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Lee High School

How does cosmetology help someone build their self esteem?

Rough Draft

Maria Morales Nila

Senior Capstone

Peter Foote

April 13, 2017

Maria Morales Nila

Peter Foote


March 27, 2017


Makeup and hair has evolved throughout many generations in many different ways.

About 12,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians started wearing makeup. The first cosmetics were

created from lead and copper, both men and women were known to wear makeup because they

believed they were protected by the gods. Not knowing that the ingredients they used were

helping them from getting diseases.Throughout centuries many women and men used burnt

matches as their eyeshadow, they used berries as lipstick and kids urine to cover their freckles.

Lucky, makeup products and hair products have upgraded and became more successful in todays

generation.. That's how makeup and hair have played an essential role in how people

express themselves and how it has help others build their self esteem.

People use makeup to express their moods, feelings, and thoughts. Many girls wear bright

colors when theyre excited, they feel happy and alive. It tends to put them in a happier mood

than not wearing any makeup at all. Others wear dark colors when theyre sad, they feel lost. The

simply need to see dark colors to feel themselves. Some just wear neutral colors simply because

they don't feel the need to express anything. Wearing neutral colors makes a person feel okay and

fine through their day. Makeup shouldn't just be used to enhance beauty but to describe a human

being. Usually when you're sick and wear makeup you tend to feel less sick, just because you
look better, you feel better. It more of a mental thought (Herrera, 2017.) Others with their

experience and knowledge can create art on their bodies using makeup. Being a makeup artist is

a skill given, not everyone is capable of practicing makeup. Makeup can create a human being

and it also brightens up peoples faces, it can make a person appear healthier. Talking from

experience Stephanie mentions Ever since I was a young girl, I have used makeup as a form of

self-expression. I am passionate about makeup and how it can showcase your individuality and

creativity (chain drug, 2017). Self expression through makeup can help others with their self


Cosmetologist have helped many people build their self esteem. People seek for a change

after a mental break down. After a breakup people tend to look for a change in their appearance.

Girls come to me after a breakup with really long hair asking me to chop it off, because they

feel like it relieves weight off their shoulders (Herrera, 2017). People that have lost hair,

eyebrow hair and eyelashes tend to get depressed after receiving treatments. However, makeup

has played a big role in helping others build their self esteem. "All illness or injury can make

people feel like they lose control," says Michele. "Teaching them about makeup and skincare

gives them some control, over how they look and how they maintain their skin" (Green. 2004).

People have learned to accept themselves with the help of cosmetics. Some feel confident, and

feel good about themselves with the help of beauty products. Cosmetics have helped disabled

students to think and feel better about themselves (Dalby. 2010). Overall, cosmetics have helped

others feel better about themselves and has helped them build a stronger self esteem.

Makeup has done an impacted in people's life and the change they can do in their life.

Cosmetics have played an essential role in how people look and feel about themselves. It has

gave them a positive outlook in how they view certain things. Makeup products have helped
people with their skin treatment. "From protective benefits to increasingly advanced anti aging

ingredients to the more specialized focus of anti acne and redness-reduction benefits, more and

more makeup manufacturers are offering consumers a wider variety of skin care options today

(Chain Drug. 10). Makeup can benefit your skin by rejuvenating it and giving you confidence as

a person.

Makeup and hair has become something people can't live without now in days. It helps a person
express themselves and helps them build themselves. Makeup can help a person describe their
senses and how they are feeling. It usually gives someone light and brightness up their day. If
they happen to be sick they usually tend to feel better if they wear makeup because it gives them
a better look. Makeup also helps people build their self esteem. Many girls feel the need to wear
makeup because it makes them feel better about themselves. Makeup and hair has become a part
of life that human beings have need.
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