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Orantes-Sanchez 1

Kenia Orantes-Sanchez

English 113B

Professor Lawson

12 May 2017

Annotated Bibliography

Word count: 714

Annotated Bibliography
Simmons, Rachel. "Cyberbullying Is a Growing Problem." Policing the Internet. Ed. Peggy

Daniels. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2007. At Issue. Rpt. from "Cliques, Clicks, Bullies

and Blogs." Washington Post 28 Sept. 2003: B01. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web.

5 May. 2017

In this article "Cyberbullying Is a Growing Problem." Written by Rachel Simmons,

Simmons states that children in their teen years are more likely to be in social media bullying

such as threatening and spreading rumors to each other. Many children are now always online

that is like their new life online. Apparently theses teens are being very mean or devious in

getting what they want so they can tell it to the world and hurt that person. Also talks about how

parents and schools should take action so this bullying online wont occur anymore. It also

shows many ways in how to make this cyberbullying better. I can use this article in my essay

because it talks about how teens use bullying with social media and see how it can be helped and

where kids could or might go wrong.it can also be useful to us because it falls in our age


Hinduja, Sameer, and Justin W. Patchin. "Cyberbullying Creates Dangerous Stress and Anxiety.

"Does the Internet Increase Anxiety? Edited by Tamara Thompson. Farmington Hills, MI:
Orantes-Sanchez 2

Greenhaven Press, 2016. At Issue. Rpt. from "Cyberbullying: Identification, Prevention,

and Response." 2014. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 5 May. 2017.

Sameer Hinduja and Justin Patchin find research on the effects of cyberbullying and how

it is a major issue in our world today. In the article, they explain how cyberbullying is mostly

occurring on the web, hence the word "cyber". Many of these cyber bullies usually use a fake

account or a fraud account so that people would not know who is behind all the public shaming

that leads to cyber bullying. The victims that are targeted within cyber bully get very depressed

which may lead to suicide. Like Hinduja and Patchin said, these victims are affected "physically

and mentally". All this public shaming to the victim makes them not want to live anymore. It

makes them feel like they are nothing to this world if they are just hated in person and on the

internet. Most teenagers are affected in cyber bullying because they are mostly on their phones. It

is hard for parents to keep an eye on their children if they are the victim or the bully because

most parents are basically "cavemen" to technology. One way that cyberbullying can be stopped

or prevented is to tell someone. Those bystanders that do not do anything that is happening to the

victim may also be considered a bully because they should know that bullying is a bad thing and

people should not just stand around and watch, they should let someone know in order to at least

prevent cyber bullying.

Ronson, Jon. So You've Been Publicly Shamed. Riverhead Books, 2015

In this book it talks about many ways people have gotten publicly shamed and how it

affected them. The way I found this source is in my last class in English 113A it was a book that

we had to read and turned out to be a very interesting book. The book is useful to me because it

talks about people being shamed and how some where shamed online and how they were treated.
Orantes-Sanchez 3

This is relevant to my topic because I can use chapters where they talk about how they were hurt

or how they can use the internet for many things.

Biname, Charles. Cyberbully Common Sense Media.17 July, 2011. Fil

This is a movie about how a teen girl gets a computer and starts making accounts to

socialize with people online. Then all of that turns a different way because they started to bully

her and call her names. The way I found this source was on Netflix. This is a useful movie

because this movie is based on cyber-bullying. This movie is relevant to my topic because it

shows how it can affect people that are being cyber-bullied and is showing awareness to people

that are blind over not seeing what the internet can do.