
God, all are equal.
When, for example, you sit in a cinema and tear your
heart out blubbering, because the scene you have just
watched has moved you to tears, is it really the movie, the
director, the actors, or perhaps even the fantastic music
that was the cause of your emotional outburst? Or is it
in fact down to you, yourself because you to have that
exact experience even paid for it at the entrance? Wasnt
there the idea that there are film makers who create films,
which are unknown to you, already part of your thinking?
Isnt it also part of your thinking that there is a film in-
dustry, scriptwriters, nice (or maybe less nice) ladies at box
offices and even unpleasantly smelling, sweaty neighbors
in the seats next to you, whom the ads for soap and shower
gel have passed by, like a biblical cup?
When you got the ticket, did you not want the movie
for which you paid to influence or control the world of
your feelings? Of course this was wanted, for who would
wish to visit a cinema if no effect that one might desire to
experience would come out of it, which is after all what
makes life what it is an interplay of causes and effects that
are again caused by others whom you actually are too.

Chapter 13 Pan-Determination

But who even thinks about who causes what in such

a case? The truth is: you are creating unknown films,
unknown directors and unknown situations yourself that
may cause in you at unknown times, in an unknown place
some unknown emotions. Check your own thought on
this and you will confirm it, when you are honest with
yourself and not too intent on wanting to avoid the enor-
mous responsibility, which can then be felt entering your
consciousness at a blistering speed.
Every professional or amateur soccer player in the world
will find unknown end results, unknown mistakes by the
referee, unknown actions by opponents, unknown actions
of his fellow players or unpredicted reactions from audiences
etc. in his own universe, once he starts digging around for
such concepts and possible future scenarios.
And that is exactly what pan-determination means!
This is the explanation why the definition states that one
could even regulate, start, change or stop the consider-
ations and the thought of several identities too, even when
they are antagonistic to each other. Because even the future
behavior and thinking of other beings, their complete other
universes (U2), is already there in your own thinking in
fact right now! It is only slumbering in a corner of infinity
without having been awakened by you, until this moment.
That is the reason why pan-determination is possible,
once one has rehabilitated the awareness of it in oneself.
To begin with, however, one needs to find out how e xactly
one causes by ones thinking all that one experiences,
oneself. When that is reached, and a being has recognized
the full self-determination and cause position in regard
to its own universe (U1), achieved without any doubts

Pan-Determination Chapter 13

or reservations then one can start again to widen this

So when all aspects of what exactly you are causing
through what exact thinking has been looked at, then you
are ready for the next step, which does pre-suppose that
one has an unlimited awareness as Impulse 8. Then let us
look at what you are letting all other beings cause, of which
you afterwards, but only seemingly like in the case of
the movie-goer are the effect or receipt point of, which
might also be classified as the victim position, the one so
favored by irresponsible people. That is an infinitely large
volume of effects, that you through others are making
experienceable for yourself, as well as also for others.

Is that a consciousness-trip that has the smell of adventure

and suspense? What do you think? I can only say one
thing: I have loved that trip. I have loved it because it is a
journey bringing you home to Eden.

14. Power and Simplicity

T he question of what are the characteristics that one

needs to possess in order to be a really powerful per-
son or a powerful being, can be answered in the most
straight-forward way by considering what is the common
denominator of some known powerful personalities. There
happens to be one particular thing which stands senior to
all other characteristics. This decisive factor which differ-
entiates powerfulness from weakness and thereby tips the
scales one way or the other is this:

The ability to hold a position in space.

Nobody will ever be able to reach his goals, if he isnt also

able to stand up to tremendous pressure, without running
away. Politicians who, after mistakes or when personal
irregularities have come to light, speak of assuming the
consequences of these matters by stepping down, are in
fact, no more than craven jokers who are without sufficient
spine to take full responsibility for the actual consequences
arising from their mistakes.
You will have heard the expression: Steady as a rock.
Right enough, power has a great deal to do with the hold-
ing of space, which once taken you dont just give up or
abandon. In doing so it does not matter what may rain
down upon you, or what flows at you or even what force
one is hit with in order to get you to give up the position.
Before you begin to aim at a big goal or do anything of real

Chapter 14 Power and Simplicity

magnitude, be clear on this point you do need to have the

ability to hold a position in space.
Japanese Sumo wrestlers are a perfect demonstration
of the working of the definition of power that I just gave
you, for in Sumo, a wrestler loses when he is forced out
of the ring or thrown off balance and made to fall by his
opponent either by going down onto the mat or needing
to use a hand to prevent falling.
If you look at any of the popular sports you will find
there are also there an endless variety of rules that deter
mine winning or losing, arising one way or another, from
the gaining of space or controlling of space. As an example
of this principle a racing driver who does not take pole
(first) position often enough and cant hold that position
until the finish of the race, should not count on receiving
the champions laurel wreath at the end of the season
and having the doubtful pleasure of being kissed on the
podium by mostly anorexic ladies whom I would prefer
to see were fed with nutritious soups so they might gain
more female curvature.
It makes no difference whether we are dealing with
an athlete in competition being hassled by opponents, an
employee being given a hard time every day by friendly col-
leagues or a store owner facing several excessively grinning
members of the local mafia urgently requesting payment
of the protection fees to avoid having to re-open his store
in another location. In all of these cases the only ones who
will succeed with their ideas and plans are those who can
hold their position in space. Whether this space is a specific
work area, the premises one rents out of from which to run
ones business or the space of the mat on which the match

Power and Simplicity Chapter 14

is contested, as in the example of the Sumo wrestlers,

does not matter.
This question may have occurred to you: How can
one as a human being hold a position in space, when,
though the spirit is so willing, but the flesh is yet so weak?
Maybe also How could anyone continue to calmly go
about his business when, the bulges in the jacket pockets
of the reasoning mafia good fellas make it rather obvious
that these are caused by firearms?
How? How can this be done? The answer is this stop,
right now, perceiving and thinking like a weak, powerless
human being!
Yes, your body can tolerate next to nothing, without
dying, and then as a logical consequence also surrenders
its position in space. Commonly, we see people dodging
almost any minor issue they face by giving up the space
they have assumed. A little criticism, a bit of back-biting, a
trace of violence threatened and quickly they make them-
selves scarce abandoning friends, wives and children
to save their own bacon. A psychotic leader talks of or
threatens nuclear attacks and everyone shivers with fear.
Fear? Of what? Would you really pee your pants because
a weak, mortal and certainly rather sick human being,
one lacking any higher awareness, thinks he can threaten
a truly powerful and immortal spiritual being with a few
little atom bomb-lets?
Start laughing! Stop identifying yourself with the body
and take it as a joke if, in the future, you should hear such
an overgrown child talking in such a manner. Someone
talking like this does not know how easy it is for a few con-
scious spiritual beings to create a common reality of a sort

Chapter 14 Power and Simplicity

of chute consisting of mental matter which then throws

those explosives back at him! Or they leave out the chute
completely and decide together with others that none of
these explosives will explode what they do just depending
upon what these beings consider is most amusing.
It is understandable that beings able to create such
effects as this may seem unbelievable to you, but dont
forget that, until now, there has not been a society with
fully aware beings, fully rehabilitated as Impulse 8, in its
midst. No being such as this would ever have destructive
or annihilating intentions inasmuch as for that they would
have to restrict their consciousness and thereby, their power
and so would lose it immediately. At the same time you can
also bet that such a being would have a lot of fun taking the
destructive intentions of beings who are still unconscious
and from his pan-determination viewpoint turning
them into nothing.
The magic formula which enables a spiritual being
to do these things is called: zero-perception. This new
word zero-perception means pure perceiving without
anything added. It does not, however, stand for perception
from a human, physical viewpoint, but stands instead for
perception from the view of an SB!
Why do I use the expression magic formula? Well,
this is because, the ability to do zero-perception creates a
level which may so far be unknown to you from where
you can work causatively. Causative, in such a way that for
outsiders it will look as if nothing was actually done, and
thus it looks more like magic as there is no visible action
detectable when one starts operating to handle situations

Power and Simplicity Chapter 14

in life with great ease which, might even have been life
threatening without this capability.
What exactly do I mean though, when I speak of
pure perception without any additions? What are these
additions which definitely have to be left out, if one wishes
to be increasingly able to hold ones position in space? They
are your thoughts!
We were taught in school how extremely important it is
to be able to think logically in order to build up a success
ful life and to keep it going as long as possible. We were
instructed that with conclusions based on consequential
(sound) reasoning, which could also be called logical, we
will master life better than if we dont think logically. How-
ever, there is one thing that they did not chisel into our still
young, perhaps even handsome looking heads, which is the
fact that this very ability of thinking logically and/or con-
sequentially may even actually be the cause of our death!
Obviously, only the death of the body, but nevertheless !
How can such a death given here as an example
come about by thinking consequentially? Let us create in
our imagination, in order to make this easier to visualize,
an attractive woman who has to walk home at night by her-
self and her way home leads through the middle of a park
most of it very dark. Perhaps she was already feeling a little
queasy even before she set out, the risk of anything like
being robbed however was very slight in her estimation.
Then, as she gets halfway across the park, a sinister
looking man suddenly jumps out from behind a tree, in his
hand a large knife. His pants are already unzipped as he
approaches her on his face is a repulsive, sickly grin. The
intention is clear: the man intends rape! And this is exactly

Chapter 14 Power and Simplicity

the consequent, logical assumption the woman makes, she

already begins to feel a rising panic and the pictures of what
horribleness she will soon experience, drive her over the
edge. She knows that this man will brutally rape her and
with probability even kill her, for his dirty deed to remain
unexposed and her final anxious thoughts are what we
read about in the next days newspapers as these thoughts
had turned into bitter reality
I am certainly not making light of such incidents or
negating the responsibility of a murderer because I am high-
lighting the causation and mistakes made by the woman
who became his victim! I intentionally chose such a serious
crime to create the possibility that, in future, mankind
would only know of such stories out of history books cov-
ering the old, barbaric days, when people still thought
they were a powerless piece of flesh not cognizant of their
spiritual potential, which enables them to direct and control
their own experiences.
Consequential what does that actually mean? We
are talking of a consequence, a course or sequence of events.
This highlights the fact that logical thinking, of necessity,
implies time, because of course without time, there is no
sequence. So logical thinking could be described as sort
of mentally swimming in the flow of time. From that,
we could conclude that we must continually be aware of a
non-existent past so as to be able to evaluate, with the help
of old experiences, present time perceptions, to then be in
a position to compute, anticipate or even know a future
that is not yet really existing. For this relatively complex
activity we are using something that may be known to us
as memory or ability to remember. It was once asserted

Power and Simplicity Chapter 14

that past experiences were stored somewhere in the brain

and were re-called automatically when needed, however
no-one was ever able to demonstrate the truth of this theory
in practice by for example, retrieving or transferring such
stored information from the brain of a deceased person to
another brain. It has never been done. It is odds-on nobody
will ever succeed in such a transfer because the truth looks
quite different from this picture of memory that bearded
gentlemen, all clad in their white coats and speaking with
thick foreign accents have been trying to convince us is the
case for such a long time.
The experiences of the past are not actually stored in
the brain and its the same when you consider the pictures,
emotions and impressions which you perceive when you
think of a purely fictitious situation of what, perhaps,
could happen in the future. This future is not called up
from a storage place either, but is in fact created at the very
moment you see it there is no future actually existing in
itself regardless of the vehemence with which professional
fortune-tellers and prophesiers defend this idea which
you will doubtless experience if you enthusiastically tell
one of them what this small book called Spiritologie says
about it and he then sees a future without income from
his true believing clients, which would not exist either,
without his own creation or his own consequent thinking.
Because I point this out please do not make me responsible
for any of his financial problems to come, but in any case
this would not make any change to my awareness of exactly
what my responsibility is in the slightest.
In exactly the same way, as in the example of the
future, you the spiritual being also create the past.

Chapter 14 Power and Simplicity

Look when exactly, do you view the situations and expe

riences of long ago? You see and feel them in the present
precisely at the moment you create them not by recalling
them from the brain!
There is factually no yesterday, nor is there any to-
morrow either, there is not just a moment ago, nor is
there in a few minutes time that might be found fixedly
anchored somewhere, really unalterably there existing in
a really curious thing that carries the name future. It
certainly wont be found in the dregs in your coffee cup!
All the things mentioned above exist only and exclusively
when you, as a being, create these for yourself and then
dont cease creating them.
The inability conditioned by lack of knowledge of
these facts to free herself from these fixed concepts and
thought patterns, is what cost the woman, in the example
we gave above, her life! No one in all the years of her
education taught her, the great importance of this ability
which is contained in the following simple sentence:

Just perceive the now without thinking!

You know what comes very close to this ability and why
it is, therefore, also seen but usually only by the great
spiritual masters of the Far East as very desirable and
worth striving for? A total amnesia! The complete loss of
memory! Obviously, one cannot lump the ability not to
think together with an unwanted loss of memory but, there
are a few aspects that are very similar and which, when
brought under control, may be used very beneficially.

Power and Simplicity Chapter 14

Do you see where all this is going? If you look once again
at the basic premise of this book it will rapidly become clear
what the connection is with the above mentioned ability
of perception without thinking. If everyone creates by his
own thinking that which he experiences, then you should also
pay attention to the aspect of not-thinking. Because of
what use would the most powerful computer in the world
be if there is no way to shut it down every now and again
or restart it by using a reset or restart button so as to
clean out the programs residing in its working memory so
as to enable things to start afresh?
Such a computer wouldnt be worth much after a while,
because the only commands and concepts that could be
executed by it would be those that would logically build
on what was already sitting there. That brings us back to
the matter of consequentiality. To experience something
new from this computer, or to change its functions, one
would have to erase all the old results and conclusions!
Only after that was done could one expect a new game, a
new function or referring to life a different future than
what would have been expected, if it was based on the old
accumulated data.
It works in a similar way with a human being, whose
command center is the SB. If old patterns of thought are
not removed from the present thinking, the program (life)
will follow the same old patterns and bring about the same
situations that are dictated by those patterns.
How did the woman, mentioned in the example given
above know that the absence of sunlight could mean
danger? How did she know that a physically stronger
man could do something to her if she were to walk through

Chapter 14 Power and Simplicity

a dark park alone which is what gave her this queasy

feeling in the first place? Why couldnt she avoid what the
man had intended and instead have arrived home in good
shape and untouched? Well because she thought along the
lines dictated by old patterns, the ones which she already
knew. Because she knew from experience that sometimes
in the past women have been assaulted, robbed, raped and
killed by men. Because the media, as usual, had been full
of reports of such happenings and their publishers never
considered writing about the fact that these women had
already been educated and trained into these old thought
patterns without ever having been given even a single
hour of schooling about how one reaps in life what one sows
in thought and no one ever pointing out how powerful but
also how deadly thinking can be when one plays around
with it in an unknowing manner or perhaps even leaving
it totally uncontrolled!
We see thousands of hours applied for instance to teach
students the rules of grammar. Later in life it is hoped their
job application letters will then be so flawless that they can
find employment working for eight hours a day in a factory
so they can move a single metal-stamping lever up and
down, so they can be a valuable and productive member of
society. But those things that would have been really im-
portant to them and their lives are just never mentioned
What is the difference then between the until now
usual way of looking at life and the zero-perception by the
spiritual being which I have mentioned? It is contained
in the fact that you, as a spiritual being, do not have any
location in space or time and can in fact look at life itself
from a viewpoint which is similar to that of moviegoer,

Power and Simplicity Chapter 14

who even though the action on the screen clearly can

give one the feeling of being right in the middle of the
story does not in fact need to fear that something could
really happen to him. Zero-perception means one does not
have the desire to escape from any situation or be fearful
of anything one perceives. Who or what would you as
an immortal, indestructible, invisible SB without mass or
dimensions have to get out of the way of? When you
really perceive as yourself there can be no grounds for such
behavior. You could perceive what you perceive and would
not add any further thinking of any consequences for you,
since there could not be any unless of course you just
insisted on experiencing some and so would therefore
then consciously create them.
The most important thing, however, is what will hap-
pen in your life when you no longer perceive as the body,
but as a spiritual being? Things will change, things that
you would have thought unalterable before, unpleasant
situations that kept occurring they now dont re-occur and
circumstances which would otherwise have caused fear and
worries will also have left your life.
The German word for perceive is wahrnehmen
(wahr = true; nehmen = seize) and this word holds the key
and explanation for the future miracles you could perform
with that, once you look at it closely. For wahrnehmen
(perceive) actually means to accept or observe exactly what
is true.
The more the truth has been veiled, covered up or
a ltered in any way, by the introduction of untruth, the
more drastically perception decreases, opening doors to lies
so that situations get to be unsolvable, problems heap up

Chapter 14 Power and Simplicity

to a point that what remains is only unpredictability and

chaos, and from which one can only free oneself by starting
again to pay attention to what is actually true. The truth is
not that one can be killed or raped. Truth is not that one
isthat female or male body. Truth is also not that a big male
body is stronger than the power of thought of a spiritual
being which is controlling a female body. These things
are only true when one thinks in old patterns, instead of
actually looking. The real truth is that we spiritual beings
collectively and in silent agreement created a reality that
we ourselves, at some time, took for the truth.
A short anecdote from my own life could help make it
even more clear how zero-perception may be applied, by
switching from the realm of pure theory to situations of
daily life.
One day I went out dancing with a girlfriend of mine
to a club in Berlin. The doorkeepers were not in a good
mood and literally ripped my girlfriends handbag out of
her hand in order to search for drugs, weapons or some
such things. My companion first held on to her handbag,
then it was pulled at harder, until I asked them if they
might perhaps, want to beat up the woman in order to
do their jobs really thoroughly. Upon that remark one of
the real big broad fellows loomed up in front of me and
asked, in a provoking way, if he should beat me up instead.
I smiled and replied: That is a real funny idea. You know
what happened then? Was there a brawl? No! The door-
man, with a bizarre look on his face, retreated backwards
out of my field of vision, my companion got her handbag
returned by a second person and we could enter.

