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You'll be Seeing Lady Bits

Liana Kerzner's web series tackling gender controversies in video games has been fully funded in
just 6 days

Toronto, Canada, May 11, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Lady Bits, the series that picks up the baton to explore the
very charged issues Tropes v. Women left unresolved, smashed its base goal of $16,500 CDN in just 6
days on Kickstarter.

Gamers of all political stripes and backgrounds, pro-Gamergate and anti-Gamergate alike, have endorsed
Lady Bits with their dollars, enthusiastic for the series' tough questions about women in gaming. Lady
Bits will ask the questions, explore a wide range of views, then leave the answers up to the audience, just
like the player choice found in video games.

At the foundation of this project is a profound belief in gamers, Liana Kerzner says. I believed that,
given a chance, gamers would embrace a show of this kind. Gamers quickly exceeded my high hopes!
The positive response has been really overwhelming.

The Lady Bits Kickstarter runs until the end of May, with plans to premiere the series on YouTube in the
Fall as part of the new Ed the Sock-branded online channel, FUN - The FU_Network. The funding
campaign continues at http://goo.gl/HFbWhb to add further episodes to the series' daring exploration of
essential issues in video games.

Lady Bits' approach to its contentious subject matter will rely on honesty and Liana's gamer cred. Liana
has been a gamer since she was three years old, thanks to the arcade version of Pac-Man - or as she called
it at the time bucka bucka.

"The way other gamers related to that part of my history has been really heartwarming," Liana relates.
I'm seeing 'bucka bucka' in the comments, 'bucka bucka' in tweets. It's validating in a way I'm totally not
used to.

Has it been all positive? Of course not. But the nastiness has been a small minority.

There are always haters, Liana insists. Part of this experiment is to show other women that haters
aren't a reason to stop. There's a lot of unnecessary fear that trolls and opportunists prey on. It's the fear,
more than the trolls, that I believe holds women back in gaming. So we need a model for dealing with it.
This process is helping to shape that model.

Liana Kerzner is available for interviews on the subjects of women in gaming, cyber harassment,
YouTube communities, crowdfunding, and, of course, video games. For more information or to arrange
an interivew with Liana, please contact Alaina McGravey at am@funetwork.tv

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