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Issue No. 35
The Spring Issue

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B. Le Grand
Patrick Ian Moore
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Keiko Beatie

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Patrick Ian Moore
Jack Paradise 12 Letter from the Editor OUR MONTHLY
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Gar Souders 14 Talking Topicals with Gar GIVE-AWAY!
Rachel Zemser

Jamie Lee McCormick

Rakefet Abergel My Bud Vase: High Class Glass
April Flores
Milcah Halili
Crix Lee
24 CannaCon 420 Weekend in Santa Rosa
Russ Gooberman
Darcy Thompson
27 Baron's Confections: How Cannabis Changed
Kristina & Her Family's Lives Forever

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Eamonn Lynch 36 Editor's Picks: Featured Reviews (Pages 32-35)
Graphic Design
DesignsByBo.com 52 Cannabis Infused Recipes (Pages 40-43)
Stylist/Florist 45 Splendid Isolation: An Elevated Experience
Jamie Lee McCormick in a Sensory Deprivation Tank

Breon Bliss 46 Fully Baked with Half Baked at the Wiltern on 420
Photography & Video
Paul Tracy Photo 48 Imperious Business Expo, Phoenix Arizona Recap

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B. Le Grand 420 Sales Exceed $45 million
53 Product Review: Smokus Focus

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Edibles Magazine Issue 35

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Meetup: Cannabis Infused Products 62 Product Review: Smokus Focus

Meetup: Asian Cannabis Association
64 Cannabis Event Guide:
Including Comment Dates for the New California
Draft Cannabis Regulations
/Edibleslist /TheEdiblesList

8 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 9
Greetings my friends, for public comments on the new
Cannabis Draft regulations are listed
Spring is here and so are the May at the bottom of our Event Guide on
Flowers! To celebrate, we hit the page 64.
Beach in Venice with Doreen Sullivan,
the creator of My Bud Vase. We Written comments can be mailed to:
spent an afternoon shooting photos California Department of Food and
of these beautiful bongs and are Agriculture:
sure youll enjoy the pictures. Later
that same day while still in Venice, CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing
I ate 175mg of THC infused edibles Attn: Amber Morris
and did 2 hours floating naked in a CalCannabis Scoping Comments
sensory deprivation tank at Float Lab. 1220 N Street, Suite 400
You can read all about in this very Sacramento, CA 95814
issue as well as recaps and reviews of
the 420 weekend events we attended, CalCannabis.peir@cdfa.ca.gov
including seeing Half Baked at the CalCannabis@cdfa.ca.gov
Wiltern. We also payed a very special
visit to Mina and Kristina of Barons or call (916) 263-0801
Confections and toured their farm in
To read the entire text of the Bureau
Santa Clarita while they told us their
of Marijuana Control Proposed Text
very special story of how cannabis
of Regulations: www.bmcr.ca.gov/
came to play such an important role
in their lives.
Remember to tip your delivery driver,
In other news: The Proposed Medical
smile at your budtender and always
Cannabis Licensing Regulations for
know your dose.
California have been issued and
they dont look good. Theyre very Truth is not obliged to stick to
strict when it comes to strength, size, possibilities.
caffeine, frozen foods, dairy, delivery,
transportation, taxes, packaging and
just about everything else. Wed really
like to fight this. Please let the policy
makers know what you think and
help us keep control of the wonderful
world weve all been building
together. Dates, times and places Patrick Ian Moore
Edibles Magazine Issue 32

12 Issue No. 35 I Page 12 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com


with Gar
Gar Souders, cannatopics.com

Hi Gar,
I broke my leg and will start physical therapy soon. I have used
topicals before and love the quick pain relief. I think it might be good
during therapy. Do you have any thoughts on this? Rick Denver, CO
Hi Rick,
Infused topicals such as oils, salves and lotion can be a great benefit in
both healing and pain relief. Tell your therapist and pick a high quality
product that works well for you.
Dear Gar,
As I have gotten older, the skin on my face is not as well toned as it
once was. Do you know of any infused products that might help?
Lyndsey Yuma, AZ
Hi Lyndsey,
We are starting to see some high quality beauty products available for
problems such as yours. Most of these products are infused with a small
dose (10-15mg) of THC, CBD, or both, in a particular base. Examples of
this would be nourishing oils, serums and other facial products. These
are all for external use, so keep away from eyes and mucous membranes.
Dear Gar,
I follow your column every month, hoping to see someone with my
problem. My state is 100% against any kind of marijuana, medical or
otherwise. I get muscle spasms, and wish that I could be in a state that
I could get it, but I can't afford to move. I tried a lotion when I visited
my brother in California last month. It fixed me right up. Can I get
anything like that in a non-marijuana state? Thanks for your help.
Hi Rob,
There are a few well known topical companies that are introducing hemp
CBD versions of their infused topicals, often the very same products,
with THC removed and replaced with CBD only. Hemp products are
legal in all 50 states. The CBD must come from hemp and should plainly
state that on the label. I have heard many success stories regarding
these products as well.
Hi Gar,
I do data entry for a living and have carpal tunnel problems. My friend
suggested that I try topical marijuana, so I got my recommendation.
Much to my surprise, the doctor that wrote it told me the same thing,
that I needed an infused topical. Can you suggest what type of product
I should use? Debra Santa Clara, CA
Hi Debra,
You should find relief pretty quickly with a good topical lotion. Topicals
can be both healing and pain relieving, and can be used as needed.
There are lotions available that will not leave a greasy feeling, stop your
pain, and last for hours. They are great for work and easy to use.
Gar Souders has over a decade of research into the effects &
formulations of cannabis infused topicals. He is the founder of
CannaTopics and is a member of several Pro Cannabis organizations.

Issue No. 35 I Page 14 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com


Patrick Ian Moore

Doreen Sullivan was born in Los Angeles, cherished by all ages. Younger
California but she now lives in Charleston female customers in their early
South Carolina where she also runs her to mid twenties usually love
business, My Bud Vase. Doreen says the smaller pieces she makes,
My Bud Vase adapts a variety of vintage while those in their thirties and
and antique pieces into fine smoking forties tend to go more for high-
implements and provides distinctive, end, large items and really like
elegant and discreet water pipes for the the show stopping, gorgeous
more sophisticated smoker. Shes a centerpieces. Baby-boomers
sophisticated smoker herself and began her who a r e u s i ng c a n n a b i s
own journey with cannabis when she was specifically for medicating a
just fourteen years old and has always loved particular illness, tend to like
antiques and held a deep appreciation for a piece that sits by nightstand
beauty. The mission of My Bud Vase is and isnt too elaborate. Of
to create pieces that are beautiful and that course she doesnt stereotype,
belong in the home. Doreens creations can and these are only a few
be openly displayed and shown off but are observations shes picked up
also very discreet looking for those who along the way. She is always
Photographer: Paul Tracy Photo

would rather keep a low profile. Her target continually surprised and

Edibles Magazine Issue 35

audience was originally predominantly enlightened in new ways by
female, but over time it has become evident her customers and the diverse
Doreen Sullivans My Bud Vase Creations are that men also really seem to especially demographics represented.
appreciate the finely tuned craftsmanship
Helping make Cannabis Accessible and Acceptable that goes into creating these types of Doreen believes the future of
to a Whole New audience of Sophisticated Smokers. functional devices and they truly are cannabis is going to be very

16 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 17


be somewhat safer, sleeker or

simpler but they might not do a
lot to alleviate the apprehension
felt by someone who is genuinely
frightened to try them. Its easy
to see why these eye catching
artisanal goods are catching on
as quickly as they have been.

