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Misc Utilities

Most of the utilities are shareware, some are demos of larger versions.

A3DARX.ZIP 825k A3D is a small utility to facilitate the positioning of

a viewer in 3D space. After you have created a 3D
model, (most likely an architectural project), you
will want to create perspective views of that
model, A3D helps you in doing so by speaking
english. You start by locating yourself and
specifying your height, and than you locate the
target point and its height. You may also cut the
model with a clipping plane. A view of this
perspective is then saved.
AALAY.ZIP 138k function to rename multiple layers from template
file. Command will sort TEX,DIM,HID,CEN & amp;
CONS entities to their respective Layers. Contains
11 other utilities for manipulating layers by picking
entities on the face of the drawing. Can type 2/3
letters @ the command prompt, pick from dialog
box or use toolbar. Will also place a
Date,Time,File & Folder Stamp on the
drawing can be made to automatically update
when ever you plot.
ATOOLS12.ZIP 709k Earlier version of ATOOLS14.ZIP
ATOOLS13.ZIP 339k Earlier version of ATOOLS14.ZIP
ATOOLS14.ZIP 416k AEG:Tools is a set of AutoCAD routines to simplify
creation of architectural production drawings in
AutoCAD 12,13(c4) and 14. Features: Sheet
setup, Scale factor management, Simplified
dimensioning (including scale factor
management), Logical AutoCAD editing routines,
Annotation routines, Self-loading pull-down menu
and toolbars (that won't overwrite what you may
already have setup!), Over 50 routines
ALB.ZIP 154k Album displays the DWG files of a selected
directory as a standalone app. Only the bitmap-
thumbnail of the file is displayed. You can drag
and drop files with the mouse onto AutoCAD or
open a file with a double click. Alb is written to the
Window NT operating system and has been
tested with Windows NT workstation 4.0 german.
If you are interested - source (VC++) is available.
AC12TO10.ZIP ? dos command to convert r12/11 to r10
ACM5.ZIP 90k This is version 5 of the ACM5
shareware/evaluation software for AutoCAD
users. If you are using version it is recomended
that you download this latest version as it has
many enhancements.
ACADT.ZIP 371k Gives you possibility to print, change, replace text,
insert table,...and do anything with multiple
drawings in AutoCad 13C4 for Win95. Must for
each AutoCAD user!
AHOOK.ZIP 60k AutoHook13 is a keyboard macro player for
AutoCAD R13 for WindowsNT and Windows95. It
currently does not run in the Windows3.X
environment. With AutoHook13 you may program
your keyboard to play any AutoCAD command or
sequence of commands just as if you had typed
them in at the command prompt yourself.
ALLY30.ZIP ? A Lisp Analyzer v3.0 - AutoLISP programming
environment and debugging tools. Finds errors
and cross-references functions and symbols.
Shows scope and call hierarchy. Uses color
coding to pinpoint parentheses and quote errors.
Integrates your favorite DOS text editor and other
developers tools. Shareware for AutoCAD R10-12
DOS or Windows. "Highly recommended".
CADalyst, March 1991 "CADENCE Performer";
CADENCE, March 1994
ANI-MATE.ZIP 33k Ani-MATE is a dialogue driven package designed
to generate and display animation sequences
from within AutoCAD r12,13 & 14 on the DOS,
WIN3.*, Win95 & NT4 platforms. Animations can
be used for checking 3D drawings in the hidden
mode, corporate presentations in shaded mode,
or photo-realistic presentations rendered by
AutoCAD to broadcast quality.
ARXDOS.ZIP ? ARXDOS is an AutoCAD Runtime eXtension
(ARX) that adds several DOS command line
functions to the AutoLISP programming language
to allow for more in- depth file manipulation within
AutoLISP programs.

