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TIle Providence B.Ed College Management System is a software to automate all U1C office ncti VI! H.::S related (0 an, Fd college. 11 overcomes the di fllcultics cncountcrc.l with the manual office system now in L1SC nt Providence D.hl Colleges. In the prevailing sy,:.cm tasks like admissu 11l proccducrc, maintaining the dctuils of'thc students and the marks :u .taincd by the students, finding I he attendance percentage, keeping the details ol'the fees jmid by the students, issuing T.e. etc arc really time consuming W1{J difficult work since it is done in a semi aut imatic \\H}. More than that the chances ol'crror is also VCI), high.

Moreover the amount ur~vork involved ill keeping (he records by rn all ual system was so large in tl lis organization. Computerization could totally decrease the work ill d increase the effectiveness and efficiency of this office and there by cl irn i nate various flaws that arc now inherent. 1111 II dcr t ) make the system function smoothly the WIlli ings ofthe systcu, :5 divided into two sec nons -Academic and Adm inis: ration, Academic section deals wi th all student

related acti vuics alit! ndmiuistrat! vc section clculs wi til the adn iiuistration (Ices, st.:! ." course) ac Liv itics,

I'rov utcncc B.bJ college Munagcmcnt System is a software package de" .luped [or the proper Jl nctioning ora college or any size. 111is project is a whole hearted e :-:Jrt to put CO[\\",UlJ ill (1, effective way olco: nputerizing functions or various activities ol'thc cc.lcgc laster ami simpler


The main objective of Providence 1\ Ed College Management System software includes the Iollowing ;

>i' 1\111.."1" accdcmic perfo nuance ann I ysis olthe students and stall:

* Pruvidc user friendly mechanism fi'r the office work.


Providence REd Cnl!l·gl.' M:lIlagl:lIll'll( S, stern - Synupsis

'I< Automatically updates the dutubusc Juring 11l.:W udmission.

'" Timely Report gcncrutiou and [)l'Ilgn.:ss Card preparation,

'I< Keep rCCCHU of stall, their qualific.uion, experience and subject details.


'" Pr vide a means 10 automatic .. illy prepare all certificates (Transfer Certifiat-. Conduct Certificate etc



Windows 2003/2UOO/XP MS-StlL Server

lITML, ASP.Nd. Javascript Visual Studio 2005

Database Server

Technologies Toob

1 brdwan:


Pentium IV

Memory Harddisk Clienl

256 MB 8UGB

Processor Mcmorv

'-- .

Pentium Series


l Iarddi ... l;



Laser I Inkjet / Douuatrix

Networkcard Cabling Hub/Switch

Pnn itJCIICC . ·.d College 1\ lall:l!!l'lIll'lI! SySIl'1ll _ Synopsis



13, . J College ~·bll~lgellll·JH SyslL'nl aill}s (0 ~ILJ(l>IIW!t: all (lie I LlilctiUJIS p.:dol rued at t tc office. . nus system he! ps to C<lITY out (he J'ullctil;:lI1s such as the ellq uiry about students, lo..:"elil..:l::l, l c 'S, atlelld'IIli.,;1,; u r s( udcuts, issue r, C, etc. '1'111.; su II Will cabo kL:cps ul J the I ccords

, 'i.

ellicknil) Eac\ ofthe modules in the system has sub modules within them which helps to reduce t111.' burden o{ work.


Any software project l~ass{)(,:iu(t:J wi th a large num bel' ofdoclIll1cnls depending on the cornplc: .ityofthe project. Th, design of the soft",ru'c is entirely based on system requiremcnt spec, Iicatiou document.' "he gL'lll..'~11 rcqui rcn Jellt spec; licntiUJ I dcs(;rip!j~~l_s oltl !C.: proposed yst .... m is as follows.

'" The sun ware is responsible to autouuuc lhe <1<.11111.',.: '}11 procedure

'" Prepare various reports and statell1t:lIt::; that has to Cot SCI!\. 'llc Univcrsiy >I< The so n ware shuulJ he ;1 menu dri VL'rI <lilt! j ntcract ivc .\lmgr<ll11.


*' Systcn Il<1S 10 process the Icc sCllillgs und fee collection

>fr Printout or Icc receipt should be gcncrulcd by the system

'" Should have prov ision to set the curnculum for each course * Studcnv, altcndan c should he stored and related I:eport should be generated

'" Marks Sl',)rCU by the students in various cx.uninations should be avai lablc in the SYS'-'Tll. And based on that thc systcm hns to generate progress card.