The materials used to construct the

vase bongs are most often antique
pieces and sourcing them requires
some archeology style skills in
order to find the right items shoe
can recycle and repurpose. The
pieces are made of ceramic, glass,
or cut crystal and are customized
and transformed into beautiful
new smoking devices - its a labor
collaborative, as new operators feel scared. They were practically in tears of love, form, functionality and
continue to enter in from other when they asked to use the bud vase and flowers. The process isnt so easy
industries and the multiple businesses felt comfortable doing so because it was
who bring a wealth of new expertise so unthreatening. The women asked to be but its very rewarding. Once the stem
to add fuel to the ever growing world taught, and they were able to learn how and clear glass bowl has been added and
of medical and recreational cannabis. to smoke for the very first time in their a new piece is constructed, cleaned and
She is also proud and pleased to see lives. They were introduced to cannabis the finishing touches have been put on
the industry is so female driven and in a friendly and familiar way that was a - then its ready to be named. Choosing
co-creative and has no doubt things blessing that finally worked for them and the name to title a piece can come about
will keep evolving on this path. instantly seemed to be less stigmatizing. in a variety of ways. Doreen likes using
One of the most special experiences Now they not only know how to smoke, her imagination and is inspired by
to happen to Doreen lately was at but have a beautiful piece to do it with. many things: women, iconic heroes, the
the 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup geographic locations and places of origin
in San Bernardino. Two women The My Bud Vase philosophy makes where she finds the pieces, legends,
in their mid seventies approached sense. Psychedelic head shop style myths, and fables or something else that
Doreens booth toward the end of paraphernalia has for a long time been gives a deep meaning to an object. Other
Edibles Magazine Issue 35

the day and told her theyd been considered standard gear when it came to times its a more playful process and the

Edibles Magazine Issue 35

wandering the event all day long and cannabis. Many of the changes in choice name simply comes from the color, shape
felt overwhelmed and intimidated weve seen integrated into consuming are or some other visual fun clue. Example
the entire time. They were exhausted often inspired by technological advances names of My Bud Vase bongs include:
and ready to leave when they saw or some other factors. Using concentrates, Belle, Bev, Blue Dream, Hercules, Tigers
the My Bud Vase set up and for vaporizers, cartridges, dab rigs, silicone, Eye and Unicorn. Some pieces look like
the first time that day they didnt or other modernized methods might they belong at a high tea while others

18 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 19


look like they might contain a wish

granting Genie inside. Orders can
be customized for the consumer too
and the vases are carried in different
kinds of retail locations like smoke
shops, dispensaries, collectives and
holistic massage centers as well as in
online stores. They recently were at
The Cannabis Wedding Expo in San
Francisco where My Bud Vase was
received very well. The aesthetic
is always elegant and artistic so
its easy to see how these gorgeous
products could be incorporated into
cannabis weddings.

The 4/20 Holiday of 2017 was the one

year anniversary of My Bud Vase
being released to the public. After
one year things are going incredibly only going to get brighter for this innovative
well and it looks like the future is and imaginative young company. Beautiful
bongs that are functioning glass or ceramic
antique vases are a perfect method of
introduction for those individuals who feel
reluctant to use cannabis but can certainly
be used, appreciated and adored by anyone
who smokes cannabis. We had an amazing
time shooting the photos with Doreen at
Venice Beach using her pieces and fresh cut
stems and buds of Tangie Sativa flowers
provided by 3C Farms and Cannabal
City Collective. She surprised the staff of
Edibles List at by generously gifting the
lovely light blue, Greek style Hercules
bong to us at the end of the day when we
had finished filming. Now that weve got
Edibles Magazine Issue 35

a My Bud Vase bong of our own, I can

Edibles Magazine Issue 35

tell you with total certainty that it elevates
the experience and classes up the cannabis.
Get one and see for yourself, youll be
ever so glad you did. Check them out at:

20 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 21

Edibles Magazine Issue 35

Edibles Magazine Issue 35

22 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 23

CannaCon, Santa Rosa 420

Keiko Beatie
The Sonoma County Fairgrounds were blazing with
business this past 420 as CannaCon came to town. The
location was the setting for a B2B/Consumer event
filled with a vast variety of the top cultivators, vendors,
manufacturing equipment, soil nutrients, educators,
speakers and icons within the cannabis industry. Bob
Smart, CEO and Founder of CannaCon has had much
success with the event in Seattle, Washington since 2013
and decided to bring his event to Northern California for
the 420 Weekend.
The Sonoma County Fairgrounds is the site for the very
popular Emerald Cup that takes place in the Fall each year,
but with the industry growing and with many cultivators
preparing to work the ground with their seeds and clones it
was the perfect time to have an event such as this to highlight
the cultivation process. With the large number of buildings
on site, many were specific to the extraction equipment
showcases, cultivation equipment, soil and nutrient
exhibits and a culinary cooking demonstration room.
Edibles List Magazine was on hand and participated
with educational panels highlighting the growing
market of edibles and topicals. With such subjects as
Distribution, The State of Edibles in California, Oregon,
Washington and Colorado, Infused Dining Chefs, and the
Trending Edible Market we were able to assist interested
attendees who were seeking to get into the industry.
Being that is was April 20th, there was a celebratory
countdown in a 215 approved area where attendees and
vendors embraced the moment together. Of course being
that it was in the area of the country that is known to have
the best grown cannabis in the entire USA the delectable
scents of OG were wafting in an enormous cloud of
420 frivolity. I feel it was realized by all present that the
future of true recreational was just around the corner
and we may not require lines or boundaries in 2019.
The next CannaCon is set for July 13th to 15th at the Hynes
Convention Center in Boston, MA. This will be the first
cannabis conference to take place in Massachusetts. At
this time industry figures and statistics are showing
that the sales of equipment, products and build outs
for the cannabis industry are some of the most active
after California. The difference is that the population of
Massachusetts is only 7 million residents and California
is 38 million. Congratulations to CannaCon and to the
state of Massachusetts as we look forward to supporting
education for events like CannaCon in the future.

Issue No. 35 I Page 24 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com


Baron's Confections:
How Cannabis Changed Kristina & Her Family's Lives Forever
Patrick Ian Moore
Kristina Smith baking and pastries while also learning
be c ame ill everything there was about cultivating,
mysteriously cannabinoids, extraction, infusion, and
when she was more - and Barons Confections was
only 6 years old. created. From seed-to-table theyre
After she spent making organic, gourmet, elegant and
six months in a infused edibles that are among the
coma, Kristina absolutely most beautiful and delicious
woke up and youll find anywhere in the industry.
was diagnosed with Encephalopathy Barons was at the Best of Edibles List
Etiology Unknown, meaning brain Awards in February and took home
damage with an unknown cause. This six trophies in a variety of categories.
meant Kristina now suffered from They are clean-green certified and use
frequent seizures, ataxia (shaking), as an all holistic approach to growing and
well as a decrease in motor and speech the edibles they make are infused with
skills. Physicians prescribed a plethora pure pressed fresh rosin from their own
of prescription medications that did little grown flowers. They make a variety
to actually improve how she felt. Her of THC and CBD options and also
doctor recommended using cannabis as a have vegan treats to choose from too.
holistic approach to healing but Kristinas
mother Mina had strong reservations. The I had the opportunity to sit with
portrayal of marijuana in the mainstream Kristina on their beautiful deck on
media made her nervous about the risk the Baron's Southern California Farm
of addiction and potentially harming her while we medicated together using a
child with dangerous drugs. Nearly 15 special blend of Grand Daddy Purple
years after first being suggested, Kristina Indica Cannabis oil her mother makes
decided for herself that she wanted to try especially for her. Kristina wanted to
using cannabis and told her mother. Now make sure everyone knows that she
convinced that it was an idea at least worth feels great, shes happy and she loves
trying, Mina got some cannabis buds from life! She loves animals, especially
a dispensary and used them to infuse dogs and some of her favorite things
a homemade dish of chicken alfredo, to do are write poetry and read the
Kristinas favorite meal. Kristina finished works of William Shakespeare. Edibles
her dinner and went to lay down early and vaping are her favorite ways to
that night. 30 minutes later she got up medicate, and she has yet to try a kind
and was walking and talking comfortably of cannabis she doesnt enjoy. Kristina
for the first time since age six. Mina was said using cannabis helps her relax
awestruck as she heard her daughter say: around other people and to feel more
Mom, I LOVE Cannabis. It makes me feel comfortable as well as liberated. I had
normal, it makes me feel free! an incredible time hanging out with
this wonderful family and learning all

