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Ryan Dehn 1

English 102

Professor Newport


Annotated Bibliography

My research paper will consist of the argument that capitalism is immoral, but it should

still be used regardless. I will give examples of other economic systems and weight the goods

and bad parts of each. Hopefully my research will show that capitalism should be kept

regardless of its imperfections. The thesis statement is, Even though capitalism in western

civilization helps developing countries, capitalism is immoral because of competition, and it puts

some people up and tears other down.

Alejandro Chafuen, US Economy in 2017: Welcome Higher Growth, www.forbes.com, 3

January 2017

This source from a web news article reporting on the future of trade in Americas free

market with less regulations on tax and trade. With president Trump, trade is going to be heavily

changed in the US to make it easier for businesses to function. The article is meant to persuade

people of the positive future for the trade of in America.

The author, Alejandro has been writing about the US economy for multiple years and has

a political science degree. I can use the information in this article to show the progress of a free

market in todays time for an up to date example of capitalism and how efficient it is. The article

also has charts explaining who the top economies are and ranking certain aspects of said


Ann Harrison and Margaret McMillan. Offshoring Jobs? Multinationals and U.S.Manufacturing

Employment. Vol. 93, No. 3. The MIT Press, August 2011. Pp 857

The source is from a scholarly book. The authors talk about why companies are out

sourcing jobs and other general information about outsourcing. Margaret McMillan is an

associate professor of economics at Tufts University. The book is neutral and meant to give


The information can be used to explain outsourcing to those who arent familiar with it.

The Intended audience are people who are looking to learn about what offshoring is with an

unbiased position.

Emily Ekins and Joy Pullmann, Why so Many Millennials are Socialist, the federalist.com, 15

February 2016
This Article is from a news web source. The article talks about the fact that so many

younger aged people are considering themselves to be socialist. Arguments for them being

socialist is that they could possibly not know what it is, not want government in business, and

that the cold war gave socialism a bad name to Americans. The article is made to persuade the

reader to understand where the younger people are coming from when they say they want

socialism instead of capitalism.

The article can be used to find a current reason why some people would prefer a different

economic system than capitalism. There may be some bias against the young people. The article

has many graphs and statistics about young what young people think about capitalism and


Emmet O. Connor. Communists, Russia, and the IRA, 1920-1923. Vol. 46, No. 1. Cambridge

University Press, March 2003. Pp 115-131

The source is from a scholarly book. The author, Emmet O. Connor is a historian at the

University of Ulster. The source talks about the problems that faced the socialist movement in

Ireland in the early 1920s. the conservative population voted against socialism and the socialist

movement had to find out what they needed to do; either keep fighting for socialism in Ireland or

move to Russia. The source is a neutral observation.

The intended audience is trying to find the history of socialism or communism in Europe

in the early 1900s. This can help understand why people didnt want socialism instead of

capitalism to prove that capitalism is more efficient than any other economic system.

MIchael Harthorne, Worlds 10 Richest Countries, www.newser.com, 22 November


The source is from a news web page. This article simply states what the top ten countries

are by providing the reader with how much the average person makes per year in US dollars. It

is written to persuade the reader to think a country is considered in good economic standing by

how much the average citizen earns yearly.

The information can be used to show how successful capitalism is by stating which of the

ten countries are capitalist. Also, most of the countries on the list are top fossil fuel which is

common knowledge that they hurt the environment. The author doesnt have much of a

background in this subject but he only wrote about subjective facts.

Robert William Fogel, Ralph A Galatine, Richard L. Manning. Capitalism, Morality and the

Peculiar Institution. Vol. 55, No. 2. Cambridge University Press, June 1995. Pp 367-


The source is from a scholarly book. The author Robert William Fogel, won the 1993

nobel memorial prize in economic science. The authors showed a persuasive argument against
the history of capitalism. The main point of this section of the book is that slavery was used

because of capitalism.

The intended audience is looking for a history of slavery. The information can be used to

describe how capitalism allows for such atrocities like slavery to take place and put aside morals

in order to make a net gain. This source will serve as a magnum opus to the idea that capitalism

is immoral.

Signe-Mary Mckerman, Caroline Ratcliffe, Eugene Steuerle, Sisi Zhang. Disparities in Wealthn

Accumulations and Loss from the Great Recession and Beyond. Vol. 4, No. 5. American

Economic Association, May 14. Pg. 240-244.

The source came from a scholarly book. The exert from the book gave general

information about why and how the great recession happened. It also talks about other losses

from the stock market. The source is a persuasive piece against greedy people in charge of other

peoples money.

The intended audience is people looking to be informed about what happens during

recessions and to the US stock market. The information can be used to provide evidence why

people with power over other peoples money tend to be deceitful and greedy, making a factor of

the free market in the US seem like a bad thing.

William W. Olney. Offshoring Immigration, and thee Native Wage Distribution. Vol. 45, No. 3.

Wiley on Behalf of the Canadian Economics Association, August 2012. Pp 830-856

This source is from a scholarly book. William W. Olney has a PH. D. from the

University of Colorado for Math and Business. The source is a neutral observation. The source

gives basic information on offshoring and talks about the positive and negative impacts of

offshoring to developing countries. It also talks about the positive and negative effects of it on

the country the business is leaving.

The intended audience is supposed to be people trying to understand what offshoring

does after the fact to the surrounding communities. The information can prove that even though

offshoring is controversial, it isnt as bad even considering that most offshoring companies revert

to sweatshops and paying lower wages.