'" Printing of TC should be done by the system


r •

G;'\Nl CHAR 'RO\. E..J :E 3.Ed CC I_L .-SE

-----r--- __

AC1 ',", code A.en 'y'" ask


-:----+.:-'d7'"e-rj"'::-- ... -*-d=---- - __ Mifel!:ne needs define j-----:o; Fea - ility sbJdy --.,--_

2 1 T -, I feas:!: ,

2.2 6 no ileal teal: bil y

2.3 Ei'f,aVl ural feaclbih), MileSllles;Feasib'r. .. o, .. -<'~r---


Ana!ls 5 3.1 O;i - c~dlection


... ~- 'It''r .'~ -v

.,...,:... ...... :.1. l. iIo.



L_J~n~ i -~9-O7 S.~7


MileSll'. es A.nal s's OVEr

r--- ~- __

Des' 4.1 Ir.p.. design 4.2 OiL rt design 4.3F<r.J" design 4.4 [~ ,SSE: desigr

4.5 (011 desig -r

r-_-= __ -+=t-.~1il~ ~;~es :Design Comple' -I_~---I

5 Tas '1i

5. ~ ~ ram r~~ng I '\

~.::. $1mg testing

5.3 S)5t~m testing I

5.4 S ~m documer'aUl n I

MilesS'!:nes:TestinQ 0vc' '[

.----5----~lm-p-I~~-,-e-nta~t~io-n-.------- --1 j_

6.1 Im:lementation I

6.2 S~i! pre~araticn

6.3 l.Jscr acceptance 'I MilesSicne~lm Ie mentation Over

~~-- ~~___.___----..!


·1 I





Ul "t!
W d
""0 c,
;;::i ::I
c I':l
- -
~ ,-.
o o
-3 ~
l -
- ~.
.. - x


6. Aj-fALY,sIS

College Management System


iv!Aj~.JAGEM£}" T


GOVER.,\"\fENT ~

tr: 'Jl

. ~








Fee data


/' ,





(' , ..



Course Management

Course data store

Fee Structure

Fee settings


Fee data store

Fee received info


+----_....:.s....:.ra.ff_infi_O_nTIa_o_·o_n · ~ .,

Administration ----------_re-~S~=·a'~lltlI~·~o~~~n~·o=n----~

Staff data store

Staff Category id


Teacher information









Listmg ofrucdules t.Academn

1.1 «dmission

J.2 • tudcnt Adrninisuution

1.3 ~;llldclli 1\ IkmhIlH.;c

1.4 I·. .uminatiou nnd Result Anulysis 1.5 'racticul Marks

1 ,(I 1.L' and Conduct L\'II i licate

2. Adm in is t ra tiu It

2. J ,I..:I.! Manugcmcnt

2.1.1 Fcc Settings 2.1.2 Fee Collection 2.2 "wJIAdminislwtiul1



2.3 Course Management


Providence B. FelL "ollcgc Management sytcm maintnius two main mod .ilcs ~ Aca-

demic and f\drnini~,ratiull. Academic mud deals with all student related actvitics and

adminiSlmII0l1moduh:: deals with the ndmip.islration (fees, staff., course) activitie .'.

Tl» Acadcu lie module contains ~ \1..: Ji,11 lowing sub modules,

1. I d,dmissioll

H.Ed College admission i, bused 011 [be entrance examinations condu.rcd by tile Enrance omruissioner and Management. Fifty percent of the scats is allotcd a'; Govemmcut and the res! 10 I nunugcmcnt. During the time ofudrnission thc students are. .kcd to fill in the details in the application fOIT11 given to them from the college and based or the details gi vcn in L11L ipplication [01111 iufi rmation is adddcd in III is module, Dming the cnu, an admission numb, r is generated 1'0 -cach student Further updatious 0 l'the in formatio.:s and consolidated reports oflhe students who have been admitted on a particular dale and year is also crctcd In this module.

1.2 S{ udcru Adn~1I istrnt ion

Once tle complete set ol'studcnts is admitted in the college this rsodulc -tarts fU1ICtiouing, All therclevcnt intormation aboo: the students starling from personal information to

I'rovidcncc B. Ed Co lIl'!!C Man :lgCll'.::.:Il:..:.·I~II-,-,SC!,_l""S l,""-o.:",III,--":,,S:.J..y.:..:.ll:.:.Jlll,,,,)s~is:;_· _


career information is stored 111 Ihis module. Provisions for updation, scarchir ; etc, is also added in this module.

