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Design of Curriculum for Agriculture Education

for Rural Middle School Children

Aditya Kaushal Bachelors Thesis Project

130205002 Department of Design


A grassroots level intervention in agriculture with sample Design & Implementation

curriculum designed for greater understanding and application
of agriculture for protability by the rural middle school children The sample curriculum was designed in accordance with topics of
by introducing them to farming at young age so that they can NCERT and incorporating technology and intuitiveness of students
practice agriculture, innovate and collaborate later for a
better lifestyle as farmers when they become adults #Agriculture #Sessions #Cards #PLAY #Sabha

Played in class on a laptop or projector Students can also watch them anywhere
during the lecture to explain the later by just scanning the image
LITERATURE REVIEW concepts in detail Videos written with PLAY icon in PLAY app
on their smartphone which can also
be downloaded for viewing later

A comprehensive literature review was carried out to

Sessions Cards
understand the current scenario of education in context
of agriculture. The review consisted of analysing the case Physical dropboxes will be installed
in schools where students or their Chapters
Cards to be distributed to students every
week which introduces their whole family
studies of India and United Sates of America. Facts that family can drop in questions which will to something new in agriculture and also
be answered in a live session has a questionnaire at back for collecting
emerged from analysis were that there was no formal on Kisan Suvidha app of govt.
They have textual
information along with
present agricultural practices in the family

education in schools in terms of agriculture in India storyboards for simple

& easy explanation
except few general facts about climate and crops in Aap ki Sabha Universities & Govt. depts.
Geography but some NGOs teach agriculture with Annual meeting conducted at every Subtle hints have been included in the
sustainability to rural children while in United States school where students with their families can chapters about the agriculture universities
join the Agricultural experts physically to clear and govt. departments which provide
there is a well-dened curriculum with integration into their doubts and have an open discussions subsidy and help in policy development to
industries with good job perspectives regarding agriculture make the students aware of their presence


03 Expert Interviews

Agriculture Economics Psychology

Scientist Expert Expert

02 13
Student NCERT Books
Interviews Analysed


The next step is to get the sample

curriculum evaluated by teachers and
RESEARCH FINDINGS students and build upon the feedback
given by them.
- Agriculture is not seen as a viable option by the
youth due to increased vulnerability in the sector Further collaboration with National bodies
involved with education in India like
- There are training programs and exposure visits for NCERT and RMSA to transform the sample
into nal product with more relevant case
illiterate farmers but it is limited to adult farmers only
studies and informative videos added to
the library with help of universities like
- Emphasis on understanding topics rather than rote Assam Agricultural University and
learning departments like Krishi Vigyan Kendra.

- Use of Participatory Learning Method in curriculum Collaboration with Govt. of India by

integrating PLAY application with other
- Students are more fluent in Assamese and Hindi helpful farming applications like Kisan
rather than English but for the major technology Suvidha Applicaion for bringing students
related tasks like operating television or phones, and adult farmers together with
they easily used and recognized English words technology.