Power and Simplicity Chapter 14

What caused this sudden turn around and the also

relatively unexpected reaction of the doorman? I simply
perceived the scene, knew that no danger existed, since
in any case I do not identify so closely with the body, to
have me think as such. Because of the awareness of who or
what I am and where I am, I hardly think of such things
at all. The provoking question from the doorman I did
get though, only I really thought it was amusing, as I had
pictured his statement in my imagination and from this
saw in my own mental universe how he desperately tried
to beat up a person who is nowhere and has no surface or
mass which his fist could hit. That is why my reply to him,
which ended the whole fuss, was not even meant ironically!
Do you see now, what a tremendous difference there is
between the normal perception as a person and the zero-
perception as spiritual being? Do you also see why I wrote
that consequential, human logic built upon old and false
data could even cause death? Can you imagine how many
alternative futures the woman who I mentioned earlier
on in this chapter would have had, if she had heard of this
new type of perception earlier on? An infinity!
When the awareness of a woman does not have any
fixed concepts such as of danger, fear or possible abuse,
since she would not then perceive and think as a female
body, but as the SB itself, no tree in the world will have be-
hind it a man with such intentions! Even when a criminal
with such a shameful purpose might lurk, hoping for a
victim, he still needs the thought agreement in the spiritual
U1 of the person who will be the victim, as it is precisely
this agreement which forms the necessary bridge, which
makes the universe of the perpetrator and the universe

Chapter 14 Power and Simplicity

of the victim appear as a common universe, in which the

deed can then be executed and become a reality for both.
But when there is no being there creating by its own
concepts such a potential role as the victim, well then a
perpetrator, lurking around, will move away after a while,
frustrated, since no one with this type of thinking has
shown up in the location where he was waiting. While at
that exact moment as if she was being favored by The
Gods a woman who already practices zero-perception in
her life decides that Now is the right moment to make
my way home! This is so magical, so powerful and yet,
also so easy to overlook, that actually, nobody may notice
exactly what this woman did, out of which she escapes
her supposedly certain death. Even the woman does not
notice, because she does not even have to think about how
to avoid dangers beforehand. You see this woman is not
even a woman. This she is an SB who is aware of its true
nature, but who prefers a female body as a beingness role
in the game of life and who possesses the ability to occupy
a position in space and maintain it, too.
You have here a very simple, but tremendously power
ful, tool for daily use in your spiritual toolkit. Use it; try
it out, play around with it. When you possibly very
soon have become a master of zero-perception, you will,
perhaps for a moment, hold your breath. When you have
looked atthe last untruth and seen it for what it is you will
perceive thenothing. And that is the highest truth there is
to recognize: There is no truth at all which exists in itself to
be perceived

15. Consideration or Thought Pattern

I f we could undertake a survey of every single spiritual

being existing in this universe, in order to discover the
thoughts with which they were at that very moment oc-
cupying themselves in order that we could write down
exactly what is the sum total of all thoughts being thought
by all beings onto paper, we would end up with a number
consisting of so many zeros, that all the pages of this book
would not be sufficient to hold them. And yet we would
find that there are only two categories into which they
divide those thoughts containing time and those which
are timeless.
When a thought concept contains time it is easy to see
that it either contains a pattern for the future or expresses
one of the past. For example the thought I always feel
queasy when I hear loud rock music is a clear cut example
of a thought pattern and the time contained in it it
contains in fact two statements of time within it. First
the word always is used a word with which someone
would convey that something happens each and every
time and second is the word when which indicates we
are dealing with a future existence of something.
I was frequently ill as a child is another exampleof
this type of thought. It expresses a conceived pattern ofex-
perience. It calls attention to a frequency of occurrence of
something in a particular past phase in the persons life.
This is, once more, a case of a thought pattern, containing
time. But carefully note in both examples we have one
element missing the present!

Chapter 15 Consideration or Thought Pattern

I am quite sure that, up to this point, when someone

spoke of the present it seemed to you that they were
talking about something to do with time right? You
may be surprised if I tell you this is not correct the
present is timeless! It has no duration, no continuation,
but is just now. Now it is present again. When you,
with eyes shining, unpacked your first Christmas present
this lifetime what was there? The now! OK, looked at from
today, we say it was. But is it even possible for the now
to have been? Well, we spiritual beings, you see, do even
manage to pull off this almost impossible feat and then get
general agreement that this is quite normal on top of that!
Without going too deeply into the truth concerning the
now that has been lies and distortions which we will
examine more precisely in a later chapter lets now turn
to what we call in Spiritologie considerations which in
contrast to thought patterns do not contain time, but
are timeless. They are timeless because beings think of
considerations exclusively in the present form.
Heres an example: I cant work with computers.
This does not contain any reference to time, taken from
the purely conceptual content of the words, since it has
no mention of the past or the future. The Is-Condition
expressed in this example does not indicate that it will or
must continue to exist through time.
Just as the number of possible thought patterns
is infinite, so too is the quantity and variation of these
considerations that a being can create for itself. A con-
sideration could be an opinion, a belief or a conclusion. It
could be an evaluation that came about through obser
vation of situations or conditions of life, but in all cases it

Consideration or Thought Pattern Chapter 15

is, according to our definition here, only a consideration

when its there in the present form. In particular the
fact of the present, and therefore timeless character of a
consideration, can lead us to overlook a very important,
inherent and even one might say insidious aspect of it. Lets
assume that one day, you get the idea for yourself Iam
a loser. How you may have arrived at this thought we
need not go into at this point. The important thing here
is this consideration is timeless! But and this is the
insidious factor mentioned earlier the present is also
timeless. What could that mean for your life in plain lan-
guage? Since there is no time aspect given in this self-
assigned character trait, how long then would you be a
loser? Basically only now. But how long is now? Well
now now now hm. Would you then always be a
loser! Yes! This consideration would have no position in
the future or the past and so would therefore travel, to-
gether with you, in an always new now. It would in fact
even be so damned sticky that it would follow you into
later lifetimes or yes possibly even into universes, which
no human being might yet behold since they dont even
exist at this time.
It would purely theoretically just require the
duration of an eye-blink, to think this small thought and
so make oneself without ever having to repeat it a loser
for eternity!
You would continue to be a loser even bringing
situations into existence that matched with this idea
and this state of things will continue for as long as you do
not recognize that the cause of this apparent fact is just
that you never told yourself from now on it is no longer

Chapter 15 Consideration or Thought Pattern

that way! Another possible way to not even allow this

problem to come into existence in the first place, only to
have to solve it later, would be to recognize the timeless
aspect at the very moment of thinking I am a loser and
to know, that this thought is pass the moment it had
been thought and therefore would no longer exist at all.
It only becomes difficult when a being belongs to
the type who has as one of his favorite considerations:
Thepast continues to exist. In such a case one might
spend a few hours of work and a lot of patience tackling it,
before a consideration of that nature has gone up in smoke.
Note that The past continues to exist is not actually
a thought pattern as we have defined above, even though
the word past occurs in it. When you look closely you
will see that what this consideration actually expresses:
that is how it is. The thing that counts is not the words
in a concept, but the time-form of the concept. We will
soon have forgotten the past on the other hand would of
course be a thought pattern, as here we would be speaking
of a development towards forgetting, which takes place
in the future so time is contained within it.
Now we have looked at and precisely defined both of
the categories of all potential thoughts either thought
pattern or as consideration and examined their par-
ticulars, lets take up some examples and play through the
possible effects in life.
The director of sales of a large enterprise sits with
his boss and the entire sales force in a meeting and ex-
plains that, once again, the competing firm had obtained
the order for the latest million dollar project. After a lot
of details are reviewed, the director of sales makes the

Consideration or Thought Pattern Chapter 15

following concluding statement: We tried everything

in our power, but when it comes to the real big deals we
always draw the short straw.
What are the possible consequences of such a thought
pattern in life? How would this work out? Well the boss
briefly nods and then facing the sales force he asks this
question: Anyone here have a different view on this?
Obviously, nobody wants to stab the leader of the sales
department in the back, however one of the salesmen
replies: In my opinion it lies fully in our hands not to
buckle when we have such competition. My view is we
should pay a lot more attention to our personal contact
with our clients and build up closer relationships, before
we get to the final stages when we should be able to then
close the deal successful.
The boss agrees with this concept, and addressing the
director of the sales department directly in a steady voice
he says: As I have, for many years, been a friend of stiff,
fresh breezes when my ship has been too long without
forward motion, I require you to turn over control of
the sales department to this man With a smile he
indicates the salesman who had expressed the other view-
point and then find a place in the sales team tomorrow
morning at eight. I thank you gentlemen.
How come there could be this consequence which the
(now former) leader of the sales department had caused in
his life by having the thought pattern: we always draw
the short straw? Well to begin no executive, even vaguely
worthy of his title, could permit, even for a second, such
negative attitudes to determine the fate of all the big com-
pany deals to be made to be always approached this way

Chapter 15 Consideration or Thought Pattern

in the future. Certainly when it comes from a person who

actually should be taking care that this type of situation
does not occur or repeat! Imagine for example a coach in
a professional sports league tolerating for one moment
thought patterns in the heads of the leading players in his
team that go like this: We sure are a great team, but in
the decisive moments, we always fail?
In any professional sports activity and certainly in
commercial operations, where one is not dealing with
esoteric theories but actually with results visible in practice
and the big earnings that go along with that, those in-
volved have curiously enough always known about the
power of thoughts! That is why motivation plays such
a major role in such domains. No bunch of people in
the category of were thinking relatively positively now,
thanks to antidepressants ever became world champions
in any halfway seriously done sports established around
the globe today.
Then do you also know in what other respect a real
professional is so phenomenally different from a mere ama-
teur? Yes, it is the high quality of his considerations and
thought patterns! By high quality we mean those factors
of thinking pertaining to concepts of survival, understand-
ing, causativeness, knowing, control, responsibility, winning,
ability, certainty, security etc.
They never understand me, Life is really unjust,
Fate is against me, I keep making the same mistakes,
I dont know why I always have problems with this,
God is not on my side, My parents never gave me an
opportunity, I am not the winning type all these are
considerations and thought patterns about which one can

Consideration or Thought Pattern Chapter 15

say one thing they are guaranteed not to make a being

a winner!
I am not suggesting that everyone has to be a cham-
pion or world master since there are also beings who have
interests that are stacked entirely in other ways. What I
am pointing out is that when somebody wants to reach
some goal, he should get rid of all the thought patterns
and considerations, which he has put up along all of the
eight impulses of life, which are of a nature contrary to
the goal! Even if somebody would like to not bring about
something, he should also make sure that there is no
disturbance from interfering considerations or thought
patterns which could thwart a desire of not-bringing about
something. Does this sound odd? Well, if you, as a motor
cyclist, were to go through life with a thought pattern
that contains something that you do not want to happen
such as driving as I am doing currently, at these speeds
I will surely die on a country road one day then you had
better start to work on it right away, because every second
you are riding your motorbike you are exposing yourself
to the danger of losing your body and to make matters
even worse you may be putting at risk the bonus payments
that would accrue from your building loan contracts also!
Even after, should you recall, somewhere down the line,
that you were that particular human identity, the one
whose signature is on the particular documents, which
by then have turned yellow with age, the Earth citizens
will not permit you to muck up their normal business
practices and will therefore reject your claims unless
of course, you had already been working hard enough
to raise the spiritual awareness of those around you to a

Chapter 15 Consideration or Thought Pattern

level lying considerably higher than that of a professional

soldier, who is not really encouraged to think for himself
at all.
I am sure by now you may have some idea of the
copious quantities of unfavorable concepts that may lie
slumbering in a single being. But its not only the relatively
visible and almost immediately available destructive con-
cepts that, like in the case of the motorcycle rider could
quickly put an end to a career, a life or a dream he may be
working on. What are especially of concern are the consid-
erations and thought patterns that contain infinity. These
contain, in most cases, a not-something and are therefore
hard to locate for beings who are relatively untrained in
discerning what is not visible to the eyes. To avoid causing
any confusion regarding what I am talking about here let
me give you an example: You never know when that last
day of life is Boy, oh boy !
This is a thought pattern suitable for all enthusiastic
supporters of the game called Russian-Roulette. In this
game a revolver is used. Into one of the chambers a
single bullet is loaded. The cylinder of the revolver is spun
and it is handed to one of the participants who then holds
the muzzle end against his temple and pulls the trigger. If
he isnt shot dead because the cylinder didnt stop with
the bullet positioned directly in front of the barrel he
may call himself a real man and rotate the cylinder in his
turn and then observe how this extremely macho ritual
works on the fellow whos to have the next go.
A thought pattern like You never know if you are
going to survive the next day is exactly the same type
of game. It illustrates beautifully what I mean by an

Consideration or Thought Pattern Chapter 15

infinity-concept of no-thing. When we carefully check out

what is in the thinking of such a participant, we will find
concepts like not knowing the future, no certainty re-
garding the continuation of ones own existence as well
as no precise or possible cause will be found! That is a lot
of nothing, isnt it? How come I call so much nothing
an infinity-concept? The answer is very simple, as are
all such answers that are close to truth. All you need do
is just ask the person presenting such a thought pattern,
how many different ways of dying are there then you
will know exactly why such a nothing can create an
unlimited number of situations, all of which owe the fact
of their creation to the same source. If the person really
wanted to give a complete and comprehensive answer to
the question of what are all the possible ways to die, con-
tinuing until he was totally certain he had not overlooked
or left out any possible method of dying he would take an
awful long time to give you a complete answer!
Obviously it is not that simple to ask someone who
has just died, what was the cause of their death, but if
you could do so then you certainly would get a personal
reality on what I just describe above as the difficulty of
inexperienced people to discover a no-thing.
Lets say this person departed this life due to a stroke
and you inform them that there exists a book which says
that everything that one experiences is exactly what one
creates through ones own thinking and you tell them
now youd like to find out from them if this was the case
in the matter of their death. What do you think their
first response would be? Their answer would be No!
This being will be quite certain of the fact that he had

Chapter 15 Consideration or Thought Pattern

not thought, even for a second, in their just passed life,

that they would die of a stroke. If that is the case, even
for a person who just died clearly a being who we might
expect would really know whether or not he had caused
his own demise out of own thinking then this fact
must, to them, clearly demonstrate incontrovertibly that
the main assertion of this book is untrue!
Yeah well true is only that which is true for you
personally and nothing else is! But what about the
thought pattern of the person who says You never know
if you are going to survive the next day?! Well ! My
view on life is a view from the eighth impulse. That is
exactly the viewpoint you should take before you even
start to enter into a discussion with a person who might
still have a relatively narrow understanding of the basic
principles, which can be traced like a red thread through
these chapters.
Did you ever hear the tragic story of the American
soul singer and actress Aaliyah? She died at the age of
twenty-two on 21st August 2001 in a plane crash at the
very point that her career was on a terrific uptrend.
Soon afterwards the media had reported this incident
speculation arose as to whether she could have had any
presentiment that such a thing might happen. It was
revealed that just a short time before the crash as if out
of the clear blue sky and without being asked about it at
all she had said after my death I want to be remem-
bered by my fans as an entertainer with heart and soul
and as a good person.
So it was, not surprising therefore that considerable dis-
cussion took place afterwards in which many participants

Consideration or Thought Pattern Chapter 15

pondered the weird coincidence of the artist herself talk-

ing of own her death only for it to then come to pass so
soon afterwards. Normally one would not expect a healthy
twenty-two year old woman to waste even a single thought
on such subjects.
Did she really have a presentiment, or was perhaps
the cause of her death this thought pattern of the type
One can never be sure if one will survive the next day.?
Take your time and look through your eight impulses
of existence for considerations and thought patterns.
Write them all down, use as many pieces of paper as it
takes there will be a lot, once you start to force your
awareness along all the impulses of existence regarding
these things in that way you will not only get wise to
the concepts that are of little use for you personally (i.e.
as Impulse 1) but also those that concern yourself as the
8thImpulse to which also belong family, friends, groups,
all of mankind, all animals, other life forms etc.
Why do this? Because I am most pleased when beings
are happy, laughing and having fun, and because I am
just as pleased when you live!

16. Fantasy as Source of New Realities

T here are a few women you know who desire to have

a man at their side who stands with both his feet
planted on the solid ground of reality. What they have
in mind is a man who no longer pursues dreams, a
man who holds no ideas which deviate too far from the
agreed upon reality and who, exhibiting these qualities,
will naturally be a good, conservative money earner the
perfect partner, as a woman with this mindset would wish.
I certainly have nothing against a healthy sense of real-
ity but to such women even when I have met them in
the course of my life, which is not often at all I usually
demonstrated that I was definitely the wrong choice for
them, but I would be willing to accompany them down to
the local cemetery. The men found there are not only em-
bedded with both feet in the solid ground of facts at 6 feet
depth but even achieved a whole-body entrenchment.
Let me explain the reason why I would never have
considered sharing my life with such a woman by using
the words of Mark Twain, the well known American
author, who came to fame with adventure stories such as
Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn which as a child
I loved to read:
Dont part with your illusions. When they are gone you
may still exist, but you have ceased to live Mark Twain
(1835 -1910)

Chapter 16 Fantasy as Source of New Realities

The words illusions, dreams or fantasies can

often be used interchangeably, because they are in most
cases used to describe that which sets apart the mechanical
from the sentient, the creative from the apathetic and the
living from the dead: the presence of creative power!
Realities will not be created by those who are inextri-
cably rooted into them or by those who with pounding
feet like cow elefants tramp on it. For the woman men-
tioned above to be able to find her desired candidate at all
a reality would have to have been created already, with
which this man of her dreams can make such a wonder-
fully firm connection. You see if every being would be an
absolute realist and we got rid of all visionaries, dreamers
and those who have too many illusions, we would very
rapidly end up with a world full of these ideal men de-
sired by the type of woman we have discussed. But sadly,
though, there would soon also be no theater to go to on an
evening out, no films in the cinema or even music for her
to dance to with her trusted man either!
We would have instead a bunch of conservative ma-
chines stumbling around in a sad, colorless world. We
would get our mandatory data chip implanted right
after our birth, a little later we would be crammed full of
the extant down-to-earth reality data, so we then know
how to work hard to make enough money, to enable us
to afford a roof over our heads and have the means to buy
food, which we need to have after all otherwise well
we cant do our work. Lets also not forget the required
monthly tax payments, at least eighty percent of what
we are earning with friendly, oh so down-to-earth ser-
vants of the state breaking down our doors to enter with

Fantasy as Source of New Realities Chapter 16

weapons drawn only as needed of course to make this

collection personally
And of course anyone not turning in each and every
receipt for postage stamps bought etc, etc, promptly and
neatly to be made available for democratic and volun-
tary verification, has only himself to blame for being
required to have to tolerate these type of legal measures
as being correct and appropriate. Yeah, I can almost see this
wonderful world of the down-to-earth: nobody steps out
of line, everyone thinks alike, all wear the same standard
brand of suit, everyone does the same approved things
except, of course, for the five or six banker families who
profit from all of this well yes, then I would certainly be
proud to be a man of her dreams too.
Do you know why artists particularly are admired by
so many people and very often seen as somehow special
individuals? Well its because they are still actively using
their inner creative powers! Because creative persons have
not permitted their own world their personal U1 to be
destroyed by reality. These artists actually dont possess
anything that is not also present in any one of those who
look up to his idol with so much admiration it merely lies
idle. It is only their U1 that needs to be repaired or possibly
just needs to be consciously created for the first time.
A lot of people are very good at imitating songs they
can imitate the melodies, the words or both together.
There are also those who can quote from books perfectly
or recite verses from great poets by heart and keep going
at great length which is in itself an amazing ability. But
what happens when you ask these people to come up
with something of their own ? Silence ! How come?!

