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Observation Task 2: Teaching a Phonics Lesson

Focus: Identify the structure of a phonics lesson used by your MST and the supporting activities
used to reinforce the concepts taught

Objective: To encourage student teachers to identify and discuss the structure of a phonics
lesson, focusing on what the MST does, what the students do in response and the student
centered activities used to support the students learning.

Procedure: Familiarize yourself with the Observation Table: Teaching a Phonics Lesson

Table 2: Teaching a Phonics Lesson (Example)

The Structure of the Lesson
What the teacher does What the children do Comments
Introducing the Sound:

The tea cher told the children that every l etter The chi ldren say rrrr. This worked well. The children got the
ha ve s pecial s ound like people a nd s he mak the idea of the sound easier. The children
s ound of the letter r enjoyed this.

This was a great idea the children really

enjoyed looking at themselves and
practiced hard.
Hearing the Sound /m/ in the initial position:
The chi ldren listen carefully to word This worked well and make the children
The tea cher say s ome words and some of them tha t begin with the /r/ s ound. focus on the sound /r/ in the initial
begi n with the /r/ s ound a nd s ome not. position.

She a sks the children to listen carefully to words

tha t begin with the /r/ s ound. The chi ldren clap their hands when
they hear the sound /r/ i n the i nitial
She tells them to cl ap their hand when they hear pos ition.
a word tha t begins with the /r/ s ound.
Some children repeated the words
Words: rab rak pam had row a fter their MST.

Introducing the Writing of the Sound:

The tea cher explains that s he is going to show The chi ldren repeat their teachers The children got the idea and they did
the chi ldren how to write the /r/ s ound. di rections a nd tra ce the s ound /r/ i n well.
the a i r with their fingers.
She follows 3 handwriting guidelines:

1. s ta rt on the dotted line

2. wri te a long line
3. s ma ll round

Practicing Writing the Sound

The tea cher tells the children that they wi ll a ll The chi ldren listen to their teacher.
pra cti ce writing the s ound /r/ on the boared.
The chi ldren trace the s ound /r/ whilst
She encourages the children to say the sound /r/ s a yi ng the directions 1-3.
a fter they have written it.

The chi ldren say the s ound /r/ after

they wri te it.

Reflections on Observation Task 2: Teaching a Phonics Lesson

1. What program is us ed in your s chool to teach phonics ? Reapeating way

2. How is phonics taught in your s chool?It tought in repeating way. The teacher tell
the children to repeat after her.
3. What was the focus of the lesson?The focus was on the sound of the letter.
4. Were the learners engaged in the phonics lesson? If they were, select (a); if they were not, select (b).
a. Des cribe the different types of active engagement activities that the teacher
us ed.
b. What could active engagement activities the teacher have us ed to help learners
be t t e r understand the les s on? The teacher us ed s tory and s ong and the
s tudents liked thes e engagments .
5. What types of activities did the children participate in during their independent centers that reinforced the
lesson objective/learning outcome? If they participated in learning centers, select (a); if they did not,
select (b) The childen paticipate in the activities that made them worked by thems elves .
a) Des cribe the different types of learning center activities that the s tudents
did. When the teacher put leader for group of 5 children and let them s olve a
problem and ans wer ques tions togather.
b) Des cribe two (2) learning center activities that the teacher could have us ed
to help reinforce the learning outcome.