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Date 25 March, 2017

P O BOX 2110 DAMMAM 31451
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Painting Works Application Procedures - General
Project : ISFB Industrial Support Facility (EPC-6)


Prepared By: QC Manager HSE Manager D/P Manager

A. R. Clores (QC Supv.) Jihad Sakr E. Espinosa Elsaid Hassan

Date: Date: Date: Date:

Saudi Aramco Comments Approval Signature




Table of Content

1. Purpose

2. Limitations

3. References

4. Abbreviation

5. Responsibilities

6. Tools and Equipment

7. Scope Of Work

8. Sequence of Work

9. Quality Control and Assurance

10. Health, Safety and Environment

1. Purpose:

1.1 This purpose / methods is define and described the procedures and practice that will
be used for Painting Works Application Procedures - General, as reference
Construction Specifications, Division 9 (Finishes), of Section 09900 (Painting), as
indicated on IFC and/or approved shop drawings at ISFB / EPC-6.
1.2 This section covers furnish all materials, tools and equipment to complete the painting
works application for ceiling under the slab with paint finish (without Ceiling),
including Interior and Exterior wall concrete masonry units / Plastered surfaces,
Gypsum wall board, Wood surfaces, Concrete wall, and other surfaces that requires
painting, as indicated or shown on IFC and/or approved shop drawings, details,
schedules and specification.

2. Limitations:

2.1 This procedures / methods should be applicable for the duration of the project as per
schedule of contract in line with the IFC and/or approved revisions of drawings
(Approved Shop Drawings).

3. References:

Specifications, Codes and Standards, (but not limited to) are as follows:
3.1 SAES-H-100 : Painting Requirements for Industrial Facilities
3.2 SAES-H-101 : (Saudi Aramco) Approved Procedure Coating Systems
3.3 SAES-H-101V : Approved Saudi Aramco Data Sheets Paints and Coatings
3.4 SAES-H-102 : Safety Requirements for Painting
3.5 GI-445.001 : Performance Qualifications of Critical Coating
3.6 GI-8.003 : Breathing Apparatus (If Required)
3.7 SATIP and SAIC
3.8 Materials / Accessories, Manufacturing Specification
3.9 Construction Specification, Division 9 (Finishes) of Section 09900 (Painting)
3.10 Drawings / Plan Painting Schedule

4. Abbreviations:

Client / Company : Saudi Aramco

Contractor : AL Yamama Company
PD : Project Director
PM : Project Manager
DPM : Deputy Project Manager
CM : Construction Manager
SE : Site Engineer
QAM : Quality Assurance Manager
QCM : Quality Control Manager
QCS : Quality Control Supervisor
QCCI : Quality Control Coating Inspector

5. Responsibilities:

5.1 Responsible during Casting of Screed:

CM : Construction Manager will be responsible for managing the works

and equipment.
SE : Site Engineer will be responsible for implementation of painting
QCS : QC Supervisor will be only for the administration of quality control
QCCI : QC Coating Inspector is responsible in inspecting all items of work
to quality control.
FM : Foreman will be responsible to led the his crew (Painting Applicator)
ensure the proper execution of the work.

6. Tools and Equipment:

6.1 Airless Spray Machine / Equipment

6.2 Air compressor machine
6.3 Paint Brush / Roller Brush
6.4 Force Action Mixer or Slow Speed Drill Fitted with Mixing Paddle
6.5 Portable Generators / Portable Lights / Tower lights
6.6 Bucket / Shovel / Steel Trowel / Floats / Pointed Trowel

7. Scope Of Work:

7.1 This procedure highlights the AYC work sequence intended for painting works
application of surface under slab with paint finish (without ceiling), including interior
and exterior wall. Execution of work shall be carried out in accordance with the
relevant construction specifications, Approved Shop Drawings, Finishing Schedule and
Saudi Aramco Standards.

