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sir2re0r7 Master of Education in Educational Leadership (M.E<.) | ULM University of Lousiana at Monroe ROUSE ANY Pes re Master Degree 4 Master of Education in Educational Leadership (M.Ed.) ‘This degre program requires 36 semester hours to prepare ‘Otel leaders affect postive school change, improve Student performance, na meet challenges posed by Beeountsityrequrements ana 9 changing rose. rer Ci ake ass ancar alse Uncony fs Te ciel ecieeen Tateeroaiasemt, Yl cara cn crane Basgeomantcnacstanae’s”” ] EDUCTION | ae Sac Senate af rogram vt "erring een corotannaine 1 GF Deane isiitmateren Setcecets Gadvetedom } us « Gaurd ures Exacta capi an ewe Internship that beans Before thelr spective schol stars, wth enelsion after the soo Your s complete (6 hours cre.) Past students ae Future Students ‘esearch inate tat this pat of te prograns aos valle as candidates are exposed to the relies of Leeming One even aomintracon. Nos of tess Intensnps can be gone inthe presen shoal settings; however the iscuty wi also provide exposure to all schoo tings nan efor to expanco the vale of each experience, Seredle, Courses & Tut ++ Wentorng-Candites are sasgnad a mentor after compton ofthe Teacher Loser courses This mentor Techn (wil seat snd guide the candidate during te courzenork and Tntemsnip and provide an opportunity 20 txpana and deepen personal ang professional networks Fags ++ SkeeSosed ~The program's bull round numerous rte-based experiences that place significant emphasis on 2 proce, hands-on” approach focusing on the problems of ledership racic a «+ tote Cerneatons: {Elementary schoo! Precpal 1 Secongary Semel Prnczal { Stpenter of Instraton More 1 Diector'Superio® sf Special Education 5 Chis Weate ang Atendance omer ‘Accretion & ULM 5 Stpeintencest (addons exam required) ‘Commitment to stance Lares 1 BontMastor ternative Certieatin (ternative Path-Level 1) - Tose individual current holing a Masta Degree may take grescrbea coursuwork to become ceed In cational Freulty Resoures [eadersip, rancenpts ona Resume wil be evluaed to determine an inawustived couse of Privy Procedure ay foreach candicte,Coursewore must be completed wifra minimum 3. cumulative gree Dome average, pasing score on te Interstate Sent Lenaors Ucenure Consortum (S112) ¢] School Leadarsleensue Assessment (SLLA), and complete a pera Program Requirements + sma 2 Poured mn + Seis 2s en a acon (6 an rope orm sr (875) onsets Race een aa Se cee ect enn) ars ne So and rare ty SUSUR re meg tans aah ors sna . Seon Resear sree. “ioe “nd WS excal spreaesheet programs in orcer to proceed beyond The Teacher Leader endorsement, For more information sbout thi program plese see the ULM Graduate Sct “The Universty f Lousiana Monee | 700 Unversity Ave, Monroe, LA71209 | 2017 hitpswwulm edufeninedegress/med ol. html uw