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01/Oct /2015

Golden Gear Keep Going

is a well-established company which has been incorporated and is supported by highly qualified
professionals from various sectors and industries each of whom is specialized in a key area. Where we are
mainly specialized in serving some of the most demanding industries from the quality point of view.
In we consider the pharmaceutical industry as the core of our business and the starting point to
the other served industries, not because we have less interest in those industries, but because we believe
that the strict guidelines which lay down a very high standard to every single small detail, will
positively affect other industries we serve, and it can give our clients the wining solution that they are looking
for, and as it is completely understood that in the new economy "the only fixed thing is change" then the best
choice to minimize the future risk is to be always prepared (step ahead the regulatory firms , and of course
step ahead any other competitors in the market). And this is exactly our job.

In we consider our main mission is to supply our customers (those whom are willing to stay in
compliance, remain competitive and sustain a high standard of quality) with the .So in order
to achieve this mission we are committed to provide the customers with the highest standard of services in
the market, and to supply them with an excellent cost-benefit process and packaging solutions in addition to
the strong technical support before and after the installation.

is dedicated to become a leader in providing the highest quality, the most economic and the most
efficient industrial solutions and of course the best technical support in the market. And we will always aim to
be the for our customers, especially when it relates to honesty, quality, or efficiency.
And at the same time we will continuously improve our knowledge and experiences and we will find or
generate the required resources to start our next step of developing our own state of the art technology.

At we believe in the following values:

: We are not creating needs, we are satisfying your actual needs only.
: We always prefer to be there at your site to work with you, side by side as a team, not as a
company and client.
: We believe that when we serve such an important industries, we are actually serving the
life and health of our families, friends, and society.
: We know that "QUALITY" this is the key word not only to gain success, but even to keep
going in these demanding industries. So we dont argue when it comes to quality, we provide only top
quality products and services to our clients.
: We know that the smallest detail could make a difference that why we are giving all the
focus down to every single detail.
: A long and sustainable relationship with our client is in the heart of our
strategies and objectives which all of our members fully understand and are committed to.
serves the industry through a
starting with your project from the early stages of the facility layout development,
and up to the delivery of a turnkey project ready for production including all the stages in
between from the project planning and supervision, to the supply of all the required
machineries, instruments and utilities.to the development of the quality system and training
of personnel.
(Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC), Dust Collection/Extraction, Compressed Air
(CA), Purified Water (PW), Water for Injection (WFI), Pure Steam (PS), Lighting System, Access
control system, Building Management system (BMS))
(HVAC, Lab Gases... etc.)
(Stability Room/Cold Room)
(Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC), Dust Collection/Extraction, Compressed Air
(CA), Waste Treatment Systems),

(DP, WP, WDG, Pellets etc.)

(SC, EC, Suspo-Emulsions, Nano-suspensions, Nano-Emulsions , WAX Formulas .etc.)

(Validation Master Plans (VMPs), Validation Policy (VP), Validation Strategy (VS) . etc.)

(Qualification/Validation Protocols Preparation & Implementation IQ/OQ/PQ).

Compact / Portable Full HPLC Instrument. (Only 17Kg)
Designed For Micro-bore Columns.(less solvent, higher sensitivity)
Accurate Results Regardless of the Personnel Qualification.
No Reference Materials Required.
Original Data-Base for Hundreds of Materials.
Simple Validation Procedure.
Lowest Analysis Cost.