ARXDOS requires AutoCAD release 13 (BEFORE
VERSION C4) for DOS, Windows,or Windows NT
(x86 platform).
ARXDOSC4 requires AutoCAD release 13-C4 for
DOS, Windows, Windows95, or Windows NT.
Note: ARXDOS and ARXDOSC4 are both
AUTOAPPS.ZIP 203k AUTOapps.LSP is a lisp routine catalogue which
allows the user to store lsp routines w/ a 100
character (max) description of each. The
catalogue is called from the Autocad command
line & permits the user to review the lisp routines
available, each with its own description of use.
Once selected, the routine may be automatically
loaded. AUTOapps.LSP comes preloaded w/ 21
lisp routines which are
shareware & limited use demos; may be used or
removed by the user.
BATCHSCR.ZIP 311k Batch Script Processor processes any script of
your choice on multiple files. Great for running
scripts containing standard AutoCAD commands
or LISP programs to plot, modify, scan, convert,
export, saveasr12, etc. on any file. This version
has an auto-timeout feature to move on past
problem files. A script file editor with capture ability
is included. Supports saving and retrieving groups
of files for re-running other script files.
BASSLINE.EXE 262k BASS Engineering Proudly Presents Complex
LineTypes for AutoCAD R14. Draw a row of Trees
as easy as drawing a line Draw Fences on your
elevation views by drawing a line. Place a Hedge
in your Plan view in any shape. Want it round?
Draw a circle. Place 30 different types of plan view
trees Place Palm Trees in your Elevations. Want a
forest on your layout? Draw a row of lines!!!! What
is the command? LINE !!!!!!! CIRCLE!!!!
RECTANGLE!!!!! POLYLINE!!!! Believe it. This
collection of Complex LineTypes from BASS
Engineering is Hot!!! Add a multitude of
landscaping tools to your arsenal and not learn a
single new command.
BATCH32.ZIP 557k AutoCAD Batch Utility v3.00 (32 bit) allows you to
process a batch of AutoCAD drawings using
scripts. It is great for automating tasks such as
plotting projects, making a uniform change to all
drawings in a set, or converting drawing files from
one version to another (i.e. r14 to r13) for use by
another company or individual. It has a user
friendly interface for Windows 95 and Windows
NT. Knowledge of AutoCAD scripts is required.
Full help documentation is included, as well as
some example scripts.
CADET5.ZIP ? Premier ACAD word processor/spell checker &
more. Fully functional shareware for r10-12.
(Sysop note: Editor does not work in r13/14
unless a line similar to
CADET5,C:\CADET\CADET,0,*,4, in the acad.pgp
file. The CADET installer may not find the .pgp
CALCSW.ZIP 24k This is a dialog based calculator for R-12 for DOS
CALUTILS.ZIP 102k view calcomp plot files to dxf, view plot files too!
CLOGDEMO.EXE 96k THE CADROOM, a CAD service catering to a
variety of end users, PRESENTING TWO VERY
HIGHER. CADLOG......for geotechnical boring
logs and CADWELL......for monitoring well logs.
Boring Logs and and Well Logs have just been
made easier......Drafting time can be cut virtually
in half on these two major geotechnical exhibits.
where speed and ease of use stand out as key
to the unprotected form. ENCRYPTING of the
source file to AutoCAD PROTECTED lisp files.
to the unprotected form. ENCRYPTING of the
decrypted COMPILED lisp files. CONVERT 3.5
comes with encrypting by number, keyword or
random. ENCRYPTING procedure provides a new
layer of protection against other decryptors.
COMPRESS of AutoLISPs files in two ways: one
line compress single word compress both with
possibilites to keep the comments and to force to
upper or lower case Wild cards '*' and '?' are
allowed. Auto-generating of the file
CUSTOM.ZIP 281k With the help of a dialog box, create a definition
file for keys for DOS AutoCAD
CUSTSCR1.ZIP 193k CUSTSCR (Custom Scripts) provides a means of
using your own series of AutoCAD command
instructions. The commands are stored in an
file can be edited using a built-in ASCII editor with
all of the features of Notepad. CUSTSCR includes
a means of viewing the script files before you
invoke them. This tViewerl also provides a means
of removing file names that may have already
been processed and creating a new script file
minus the file names you have marked for
removal. When doing a purge job in AutoCAD, a
drawing may have to be purged, closed, opened,
purged, closed, etc. multiple times to ensure that
all the extraneous layers and blocks are removed
from the drawings before sending them to a
customer. CUSTSCR now provides a means of
specifying the number of times that you would like
to run any edit script file (including a purge script
file) on a set of drawings. You also now have a
choice of specifying either long or 8.3, short
filenames to be used in your script files
DDBDS1192.ZIP ? Christopher Lovelock & Stephen Haywood.
DDBS1192 acts as a front end to the 'Layer
Naming Convention for CAD in the Construction
Industry, Version 2' as developed by members of
the AutoCAD User Group UK. Layer creation and
manipulation is achieved by using a simple
dialogue box interface. Convertible demo version
for AutoCAD 12 / 13
DDFIT.ZIP 153k DDFIT version 1.0. This utility serves as an
interpretor for Allowances and Tolerances tables
for both imperial and metric sizes. It provides all
the dimensions for preferred limits and fits (RC2,
H7js8, etc...) for cylindrical parts according to the
American National Standard ANSI B4.1 and metric
dimensions according to British Standard for
metric ISO limits and fits BS 4500.
DDS.ZIP 52k Selection Program using Full Dialogue Control.
User May Select Any Single Choice or Any
Combination of Choices! Example Select All
Green Entitys, Or All Green Entitys on Layer Zero
with Dashed Linetypes and Blockname Green1!
This Program Works With AutoCad Version 12 or
Higher and Starts Where Autocad Left off.
DECRYPT.ZIP ? Decrypt protected AutoLISP files
DLGLX149.ZIP 99k Converts USGS (United States Geological
Survey) DLG (Digital Line Graph) data to DXF
format to import into various CADD systems.
Layers the attribute data & allows for including &
excluding particular layers. This is now a
FREEWARE program, but is still coprighted.
DMS101.ZIP 144k Drawing Management System Version 1.01
Create Drawing Registers in Minutes by importing
the Comma Delimited File created by DMS101
straight into your favourite spreadsheet. Open
drawings, Insert Wblocks or Attach External
reference files by their Attributed titles, or by user
created file. DMS.DOC is now in Write of
Windows format.
DOSLIB3.EXE 250k For r12 DOS, R13 DOS, Win31, Win311, Win95,
DOSLIB4.EXE 147k DOSLib, or DOS Library, is a library of
AutoLISP-callable operating system functions in
AutoCAD. DOSLib is an Autodesk Runtime
Extension (ARX) application providing the
following functionality: Drive handling functions to
change between drives and check disk space.
Path handling functions to manipulate path
specifiers. Directory handling functions to create,
rename, remove and change directories. File
handling functions to copy, delete, move, and
rename files. Functions for getting directory
listings, searching and finding multiple instances
of files, and changing attributes are provided.
