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In the country like Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and other under developed countries
women especially mothers face a lot of hardships to give their children a better life.
She has to be strong enough to cope up with every kind of situations because father
is considered as a person who earns and fulfill only monetary needs of his children.

In our society mother is solely responsible for her kids. If she is successful in all her
works, her kids are successful no one gives her any reward but if she fails in any of
the tasks, if one of the kids do something wrong the whole society blames her for
the failure. No one blames father for anything. People think that it is responsibility of
female to bring up children either one or eleven. She is the one who take cares of
every -thing from education to character in any type of circumstances. If she is
working or not she is responsible for every act of her kids. The story I am going to
discuss here is a story of a woman who was such a responsible person; she has
given her life, her rest and her youth to raise her kids.

In my professional life I met a lot of people who are quite successful in their lives,
who are a source of inspiration for others .I met a very successful woman. She is a
star, very wise, intelligent and successful. She was like queen. Brave like a queen
having the heart like a queen.

She used to praise her mother each and every time. I wondered if her mother was
an intellectual person, well educated, or spiritually strong person. One day while I
discussed about the book which I was planning to write as a tribute to the mothers.
She became happy and said

I want my mother to be re-known; you can write the story of my mother.

I was feeling honor to write the story of the lady whose hard work was sitting in
front of me.

Mother has no name else than a mother

The main theme of the book has given me idea to give a tribute to every

She narrated the story of her mother how she brought her up, how she spends her

If I am standing in front of world with so much strength and I am also successful in

my life this is just because of my mother. My mother believed me she believe in my
strength and belief on her belief has make me motivated enough to prove myself.
Amongst all my siblings I am my mothers kid. Her sparkling eyes were proof of her
Where I am now is just because of my mother proud daughter exclaimed.

Her mother has passed away a few years back while saying this all I saw in her eyes
were tears. A gratitude for her mother usually never observed before. Mother was
everything for her.

Narrating the life story of her mother, she told me that her mother was a typical
lady working in home, taking care for her kids, her siblings and her family. As she
was elder in her family amongst her siblings she was responsible for them as well.

Before her marriage she used to care her siblings almost like a mother. She used to
make meals for their, washed their clothes etc. In all these responsibilities she
never used to fill half-heartedly. After her marriage she continued to work for her
siblings along with her own family. She was married to an army person who was not
on a high post. On an ordinary post he had less salary and was just able to fulfill
responsibility of bread and butter. One cannot think an easy life with this type of
monetary circumstances. Her relatives thought that maybe she would ask some
financial help from them so they kept themselves away from her. She faced much
more problems in life been created her cousins and other relatives.

Her relatives did not like her husband as they always use to call him.Gareeb ( poor)

He is poor cannot give you a good life. They used to say

if he is poor I am not going to leave him alone she was a faithful lady.

You are young; you can choose anyone who has good financial conditions. Her
relatives always tried to brain wash.

No, not at all. I will never leave him she was strong in her decision and never left
her husband in any situation.

Irrespective of supporting her, her relatives used to dishearten her. Some of them
even stopped talking her and they have disconnected her socially as well. This was
tough time for her. On one side there were relatives who disliked her husband, they
always disrespected them while on the other side was her husband. Extreme poor
conditions of the family did not stop her loving her husband or family.

Eastern women are faithful to their husbands irrespective of their behavior. Either
husband love them or not, they remain with him till their whole life. The women with
strong religious belief are very good wives and mothers.

Beside the behavior of her relatives she remained loyal and faithful to her husband.
She never betrayed him in worst situations.
It was a poor family where there were fewer resources to fulfills bread & butter
even. In these circumstances she remained contented, spiritually strong and
brought up her kids. This was a huge task for any lady.

We had less to eat, less to wear and now all of us are rich living a good standard
life. Her mother and father belong to a poor economic back ground. The daughter
told me with pride.