Edibles Magazine Issue 35

Edibles Magazine Issue 35

Mina felt guilty for not trying it sooner, but about them and the great things they
she was now on a mission. She not only are doing with medical marijuana.
believed in the healing power of the plant Baron's Confections is truly doing
but was also now driven to make sure the innovative things and transforming
medicine she gave Kristina was the best expectations when it comes to the
available. Mina quit her job as an engineer healing power of edibles. Check them
and went to culinary school and studied out online at: baronsconfections.com

26 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 27

Edibles Magazine Issue 35 AWARDS

Edibles Magazine Issue 35

28 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 29


CBD Edibles





Vegan Edibles


Paleo Edibles

Dairy Free

Peanut Free

Low Dose

High Dose




Pet Treats
Ed Rosenthal's StarDust 15mg
Pet Tinctures Water Soluble Cannabis



F E AT U R E D Next Level Medicinals: Organic Sensual Massage Oil & Edible Lubricant

April Flores & Milcah Halili
Using only three absorb into our skin so it did not leave the gross
ingredients, raw greasy layer other lubes and massage oils can
W Vapes Golden Gram Vape Cartridge organic virgin coconut leave behind.
oil, raw cacao butter,
Jack Paradise
The Golden Gram is the post processing so the taste and specific effects of the and cannabis, this Other great perks of Sensual: coconut oil is an
newest product available particular strains are perfectly preserved. I had a nice massage oil and edible antioxidant and antimicrobial, aiding in the
from W Vapes, and like strong Indica: Gods Gift. The cannabinoid content lubricant by Next Level health of women whose pH balance can be
all of their cartridges its was conveniently printed on the strong and sleek Medicinals is super easily upset by the wrong fluids and bacteria.
filled with pure and potent carrying case style packaging and I was very pleased pure and effective. As a Cacao is a great mood enhancer, and cannabis is
Co2 extracted single origin to see that the THC content was a full 75% with a little couple who suffers from a natural aphrodisiac, making this lube a natural
Cannabis oil. The difference bit of CBD clocking in at 0.03%. eczema, we highly appreciate clean ingredients winner and it even won the first place trophy
this time is the size, with the that are gentle on sensitive skin. We also prefer to for Best Female Lubricant at The Best of Edibles
Golden Gram weighing in The effects and feelings experienced during and use products on our skin that we feel safe putting List Awards in February. From applying this
at a whopping 1000mg after medicating with this golden vape pen were in our mouths, so the purity of this lube is on point. product on lips as a moisturizer to using it as a
making it twice the size of even better than whats been come to be expected The oil tastes and smells like decadent chocolate, massage oil during foreplay, then using greater
what weve gotten used to, from the always reliable W Vapes. It was incredibly
it is a beautiful shade of jade green and slowly amounts of it for activities that require a relaxed
meaning you get double relaxing and I was able to lay back and put on a big
the amount of potent and smile as all the stress and tension went away and I
melted in the palms of our hands. The next day body and lots of lubrication, this product had us
delicious medicine. The GG is also very cool from had no problem vaping an extra long time knowing our skin felt super soft and smelled like candy. melting from satisfaction before and after climax.
an aesthetic perspective. The cartridge, oil, and I had twice as much to enjoy as usual. We arent sure
push button battery are all golden in color giving it how long a full gram lasts yet as this one is still going The last thing we want to do while getting sexy is If you are playing with a lover who requires
a strong monochromatic visual. The oil is processed nicely. Do some prospecting on the W Vapes website math, so NLM keeps it classy by doing the math condoms, then do not use this product. Coconut
into a bright platinum hue and its beautifully clear. to see where the nearest location is for you to get a for you. Clearly written on the label is the amount oil destroys the integrity of latex condoms and
Golden Gram of your own and go strike it rich in of THC in the jar (27mg), the amount of THC per will lead to an unhappy accident, but if you're
The terpenes are extracted first and reintroduced good times and nice feelings! www.wvapes.com oz. (54mg), and the amount of THC per tsp. (9ml). just using this product to give your lover a
This lube lasts longer than other water-based massage and lick this delicious lubricant off
organic versions we've used, wasnt sticky and their body, then go for it! Check out NLM on IG:
Stoned Sweets gooey like some silicone lubes, and was quick to NextLevelMedicinals
Darcy Thompson
I took a trip down to LA for with bright citrus. I cut it into four 25 mg pieces and Sweetwater Farms Pre-Rolls
Kush Stock and ran across then one of the quarters into four again, so it should Keiko Beatie
Stoned Sweets. They make have been under 10 mg and I found that dose just fine. The Emerald The convenient mini tin holds three keif encrusted
five flavors of 100 mg THC Looking at it made me happy and I was more excited
Exchange is an pre rolls and as soon as you slide open the box
gummies; orange, fruit to try it after it was out of the packaging. The tasted
punch, grape, lemon and wasnt amazing, but I only ate the tiniest piece. I could event whose a waft of terpene rich flower overtakes your
watermelon. There is one sense the lemon essential oil in it because the flavor goal is to bring senses. With an attractive logo on the front I had
medium silver dollar sized did linger. Not the worst taste for sure and not a super the best of the the ultimate pleasure of the Sativa pre rolled joint
gummy per bag, which can sweet candy. best of Nor Cal to enjoy with my 420 friends. You have to share
be resealed. Their packaging to Southern something this good with others and we passed
doesnt say anything about Since I got the sativa, I decided to eat it before going California. One it around while appreciating the taste, smell and
how they came about the 100 to the Napa Valley Home and Garden Show. I was of the purveyors inevitably positive vibrations.
mg of THC or if they are lab fine in this social situation and talking to everyone, I
of cultivation

Edibles Magazine Issue 35

Edibles Magazine Issue 35

tested. Although in a child safe bag, it wasnt sealed. ate it just as we parked. Conversation and engaging
will fun after this treat. I ate a little more with some there with a Please, its now absolute torture as I may have to
They are vegan, gluten free, but mostly made of corn long standing reputation within the Humboldt wait until the next Emerald Exchange or take a
syrup, which I suppose most gummies are. food after an hour. Overall I was in a great mood, my
smoking cravings were down, which was excellent community was Sweetwater Pharms. Sean from, fiendish road trip up to Nor Cal and see Sean and
I choose lemon and it instantly smells refreshing when because I was at a public event, and my anxiety was Sweetwater along with his lovely wife is leading the ladies up at Sweetwater Pharms. I now sleep
you open the bag. The color is an enticing yellow low. I felt relaxed and in the end a little tired as it wore the way with a line of products highlighting with the sad empty tin under my pillow so I may
orange. With not too much sugar on the outside it off. The high was uplifting and not heavy. I felt a little their talented cultivation methods with a line of dream of that moment once again! Read more at:
looked like a gem in the sun. The smell was sweet spacey but overall had a great time trying it. amazing pre rolls, flowers and topicals. www.sweetwaterpharms.com

32 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 33

Toasted Jam Co.
Darcy Thompson
When I saw the Toasted Jam isnt spicy like I thought, but more a warm heat.
Co. at the Cannabis Wedding Not to sweat. I knew I needed to do something
Expo in San Francisco last week, interesting with it so I dared to bake it onto a rack
I knew they had something of lamb. I cut it into three pieces, two to three bones
unique and special. I decided each, and only infused one for comparison. Thirty-
to try the Toasted Padron Jam, five minutes later, baked at 450 degrees with olive
a green pepper preserve that oil, garlic, herbs and the jam of course, I took the
is savory and smoky. Made in meat out to rest and basted it a few times. I could
Santa Cruz, vegan and gluten still smell the smokiness.
free, the small 2.5 oz jar contains 150 mg THC, with
minor amounts of CBD. One serving is a teaspoon I bit right into the crispy jam top and the herbs and
and is 10 mg, 15 servings a jar. 10 mg is a good sweetness, the smoky flavor and lamb were delicious.
amount for me, no more. One fun fact, they list the I would highly recommend trying it. Tangy and
actual strain, Sour Diesel Hawaiian Widow, and Im salty almost like candy on top, the melted jam was
happy to see that its a sativa dominant hybrid that easily the best part. Only on the last bite did I taste a
is green farmed, although I dont really know what tiny hint of marijuana flavor. Twenty minutes later
that means. my dinner was done and I felt some euphoria and
As you open the jar, you instantly smell the smoky a gentle body high. In the end I wish I had infused
earthy peppers, and it was firmer than I expected, them all! I feel happy, and little excited and am
unlike their sweet jam variety I also picked up. It enjoying the experience. Time to get ready to go out!

