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Jack Daniels

By: Ryan Thompson, Eli Melas, Zack Harding, Corey

Kehm, Maddie McDonnell
Description of the company
Brand of Tennessee whiskey
Top selling American whiskey in
the world
Home county is Moore,
Tennessee which is a dry county
Product is not available at stores or
restaurants within the county
Target audience- less than 24 and
Its a more expensive brand of
Jack Daniels: Tangibles
Bottle (corners to enhance the
confident, and masculine
Buy a barrel ($10,000)
Jack Daniels: Intangibles
Masculine / Old fashioned
Honesty / Confidence
Harley Davidson driver
Mr. Cool guy
Every day we make it, well make it the best we can.

Honey Chata and Jack Fire
Communication of the brand
Old Fashioned ad- aired in 2015 and highlight the brands history and
Communications frequently reference the year the brand was founded 1875
Dark colors frequently used
Iconic & Traditional with the bottle and
More expensive brand of whiskey
Based on taste & premium quality
Masculine & American
Establish new category Jack
Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey
Competition Johnnie Walker
Keep Walking
Wild Turkey George Dickel
$20 $25
Give em the Bird Mellow as Moonlight
Evan Williams
Makers Mark
Jim Beam
Success of Jack Daniels
Top selling American whisky in the world
Went from selling 100,000 cases in 1955 to over 12 million cases today
Named one of the 100 best global brands in 2015 (84th)
Estimated total value of $5.161 billion
Every year about 280,000 people tour the distillery and visit the small town of
Lynchburg. In any two-month period, visitors from all 50 states and over 30
foreign countries will stop by to see where their favorite whiskey is made and
to meet the people they have come to know through Jack Daniels advertising
More special edition flavors and variations on original recipe
Millennials especially enjoy flavored whiskeys
More focus on the deep history 150+ years to capture consumers young and