Initialization file handling functions to manipulate
Windows-style initialization (INI) files. Process
handling functions to run internal DOS commands
or other programs. System inquiry functions, like
memory and disk statistics. Printer manipulation
and print spooling. Miscellaneous functions, like
changing the system date and time. DOSLib, an
AutoLISP extention, provide operating system
functions in AutoCAD. It's free.
DWFOUT1.EXE 191k web site:
http://home.att.net/~CedarsSW/DWFOUT v1.0
(DWFOUT1.EXE) from Cedars Software is a 32-
bit interactive user-interface utility for producing
script files to convert DWG to DWF file format.
Selections for Precision (Low, Medium, High),
Format (Ascii, Binary), level of AIU (None, AIU3)
and whether to include layer information are
provided. You don't have to remember where your
drawing files are located or where you want to
place the converted DWF files. An explorer-type
common dialog is provided to locate these folders.
The paths to selected folders are pasted into the
appropriate fields of the dialog box for use by the
program and saved as defaults. A means for
viewing script files is also provided. If you have a
large number of DWG files to convert to DWF
format, this program will save you considerable
time and effort.
DWGCLEAN.ZIP 251k The DwgClean program searches the current
drawing and removes all overlapping lines, joins
all lines that are broken makes all intersections
meet within a user specified tolerance. The
program also has the option to move all dimension
or text entities to a user specified layer. The
program allows all inserts or polylines in the
drawing to be exploded. There is also an option to
erase all points in a drawing.
FASTPLOT.ZIP ? offline plotting program
FPUFIX.ZIP ? software fix for flawed pentium chip
take a directory of dwgs and create a script file
acoording to selected parameters
GENSURF is a complete GENeral SURFace
modeling and contouring package that allows you
to input XYZ point data from the keyboard, data
collector or other device. The program creates
triangulated irregular networks (TIN), contours and
3D meshes directly in the AutoCAD drawing. This
version can process 1000 TIN's in about 3
seconds on a 486/50
IGNITE!.ZIP 830k Ignite! is a sizeable dialog front end to your
AutoCAD software providing enhanced features
and options. With the inclusion of a small
AutoLISP routine located in your start-up lisp file,
Ignite! serves as a scalable "file open" dialog to
simplify your file searches. Ignite! features: Works
with AutoCAD release 13 & 14 Windows 95 & NT.
Stand alone executable - Find drawings before
you start AutoCAD. Ignite! can be used as a
simple drawing file previewer without AutoCAD
present. Enlarged & "Jumbo" bitmap preview,
save bitmap to file, choose your background.
Storage and simple selection of last 20 drawings
opened, directories, inserts, xrefs. Automatic
highlighting of current drawing in file list (no more
scrolling for the next file). Default directory
settings for drawings, inserts, xrefs. Resizable
dialog with memory, splitter bar for directory/file
list. AutoCAD start-up options - Uses Windows
API calls for system stability. Delete, drag/drop
copy, move and rename files within Ignite! File list
printing, current drawing directory override.
Multiple drawing bitmap preview sidebar. Support
for *.dwt template files.
ISOTOOLS is a set of useful routines to assist in
the creation of isometric drawings. Its graphical
interface through icons inside dialog boxes and
extensive help makes this program fast and easy
to use, greatly reducing the time needed to
complete isometric details. The complete set
consist of the following routines:
ISOTOOLS.ZIP 79k ISOM2D (Isometric 2D conversion).
ISOM3D (Isometric 3D conversion).
ISODRAW (Isometric drawing).
ISOFITT (Isometric fittings).
ISOTEXT (Isometric Text).
ISODIM (Isometric Dimension).
(Added Isopaste function & 22 parametric
Isoshapes in Ver 2.0)
Many new features added. Detailed help functions
in 2 languages. KVEC is a commandline utility for
converting raster graphics to vector graphics and
vice versa. Many supported input formats. Output
KVEC_WIN.ZIP 306k formats: WMF, Postscript, AI, DXF, HPGL, ART,
Tiff, BMP. You can vectorize almost any picture
with it. No installation is required. Just start a
console session, unzip and type: KVEC (in-raster-
file) (out-vector-file) -format (format).
KEYS_40.ZIP ? 140 commands at your fingertips
With one quick command at the Windows95 or
WindowsNT command prompt this program will
format a plain text AutoLISP routine into colorful
HTML for publishing on the internet. It highlights
all keywords in blue, comments in green italics,
purple number, and other colors which make it
easy to read through an HTML browser like
Netscape or MS Internet Explorer.
LM13_2.ZIP 26k Early in 1992 CADD Masters introduced layer
grouping to enhance drawing layer structure,
control and management. Version 2.1 of Layer
Master had all the powerful tools of previous
versions plus the capability to apply the same
layer reference tools by entity pick to a collection
of layers. Large drawings with many components
and sub-components, perhaps a complex
mechanical assembly with many sub and sub-sub
assemblies, could be managed during editting
quickly and easily. To move a sub-assembly from
one position to another for example, the group
sub-command "L" can be used to select all of the
entities comprising all of the components in the
sub-assembly simply by picking one of the
entities. Layer Master will then place all of those
entities in the "P"revious selection set ready for
manipulation. All of this is done with a single entity
pick remember, with all drawing layers thawed and
visible, saving several minutes of typing, hunting,
view changes, dialogue boxes, add and remove
selection and frustration of sorting through
perhaps thousands of entities. Many more
changes and enhancements were made to Layer
Master over the next few years to further improve
these capabilities.AutoCAD REL 13 has the
capability to group entities directly. Now, Layer
Master for AutoCAD REL 13 DOS/WINDOWS has
become simpler, easier to use and more powerful
than ever. The only group function remaining for
Layer Master to control is the value of the
PICKSTYLE system variable which is toggled on
and off with the LM "G"roup command. Layer
Master is very intuitive to use and doesn't clutter
you drawing area with blinding dialogue boxes.
Simple, intuitive single letter commands can be
typed at the keyboard or picked on your tablet.
LS: Layer Save: Saves the current layers (on or
off, color & linetype) to a file of your naming with
.LYR extension. Saves the drawing name in front
of layer name for use in paper space with XREF's.
See note below "Description of LS and LR". You
cannot use "LS" in paper space,, it is designed for
model space saving with either model space
restoring or paper space restoring. The company I
work for does all of the work for a floor plan in a
model dwg and then XREF's it into a new dwg and
goes into paper space for setting up the dwg for
plotting and different scales. It works great and
you only have to draw stuff once (except for text