Edibles Magazine Issue 35

EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 35

Measure M Passes
in Los Angeles
On Tuesday March 7th, Measure M, the City Council
backed ballot measure aiming to regulate cannabis
businesses in Los Angeles passed by an overwhelming
majority when over 80% of voters approved the
measure. The LA City Council will be granted the
authority to create and amend regulations concerning
marijuana commercialization when it comes to the
taxation of cannabis sales. In November, Californians
voted for the approval of Prop 64, which was the
legalization of marijuana in the state, but didn't offer
any kind of understandable explanation when it came
to who could cultivate, extract, infuse, or distribute
cannabis, and cannabis related products.

Now, a gross receipts tax of 5% will start being imposed

on medical marijuana, and recreational cannabis
will have a 10% gross receipts tax. Cultivation,
manufacturing, transportation, and research will
have a 1% gross receipts tax. The LA City Council can
now issue permits and be responsible for cannabis
transportation regulation as well. Measure M will also
provide the industry a set of local laws and rules that
will cover a number of different factors such as: what
hours can cannabis businesses operate, and where can
they be located? The passage of Measure M effectively
repeals the 2013 ballot initiative Proposition D, which
outlawed medical cannabis dispensaries while at
the same time giving limited legal immunity to
approximately 135 existing dispensaries, considered
Edibles Magazine Issue 35

to be Pre-ICO, because they were operating before the

Edibles Magazine Issue 35

Interim Control Ordinance of 2007. The competing
ballot measure, Measure N, would have mostly given
control over to the 135 Pre-ICO dispensaries. It was
voted against by 64% of voters. Most of those who
had initially backed Measure N eventually began
supporting M instead.

36 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 37


Summer is almost here and Edibles List has put together a special collection of seasonal recipes perfect for picnics,
the beach or any summertime fun activities you have planned! There's even a special Cinco De Mayo themed
Ganja Macaroni Salad dish and Ed Rosenthal's Stardust cannabis powder is the perfect ingredient for easily infusing anything, including
drinks! Enjoy these infused ideas and be sure to share with friends. It's going to be a great Summer, so get cooking!

Blueberry Cannabis Crumble Pecan Pie

Filling: Infused Pie Crust
34 cup sugar
Pie Crust Ingredients:
2 tablespoons flour
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour,
1 cup sour cream
plus extra for rolling
1 egg
1 cup (2 sticks or 8 ounces)
1 12 teaspoons vanilla unsalted canna butter,
teaspoon salt very-cold, cut into 1/2 inch cubes*
2 12 cups blueberries 1 teaspoon salt
(fresh or frozen) 1 teaspoon sugar
Topping: 1 tablespoon cider vinegar
3 tablespoons flour 6 to 8 tbsp ice water
2 tablespoons sugar
1 12 tablespoons Canna butter Combine flour, salt, and butter in a food
3 tablespoons finely processor. Pulse until mixture resembles
chopped pecans coarse crumbs, about 10 1-second pulses.
Stir water and vinegar in a small bowl.
Pour half the ice water and vinegar mixture
into the flour and butter mixture. Pulse to
combine, about 3 (1-second) pulses.

Ingredients: Pour in remaining ice water and vinegar

2 cups dry elbow macaroni, cooked, rinsed, and drained mixture. Pulse until mixture just starts to
1/3 cup diced celery come together, about 8 (1-second) pulses.
1/4 cup minced red onion, soaked in cold water for 5 minutes, drained Instructions: Turn dough out onto a wooden surface,
1 tablespoon minced flat-leaf parsley Mix sugar and flour together in bowl. Beat in sour pat into round shape and divide in half.
1/2 cup diced red pepper Instructions:
cream, egg,vanilla and salt together until smooth Form each half into a disc about 5 inches
1/2 cup prepared mayonnaise In a large bowl combine the macaroni, celery, (about 5 minutes). Fold in blueberries. Pour into pie wide. Wrap each disc in plastic wrap and

Edibles Magazine Issue 35

Edibles Magazine Issue 35

3/4 teaspoon dry mustard onion, parsley and tomato, if using. In a small crust, and bake at 400F for 25 minutes. (May need refrigerate for at least 30 minutes until ready
1 1/2 teaspoons sugar bowl, whisk together the mayonnaise, mustard, to adjust temperature and time for frozen berries). to use.
1 1/2 tablespoons Ganja Grindz Infused apple cider vinegar sugar, vinegar, sour cream and salt. Pour the Meanwhile, combine topping ingredients. Remove
3 tablespoons sour cream dressing over the salad and stir to combine. Season pie from oven after the 25 minutes, and sprinkle on Healthier Variation: Swap out 1/2 a cup of
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, plus more to taste with salt and pepper to taste. Serve. and ENJOY! topping. Return pie to oven and bake 10 minutes the flour with ground blanched almonds or
Freshly ground black pepper more. Chill before serving. almond flour.

40 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 41


Cannabis Infused Canna Queso Stardust Nachos

Lemonade with
Ed Rosenthal's
6 cups cold water
2 cups lemon juice or 8-10 lemons
freshly squeezed
1 cup of sugar
5 packets of Ed Rosenthals Stardust (15mg each) Ingredients:
1 can (10 oz) diced tomatoes, undrained
Directions: 1 pkg (16 oz) block of your choice of cheese, cut into 1/2-inch cubes
In a small saucepan, combine sugar and 1 cup water. Bring to boil and stir to dissolve 3 packets of Ed Rosenthals Stardust (15mg each)
sugar. During the cool down process add desired dosage of Stardust, we like 5 for a total Instructions:
of 75mg overall. Allow to cool to room temperature, then cover and refrigerate until Combine undrained tomatoes and cheese in medium saucepan. Cook over medium heat 5 minutes or until cheese
chilledthis will serve as syrup. In a large pitcher, stir together the chilled syrup, lemon is melted completely and mixture is blended, stirring frequently. Add in packets of Ed Rosenthal's Stardust. Serve
juice, cannabis tincture and remaining water. Serve over ice. warm as a dip with tortilla chips, crackers or cut-up fresh vegetables. Garnish with scallions and/or jalapenos.
Edibles Magazine Issue 35