At, my young age Even on Eid and other occasions she never had money to buy
clothing and other eatables. She uses to reuse the old dresses and make new styles
for herself and her daughters. The daughter who was wearing branded dress and
shoes was telling me.

In poor family she gave birth to eleven children. She had no medical facilities, not
much medication. All she got is home remedies for health. She used the traditional
home remedies for her and her children health issues.

We had no money to pay for the medicine. No conveyance to travel when someone
from us fell ill, even hospital was quiet far from our place. daughter was telling me

Whenever anyone fell ill she uses traditional herbs for cure.

Amongst eleven children seven are alive & all are successful in their fields. Now
every-one of them are having their families, kids & good future. The mother of
eleven & the elder sister was not only holding the burden of her own family but her
mothers family as well. While bearing these all burdens she never found herself in
a bitter personality. Her personality remained sweet and charming. She was kind
hearted person. Her kind nature has not changed even after a lot of sufferings.

Every mother has a very kind heart. Mother is the most sensitive creation of Allah.
The best remarks regarding a mother I had ever heard.

She was holding all the burdens like a tree that stands in sunshine to give shade to
others. Indeed she was a tree with very strong shade of love, care to her siblings
and her children. A strong huge tree.

She was a very strong woman living and dealing with every situation, she was able
to survive in bad circumstances. She never had fall down morally she fulfilled all the
responsibilities whole heartedly. All the time even there was a time came in her life
when nobody in relatives even have not supported her. She remained thankful to
Allah and had faith on herself that one day or other she would be able to change the

Her husband was in army she had to do everything from bread and butter to
education, even to secure her young kids. A security situation in her country
especially for a young lady with small kids was not good. She had to look after of
her daughters more as for girls this was the most dangerous time so for young boys
as well.

Like every Pakhton woman and women living in tribal areas she wished her sons to
join army. She used to force his young sons to join army. There is a common thought
that working for army can secure anyones future but her thought was different. She
wished her sons to serve country and do jihad to bring peace and prosperity in the
country. She believed that joining army her sons will be strong enough to protect
their sisters. She always waited for peace and prosperity in the country. She was
very much conservative. She never let her daughters to be modern. She wanted
them to stick to not only religion but to the traditions as well. She hated western

You must follow the traditions she used to order her daughters

For the security of daughters she used to go with them.

She always raised her children for namaz , humanity , hygiene and so much more
positivity. She uses to only set on her own and share her pain with Allah. She never
said nor shared her inner pain to her kids because wanted her kids to remain and
stay happy. Her inner pain was her inner voice and that voice never came out
because she was strong. She lost some of her kids in Aghanistan war. Her twins
that she loved the most died because of the war in the country.

She was totally an uneducated person, having no formal degree from any school of
world but she by her soul, was much better than anyone who has a lot of degrees.
She wanted her children to be much more educated, attain formal degrees of
education with good grades. She knew that she has to up bring children solely by
herself , so she did efforts accordingly . She was by her soul an educated person.
She learned Quran; understand it more wisely than ever the educated person who
has worldly degrees. She used to make her children sit in a place then teach them
lessons of life. She used to stand like a teacher does.

Ami used to deliver speech. Her successful daughter says.

She used to speech about the prayers, about powers, gratitude, nature & the world.
She used to teach her children about how the system of the world is working on.
Why one bow on knees towards Allah. She admitted her children to school. Books,
shoes, uniform, school bags were shared. She used to buy second hand stuff for the
elder kid, and that stuff was transferred to the younger ones. Hence, everything was
shared between younger and elders.

In my whole life I never saw her sleeping or wasting her time. She has not taken rest
even when she needed it the most. She used to keep herself busy. She used to help
others the same she taught to her kids to help poor and much more.

She was a person who was very much religious.

I saw her praying regularly. Memories of the daughter were recalled.

She used to pray on time and never missed her prayers. She was strict while
teaching religion. At the time of prayers she use to gather her children and strictly
order them to perform namaz.

