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Frank Gallagher

34 Riverglen Drive
May 9 2009 Keswick, On L4P 2P8
Assembly of First Nations Manager
Charter Democracy Force
Trebla Building www.cdf1.ca
473 Albert Street
Suite 810
Ottawa, ON K1R 5B4

Telephone: 613-241-6789
Toll-Free: 1-866-869-6789
Fax: 613-241-5808

Re: Dawson Creek Murders

Dear Assembly of First Nations

I have no doubt you are aware of the serious problems your people have endured but my concern
is whether or not you give a damn.

I have a prodigious amount of conclusive evidence of Government Organized Crime of

corruption and conspiracy published on the many web sites of the Charter Democracy Force

A few days ago Dolores Smith of Dawson Creek phoned me looking for our help and of course
we are doing everything we can to inform the people that Dolores goes to court on trumped up
charges and request their attendance at the court on Monday.

Can you help us and the people make a stand against the injustice of the government organized
crime that thrives off the creation of poverty as they ransack the people of the Lower Tier being a
phenomenon world wide, responsible for the world wide financial crisis.

We have it well documented … not debatable and there are reports from Dawson Creek that
Harper is involved with the Hells Angels that have the town under siege and the towns people
cowering knowing these people were murdered and the authorities call it an accident.

The next page was published on my Scribd site and e-mailed to about 600 prominent government
members, Police, RCMP, Bar Associations and media across Canada, however I have no
expectations they will help as they are all involved in the conspiracy controlled by the propagates
of the Law Society of Upper Canada headed by the DOJ – Minister of Justice and Attorney
General of Canada and the office of the Ontario Attorney General.

There is only one way to beat them and that is to get the truth to the people and the
Murders of Dawson Creek and the Dolores Smith Story provides an excellent opportunity
to get the truth out to the people.

We need your help May 11 2009-05-09

Sorry for such short notice
May 8 2009

Murders in Dawson Creek….The Dolores Smith Story unfolds

The people make a stand in Dawson Creek May 11 2009

Posted on my Scribd http://www.scribd.com/my_docs

On February 23 2006 Natasha and Clayton were murdered in Dawson Creek with reports
Harper linked to the Hells Angels and the harassment and cover up began on this matter
as it has always done world wide.

On May 11 2009 Dolores Smith goes to trial, but before then the Charter Democracy
Force www.cdf1.ca intends to present the story as the people of Dawson Creek see it.

There is always more than one side to the story but all the people read and hear in the
media is that of the deviate propagates of the Law Society of Upper Canada who infested
and invested the illegitimate legal system and the corporate world.

The Charter Democracy Force is now posting on the Natasha Dostal web site
http://natashadostal.piczo.com/guestbook?cr=5&linkvar=000044 as we encourage
persons to tell their story determined to get to the truth an entity that is adverse to the
modus operandi of the Law Society of Upper Canada which the DOJ- Minister of Justice
and Attorney General of Canada and the office of the Ontario Attorney General are major

The upper echelon of the RCMP have already been irrefutably proven to be major players
in the Government Organized Crime all published on the Charter Democracy Force web
sites www.charterdemocracyforce.ca and affiliate web sites referenced thereon.

We are making every effort to have any and all persons who are privy to any information
regarding these murders post on our site CDF- Dawson Creek site
http://groups.google.com/group/cdf-dawson-creek?hl=en and the Natasha Dostal site

We are also encouraging attendance at the court May 11 2009 when Dolores Smith goes
to trial

This letter will be sent to the GLIST near 600 e-mail addresses of prominent government
personnel across Canada that includes the Bar Associations, media and the Armed

It will also be sent to millions world wide

Will the media be there?