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arvore de gato

The backslash indicates that the drive root of

the current working
location should be used. Because the working di
rectory is C:\Windows,
the drive root is the C: drive. Because the tec
hdocs directory is located
off the root, you need to specify only the back

You can achieve the same results by using the f

ollowing command:

Get-ChildItem c:\techdocs

Regardless of whether you use a fully qualified

path name or a relative
path name, a path name is important not only be
cause it locates an item
but also because it uniquely identifies the ite
m even if that item
shares the same name as another item in a diffe
rent container.

For instance, suppose that you have two files t

hat are each named
Results.txt. The first file is in a directory n
amed C:\Techdocs\Jan,
and the second file is in a directory named C:\
Techdocs\Feb. The path
name for the first file (C:\Techdocs\Jan\Result
s.txt) and the path name
for the second file (C:\Techdocs\Feb\Results.tx
t) allow you to clearly
distinguish between the two files.