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Splendid Isolation
Patrick Ian Moore an Elevated Experience in a Sensory Deprivation Tank
The Sensory Deprivation Tank was tank the space started to feel infinite. There was
developed in 1954 by medical practitioner and no claustrophobic feeling, quite the opposite
neuropsychiatrist John C. Lilly at the US National actually. And it was dark, really, really dark. A
Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Lilly few times came when I seriously didnt know if
experimented with sensory deprivation, and my eyes were open or closed and I definitely had
often would combine floating with psychedelic some colorful visions of dancing light here and
drugs like LSD and Ketamine in addition to there, sometimes taking shapes and sometimes
attempting to communicate with both dolphins staying abstract.
and extraterrestrials. Sensory Deprivation is
the practice of floating weightlessly in an ultra I continued to zone out in different waves and
purified, skin temperature solution of dissolved layers thanks to the combined effects of the floating
Epsom salt within a light-free and sound and the edibles. When I did, it was very much
resistant isolation floatation system. Isolation like being in a very nice and serene dream. The
tank therapy is used to treat a variety of ailments earplugs and soundproof chamber made it quiet,
and disorders, including: muscle tension, chronic extremely quiet. Every now and then the extreme
pain, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis and quiet was interrupted by a loud and thunderous
PMS. The first time I ever heard of isolation tanks noise that I realized, over and over again, was
was when I saw the 1980 movie Altered States the sound of my own rhythmic breathing. There
as a kid, and they were recently featured in was also a faint sound of singing that sounded
Stranger Things on Netflix. I personally went tribal but clearly in an imaginary language that
floating for two hours in a tank at Float Lab on would get slightly louder before fading back out.
the Venice Beach boardwalk after eating close to My mind is rarely still, but the isolation let me
175mg of top quality THC edibles to see what the experience a stillness and sense of serenity that
effects would be and how the combination might I havent known very much, and not for a long
aid in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress time. It was wonderful and I was also acutely
Disorder. Heres what happened! aware my own sense of self and what it truly
felt like to be completely alone with just my own
First I took my medicine - I ate two 50mg thoughts. I did a solid two hours and it literally
Chocolate Brownie Bites by Anakatrinas Edibles seemed like less than ten minutes. My perception
about 30 min before I started and followed that of time has never been so distorted and thats one
with close to a third of a 300mg Apple Pie Cookie of the most interesting aspects of this journey.
from Strictly Edibles five minutes before it began.
Id also been vaping on a W Vapes Banana Floating in an isolation tank on edibles was a lot
Cookie Pen the entire ride there, so when we like getting high and taking a nice warm bath
arrived I was fully medicated and good to go. in total darkness while wearing earplugs - yes,
After meeting Crash, the founder and owner of it was relaxing but it was also so much more. It
Float Lab, I was escorted to the introduction and felt like going on a walkabout inside my own
prep room. Once Id been advised of the process primal dreamscape. It felt like returning to the
I was shown to my own tank room, took off my womb. It felt like being set adrift in the void of
clothes, put in my ear plugs and took a shower space, if the void of space was warm and wet
using the organic body wash provided. Next I and felt intensely safe. Im highly recommending
climbed into the tank, faced and closed the door the experience. Please know your dose and dont
and laid back into the darkness. My body stayed try this with too much THC. You may also want
totally buoyant and thanks to the salt I really was to start with just an hour and increase your time

Edibles Magazine Issue 35

floating on top of the water in what felt like wet as you continue. More investigative research
and slippery zero gravity. It took a few moments should be done, and I certainly intend to, so keep
for my body to stop drifting and settle, but when reading for more updates. I seriously want my
it did the sensation was kind of like sinking into own tank one day - its now number one on my
a memory foam mattress made of spongy liquid. wish list! Float Lab has a state of the art facility
Im pretty tall, just over six feet and have extra in Westwood to service all of your float therapy
long arms too but once I stopped moving and and isolation tank needs. Check them out online
wasnt in contact with the sides or edges of the at: www..floatlab.com

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Fully Baked for Half Baked

Patrick Ian Moore
On Thursday April 20th, I saw the movie scenes, with the exception of 9 to 5, old
Half Baked at the historic Wiltern Theatre in Cheech and Chong stuff and pretty much
Los Angeles for a Live Nation 420 event, and anything involving Seth Rogen. There are
although many people Ive told have found exceptionally good cameos by the people
it hard to believe - it was my first time ever you hope to see in this genre: Tommy
seeing the film. Yes, I work in the cannabis Chong, Willie Nelson, and Snoop Dogg
industry and also have a background in and some you dont expect: Jon Stewart,
comedy but Id never seen Half Baked. Yes, I Stephen Baldwin and Bob Saget. The actual
was in college in 1998 and was smoking and business, delivery and distribution seemed
selling a lot of pot at the time but Id never totally right for 1998 New York City and
seen Half Baked. Yes, Im a huge fan of Dave also a lot like the operation on High
Chappelle and everything he does but Id Maintenance nowadays. The jargon
never seen Half Baked. I cant even really say and nomenclature used were even more
why.. So lets move on. authentic than what youll likely hear on
Workaholics, Broad City or Mary + Jane,
I received 2 free tickets for the show from and the way they depict the munchies is
Natural Herbal, a very nice Pre-ICO perfect. All of the casts performances were
dispensary in downtown LA at a very awesome and seemed genuine and there
cool 4/20 Patient Appreciation Day they are infinitely quotable lines. Im not going
put on. This absolutely seemed like the to try and get existential or introspective -
perfect opportunity to see a cult classic Id its Half Baked! If you havent seen it yet,
somehow missed for close to twenty years in go get high and watch it. If youve seen it,
a meaningful setting. I gave the other ticket get high and re-watch it! If you have the
to my friend Alex and we spent 30 minutes chance to see it in the theater on 4/20 next
vaping Sublime brand Sativa Co2 oil in glass year then do it and dont forget to take your
tipped cartridges before the movie started medicine. Dave Chappelle is back now with
and ate multiple bags of 25 mg Heavenly new comedy specials on Netflix and its
Sweet Caribou Munch the entire time. Very great to go back and see how he got started
good medicine and it went great with the before the brilliant Chappelles Show.
film. Now, about the film The time seems right for a Half Baked
sequel. Call it Fully Baked and now Dave
It was really surprising to me how well can be in 100% control of everything. He
this particular late nineties weed movie sure has that power in this day and age to
holds up in 2017. The characters dont have do it exactly how he wants to and the world
a website or the internet and never use cell seems just right for that particular kind of
phones but other than that its really pretty movie these days. Please use this idea and
Edibles Magazine Issue 35

straight up and on point realistic. Yeah just invite me to the premiere and Ill bring

Edibles Magazine Issue 32

they fly around the city sometimes when the edibles.
they get extra stoned but thats not really
so far fetched. Whats weirdly stranger was After the movie Laura Silverman, who
seeing music videos and payphones that played Jan, took to Twitter and told me
worked. It actually is more realistic than her favorite line was Doctor says I need
most anything youll see on television or in a backiotomy by Sir Smoke-A-Lot. Im
most movies featuring marijuana smoking inclined to agree with her.

46 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com

EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com
EdiblesMagazine.com 47

Imperious Business Expo

Phoenix, Arizona
Keiko Beatie
In April the Southwest State of Arizona hosted one
of its first cannabis business to business conferences.
The Imperious Expo had a wide array of vendors,
speakers, panels and interested attendees at the Phoenix
Convention Center a week prior to 4/20. The overall
feeling was that this was new and exciting and many
attendees were on hand to learn how they could be part
of this green industry. Even though the regulations
of cannabis use in the state are stringent and heavily
regulated the public is moving forward with responsible
events such as this.

Many of the vendors found themselves answering

questions from first time visitors to an event focused
on the cannabis market. Most came with the hope that
they may find their place in the future of the States
growing curious cannabis market. The great array of
speakers and panels had not been presented with such
depth previously in Phoenix ever before. The engaging
interest was fruitful for the participants as well as for
the seasoned professionals as the education may be the
way to pave the path towards growth and acceptance.

Ella Alpina of 7 Rays Marketing was one of the speakers

on a panel at the Imperious Expo on marketing. She
shares that It went really well and I'd love to do
more of that, especially with an engaged audience of
participants that were on hand. She went on to say
that the B2B event had many questions come up on
branding, packaging and how to create a positive social
media platform. Ella is based in Northern California
and part of the Women Grow networking group that
has over 30 cities across the nation of women and men
in the industry.

So it seem that the Four Corner State has an acutely

engaged industry growing with compliance and
business green savvy for the upcoming future. So why
didnt the supportive initiative pass in the November
2016 election? It still baffles me as of all the states with
cannabis bills on the ballot, Arizona was the only state
that didnt pass. No matter what, our plans will be to
see you at the next Imperious Expo in 2018.

Issue No. 35 I Page 48 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com


April 420 Sales Reach

$45 Million Dollars

Keiko Beatie

With more states becoming and New Years Eve is the 3rd largest
recreational and medical cannabis spending day in the cannabis retail
supporters, the community market. Consumers purchasing
celebrated 4/20 as a National Green more per order was a pleasant
Holiday! Using the industrys tech surprise and a spike in purchases
company MJ Freeways insight, of edibles and topicals contributed
general estimations are in for a retail to the overall rise. This news only
market of $45 million dollars for the solidifies that the path to compliance
day of April 20th, within the United is paved with green nugs.
States alone. Their estimations and
reports were generated from a Nevadas retail sales are scheduled
majority of cannabis retail markets to begin this year on July 1, 2017
and clearly prove the industry only 3 days before Independence
is continuing to produce a rising Day and with the reciprocity laws
market of astronomic proportions. in place, many of the visitors to Sin
City will be watching with delight to
Many predictions by specialists and see what fireworks light up the skies.
analysts speculated on what the
big day would mean to the Green Overall, cannabis dispensaries in
Market. The results showed a 20% legal marijuana states estimated a
expansion from 2016s data for the 30 to 40 percent spike in sales for
Four Twenty holiday and a 13% April 20th. Some outlets felt that
Edibles Magazine Issue 35

increase of customer traffic raised the leading up to 420, consumers were

Edibles Magazine Issue 35

need for more product on the shelfs prepared and started on 4/19 as
and increased supply for special Green Wednesday and created a
events and parties.. pleasantly heightened demand. A
dispensary in Colorado opened up
Inversely the second biggest holiday its first drive-thru dispensary on
for consumption is the 4th of July 4/20 - talk about a Happy Meal!

