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1: If you re interested in a Chaos centric curriculum start with Prometheus Rising

so that you understand the underlying machinery of magic itself, which is the m
apping and manipulation of the human mind. You ll need to make changes to your sof
tware in order to get it to do things it s not supposed to.
Next, hit up Liber Null and Condensed Chaos. Peter Carroll has better tech but P
hil Hine has better explanations. Take what you find helpful between the two and
discard the rest.
After that jump into Chaotopia by Dave Lee, he fills in the gaps and clarifies b
y using plain language and a solid narrative to glue the thing together. Fun tec
h too!
Finally, have some Prime Chaos and Liber Kaos to round out the thing and dive in
to the more heavy shizzle. As before take what works for you and discard the res
t. The most important thing here is to make clear your own true will and illumin
ate the path that is most appealing to you. It s your universe, make the most of i
2: Visual Magick and Thought Forms will help you get freaky with your third eye
and get your visualization abilities up to spec. DO NOT skip third eye meditatio
ns, otherwise you ll be one of those fools using black mirrors, crystal balls and
smoke stacks just to see the astral stuff in real time. No. That s weaksauce as fu
ck. Third eye meditations, do them. Do them until you can overlay astral images
over your physical (i.e. normal) vision. That s the mark of a
real magician.
3: Astral Dynamics and Frequency will level up your astral body and make you a f
or really real astralnaut. Few things can prepare you for the wonders ahead. The
universe and thereby the inner connectivity of biological life will be made cle
ar and shatter your preconceived notions (i.e. lies people told you) about the r
eality of this beautiful/ugly infinite machine we are a part of. Nothing can pre
pare you for this. It will break you. It will renew you. It will answer every qu
estion you ve ever had and at the same time create an equal number of questions th
at may never be quenched.
4: Seventy Eight Degrees Of Wisdom and The Tarot Of The Awakening will reveal th
e true nature of the thing Sure, they can be used for divination. But they can al
so be used as a decoder ring for an endless variety of tools and even break down
Western Illumination itself. Do what makes you feel good. It s not the only path.
5: The Pyschick Bible, The Secret Teaching Of All Ages, Book Of Lies and Low Mag
ick are not instruction manuals. They are wisdom. Just as precious. Each volume
will give you a greater understanding of the subject at hand and will guide you
through the storm. Remember, there are dark nights ahead. They will utterly dest
roy you. You will be torn down and built up again. This is the law. But survive
it and you win the game.
Good luck Psychonaut, I believe in you. I love you. Kick ass and chew bubble gum
. Resist, refuse. You are a magician, you are the few. One love, one world, one