due to scaling of course). LR: Layer Restore:
Restores the layer settings in whatever file you
choose that has been previously saved. Works in
model space without XREF's and in paper space
with XREF's.
MAKEBL.ZIP ? create named or unnamed blocks
This program, a full working version, of MATCH
will change selected entities to "MATCH" some
characteristics of another entity. Very powerful and
MATCH4_0.ZIP ? useful in productive CAD environments. Includes
screen menu support for selecting characteristics
to "MATCH". This version allows you to select
multiple characteristics at one time.
MECHUT3A.ZIP 1.43mb New version! Updated for english units. Mech_Ut
is an AutoCAD enhancement used in mechanical
engineering for machine design. It
BOM (Bill of Materials)
and MORE....
MEXP12.ZIP ? explode unequal X,Y scaled blocks
MiniTab is an AutoCAD based program written in
AutoLisp that replaces or enhances the use of a
tablet. Great for a mouse only setup! Has editing
features that make it easy for non-programmers to
make their own menu's or modify existing ones.
Up to 100 items per menu. Great alternate to
using AutoCad's icon menus. This is a full working
MKDXF.ZIP ? MKDXF lite Release 3 (C)opyright CADology
Limited. Creates binary or ASCII DXF files direct
from AutoCAD DWG's. MKDXF is a DOS program
that will create Autodesk DXF files direct from
AutoCAD DWG drawing files. The DXF files
produced can be Binary or ASCII. MKDXF
Release 3 can read AutoCAD Release 13 DWG
files but at present only create AutoCAD DXF files
for R12 through to AutoCAD 2.5. Full R13 DWG
support is being implemented and MKDXF will be
available as a 32-bit Windows DLL. MKDXF can
work with single files or with wildcard options for
file selection. i.e. MKDXF fd* B - Build binary DXF
files of all DWG files beginning with fd. MKDXF * 3
- Build ASCII DXF files of all DWG's in the current
directory. A third parameter may be included and
this will inform MKDXF to create the DXF file
compatible with older versions of AutoCAD hence
allowing drawings to be loaded into older copies of
AutoCAD. The conversion codes are: 1 - AutoCAD
2.5 2 - AutoCAD 2.6 3 - AutoCAD Release 9 4 -
AutoCAD Release 10 5 - AutoCAD Release 11 6 -
AutoCAD Release 12 (default) i.e.: MKDXF * 3 4 -
All drawings files in the current directory to ASCII
DXF(3 Decimal Places) and in Release 10 DXF
format MKDXF tries to create a DXF files as near
to AutoCAD as possible, areas included are
SHAPE entities, DOS codepages and differences
between R12 and R11. Compare with other
products and see!. WARNING - This lite version
only works with DWG's less than 180000 bytes
This system allows you to create a object oriented
part generation.
If you see chair.lsp file each object has its own
clear definition.
As an example robot object inherited from box0
and base draw and it
has children named arm1. The properties of robot
is declared as width, height, length, and rotatez
OOPACAD.ZIP 11k (rotation around z axis).The chair.lsp file include
two categories of object. One is robot and the
other is grandpa. You can instanciate by typing
command (expand_node 'robot) for robot, and
(expand_node 'grandpa) for grandpa. The
advantage of this system is that user can use
block as his own definition. You can create your
block and can put any coordinate system as you
like it.
PROTECT.ZIP ? encrypt AutoLISP files
PRO Menu brings a major productivity boost to
AutoCAD. Working efficiently means having the
right tool for the job; PRO Menu puts in the
essential tools that Autodesk left out. It minimizes
button clicks and keystrokes, and its features will
benefit any user. It needs no upgrades to your
operating system or hardware, yet it will soon
have you working faster than ever. PRO Menu is a
complete productivity toolbox, in an easy-to-install
Plot Stamp offers you the ability to add any
combination and any number of five information
stamps to your drawing. These stamps include
drawing name, modified by, modified time, plot by,
and plot time. Once placed, these stamps will
automatically update themselves as necessary
based on user activity in the drawing. For
example, opening a drawing, looking around with
pan and zoom will not affect any of the available
stamps. However, opening a drawing and editing
a piece of text would update the mod by and mod
time stamps.
QuickFind v2.0 is a dialog based ARX application
developed as a tool to improve management and
access of drawing files by allowing users to
custom build project directories used in browsing,
Q2D-R13.ZIP 309k
searching and accessing drawing files. It is ideally
used on a local PC in a network enviornment
where drawing files and locations become difficult
to manage and access.
QDWG.ZIP 622k Quik DWG For Win 95/NT v.1 .View AutoCAD
DWG files through version 13. Zoom, pan print
and copy to the clipboard. Display drawing in
model or paper space. View files with open button
or right click on file and choose Quik DWG from
pop up menu. ASP Shareware.
This program was designed as a step-saver for
accessing drawing files located in variety of
directory paths. It is ideal for large network
enviornments where drawings are located in
commonly accessed but excessively long or
diverse file directory chains. It allows a user to
store directory path names to a list. When the
QFIND command is issued, the list of path strings
previously added will appear in the dialog list box.
Select a directory path from the list, then click the
<Find> button to go immediately to that directory,
then select the drawing file you wish to open.
JMC QuickRoll, Area & Volume Software for
AutoCAD 14, just released.Calculate areas and
volumes with ease. No more waiting on a plot and
dusting off the plainimeter. No more laboriously
putting closed polylines around things. Features
include 3 methods for obtaining areas, grab
QRZIP.ZIP 535k multiple areas fast, add or subtract areas, hide
clutter without freezing layers, Metric or English
units, export to Spreadsheets, label area text in
drawing and much more!Use on your site plans,
landscape designs, mapping projects, section
drawings, topographic drawings, soil maps, mine
designs, architectural drawings, etc.
Free Rectangle Utilities For AutoCAD R12
RECPACK.EXE 567k DOS\R13. Create rectangles, doors, windows,
trapzeoids & closets..
Ruby Slippers converts between AutoCAD DWG
and DXF and between versions of these formats.
AutoCAD Releases from 9 to 12 are supported for
output and from 2.5 to 12 for input.Ruby Slippers
is very fast and accurate.Ruby Slippers is
RUBYDEMO.ZIP 247k available in a 16-bit version for Windows 3.1 and a
32-bit version for Windows NT/95. Either version
is $75.This shareware version is identical to the
commercial version except that it will only convert
DXF files that are less than 100,000 bytes and
DWG files that are less than 50,000 bytes.
SAVEAS creates AutoCAD Release 14 script files
for converting DWG files to Release 12 and
Release 13 DWG file format. It provides support
for long filenames. You don't have to remember
where your drawing files are located or where you
want the converted Rel 12 and 13 files to be
located. An explorer- type common dialog is