8. Sequence of Work:

8.1 Submittals:

8.1.1 Submitted shop drawings shall include the following information, setting out,
details, dimensions, identification of the products, compliance with specified
standards, notation of coordination requirements, profile and cross sections,
materials finishes. (Const. Specs 01300 section 1.06A.2)
8.1.2 Manufacturer's Catalog Data: The names, quantity represented, and intended
use for the proprietary brands of materials proposed shall be specified. (Const.
Specs 09900 section 1.06A)
8.1.3 Manufacturer's Instructions: Manufacturer's current printed product
description, materials, safety, and technical data sheets shall be furnished for
all coating systems. Detailed mixing, thinning, and application instructions,
minimum & maximum application temperature, and curing & drying times
between coats shall be furnished for epoxy and liquid glaze coatings. For the
liquid glaze coatings, the instructions shall also include surface preparation
requirements and the number and types of coats required for each surface.
Detailed application instructions shall be furnished for textured coatings.
(Const. Specs 09900 section 1.06B)
8.1.4 Samples : A complete liquid glaze coating shall be applied to a panel of the
same material as that on which the coating will be applied in the work and
shall be submitted for acceptance of Saudi Aramco Representative for each
color specified. (Const. Specs 09900 section 1.06C)
8.1.5 The approved sample panels will be used for quality control in applying the
glaze coating system. The contents of the sampled containers shall be
thoroughly mixed to ensure that the sample is representative. Samples shall be
identified by designated name, specification number, Saudi Aramco Material
System number, manufacturer name and address, batch number, project
contract number, intended use, and quantity involved. (Const. Specs 09900
section 1.06C)
8.1.6 Colors and Tints: Colors shall conform to FED-STD 595 and shall be selected
and approved by Saudi Aramco Representative. (Const. Specs 09900 section
8.1.7 Tinting of vinyl-type paints shall be selected and approved by Saudi Aramco
Representative. (Const. Specs 09900 section 1.08A)
8.1.8 Test Reports : Furnish a statement as to the quantity represented and the
intended use, plus the following test report for batches in excess of 250 liters : A test report provided showing that the proposed batch to be used
meets all specification requirements. (Const. Specs 09900 section
1.06D.1) A test report provided showing that a previous batch of the same
formulation as the batch to be used met all specification
requirements, plus, on the proposed batch to be used, a report of
test results for properties such as weight per liter, viscosity, fineness
of grind, drying time, color, and gloss. (Const. Specs 09900 section

4 Contractor shall get approval on all materials and color of materials
from Company representative prior to start, apply, install, fix and or
lay any material. (Const. Specs 09900 section 1.06D.3) Contractor shall provide three (3) samples of all finishing materials
for approval of Saudi Aramco Representative prior to installation.
(Const. Specs 09900 section 1.06D.3)

8.2 Materials / Products:

8.2.1 All materials shall be in compliance as per Saudi Aramco Approved Protective
Coating Systems (APCS's). (Const. Specs 09900 section 2.01A)
8.2.2 Saudi Aramoc Approved Protective Coating Systems (APCS's) as specified in
Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards (SAES-H-Series Standards) must be used
and shall take precedence over all other specifications referenced. (Const.
Specs 09900 section 2.01A)
8.2.3 Provide the best quality grade of various types of coatings as regularly
manufactured by approved paint materials manufacturers. (Const. Specs
09900 section 2.01B)
8.2.4 Materials not displaying manufacturer's identification as a standard, best grade
product will not be acceptable. (Const. Specs 09900 section 2.01B).
8.2.5 Painting Requirements Selection requirements for coatings shall be as per paragraph 5.3 of
SAES-H-001. (Const. Specs 09900 section 2.01C.1) Mandatory external and internal coating selection requirements for
steel pipe lines and piping and mandatory performance
requirements shall be in accordance with SAES-H-002. (Const. Specs
09900 section 2.01C.2) Painting requirements for industrial facility shall be in accordance
with SAES-H- 100. Surface preparation shall comply with the
requirements of paragraph 5 of SAES-H-100. (Const. Specs 09900
section 2.01C.3) *Coating materials used at the start of work or project
should not be replaced with coating materials from another
manufacturer except on the following conditions:
a. Technical / quality issues on the existing coating product
b. Insufficient inventory of existing materials, or
c. Existing product is delaying the project completion schedule.
8.2.6 Hazardous Materials Restrictions Paints and painting practices shall comply with all applicable
National and local laws enacted to insure compliance with
International Clean Air Standards. (Const. Specs 09900 section
2.01D) Lead: Except for lead-based metal primers for use in concealed
spaces, paints containing lead in excess of 0.06 percent by weight
of the total nonvolatile content (calculated as lead metal) shall not
be used. (Const. Specs 09900 section 2.01D.1) Mercury: Mercurial fungicides shall not be used. (Const. Specs
09900 section 2.01D.2)
8.2.7 Colors of paints shall be approved by the Saudi Aramco Representative, in
accordance with requirements of the Color Schedule. Where colors of materials
to be painted are adjacent to the color of a pre-finished material, colors of
paint shall match pre-finished item, where selected. (Const Specs 09900
section 2.01E)
8.2.8 Color not included in the color schedule shall be selected by the Saudi Aramco
Representative from color charts provided by the paint manufacturer. (Const.
Specs 09900 section 2.01E).

