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My ideal job

Ive been doing a lot of work for five years starting with being a saller-consultant in
two small beauty companies, where I was proposing the products for everyday using.
After that, I worked into a big pastry factory named Colibri, where I was firstly
official angaged with not so much salary. Others knowledge I accumulated working as
a cook for three years but in this three years I tried to work as a waitress, just for my
experience. In fact, I found out that I like to work with people, and also with
For future, I would like to spend my work time classifying it in two categories. One
of them I would like to be in art.That is because I like to recite the poethry, to be on
stage and all people have to listen to me and they would like it.
Also I would like to have the second job, and it can includes business or economy,
because Im also a calculated person, and I will be suppose to do all I want, I mean
the solutions for growth of the economy.