provided to located these folders. The paths to
selected folders are pasted into the appropriate
fields of a dialog box for use by the program.
These paths are also retained as defaults for later
retrieval. If you have a large number of Release
14 to Release 12 or 13 conversions to make, this
program will save considerable time and effort.
SAVEIT is the perfect tool for transporting,
archiving, or saving multiple drawings in a R12,
R13, or R14 format. SAVEIT will save your files as
R12, R13, R14, or any other available export
format, and will do this across as many files as
you wish to process at one time. In addition to the
"SAVEAS" functions SAVEIT will also depath
and/or save any pathed files associated with each
drawing processed. PLOTIT is compatible with
R12, R13, R14, DOS & all versions of Windows.
lbads is a Slide Library Manager that works inside
of AutoCAD. No more clumsy .TXT files to deal
with. Access using a dialog interface that supports
viewing or use AutoLisp. Add, Extract, Delete and
Move commands are supported. AutoLisp file
utilities such as Dir and Delete are included to
help locate and manage files (SLB/SLD files are
compatible with R12).
TAGIT can... Assign Data To Any AutoCAD Entity!
Automatically calculate the area of closed
polygons! Automated Report Functions! Note any
AutoCAD entity! Find entities based on assigned
data! TAGIT is a data management program for
AutoCAD. It was written for AutoCAD Windows
and will run with AutoCAD R12, R13 and R14
Compares autocad drawing files for same
TDCREATE systemvars. If two or more files have
the same TDCREATE date list these filenames.
Useful for AutoCAD course teachers to check if
any two students started with the same drawing,
somebody used anothers dwg as prototype, but it
cannot be checked if someone inserts another
dwg in to his. (my students aren't that good with
blocks :) (Will come in the next version, it is
possible by checking the handles) New with
V1.3:bugfix: date conversion corrected, error after
the comma filespec functions removed
Time Sheet (c) will automatically record the time
spent on each drawing over your working week, at
the end of the week all you need do is activate the
dialog box and save to a text file. This program
will save you from the tedious task of manually
TDYTLS.ZIP 898K writing down the filename and the time you spend
on each. Most users find that they have been
working longer hours each week than they have
been paid for, it is amazing how those odd
minutes accumulate to an extra hour or two each
TRUKPATH.ZIP ? simulate movement/path a truck travels
TSW-SORT.ZIP 34k Here are a couple of routines that may be of use
to LISP programmers. TSW_SORT.ZIP contains
R13/Win ADS program which defines the LISP
command TRBL_SORT, that sorts a list of
numbers using qsort a whole lot faster than you
can sort in LISP itself. I'm pretty sure that
TSW_SORT.CPP should be fairly portable, if
someone wants to compile it for another platform.
SELBUNCH.LSP is a dialog box with a multiple
choice list box where you can select more than 87
items without crashing or failing. Neither of these
are actually meant to be used by the CAD
operator as-is; they are for the use of other
AutoLISP programmers who might need a fast
sort routine or a multiple-choice list box that you
can use with >100 items.
Utils is a selection of Utility Functions written in
VBA for use in Autocad Rel 14.It consists of 3
Files:CHL.DVB Change LayerCHLT.DVB Change
Linetype CHC.DVB Change Color Along with them
I have Included UTIL.LSP and UTIL.MNU. These
2 files provide the link between Autocad and VBA
by providing a Toolbar to select a routine and a
lisp file that loads and runs the routine. I have
provided these files mainly to show what can be
done using VBA and Autocad. Please ensure that
all files are in a directory called c:\utils and that
this directory is in you Autocad search Path.
VOLARE10.ZIP ? compute volume & area of dtm from 3dfaces
Full featured text editor inside Autocad. Using list
pricessing, read and write, to and from files
through a dialog box. Edit Autocad screen text (to
WFACTION.ZIP 12k and from) as well. Additional features are list
registering to Autocad and lisp loading. Split horiz.
and vert. screens available for merging files.
Tested on ACAD r12c DOS stand-alone.
WSSW_V1.ZIP ? This is a full, working copy of WSSW's Visual
LISP Version 1.0. No restrictions, no kidding and
it's nearly free. We request that you post at least
one program you produce with Visual LISP as
freeware to GO CADENCE and GO ACAD
forums. That's the only cost. Western Sierra
Software Works! is proud to have furthered the
use and adaptability of AutoCAD by producing our
Windows AutoLISP editor. Many users have
purchased VL1.0 from us, we are glad to have
had the business and would like to thank each
and every one of you who sent us fifty bucks.
Every person who has a registered copy of Visual
LISP 1.0 and has sent us a registration card will,
when we release it at a yet to be determined date,
recieve a free update to VL2.0 and they have our
thanks for making a couple of guys who decided
to start a small software company near Lake
Tahoe in northern California into the programming
fools we are today Those people allowed us to
continue on our quest to be way more involved in
programming than is healthy for a normal human
being. Thanks for the Pepsi and Pizza. This
freeware is not eligible for update, but keep your
eyes peeled, if you like 1.0, you'll love 2.0. You'll
see it on Compuserve first, but it's gonna cost you
somewhat more than one free uploaded program.
Convert Excel 5.0 Spreadsheets to DXF! 1)
XLS2DXF converts spreadsheet ranges to DXF
files. 2) Simply highlight a range in Excel and click
XLS2DXFD.ZIP ? "File|Save as DXF". 3) The new DXF file looks just
like the original range of cells. 4) Merge the new
DXF file with existing CAD drawings. 5) Great for
managing Bill of Materials tables! 6) Try the demo!
EMXS Mapper, a subset of EMXS in AutoCAD, is
free to the public on the Internet and several BBS
locations. EMXS Mapper is a set of tools for
drawing maps in AutoCAD R12 and R13. It's
XMAPR.EXE 722k drawing setup features allow the user to specify
azimuth, grad or bearing angles, meters or feet,
plan scales, text sizes and sheet sizes. Drawing
functions incorporate standard legal survey entry
for lines and curve.
Extend (lengthen or shorten) lines, arcs, or
polyline segments by graphically selecting a point
XTEND.ZIP ? to extend to or by entering a length or central
angle (positive or negative) to lengthen or shorten
the chosen entity by.
XTOOLS is a suite of commands that allow you to
offset, copy, and list entities in blocks or xrefs.
Entities which can be copied are LINES, ARCS,
Entities which can be offsetted are LINES, ARCS,
CIRCLES, and POLYLINES. Entities which can be
Xtrim will extend or trim lines or arcs as necessary
to an apparent intersection with a selected line,
arc, or polyline segment. Includes an immediate
undo feature if the result is not what you expected.
Customized ball valve routines for use with
CP55.ZIP 14k
CP5302.ZIP 8000k CADPIPE 5.3.02 update
CPI5402.ZIP 5000k CADPIPE 5.4.02 update