Chapter 16 Fantasy as Source of New Realities

Why does it seem so difficult to think up something by

oneself which can then be sung, recited or performed? It is
because they have their thinking embedded in preset real-
ity! Quite a lot of people are so used to receiving all the in-
formation with which they think and with which they
look at the world from the outside, that they sometimes
live for years without ever thinking a single thought
that is actually their own. Just look at the many years in
school, which serve to plant data and information into
the SBs. Add to this the continuous inflow they get from
parents, family members, friends, television, magazines
and of course all the further education establishments,
universities, evening schools etc. There are also all of the
experiences from this life and past lives which a being
may have lived, too. You believe that when a teenager
wonders which jeans to wear tomorrow, these could be
thoughts of his own? The question arises though Would
this teenager then think at all about whether this or that
brand is more appropriate? Even with such an innocent
deliberation, we are dealing with the effective marketing
concepts of the fashion industry, which at the moment of
his reflection on the question are racing through his mind
but nevertheless still he may be blithely counting himself
among the enlightened ones who just know, what one
is wearing nowadays!
There is really no scarcity of considerations and thought
patterns none of which are stemming from the person
himself! So, with all this, where might one still find the
few needed square millimeters of free space in which
to think up something actually of ones own?! Of course
I am not really serious here, since in actual fact a being

Fantasy as Source of New Realities Chapter 16

does not have a position in space nor does it have breadth,

depth or height so my point about lack of free space is a
purely symbolic one ! The fact remains that creativity,
constructive power and fantasy are no longer available
for active usage precisely from the moment one thinks
with experience, memory or using data from external
sources such as the knowledge obtained from schooling or
information from the media! This I think should suffice
to reasonably explain the strange silence encountered so
often when one asks someone for a creation or invention
of their own.
Our complete culture, the societies in which we
live, the quality of our existence as well as the degree of
happiness and satisfaction which each of us feel is only
and exclusively dependent on the ability to create desired
conditions as factual and common realities. Unfortunately
however b efore this can become a common reality we
must first be capable through our imagination, fantasy
and creative ability of creating a mental concept of just
what this world will be like in U1!
I have heard so many people complain about innumer-
able conditions and undesirable things in their life. Yes,
being critical and complaining is so easy, why even for a
good art critic it is a snap to tear any artist to pieces want
to know why? He, himself, has never been able, in his whole
life, to produce even one piece of recognized art! If you
ask such a wild-complainer-about-life something like
What solution would you propose that would be equally
fair for all? What do you get? Err Right, no answer!
There we have our silence once again because Mr. or
Mrs. SB actually cannot think for themselves and this

Chapter 16 Fantasy as Source of New Realities

becomes all too painful and obvious, when in trying to

get to the bottom of this criticism you then ask this one
question Would anybody really be so foolish as to expect
a noticeable change when the world of tomorrow is being
created by beings who get their present thinking out of a long
gone past?. Answer must be No.
How could we expect anything other than crime and
suppression tomorrow if we are abusing our collective
spiritual power today by taking it for granted that the is-
condition of yesterday will continue to exist and so by
this turn it into concrete?
What interior decorator working in this universe would
ever think of furnishing a house in accordance with his
own conception if all of his conceptions from an earlier
existing present were still standing around? He would be-
come a laughing stock, if he were, for example, to try to
put a new couch exactly where an old table was currently
standing, or if he planned to hang a picture right where
there is an opening in the wall, which incidentally is what
he had demanded ten years before. How can he solve these
problems he has which are preventing him from creating
his new home? Should he let destruction reign and blow
everything up? That would definitely not be a good idea,
since then he would just have worsened the difficulties.
Think of all the dust and small particles now lying spread
out all over! So what does he actually need to create his new
home? He actually needs a nothing in this space to begin
with! That is exactly whats required of a being, in order for
it to be creative once again: Full awareness as 8thImpulse
which is the nothing with infinite potential!

Fantasy as Source of New Realities Chapter 16

I work for many years also as a composer, songwriter,

and singer and meanwhile also produce the songs I write
myself. Perhaps a few readers here and there may have
heard some of the titles that have been published under
my name. More recent work was published under the
project name Stimmkraft, in case you are interested
in the not uninteresting subjects that I sing about, they
do contain a lot of Spiritologie, as you might have ex-
pected. When I skip into the role of the artist, and make a
start on a new composition, I know exactly what to begin
with. I begin with nothing!
How could I think up new sequences of notes, words
or themes or create new arrangements if I did not start
out by first having no thoughts? Imagine how impossible
it would be if old songs, fragments of old lyrics from the
songs of other artists or even perhaps thoughts of fateful
happenings of the past or fears of the future would be
continually assailing me? There would be no song! So of
course none could ever hear it and nobody would hold an
actual CD of it occupying space in the current reality in
his own physical hands all because I had not been able
to control my thinking!
Nothing comes from nothing, is one of the most horrible
lies one can imagine. All that is, came from nothing, just
like a piece of music that will someday be heard or a CD
that one can actually hold in ones hands.
When and where does one of my CDs come into being?
Where is its origin? In reality? In the is-condition? Of
course not! It is created outside the space and time ofU3
out of the nothing, which I myself am! Sure, later me-
chanical aspects were added such as the plucking of guitar

Chapter 16 Fantasy as Source of New Realities

strings and the fabrication of the silver compact discs etc.

What I am asking for is the actual first moment it comes
into being! This is the exact moment when I start to create
a song in my fantasy! There lies the source of perceiv-
able, physical products!
To get new things created in the real world the fantasy
and creativity of an SB is needed. This requires however
totally releasing oneself from existing realities, undesir-
able considerations and thought patterns and so to be able
to think and create fully independently and uninfluenced
by them the latter being the logical consequence of the
Knowing this, I developed the technology that I use in
my sessions. This technology fully and exclusively addresses
the infinite creative power or to express it differently the
unlimited fantasy of an SB. Imagination Procedure also
called Considerations Processing is the only method
used to rehabilitate the above mentioned abilities that
is of course if the being itself does not make it all on its
own, applying the information from this book directly to
itself which is an obvious possibility!
A person is unable and this can be proven and dem-
onstrated physically at any time to imagine something
regarding a given subject, as long as there is any single
unwanted consideration, past experience, future uncer-
tainty or single disturbing thought pattern connected to
this imagination-concept!
Some people certainly will be of the opinion that
they can also imagine something even with these fixed
connections present. Yes, sure! But they cannot exclu-
sively produce an imagination that is measurably free of

Fantasy as Source of New Realities Chapter 16

charge a thing which is required of them in the session!

That is the difference!
This imagination-concept will, in such a case, be
closely linked with old experiences, which just by try-
ing to imagine will float to the surface and reach the
consciousness of the person! Need an example? Just tell
someone who recently lost a loved one: Imagine that
something was torn away from you! Do you think this
person will be able to really imagine something? I tell
you what will happen: You are quickly going to need to
get a large box of paper tissues, because you will have
pulled into the present all of the past moments that were
linked to this concept! You could wait for hours in vain
for one pure and really new imagination, which is to say,
created in the present, to show up and on top of that one
that is also free of charge!
You will get to hear about all deaths, all threats of
loss, yes and all things stolen etc, that this person has
experienced in the totality of their past existence if, after
each answer to the question of exactly what happened
in their imagination, you repeat the same concept in a
new unit of time. Not one description of what this person
allegedly imagined will be a current imagination by
which I mean a fantasy instead it will have been some-
thing real that was remembered instead!
Because, as I mentioned earlier in the text, a being can
in those areas no longer actively and freely use his fantasy
and creative power, when it gets its thoughts from experi-
ence, memory, old considerations or thought patterns
and is therefore out of the timeless present!

Chapter 16 Fantasy as Source of New Realities

Well, a person, who has just suffered the loss of a loved

one, would be completely overwhelmed with these things!
Earlier on, spiritual people tried to reach hidden areas
that might be blocking a person by the use of past life
regression. Why the hocus-pocus? Why not just tell them
to imagine something in particular relating to a problem
area or aspect of life? Do that and the past appears auto-
matically in the present with a vengeance! The fantasy
of a rehabilitated being, which is free of charge, is not
touched or influenced by any such factors and you will get
one amusing imagination after the other bang, bang! In
a being with charge however, in attempting to create this
fantasy you will find it mutates in front of your very eyes
into a giant magnet, since factually it is not at all possible
for that individual to use its fantasy in a causative manner!
So do not play around idly with the information
I have just given you, but rather look at the examples
as an aid to achieve a greater penetration and under-
standing of the theory. What ought to be unmistakably
clear to you, is that Spiritologie is not intended to com-
pete with any incense-esoteric movement, but that its
theoretical foundations can, by application in real life
be quite rapidly tested by any objective observer for
applicability, functionality and efficiency. In the next
chapter I will give you more information about the ap-
plication, but to enable youto really work effectively with
the Imagination-Procedure I would like to give you some
more explanatory notes as to why something is and
why something isnt! With such great emphasis being
put on re-establishing the nothing in order to lay bare
again the full and unlimited creative potential of an SB

Fantasy as Source of New Realities Chapter 16

we should also look at how continuance and thus the

existence of something is achieved.
Everything starts with the moment of instantaneous
creation. Please just imagine right now a blue planet. If
this seems hard to do with eyes open, then you could just
close your eyes for a moment just dont forget to read
on after that! Do you have the graphic imagination of a
blue planet? Good.
Whether youve seen it clearly or less clearly is not that
important. How long did it take to create this in your
imagination? Try to really determine the exact duration.
Could it possibly be that there was no lapse of time to re-
port? Exactly so! This is so because the process of creation
is now and does not contain any time. If I now write Let
this blue planet disappear forthwith, by no longer creat-
ing it you might think But in the meantime as I was
thinking about the question of how long it took, to create
it, it was actually no longer there! If that was so and the
planet did not in fact exist during the time you were de-
liberating and it even became apparent to you, then you
have made an important discovery! The fact is: It does not
continue to exist by itself beyond the moment of creation,
since the action of creation does not contain time! Thats
why the moment of creation coincides exactly with the
moment of destruction as long as no alteration is in-
troduced into the creation! In this way we would get to
the second factor which is necessary to have a continuance
and thus retain something, that is: The introduction of
alteration in a creation.
Once more lets appeal to your fantasy in order to take
a closer look at this aspect of alteration in more detail.

Chapter 16 Fantasy as Source of New Realities

So again imagine a blue planet. Now think to your-

self: It was there all the time. I just didnt perceive it for a
while until now in fact as I was distracted by reading
these last sentences.
Did you do that? Very well. Then you introduced
therewith an alteration, which is the lie of time! Until
this thought however that you just hadnt perceived it, there
was no time at all and no continuance of this blue planet!
That is precisely how you bring about that thisplanet is
plus you now even have the idea that it was there, when
it actually did not exist in your imagination! Hence you
suddenly have a past for this planet, which in addition
to that is unknown to you! Because in the time-span
that it is brought into existence by this consideration you
did not perceive the planet, therefore you also could not
know whether or not anything had happened to it in
the meantime isnt that so?
So now we have already created a whole series of
curious things, which according to our considerations
even possess a reality and are quite real, to wit: time,
unknowingness, not-knowing, a past and there is
even something extremely bizarre which is the mean-
time! The blue planet is obviously still there, it is just
not noticed, while one is occupied with other things.
That is how one arrives at something that is in the
sense of exists and continues to exist: one adds alteration
in a creation and which thereby generates existence!
How did this, now already enormously increased,
complexity, come into being at all? It came about through
the consideration that the planet did exist when it defi-
nitely did not exist! That is why that complexity only

Fantasy as Source of New Realities Chapter 16

resolves when one becomes aware of the true cause of it

the altering consideration.
Any effort to destroy existing things, conditions,
problems etc. by the use of force, fighting, energy or
other means, would be a counter-effort, and would not
actually be able to make an existence disappear and
therefore is doomed to fail.
Let me take a very simple example of this in everyday
life. A cheerful young man sees a woman on the street,
finds her beautiful and attractive and thinks: That is
the woman of my life! So he plucks up courage and
brings himself to speak to her. She however, does not
acknowledge his interest. So he sadly steps away feeling
quite terribly put down, thinking: Life is not worth it,
every woman I really like wants nothing to do with me.
In the days that follow he feels emotionally depressed
due to what he experienced. He starts to drink in order
to lessen his feelings of love-sickness but each morn-
ing these feelings continue and are now worsening. He
is also starting to get headaches continuously, and these
in their turn have to be combated by taking tablets. Soit
goes on inthis way and this brings him once more to seek
solace in alcohol. The problem is not only not getting
solved, but instead is getting even worse and the exist-
ing situation in his life becomes increasingly complex as
he due to his current condition has now also called
his bosss attention to himself.
Here is a very precise, business-like yet extremely
straight-forward analysis of what is to be taken into ac-
count in the above affair:

Chapter 16 Fantasy as Source of New Realities

The counter-effort of alcohol obviously does not

lead to a disappearance of the existence of love-sickness
which through the alteration of Life is not worth it
was added into the creation of That is the woman of my
life made at the moment of the first meeting!
The facts though are these: In the life of this man
given applied zero-perception nothing changed at all! He
now does not have the woman but he did not have her be-
fore! So what exactly then is it that really ruined his life? It is
his altering considerations, which has given the whole thing
continuance and complexity! Zero-perception would be
the solution to enable him to recognize that he dropped
himself into a rather deep hole! The consideration that it
would be every woman, that wouldnt want to have any-
thing to do with him is also untrue, as he did not even
meet future women and in his past up to now there
were exactly five women with whom he had failed to find
favor! I would advise such a person, having such kind of
is-condition to immediately stop thinking and instead
practice real pure observation that is zero-perception
so his present reality becomes resolvable and the actual
creation will not then, by continual and increased altera-
tion, be expanding into a more and more solid and complex
existence which through an attempted counter-effort
would turn into an apparently unsolvable problem.
Otherwise the only ones who would take pleasure in
his situation would be representatives of the pharmaceuti-
cal industries, who through higher sales of their psycho-
tropic drugs and the resulting bonus payments could be
earning their next bigger size BMW motor car which

Fantasy as Source of New Realities Chapter 16

incidentally are produced by a firm that was built through

funding provided by the German family Quandt.
But I am sure that this noble family would also be
happy with the successes of these pharmaceutical represen
tatives, much as their ancestors did making their later
passed on by inheritance wealth out of the work of pris-
oners who were held in an in-house concentration camp
and who were forced to work at their battery plant, then
called AFA renamed Varta in 1962.
Pure business people are invariably happy about new
sales that are paid for with funds that can be earned
through suffering and illness. But if you do still drive
a BMW dont be overly concerned, for now you have
acquired the full theoretical basis which when applied in
practice will enable you, as SB to transform any existing
is-conditions using the factors of existence, all four of
which are described above i.e. creation, alteration, exis-
tence and counter-creation, combined with the ability of
zero-perception, for yourself and others, into nothing!
From what I have written in this book so far what-
ever examples of possible realities I may have used to ex-
plain the theory never lose sight of the most important
thing: When something continues to exist and so is, it
may well be reality, which merely rests on agreement
but one thing is for sure it is not the truth! Existence
needs alteration and indeed even continual alteration in
order to obscure an actual timeless creation.
Nothing in this book reflects therefore the truth
but everything in this book should demonstrate and clarify
that the basic truth is a static that is to say it does not
possess time, space, position in space, significance, mass

Chapter 16 Fantasy as Source of New Realities

or motion! So upon one recognizing the ultimate truth

there would not then be any incident, or any something
about which one could communicate. Therefore, dont fall
for it if I or anyone else for that matter tell you, that
something is so and so! And if you were to then think
that it was true, well you would not have understood this
book! About truth no one can write or talk one can
only use the unlimited quantity of realities to knit a
ladder to the truth! And once you arrive there you see
there never was a truth except the one that you possess
the potential to create one of your own!
No guru, preacher, professor, doctor, teacher, pope or
Jesus no Buddha, John Lennon, Elvis or Andreas Buttler
either, will ever be able to tell you what it is. Each being
when he is very, very honest and acting responsibly will
only say one thing: There are no words for the truth, as
when you recognize Yourself even it no longer exists.
When it is true, as it will be soon for you too, that the
reason that no aspect of the reality known up until now
exists anymore by itself, is that you have recognized and
have ended your own actual creation of what you per-
ceived, then the era of new realities begins. And these will
be created by your own, boundless, powerful, restricted by
no-one, infinite fantasy.

Life is the sum of all your illusions so dream it newly !