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The Proof Is In The Packaging:

Protecting Your Edibles
Rachel Zemser
There are countless new laws package high fat ingredients in
surrounding edibles and how to tightly sealed containers that allow in
package them, especially to ensure minimal light and air. Think of those
they are not accessible to children or packages of nuts in the supermarket
that theyre in opaque containers and that make that ssssssssth sound
are labelled properly. These guidelines when you pull back the foil seal.
are all to protect the consumer but Thats done to see that no air gets to
what about protecting the food itself the nuts before the consumer opens
from outside elements? Almost all the package. If you package your
foods are perishable but the rate at nuts in flimsy bags or ziplock plastic
which they perish is related to their bags, you will have a shorter shelf life
exposure to light, air and moisture. and risk having the product go bad.
Protecting your food products from To extend the shelf life further, store
the harsh elements of the world is any nut based products in a freezer
crucial to guarantee a longer shelf until distributed to a dispensary.
life and fresh tasting products.
Infused oils are very susceptible to
Lets start with a basic brownie to get rancidity and ruined flavors and
an understanding of how it can go should always be packaged in dark
bad. A brownie is typically high in colored bottles to keep out the light
sugar and moisture (from the milk, and stored at cooler temperatures.
eggs and water used to bake it). You Just like regular oil that you buy at the
want to retain that nice moist texture store might go bad fairly quickly, so
and make sure it does not dry out can your THC infused oils. It should
in flimsy packaging. A thick foiled be noted that nut oils such as almond
package or sealed plastic container or walnut oil go rancid extremely
can help ensure that the brownie does quickly, whereas coconut oil tends to
not dry out and become crumbly. last longer and be more shelf stable.
Sometimes a brownie may be lower in
sugar, which makes it more susceptible All edible products regardless of the
to yeast and mold. You can reduce the type or form should be subjected to a
chances of it getting moldy by making thorough and complete shelf life study
it in a clean environment and using before being sold to dispensaries.
thick packaging that wont let in any A quality and safety shelf life study
dust or microscopic bacteria. Of course should be conducted in appropriate
you should always conduct a shelf life packaging and done over a time period
study on your baked goods to see how that reflects the actual shelf life of the
long they stay fresh and mold free at product. A shelf life study should
room or refrigerated temperatures. include pathogen testing, spoilage
Edibles Magazine Issue 35

Edibles Magazine Issue 35

bacteria analysis as well as evaluating
What about nuts and granola snacks? for rancidity, moisture content and
Nuts are high in fat and even oats and water activity.
other cereal grains have some fat in
them too, which means they can very For more information on how to
quickly go rancid if they are exposed conduct a food shelf life study, check
to air and high temperatures. Always out: www.cannabisculinologist.com

EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com Issue No. 35 I Page 65 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 53


Q & A with Dr. Mike:

Why CBD?
Dr. Michael Heller, mjwooly.com
snort 100% pure CBD but DONT
Q: Ive partied too hard. I feel like poo and I have DO IT, you will mess up your
to go to work, what should I do? sinuses. You are much better off
A: Try some CBD. eating an edible, vaping or smoking
a CBD strain flower. Hell, you can
Q: What is CBD? even dab CBD!
A: Cannabidiol (CBD) is found in the cannabis
plant. It engages numerous different pathways Q: Is there a difference between
in the body. Unlike THC it is not psychoactive...It hemp CBD and cannabis CBD?
wont get you high. A: Nope! A CBD molecule is a CBD
molecule. The difference comes
Q: What can I use CBD for? from other molecules that if not
A: Although most of CBDs uses have not been removed can alter the effects of
evaluated by the FDA, people are using it for: pain, CBD such as THC.
anxiety, depression, epilepsy/seizures, nausea,
arthritis, inflammation, headache/migraine, Q: Whats up with all of these CBD
stress...and the list goes on. If you are feeling and THC products?
crappy take some CBD it probably will help. A: CBD and THC are synergistic.
Although CBD is great by itself,
Q: Is CBD good for working out? a little bit of THC added to CBD
A: If you are sore CBD will definitely help. It will can go a long way to increase the
help you push through the pain of your workout efficacy of the medicine. 1:1 CBD
and with the pain of your recovery. FYI, dont to THC products are found in
work out injured and dont get hurt pushing most dispensaries now. New or
yourself too hard. inexperienced users could try a 18:1
to start mind the dosage, follow
Q: Is CBD good for sex? directions.
A: Well if you are nervous it may calm you down.
Unlike THC that alters your senses and your Q: Dr. Mike HELP! Ive consumed
sexual experience CBD will probably be fairly too much THC what can I do?
unnoticeable during sex. A: Take some CBD. Although it
may not work for everyone and
Q: How much CBD do I take? results may vary, CBD has shown
A: That really depends on what you are using to counteract anxiety caused by
it for and your body type. If you are using CBD THC. CBD stimulates the release of
Edibles Magazine Issue 35

generally, 2-20 mg can be an effective dosage. natural cannabinoids that binds to

Start low, listen to your body and go from there. the same spot as THC, essentially
If you are using it for a medical condition always kicking THC out.
consult a physician.
Have some questions that you want
Q: Can I snort CBD? answered? Email: hi@mjwooly.com
A: Ummm why? Technically speaking you could to get them answered by Dr. Mike!

54 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com


Type: Strain Specific Baked Goods,
INCREDIBLES Cupcakes, Brownies, Crispy Treats, TRIKOM TREATS
Hilbilly HashTea, Cookies, Granola,
Type: Chocolate Bars, Gummies, Capsules, Peanut Butter Cups Type: 20+ Baked Treats!!
Shatter, Vape Pens Strain used: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, CBD Pastries Cookies Breads Brownies,
Strain used: Hybrid or Mix Made with: Canna Coconut Oil Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil
Made with: Hash Oil Alcohol & Glycerin Based Tinctures, Strain used: Hybrid Strain or Mix
Dosage available: Varies by Product Hash Infusion Made with: Canna Coconut Oil
Medical and Recreational Dosage available: 16mg - 648mg Dosage available: 100mg - 110mg
Available in: Colorado and California Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA
www.iloveincredibles.com www.GreenTicketBakery.com www.TrikomTreats.com
Facebook.com/GreenTicketBakery Facebook.com/trikomtreats
Twitter.com/IncrediblesMMJ Twitter.com/GreenTicketBky Twitter.com/trikomtreats
Instagram.com/ IncrediblesMMJ Instagram.com/GreenTicketBakery Instagram.com/trikom_treats

Type: 5mg Sugar Free Micros (pack of 20 or Gummies, Fruit & Nuts, Chamoy,
50) 20mg Gluten-Free Truffles -filled with Jerky, Take N Bake Mixes,
delicious ganaches, caramel, & peanut butter CBD Tinctures & Vape Cartridges.
Type: Hard Candy Lollipops and Lozenges,
Strain used: Indica, Sativa. StrainUsed:Indica,Sativa,HybridTHC&CBD Both Sugar and Sugar-Free, and Honey
Made with: Ethanol, Other Extract MadeWith:SolventlessDistillate&Isolates. Strain used: Indica, Sativa, CBD
Dosage available: 5mg Mircros & 20mg Dosage Available: 75mg, 150mg, 300mg Made with: Bud & CO2 Extract
Caramel Chocolate Truffles THC Products available: California Dosage available: Varies by Product
Available in: CALIFORNIA CBD Products available: Worldwide Available in: CALIFORNIA
www.getstokes.com www.JollyMeds.com
Twitter.com/GetStokes215 www.InfusedEdibles.org Facebook.com/Jolly.Lolly
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Facebook: Stokes-Confections Instagram.com/GetJollyMeds