Converts a
selection set of
3DFTO3DP.LSP AutoCAD R12+ <1kb
3DFACES into


selected objects. R12+

Reports the interior and exterior

ANGLEREP.VLX angles between two straight 3kb

Generates the complementary AutoCAD

arc to selected arc. 2000+
Returns the total distance of a
ARCSUM.LSP selection set of arcs, works on <1kb
arc objects only.

Quick way to remove all

ATTSTRIP.VLX attributes from a selection set 2kb
of blocks inside a drawing.

Small VBA routine that fixes the

Invalid Block Name "" Found
error that can occur in
BLANKBLK.DVB AutoCAD. The blank block will <1kb
be renamed to BLANK-######
(Number determined at

For use on AutoCAD 14.0

systems that does not have VBA
support. This ARX provides a AutoCAD
BLANKBLK command which R14
checks the current drawing and
corrects blank blocks.

Explodes the anonymous blocks

with data in ATTDEF's created AutoCAD
by the ASE 'Make Displayable R12+
Attributes' function.

Scales selected blocks in place AutoCAD

by designated scale factor. R12+

Activates the AutoCAD 2000

CHGPREV.LSP Properties dialog with the <1kb
previous selection set.

Converts a selection set of AutoCAD

circles into polylines. 2000+

Easily copy multiple text and/or

mtext objects to the Windows
CLIPCOPY.ZIP clipboard for pasting into other 40kb
applications such as Word

Copies selected objects to a AutoCAD

designated layer. R12+

A strong deterrent to prevent

changes (by others) to the
drawing because it cant be
DETER.VLX exploded or refedited. Be 4kb
careful to use only on a copy of
your drawing you intend to send
to others!
Automates placement of a
DISTLEA.VLX leader with the distance of a 2kb
picked segment.