1.3 Studen t Attendance Mlmllgclllcil t

Once the course has started the 011 tc nuance of the studen ts in the co II ege is taken and is entered into this 11I0l1! lie. This module also hcl ps to calcu late attendance percentage of each student and based on the result ebtaincd, a detailed report is been printed.

1.4 Examination And Result Analysis

W he 11 exam s or u. Ed co LI rsc is CUI id uctcd the marks obn La ined by eaci I s ludell tis entered 11110 this module. Once the marks has been added 10 this module it can be used for

cont i nuo uscvalua lion, J lerli JI"IIlmu.:C, anul ys i 5, progress report card. The mod u I c also has the provision for calculati ng the total marks and percentage, making updations and generating COlIS!,) I idatcd n iarkshcct.

1.5 Student Practlcnl Marks

I'his module helps the teacher to enter the marks obtained by the studcn: s for di Ilercnt practicals. U pdations of the marks and number olpracticuls is also possi blc in this module. lhi I s module also provides the r .. ici li Iy to view the consolidated practical marks of each student option wise and to Lake printouts,

1.6 Student Transfer and Cond uct Certificate

OIlCC a student has completed his/her course she is given TC W1U Conduct Ccrtificates and as a result an automatic alurnini will be created.

;he Adm inistrat ion II loll ulc has the following sub mod u lcs

2.1 Fec Management

This module deals with the process ofcollection oflees and setting of lee structures. TIle mod u Ie is d i v idcd into two su bmodules - Fee sett i n gs and F eecollect ion.

2.1.1 Fcc Sen iugs

lce settings module Iacil itatcs the updations of'arnount oftuition fees and other fees every year, It also provides the facility 10 check the fcc structure of'thc past yearx,

2.1.2 Fcc Collection

This module tracks many records ofthe students past and present status offce payment. It also contains the details of payment mode and lee refund.

Providence B.EdConc~c l\1a~S,",,"y.<.:.s~tc:;.;.n;.:..I...;- Sc:....:"",'I1"",o""r""sio;:,.s ........,1"",,2

2 .. 2 Sl aIT Ad minislrn! ion

Once a staff(tcucher/ non teacher) has been appointed in the college all U1,: relcvent information about the sta IT is added ill thi s module, F acili ties for updation, searching. printing is also included in this module,

2.3 Course Management

All the informations about the subjects to ~ taught is entered in 111is modul x Updation or adding of the subjects is possible ill this module. Also provisions have been made to add new courses into the module.

Pnl\idcTlcc B. Ld Collegc Ma n_:.!J,:SUll'lIl SYS!l'lII • S\'IW1).~is ~ I=J


. L Prugrummc
Fielll Name Type \Vidlh Constrain f~
p ID lutcger Primary Key
P lIrl! ne Character 20
P _lk:,cript Chuructcr J()
P duration N U III be r 2
- [ "


2, Course
Field Name Type Width Constraints
C 11) Integer Primary Key
p }O Integer Foreign Key
C Name Chaructcr 20
C_Dl:serJpL Character JU \."

J_ Subjects
Field Name Tvue Width C oustrai II ts
S IJ) Integer Primary Key
S Name Character 30
S Dcscr Character 30
_ 4. Pructicals
Field Name TYIJC Width Constraints
PI" ill Integer Primary Key
Pr jvpe Character 20
PI' _ dcscri pt Character 3U Provldcuce U. Ell College M:JIIUi!CllIcnl System - SynH!lsi,~

- --.----
_r. I},'io. II
'- -
~'lclt1 Na.ilic 'IYre Width Co nstr-ll in is
B ID Integer Primary Key
C III Integer Foreign Key
n Sturtdatc Dille
13_ StupUU!C Dutc
I 6. CI:ISS Schedule
I Field Name Type Width Constraints
B ID Integer Foreign Key
MonthYear Character 10
Totaldays I Number 2 I 7. Curriculum
Field Name Type \¥illth Constraints
B 11) Integer Foreign Key
S iD integer Foreign Key
Optional Boolean
TMax Number J
PMax Number 3
Term Ii ncgcr 8. PracticalMaxMnrl<
Field Name Type Width Constraints
B ID Integer Foreign Key
PI" ID Integer Foreign Key
Prl\ lax Number 3 14

Prnvidence n.Ed Collc!!e ''''anll!!cmcut Splt'lII - SynnlJ.~i.~


9. Fcc Hems
Field Name Type Width I Constraints
F ID Integer Primary Key
F Item Character 30
r ....

10. Fcc Settings
Field Name Type Width Constraints
B ID Integer Foreign Key
F 10 Integer Foreign Key
Amount Number 10 Not Null
Refundable 13001Cilll II. Student
Field Name Type Width !Constraints
S! Adruno Integer )rilllary Key
St Rollno Integer Foreign Key
St_Regno Character 12
SI Name Character 30
St Dab Date
S[ Houscno Character 15
St Street Character 30
SI Post Character 30
St Pin Character 7
St Phone Character 20
SI Quali Character 70
St Doa Date
B 10 Integer -oreign Key
- " , .

