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Lucas Thompson, Communication Director for the Music


New Dream Player coming this fall

COLLEGE PARK, Md.- ACME Inc. announced their new product, the Dream Player, today
at a press event in College Park, Maryland. The Dream Player is a new music speaker
that can tap into the minds of the listeners in order to find the perfect song to play in
any situation.

This product will revolutionize the industry, said Lucas Thompson,

communication director for the music and entertainment division, this will be the first
product on the market that will be able to read thoughts and play specific music based
on them.

The Dream Player uses Native American technology in order to access thoughts
and allow the Dream Player to choose music. The design of the product is based on a
Native American dream catcher. Members of the Cherokee, Chippewa, and Navajo tribes
consulted ACME engineers with the development of the products design and

The Dream Player can connect to the users Apple Music, Spotify, or Tidal account
in order to access their music library. This is done through the products app, which is
available for free at the App Store.

We are really excited about this product, said ACME CEO James Smith, There is
truly nothing like this on the market and we are extremely thankful to the Cherokee,
Chippewa, and Navajo people for helping with the products development.

The Dream Catcher will be sold for $29.99 and will be sold at Bed bath & Beyond,
Target, and Walmart, as well as ACMEs online store. The first generation of the product
will be hitting shelves at some point this fall.