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How does the product use, devolop or challenge conventions.

Colour Scheme: The colours

Mast head: I believe that masthead used help show the indie genre of
has a unique style and challenging music and fit the overall theme
the industries conventions. Fur- of the magazine well as it sets the
thermore it stands out from the tone for the rest of the magazine.
rest of the front cover. It is also Furthermore the black and white
large and bold to attract readers. background helps the text stand
out more proximately attracting

Coverline: The coverline is used Skyline: The skyline is used to

to show the main article of the show the contents of the mag-
magzine, therefore i have made it azine and who will be appear-
stand out from the rest of the front ing. This is used to help attract
cover by making it large and bold. readers.

Anchorage Text: The anchorage Layout: The front cover is de-

text shows some of the articles signed to be simplistic to show
within the magazine and at-tracts connotations of the indie genre
readers. of music. The information is
space out well and the magazine
does not look overcrowded.

Main Image: The main image used

fits the style and genre of the mag- Barcode/price: The barcode
azine. Furthermore it works well and price is added to make the
with the colour scheme and works I believe my magazine challenges regular conventions by appear- publication more official as all
as a good background. ing different from most other publications, such as the colour and magazines have this.
layout. Despite this in many way it follows conventions such as the
use of anchorage text and skyline to attract the reader.
The colours used on the double page spread are unusual and different. The blue
and purple are very calming and comforting colours and are used to draw the
reader in and gives them an insight of the nature of the article.
The image used for
the double page
The typography
spread show the
used for the
band waering ca-
double page spread
sual clothes.
is simple and all
These clothes
one colour. I used
would be worn
to black text as it
by my target au-
stands out well
dience, The im-
against the
age also shows
background and is
the band having
clear to read.
a good time, this
Furthermore the
would hopfully
colours of the text
attract athe reader
and background is a
due ti them being
nice contrast and is
more intrigued
easy on the eyes.
with the article.
The image used for the double page spread is bright and eye catching. As well
as this it is different and challenges magazine conventions, this reflects my
audience and the genre of music the magazine is based on. I also believe the
image looks professionally edited.
The font used for the context page is the same font used for my dou- A few images are used
ble page spread. I did this as it helps link the pages together and shows on my context page, an
how it is a part of the same publication. image shows my double
page spread making the
The contents page is
reader want to read the
different enough to depict
article, the other images
the indie genre of music
used look professionally
and challenge conventions
made, bright and vibrant.
while still looking
These images demon-
professional and being
strate the type of content
within the magazine and
helps connect with my
The colours used are target audience.
similar to my front cover.
Like the front cover they
The lack of a background
show the indie genre of
challenges conventions
music and fit the overall
and helps emphasize fo-
theme of the magazine
cus on the other images
. Furthermore a white
and text on the page itself.
background is used with
This makes the reader
black bold text this helps
focus on the key informa-
it stand out and be more
tion and hopefully would
understandable. The pink used is also very different and challenges make them more interest-
conventions, despite this it is still a very welcoming colour. ed in certain articles.

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