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8A GRAMMAR should

a Look at pictures 110. Use should / shouldnt + a verb from the list to complete dialogues 110.

ask go (x2) get get up learn say sit tell think use

1 A What are you doing? 1

B Im trying to open this packet.

A You shouldnt use a knife! Youll cut yourself!

2 A I cant do this exercise. Its too difficult.

B You the teacher for some help.

3 A Im really annoyed with Paula.

B Why?
A Because shes always on the computer. She
never talks to me! 4
B You her how you feel. Maybe
she doesnt know.

4 A Angelas leaving work at the end of the month.

Shes going to have a baby.
B We her a present.

5 A You so near the television.

B Why not?
A Its not good for your eyes.

6 A I miss the bus for college nearly every day.

B You earlier.

7 A Good luck for the match!

B Thanks, but Im sure Im going to lose.
A You like that! Be positive! 7
B What do mean?
A You to yourself, Im going to
win! Im going to win!

8 A Come on. Get up. Its 9.30.

B But Im tired.
A You to bed so late.

9 A Can you make me an omelette, please?

B Make it yourself!
A I dont know how to.
B You how to cook then!

10 A Id love to travel round the world.

B Do you have enough money for the trip?
A Well, yes.
B Then I think you !


b Test your memory. Cover the dialogues. Look at the pictures and remember the advice.

English File 3rd edition Teachers Book Pre-intermediate Photocopiable Oxford University Press 2012 183
8B GRAMMAR if + present, will + infinitive (first
a Complete the stories with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
Wait! If you 1dont take an umbrella, you 2
Its raining! wet. (not take, get)
If you 3 wet, you 4 a
cold. (get, catch)
If you 5 a cold, you 6
well in your exam tomorrow. (catch, not do)
Ill be fine. If you 7 well in your exam, you
a place at university. (not do, not get)

You want If you 9 me 3,000, I
how much?! 10
a good computer. (lend, buy)
If I 11 a good computer, I
my own business. (have, start)
If I 13 my own business, I
you some money. (have, lend)
Just a few If I 15 you some money, you
thousand pounds. 16
a new car. (lend, can buy)

Its not fair! If I 17 borrow your dress, I
to the party. (not can, not go)
If I 19 to the party, I 20
Im sorry, anyone. (not go, not meet)
but it is my If I 21 anyone, I 22
dress. married. (never meet, not get)
If I 23 married, you 24
any grandchildren. (not get, not have)

I cant talk 4
to you now! If I 25 to you now, I 26
the bus. (talk, miss)
If I 27 the bus, I 28
late for work. (miss, be)
If I 29 late for work, my boss
angry with me. (be, be)
Why not? If my boss 31 angry with me, I
my job. (be, lose)


b Cover the stories and look at the pictures. Try to remember the stories.
1 If you dont take an umbrella, 3 If I cant borrow your dress,
2 If you lend me 3,000, 4 If I talk to you now,

184 English File 3rd edition Teachers Book Pre-intermediate Photocopiable Oxford University Press 2012
8C GRAMMAR possessive pronouns
a Circle the correct word in the dialogues.

1 A Is that Bills camera?

B No, its our / ours. Why?

2 A She says shes 25.

B 25! Thats not her / hers real age.

3 A Can you move your / yours car, please?

B Sorry? Thats not my / mine car.

4 A Andy and Ginas cat is so sweet! When did they get it?
B I dont think its their / theirs, actually. Its the neighbours.

5 A I love this motorbike! Is it your / yours?

B No, its not my / mine, unfortunately.

6 A Have you seen this photo in the newspaper?

B Wait a minute! Theyre our / ours children!

b Complete the sentences with the correct subject or object pronouns (I, me, you, etc.) and
possessive adjectives or pronouns (my, mine, etc.).
1 If Andrew doesnt leave soon, he ll miss train. I think you should tell
to hurry.
2 My sister and I work in the same office. hours are the same, so
often have lunch together.
3 Do you know where Sally is? isnt at desk, and one of the
secretaries is looking for .
4 My parents live near me in London. My flat is very small but is enormous. I
often tell that dont need all that space.
5 Look at that dog. looks really ill and leg is hurt.
6 A Is that your phone ringing?
B No, has a different ringtone. Isnt it ?
A No, phones in bag.
B Its probably Annes then. Could call ? I think s in
the bathroom.


c Write four sentences that are true for you using I, me, my, and mine.

English File 3rd edition Teachers Book Pre-intermediate Photocopiable Oxford University Press 2012 185