Never miss your prayer because this is your first and far most duty. She taught

She recited Quran especially in the morning and in evening. She helped her children
to memorize ayats of Quran.

We never saw her sleeping in the morning. Daughter told me

Her soul was educated, she knew philosophy, spirituality. As told by the daughter.

She had her own world. The world in which she was breathing was much more
beautiful than the world in which we are living. She used to take everything
positively and never lost hope even when there was no hope. When everyone in the
family lost their hope she had hope. This was strong belief on Allah

Her abilities were god gifted. She knew a lot of things by herself. But if you observe
a strange thing about her she even did not knew how to write her name. Even she
did not knew spelling of her name but she has made her kids so educated, that in
her family , area no one so highly educated as her kids. She was a poetess as well.
Her poetry was for herself, for the country, for her husband and especially for Allah.
She never shared her poetry to anyone not even to her husband. The rhythm of her
poetry was as strong as a professional poetess. Sometimes she used to sing.

Her voice was so beautiful that when she used to sing it mesmerized me and I
wished the song never end. Her voice her rhythm make others to listen her. I wished
she sing more often but it happened rare In imagination daughter was lost in
listening to her mother at this time as well while talking to me.

She has not only brought up her kids but also supported her husband in earning
bread and butter. She used to stitch dresses of others on payment. She was working
home to home to bring bread at home. In her leisure time she never took rest
instead in that time she used to stitch. To her life was a war and to win a war one
should work hard to his full extend.

When the elder child grown up he started working as well. Now the financial
conditions were slightly improving. The security situations were also improved but
this was not the end of her exam. All of sudden one of her daughter was shot dead
by unknown person for an unknown reason at their own home.

One can image how hard for a mother to lose her kids in a war. Her daughter was
telling me while feeling her pain.
Why my daughter? She was innocent. What was her fault? This was huge trauma
for her. She used to ask these questions but no one was able to answer her. She
wept day and night. Since then she became weak day by day. A lot of medical
problems have started with her. This incident has weakened her morally. The
depression of murder of the beloved has cost her so many medical problems.

In our society this is habit of security institutions that if someone has faced some
tragedy rather helping the family they start teasing them. The same has happened
to her two sons, the elder sons were arrested for no reason. The security institutions
have said that the reason of being arrested is because they are involved in murder
of their sister. Government official wanted money from the family. They demanded
a huge amount for releasing her sons.

This was another trauma for the old lady. One of beloved kid was murder and
instead of searching and arresting the accused her sons was arrested. This has
weakened her nerves more. Her other children were separated from each other
because of worst security situations. Even she by herself could not stay on her
daughters funeral as police was teasing and accusing family for the murder. She
has to leave her country, her home which was built from love, hard work. But for the
security of other daughters they had to make this hard decision. She had to leave
the country on very second day of her daughters death.

To save other children they had to leave the country. While leaving her country, her
home she was looking at the walls, the corridor, floor and everything which she has
made while spending beautiful years of her life and she looked at her hands as well
which are spoiled, hardened and wounded because of hard work. The home which
was built is now a past and they have to leave their house. Woman love everything
which they make, for which they work. They love the plants, the walls, the clothing,
even socks of their children. She had love for everything she made. This was third
tragedy in one year. She has to bear this tragedy as well to save her children, her
daughters. She has sacrificed in her whole life.

One can imagine the pain, the pain of facing and fight with tragedies. She had faced
tragedies; she has to sacrifice since her birth. All her children grow up and started
their careers. They left country and started living in other countries. All of them are
well settled and on good positions representing their country on international level.

When she crossed the age of 60 she became ill. In-fact her soul feel sick. She was
tired of life and the world of hardships. Her eyes were full of pain. Now she was tired
of living as well. Every day, hour, minute and second she was bearing pain and this
pain leads her to death.

She has not died a pillar of strength for the successful children have died.