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Test Higher Level Name:

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19 Listen and circle the correct answers. 6

1 Chocolate cakes are favourite cakes.

a the mans b the mans sons c the womans
2 The shop doesnt sell cakes.
a healthy b fruit c chocolate
3 He cant have a raspberry cake because they only make cakes
a with strawberries. b with pears. c with fresh fruit.
4 In the end, the man orders a cake with
a pears. b oranges and pears. c oranges.
5 The cake is enough for
a 12 people. b 20 people. c 14 people.
6 The man needs the cake on Friday
a morning. b afternoon. c night.

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20 Listen and complete the sentences with one or two words. 6

1 A slice of apple after a few minutes.

2 keeps an apple fresh.

3 Dont put potatoes in the .

4 Keep onions in , dry places.

5 Have fruit an hour you eat your meal.

6 After a meal, wait a few before you have any fruit.

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21 Listen and write T (true) or F (false). 5

1 Sam is showing his friends a photo album.

2 He had bredie with vegetables and meat.

3 In Cape Town, he had a good sandwich from a


4 He didnt like having hot cereal with milk.

5 There was pineapple smoothie for breakfast at

the hotel.
Test Higher Level Name:
Reading Class:


4 Read and write T (true), F (false) or DS (doesnt say). 5

metres wide! People think its 6,000 years
Baobab are beautiful trees in Africa and
old! Its 22 metres high and inside its trunk
Australia. People also call them bottle trees
theres a pub, The Big Baobab Pub. Tourists
or upside-down trees because of their
can have a drink or something to eat
funny shape. They havent got leaves
inside the tree and, of
for many months of the year
course, take pictures.
and so their branches
look like roots in the People in Africa use
air; the tree is upside- the leaves and fruit
down. There are eight from these trees in
different species. different ways. They eat the leaves
fresh in a salad or cooked in soups. The
Baobab trees can grow quite high,
Baobab fruit is quite big, the size of a
between five and 30 metres, and they
coconut, and it tastes like grapefruit
live for a very long time. They have a
and pears. It contains many nutrients,
very big trunk seven to 11 metres all
for example, Vitamins B and C,
round. It can hold more than 100,000
iron and calcium. In some African
litres of water and this is because
countries, like Kenya and Tanzania,
they live in very dry places. Theres
people cook the Baobab seeds with
one in Sunland Farm in Limpopo,
sugar and have it for a snack.
South Africa, and its trunk is 47

1 The leaves of a Baobab tree are upside-down.

2 There are more types of Baobab in Africa than in Australia.
3 There isnt a lot of rain where the Baobab trees grow.
4 The farmers work in The Big Baobab Pub.
5 People prepare different foods with leaves and seeds from the Baobab trees.
Test Higher Level Name:
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5 Read and match the descriptions to the correct vegetables. 6

1 There are two vegetables you dont need to use.

FRESH AND HEALTHY: tips on fruit and

vegetables Welcome to my blog! Ive got a vegetable quiz for you today. How
much do you know about your veggies? Read the descriptions. Do you know what
vegetable it is?
Check your answers tomorrow!

1 It grows on the ground like 2 People around the world eat this vegetable.
watermelons and it gets very big and There are many different types and they
heavy. It contains Vitamins A, C and usually grow underground. This vegetable has
E. People make pies with it and they got a very thin skin like paper. It has a very
also use it to decorate their houses at strong taste and when you cut it with a knife,
Halloween. In the fairytale, Cinderella, it usually makes you cry. You can eat it in
one of these changes into a carriage. salads, sauces, soups and many other dishes.

3 Its a very healthy vegetable and 4 Its a very common vegetable and it makes
when its fresh, its dark green. People delicious salads. We also put it in sandwiches
usually boil it in water and eat it as with tomato, cheese and ham. Its green and
part of a main meal. It belongs to the its got lots of leaves. Its important to wash
cabbage family and its very similar to the the leaves in water before you eat them. Its
cauliflower. Its rich in Vitamins C and K. leaves can be straight or curly and there are
different sizes.

a aubergine b cauliflower

c onion d pumpkin

e lettuce f broccoli
Test Higher Level Name:
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6 Read and circle A (Star fruit), B (Kumquat), C (Dragon fruit) or 6

1 D
(African cucumber).

Exotic fruit
Do you like trying new types of fruit and vegetables? Here are some strange
tropical fruits from around the world. Theyre interesting to taste and look at!

Star fruit: comes from Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka

A Its a bright yellow colour and it combines lots of different flavours like pineapple, apple,
lemon and orange. Its rich in vitamin C and its usually sweet. It isnt very small and its seeds
are light brown. You can eat it with or without them. Some people put it in green salads.
Kumquat: comes from China
B A kumquat is the size of an olive and it looks like an orange. It grows on trees that have
white flowers. A big kumquat tree can give hundreds or thousands of fruits each year. You
can make marmalade with kumquats and in Taiwan people add it to their tea. They say it
helps when you have a sore throat.
Dragon fruit: comes from Mexico and South America
C Its also called pitaya but in English the names dragon fruit or strawberry pear are more
common. It isnt a small fruit a big one can weigh up to one kilo. Its got colourful skin and
depending on the type it can be red, yellow or white inside. Its got lots of small black
African cucumber: comes from Kalahari Desert, Africa
D It sounds like a vegetable, but its more similar to a melon. People describe it as a melon
with horns. Yellow on the outside and green on the inside, it tastes like bananas, lemons
and cucumber. Its often used for decoration, but its better to eat it because it contains
vitamins and minerals.

1 The fruit inside can be different colours. A B C D

2 You can have it with a hot drink. A B C D
3 People often use it to make other dishes look pretty. A B C D
4 It combines more than three different flavours. A B C D
5 Its seeds arent a dark colour. A B C D
6 There are things on its skin that some animals have. A B C D
Test Higher Level Name:
Writing Class:


7 Write questions with Is there/Are there. Use the words in 6

1 brackets.

1 ? (avocado)

2 ? (grapes)

3 ? (raspberries)

Now look in the basket and write short answers to the questions above.

Test Higher Level Name:
Writing Class:


81 Look in the basket again. Write sentences with the words in 5

brackets. Use There is/isnt, There are/arent and a, an, some
or any.

1 (cherries)

2 (pineapple)

3 (avocado)

4 (plums)

5 (spinach)
9 Read Pauls post on his blog. 5

PAULS A delicious day

BLOG Yesterday was a great day, a delicious day! In

the morning, I had toast with jam and eggs and
a glass of pineapple juice. For lunch, I had
chicken with rice and spinach. I love spinach! For
dinner, we went to an Italian restaurant. My
brother had spaghetti and I had pizza with
mushrooms and onions. Yum!

Now write about the food you had in one day.

Total test score: 50

Test Higher Level Name:
Speaking Class:


1 What fruits and vegetables are there below? Look and make 5
0 sentences with a(n), some or any and the words in the boxes
1 below.

pumpkin grapes aubergine raspberries cauliflower

11 Look at the picture again. Make questions and short answers with
Is there/Are there and the words in the boxes below. 5

strawberries avocado peas peppers lettuce

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