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Braidens Inferno

Braiden Wills
Mrs. Dietrich
Honors English 10
Apr. 10, 2017
Circle 1: Limbo

Sin: Never accepting Jesus as ones Lord and savior.

Sinner: Aristotle
Punishment: No pain, but the souls must sit in an eternally dark
room with no sounds, odors, or any other stimuli.
Circle 1

Limbo is the first circle of hell. Souls here may have not had
the chance to accept Jesus, so their punishment is the least severe.
Nonetheless, they are in hell because they were never exposed to
God or had the opportunity to be redeemed by Christ. The souls sit
on chairs in a room with no light, sounds, or other stimuli. Since
they never received the light of Christ, there is no light in their
afterlife. Aristotle is placed in this circle because he died before
Jesus saved us.
Circle 2: The Prideful

Sin: Viewing oneself as better than others and acting

Sinner: Cristiano Ronaldo
Punishment: Lose whatever aspect of themselves they bragged
about such as physical appearance, skill at a sport, or intelligence
and they are constantly bombarded by whispers making fun of
them for whatever it is they lost.
Circle 2

The second circle of hell is for the prideful and

overconfident. They suffer no physical pain because they did not
necessarily hurt others. They are guilty of having such a high
opinion of themselves that it clouds their judgement and they put
themselves above others. Cristiano Ronaldo, a multi millionaire
soccer player is placed in this circle because he is boastful and very
over confidant. In hell, these souls lose their skill or attributes that
they boasted in life, and are constantly mocked because of it by
relentless whispers.
Circle 3: The Excluders

Sin: Excluding and ignoring others when they had the chance to
include them in an activity, conversation, or game or other
Sinner: Donald Trump
Punishment: Forced to see souls in heaven in communion with each
other and enjoying themselves while they are forced to sit alone on
an island far away from anyone else, with their only company being
swarms of insects biting them.
Circle 3

In this circle, sinners start to experience physical pain

because they have hurt others in their life. These people are
guilty of excluding others and turning a blind eye to them, possibly
putting them in harms way. Their punishment is that they are forced
to watch souls in heaven enjoying the company of others, while
they are isolated on their own islands and insects constantly bite
them. Their punishment fits their crime perfectly. Donald Trump is
in this circle because of his exclusion of Muslims from entering the
United States. He turned his back on these people when he could
have taken them in to protect them.
Circle 4: Wrongdoers in Love
Ring 1: The Flatterers

Sin: Showing their significant other love and affection that is not
fully genuine, in order to gain something.
Sinner: Melania Trump
Punishment: Flatterers are promised every day that they will
escape their chains, and every time the souls fall for it. They will
never escape their chains.
Circle 4
Ring 2: The Heartless

Sin: The opposite of the sin of the flatterers, the heartless failed
to show their significant other the love and care they deserve.
Sinner: Chris Brown
Punishment: Chained and placed in ice baths while snow falls on
Circle 4
Ring 3: The Unfaithful

Sin: Cheating on ones significant other behind their back with

another person
Sinner: Tiger Woods
Punishment: Demons tear through the sinners chests and rip out
their hearts.
Circle 4

Circle four is for the wrongdoers in love. The first ring is for those
who lied to their partner about their love for them in order to gain
something. Melania Trump is in this ring. Since in life they promised things
that werent real in hell they are promised their liberation but it never
comes. The second ring is for the cold hearted, those who failed to show
their partner the love they deserve. Chris Brown is in this ring because he
beat his girlfriend. They are eternally frozen in an ice bath in hell,
because in life they were cold hearted. The final ring is for the unfaithful,
those who cheated on their partners. Tiger Woods is in the third ring. In
hell, demons rip out the hearts of these sinners because in life these souls
ripped the hearts out of their partners when they betrayed them.
Circle 5: The Selfish

Sin: Refusing to give to others when you have more than enough
for yourself
Sinner: Tim Robbins
Punishment: Sinners are thrown down into deep wells full of water
to drown.
Circle 5

Circle five is for the gluttons, or the selfish. A celebrity who

refuses to give to any charity, Tim Robbins, is in this circle. Since in
life these people had more than enough food and water to sustain
themselves but refused to share with others, they are thrown into
deep wells full of water to drown, which is symbolic of the great
amount of goods that these people hoarded in life. Their wealth
comes back to destroy them in the afterlife.
Circle 6: The Blasphemous

Sin: Deliberately making disrespectful statements that undermine

Gods power and divinity
Sinner: Lady Gaga
Punishment: Sinners are stripped of their clothes and are tarred
and feathered while other souls laugh at them.
Circle 6

The punishment for the blasphemous is intense because

blasphemers disrespect and attack the divinity and authority of God
through their speech or actions. Lady Gaga is in this circle because
of her controversial performances. Since in life these sinners tried
to mock God, in hell they are eternally mocked. They are tarred
and feathered after their clothes have been taken from them, one
of the most embarrassing forms of torture.
Circle 7: Fraud
Bolgia 1: Falsifiers

Sin: Tampering with Gods creation to change it.