8.2.9 Stains shall conform in shade to manufacturers standard color. (Const. Specs
09900 section 1.08A)

8.3 Materials Receiving, Storage and Handling:

8.3.1 Receive paints shall be in sealed containers that legibly show the designated
name, formula, or specification number, batch number, color, quantity, date of
manufacturer, expiration date, manufacturer's formulation number,
manufacturer's directions including any warnings and special precautions, and
name of manufacturer. (Const. Specs 09900 section 1.07A)
8.3.2 Receive pigmented paints shall be furnished in containers not larger than 25
liters. (Const. Specs 09900 section 1.07A)
8.3.3 Paints and thinners shall be stored in well-ventilated areas. (Const. Specs
09900 section 1.07B)
8.3.4 Receive paints may be covered with tarpaulins or equivalent at the application
site for up to 14 days. (Const. Specs 09900 section 1.07B)
8.3.5 The date of manufacture shall be clearly marked on each paint container.
(Const. Specs 09900 section 1.07C)
8.3.6 Receive paints shall not be used from a container which shows signs of
leakage. (Const. Specs 09900 section 1.07D)
8.3.7 Receive paints which have exceeded the shelf life given in the Saudi Aramco
Data Sheet (see definition in SAES-H-101) shall be set aside and not used
unless written authorization to the contrary is given by Saudi Aramco
Representative. (Const. Specs 09900 section 1.07E)

8.4 Surface Preparation:

8.4.1 Examine surfaces scheduled to receive paint and finishes for conditions that
will adversely affect execution, permanence or quality of work and which
cannot be put into an acceptable condition through preparatory work as
included in section 3.02 of Const. Specs 09900.
8.4.2 Do not proceed with surface preparation or coating application until conditions
are suitable and acceptable to the Saudi Aramco Representative. (Const. Specs
09900 section 3.01B)
8.4.3 Surface preparation shall conform to Saudi Aramco Approved Protective
Coating Systems outlined in APCS's of SAES-H-Series Standards and Paragraph
5 of SAES-H-100. (Const. Specs 09900 section 3.02A)
8.4.4 Surface Preparation: Items not to be painted which are in contact with or
adjacent to painted surfaces shall be removed or protected prior to surface
preparation and painting operations. (Const. Specs 09900 section 3.02B)
8.4.5 Exposed ferrous metals, including nails on or in contact with surfaces to be
painted with water-thinned paints, shall be spot-primed with a suitable
corrosion-inhibitive primer capable of preventing flash rusting and compatible
with the coating specified for the adjacent areas. (Const. Specs 09900 section
8.4.6 All surfaces shall be clean and free of foreign matter before application of paint
or surface treatments. (Const. Specs 09900 section 3.02B)
8.4.7 Oil and grease shall be removed with clean cloths and cleaning solvents shall
be of low toxicity with a flashpoint in excess of 38 deg C. (Const. Specs 09900
section 3.02B)
8.4.8 Cleaning shall be programmed so that dust and other contaminants will not fall
on wet, newly painted surfaces. (Const. Specs 09900 section 3.02B)
8.4.9 Items removed prior to painting shall be replaced when painting is completed.
(Const. Specs 09900 section 3.02B)