Type: Organic Gummies, Fruit Chews, PRIME EDIBLES

Edibles List Issue 35

Type: High Potency Vita-Gummies made
Edibles List Issue 35

and Almond/Peanut Butter, Caramel

Chocolate Cups, Nougat Chocolate Bars with natural ingredients Type: Nutty Truffles & Bold, Boozy Bonbons
Strain used: Hybrid Strain/Mix Strain used: Sativa Strain Strain used: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, CBD
Made with: Secret Concentrate Made with: Bud Flower, C02 Concentrate Made With: Organic coconut oil
Winner Best of Edibles List Awards 2016 Dosage available: Varies by Product Dosage available: 15mg THC Doses available: 2.5mg, 5mg, 15mg, 45mg
1st Place Best Gourmet Edible Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA
2nd Place Best Alcohol Infused Edible
Order at: www.theartofedibles.com
2nd Place Best Low Dose Edible www.SupremeOrganics.com www.PrimeEdibles.co www.towhomitmaychocolates.com
IG: towhomitmaychocolates
2nd Place Best White Chocolate Edible
56 3rd Place Best Cupcake 57
3rd Place Best Caramel Certified Nutrition
EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com CBD Gluten Free No GMO Kosher Organic Raw Peanut Free Sugar Free Vegan Vegetarian Kitchen Tested Info Avail

Type: 125+ variety of Gourmet edibles: Type: Vegan Sour gummies, Vegan hard
brownies, lemon bars, cereals, ice creams, candies, Vegan coconut caramels, salted Type: Local, Medical - Clean Green
Type: cookies, tinctures, capsules - Potsicles, Squookies, Munchies, frozen Type: Cookies, Caramels, Baked
caramels Goods, Peanut Butter Cups, Brownies Certified, Holistic Gourmet Edibles
all CBD dominant pizzas, crispy bars, butter and spreads, Strain used: Hybrid Strain or Mix Cookies, Candy, Cakes, Caramel.
Strain used: CBD Strain, Hybrid Strain/Mix sugar-free and gluten-free options. TD MINTS Strain used: Hybrid Strain or Mix
Made with: Hash Oil, Alochol Based Tincture Made with: Co2 Concentrate Vegan Options Available.
Made with: Canna Coconut Oil, Strain used: Hybrid or Mix Type : Confections, Hard Candies, Taffy Dosage available: Hard Candies - 100mg Strain used: Hybrid/Indica, THC, CBD
Dosage availables: Lemon Cookie -
Co2 Concentrate Made with: Canna Butter, THC Vegetable Strain used: Hybrid or Mix (3.5mg per candy), Sour Gummies "Gomitas" 40/160mg, Chocolate Brownie - 40mg, Made with: Organically Grown Flower
Dosage available: low dosage / 10mg OilCanna Coconut Milk, Other Extract Made with: BHO Extraction 200mg - (10mg per gummy), Salted Caramels Peanut Butter Cups - 80/160mg (4 pack), Based Rosin
CBD : THC per dose Dosage available: 37mg THC-588mg THC Dosage available: 70-100mg - 100mg (20mg per caramel) Caramels - 40mg (4 pack) Dosage available: 10mg - 100mg
Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: ARIZONA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA

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IG: @heavenlysweetmedibles Instagram.com/TDMints T

Edibles: Cookies, Brownies, Honey Sticks,
Hard Candy, Gummies, Tinctures, KUSHY PUNCH
Chocolate Bars INFUSIONS Type: High Potency Fruit Chews
PHARM AIDE PHARMS Flower: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid Type: Brownies, Hard Candies, Caramels, Type: Healthy, wholesome edibles
Cake Pops, THC Capsules, etc. & Disposable Vape Pens Strain used: Hybrid and Indica
Type: High Quality Flowers, Pre-Packaged Vapes: Disposables, Vaporizers, Cartridges. Strain used: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, CBD VARAVO
Strain used: OG, Sour Diesel, Jack Herer Made with: Canna Coconut Oil infused
Cannabis Bud Flower Topicals: Body Cream, Lip Balm, Bath Balm, Made with: CannaButter, Made with: Sugar Cane Alcohol Extraction Type: Chocolate Chunks and Vape Cartridges with hig potency THC and CBD strains
Strain used: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, CBD Massage Oil Canna Coconut Oil, Alochol Based Dosage available: Sativa/Indica/Hybrid Strain used: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD Dosage available: Canna Coconut
Made with: Cannabis Dosage available: Varies by Product Tincture, BHO Extraction (100mg), TKO (200mg), Recover (60mg THC Made with: C02 Concentrate Oil infused with high potency THC
Dosage available: Varies by Product Available in: NV (Nevada Takes Out-of-State Dosage available: 200mg-700mg +30mg of CBD), CBD (60mg CBD) Dosage available: Varies by Product & CBD strains
Available in: CALIFORNIA & COLORADO Medical Marijuana Recommendations!) Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA
www.EvergreenOrganix.com www.KushyPunch.com www.HealthyHighEdibles.com
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T Instagram.com/evergreenorganix T Twitter.com/kushypunch

Type: Milk Chocolate and Caramel CANNAbar,
Dark Chocolate, Almond and Sea Salt
CANNAbar, Cocoa Nuts, Cordial Cherries Gold
100mg and Cordial Cherries Green 200mg
Strain used: Hybrid Strain or Mix
Made with: Co2 Concentrate, Dosage available:
250mg Milk Chocolate and Caramel CANNAbar, SCONED

Edibles List Issue 35

Edibles List Issue 35

ZASP CO. 250mg Dark Chocolate Almond and Sea Salt Type: Caramels, Taffy, Baked Goods, Toffee
Type: Cannabis Infused Drinks CANNAbar, Cocoa Nuts 5mg bites (120mg/
Strain used: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid canister), Cordial Cherries Gold 4- 25mg bites Strain used: Indica, Sativa ,Hybrid, CBD
Made with: C02 Extract, Other (100mg canister), Cordial Cherries Green 4- Made with: Other Extract
Dosage available: Varies by product 50mg bites (200mg/canister) Dosage available: Varies by Product
Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: OREGON
www.ZaspCo.com Canapabrands.ca
Instagram.com/Zasp.Co Canapabrands.ca/find-us/ www.BakedSmart.Org
Facebook.com/ZaspCo Facebook.com/canapabrands
Twitter.com/ZaspCo Instagram.com/canapabrands

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The Herb List. Our List is for consumers and dispensaries alike. Browse each brand's detailed listing and see what states they're available in. Certified Nutrition
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Type: Pain Salve, Massage Oil, Sport JAYN GREEN FULLER LIFE REMEDIES Type: Organic Cooking Oils
Massage Oil, Body Lotion, Hash Bath, GODS GIFT BOTANICALS Strain Used: Organic Hybrid
Lip Balm, Skin Products, Topical DRAGON BALM Type: All Natural Cannabis Infused Pain Type: Body Butter, Beard Oil and Beard Type: Balms, Tinctures, Topicals, Lotions, Made with: Organic GMO-free Canola Oil,
Tincture, First Aid Ointment Type: Medicated Topicals Salve, Topical Products, Cucumber Cannabis Balm, Paraben-Free, 100% Natural, Creams, Cooking Oil, Female Lubricants, Organic Coconut Oil
Strain used: Hybrid Strain used: Hybrid or Mix Body Scrub, Coffee Cellulite Scrub, Lip Balms Not tested on Animals Sexual Enchancers, Serums, Pet Products Dosage: Serving size: 1 tsp OCCO-Organic
Made with: Canna Olive Oil Made with: Trim, Canna Infused Oil Strain used: Hybrid, CBD Strain used: Hybrid or Mix, CBD Strain used: Hybrid or Mix, CBD Cannabis Canola Oil, THC 25mg, Serving size:
Dosage available: Varies by Product Dosage available: Very High, Various Made with: Coconut oil, Cannabis Oil Made with: Coconut oil, Cannabis Oil Made with: Other Extract 1/4 tsp CANNA*COCO*BIS, THC 18.5mg
Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available: Nationwide Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA
www.CannaTopics.com www.JaynGreen.com
Facebook.com/CannaTopics godsgiftproducts@gmail.com Instagram.com/_JaynGreen
Instagram.com/CannaTopics LoveandLightBakery.com Facebook.com/TheJaynGreen www.FullerLife.com www.WeedEaseOrganics.com
Twitter.com/CannaTopics Twitter.com/_JaynGreen T