17. Infinity Brought Back to Life

N ow that all the important theoretical basics have

been covered in detail, it is time to get practical and
consider the principles we have talked about in the earlier
chapters from the viewpoint of how they can be applied.
What is the point of the most beautiful and ornate theory
about how a spinach pizza tastes and how filling it can be,
when looked at from the viewpoint of a starving man, un-
less it also enables him to make and be able to enjoy such
a pizza himself and through subjective awareness of what
is described in the theory even actually survive?
Applying the data to areas of trouble needs no ad-
ditional amplification as long as we are dealing with a
single consideration, or a single thought pattern which
is leading to some persistent problems in life. If you are
thinking something like: I only get to know people who
cheat me then of course youll not have too rosy a future
ahead. This thought pattern, which perhaps arises from
old experiences, you can simply stop creating. By doing
so you will, right from the moment of no more creating
of this thought pattern, resolve your so called karma
fate conditioned by earlier thinking and acting giving
you now the possibility to install a new, desirable thought
pattern for the not existing future, which can instantly
produce a change in your life. You can also do it simultane-
ously, as making the simple decision: From now on every
person I meet in life is sincere and has honest intentions

Chapter 17 Infinity Brought Back to Life

dissolves an old, hitherto existing thought pattern and at

the same time creates a new pattern of future experiences.
Did you notice something? This new thought pattern
did not read: Everybody will but read: From now on
everyone is Very important point! Can you see why?
Because there is no future! Saying that persons will
be one way or another you are not then formulating a
present existence but a future one. The future is not the
present though and thats why it could be that you will at
sometime in the future meet honest people, which would
then raise the question but from when on?!
This is the explanation as to why many a positive
thought never could or would lead to the desired result.
Without knowledge of the anatomy of time and its cre-
ation which is senior to all other mechanical aspects
such as space, energy, matter and objects it can be very
frustrating to have to conclude all the time that it just
does not work.
So you should put up thought patterns which are
valid from now on but on the other hand do not make a
sort of double future out of it either, as in the case of: From
next week on I will at some point close more business
deals What would you really have been saying? Precisely
nothing! Why? Because From next week on could just
as well mean: in maybe ten human lifetimes from now!
You see I will drink a coffee some time as a statement
is still true, even when the time of the actual drinking of
the coffee is a hundred years hence, as the thought concept
did not include the exact time. If a being is in a bad state
emotionally, the thought pattern I will soon be doing
better and better would definitely express a hope, but

Infinity Brought Back to Life Chapter 17

would not however change anything in the present situa-

tion as the improvement could take months if not years,
to occur since no actual point in time was established for
the improvement to show up. Such a being could, just
as easily, create the thought Next Monday I will be able
to laugh again, but then why should he remain in a bad
state until that day, if it could actually come about sub-
stantially faster?!
What would be really effective therefore would be
bringing about a causatively created consideration which
is timeless and therefore works immediately, containing a
concept such as this: It is already better. I no longer feel
depressed or I am cause over my emotions and moods.
However the desired effect would not occur, if the thought
before this or even during it was This fellow Buttler
can say what he wants but the truth is that my emotions
are too deeply connected with my bad experiences I just
cant forget them.
Everything you experience is created by your own caus-
ative thinking obviously still holds true even in this type of
case! Since here failure would already have been part of such
a concept as that, the consideration It is already better
would not bring about an improvement. Obviously addi-
tional contrary thought-patterns and considerations would
show up as soon as there was an attempt to create a brand
new emotion one that is independent of memories, experi-
ence, the past or any reference to reality with the use of
his fantasy. For a person who has these sorts of problems
in evidence, this fantasy would not be free or unrestricted,
but it would be measurably charged and would show up
if you were to monitor such a thought sequence on a

Chapter 17 Infinity Brought Back to Life

We would in the above example have a situation, which

apparently, cannot simply be overcome by the being, just
reading a few chapters, assimilating the theory of this book
and then applying it to his thinking and recognize this:
Yes, of course I am depressed, when I have been thinking
for years that I just cannot forget past unpleasant situations
which keep me falling, again and again, into an emotional
hole! So thats it now all thats over!
For sure it is very easy to achieve this, if, as a being,
one had retained enough of ones own responsibility and
thereby a residual cause-position, which, put another way,
means one had been living a life adhering to the truth.
On the other hand if instead of getting a realization or
insight, one gets instant counter-arguments coming up
that say that the basic principle of Spiritologie is not that
simple to apply here, you are witnessing a dramatization
of accumulated charge, which has come about through
the continual alteration of an actual creation by lies
and untruth, giving rise to the continued existence of this
particular thing of which the being now complains.
It is for just this type of situation that a technique is
needed! A useable principle, one to make it possible to ap-
proach such an area of life and by gradually discharging
particular aspects of the matter penetrate to the truth, so
as to dissolve this persisting thing into nothing take note
however one never, never, ever takes up more than one as-
pect at a time, otherwise there would be too many separate
charges coming in which would thus create confusions.
The basic tenet of Spiritologie slightly re-worded
could be stated thus: What you experience is the mirror
image of what you create by your own thinking. It is for

Infinity Brought Back to Life Chapter 17

this precise reason that the word mirroring so aptly de-

scribes the technology used in Spiritologie sessions.
The verb to mirror not only exactly describes the
actual application of the basic principles in a Spiritologie
session, but on top of that, even defines the mental attitude
and character-traits that must be adopted by someone
who carries out such sessions, whether with self or with
others since he must become a mirror in order to be
effective! There is no great difference between a session one
carries through by oneself (solo) or one which is brought
to a proper conclusion with a second person. The same
fundamental rules apply to both types of sessions. First
though let us see exactly what a mirror is.
What does a mirror actually do? Does he analyze?
Does he think? Does he evaluate? Does he invalidate some-
one or something or offer his opinion or view? Does he add
a thought to what is spoken, said or communicated to him
in another way? The answer is an emphatic No! None of
these listed things are the characteristics or attributes of a
mirror! A mirror solely reflects back that which actually
exists or is present in front of it.
Do you recognize that by this description of the mirror
here that we are practically defining once again the word
zero-perception? Here once more the perception is not
added to at all. A mirror with a real professional attitude
would not even think of the word tree if he beheld one.
The designation tree may have been hammered into him
at school in the past, which with normal beings may
lead to automatic thinking. But as zero-perception does not
contain thinking it is pure perception with absolutely no
additives we are also describing exactly what a mirror

Chapter 17 Infinity Brought Back to Life

would do when an observable tree would appear in front

of it. Nothing whatsoever! No thought, no analysis, no
evaluating, no judgment nor invalidation or anything aris-
ing from any older information or experiences takes place.
In just this way anything a being says would not be placed
by a mirror into categories such as right or wrong, logical or
illogical, moral versus immoral etc, because a mirror main-
tains a completely neutral attitude in relation to anything
perceived! Bearing in mind all these attributes, what then
is the action of mirroring? To mirror another being, and
indeed oneself too, means: one throws back as concept-
to-be-imagined exactly what was perceived before! For a
session one should add: that which was obviously perceived
as being charged! Here is an example:
A being cries following some heavy criticism that he
was just subjected to and during a brief talk about what
had happened the thought pattern: I always do every-
thing wrong shows up, being voiced through heavy tears
(which clearly shows charge). Lets assume, for now, that
the person already knows something about Spiritologie
and would be interested in examining his present situation
in the light of his own thinking about it. One thing is to be
noted: a session is not held over a nice cup of coffee when
undertaken it is always started in a proper and suitable en-
vironment, continued for as long as is needed and ended at
an appropriate point, which is reached only when a distinct
release or relief has been achieved and not before!
With these conditions met then a session in which one
would take up the exact charged subject which the individual
himself has mentioned in this case I always do everything
wrong can be started. To gear up this thought pattern as

Infinity Brought Back to Life Chapter 17

the Imagination Process to be performed noting that in a

Spiritologie session one works exclusively with the fantasy of
a being the exact wording would be: Imagine you always
do everything wrong. The person would not due to the
charge of course be able to really create a new, actual
imagination in his fantasy, but the Imagination-Process
would here again act as a magnet for all past situations
and experiences in which the being had been following
smaller or larger goofs insulted, invalidated or possibly
even punished or physically abused, aspects which would,
bit by bit, all show up in the present and they would have
to be fully communicated in order to eventually after some
thirty minutes or maybe after several hours reach a
distinct release, which would be accompanied by a feeling
of cheerfulness.
Well put aside the technical aspects of such a session
for the moment as I would like to come back once more
to what we call mirroring. Was it clear from the example
why I chose this particular term? The reason it was chosen
is because as mirror one does indeed respond in the way
of formulating a concept-to-be-imagined, that is reflect-
ing precisely what was disclosed as an unwanted, charged
consideration or a counter-survival thought pattern! In the
example of I always do everything wrong this was then
turned into an imagination concept with the wording
Imagine you always do everything wrong which direc-
tive was then executed and repeated over and over during
the session. Do not make the mistake of underestimating
the force and vehemence arising from such as simple proce-
dure! When you have someone sitting in front of you who
is twitching, foaming at the mouth, writhing in pain and

Chapter 17 Infinity Brought Back to Life

maybe even losing consciousness, and yet you only wanted

to play around with a few imaginations which seemed to
have nothing to do with real life you will then know
that you completely miscalculated something here! Then it
would be a little bit late to dig out this book so you could
look up and find out exactly what has to be done and what
are the rules you have to observe to bring any, and I really
mean any, phenomena you may encounter in session once
more under your full control. Regardless of the wording of
the mirrored imagination process: once started, each and
every one without exception can be carried through to
a completion, at which point it is free of charge! You will
witness stress-free laughter on both sides unless it is a solo
session you are doing of course!
Never forget that Spiritologie is a very powerful tool
which in the non-existent hands of an honest being, one
who acts with good intention, is fully capable of revealing
the roots of forgetting, suffering, war and criminality and
even laying bare yes, and even undoing the causes and
reasons for how and why the SB arrived at this point of al-
most totally losing the awareness of its own true immortal,
spiritual and godly nature !
So keep in mind that it may be wise to look things
over once more so as to ensure no misunderstandings
have crept in especially if you feel an impulse to assert
that Spiritologie doesnt work in practice! That has not
occurred in any case where it was correctly applied! Where
results are not showing up the reasons for this are already
known and I will be describing these in the next section
so you will not even be trying to use Spiritologie when the
prerequisites for it to function are not actually met! Okay,
now I will go over, in more detail, how to set up and run

Infinity Brought Back to Life Chapter 17

a session correctly, based on the fundamentals given here

in this book.
The Imagination-Procedure works just as well without
the use of the Spiritologie-Navigator, however use of this
auxiliary device can speed things up considerably. This is
because considerations, thought patterns, repressed inci-
dents etc, some of which are not yet fully within the range
of the consciousness of the being are nevertheless detectable
and so are then available for mirroring the moment one
starts, by using carefully aimed questions, looking over
every one of the eight impulses, to uncover charged aspects.
But, also, such as in the case where the person is crying,
there are other signs and indicators some of which are
very visible to the naked eye which reveal where charges
are to be found.
Any concept which is counter to survival has its cause
lying in an area of unresolved charge. Thus one need not
wonder for too long if charge exists for him when ones best
friend declares, with a gloomy face, that he knows he will
never find a job again because he always makes so many
stupid verbal faux pas in the job interviews. Of course
there is charge there, and on asking further he reveals
an interesting consideration, namely: Superiors make me
nervous. As the very expression by him of this consider-
ation does not immediately make the problem vanish there
must be a whole package of considerations and thought
patterns sitting there, and the one he has just mentioned
only forms the tip of the iceberg.
The mirrored imagination-process is of course worded
up as: Imagine superiors make you nervous and during
the running of this process in a session the mental attitude
of the mirror certainly has to be maintained.

Chapter 17 Infinity Brought Back to Life

That means one remains neutral with regards to the

person and the subject addressed. One does not analyze,
does not evaluate and certainly doesnt invalidate what the
person offers as imagination, or what they express or per-
sonally consider to be true not verbally and not thought-
wise to oneself either! Doing that would in itself already
constitute a violation of the rules of mirroring, as a mirror
just mirrors and does nothing else!

The verbal sequence would go something along these lines:

Mirror: Imagine superiors make you nervous.

SB: Okay.

The mirrored being however volunteers no further details

about the contents of the imagination he made.

Mirror: What exactly was the imagination?

SB: Last year in May I also sat in an office, to apply for a
job and stammered a little when I was trying to give
an answer to the questions. Hmm, yes, I do stam-
mer every now and then, like when I feel unsure.

Note: Here emerges, because of the magnet-effect, a fur-

ther consideration. Though the imagination was done it
still carried charge in other words it was not actually
an imagination in the true sense of the word. That is the
exact reason why one would mirror such a consideration
if, though it was looked at and communicated, it did not
however produce an immediate release or change, it can be
used to bring to light further considerations and/or thought
patterns out of a linked package.

Infinity Brought Back to Life Chapter 17

Under no circumstances would the mirror say to the mir-

rored being something like: That is not an imagination at
all. Its no wonder you cant get a job you are so dumb. On
the other hand the mirror also does not give any positive
evaluations or encouragements such as Come on man, you
are not really a stammerer at all no, these are not permitted
from the mirror either. You dont have to teach a basically
powerful spiritual being anything, nor explain or analyze it
for them. That would, by itself, be invalidation on your part!
As mirror you are just being helpful so it can, through appli-
cation of the imagination procedure, look over all aspects and
thereby make itself aware of what that whole thing is about.

Rule 1: The Mirror acknowledges that the communication

has been received and the imagination process was
executed by the SB in such a way that no judgment,
slighting, approval or any other attitude that is
indicative of any judgment whether verbally or
through any physical gestures such as raising ones
eye brows, contemptuously grinning, idly yawning
or any other things which could be looked on as
expressing judgment, is present.

So the verbal exchange from the side of the mirror remains

neutral after the being spoke of its tendency to stammer
every now and then.

Mirror: I have understood what you said.

Then, as if that command had never been given before and

altogether in a new, present now he continues on.

Chapter 17 Infinity Brought Back to Life

Mirror: Imagine superiors make you nervous.

This time the being starts to speak about what he just

experienced in his U1 on its own accord, so the question,
What exactly was the imagination? is not needed here.

SB: I just see myself sitting there and laughing with

embarrassment, when my teacher ridiculed me a
few years ago in front of the other students I
had dropped a brush which was soaked with
white paint onto my black shoes. I am sometimes
real dumb.
Mirror: Okay

Note: And again he gives a further consideration about the

way he often is. After a session going on for perhaps sixty
to ninety minutes and a corresponding number of situations
coming to light that the SB looks at and communicates to
the mirror, the concept is mirrored once more:

Mirror: Imagine that superiors make you nervous.

SB: Hey, thats very interesting. Now I see how my
parents make fun of me because I couldnt pro-
nounce the word kindergarten properly yet.
Yes, I am about three years old, a neighbor is
visiting and my parents keep telling me to say
kindergarten over and over again. Thats right,
parents are also somehow sort of superiors, you
know. Well, idiots! They are ridiculing me and
that makes me nervous. I drop my bottle andfeel
like a half-wit! Actually it is my parents that were

Infinity Brought Back to Life Chapter 17

the half-wits! They kept showing me off for years

like I was a pet or something whenever the op-
portunity arose and that was just painful for me.
Isnt it quite normal for a child who is learning
to speak not to be able to correctly pronounce
things right away? All this nervousness when
people are near me and who want to test my
abilities that stems from then! And you know
what I am thinking right now? I think that there
is nothing wrong with me at all! Crazy, isnt it?
(And while saying this, the person is beaming
from ear to ear )
Mirror: Well I am pleased to hear that. End of process.

This is what in Spiritologie is called a classic end-phe-

nomenon, which always consists of several of the following
component parts:

1. The person is visibly in a good emotional state which

shows up as contentedness, smiling, exhilaration and may
culminate in loud, relieved laughter.

2. The person mentions a realization (insight), a rehabilitated

ability or a release which itself is directly related to the sub-
ject that has been mirrored and expresses a clearly perceiv-
able change in their thinking or mental attitude on this.

3. A single imagination-process results in a sequence of at

least three commands where there is no change in the
time-span the SB needs to receive the command, execute it
completely and verbally inform the Mirror of his answer.

Chapter 17 Infinity Brought Back to Life

4. On the Navigator one would additionally observe a move-

ment of the indicator-needle, which resembles the flow
of honey, if you where to let it flow from a spoon onto a
piece of toast and moved the spoon twice from one side to
the other. Thats why this needle indication is also called
a flowing or floating needle.

So in order to talk of a valid end-phenomenon which is

the only acceptable reason to end off an imagination-process
once it is started just one of the four components alone
would never be sufficient because the desired undoing of the
charge would not have been accomplished! Just the expres-
sion of a realization, uttered with a grim face would not be
a reason to end off mirroring the process!
Likewise it is not a valid end-phenomenon (E/P for
short) when there is actually great cheerfulness yet no
realization has been mentioned, no release appeared either
nor can one speak of a rehabilitated ability.
If a Navigator is in use, the flowing or floating
needle by itself does not mean an E/P was reached either,
not without the presence of good emotional indicators
alongside a release or realization with all occurring at the
same time.
Without use of a Navigator in sessions its true that
this additional indicator is not available to determine the
achievement of an E/P but it can still be recognized as
easily through the other points given a little practice and
knowledge of what you will need to pay attention to.
Point 3 deals with the time-span that a being needs
to receive a process-command, execute it and communi-
cate to the mirror what happened. You will certainly have

Infinity Brought Back to Life Chapter 17

noticed that normally different people you meet do require

different amounts of time to fully answer the questions
put to them. That is their average communication-lag
defined as the period of time which passes between the
asking of a question and the receipt of the answer to that
question. When you pose a question about an uncharged
subject then the answer to it will generally come back very
rapidly. If however there is uncertainty, unknowingness,
mis-emotion or broadly speaking if there is charge
connected with the question posed then you would expect
the time it takes for answers to the same question to reach
you to vary. Even the accompanying emotions would
usually be varying markedly.
If for example, you were to ask a person after they had
read this book: What is your name? Answer: Paul.
Then once again: What is your name? the person newly
answers: Paul. Here almost the same amount of time
passes before the answer is given to this repeat of the ques-
tion as when the question was asked the first time. You
repeat the question once more: What is your name?
Now maybe the person looks away, hesitates for a moment
and responds with: Well, Paul well, that is the name
my parents gave me. Paul grins a little. This question
is not of course an imagination-process, it is only given
here in order to demonstrate the meaning of the word
Questioning the person this way would have caused
a change in the time-span taken to go from the receipt
of the question to the giving of the completed answer.
This is a change, in the communication-lag. What was it
that produced this different behavior? If you were to ask

Chapter 17 Infinity Brought Back to Life

thatperson exactly what happened, he might say: Well,

I just suddenly thought a bit about the fact that you were
asking about my name, but the name I gave you at first was
actually the name of my body. Then I had to think for a
moment what exactly I should tell you.
Do you see what the reason is for a change in the
natural communication-lag of a being? As long as a being
is investigating its thought, looking its considerations and
thought-patterns over from different angles, the thinking
process has not yet ended! In order to recognize this fact
you do not have to look at a Navigator, which in any case
would not disclose anything more than what you can al-
ready determine from the answers you would be getting
and from the persons observable communication-lag. No
clear-cut realization about anything was brought up ei-
ther, what was expressed was merely a deliberation
showing that the case is still moving. Here I use the
word case to designate the way and manner in which
a being, due to his considerations and thought patterns,
reacts to communications in his environment.
Lets imagine you were repeatedly posing the question
to someone and you are waiting for three consecutive
questions to have the same time-span occurring between
the asking of the question and the getting of the answer,
until the person at one point responds with a laugh: But
I dont have a name at all! When you now ask, in a
friendly way, What happened? the person might answer
something like: What came to mind is I am not telling
the truth when I said my name was Paul. I, as a spiritual
being, was never baptized with a name. That was only
what they did with the body! Now we have the clearly

Infinity Brought Back to Life Chapter 17

communicated realization together with the emotional

indicators which are defined as one of the other com-
ponents of a valid E/P! If you also had a Navigator, the
accompanying floating needle would confirm precisely
what you already knew the process has done its job! The
subject is now free of charge.
Do you see that it is not a very complicated procedure
at all, once you get somewhat familiar with it?
So here we have another important thing, which be-
longs to the fundamentals of the application, when mirroring
yourself or another being with imagination-processes:

Rule 2: An imagination-process once started, is given,

after every execution by the mirrored being, in
a new unit of time in a new present now
repeatedly for exactly as long as the process causes
communication-lags, charges, real incidents, ex-
periences or memories etc., linked to it to emerge
into the beings consciousness. Not until a clearly
visible end-phenomenon occurs may the process
that was started be ended off!

