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All students active in the class room

The class is more interesting and lively

Speaking and listening skill are better trained and practiced

Learners be able speaking the target language communicatively

Learners are able to give correct response directly

Speaking or any kind of spontaneous creative output was missing from the

It does not pay sufficient attention to communicative competence/creative thingking

Only language form is considered while meaning or content are neglected

A teacher dominate method

the leaner is in a passive role, the learner has little control over their leaning


The audio langual method is an oral based on aproach. It drill students in the use of
grammatical sentence patterns. Charles fries (1945) of the university of Michigan

The audio langual method is a method which was introduced in the USA in 1940.
The Audio Lingual Method of teaching had its origin during World War II when it
became known as the Army Method.

This method is based on theory that language learning is a question of habit

formation. It has its origins in skinner. It is based on the structural view of language
and the behaviorist theory of language learning.