Sort the display order of your

DOBYLAYER.VLX drawing objects based on <1kb

Generate printed reports of

DWGLIST.EXE drawing information including 2.5mb
the bitmap preview.

Adds a tab strip to AutoCAD

2000-2006 and vertical
derivates allowing you to
DWGSTRIP.EXE 2000- 1.3mb
quickly change between loaded
drawings. For 2007+ use this

Fixes the END SEQUENCE layer

problem created by AutoCAD AutoCAD
2000 where definition crosses 2000+

Detects the creation of a

2dSolid or Image entity and
GETBACK.DVB automatically sends it to the 15kb
back. Add to your Startup

The pair of functions contained

in this file can be used to create AutoCAD
a round trip from TEXT in a R12+
drawing to a file.

Import User Coordinate

IMPUCS.ZIP Systems from a secondary 30kb
source drawing.

Import named views from a AutoCAD

secondary source drawing. 2000+

Inserts rotated blocks with the

INSROT.LSP attributes maintained <1kb

Displays a floating dialog that

resembles the computer
keyboard. Mouse users can click AutoCAD
on keys to supply input to the 2000i+
AutoCAD command prompt.
Add to your Startup Suite.

LAYERDES.VLX Lists and adds/edits layer AutoCAD <1kb

descriptions introduced in 2000+
AutoCAD 2005.

Displays an exact
representation of the layer AutoCAD
dialog in your browser, ready to 2000+

This dialog based VBA routine

LAYERFILTER.ZIP lets you delete all or selected 8kb
layer filters in a drawing.

Returns the total distance of a

LINESUM.LSP selection set of lines, works on <1kb
LINE objects only.

Export layer filters drawing from

a drawing to an external file
LFILTERIO.ZIP that can be imported into new 15kb
drawngs using the companion
Import tool.

Layout Manager Lite. Lets you

lock/unlock all the viewports on
multiple layouts, plot layout AutoCAD
tabs in the correct order, or set 2000+
the PSLTSCALE on or off on
multiple layouts.

Adds an event that restores a

layer state or runs your own AutoCAD
script files whenever you 2000i+
change layouts.

Reactive Annotation Tool that

works with NATIVE AutoCAD AutoCAD
objects such as TEXT, MTEXT, 2000

Creates independent solid fills in

a selection set of closed objects. AutoCAD
Easy removal of one filled R14

This dialog based VBA routine

lets you repeatedly select
NUDGE.ZIP objects then use its arrow keys 16kb
and increment value to carefully
change the position of objects.

Converts objects with hard

coded color to BYLAYER, creates
OBJCOLAY.LSP and places the object on a new <1kb
layer with the name COLOR plus
the color number.
Put an end to the hassle of
trying to open BAK files created
by AutoCAD. Now you can
OPENBAK.ZIP simply type in OPENBAK at the 12kb
command prompt, select the
BAK file and its open in the

Reports area & perimeter inside AutoCAD

boundary at picked locations. 2000+

Analyses a selection set of TEXT

and POINT's, CIRCLE's, or
INSERT's using the coordinates
PNTCONV.LSP of the point marker and the <1kb
point number of the TEXT to
create a comma separated
ASCII file in the form of PNEZD.

Reports the length of a picked AutoCAD

polyline. R12+

Export polyline vertex AutoCAD

information to a text file. R12+

Quick Keys 1.2: Super-Alias

system replacement for
QUICKKEY.ZIP ACAD.PGP that allows multiple 16kb
process commands like

Add to the startup suite, when

ever you execute a save
PROPSAVE.DVB operation, the DWGPROPS 9kb
dialog comes up reminding you
to enter appropriate data.

Allows more than 4 recent files

in AutoCAD 2000 Adds a
Recent pulldown that will show AutoCAD
the last 26 DWG's opened. 2000+
Requires absolutely NO changes
to your menu's!

Draw revisions clouds in your

REVCLOUD.VLX drawing by dragging your <1kb
crosshair around the area.

Update a selection set of RTEXT AutoCAD

objects without a full regen. R14+

VBA Routine for Real Time AutoCAD

LTSCALE control. R14+

SCALESOL.LSP Scales 2D solids in place at AutoCAD <1kb

specified scale factor. Prompts
for which solid vertex 1-4 to use
as the scaling point. Useful for R12+
scaling SOLID arrowheads in

Occurs when drawings are

opened, returning several
different numbers. It is
SHAPETXT.LSP repeated with every regen. This <1kb
routine you can correct
'invisible' text that causes these

Strips extra vectors and

redundant color assignments
14, or
SLDSTRIP.EXE inserted into slides by AutoCAD 43kb
Release 14/LT 97. Brings file
size back closer to normal.

Exports 3DSOLIDs information AutoCAD

directly to Microsoft Excel. 2000+

Converts a selection set of

splines to polylines inside the AutoCAD
drawing. No more hoops with 2000+
DXF files in R12 format.

To be used when you receive

error messages about AutoCAD
*PAPER_SPACE1, etc. Renames R14+
the block to purgeable names.

Swaps the endpoints of a line.

Helpful for direction control, AutoCAD
especially with text linetypes for R12+
which direction the text reads.