Lets go back to the consideration we used before in the

example Superiors make me nervous. This consideration
was mirrored successfully to a valid end-phenomenon, at
which point the process was ended with a nice realization,
from which the being would now regard life with much
more self-confidence than he did before. In Spiritologie
however, we use four commands to make a complete set,
because only by running all four commands can the
whole field of responsibility really be pervaded and freed

Chapter 17 Infinity Brought Back to Life

of charge. The reason for this is that a being does not just
consist of his own physical being, but consists of altogether
eight impulses of existence! Therefore, in the following
sessions we look at what thinking is then available in those
additional realms which lie outside his own human identity,
and so therefore, may so far have been left unaddressed!
Which then were the aspects of the subject Superiors
make me nervous that we werent paying attention to?
Obviously aspects that concern society or the whole
of mankind as such, as well as those of ones own direct
responsibility and causation, were not deigned yet to be
brought before ones minds eye!
So I will now layout here the full set of imagination-
commands, using the same example as above, with which
one would work at a professional level in the framework of
a Spiritologie session:

1. Imagine that superiors make you nervous.

2. Imagine that superiors make another nervous.
3. Imagine that superiors make others nervous.
0. Imagine that you cause yourself that superiors
make you nervous.

Now you may already realize how big these concepts

suddenly become! Another of course can mean, on the
one hand a person known to the being, but could also
be a fictional individual. Carrying out such imagination-
processes will also bring to the surface patterns of thinking
the mirrored being has, which it could perhaps have con-
tinued to use indefinitely, without ever actually becoming

Infinity Brought Back to Life Chapter 17

aware of what he is quietly creating in his inner U1 through

the power of his thoughts! The rules already given above
for mirroring, as well as the definition of a valid E/P
apply of course to each of these commands of a full
responsibility set!
The third command now really extends the scope enor-
mously and will, by using the infinite fantasy of an SB,
based on the charged consideration found originally, call
to the persons awareness all aspects of his thinking regard-
ing entire groups of people having similar problems. Even
thought structures within society with which a being
could be agreeing or not will now surface and be subject
this time to a fully conscious perception andevaluation. If
you look at the concept of Imagine that superiors makeyou
nervous a bit closer, you will notice that already even
with such an innocent looking consideration we could
be entering the realm of politics, economics, the weap-
ons industry and even the power structures of the various
religious groups of this planet always depending entirely
of course on the subjects which a mirrored being carries
with it, the patterns of thought as well as charges it built
up along the Impulses of Existence.
I am quite sure that at this point in time, it will already
be clear to you why in the beginning chapters of the
book I have so often spoken of infinity, unbounded
awareness that is not in any way restricted. This minor
consideration that we started to look at of Superiors
make me nervous is now showing very clearly what we
are really moving towards in Spiritologie sessions, when
we mirror a being with the imagination-procedure. We are

Chapter 17 Infinity Brought Back to Life

moving the SB directly and without detours to infinity, the

destination of its actual being, the place which really isnt
a place, but which is a point of awareness from which
as Impulse 8 it can perceive and work causatively. And
when we with precisely this definition in the back of our
mind look at the last command of the set, you should
get an idea of how far in Spiritologie we really are removed
from those who believe a few cents in the offertory box
could heal the world! Ha!
What it takes is personal work, personal responsibil-
ity and that is exactly what we are concerned with in
the final command. Always the last one of the set the
Command 0!
Why the zero in that slot? Because zero closes the
circle and symbolizes the outgoing cause of self, which in
turn affects ones own self! The zero stands for the range
of insights (realizations) that lead a being to recognize how
it is (so to speak) biting its own tail!
The most fatal error a being can make is this: To be
the effect of his own cause and then pin the blame for this
cause on another and by this deny responsibility and
thus let the control over his own existence completely slip
out of his own hands!
That is why this command is actually the most sig-
nificant one, but it can only be successfully mirrored after
a being has already converted the effects arising out of the
victim-view into areas free of charge.
Alright, do you think a woman who has a violent hus-
band, one who beats the living daylights out of her every

Infinity Brought Back to Life Chapter 17

weekend, would really be able to start mirroring with the

full-responsibility-command on this subject, the wording
of which would go something like: Imagine you cause
yourself to regularly be beaten half to death? Oh no, dont
even try that, but rather follow the steps given here so that
she will have a chance, first of all, to relieve herself of all
the emotional pain, which she had to suffer as an actual
victim as far as this is her own reality and view of life.
Then you bring her bit-by-bit through all the social as-
pects, perhaps having to do with her former environment,
girlfriends or brutalities done to other people in the sector
of life that she perceives.
And when she has made it to that point that is to
say she has gone to full end-phenomenon on each one of
the previous imagination-processes she would now also
be capable of taking full responsibility since then nothing
would be left that could bar her view of it!
Each being begins at its current level of awareness and
moves up with the exact speed it deems comfortable. So
there can be no overwhelm in session, given there is no
external demand for a particular realization.
If from the beginning a being has already taken a lot of
responsibility and maybe just by reading this book has had
innumerable realizations, then the Command 0 could,
for such an individual, mean something quite different
when compared to what it would mean for someone who
still identifies strongly with their body.

Chapter 17 Infinity Brought Back to Life

If an SB at a high level of responsibility had a charged

consideration which might sound something like There
is something there that I cannot know this would have
to be mirrored, obviously, since a being who cannot know
something could only ever rehabilitate a restricted aware-
ness. As infinity there happen to be no cannots.
The command to be mirrored would be worded as
follows: Imagine there is something there that you cannot
know. This would from a human viewpoint certainly be
an interesting thing to take up in session someday.
We now have here an SB, who is very aware of its
spiritual nature and already at least in part endeavors
to occupy the viewpoint as Impulse 8. This SB now under-
stands the word you in a completely different way when
compared to a person who is exclusively aware only of his
own physical beingness!
This being now understands the word you as part
of the command correctly and thinks: So, me as highest
being, as infinity, should imagine that I do not know
something. That means me, including all my creations,
which is every stone, space, human being, plant, animal,
every single cell of every organism etc.
And from that viewpoint he would get all four com-
mands of the full set mirrored or mirror it all by himself
in a solo session. But can you imagine the order of mag-
nitude of not knowing to which this being then applies
zero-perception? Unimaginable, you think? No, because
as long as you are still convinced that something would
be unimaginable for you, you still would have a way to go!
But there really is no way to go, because no being actually

Infinity Brought Back to Life Chapter 17

ever lost the state of infinity. That is precisely why it also

can be regained and brought to life again in every being.
If you had thought that something could be un-
imaginable for you, then this something would, alas,
be unimaginable for you until you had brought this
consideration, with the set of four commands formulated
for this purpose, to a full end-phenomenon. Thereafter
the world would look totally different and a further self-
created barrier this inability brought about by ones own
thinking would be out of the way! You see I know one
thing very definitely: If I made it and by now many other
beings, who also had more than once in their sessions the
idea that they couldnt bring an imagination-process to
completion, also made it, then you can make it too if
you really want to.
Just keep going through this chapter and of course,
also the earlier ones, over and over again, pay attention to
Rules 1 and 2 (above) which I have advised are especially
important get practiced in the wording of the processes
to be mirrored and do leave any of the old thinking of
esoteric theoreticians and psychologists out of it since for
sure out of the mixing up of different basic theories one can
expect only a mishmash as the result.
Before I leave you to it, I still have a bit of advice which
you really should take to heart if you wish to travel this
road on your own. Firstly, practice not doing a lot of think-
ing when working with these processes. While working in
session one should apply zero-perception, so that you dont
build up new considerations or counter-productive thought
patterns, but rather just perceive, observe what comes up
in terms of thinking because of applying the mirroring

Chapter 17 Infinity Brought Back to Life

process. When you figure-around and analyze, you will

not resolve old patterns, but instead add new ones.
If during mirroring you perceive the idea I will never
get through this you can be quite sure that this is not a
thought of the present but an old one that popped up
specifically because of the current work you are doing with
imagination-processing, so perceive it and throw it out of
your U1 as that is what it always was up until now: An
untruth, that could have made you quite unable. Then you
just repeat the command which you were working with
and get the show on the road piece-by-piece.
Each of the four commands may be considered from
several different directions of flow which define who is
causing what to whom and who is or was the effect of a
causation. Taking any old consideration and putting it in the
format of the second command to be mirrored would lead
to the following wording, for example: Imagine another
had many injuries, then it could have been that a third
person would have injured this other. But also it might have
been that the person could have given himself these injuries.
Or it could even be that you, yourself, may have been the
one giving the other injuries or this other individual suffered
injuries while one group was fighting another. Thus there
are four basic directions of flow, going from a cause-point
to an effect-point, which could apply to every single one of
the four imagination process formulations as well.

1. Something happens to oneself.

2. One causes something to another.
3. Others cause something to others.
0. One causes something to oneself.

Infinity Brought Back to Life Chapter 17

Expressed in a different way it would look like this:

1. Victim.
2. Perpetrator.
3. Onlooker, participating or non-participating.
0. Victim of own deed or action.

There are a few guidelines to observe which I will give

below arranged in order of relative importance that will
determine the success or failure of a Spiritologie Session,
I would therefore feel remiss if I left them out and so
include them here for on the way. *In this I am writing
you (German Sie, polite form) whereas you must have
noticed that in the wordings of the processes I only use the
address form of you (Du). There are two rather personal
reasons for that: First of all it simplifies in the German
grammar the wording of the imagination-process consid-
erably, and the second is that to anybody who would insist
on earthly titles by the way Hello Professor, Dr. Brat
M. D. Wurst! I would recommend another round of
book study to soften his flinty heart. Anyone who could
not earn esteem and respect by his own being and acting
should not try, in my presence, to make up for a lack of self-
esteem by insisting upon titles, which are often anyway
only gotten because some shy, easy to manipulate fellow
student maybe one unable to get a woman could be
encouraged into also providing their almost perfect par-
rot knowledge to this person to use for his doctoral thesis.
It is notable even in film and music circles bustling with
a great number of very valuable and social beings, who by
their works inspire many to re-think existing concepts,

* Translators note: The following matter arises out of the original being
written in the German language. 233
Chapter 17 Infinity Brought Back to Life

yes, sometimes even created new awarenesses and thereby

changes in the always present Zeitgeist (spirit of the
times) everyone introduces themselves with their first
names. Those who know their actual worth and there-
fore already have that aspect acknowledged sufficiently
do possess the spiritual greatness to just be who they
actually are which is not their title or fraternity name! If
those with whom I held sessions would have felt the need
to kneel in order to kiss my ring which I dont even have
at the moment in any case I would seriously have to ask
them if they had regressed to the darkest idolatry. If at all,
one should kiss a living being, certainly not a stone its
wearing! Ah well, I am digressing
The guidelines I am laying out below, while they are
primarily intended for when one is mirroring another being,
still do also apply to sessions in which one person works
by himself:

1. Never mirror a being who does not desire it from their

own self-determination.

2. Never evaluate in a session the statements of an SB nor

invalidate their personal truth.

3. Never pass any information that you have been given by

an SB during a session on to other parties.

4. Never mirror a being who you feel you cant really help.

5. Never continue mirroring a being with a process for which

the valid E/P (end-phenomenon) has already been attained.

Infinity Brought Back to Life Chapter 17

6. Never end a process once started before a valid E/P has


7. Never back away from something in a session, but bring

every action started to its completion using zero-perception.

One could add many more guidelines to delineate the

optimum behavior of a mirror during a session, to most
effectively apply the Spiritologie Procedure, but if you
stick to these seven points which are demanded of you as
mirror, you will be able to rehabilitate in others as well
as in yourself more awareness and realizations in a single
hour than you ever dared to imagine.
This book in its totality, gives you an inexhaustible
source of possible approaches to finding considerations
and thought patterns to mirror. Just using the nine defini-
tions of the earlier chapter entitled Self-Determination
you could formulate a marvelous batch of imagination-
processes, which would then function like a rundown.
Definition: A Rundown is a predetermined series of
imagination-process questions and/or questionnaires
which are run from the top down, the combination and
composition of which forms a program that, when mir-
rored in its full sequence, will result in a clear-cut, known
and pre-defined awareness.

Chapter 17 Infinity Brought Back to Life

I myself have developed such Rundowns for Spiri-

tologie, it being relatively simple of course, for someone
who has already found the way out of the labyrinth, to
mark it, thus saving those who are also seeking the way
out many unnecessary steps and by-roads off thedirect,
straight line from A to B. You will find brief descrip-
tions of these Rundowns on the Awareness Chart, a
copy of which can be found in the Appendix. However,
the approaches which have been outlined in the book
alone are sufficient to enable you to start out on a long
trip of self-knowledge. Once you have reached the state
of Self-Determined as Impulse1 one can then use the
nine checklist points outlined in the chapter on Self-
Determination to simply look over all the other Im-
pulses too, since these definitions of self-determination
do not change just because the area of existence that they
are being applied to is enlarged.
One more thing, to give you a compact Starter Pack-
age I have produced below a mini-list of Imagination
Processes, taken from those I have often used in what
may be called demonstration or introductory sessions
that I have given to people who wanted to experience
first-hand and subjectively the practical application of
the technology.
Do apply the rules and guidelines, which I have laid
out here and which you should now be familiar with
the theory of and then use discipline to stick to the task.
Make sure you have a comfortable environment, one
where you will not be disturbed, set aside some time and
only begin with the first process when your body has
slept enough and is sufficiently well fed so there is no

Infinity Brought Back to Life Chapter 17

distraction from these things. The process itself can also

produce tiredness, strong yawning and all kind of other
phenomena. Therefore, one is also advised not to take
any drugs, alcohol and if possible no medicines either,
in the period at least twenty-four hours before starting
a session as these things can weaken your awareness, as
well as your perception and your work would not bring
the expected result.
If you want to mirror these processes on others later,
the same conditions must be observed, and I would like
to emphasize one thing in particular as inevitable when
a second being is mirrored. Be really sure that this SB
is familiar with the principles given in this book before-
hand and is really willing to face the truth! The reason is
that if the mirrored person does not have the complete
willingness to speak openly and honestly to you about
everything that may come to mind during a session
and does not absolutely have to withhold something then
you can proceed otherwise it makes no sense to even
begin sessions at all. Someone who has dedicated them-
selves to secrets and lies ought to honestly admit this.
Such beings block their own road to truth to the degree
that they themselves are working at defending and ob-
scuring their own lies. Actually a beautiful and just
circumstance, I find.
Here are the processes, which you can mirror in
sequence, one after the other each always to a valid E/P,
as soon as you want to start the adventure.

Chapter 17 Infinity Brought Back to Life

1. Imagine something which you wouldnt want others to

know about you.
2. Imagine something which another wouldnt want another
to know about him.
3. Imagine something, which others wouldnt want others to
know about them.
0. Imagine something about yourself, which you yourself
wouldnt want to know.

1. Imagine something that you have forgotten.

2. Imagine something that another has forgotten.
3. Imagine something that others have forgotten.
0. Imagine you cause yourself to have forgotten something.

1. Imagine a hidden communication.

2. Imagine a hidden communication of another.
3. Imagine a hidden communications of others.
0. Imagine you cause a hidden communication with yourself.

1. Imagine unconsciousness.
2. Imagine unconsciousness of another.
3. Imagine unconsciousness of others.
0. Imagine you cause unconsciousness in yourself.

End of list.

Before I say a finally goodbye to you, let me give you a

simple rule of thumb, which will enable any reader to find
a nearly unlimited number of very interesting imagination-
processes or more precisely to formulate them for use
in mirroring.

Infinity Brought Back to Life Chapter 17

This formula has to do with the ability to discover, on

any of the Impulses of Existence, things one would not be
willing to create, not be willing to permit to continue or
not be willing to destroy. It also has to do with f inding
along all the Impulses of Existence considerations having
to do with an unwillingness or inability to start, or change
the motion of, or to stop something.
Why is this important? Well, for example, if some-
one was not willing to destroy his relationship, he would
actually be a real fearful person, who never dares to
say what he thinks because he is afraid the partnership
could break up. That is why ulcers and more generally
everyday-frustrations are accepted, rather than openly
communicated about with one another even if it triggers
off arguments, which, if they were communicated about,
would surely also bring into view things which then could
be cleared up and so lead to the ulcer tablets, for example,
being left exactly where they belong which is in the car
trunk of the one who manufactured them. Then it will
be he who will get the stomach ulcers since there will be
one person less running away from the actual causes of his
expensive ulcers!
You certainly do not belong to those who panic when
confronted with other views on life, since otherwise you
would never have gotten this far into the book. So there-
fore, I am now already looking forward to the realizations
which will present themselves to you, after you have run
even that small list of processes, given above, on your-
self and I can promise that you will be surprised at what
effect so few words can cause.

