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Hernandez 1

Brandon Hernandez

Professor Lawson

English: 113B

May 12, 2017

Reflection Essay

In the End

My First year as a CSUN student has come to an end. Wednesday 10th of 2017 was the last class

of English 113B. Reflecting on a school year can be vital to future success, and as I sit in front of

my laptop, I try my best to reflect on my year as an English 113B student. I notice a balanced

year in which there have been good moments and bad moments. In a student perspective, having

a year that has been a success and failure is a great thing. A year like this has enough to celebrate

and learn from. But as an uncertain teenager, failure is destructive to my future, and most of the

time we forget our accomplishments; I am guilty of this. There must be a recognition of both,

and not focusing on one practically.

From where I began to where I am, I can confidently say there has been progressing. The

guidance from my Professor [Professor Lawson] has allowed me to excel in the art of writing.

Skills like sentence structure, and looking over thesis and restated thesis were both skills that

were polished through the course. The introduction to new ways of prepare for an essay or gather

information was eye opening and beneficial in my latest work. The Influence of all these factors

has led me to gain high scores in my Comp 100 class and PolSci 105 class, verifying that writing

indeed is a fundamental skill for any student or scholar. The ability to be organized is not only a

requirement when constructing an (A) paper, but as a Biology major, it is a crucial asset to

master in order to get work done. It is clear that the knowledge gained in writing class can
Hernandez 2

quickly expand into other categories, but it is important to be aware that a writing class is not a

uniformed process. I specifically remember Professor Lawson expressing the importance of

thinking of writing as a creative outlet, which allows for writing to be more enjoyable. I would

also add on that being passionate about your topics is as important as looking at writing in a

different view. Writing, of course, is not easy and I believe that I am nowhere near the pinnacle

of writing potential. I still lack in grammar and creativity in word choice, but I will continue to

improve in these and all other the other skills of writing, just as I have improved in the essays I

am presenting in my portfolio. I have chosen to look over my project space and project web

essays. Project Space is an essay on the topic of private schools vs. public schools, and project

web topic is about the online culture of Kpop.