8.4.10 Concrete and Masonry Surfaces: Surfaces shall be allowed to dry at least 30
days before painting, except concrete slab on grade which shall be allowed to
cure 90 days before painting. (Const. Specs 09900 section 3.02C)
8.4.11 Glaze, efflorescence, laitance, dirt, grease, oil, asphalt, surface deposits of free
iron and other foreign matter shall be removed prior to painting. (Const. Specs
09900 section 3.02C)
8.4.12 Chlorinated Rubber or Epoxy Coatings: Surfaces shall be acid-etched or
mechanically abraded as specified by the coating manufacturer, rinsed with
water and the concrete allowed to dry. (Const. Specs 09900 section 3.02D)
8.4.13 The dry concrete surface shall then be treated with the manufacturer's
recommended conditioner prior to application of the first coat. (Const. Specs
09900 section 3.02D)
8.4.14 Ferrous surfaces shall be prepared in accordance with the surface preparation
requirements outlined in the appropriate Saudi Aramco Approved Protective
Coating Systems (APCS's) in Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards (SAES).
(Const. Specs 09900 section 3.02E)
8.4.15 Plaster Surfaces: Plaster shall age at least 30 days before painting. (Const.
Specs 09900 section 3.02F)
8.4.16 Plaster shall be clean, free from loose matter and surface irregularities, and
shall have an instrument-measured moisture content not exceeding 8 percent.
(Const. Specs 09900 section 3.02F)
8.4.17 Interior and exterior concrete masonry units / plastered surfaces to receive a
smooth finish: The substrate shall be prepared to receive priming. Fill minor
blowholes and/ or minor cracks using block filler after spot priming such areas
using primer sealer. (Const. Specs 09900 section 3.08A.3(a))
8.4.18 External concrete masonry units to receive a coarse finish: The substrate shall
be firm, clean, and dry. Apply primer sealer and solvent base texture top coats.
(Const. Specs 09900 section 3.08A.3(b))
8.4.19 Gypsum board to receive a smooth finish: The surface shall be free from dirt,
dust or other contaminants, clean, and dry. Apply white color primer. Apply
intermediate and top coat of acrylic emulsion (see Painting Schedule). (Const.
Specs 09900 section 3.08A.3(c))
8.4.20 Wood surfaces to receive stain and varnish: Prior to application of coating, all
treatment such as drilling, detailing, etc. shall be completed. (Const. Specs
09900 section 3.08A.3(d))
8.4.21 Remove wood resins with the use of suitable thinner. (Const. Specs 09900
section 3.08A.3(d))

8.5 Mixing and Thinning:

8.5.1 Unless otherwise recommended by the manufacturer, paints may be thinned

immediately prior to application to suit conditions of surface, temperature,
weather, and application methods. (Const. Specs 09900 section 3.03A)
8.5.2 Any thinning during application should be in accordance with the coating
manufacturers' data sheet recommendation. (Const. Specs 09900 section
8.5.3 The thinner used should be from the same manufacturer. (Const. Specs 09900
section 3.03A)
8.5.4 The use of thinner shall not relieve the Contractor and/or Subcontractor from
obtaining complete hiding, full film thickness, or required gloss. (Const. Specs
09900 section 3.03A)
8.5.5 Paints of different manufacturers shall not be mixed. (Const. Specs 09900
section 3.03A)
8.5.6 For quantities of paints over 5 liters, a power stirrers shall be used. (Const.
Specs 09900 section 3.03B)

