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Scanmars new intelligent battery charger QBC X1

Scanmars new QBC X1 charger will be on the market this year, together with the Angle Sensor and
new Pingers. It will include functionality necessary to take full advantage of the b
enefits of the new sensors.
Of course, the charger will also be able to
The charger will have new capabilities which charge the old sensors.
will simplify use of the current range of
sensors, and many new functions to The QBC X1 will assist in getting the most
enhance use of the next-generation sensors. out of the Scanmar system and provide for
The new charger will be equipped with a gentle treatment of the batteries. The
small screen showing charging and sensor sensors functions will also be selectable
data. through the charger. Well be discussing this
in more detail in a later edition of Scanmar
Functions for current-generation sensors Info.
The new battery charger will charge all of
Scanmars standard sensors, including the
Trawl Eye. The Trawl Eye batteries will be
able to be charged approx. three times
faster than now.

Functions for future generations of sensors

The new QBC X1 battery charger will charge
Scanmars planned new sensor family.
These sensors will use smart batteries with
improved performance and better user

The sensors use new NiCad batteries, with

much higher storage capacity than the
current ones. The charger will be able to
charge them in less than two hours. These
smart batteries provide detailed information
about their own status, lifetime and charge
state. The battery charger will always show
the remaining battery capacity, so that the NEW CHARGER: New battery charger with
user can easily see how much power is left display that shows detailed information of
and how long a full charge will take. remaining capacity, so that the user easily
can see how much power is left and how
The new generation of sensors will include long it takes to be fully charged.
programmable vessel codes and channels.
The battery charger will also be able to For more information, please call:
reprogram these sensors so that the user 0047 33 35 44 00 or send an e-mail to:
can easily regroup the sensors into new scanmar@scanmar.no
configurations (if there is interference
between the channel frequencies).

Scanmar AS PO Box 44 N-3167 sgrdstrand Norway Tel: +47 33 35 44 00 Fax: +47 33 35 44 50 e-mail: scanmar@scanmar.no