Chapter 17 Infinity Brought Back to Life

So set your standards high for what you expect of Spiri-

tologie. Like an athlete, who beforehand sees himself holding
the gold medal in his hands after the contest, you also have
to create that future result in the present foryourself.
Dont be disappointed when you after just two days
dont yet reproduce all the results you read of in this book.
Think of it this way a being as infinity (which it is)
needed almost an eternity, almost but fortunately, only
almost to become a piece of sticky protein blob in the
head of a human meat-body. Thats why even the full dura-
tion of a human life, if it were needed for the rehabilitation
of his true I would still just be as the blink of an eye in
what still lies before us if we want it that way!
We have the tools and the potential to bring about
what so many power-hungry politicians had planned for
so long and pursued with all their force: The One-World-
Government. That is exactly what we have now but not
in the form that was once dreamed up by those who hoped
so much that we would agree to our own enslavement and
deny our own beingness forever.
One thing never occurred to them though: Their
existence is also naught when we do not continue, by
the power of our own thought, to create them as our
slave drivers. So now they are dying out: the bankers,
popes, Rothschilds and self-appointed war presidents.
They failed. Failed in their effort to kill something which
is immortal and therefore does not even need to be
brought back to life: They you me Infinity


G autama Siddhartha (approx. 563 BC 483 BC), later

known as the Buddha (that name, translated literally,
means something close to awakened or enlightened), empha-
sized repeatedly how important it was for a person not to
believe the hearsay of holy traditions and deep-seated religious
views, or the words of the great masters, but rather to accept for
himself only what he has by himself thoroughly verified and
which has proven to serve the well-being of himself and others.
He also taught such principles as that, with our think-
ing, we not only create that which we are ourselves but even
create and form the outer world which we see. He further
spoke of the non-existence of the past and future and the
importance of being in here and now.
Those were all subjective, personal wisdoms that he had
reached through striving to perfect his mind and to put an
end to the eternal cycle of birth and death and all the suf-
fering that accompanies that cycle. He noticed early in his
career that words taught from sources outside of the being
itself cannot replace one thing: the personal awareness of
these things achieved through self recognition!
There was no technique or technology at that time that
could make it possible for him to create this awareness in
such a way that others could experience it for themselves. And
so he promised that, in about 2,500 years, a future Buddha
with blond or golden hair would be born, who would
promulgate this technology in the Western world.
I am very proud to be right on time with Spiritologie!

Andreas Buttler

M usician, composer, award-winning TV and movie

actor, lecturer and author Andreas Buttler is not
an ivory tower philosopher. He took a body in Germany,
which was delivered to him in May 1966, in Oberhausen,
Nordrhein-Westfalen. Still at a very young age, he saw
that he seemed unable to get even halfway sensible or what
seemed to be any logical answers to his simple but basic
questions. The adults he consulted who were apparently so
experienced and knowing merely tried to satisfy his c uriosity
with answers like nobody knows or they came up with
some causes that sounded very scientific for example some-
thing called the subconscious, yet the existence of which
they also couldnt explain to his satisfaction.
At the age of ten Andreas actively went on a search for
answers. He worked once through that thick holy book
after all the truth ought to be in there since people even
put their right hand on it to make clear that they would tell
the truth. But at the end of this work he could look back
at having had the pleasure of reading some nice (and not so
nice) stories which he could believe or not but he did
not find the searched-for truth there.
Besides doing further search into other religions and
philosophies looking for the truth, Andreas also devoted his
time to doing sports such as kick-boxing or snow-boarding
and with great joy, the king of sport football (soccer). He
played together with Olaf Thon in the FC Schalke 04 youth
team and even toyed with the idea at one time of becoming

a professional soccer player. His wish however was to devote
himself to his other hobbies which he knew he had talent
for such as making music, acting, writing books, and, yes,
even scriptwriting was waiting there in him.
At nineteen years of age Andreas was cast in a main
role, at a public invitation of the ZDF (Zweites Deutsches
Fernsehen Germany television broadcaster) for the TV
Film Der Drcker (Door-to-Door Salesman). Even though
he had never formally trained as an actor he landed the part
of Tommy, and while playing together with star names
like Heinz Hnig found it a very enjoyable activity. This
movie was later to become quite well-known and loved.
His acting performance was recognized when in 1987 he
received the Adolf Grimme award (sometimes known
as the German TV Oscars). More opportunities arose to
demonstrate his talent, when he took part in many TV
productions such as the ARD television series Stars of the
South or when he played alongside Franka Potente in
thedrama Downhill City.
Following his musical inclination but once more with
no formal education in it Andreas turned to song-writing,
producing a string of new songs in which he composed the
music as well as the lyrics, and playing guitar and other
instruments in 1992 convinced the EMI Records label
Electrola to issue a Maxi-CD of his song Gleichschritt
(Lockstep). After getting in the pop record charts to #112
Andreas was asked to remove the line You are taught to
murder and when you are good, you get a medal. At
the time the political discussion in Germany was around
military entry into the Iraq war. Andreas did not agree to
this demand since he was not in favor of this censorship.

Shortly after this a planned television appearance was can-
celled at short notice for editorial reasons and the song
was no longer played on radio stations thus ensuring the
public would not hear it.
Andreas motivation had never been money or material
success so this did not discourage him in the least but was
indeed just incentive to tell people what he felt was essential.
In 1996 he confirmed his uncompromising stand by publish-
ing a complete album; the CD Achterbahn fahrn (Roller-
coaster Riding) released through Vivian/BMG/Ariola.
In addition to further musical and acting activities
A ndreas now turned more intensively towards his spiritual
research. With consciousness expanding sessions he (and
also others he gave such sessions to) achieved new insights
and freedoms of mind. Eventually he decided to summa-
rize his spiritual research findings in a book so that others
could use them too. Together with this book Spiritologie,
the study of the origin, unlimited potential and full re-
habilitation of the spiritual being Andreas produced a
brand new musical album. He wrote the lyrics of eleven
of the twelve songs and composed all of the music. To do
this he had to teach himself how to use complex software
required for music production, and with this recorded the
vocals himself and added guitar and the other instruments
via keyboard.
This was published as an album under the project
name Stimmkraft through the EMG label under the title
Mehr als 1 Gesicht (More than 1 Face). The title mirrors
the sound of the twelve songs. The album is a mixture of
hard rock, dance elements, emotional ballads and a voice

penetrating the depths of the soul. The surprising vocals
give one the idea there may be different singers involved.
Andreas is himself the source of all his insights. All
the things he does revolve around the subject of truth and
freedom and are intended to bring this home to people.
The aim was not just to get recognition that there are more
valuable things than my car, my house, my firm, my yacht
it is to enable people also to practice this insight for their own
use in their game of life.
After he completed his spiritual research and develop-
ments Andreas founded in 2004 in his hometown of Ober-
hausen the first Spiritologie Center from where he imparted
his views on truth and reality. One of his main objectives was
to remind people of their own power to design andcreate
out of themselves and their world around them and not
against their own will let themselves be determined and
controlled by other people, forces or things.
That is the spirit in which Andreas wrote the present
handbook of Spiritologie, in which he in his refreshing
and often humorous way gets his message across to the
reader a message the reader will never have heard before in
that form with the purpose to make every spiritual being
conscious again of the fact that forgetting its own godliness
and infinite power had resulted in the downfall, which was
erroneously taken for the summit of creation and reached
its climax in succumbing to the illusion of being just a toy
of that which was once himself and still is, namely:

God the highest being the source of all being and not-being
infinity the nothing from which everything stems.


The Navigator is a very fine instrument for resistance

measurement, which can be used in professional Spiritologie-
sessions in order to rapidly and precisely locate areas in the
thinking of a spiritual being, which contain in one form or
another charged considerations or thought patterns, which
may lead to distorting, warping or even make perception of
the truth completely impossible which would result in the
continuance of undesirable conditions.
As a scene created in fantasy with full consciousness
without any connection to reality would show a similar
reading on the instrument as a real past incident which had
been released of charge; the navigator cannot be used as a
lie detector nor was it intended to be so used!
End Phenomenon (E/P)
A static which has gained the
willingness and full ability to let its
attained state of pan-determination
be reduced to absolute zero along Rundown
all life impulses, without thereby
lessening or even losing its power,
control, and cause-position.

End Phenomenon (E/P)

A being that has gained the certainty
of having the ability and willingness to
start, change and stop two or more forces
whether they are opposing or not.
This would mean: two or more individuals,
two or more groups, two or more similar Rundown
races, two or more planets, two or more
universes, two or more spiritual beings, as
well as being able to regulate the consider
ations of two or more identities, whether
opposing or not.

End Phenomenon (E/P) 7

A spiritual being that has regained its super 6
powers of infinity.
5 Rundown
Expansion of the first impulse.
Extension of awareness to all eight impulses.
End Phenomenon (E/P)
Full self-determination as Impulse 1. 1 Individual Considerations Processing
A spiritual being without its own sub-conscious.

A being prepared for mirroring. Competence by Communication Course

Awareness/Ability Impulse Reached through

News and further information:

The Individual Considerations Processing, the Com-

petence by Communication Course and all the Rundowns
described in this book are available through the Spiritologie
International Foundation, located at BigEra Haus in Central
After careful study of the theory and techniques, imagi-
nation processing or individual considerations processing
can be applied straight from the book. Additional assistance
is available from foundation staff as well as from other
qualified professionals.
There are Regional Centers with qualified professionals
in various countries also delivering one or more of the exist-
ing Spiritologie Courses and/or Rundowns and Guidance.
These are listed with qualifications, specifics and contact
data on the website www.spiritologie.org.
Several more training courses exist including a course
teaching the use of the Navigator, which is required in order
to do the rundowns.
Lectures and other materials are available from the
publisher. www.primetimepublications.org


Fahles Mondenlicht fllt auf mein Gesicht

Macht mich hnlich den dunklen Gestalten
Die nichts mehr spren als Hass den sie schren
So schwarz ihre Herzen, so finster ihr Blick
Rei dich los und lauf gib dich jetzt nicht auf
Tritt nicht ein in den Zirkel der Sklavenschaft
Die, berauscht durch Geld, sich fr Meister hlt
Und mich frchtet, weil mein Geist die Sinne erhellt

Es ist Eiszeit
Schau nur zu und vergeude dieses Menschenleben
Gib dich khl ganz egal wie hei der Himmel brennt
Dreh dich weg von mir, feg vor deiner Tr
Lass mich ruhig im Stich, es geht auch ohne dich
Ich bin hier, wie vorausgesagt und prophezeit

Staun und grble nicht du erkennst mich nicht

Fragst du mich nach dem Klang meines Namens
Der mich zum Fleische macht welches nicht erwacht
Wenn es einmal zu Grabe getragen ist
Gab mich hin dem Traum unter einem Baum
Qulte ich mich durch endlose Leiden

Um umzulenken euch Wahrheit zu schenken

Das uns gelnge ein Dasein in Liebe und Glck

Noch ist Eiszeit

Schau nur zu und vergeude dieses Menschenleben
Gib dich khl ganz egal wie hei der Himmel brennt
Dreh dich weg von mir, feg vor deiner Tr
Lass mich ruhig im Stich, es geht ohne dich
Ich bin hier, wie vorausgesagt und prophezeit

Schau nur zu und vergeude dieses Menschenleben
Gib dich khl ganz egal wie hei der Himmel brennt
Dreh dich weg von mir, feg vor deiner Tr
Lass mich ruhig im Stich, denn das Blatt wendet sich
Andreas Buttler

Ich bin hier, wie vorausgesagt und prophezeit
Ice Age

Pale moonlight befalls my face
Makes me look like the dark figures
Who feel no more than the hate they stoke
So black their hearts, so murky their look
Pull yourself away and run dont give yourself up
Dont step into the circle of slavery
Which is under moneys spell & thinks its the master,
And fears me as my soul lightens the senses

Weve Ice Age

Just watch & waste this human life
Ice Age
Keep cool no matter how hot heaven burns
Turn away from me, sweep your own doorstep
Abandon me, we can also do without you
Ice Age
I am here like it was predicted and prophesied

Wonder and figure not you dont recognize me

Do you ask for the sound of my name
Which makes me into flesh that doesnt wake
Once carried to the grave
Surrendered to the dream under a tree
Schlepped me through endless suffering

Ice Age
To turn you round & bring you truth
So we could exist in love and happiness

We still have Ice Age

Just watch & waste this human life
Ice Age
Keep cool no matter how hot heaven burns
Turn away from me, sweep your own doorstep
Abandon me, we can also do without you
Ice Age
I am here like it was predicted and prophesied

Ice Age
Just watch & waste this human life
Ice Age
Keep cool no matter how hot heaven burns
Turn away from me, sweep your own doorstep
Just abandon me, like the turning of a page
Andreas Buttler

Ice Age
I am here like it was predicted and prophesied

Suchst du den Erbauer deiner Welt?

Der dich als Ebenbild erschuf dir den Eigensinn verlieh?
Fragst du dich, wer das Schicksal dir bestellt?
Wieso gerade du zu Leben hast als seist du zahmes Vieh?

Wer sagt, du bist nur ein kleines Rad

Ist weit entfernt sich selbst zu kennen hre niemals auf sein Wort
Denn hinter jedem dummen Bush zieht man Fden fr die Tat
Lenkt das Denken Richtung Hass hin zum lukrativen Vlkermord

Hey du! Frage nicht die Engel, wer hier gut und bse ist.
Nur zu! Warte nicht vergebens auf die Ankunft einer Macht,
die du in Wahrheit ganz alleine bist

Es ist nicht einfach Gott zu sein

Ich schau dich an mein Spiegelbild
Ich htte dich so gern gerettet, doch hast du dich in Fleisch gebettet
Es ist nicht einfach Gott zu sein
Ich seh dich als ein Teil von mir
Ich wollte dich doch nicht erschrecken hab nur versucht, dich aufzuwecken

Wie lang lebst du deine Lge schon?

Um zu leugnen deine Spiele und ganz aufzugehn im Selbstverrat?
Wer folgt einer toten Religion?
Deren Kpfe hinter Panzerglas sich frchten vor dem Attentat?

Willst du nicht erkennen wie es ist?

Dass du die Mauern deiner Grenzen schon vor langer Zeit errichtet hast?
Gib zu, dass du nicht ein Krper bist
Und du dir jede Qual und jedes Leid ganz ohne fremde Hilfe machst.

Hey du! Schluss mit Illusionen es ist wirklich an der Zeit

Nur zu! Komm ein Stck heraus, denn in begrenzten Rumen
hrst du nie die Stimme der Unendlichkeit

Es ist nicht einfach Gott zu sein

Ich schau dich an mein Spiegelbild
Ich htte dich so gern gerettet, doch hast du dich in Fleisch gebettet
Es ist nicht einfach Gott zu sein
Ich seh dich als ein Teil von mir
Ich wollte dich doch nicht erschrecken hab nur versucht, dich aufzuwecken
Andreas Buttler

Hey du! Frage nicht die Engel, wer hier gut und bse ist.
Nur zu! Warte nicht vergebens auf die Ankunft einer Macht,
die du in Wahrheit ganz alleine bist

Es ist nicht einfach Gott zu sein

Ich schau dich an mein Spiegelbild
Ich htte dich so gern gerettet, doch hast du dich in Fleisch gebettet

Es ist nicht einfach Gott zu sein

Ich seh dich als ein Teil von mir

Ich wollte dich doch nicht erschrecken hab nur versucht, dich aufzuwecken

Are you looking for the builder of your world?
He who created you in his very image and granted you a mind of your own?
Are you wondering who has planned your destiny?
Why it has to be just you who has to live like cattle just as tame?

He who says that you are nothing but a small cog

Is a long way from knowing his inner self never listen to his words!
Behind every stupid Bush someone pulls the strings for actions
Steers all thinking towards hate towards lucrative genocide.

Hey, you! Dont ask the angels, whos the good and whos the bad here
Go right ahead! Dont wait in vain for the arrival of some authority,
which is actually you all by yourself.

It isnt easy to be God

I look at you my mirror image.
Would have liked to save you, but you encave yourself in flesh
It isnt easy to be God
I do see you as a part of me
I didnt want to startle you just wanted to wake you up

For how long have you been living your lie?

To deny your games and get totally lost in treason to yourself?
Whos a follower of dead religion?
Their heads behind the safest glass, in fear of hired guns.

Dont you want to see it as it is?
That you already put up the walls of your limits long ago?
Admit that you are not a body
And all the pains and all the sorrow you make without the least bit of help from another side.

Hey, you! End these illusions now its about time really!
Go ahead! Come out a bit,cause in confined spaces
you never hear the voice of eternity!

It isnt easy to be God

I look at you my mirror image.
Would have liked to save you, but you encave yourself in flesh
It isnt easy to be God
I do see you as a part of me
I didnt want to startle you just wanted to wake you up
Andreas Buttler

Hey, you! Dont you ask the angels, whos the good and whos the bad
Go right ahead! Dont wait in vain for the arrival of some power,
which is actually you all by yourself.

It isnt easy to be God

I look at you my mirror image.
Would have liked to save you, but you encave yourself in flesh

It isnt easy to be God

I see you as a part of me

I didnt want to startle you just wanted to wake you up

Steh auf

Du lebst dein Leben

Das mgen manche nicht
Du spielst nach deinen Regeln
Man schlgt dir ins Gesicht

Der Weg ist weit

Doch du hast reichlich Zeit
Es wird nicht leicht
Mach dich zum Kampf bereit

Steh auf
Bleib nicht liegen steh auf
Steh auf
Zeig es ihnen steh auf
Immer wieder

Du suchst nach Wahrheit

Die hat man gut versteckt
Denn es gibt keine Sklaven
Wenn jemand sie entdeckt

Da steht der Thron

Man spricht von einem Sohn
Steh auf

Dort fliet der Strom

Die Siegel brechen schon

Steh auf
Bleib nicht liegen steh auf
Steh auf
Zeig es ihnen steh auf
Immer wieder

Du brauchst viel Liebe

Die hat man pervertiert
Dass jeder, der sie fnde
sich tdlich infiziert

Du riechst Gefahr
Blkst mit der groen Schar
Die Zeit ist nah
Nichts hier ist wirklich wahr
Andreas Buttler

Steh auf
Bleib nicht liegen steh auf
Steh auf
Zeig es ihnen steh auf
Immer wieder
Rise Up!

