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A cotton harvesteris

A combine is a a machine that

machine that automates cotton
"combines" the harvesting. Mechanical
tasks of cotton harvesters are

harvesting, of two types:

strippersand pickers
threshing, and
cleaning grain
plants. Price:

Medium Combine Harvester
Paddy Harvester

Price: $2500000
Price: P3200000
Suspension- Field cultavator
friendly and energy-
saving, this
sprayer used with a
tractor is an ideal Price: P90000
Price: P450000 choice for
pesticide spraying
and other pesticide A harrow is an
spraying and other implement for
pesticide spraying cultivating the
Trailed Orchard surface of the soil. A
Sprayer harrow (often called a
set of harrows in a
pluraletantum sense)
is an implement for
breaking up and
smoothing out the
Price: P70000 surface of the soil.

Price: P390000
A Skid loader or skid-steer loaderis
a rigid frame, engine-power

A subsoileris a tractor mounted

implement used to loosen and break up
soil at depths below the level of a
traditional disk harrow or rototiller.Expected
Atractoris a vehicle
intended for drawing, towing,
pushing or pulling something
which cannot propel itself A harrow is an
and, often, powering it too. In implement for
addition, tractor serves to cultivating the surface
deliver a high tractive effort of the soil. A harrow
(or torque) at slow speeds, (often called a set of
for the purposes of hauling a harrows in a
trailer or machinery used in pluraletantum sense)
agriculture or construction. is an implement for
Price: P550000 breaking up and
smoothing out the
surface of the soil.
A sprayeris a
Price: P350000
piece of agricultural
equipment used
primarily to apply
herbicides, pesticides
and fertilizers to
agricultural crops Driving-type
Price: P450000 Small Rice

Price: P350000
Cutters and
shredders are farming
implements used to cut
or shred unwanted
weeds or other
vegetative growth. Three-row reaper
binder for wheat, rice, barley,
grass, etc with 1m working width can
Price: P350000 be used in many land forms, and this
machine offers great help for
farmers in these areas and is
welcomed by most of farmers

Price: P350000
The term "All-Terrain
Vehicle" or ATV is
used in a general sense
to describe any of a
number of small open
motorized buggies and Two-row Self-
tricycles designed for off- propelled Corn
road use. Harvester

Price: P450000

Price: P450000
Planters and Mini sugarcane
seedersare mechanical harvester usually is self-
devices that propel sugarcane
automatically plants harvester or connected
seeds in the ground. with tractors. It has
functions of picking up
fallen sugarcane, cutting
and paving the stalk.

Price: P1000000 Price: P1500000

Soybean Combine Harvester

A wheel tractor-
scraperis a piece of
heavy equipment used
for earthmoving. These
can made available as
per farmers crop
pattern also. Theses
are suitable for weed
removing operation in
crop row of width 1.5 Price: P350000
and above
Price: P450000
Seed Drill for
A plowis a tool used in
farming for initial cultivation Corn/Soybean/Pea Your
of soil in preparation for
sowing seed or planting.
The specially designed grain

Price: P650000
drill can complete the work of
loosing soil, digging, applying
fertilizer, seeding, covering oil
in one operation.

Price: P120000

.A baler is a piece of
farm machinery that is Potato Planter
used to compress a
The potato planting
cut, raked, crop (such
machine is a
as hay or straw) into
multifunctional planter. It
bales and bind the
can ditch and fertilize,
bales with twine, and
finishing the complete
compact bales that are
process of sowing, ridging
easy to handle,
forming, planting and
transport and store
plastic membrane

Price: P320000
Price: P550000
Trailed Corn Harvester
A backhoe, also called a
rear actor, back actor or
JCB, is a piece of
excavating equipment
consisting of a digging
bucket on the end of an
articulated arm (also
called a stick or dipper).

Price: P650000
Price: P950000

The A loader, also

called a front loader, Self-propelled Corn
front end loader, bucket Harvester
loader, scoop loader or
It incorporates a self-propelled
shovel, is a type of
structure to finish the whole corn
tractor, usually wheeled,
processing, get the corn cobs from
that uses a wide square
the plants at a time
tilting bucket on the end
of movable arms to lift Price: P275000
and move material.

Price: P850000
A rotary tiller is AND RICE
a motorized cultivator TRANSPLANTERS
that works the soil by
machine have helped
means of rotating the mechanization of
blades. rice transplanting and
harvesting, the most
Price: P150000 labor-intensive
processes in rice
farming, thereby
Price: P380000 reducing labor and

Walking-type Small Rice

This walking-type small rice
Paddy/Wheat Thresher
harvester is a kind of multi-
functional combine harvester
with diesel engine, mainly
used for rice and wheat
reaping and threshing,
suitable for hills and
mountains areas rice
Price: P250000
Price: P170000
Three-row Self-
propelled Corn
machines may be
Harvester required to utilize
This three-row self- these new methods.
propelled corn harvester is New methods of
equipped with corncob cultivating processes
stripping system; with its and speeding up
combine corn harvesting organic farming are
performance, it can do always on the look
corncob picking, stripping, out for the future.
conveying, assembling, Price: P550000
uploading and corn straw
crushing synchronously

Price: P550000
Paddy Transplanter harvester

Price: P575000

Price: P75000
Agricultural machinery
is machinery used in
farming or other
agriculture. There are
many types of such
equipment, from hand
tools and power tools to
tractors and the
countless kinds of farm
implements that they
tow or operate. Diverse
arrays of equipment are
used in both organic and
nonorganic farming.
Agricultural machinery is
machinery used in farming or
other agriculture. There are
many types of such equipment,
from hand tools and power tools
to tractors and the countless
kinds of farm implements that
they tow or operate. Diverse
arrays of equipment are used in
both organic and nonorganic