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LEAD Guidance

for LCs.
MC Dragon Team 16.17
LEAD is not making your members or EPs crying in a very touching session,
it is more and now it has very specic delivery points where we should be
able to deliver content that help our customer to develop their leadership.

AIESECs value proposiJon is now tangible and by the Jme it will be

stronger, this is our rst step to ensure value delivery as a leadership
centric organisaJon.

-MC oGV Dragon Team 16.17-


1. What is LEAD?
2. Why LEAD?
3. When to do LEAD?
4. How do we do LEAD?
5. Leadership QualiJes (LDQs)
5. LEAD Environments.
6. LEAD FacilitaJon.
7. Tips and Tricks.
What is LEAD?

Any space where our

customers are hosted to
reect, set individual
goals and develop their
leadership qualiJes.
LEAD is not
1. A Conference or formal talk.
2.Sharing Vulnerability Space.
3. Get to Know Space.
4. Relaxing environment.
5. About any topic.
AIESEC delivers the Standards
to facilitate an Inner & Outer Journey for EPs
which develops the leadership quali/es in our customers

develop the Leadership Quali/es of our customers


First Reason: AIESEC facilitates

Inner and Outer Journey for our

One important part of this is

LEAD Spaces through the whole
experience that can ensure IOJ.
Second Reason:

Refreshed Standards make us

ensure leadership development
spaces in Outgoing and Incoming
PreparaJon but also in Debrief
with AIESEC Home.

Standards # 2, #4 and #6
Whe n d o we d o LEA D?
Before Exchange
(30-20 days before
departure) These are our main
During Exchange in no
touching points for
more than 10 days aMer
LEAD delivery in our
(Within 20 days they
came back)
How to Deliver
Remember that there are three things you
need to do in order to delivery LEAD:

1) Ensure alignment with LDQs.

2) Create Session Outlines and determine
Session facilitator Support.
3) Follow the guidelines on our Peak
Management Resources Center.
LDQs ExplanaSon
WORLD CITIZEN: I am aware of what is going on in the
world and enjoy taking an acJve role in contribuJng
towards making it a becer place for everyone.

SELF AWARE: I know what I am good at, whats

important to me, and what I am passionate about. I am
constantly exploring what I want to achieve in my life.

EMPOWERING OTHERS: I am able to communicate

ideas clearly, engage in meaningful conversaJons with
others, and co-create spaces of collaboraJon
that empower people to take acJon.

SOLUTION ORIENTED: I come up with soluJons to

challenges. I am exible and I am always ready to take the
necessary risks .Every Jme I fall I always stand back up.
Leadersh ip Qua li Se s ( LDQs)
LEAD Env iro n me nt
These are the dierent 6
LEAD Environments where
we can deliver LEAD.

All of them are supposed

to develop LDQs in

Find session outlines

Indiv idua l Dis cove ry an d Ree cS o n

What is this? Tips for Facilitator
Touching Points

Virtual or Physical -OPS -Get to know the

touching point -IPS LDA of EP.
where Customer -RIS -Use content
reects on individual -O2O according to the
behaviours and -LDA Debrief needs of the person
developments and -Place exchange as a
goes through self booster of
assesment. leadership.
Team Spaces
What is this? Tips for Facilitator
Touching Points

Only Physical touching point -OPS -Prepare acJviJes that can

where Customer develops help customer feel part of a
LDQs with other persons -IPS team and parJcipate on it/
( LVs, EPs, AIESEC members). -RIS -Do now inuence the team
-EPs acJviJes during experience and rhythm.
-MoJvate parJcipaJon of
RealizaJon Jme team and engagement within
-EP Subprograms them.
- M a k e s u r e t h e y f e e l
idenJed with something.
Learning Circles
What is this? Tips for Facilitator
Touching Points

Physical touching point -OPS -Prepare topics of common

where a group of persons interests.
with a facilitator host a - L e a d a n d e n c o u r a g e
leadership development d i s c u s s i o n b u t d o n o t
-EPs acJviJes during
space. inuence on the rhythm.
RealizaJon Jme
-ParJcipants need to have
-EP Subprograms
expectaJon seongs
-Use it when you have big
audience and you can use
Jme to keep running the
learning circle.
Confe re n ce s a n d Semin a rs
What is this? Tips for Facilitator
Touching Points

Our most used space. -OPS -Be aware of the audience

Physical touching point -IPS -Decide acJviJes that can be
where a group of persons are -RIS easily made and understood
delivered during one to two by many people at the same
days with LEAD Spaces. Jme.
-Prepare and double check
It has big audience and logisJcs for a becer logisJcs.
requires special logisJcs. -Create atmosphere for wow
It works to develop LDQs in - The facilitator must provide
a large scale in a self drive dierent backgrounds and
experience. clear expectaJon seongs to
What is this? Tips for Facilitator
Touching Points

- B e a w a r e o f t h e
customers LDA.
-Outgoing and Incoming - Make sure to book a
An individual space oine or PreparaJon. reasonable Jme to do it.
online where the customer - M i d d l e Re v i e w d u r i n g ( One hour).
needs to be debriefed with RealizaJon. - Clarify expectaJon with
LDQs, goal personal seongs -ReintegraJon and debrief customer and explain the
and reecJon. with home enJty. importance of the space.
- The facilitator can use
*Use it when EP can not the exchange experience
acend to oine spaces. a s a b o o s t o f t h e
customers LDA.
- Send a preparaJon e-
mail for customer.
What is this? Tips for Facilitator
Touching Points

An individual space online - Outgoing and Incoming -Be aware of the customers
where the customer needs to PreparaJon.
- Make sure to book a
be debriefed with LDQs, goal - M i d d l e Re v i e w d u r i n g
reasonable Jme to do it.
p e r s o n a l s e o n g s a n d RealizaJon.
( One hour).
reecJon. -ReintegraJon and debrief
- Clarify expectaJon with
with home enJty.
customer and explain the
It can be a group of EPs.
importance of the space.
*Use it when various EPs
- The facilitator can use the
can not acend to oine
exchange experience as a
boost of the customers
- Send a preparaJon e-mail
for customer.
LEAD Delivery
Inside the Peak Management folder you
can nd diverse LEAD Delivery session

You can make your own acJviJes and

framework as long as you know that the
objecJves and framework are aimed to
develop the LDQs in our EPs!

Also some guidance about LDQs!

Link: hCps://drive.google.com/drive/folders/
LEAD PreparaSon
1 Plan any LEAD acJvity by having in mind the LDA Results of your EPs, so you plan according
their needs.
*You can ask the EPMs/OPMs to have a sensing and tell you their results.

2 Make sure you have the proper space and condiJons to deliver a LEAD Session

Dene content, LEAD Environment delivery method and logisJcs needed for LEAD Space.
LEAD PreparaSon
4 Check the LDA Usage booklet and plan acJviJes according to it ( Find informaJon in our
Peak Management Centre)

Have a proper expectaJon seongs with customer about what is a LEAD Space and debrief

5 LDM properly.

Ensure your session facis, EPMs/OPMs and members understand the 4 LDQs and its dening
Thank You!

MC Dragon Team 16.17

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