Type: Auto Draw Vaporizer Shop Name: Speed Weed Delivery Service
Cartridge Sold seperately: Yes Phone Number: 888.860.8472
DAZEY HEMP Disposable cartridge: Yes DEVIANT DABS Hours: 11am-2am Daily
Type: Dead Sea Mineral Peel, Extreme 510 Threading: Yes Type: Shatter, Wax, and Rosin Free Overnight or Same Day Delivery
Strains used: Hybrid, Indica, Sativa - Strains used: Hybrid, Indica, Sativa - Menu Includes:
BLUEBIRD BOTANICALS Facial Cream, Dazey Hemp Travel Kit
Strain Specific Flavors like Skywalker OG, Strain Specific Flavors: True OG, GDP, Vapes First Time
Type: CBD Oils, Tinctures, Hemp Products Strain used: Hybrid or Mix Flowers
Strain used: Hemp CBD Made with: Hemp Seed Oil, RSO, Dead Strawberry Cough, Jack Herer, Gorilla Glue Berry White, Lemon Kush Edibles Concentrates Patients:
Made with: Other Extract Sea Minerals Made with: Clear Made with: 100% Solvent Free Extraction CBD Clones Receive a
Dosage available: Varies by Product Dosage available: Varies by Product Dosage available: 1000mg THC Dosage available: 500-1000mg THC Tinctures Loyalty Special
Available: Nationwide Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Bath Soaks Program Gift Bag!
www.dazeyhemp.com Instagram.com/BrassKnucklesOG Instagram.com/DeviantDabs
Facebook.com/dazeyhemp Twitter.com/DeviantDabs
www.Bluebird-Botanicals.com Instagram.com/dazeyhemp MassRoots.com/BrassKnucklesOG Twitter.com/SpeedWeed
Twitter.com/dazeyhemp brassknucklesog@gmail.com Facebook.com/DeviantDabs Facebook.com/SpeedWeedLA

2015 Hempcon Winner, 2015 Dab Cup Winner

Type: Push Button & Direct Inhale Vaporizer KUSHISM GREEN FIEND DELIVERY Shop Name: Cannabal City Collective
Cartridge sold separate: Yes Shop Name: Kushism Shop Name: Green Fiend Delivery Address: 547 Seaton St.
HONEY TREE MEDICINAL Address: 7555 Woodley Ave. Location: Delivery Only Los Angeles, CA 90013
THE DOOBIE COMPANY Disposable cartridge: Yes Type: Full Plant Extracts, Activated Co2 Lake Balboa, CA 91406 San Francisco - San Jose, CA
Type: Medicated E-Juice 510 Threading: Yes Phone Number: (213) 613-1288
Oils, Terpene Rich Vapes,Disposables, Phone Number: (818) 994-3446 Phone Number: (585)-420-7770
Cartridge sold separate: Yes Strains used: Hybrid, Indica, Sativa - Hours: 10am - 8pm Daily

Edibles List Issue 35

Edibles List Issue 35

Lotions, Pens, Tinctures Hours: 10am - 8pm Daily Hours: 24/7 Daily
Disposable cartridge: Yes Strain Specific Flavors like Skywalker OG, Strain Used: Hybrid, Indica, Sativa, THC, Menu Includes:
Strain used: Hybrid, Indica, Sativa Green Crack, GSC, Fire OG, GDP. Menu Includes: Topicals Pre-Rolls ASK FOR THE TURKEY PROMO! Flowers
CBD, Trainwreck, Gorilla Glue, Durban
Made with: Other Concentrate Made with: Clear/Co2 Flowers Tinctures Seeds Menu Includes: Edibles Tinctures
Made with: Pure Co2 Cannabis Extract
Dosage available: 1283.25 THC Dosage available: 500mg THC/300mg CBD Dosage available: 100mg - 500mg Edibles Concentrates Tinctures Flowers Topicals Vapes Drinks Vapes
Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA Drinks Clones Wax Edibles Tinctures Concentrates Topicals Concentrates
www.TheDoobieCompany.com www.WVapes.com www.Kushism.com Weedmaps: CannabalCityCollective
Twitter.com/Doobie_Co Instagram.com/WVapes Instagram.com/honeytreemedicinal Instagram: @kushismvannuys www.GFD420.com IG: @CannabalCity
Instagram/Doobiejuice Facebook.com/WVapes Facebook.com/kushism Facebook.com:/CannabalCityCollective
Facebook.com/Doobiejuice Twitter.com/W_Vapes Twitter: @KushismVanNuys
T T Twitter: @CannabalC T

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The Herb List. Our List is for consumers and dispensaries alike. Browse each brand's detailed listing and see what states they're available in. Certified Nutrition
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Smokus Focus

Keiko Beatie
It was like my birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah and
Easter all rolled together when I was given a brand
new exciting cannabis goodie at the CannaCon show
over the 4/20 holiday weekend! It was a real treat
as I confess I am a Bud Porn Junkie, but now I no
longer have to check out Ed Rosenthals Book of
Buds as I have a live, real time Smokus. This well
designed viewing tool will assist you with checking
out your bud and getting lost in the microbes of
snowy, sappy, frosty polyps of delight. That is of
course if you have a well cultivated flower in hand.

This round cylinder is a simple-to-load unit that

you can easily place a bud inside. With clear panels
on the outside and a light on the inside, you turn
it on and peer inside as you get lost in amazement
of viewing what youll soon be smoking. It comes
complete with a protective carry bag that makes it
easy to travel with and is re-chargeable. Youll feel
upscale and like a true bud coinsurer pulling this out
to do a visual assessment of your flower to verify the
dankness is what it claims to be. As an enlarged lit
Edibles Magazine Issue 35

up flower doesnt lie, this is the jeweler's loop of the

cannabis aficionado.

The Smokus is available in cool colors and youll

no doubt find that the sturdy item assists you in
focusing in on what we all love so much. Long live
Bud Porn! Smokusfocus.com

Issue No. 35 I Page 62 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 63


Edibles Magazine Issue 35

EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 65

Dr. Norms

B. Le Grand
The citizen-sponsored initiative prohibits growing
cannabis in residential zones, authorizes and
regulates medical marijuana dispensaries, and
limits commercial cultivation sites to industrial
and manufacturing zones with a permit issued
by the city. Opponents said the measure doesnt
do enough to protect the community, while the
supporters said Measure U will provide oversight
and transparency.

La Mesa rejected a similar ballot measure in 2012,

and banned the cultivation and manufacturing
of medical marijuana, and the operation of
The citizen-sponsored initiative prohibits growing
cannabis in residential zones, authorizes and
regulates medical marijuana dispensaries, and
limits commercial cultivation sites to industrial
and manufacturing zones with a permit issued
by the city. Opponents said the measure doesnt
do enough to protect the community, while the
supporters said Measure U will provide oversight
and transparency.

La Mesa rejected a similar ballot measure in 2012,

and banned the cultivation and manufacturing

Edibles List Issue 35

of medical marijuana, and the operation of La
Mesa rejected a similar ballot measure in 2012,
and banned the cultivation and manufacturing of
medical marijuana, and the operation of anned the
cultivation and manufacturing of medical

Issue No. 35 I Page 80 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 67

Certified Nutrition
CBD Gluten Free No GMO Kosher Organic Raw Peanut Free Sugar Free Vegan Vegetarian Kitchen Tested Info Avail
Edibles Magazine Issue 35

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