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MARK : / 20


Take the QUIZ!

a- What is the name for the most common sound in English?

b- What is the English equivalent for : accent tonique

c- Complete some basic rules :

Rgle N 1: Avec les Noms et Adjectifs de 2 syllabes, laccent tonique est normalement sur la ..
syllabe, comme dans :

Avec les Verbes de 2 syllabes, laccent tonique est normalement sur la .... syllabe,
Rgle N 2 :

comme dans : .......................

Les mots se terminant en ION, -IAN, - IOUS sont habituellement accentus sur la syllabe qui
Rgle N 3 :

le suffixe , comme dans :

Rgle N 4 :Les mots finissant par IC / -ICAL sont habituellement accentus sur
syllabe, comme dans : lexception de :

Rgle N 6 : Les mots finissant par CY , -TY, PHY - GY- TY sont gnralement accentus sur
dernire cest--dire sur la . syllabe en partant vers la fin , comme dans :

d- Can you identify the word behind the symbols ?

/tend/ /mesd/ /re()l/ /valns/ /rld()n/

e- Wheres the unstressed syllable ? Circle it!

justice difficult human personal people

A- Listen and count the number of syllables.

1 syllable 2 syllables 3 syllables 4 syllables 5 or +

B- Listen to John Legend and count the number of syllables, then underline the
stressed syllable.

writing - transformative - experience write - songs express hope heal living - violence

human right refuse - accept leaders police forces people simply peacefully trying

watching- injustice personally - silence lyrics - letters international

C- Listen and underline all the stressed words in the transcript of the Amnesty
International message.
Writing is a transformative experience.

I write songs to express myself.

I write songs to give hope.

I write songs to heal the hurt.

I write because living free from violence is a human right.

I write because I refuse to accept this is just the way it is.

I write because leaders who let their police forces jail, beat and kill people who are simply,

peacefully trying to express themselves need to know the world is watching.

I write because I take injustice personally. Because there are no throwaway lives.

I write because silence feeds violence.

I write because lyrics change music, but letters change lives.

Write a letter. Change a life.

Join me at Amnesty International to Write For Rights.