8.6 Application:

8.6.1 General: Saudi Aramco Engineering Standard; SAES-H-101 in conjunction with

SAES-H-100 and appropriate Saudi Aramco Data Sheets SAES-H-101V shall
give the application requirements for the protective coating systems specified.
(Const. Specs 09900 section 3.04A)
8.6.2 Application: *Paint application methods (Technique) shall be based on
paint manufacturer application method or applicable APCS as per
8.6.3 Uniform suspension of pigments shall be maintained during application by
agitating the paint with power or air driven mixer. (Const. Specs 09900 section
8.6.4 Each coat of paint shall be applied so dry film shall be of uniform thickness and
free from runs, drops, ridges, waves, pinholes, or other voids, laps, brush mark,
and variations in color, texture, and finish. (Const. Specs 09900 section 3.04A)
8.6.5 Rollers for applying paints and enamels shall be of a type designed for the
coating to be applied and the surface to be coated. (Const. Specs 09900
section 3.04B)
8.6.6 Stripe coatings shall be made to ensure that all edges, corners, crevices,
welds, and rivets receive a film thickness equal to that of adjacent painted
surfaces. (Const. Specs 09900 section 3.04B)
8.6.7 Paints, except water-thinned types, shall be applied only to surfaces that are
completely free of moisture as determined by sight or touch. Excess sealers
shall be wiped off after each application. (Const. Specs 09900 section 3.04B)
8.6.8 Ventilation: Adequate ventilation shall be provided during paint application.
(Const. Specs 09900 section 3.04C)
8.6.9 Respirators shall be worn by all persons engaged in spray painting. (Const.
Specs 09900 section 3.04C)
8.6.10 Adjacent areas shall be protected by approved precautionary measures.
(Const. Specs 09900 section 3.04C)
8.6.11 First Coat: The first coat on plaster, gypsum wallboard and other surfaces shall
include repeated touching up of suction spots or overall application of primer
or sealer to produce uniform color and gloss. (Const. Specs 09900 section
8.6.12 Time Between Surface Preparation and Painting: Surface that have been
cleaned, retreated, and otherwise prepared for painting shall be given a coat of
the specified first coat as soon as practical after such pretreatment has been
completed, but prior to any deterioration of the prepared surface. (Const.
Specs 09900 section 3.04E)
8.6.13 Coating Progress: Sufficient time shall elapse between successive coats to
permit proper drying. (Const. Specs 09900 section 3.04F)
8.6.14 This period shall be modified as necessary to suit weather conditions. (Const.
Specs 09900 section 3.04F)
8.6.15 Oil-based or oleoresinous solvent-type paints shall be considered dry for re-
coating when the paint feels firm, does not deform or feel sticky under
moderate pressure of the thumb, and the application of another coat of paint
does not cause the undercoat to lift or lose adhesion. (Const. Specs 09900
section 3.04F)
8.6.16 Masonry Surfaces: Masonry surfaces may be coated by brush, roll, or spray,
except when using filler coats. (Const. Specs 09900 section 3.04G)
8.6.17 When using fillers, surface voids shall be filled; however, surface irregularities
need not be complete filled. (Const. Specs 09900 section 3.04G)
8.6.18 The filler dry film shall be uniform and free of pinholes. (Const. Specs 09900
section 3.04G)
8.6.19 The filler shall not be applied over caulking compound. (Const. Specs 09900
section 3.04G)