:; (

- ,

t. I

Providence 8.Et! ollcgc Mnn;!I!ClIll'n( Sl'Slt'll1- Synopsis



t 2. Fl'C Collection
Field amc 'I)'pc '''idth Constraints
r~ N} LOllg Primary Key
St - Aumno lntrgcr Foreign Key
Fe Amt Number 10
Fe Date Date ..
Fe Term Integer r.

13. Fcl. Returned
)lield Hille Type WitH.h Coustrnints
F ID Integer Primary Key
F D<tl~ Dale
Sl Admno integer Primary Key 1·1. Fcc Rcturn l teru
Field Nnmc Type Width Cnnst ruiuts
r- ID Integer Foreign Key
F ltvm Integer Foreign Key
Amount Number 10 NotNull 15. Attcmlancc
Field Name Type Width Constraints
SI Adu 1tI0 I ntcgcr r:oH:ign Key
At M nlh Character 3
At YC~II Integer
At Davs/vbsent Integer
- ~
- r

Providence U..Ed Collcgc M:mng1.:l!lcu( SplclLl - SYllupsi,~

16. Marks
Ficld Name I Typc Width Constraints
St Admnu I Integer Foreign Key
S ID Integer Foreign Key
Mark Number 3 Nul Null
Is'Iheory Boolean ..
'11.::(111 Integer 1 t 7. Practicnl Marks
Field Name Type Width Constraints
Sl Admno Integer Foreign Key
Pr ID Integer Foreign Key
PI' Mark Number J NotNuU
Term Integer 18. TC
Field Name Type Vvidth Constraints
r-AillnnO lntrger Foreign Key
T~ No Character 10 Primary Key
'1 c DaLe Dale Nul Null
1( _DoOc .... v Dab..; 8 Nul Null
llC_Rcuson C11;U'~lC tcr 20 17

1'\ nvideucc iI.ElI Culh:cc I\1,III,ICl'mcul Splcm - Syllu!l.~i.,

(9. SI a If (_ a (('gory
Field Name 'I)'pe Width Constraints
C .. t ID Integer l'rimary Key
C.IL Nallle L 'harac In 15
Ci.lL Doser Cluuuc tcr 25
- \.:. J

20. Staff
Field Name TV[lI..' Width Constru in is
Sta ID Integer Primary Key
CnL 1D Integer Foreign Key
Stu Name Character 2U
StaDcsig Character 10
Sta_J)oj Date
Stu l Iouscno Number 8
Sla Street Chnructei ~
SLJ. Post Churuetcr 10
Sta Pin Number 8
Sta 'hone Number 12
Sla Quali Character 70
Stu_!:xp Clml"UctLj 70 21. Teaching
I· icld Nnrae Type Width Constraints .'
Sub 1D lnlger Foreign Key
B ID lntgcr Foreign Key
S(a ID Integer l-oreign Kl!Y
. 18


Provnleuce B. Ed Cnlltgc Managl'lUl'nl Sy~ll'l1L - Synupsis

. 19


The process logic ofeach module is explained below: 1. Adnrisxiou

I. Student Ii lis ill the appl iC~I[ ion form gi vcn Irom college,

2. L ollcgc authority veri lies Ll1<.~ details in the form,

3. Based on the dctui Is gi veil cut ryis made into admission module.

4. Admission module gl'lIcmks mlillissioll number for each students Juring entry,

5. ~) stem saves the duta.

2. Stu dent Adminis t ra tio II

1 . ~ L udcn tach 11 i lied ill ':0 II cge is 1,;, I lcgo rised up Li 011 wise.

2. I ach student is all 0 ted u roll number based on sorting of the names in option wise.

J. ~tuJcLltdetails captured liming admission is maintained by using this module by muk ing necessary mod I I kat ions,

4. System saves the dutu,

1. Student Attendance

1. Student attcndncc is taken and is given lu office,

2. User marks the uttcnduncc ol'each student J. Saves the data in the system.

4. l al culatcs the totul n U III her 0 l uuendace II ionth w isc and al so Ii ntis i Is pcrccu \'(lgC

5. 'I akcs printouts,

4. Examination uml Result Analys is

I. Exams JIC conducted and marks is awarded to each student,

2. 'I cacher enters [he marks obtained by each student ill [he Examination and Result

Analysis module subject wise,

3, L a leu 1 a I ion 0 r to tnl m .. irks is made [or each 51 udei 1 t.