You live your life
Some dont like that
You play according to your rules
And they hit your face flat

The road is long

But youve got plenty of time
It wont be easy
Ready yourself to fight sublime

Rise up
Dont stay lying down rise up!
Rise up
Show them rise up!
Again and again

You look for truth

That has been hidden well
Because there are no slaves
If and once the veil fell

There stands the throne

They talk about a son

Rise Up
There flows the stream
The seals are almost gone

Rise up
Dont stay lying down rise up!
Rise up
Show them rise up!
Again and again

You need lots of love

Which they perverted
So any one who finds it
by deadly infection is hurted

You smell danger and

Bleat with the large sheepish crew
The time is near
Nothing here is really true
Andreas Buttler

Rise up
Dont stay lying down rise up!
Rise up
Show them rise up!
Again and again

Bring mich um die Ecke raub mir den Verstand

Spalte mir den Schdel treib mir Ngel in die Hand
Stiehl mir meine Kohle schie mir in die Brust
Tte meinen Krper still ruhig an mir deine Lust

Augen die nicht sehen ein altbekanntes Lied

Blindheit ist so tragisch doch er sagt mir, dass er sieht
Ich bin ewig! Und ich krieg Dich
Wenn nicht heute, dann im nchsten Leben
Freu Dich auf mich
Genau wie Du und all die andern bin ich ewig

Nimm mir, was ich liebe zerschneide mein Gehirn

Du wirst mich dort nicht finden mach Dich fertig zu verliern
Pump mich voll mit Drogen wirf mich in den Fluss
Steine an den Fen glaubst Du wirklich dann ist Schluss?

Augen die nicht sehen ein altbekanntes Lied

Blindheit ist so tragisch doch er sagt mir, dass er sieht
Ich bin ewig! Und ich krieg Dich
Wenn nicht heute, dann im nchsten Leben
Freu Dich auf mich
Genau wie Du und all die andern bin ich ewig

Ich bin ewig!


Ich bin ewig! Und ich krieg Dich

Wenn nicht heute, dann im nchsten Leben
Freu Dich auf mich
Genau wie Du und all die andern bin ich ewig
Ich bin ewig!

Augen die nicht sehen ein altbekanntes Lied

Blindheit ist so tragisch doch er sagt mir, dass er sieht
Ich bin ewig!
Andreas Buttler

Bump me off - drive me outta my wits
Cleave my head, drive nails into my hand
Steal my dough shoot me through the chest
Kill my body go ahead & still your lust on me.

Eyes which dont see its the same old story

Blindness is so tragic but he tells me that he sees.
Im eternal ! And Ill get you
If not today then in the next life
Look forward to me
Just like you and all the others Im eternal.

Take what I love cut up my brain,

You wont find me there get ready to lose!
Pump me full with drugs throw me in the river,
Weight my feet with rocks do you really think that thats the end?

Eyes which dont see its the same old story

Blindness is so tragic but he tells me that he sees.
Im eternal, and Ill get you
If not today then in the next life
Look forward to me
Just like you and all the others Im eternal.

Im eternal!

Im eternal and Ill get you!

If not today then in the next life
Look forward to me
Just like you and all the others Im eternal.
Im eternal!

Eyes which dont see its the same old story

Blindness is so tragic but he tells me that he sees.
Im eternal!
Andreas Buttler
Frei fr immer

Mein lieber Sohn, ich war schon so lang nicht da fr dich.

Ich habe Angst, dass du manchmal denkst: Er liebt mich nicht
Ich bin nur damals los gelaufen, wollt dir was Schnes kaufen
Doch ich hab nie was gefunden, das man fr Liebe kriegt

Mein Junge schau, wenn mir auch so manche Trne fliet,

Bleib ich versteckt, weil du sonst die leeren Hnde siehst
Ich wrde mich so furchtbar schmen, dir deine Trume zu nehmen
Von einer Welt, die nur Gutes zu geben hat

Denn sie ist frei, frei fr immer

Sie sagt dem Leid: Bye, bye fr immer
Das ist das, was ich tu
Mach die Augen ruhig zu
Sie ist einfach frei, frei fr immer
Frei, frei fr immer

Mein lieber Sohn, was ich sagen will: Vertrau der Macht
Die noch so rein und wunderschn aus deinem Herzen lacht
Frei fr immer

Ich lass nicht zu, dass sies stehlen, sie deine Sanftheit zerqulen
Damit du glaubst, wie so viele, dass wir nur Tiere sind

Mein liebes Kind, weil du noch so voller Fragen bist

Geb ich dir Raum und Zeit, weil du sie sonst vergisst
Du sollst dich nie drber sorgen, von welchem Geld ess ich morgen?
Selbst wenn ich das mit dem Leben bezahlen muss

Mach ich dich frei, frei fr immer

Ich sag dem Leid: Bye, bye fr immer
Das ist das, was ich tu
Mach die Augen ruhig zu
Ich mach dich frei, frei fr immer
Frei, frei fr immer

Ich mach dich frei, frei fr immer

Ich sag dem Leid: Bye, bye fr immer
Das ist das, was ich tu
Mach die Augen ruhig zu
Du bist vllig frei, frei fr immer
Frei, frei fr immer
Andreas Buttler
Free For Ever

My dear son, I wasnt there for you for so long
Im afraid that you might think sometimes: He doesnt love me
I just left that time to buy something nice for you
But I never found anything one could get for love

Now look, my boy, even though I shed a lot of tears

I stay in hiding, or you would see my empty hands
I would be terribly ashamed to take away your dreams
of a world which has only good to offer

Because it is free, free - forever

It says to sorrow: Bye, bye forever
This is what I do
Just close your eyes
It simply is free, free forever
Free, free forever

My dear son, what I want to say: Trust the power

which is still so pure and beautiful laughing from your heart.
I wont allow, that they steal it, or agonize your gentleness

Free For Ever

So that you d believe, as so many, that we are but animals

My dear child, since you are still so full of questions

I ll give you space and time, otherwise you would forget them
You shall never worry about what money will feed me tomorrow?
Even if I have to pay with my life for that.

Ill make you free, free for ever

I say to sorrow: Bye, bye for ever
This is what I do
Just close your eyes
Ill make you free, free forever
Free, free forever

Ill make you free, free forever

Ill say to sorrow: Bye, bye forever
This is what I do
Just close your eyes
You are totally free, free - forever
Free, free forever
Andreas Buttler

Schau mich an, weit du wie ich heie?

Habn uns lang nicht mehr gesehen
Mein lieber Mann, find ich das Leben scheie
Sag mal, kannst du mich verstehn?

Ich bin unbequem, weil Amen sag ich nicht

Bin ich Kmpfer oder lebt das Leben mich?

Himmelhoch waren unsre Ziele

Ist es wirklich schon vorbei?
Abgestrzt Grnde gab es viele
Wachsen Flgel wieder neu?

Ruf dem Teufel zu was er uns alles kann

Es ist nie zu spt wir laufen wieder an

Wir warn Giganten

Vllig unbesiegbar Du und ich
Ganz ohne Schranken
Gnadenlos gefahrenschtig
Wir warn Giganten
Wie Orkan und Feuer; Tag und Nacht
Ganz ohne Schranken

Endlich wieder aufgewacht

Augen auf kann dich wieder fhlen

Habe ewig nichts bewegt
Ich bin ich nicht jemand unter Vielen
All die Karten neu gelegt

Ich bin unbequem, weil Amen sag ich nicht

Bin ich Kmpfer oder lebt das Leben mich?

Aus dem Weg hrt ihr die Motoren?

Wir sind aufgetankt wie nie
Das alte Team Wieder neu geboren
Voll mit purer Energie

Ruf dem Teufel zu was er uns alles kann

Es ist nie zu spt wir laufen wieder an

Wir warn Giganten

Andreas Buttler

Vllig unbesiegbar Du und ich

Ganz ohne Schranken
Gnadenlos gefahrenschtig
Wir warn Giganten
Wie Orkan und Feuer; Tag und Nacht
Ganz ohne Schranken
Endlich wieder aufgewacht

Look at me, do you know my name?
Its a long time apart that we have been
Man, I think life sucks and thats a shame
Say, do you get what I mean?

Im hard to handle, since I wont say Amen

Am I a fighter or does life live me again?

Our goals were skyhigh

Is it really already past?
Crashed reasons were many
Do wings grow back fast?

Shout to the devil to get the worst of it

Its never too late we just restart it

We were giants
Downright invincible you and me
In freedom with no ends
Pitiless addicted to danger
We were giants
As hurricane and fire; as day and night
In freedom with no ends
Finally awake again

Open the eyes I can feel you again
Havent moved now for ever
I am me not one amongst many
All cards newly dealt however

Im hard to handle, since I wont say Amen

Am I a fighter or does life live me again?

You hear the engines? so make space.

Batteries recharged like never before
The old team with a new face
Full of pure energy

Shout to the devil to get the worst of it

Its never too late we just restart it

We were giants
Andreas Buttler

Downright invincible you and me

In freedom with no ends
Pitiless addicted to danger
We were giants
As hurricane and fire; as day and night
In freedom with no ends
Finally awake again
Was ist wenn

Dieser Tag geht nun schlafen hier kommt die Nacht

Es tut gut mal zu reden bleib doch noch wach

Komm wir trumen uns ne Welt

Voll mit Liebe ohne Geld
Es gibt viel zu erleben Ich lade Dich ein
Niemand wei, dass wir schweben wir sind allein
Eine Frage tief in mir, klopft ganz leis an Deine Tr

Was, wenn es nach dem Leben weiter geht?

Wirst Du dann wieder vor mir stehn?
Wenn meine Seele noch ne Runde dreht
Wrd ich Dich gerne wiedersehn
Irgendwo finde ich das Tor zur Ewigkeit
Darum mach Dich fr den groen Flug bereit
Fr den groen Flug bereit
Sag mal, bist Du schon so weit?

Warum sind wir geboren? Wo gehn wir hin?

Schon am Anfang verloren? Wo liegt der Sinn?
Was ist wenn

Manchmal hab ich den Verdacht

Dass da oben jemand lacht
Sprst Du auch diese Sehnsucht? Ich hab sie verflucht
Hab sie aus mir verbannt und wieder gesucht
Eine Frage tief in mir, klopft ganz leis an Deine Tr

Was, wenn es nach dem Leben weiter geht?

Wirst Du dann wieder vor mir stehn?
Wenn meine Seele noch ne Runde dreht
Wrd ich Dich gerne wiedersehn
Irgendwo finde ich das Tor zur Ewigkeit
Darum mach Dich fr den groen Flug bereit
Sag mal bist Du schon so weit?

Was, wenn es nach dem Leben weiter geht?

Wirst Du dann wieder vor mir stehn?
Wenn meine Seele noch ne Runde dreht
Wrde ich Dich gerne wiedersehn
Irgendwo finde ich das Tor zur Ewigkeit
Darum mach Dich fr den groen Flug bereit
Fr den groen Flug bereit
Andreas Buttler

Sag mal, bist Du schon so weit?

What If?

This days about to end here comes the night
Lets talk stay awake and have no fright

Lets dream up a world, honey,

Full of love without money
There is lots to experience Come and be my guest like before.
Nobody knows that were floating we are alone,
A question deep inside me is knocking softly on your door

What if everything continues after this life?

Will you then stand before me again?
When my soul does another round,
I would like to see you back again
The door to eternity I will have found
So get ready for the big flight,
Ready for the big flight.
Are you ready for another ride?

Why are we born? Where are we going?

Are we lost already at the start? Whats this lack of knowing?

Sometimes I sense suspicion in the air,

That someone is laughing up there.

What If
Do you also have this feeling? I have cursed it,
banished it from me only then again I searched it.
A question deep inside me is knocking softly on your door

What, if everything continues after this life?

Will you then stand before me again?
When my soul does another round,
I would like to see you back again
The door to eternity I will have found
So get ready for the big flight,
Are you ready for another ride?

What, if everything continues after this life?

Will you then stand before me again?
When my soul does another round,
I would like to see you back again
The door to eternity I will have found
So get ready for the big flight,
Ready for the big flight.
Andreas Buttler

Are you ready for another ride?

Machs gut

Wer mag Herzen aus Eis?

Krperliche Nhe, nur meilenweit der Graben klafft
Was nun? Hoch war der Preis
Hoffnung ist geblieben, doch Liebe wurde abgeschafft
Wer von uns hat denn so was ausgest?
Hab nicht bemerkt, woher der Wind weht

Das wars aus und vorbei

Ohne Glockenschlag in den Aufbruch ohne Wiederkehr
Bedient! tot oder frei?
Frag mich was es ist, ich finde keine Worte mehr
Was tut der Clown, mit dem man nicht mehr lacht?
Nie drber nachgedacht.

Du bist fort
Eine Ewigkeit von hier ich frag mich wo? Welcher Ort?
Wenns auch niemanden mehr schert es geht mir gut
Jede Trne die ich weine nicht vor Dir lscht die Glut
Nein, ich werde Dir nicht zeigen was es tut
Schatz, machs gut

Sinnlos vieles bereut

Machs gut

Eingeholt von Szenen, die ungestraft man nicht verschiebt

Nichts geht zu frh gefreut
Bin ich wirklich einer von denen, denen man nicht vergibt?
Wer von uns hat denn so was ausgest?
Hab nicht bemerkt, woher der Wind weht

Lautlos Kampf durch die Qual

Manchmal tut es doch ziemlich weh, wenn man daneben zielt
Mein Wurf Kopf oder Zahl?
Wieso hab ich blo die Idee, es wurde falsch gespielt?
Was tut der Clown, mit dem man nicht mehr lacht?
Nie drber nachgedacht

Du bist fort
Eine Ewigkeit von hier ich frag mich wo? Welcher Ort?
Wenns auch niemanden mehr schert es geht mir gut
Jede Trne die ich weine nicht vor Dir lscht die Glut
Nein, ich werde Dir nicht zeigen was es tut
Schatz, machs gut
Andreas Buttler

Du bist fort Welcher Ort?

Du bist fort
Eine Ewigkeit von hier ich frag mich wo? Welcher Ort?
Jede Trne die ich weine nicht vor Dir lscht die Glut

Du bist fort

Du bist fort
Fare Well!

Who cares for hearts of ice?
Bodily nearness, miles apart the trench is
What now? High was the price
Hope remained but love one would abolish
Such a thing, one amongst us would have sown?
I didnt get from where the wind has blown.

That was it over and done you see

With no chime at the start and no return
Got your fill! Dead or free?
Ask me what it is, I dont find words to say it anymore
What does the clown do when no-one laughs any more?
Never thought that to the core!

You are gone

An eternity from here I wonder where? What street its on?
Even if no one cares no more: Ill get along!
Each tear I shed away from you puts out the glow
No, just what it does I will not show
Honey, fare well !

It makes no sense to be so sorry

Fare Well
Caught up by scenes one cant shift with impunity
Nothing goes too early with the saki
Am I really one of those who miss forgiveness opportunity?
Such a thing, who amongst us would have sown?
I didnt get from where the wind has blown.

Soundless fight through the travails

It sometimes really hurts when you aims astray
My cast, heads or tails
Why do I have the hunch its been foul play?
What does the clown do when no-one laughs any more?
Never thought that to the core!

You are gone

An eternity from here I wonder where? What street its on?
Even if nobody cares any more: Ill get along!
Each tear I shed away from you puts out the glow
No, just what it does I will not show,
Honey, fare well !
Andreas Buttler

You are gone which street are you on?

You are gone
An eternity from here I wonder where? Which street are you on?
Each tear I shed away from you puts out the glow

You are gone


You are gone

Selig (Triumph der Liebe)

Stein und Felsen ihre Herzen

Ihre Seelen Nacht
Das womit sie arglos spielen
Ist aus Blut gemacht

Dort im Reich des Hllenfrsten

Wo kein Mund mehr lacht
Suchten unbedachte Diener
Wege hin zur Macht

Falsche Lehren, falsche Taten

Wenn es so nicht bliebe
Ohne Schlachten, ohne Kriege
Selig (Triumph der Liebe)

Knnten wir unsterblich sein

Selig durch die Liebe

Gtter durch die Liebe
Menschen Gttern gleich,
Liebe macht den Himmel himmlischer

Selig durch die Liebe

Gtter durch die Liebe
Menschen Gttern gleich,
Liebe macht den Himmel himmlischer
Die Erde uns zum Himmelreich Die Erde uns zum Himmelreich

Ohne meines Krpers Auge

Fand ich den Beweis
Wo die Liebe rein ist
Brechen Grber aus dem Eis

Groe Herrscher weinten nie

Sie frchteten Gefhle
Krmmten nie ihr Sklavenknie
Beugt es jetzt der Liebe!

Falsche Lehren, falsche Taten

Wenn es so nicht bliebe
Ohne Schlachten, ohne Kriege
Knnten wir unsterblich sein

Andreas Buttler

Selig durch die Liebe

Gtter durch die Liebe
Menschen Gttern gleich,
Liebe macht den Himmel himmlischer

Selig durch die Liebe

Gtter durch die Liebe

Menschen Gttern gleich,

Liebe macht den Himmel himmlischer

Die Erde uns zum Himmelreich Die Erde uns zum Himmelreich
Blessed (Triumph of love)

Their hearts of rock and stoneyness
In their souls its nightly mud
That with which you play so harmless
Is made out of blood

There in the realm of the king of hell

Where no mouth still is laughing still
Unthinking servants seeking
Ways to the power spell

False doctrines, false deeds

If it wouldnt stay that way
Without battles, without wars

Blessed (Triumph of love)

Immortality succeeds

Blessed by your love

Gods by your love
People Gods alike,
Love makes heaven heavenlier

Blessed by your love

Gods by your love
People Gods alike,
Love makes heaven heavenlier
Earth the kingdom of heaven for us Earth the kingdom of heaven for us

Without my bodys eyes

I found the proof
Where love is pure
Graves break out of the ice

Great rulers never weeping

They feared the feelings
Never bent their slaveknee
Bending now by love!