Sinner: Santiago (from The Alchemist)
Punishment: Sinners bodies are constantly changing shape which
is very painful.
Circle 7
Bolgia 2: Hypocrites

Sin: Failing to act on the advice that one gives

Sinner: Cyrus the Great
Punishment: Sinners wear beautiful clothes that burn their skin on
the inside.
Circle 7
Bolgia 3: Fortune Tellers

Sin: Predicting the future or any use of magic

Sinner: Linda Howe
Punishment: Sinners eyes are gauged out and their heads are on
Circle 7
Bolgia 4:Liars/Betrayers

Sin: Bearing false or corrupted witness to an event and hurting

another person in the process
Sinner: Benedict Arnold
Punishment: Sinners walk on a bed of roses but underneath are
long hot metal spikes that the sinners feet are constantly pierced
Circle 7
Bolgia 5: Thieves

Sin: Stealing other peoples possessions

Sinner: Clyde Barrow
Punishment: Demons chop off the parts of the sinners body one
by one then they are put back together again and chopped up over
and over.
Circle 7

Circle 7 is for the sinners guilty of fraud. It is in one of the lower circles
because fraud goes against Gods will for us to recognize Himself in us and live out
his presence. The five bolgias contain the falsifiers, hypocrites, fortune tellers,
deceivers, and thieves. Santiago, an alchemist, is in the first bolgia and in hell his
body is constantly changing shape. The second bolgia is for the hypocrites, those
who teach something different than what they act on, and Cyrus the Great is
guilty of this. These sinners wear sparkling clothes on the outside, but they suffer
pain on the inside. Fortune tellers and magicians inhabit the third bolgia and have
their eyes gauged out and their necks turned around. Linda Howe, a famous
fortune teller, is imprisoned here. The fourth bolgia is for the givers of false
witness, the liars and betrayers. Here, souls such as Benedict Arnold walk on a
bed of beautiful roses, but their feet are impaled by hot metal spikes underneath.
Finally, the final bolgia is for the thieves and robbers. Clyde Barrow is here, and
demons chop up his body, only for it to heal up again and to be chopped up again
for eternity.
Circle 8: The Takers of Life
Bolgia 1:The Suicidal

Sin: Deliberately taking ones own life

Sinner: Robin Williams
Punishment: Whatever pain they inflicted on themselves is
multiplied and is inflicted back upon them in hell.
Circle 8
Bolgia 2: Murderous Towards the Enemy

Sin: Showing unnecessary violence to ones enemy

Sinner: Jubal Early
Punishment: Sinners are turned into infants that feel much more
pain than a grown man would
Circle 8
Bolgia 3: Murderous Towards the Innocent or
Sin: Killing another person who has done you no wrong or is unable
to defend his or herself
Sinner: Adolf Hitler
Punishment: Sinners arms and legs are tied up with barbed wire
and are forced to lay on a burning stove.
Circle 8
Bolgia 4: Violent Towards Family

Sin: Killing ones spouse or relative

Sinner: Chris Benoit
Punishment: Sinners are given gifts such as food, drink, or a bed
to sleep on but when they use these objects, they harm the sinner
and cause them misery. They continue to accept every gift they
are given.
Circle 8
Bolgia 5: Violent Towards God

Sin: Physically destroying sacramentals and or killing another

person because of their faith in God
Sinner: Nero
Punishment: Sinners are nailed to a hot metal cross with burning
nails in every place available on their body
Circle 8

The takers of life are put into the second lowest circle because these sinners stole the
light of God away from others or themselves, which is a gift. The takers of their own lives are in
the first bolgia, such as Robin Wiliams. In hell, the pain that these people inflicted on the body
God gave them is multiplied and intensified in hell. People who murdered those they were
enemies with for no good reason are imprisoned in the second bolgia. A cruel military general,
Jubal Early is here. Since in life they should have been more mature, they are transformed into
infants who feel much more pain than a man would. The sin becomes very severe in the third
bolgia, which is for those who took the lives of the innocent. Adolf Hitler is here, and his arms
and legs are bound with rope while he is cooked on a hot oven. Even worse than killing others is
killing your own family member, which is what the souls in the fourth bolgia are guilty of. Chris
Brown is guilty of this, and in hell he is given gifts promised to ease his pain, but they only
amplify his misery more. In life, your family is supposed to love and protect you, but these
sinners did the opposite. The final bolgia of this circle is the persecutors of Christians for their
faith. This is the most severe bolgia because these sinners killed Jesus in a way by persecuting
his followers. King Nero is here, and he is nailed to a hot metal cross with hot metal spikes on
every inch of available space on his body, an allusion to Jesus death.
Circle 9: The Worshippers of Satan

Sin: One who showed zeal for their faith in Lucifer and worshipped
the fallen angel as their God
Sinner: Matt Skiba
Punishment: Sinners are crunched up in Satans mouth of hot
metal teeth and burning saliva.
Circle 9

The lowest and most severe circle in hell if for the

worshippers of Satan. It is only fitting that since in life these people
chose to follow Satan whole-heartedly instead of God, they are the
closest sinners in hell to the fallen angel himself. Matt Skiba, a
pronounced follower of Satans church, is in the lowest circle. His
punishment is the worst of all. These sinners are constantly mashed
by the hot metal teeth of Satan himself, while their bodies burn in
his acidic saliva that eats away at their flesh.