4. Pcrccntugc u r marks lor each student is perlonncd.

5. ~ ives the data ill tile system.

0. ( ,!sol.idakd report is generated lor viewing the marks. 7. Print command is given to print the report.


Providcn ce n. Ed Collc!!c M a na!!crncll t S vs It' ru - S yn (1 psis


5 .. Practical Marks

1. Teacher records lhe marks lor the practical works done hy student.

2. The mark is en I ercd i ruo thi s mod u lc.

3. S aves the data in the syst em,

4. Consolidated report of practical marks of students option wise is generated for view.

5. Prints the consolidated report 6. T.e and Condnct C'crtific:lte


1. Student requests for TC and Conduct Certi licate. 2.. scr checks for the status 0 r student.

3. If .atisfactory, TC and ConductCertificate is prepared.

4. Saves the data in the system.

5. Takes printouts.

7. Fee Settings

1. The fcc settings module is selected by the user

2. Al I the detai Is about updated lees and other fees is entered in this rnodu I:. 1. S,lves thl: data ill the system.

8. Fce c ollcction

1.111e user invokes the fee collection module.

2. Enters the payment details of students in this module ..

3. Selves the data in the system.

4. System generates the fcc receipt

5. Fee refund ifany is recorded

6. f.' CPOTts on fee co II eel i on and rc fu nd are generated

9. Sta ffAd ministra lion

1. Sta ff'adrninistrat ion module is selected.

2. The details of'stuffis entered or updated J. Saves the data in the system.

4. If'printout is needed print command is selected to take printouts.

10. Course Manugemcnt

1. User selects course m una geme n I mod ule.

2. Updations in the course orsubject is made,

3. Saves the data in the system.

Providence REd College MamlgcllIcnt Sysll'1Tl - SYllopsis


\ .

7.4 flcport c.cncration 1 Admission Register

"') Student /\. ttcndancc Report

1 Student Theory Mark Report

l~. Student Practicurn Murk l{cpl)rl ..

. ; Student Practical Murk !h,:pUrl

I) Studcn: Progress Report

7. Fee Structure

Ij Fee Collection Report I II Fcc Due Report

J 1 Staff Details

12. Curr iculurn


Applic, tion Level

The soh wure provides strong SL~C urity measures which a voids unuut horised acess of the system. The users will be given a uscrnarne and password. only through which the user can acess the system. Only the administrator will have complete control over all the modules.

Database Level

M -SQL Server has its own security mechanism' which provide security and data encryption methods.

Operating System Level

Windows XP12000 provides slrnng security measures to ensure that the system is not used by unauthorized people. The user has (0 enter a usernarne and password to open the system.


ProYlIlClIl:C B.r.:d CollcgeMalllll!emt.lItSyslem-~lll(ll:;psc!.!.·is::....· _



. PI' ,'i deuce IJ. Ed ( \11 kge Nlan;lge mcnt Sys(em' covers only the gcner.d acti v itics u r 13.Ed College. l'hc system gathers cumplctex details ofstudcuts aJ III staff.This inlon .iation can be used lor vanous plll poses.Complete Adm ission procedure and salaries paid Iu staff -, not included ill tlus system.There arc chances [0 include those sections also in future. In the near ·-.r future, such a system could be implemented ill all H.Ed Colleges.This SYSLCIlI cun easily be me iified to copeup with the I cquircments llrnll icr colleges.

The (uLlIJC enhancement includes complete computerization of the colle and provide on-line information 10 the users. With the above stated enhancement, users can kn.. w (be current status of t11..: college, lf'thc users J IUS some queries that could be clarified with the i-,dp cf experts "

through online,


'" S) stern Analysis and Design

'" II .. reducing System Analysis and Design

'" S\ llwarc Engint'erillg - J\ l'ructitioncrs Approuch

Elias M ... .wad LeI.;

Roger S. ! 'rCSSIII:.t1l

1.. ..

.;- ,\ I, r 1!1'~i!1.1h.:d /\ pproach In :.~\ llhv;\i C' Engi!lL'l:ring .;. L, .Iubsc System Couccpt

-+ /.1I J!1 rroduction III Database system Web Sill'S [{cfcI'fcd:

I kJH)' F ... : 0 rth Bipin CDcsai

\OVW .'1. wiki] cdiu.coi 11 \V\'v\ .. googlc.com