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Social Studies Lesson Plan

Teacher(s): Caitlyn Conrad, Maygan Monteith, Rebecca Richard, Ryan Larsen

School: STU

Grade: 3

Unit: 3 (Three)

Date: February 1, 2017

Title of Lesson: Majority Vote

Time or # of Classes Required for this lesson: One (1) 40 minute lesson.

Curriculum Standard/Outcome (Number in the curriculum document)

3.3.3: Demonstrate an understanding in public decision making.

I can

Understand what majority vote means..

Recognize that the decisions I make affect a larger whole (my class).

Debate my answers with my peers.

Resources for the Teacher:




Talking stick - while students are discussing the stick will be passed around so only one
person speaks at a time

Writing journals/duotang
Handout for journal response

Assessment checklist

Goal/ Big Ideas:

The overall purpose of this class is to teach students the meaning of a majority vote and
how our personal decisions as individuals affect a larger whole (in this case the whole

In this activity, teaching young learners that they have a say in decision making, and
understanding their decisions have consequences that affect other people, sets them up to
be responsible citizens who take advantage of their right to vote.

Good questions to explore would be:

o What is majority vote? How does it work? Does it make everyone happy?

o Did the decision make you happy as an individual? Why or why not?

Lesson Plan Actions

Phase 1: Hook/ Introduction --- I have a problem Deciding on a class pet name.

Time: 15 minutes

Explain to the class that we will be getting a class pet, but do not know what to name it.

On the carpet, in a talking circle, ask the students for suggestions of names. Talking circle
rules and norms will have already been established but it never hurts to have a reminder:

o Only one person speaks at a time

o There will be no negative comments towards what someone says

o All ideas are good ideas

After you narrow the selection down get the students, by raising their hands with their
eyes closed, to vote on the name they want for our class pet.

Phase 2: Knowledge Content --- Majority Vote

Time: 10 minutes

Explain that the way we just voted is called majority vote. What does this mean when it
comes to making decisions?

o Not everyone may be happy with the outcome

o It is a compromise

Ask the students to write down the definition of majority vote into their notebooks. The
definition will be left on the board so that students can copy it.

Definition of Majority vote: a number of votes in agreement that add to more than half of the

Make sure students understand this explanation/definition. Further their understanding by

asking them for examples of a majority vote. Can they think of an example of a majority
vote? If 8 people voted for bananas and 2 people voted for oranges, the majority vote
would be for bananas. Ask them to come up with more examples. Ask them again if they
need more clarification.

Phase 3: Thinking (Activities) --- Thinking about the Outcome: Writers Workshop

Time: 20 minutes

Provide students with a handout (included at the end of this document).

Ask students to respond to the following statement (or writing prompt): I agree with the
majority vote because It makes me feel OR I disagree with the majority vote
because It makes me feel

These will be handed in to be assessed through a checklist (attached).

Phase 4: Closure Reflection / Assessment / Review / Evaluation / Wrap-Up --- The End

Time: 10 minutes

Call the students back to the carpet and ask if there are any volunteers willing to share
their opinions.

Have a small discussion about the benefits and the drawbacks to this voting method.
Majority Vote

Name: __________________ Date:___________________

I agree with the majority vote because


I disagree with the majority vote because

It makes me feel
Student understands the meaning of a majority vote

It is clear whether they agree or disagree with the vote

It is clear why they agree/disagree

They provide thoughtful reasons why they agree/disagree with the vote

Anecdotal Notes

Natasha John
Tyler Livia

Kassie Taylor

Trent Ethan

Morgan Aaron

Faith Noah

Caleb Lee

Allison Brittany

Kasey Annabelle
Jeremy Pierre