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September 3 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Please see attachment part A of a 3 part 158 page at present disclosure which I believe should lead to an inquiry
into the modus operandi of the legal system in Ontario and throughout Canada
The contents within tells a story of one man’s attempt to rip off a little justice from the Constitution. Anyone living in
Canada is well aware of the difficulties and hardships of victim’s who suffer at the hands of the immoral of society
and most everyone know or have met at least one person who has related a personal story of an injustice served to
them by the courts. The stories are everywhere and yet there seems to be little that can be done to remedy the
situation and generally the public just shrug their shoulders one by one and the injustices continue. It is difficult to
put a finger on the cause of these injustices and anyone who has, has found it extremely difficult to find an authority
which will give you the attention you deserve.That is simply because the whole system is an ingenious conspiracy
in which the lawyers themselves play a major role.

If you will make an effort to read carefully the story I am sending and note that the story is actually a compilation of
correspondence I have gathered from various public offices over the past year in my quest to find justice in at least
3 different completely separate personal matters and the correspondence from the various public offices all lead to
and evidence the fact that the modus operandi of the legal system is not condusive with the Constitution and if you
will look at pages 48,49 and 144-158 you will have proof that the Law Society of Upper Canada plays a major role
in the injustice served upon the people and you will see proof that those in the legal profession have no regard for
the peoples rights as they ravage the taxpayer while they profit at the expense of victims.
You will see proof that not only does the system profit at the expense of victims but the modus operandi depends
on the system not to back the guaranty which is an intricate part of the plot to ensure victims will be plentiful for the
benefit of the lawyers and their friends.

Frank Gallagher