8.6.20 Interior and exterior concrete masonry units / plastered surfaces to receive a
smooth finish: Prior for painting application fill minor blowholes and/ or minor
cracks using block filler after spot priming such areas using primer sealer.
(Const. Specs 09900 section 3.08A.3(a))
8.6.21 External concrete masonry units to receive a coarse finish: Apply primer sealer
and solvent base texture top coats. (Const. Specs 09900 section 3.08A.3(b))
8.6.22 Gypsum board to receive a smooth finish: Apply white color primer. Apply
intermediate and top coat of acrylic emulsion (see Painting Schedule). (Const.
Specs 09900 section 3.08A.3(c))
8.6.23 Wood surfaces to receive stain and varnish: apply suitable filler and mixing
with the wood stain to receive the color desired. (Const. Specs 09900 section
8.6.24 Varnish finish shall be applied with semi-gloss urethane alkyd varnish. (Const.
Specs 09900 section 3.08A.3(d))
8.6.25 Stains shall comply as per manufacturers standard color to shade. (Const.
Specs 09900 section)
8.6.26 Applied colors shall conform to FED-STD 595 and shall be selected approved by
Saudi Aramco Representative. (Const. Specs 09900 section 1.08A)
8.6.27 Tinting vinyl-type paint shall be done by the manufacturer and/or supplier.
(Const. Specs 09900 section 1.08A)
8.6.28 The color of the undercoats shall be varying slightly from the next of the next
coat. (Const. Specs 09900 section 1.08A)
8.6.29 Prior to paint application the ambient temperature shall be between 10C and
40C and/or as manufacturers written recommendation. (Const. Specs 09900
section 1.10 A)
8.6.30 Water-Thinned coatings shall be applied only when the ambient temperature is
between 10C and 40C.
8.6.31 Epoxy and Liquid Glaze Coating shall be applied only within the minimum and
maximum temperatures written recommendation by

8.7 Painting schedule:



One (1) Coat Hempels Tropaline

Primer / Sealer 2663. Or approved
1 Gypsum Board MDF: 1 mil (25 microns)

Two (2) Coats Hempel, Tropaline Emulsion

Or approved Equivalent.
MDF: 1.2 mils (30 microns)


(For Non-Textured Walls)

Two (2) Coats Hempel, Hempadur Hi Build
Or approved equivalent. Thinned 10% with
Thinner 0845. Or approved equivalent.
MDF: 2 mils (50 microns) each coat


(Textured Walls)
Hempels Tropaline Primer / Sealer 2663
Or approved equivalent.
MDF: 1 mil (25 microns)


One (1) Coat, Hempel, Tropaline Emulsion

Or approved equivalent
(textured finish subject to approval)


Two (2) Coats Hempel Tropaline Emulsion

Or approved equivalent.
MDF: 4 mils (100 microns) per coat


Hempel Block Filler 380-SA or 389

Or approved equivalent.

Concrete Masonry Units:
Hempel Tropaline Primer Sealer 2663
2 Plastered .
Or approved equivalent
Surface to Receive Smooth Finish
Two (2) Coats.

Hempel Hempathene 5521

Or approved equivalent.
MDF: 2 mils (50 Microns) each coat
3 Woodwork to Receive Stain and THINNER
Varnish Hempel Thinner 0811

Hempel 332-SA or approved equivalent

Hempel Woodstain 103-SA
Or approved equivalent

Semigloss Urethane Alkyd Varnish

Hempel Varnish 3225. Or approved

Two (2) Coats.

MDF: 3 mils (75 microns)

8.8 Cleaning:

8.8.1 Cloths, cotton waste, and other debris that might constitute a fire hazard shall
be placed in closed metal containers and removed at the end of each day.
(Const. Specs 09900 section 3.07A)
8.8.2 Upon completion of the work, staging, scaffolding, and containers shall be
removed from the site or destroyed in an approved manner. (Const. Specs
09900 section 3.07A)
8.8.3 Paint and other deposits on adjacent surfaces shall be removed and the entire
work shall be left clean and acceptable. (Const. Specs 09900 section 3.07A)

9. Quality Control and Assurance:

9.1 All stages of work shall be inspected in accordance with the Approved Project Quality
Control Inspection Test Plan.
9.2 The finished concrete surface shall not be covered over prior for inspection and

10 Health, Safety and Environment:

10.1 The work shall be executed in accordance with the approved safety plan.
10.2 Work permit shall be obtained prior to any commencement of the work, if required.
10.3 All works places will be cleaned from waste materials and ensuring clean and
healthy work environment as well as maintain free access and egress in the event of