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QUESTIONNAIRE FOR OIL LEVEL INDICATIOR SUKRUT Forwerded To Against inquiry General Notes : 1. Please Tick [Win each category as per your requirment.And Mail to Sukrut udyog _(marketing@sukrutudyog.com) 2 Indicators with different specifications are not interchangeable, hence please fill all items carefully 3 To avoid exchange of letters, please answer all questions, nevertheless, in case of any doubt/problem contact us, 4 In case of repeat requirement just inform Sr. No. of earlier instrument instead of filling this questionnaire. QUESTIONNAIRE Sr.No. CATEGORIES DETAIL SPECIFICATIONS (Selet anyone) oO oO Conservator Nt He = Peo lain Conservator With Aircel (Select anyone) oO ack Oo 21 Mounting of Mounting — q Inclination Angle" a = Verical Inclined (Gelect anyone) 22 Position Indicator Off centre on Mat end cover of Conservator flatend cover of Conservator (Ste mya) o oO 23° Movement of Float Arm (Select anyone) Dial 31 Size (Nominal Dia) 50 %, 100 180 250 . Without switch Wilh OR 2 switches ay 32, Colour T rl = ask Mark 2 Black Marking wath © (Geet anyone) White Background ockgroun Page 1 oF 4 Conservator "LAIN CONSERVATOR Conservator Dia 1D(>) [Mt 5, SWITCHES STANDARED : EMPTY, 14,172, 3/4, FULL C1 Teighio? vill Mark On Level om btm Dis” | feons oa as Lower usar iz ia fa is Da waRKangs os DIAL cure STANDARED EMPTY, 1, 1254 FULL Note Any ther marking ae posite Conservator Dia. 0). [—_ please speci CONSERVATOR wi Tagitar ver | Makon | 2h et ost] MELD fact rr 3 Lower unit 2 Tr La 7 DIT Hicuer MARKINGS ON DIAL acu Oo (Gelet anyone) [Loca] LOLA VEOLA LOLA THOLA] Glosay of Temes, ——— LoER Sestch for Low Of Level Alarm Circe MLOLA Swath or Very Law O Level Tap Ci HOLA Switch High Os Lavel Alam Che f 6 Quan Schetnle of requirement yy Total__Nos Date 1. Any Othe Infromation/Remark Phove no, (with aes code) Mob No Signature Name Designation: SUKRUT UDYOG SILA, Erandawana, Pune 411 004 India. Telephone : 91-020-66802720, 66802728, Mob :- 9657718762, 9657718764 Email : marketing @sukrutudyog.com ; website : www.sukrutudyog.com Page Dota