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Answer key Unit 4

Test Standard Level


1  Listen and match the people to

13 CD 1 Track 14
their jobs. There is one picture you Beth: Im so happy Michael Stiles is with me
today. Hello, Michael.
dont need to use.
Michael: Hi, Beth.
CD 1 Track 13 Beth: So tell us, Michael. Were you a great
Bridget: When I was young, I was very good at basketball player when you were a
music. I still play the piano and the violin young boy?
quite well, but that isnt my job. At work, I Michael: The first few years at school I was terrible
have to wear a white coat and protective at sports. All my friends were great at
glasses made of plastic. There are a lot basketball, but I was very short!
of little bottles and a microscope in the Beth: Ha! Were you disappointed?
room. I like studying very small things. Michael: No. With a lot of practice I was quickly
Matt: I get up very early every day to go to the best player at school and later at
work. I cant wear clean clothes because university.
I get very dirty. Its difficult when its hot Beth: And what is a normal day like for you?
in summer or cold in winter, but I like my Michael: It isnt easy! I get up really early, around
job! Im not a doctor or an inventor, but six oclock and have a shower first. Then
building houses is important. I have a big breakfast and drive to the
Phillip: Some people are afraid of me, but I try to stadium.
make them relax when they come to see Beth: Do you play basketball every day?
me. I talk to them about their work or their Michael: Oh yes! We play for four hours in the
children while I find out whats wrong. morning and three more after lunch.
I like seeing my patients smile when Beth: Do you enjoy it?
they get well, but I dont like giving them Michael: I love it! The other players are very
medicine immediately. funny, too!
Kate: My job is really interesting, but also hard. Beth: Well, Michael. Thank you for talking to us
When something important happens, I get today. I think Im very lucky!
a phone call and run to see what is going Michael: Thank you.
on. I talk to a lot of people and ask them
Answers: 1 good 2 tall 3 big 4 funny
questions. I record what they say on my
phone or on camera. I love learning new CD1

things. 3  Listen and circle the correct


Jay: Im quite famous in the USA. People invite answers.

me to big parties where I meet important CD 1 Track 15
people like politicians and film stars. They Man: Hello, everyone, and welcome. Todays show
always ask me to play something on the is about a big star of jazz: Louis Armstrong.
guitar and sing them a song. I dont mind Jazz specialist, Amy Parks, is here to talk to
that, but I hate it when journalists ask me us about him. Amy.
personal questions. Amy: Hello. Louis Armstrong was born in 1901 in
Answers: 1 d 2 c 3 a 4 f 5 e New Orleans, in the USA. His father was a
factory worker and they were very poor. His

2  Listen and complete the sentences

life as a boy wasnt easy. He was interested
in music from a young age and when he
with the words in the boxes below.
was twenty he was already a famous jazz
There are two words you dont need musician. His favourite musical instruments
to use. were the trumpet and the cornet. But Louis
was also a very good singer with a particular
voice. His songs were very successful in

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Answer key Unit 4
Test Standard Level

the USA and around the world. One of 9 Read. Now write about you and
Louis Armstrongs popular songs is What a draw a picture.
wonderful world. It talks about the simple
Answers: Pupils own answers.
things in life. It was a big success in the
1960s and even today most people say its
a very beautiful song. Louis Armstrong has Speaking
still got many fans who think his music is
amazing! 10 Name five jobs and describe them
Man: Thank you, Amy. And now lets find out using the words in the boxes below.
about one of Louis fellow singers, Ella
Fitzgerald. Amy, what can you tell us
about 11 N
 ow ask and answer questions
Answers: 1 a 2 b 3 a 4 c 5 c
about the pictures using was/were.
Use the words in the boxes below.
Reading Answers:
Part 1 1 politician 2 scientist 3 musician 4 builder
5inventor 6 journalist 7 film star
4 Read and write T (true) or F (false). Pupils own answers using the words in the boxes.
Answers: 1 F 2 T 3 F 4 T 5 T Part 2 Pupils own answers.

5 Read and circle the perfect job for

each person.
Answers: 1 fashion designer 2 actor 3 teacher
4farmer 5 inventor

6 Read and write D (Duncan) or A

(Andrew). each person.
Answers: 1 A 2 D 3 A 4 A 5 D 6 D


7 Write the missing letters in the jobs.

Then match them to the pictures.
Answers: 1 scientist - e 2 politician - c 3 fashion
designer - a 4 lawyer - d 5 businessman - b

8 Order and write the questions. Look

at the pictures and write the answers.
1 Does he want to be a TV presenter? Yes, he does.
2 Was your favourite food pizza? No, it wasnt.
3 Was your grandfather a teacher? No, he wasnt.
4 Is your job dangerous? Yes, it is. 5 Were Tim/Bob
and Bob/Tim builders? No, they werent.

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