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SURIME Woes! QAS: TEST REPORT REPORT NO: 2016080871 PAGE: 1 OF 2 eae SE Re OS SRN ON Pain OB TINT OTT ORE area ee ie tenn tr sor fom he Weg Sc" SON GAS ao ‘Shion intron offends arg ee Fe pe Asplcan. MECHANICAL AND AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR, INDUSTRIAL AND CONSUMER CERTIFICATION SECTION, Bling 25, (isin Mr Abad Farinan Bin Mohd Alvi) Manutseturee 2 LTC WesT GATE SON. Ho, ‘Lot 1499, Jalan Tenaga Pensing Industral Etate, 88450 Kuching Sarawak Product + Comugated Sheet Stee! Seam For Highway Guarda Reference Standard! AASHTO Designation: M 180-00 (2004) - Competed Sheet Stet Beams Method of tet for Highway Guerra Clause 8 Mecharical Propertios {Clause 9: Coating Requremonts “lause 10: Dimensions Description of sample: One sample of Corrugated Sheet Stael Bean For Highway Guarda was ‘eesived for estng. ome. W-Beam Gaanzed PP2 Reference No.:P§-000581 (Oxted on 29% July 2015) Date Received of 14” Apa 2016 Complete Appliation Job Na Ref. No J20161430808/SASICCST/T.RECIMSLIOG Description of st: This test report covers only test clauses at requested by Appicant to resus SIRIM GAS itematonal Sen. Sha. Te tet resus fr the eubmted test samples as desrived inthis ost report comated with the requirements of ‘he above relerence standard at he respective siauses on Tray as ss oS) isan EP mls ae ie ‘ane een son Testing Services Deparment REPORT NO : 2076080671 PAGE: 2 OF 2 | ETRE RD GR OR ROR SSW SAGAS Tl GRE we ew ROR] ‘Rector! on eh ofp ne laos a ada sala ery pep fey Eppa ae nr tr cit on ran ft tras res Sal ea SAMPLEREFERENCE : W-BEAM ‘STANDARD REFERENCE : AASHTO DESIGNATION M 160-00 (2004) ‘MECHANICAL PROPERTIES. [BEAMS AND TRANSITION SECTIONS (GASE METAL WITHOUT COATING) Yel Strength (Nr) 345 min 439 Pass__| “Tense Strength (Ninn) 483 rin 507 Pas Elongation ate racture (9) 120 min 2710. Pass 90 COATING REQUIREMENTS (TYPE 2) total surface are Le bth ides (im) | 1100 min 1877 Pass: 109) | ‘Aon a 8 (mm) [75.00 comm 7.60 . D (nm 3720 > E (om) 70.00" . F (mm) 23.80 = Simm) 82.60 : Hem) 38.00 o Hom) 23.80 Jem “420 ] Km) 300.00 (rn 27.00 2148 L__T th coating) (rm) 22(029)" | 275 Poss ole” ~ Al dimension ar subject to manufacturers tolerances except whore allowable are shown * Tolerance under spect thickness no imi for over ie 1.0 Diagram af Section Through Beam a ox