False doctrines, false deeds

If it wouldnt stay that way
Without battles, without wars
Immortality succeeds

Andreas Buttler

Blessed by your love

Gods by your love
People Gods alike,
Love makes heaven heavenlier

Blessed through love

Gods through love

People Gods alike,

Love makes heaven heavenlier

Earth the kingdom of heaven for us Earth the kingdom of heaven for us

Kein Wort, keine Ahnung, nur Gefhl

Es hat sekundenlang gebraucht, bis ich dir chancenlos verfiel
Weiche nicht von deiner Seite fhl mich gut in deiner Hand

Los mach schlie mich weg in deiner Seele

und erhre meine Wnsche lass mich niemals wieder frei

Komm mir nicht auf den Gedanken, ich sei nicht mehr dein Besitz
Weil mich krank macht diese Sorge; ich dann Blut und Trnen schwitz
Werde nicht die Flucht ergreifen lsst du mich auch unbewacht

Dein Kuss wirkt auf mich wie eine Droge

Bist millionenfach berauschender als Crack und Kokain

Du machst mich schtig

So wie ein Kind, gestillt an deiner Brust
Schtig nach deiner zrtlich, sanften, wilden Lust
Weil du mich liebst, so tief und ohne Grund
Macht auch dein feurig, heier, feuchter Mund mich schtig
Ja, du machst mich schtig

Kein Wert dieser Welt ist mir bekannt

den zu tauschen es sich lohnte gegen dieses goldne Land
Was den Feuersturm entfachte wei ich selbst nicht so genau

So weit bin ich ohne dich gut geflogen

Doch jetzt brauch ich dich zum Leben wie Turbinen Kerosin

Mein Herz, frag dich nie fr wen es schlgt

Wenn ein kurzer Blick mich lhmt und schon dein Atem mich erregt
wei ich, dass ich dir gehre schenk dir mich in Ewigkeit

Dein Kuss wirkt auf mich wie eine Droge

Bist millionenfach berauschender als Crack und Kokain

Du machst mich schtig

So wie ein Kind, gestillt an deiner Brust
Schtig nach deiner zrtlich, sanften, wilden Lust
Weil du mich liebst, so tief und ohne Grund
Macht auch dein feurig, heier, feuchter Mund mich schtig
Ja, du machst mich schtig
Andreas Buttler


2 x Refrain:

Du machst mich schtig

So wie ein Kind, gestillt an deiner Brust
Schtig nach deiner zrtlich, sanften, wilden Lust

Weil du mich liebst, so tief und ohne Grund

Macht auch dein feurig, heier, feuchter Mund mich schtig

Ja, du machst mich schtig


No word, no hunch, only feeling
It took seconds, no chance you got me hooked
I ll stay with you I feel well in your hand

Go ahead lock me away in your soul

And hear my wishes never let me go free

I dont even think, that I am not in your possession

As I get sick from that worry; and sweat then blood and tears
I will not flee even left unwatched

Your kiss works on me like a drug.

And is million times more intoxicating than crack and cocaine

You get me addicted

Just like a child, nursed on your breast
Addicted to your soft and tender wild lust
As you love me, so deeply and with no reason
Even your fiery, hot, moist mouth gets me addicted
Yeah, you get me addicted

No value of this world I know

would be worthy exchange for this golden land

What sparked the firestorm I dont exactly know myself

So far I have flown well without you

But now I need you to live, like a turbine needs kerosine

My heart, never ask for whom it beats

When a brief glance already paralyses me and a mere breath excites me
I know that I belong to you give me to you in eternity

Your kiss works on me like a drug.

And is million times more intoxicating than crack and cocaine

You get me addicted

Just like a child, nursed on your breast
Addicted to your soft and tender wild lust
As you love me, so deeply and with no reason
Even your fiery, hot, moist mouth gets me addicted
Yeah, you get me addicted
Andreas Buttler


2 x Refrain

You get me addicted

Just like a child, nursed on your breast
Addicted to your soft and tender wild lust

As you love me, so deeply and with no reason

Even your fiery, hot, moist mouth gets me addicted

Yeah, you get me addicted


Klingende Worte ich hab sie nie geglaubt

Vergessene Orte wer hat mich beraubt?
Offene Tren versenkt in Dunkelheit
Wirst Du mich fhren? Mich der nach Dir schreit?
Sind die Wege frei geschlagen?
Ist die Richtung vorbestimmt?

Gebrochene Schwre im Bauch nur kalter Wind

Tote Gefhle eben noch ein Kind
Betende Hnde wer hat mir zugeschaut?
Gemauerte Wnde Glcklichsein verbaut
Schmale Planken, die uns tragen
Schwache Segel Augen blind

Ich hab, ich hab, ich hab Angst! Das Schiff wird untergehn
Und darum pfeif ich im Dunkeln. Ich hab Angst, wo ist der Kapitn?
Nicht mehr an Bord hrt man munkeln.
Ich hab Angst, das Schiff wird untergehn
Und darum pfeif ich im Dunkeln. Ich hab Angst! Furchtbar Angst!

Heisere Kehle Millionen Jahre stumm

Gefangene Seele keiner wei warum
Fromme Gesichter dahinter furchtbar dumm
Flimmernde Lichter niemand dreht sich um
Schmale Planken, die uns tragen

Schwache Segel Augen blind

Ich ich hab, ich hab Angst! Das Schiff wird untergehn
Und darum pfeif ich im Dunkeln. Ich hab Angst, wo ist der Kapitn?
Nicht mehr an Bord hrt man munkeln
Ich hab Angst, das Schiff wird untergehn
Und darum pfeif ich im Dunkeln. Ich hab Angst, wo ist der Kapitn?
Nicht mehr an Bord hrt man munkeln ey!

Schmale Planken, die uns tragen

Schwache Segel Augen blind

Ich hab, ich ich hab, ich hab Angst! Das Schiff wird untergehn.
Und darum pfeif ich im Dunkeln. Ich hab Angst, wo ist der Kapitn?
Nicht mehr an Bord hrt man munkeln.
Ich hab Angst, das Schiff wird untergehn.
Und darum pfeif ich im Dunkeln.
Andreas Buttler

Ich hab Angst!

Ich hab Angst! Das Schiff wird untergehn.

Und darum pfeif ich im Dunkeln. Ich hab Angst, wo ist der Kapitn?
Schon lngst von Bord, hrt man munkeln.
Ich hab Angst, das Schiff wird untergehn.
Und darum pfeif ich im Dunkeln. Ich hab Angst, wo ist der Kapitn?

War nie an Bord, hrt man munkeln.


Fine sounding words I have never believed
Forgotten places who had me bereaved?
Open doors sunken in darkness
Will you lead me crying out for you?
Have the roads been cleared?
The direction yet been steered?

Broken oaths nothing in the belly but cold wind

Dead feelings still only a child
Praying hands who looked at me?
Brick-laid walls happiness contained
Narrow planks that carry us,
Frail the sails and blind the eyes

I am full, I am full, I am full of fear! The ship will sink

And thats why I whistle in the dark I am full of fear, where is the captain?
Not on board any longer, it is rumoured
Im afraid the ship will sink
And thats why I whistle in the dark, I am full of fear, dreadful fear!

Raucous throat a million years mute & dry

Imprisoned soul nobody knows why
Pious faces behind them awfully stupid
Flickering lights nobody turns round, so torpid
Narrow planks that carry us

Frail the sails and blind the eyes

I I am I am full of fear! The ship will sink

And this is why I whistle in the dark. Im full of fear, where is the captain?
Not on board any longer, it is rumoured,
Im full of fear the ship will sink,
And thats why I whistle in the dark. Im full of fear, where is the captain?
Not on board any longer it is rumoured Hey!

Narrow planks that carry us

Frail the sails and blind the eyes

I am I I am I am full of fear! The ship will sink,

And this is why I whistle in the dark. I am full of fear, where is the captain?
Not on board any longer, it is rumoured,
I am full of fear, the ship will sink.
And thats why I whistle in the dark
Andreas Buttler

I am full of fear!

I am full of fear! The ship will sink,

And this is why I whistle in the dark. I am full of fear, where is the captain?
Not been on board for ages, it is rumoured,
I am full of fear, the ship will sink
And thats why I whistle in the dark. I am full of fear, where is the captain?

Never been on board, it is rumoured!

Hrst Du?

Steh im Regen wieder zu spt

Schwerer Fusel, der mir entgegenweht
Auf der Suche undefinierbar mein Gefhl
Vllig eingeschnrt, immer mehr und viel zu viel

Bin der Seher ohne Vision.

Mach mir Mut, Mensch! Sag mir, das packst Du schon
Bitterse Trume, was rief ich sie herbei?
Wo sind all die Bume? Die Nerven liegen frei

Du ich lieb dich!

Hrst du, ich liebe dich!
Aufgetaut nach tausend Leben
Ein winzig kleines bisschen frier ich noch
Du ich lieb dich!
Hrst du, ich liebe dich!
Ausgebucht und lngst vergeben doch nicht in dieser Welt
In einer in der alles fast fr ewig hlt

Endlich Frieden, Du bist ja da

Muss grad denken, wies noch vor Tagen war
Diese Nchte raubten mein Lebenselixier
Hrst Du

Jetzt ist ausgesaugt und ich pfeif auf den Vampir

Neuer Morgen keine Gefahr

Nur der Wind kmmt sanft Dein zerwhltes Haar
Steh nicht auf ich will Dich noch mal so wie vorhin
Du weit ganz genau, dass ich schtig nach Dir bin

Du ich lieb dich!

Hrst du, ich liebe dich!
Aufgetaut nach tausend Leben
Ein winzig kleines bisschen frier ich noch
Du ich lieb dich!
Hrst du, ich liebe dich!
Ausgebucht und lngst vergeben doch nicht in dieser Welt
In einer in der alles fast fr ewig hlt

Hrst du ich lieb dich. Wo bist du? Noch nicht in dieser Welt?
Hab dich gerufen lebenslnglich in mein Seelenbett bestellt

Du ich lieb dich!

Andreas Buttler

Hrst du, ich liebe dich!

Aufgetaut nach tausend Leben
Ein winzig kleines bisschen frier ich noch
Du ich lieb dich!
Hrst du, ich liebe dich!
Ausgebucht und lngst vergeben doch nicht in dieser Welt
In einer in der alles fast fr ewig hlt

In einer in der alles fast fr ewig hlt.

Do You Hear?

Standing in the rain again too late
Heavy booze towards me sprayed
Searching for undefinable my feeling
Utterly constricted, more and more and just too much

I am the seer without vision

Gosh, encourage me tell me, you can make it !
Bittersweet dreams, what did I call them for?
Where are all the trees? The nerves arent covered anymore.

You I love you!

Do you hear? I love you!
Thawed out after a thousand lifetimes
Im still freezing a little bit
You I love you!
Do you hear? I love you!
Booked out and long since taken though not in this world,
But one where everything stays almost forever unfurled

Finally peace, You are there after all

Do You Hear
Just had to think of how it still was only a few days ago
These nights robbed me of my elixir of life
Now its sucked away and I scorn the vampire

A new morning no danger there

The wind plays tenderly through your disheveled hair
Dont get up, I want you once more just like earlier on
You know very well that its you my love turns upon

You I love you!

Do you hear? I love you!
Thawed out after a thousand lifetimes
Im still freezing just a little bit
You I love you!
Do you hear? I love you!
Booked out and long since taken though not in this world,
But one where everything stays almost forever unfurled

Do you hear? I love you! Where are you? Not in this world yet?
I have called for you a life long inviting you to share my soulbed

You I love you!

Andreas Buttler

Do you hear? I love you!

Thawed out after a thousand lifetimes
A wee bit Im still freezing
You I love you!
Do you hear? I love you!
Booked out and long since taken though not in this world,
But one where everything stays almost forever unfurled

But one where everything stays almost forever unfurled

Unter Wlfen

Bade deine Seele in dem allerschnsten Blau

Ich kenn sie besser als der Teufel und das weit du ganz genau.
Du hast mir viel zu viel geschworen nie den kleinsten Teil gesehn.
Hast auch nicht unser Kind geboren und es war gut von mir zu gehn

Sternengesandt so hast du mich einst genannt, ja ja

Sie ist dir auf den Leib geschrieben, deine Gage viel zu hoch
Nein, nein, du spielst hier keine Rolle mit Emotion nach
Plan und Buch. Hr auf und schwafle nicht von Liebe wann hast du mich denn vermisst?
Du bist unschlagbar gut mit Worten, wenn man dich nicht an Taten misst

Gabst dich mir hin, weil ich wirklich anders bin aha

Und doch heulst du mit den Wlfen

Lsst mich einsam hier zurck
Fgst dich wieder in die Meute ein ganz langsam Stck fr Stck
Bist der Engel unter Wlfen, der sich selber nicht versteht
Und nie wieder ganz vergessen wird, worum es wirklich geht
Werd erkennen deine Rufe, wenn dich sehnt nach meinem Raum
Unter Wlfen

Und im grenzenlosen Geiste dann erfllt sich unser Traum

Fhl dich sicher unter Wlfen Hab dir lngst die Flucht verziehn
Lass ruhig los die alten Zeiten, als die Sonne endlos schien

Grabeskalte Stille jeder Klang im Keim erstickt

Fhl mich wie jemand ohne Wasser, den man dann in die Wste schickt
Versuche nicht mir zu erklren, wieso du viele Meilen rennst.
Bin ich der Spiegel deines Lebens? Angst davor, dass du dich erkennst?

Sternengesandt wurde ich von dir genannt, ja ja

Hunderttausend Tode keiner hat mich sehr bewegt

Gab niemals auf nach dir zu suchen denn ich hab alle berlebt
Erfllt mit fliegenden Gedanken von dir ganz allein bewohnt.
War ich bereit fr dich zu sterben, damit zu leben sich auch lohnt.

Gabst dich mir hin, weil ich wirklich anders bin aha

Und doch heulst du mit den Wlfen

Lsst mich einsam hier zurck
Fgst dich wieder in die Meute ein ganz langsam Stck fr Stck
Bist der Engel unter Wlfen, der sich selber nicht versteht
Andreas Buttler

Und nie wieder ganz vergessen wird, worum es wirklich geht

Werd erkennen deine Rufe, wenn dich sehnt nach meinem Raum
Und im grenzenlosen Geiste dann erfllt sich unser Traum
Fhl dich sicher unter Wlfen Hab dir lngst die Flucht verziehn
Lass ruhig los die alten Zeiten, als die Sonne fr dich endlos schien
Among Wolves

Bathe your soul in the most beautiful blue
I know it better than the devil does and you know that too
You promised way too much I never saw a bit of it come true
Neither did you have a child with me, it was good that you left me too

Sent-from-the-stars, thats what you once called me, yeah, yeah

Its tailor-made for you, your fee way too high.

No, no, you are not acting a part with emotion, according to plot and script
Cut it out - dont babble here of love when did you miss me then?
You are unbeatable with words when its not deeds that count

You gave yourself to me, because I am different aha

And yet you howl with the wolves

Leave me behind here all alone
Let yourself slip back into the mob again very slowly, bit by bit
You are the angel amongst wolves, who doesnt understand herself
And will never quite forget again what its really all about.
Gonna recognize your calls, when youre longing for my space

Among Wolves
And in the spirit without borders, our dream will yet come true.
Feel safe amongst the wolves - have long since forgiven your flight
Just let the old times go, when the sun was shining endlessly

Cold silence of the grave each sound nipped in the bud

Feel like someone without water, who is then sent into the desert
Dont try explaining to me why you run so many miles,
Am I the mirror of your life? Afraid you would recognize yourself?

Sent-from-the-stars, thats what you once called me, yeah, yeah.

A hundred thousand dead none of them moved me a lot

Never stopped my quest for you since I have survived them all
Full of flying thoughts inhabited by only you
Was willing to die for you so life would be worth living.

You gave yourself to me because I am different aha

And yet you howl with the wolves

Leave me behind here all alone
Let yourself slip back into the mob again very slowly, bit by bit
You are the angel amongst wolves, who doesnt understand herself
Andreas Buttler

And will never quite forget again what its really all about.
Gonna recognize your calls, when youre longing for my space
And in the spirit without borders, our dream will yet come true.
Feel safe amongst the wolves have long since forgiven your flight
Just let the old times go, when the sun was shining endlessly.
Heim nach Eden

Wenn niemand meinen stummen Schrei nach Hilfe hrt

Will ich fort von hier
Und wenn mir nicht das letzte Fleckchen Raum gehrt
Such ich Schutz bei dir

Rede ich auch tagelang von mir

Keine Angst ich brauche dich hier

Wenn jedem, weil ich an mich glaub, der Kragen platzt

Hltst nur du zu mir
Wenn neben mir ganz aus Versehn ne Fremde ratzt
Ruf ich nur nach dir

Wenn ich auch mit Haus und Hof jonglier

Weit Du doch ich hng an dir und

Viel mehr, viel mehr, hab mich dir ergeben

Viel mehr, viel mehr, bring mich heim, nach Eden
Heim nach Eden

Bring mich heim, nach Eden

Wenn niemand fr mich da ist und ich weinen muss

Winkst du mich zu dir
Und wenn sie mich umarmen fr den Todeskuss
Schpf ich Mut bei dir

Rede ich auch tagelang von mir

Keine Angst ich brauche dich hier

Wenn alle meine Sterne mir vom Himmel falln

Such ich nach der Tr
Wenn jeder glaubt er muss in meine Richtung lalln
Find ich Halt bei dir

Wenn ich auch mit Haus und Hof jonglier

Weit Du doch ich hng an dir und

Viel mehr, viel mehr, hab mich dir ergeben

Viel mehr, viel mehr, bring mich heim, nach Eden
Viel mehr, viel mehr, hab mich Dir ergeben
Viel mehr, viel mehr, bring mich heim, nach Eden
Bring mich heim nach Eden
Bring mich heim nach Eden
Andreas Buttler
Home To Eden

When no one hears my silent cry for help
I want to part from here
And if I couldnt call the tiniest bit of space my own
I take shelter with you

Even if I talk for days and days about myself

Have no fear I need you here

And if, just because I trust myself, everyone will blow his fuse:
I find support with you
When someone inadvertently lies next to me,
I just call out for you

Even when I juggle with house and home

You still know that Im hooked on to you and

Whats more, whats more, Ive surrendered to you

Whats more, whats more, bring me home, to Eden
Bring me home, to Eden

Home To Eden
When there is no one I can turn to and have to cry
You beckon me to come to you
And when they hug me for that kiss of death
I ll gain courage from you

Even if I talk for days and days about myself

Have no fear I need you here

When all my stars fall from my skies

Its just the door Im looking for
When they all feel they should mumble in my direction
I find support with you

Even when I juggle with house and home

You still know that Im hooked on to you and

Whats more, whats more, Ive surrendered to you

Whats more, whats more, bring me home, to Eden
Whats more, whats more, Ive surrendered to you
Whats more, whats more, Bring me home, to Eden
Bring me home to Eden
Bring me home to Eden
Andreas Buttler
All and by that I mean actually just that, namely
all that you perceive and experience is exactly that,
which you out of yourself, through your own causal
thinking, create and indeed right now!
with this key statement one can, at the same time,
define the final objective and I assure you, it is a
worthwhile goal
Andreas Buttler

would one really be so asinine and expect a noticeable change when

tomorrows world is created by beings who get their current thinking
from a long past yesterday?

One could roughly describe the subconscious as the collection of all

the things for which a person has not taken any responsibility!

A spiritual being without its own subconscious, describes in

Spiritologie the first awareness level to be rehabilitated

Zero Edition 2009

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