Restores the missing System

SYSVDLG.VLX Variable Editor Dialog in 50kb
AutoCAD 2000.

Adds a Table Toolbar to AutoCAD

AutoCAD 2005 or higher. 2005+

Converts ATTDEF's with tag

TAG2TXT.LSP strings to TEXT objects with all <1kb
identical properties.

Convert a selection set of TEXT

objects to a single MTEXT
TXT2MTXT.LSP object. Unlike others it does <1kb
not require that you select the
text in any particular order.
Exports TEXT objects to an
TXTEXPRT.LSP ASCII file in the order they are <1kb

Restacks numerous lines of

TEXT objects. No special
selection order required. Also AutoCAD
provides options to change the R12+
text size and control the
interline scale factor.

Dialog based tool for 2000+

users to compare the system AutoCAD
variables between two open 2000+

Lets you designate a target path

and automatically wblock all AutoCAD
block definitions in the drawing R12+
to that folder.

Choose a selection set of

objects in the drawing and this AutoCAD
routine will zoom to the extents 2000+
of those objects.

acad.lsp Instruction on the usage
acaddoc.lsp Instruction on the usage
accdist.lsp Accumulate distances to
AecExportToAutoCAD.lsp Read and write the settings that
AecExportToAutoCAD and the like command uses
AECObjectsExplodeOptions.lsp Read and write the settings in the
"Explode AEC Objects" dialog box when using command _AecObjExplode
AreaM.lsp Calculates the total area of selected objects
areaOfObject.lsp Returns the area of selected object
AreaText.lsp Select a polyline and where to place the text for the area
AttDefToMText.lsp Convert Attribute definitions to MText
AttDefToText.lsp Convert Attribute definitions to Text
axBlock.LSP Generic block and attribute AutoLISP functions
axCreateVP.LSP Creation of viewports using AutoLISP
axInsert.lsp Example of inserting a block with ActiveX in modelspace
backgroundchanger.lsp Change the background color back and forth
BlockToXref.lsp Convert Blocks to Xrefs
BOMLengths.lsp Get the accumulated sum length of multiple objects
CAO_Link_Templates.lsp Create/delete Link Templates using CAO
ChangeNoPlottableLayers.LSP move all entities from layers that are not
plottable to layer defpoints
dimlinechange.lsp Changes selected line on a dimension to current layer
DisplayColorProperties.lsp Miscellaneous commands related to Colors
on the Display tab on the Options dialog

DisplayProperties.lsp Miscellaneous commands related to the Display

tab on the Options dialog

DLF.lsp Delete AutoCAD layer filters

GetPlotDevices.lsp Generic plot setting functions to get
plot styles and plotters available
getvpscale.lsp Get Viewport Scale in active viewport or in selected
Hatch_Move.lsp Moves the startpoint/snapbase for selected hatches
base points independently
HATCHB.LSP Recreates hatch boundary by selecting a hatch
HatchBase.lsp Change the hatch base point on one or many hatches
historylines.lsp Change the number of command history lines
insrot.lsp 2 versions of Insert block with attribute rotated to specified angle
JTB_TitleBar.lsp Change the title bar of the AutoCAD application
layer-list.LSP Layer list to file
layer-lw-list.LSP Layer and lineweight list is created as a drawing
layers-erase.LSP Erase all layers that are frozen or off

layer-state.LSP List layers according to state

layer-toggle-freeze.lsp toggle the freeze state of layer and
regens only the objects on the layer
LayoutsToDwgs.lsp Creates separate drawings of all layouts
lenghtOfObject.lsp Returns the lenght or the perimeter of selected object
linetype.LSP Load linetype and check for existence of specified linetype
mpt.lsp Midpoint of 2 or 3 points
pagesetup.lsp Miscellaneous routines related to Page Setup
PersonalMtextSymbols.lsp Add personal mtext symbols in the
right click menu in the mtext editor
pljoinfuzz.lsp Joins lines, arcs and polylines using a fuzz distance
PlotDevicesFunctions.lsp Miscellaneous Plot Devices Functions
plotdialog.lsp Force Plot dialog by lisp
profiles.lsp Miscellaneous profile commands
ProjectPaths.lsp Project path functions including export to file
Purge-Point.lsp Kills all POINT 5 vent-objects and V50-dictionaries
purger.lsp Various purge functions with no command line echo
PurgeReconciledLayers.LSP Purge all information about
reconciled layers in the drawing
remicons.lsp Removes the icons Buzzsaw, RedSpark, Point A
and FTP in Open dialog box
SOpen.lsp Open command that works for all cases independent on SDI
supportPaths.lsp Save and loads support paths to a text file
TextFunctions.lsp Change all text styles on all objects to named text style
tsh0.lsp Set all text style's height to 0
txtRot.lsp Rotate selected text objects to specified angle
viewportcenter.LSP Get the viewport center coordinates
viewsIO.LSP Export and import views
VPlayers.lsp Save, load and restore frozen viewport layers from file and
match from one viewport to another
vp-outline.LSP Creates a polyline in modelspace that has the
outline of the selected viewport
vpsel.lsp Select all visible objects in selected or active paperspace viewport
zoome.lsp Zoom extents in all viewports
Download acetutil.zip Documentation for the Express acet functions

Miscellaneous tips&trix for AutoCAD AutoLisp

Purge layer filters / delete layer filters in AutoCAD. You get it here at my blog or here.