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EDUC 5312/3315-Curriculum and Instructional Design

Classroom Observation Assignment

Observation Form 2

Observation Date: March 23, 2017 Observation Time: _One Period(45)

Teacher Observed: Mr. SERDAR SEVINC Subject/Grade Level: Grade 7

School Observed: _Stovall Middle School_________Observer:______________________

For the things you observed, place a check. Please explain further about the checked item
directly below the particular section. Provide overall comments and reflections at the end.


_____ On Task _____ Off Task _______ Engaged _____ Learning Successfully

Explain: _All students were actively engaged and participated throughout the class activities, but
since this class was half special education students, Some of the students were off task.


___ Modeling ____ Question/Answer _____ Lecture ____ Monitoring Groups
___ Listening ____ Problem Solving _____ Evaluating _____ Reading To Students
____ Modifying ____ Integrating Content ____ Guiding Cooperative Groups
___ Other _Mannupulatives, Games, & Applications_____________________

Explain:_This school is applying different techniques for student-learning which consist of

dividing the class into four groups/stations. These stations are a different teaching strategy


____ Manipulatives ____ Workbooks ___ Overhead Projector ___ Smart Board
_____ Chalkboard ____ Maps ___ Computer ____ Projector
____ Books ___ Other Audio Visuals ____ None
_____ Other __________________________________________________________________

Explain: _At the beginning of the class, students are given the warm-up on the overhead
projector and then one of the stations is about using manipulatives.


____ Small Groups _____ Whole Group _____ Pairs _____ Individuals

Explain: _Students are divided into four groups. Each group has an activity to get done and
once they are done they move to the next group by moving to the next group.
__ Worksheet ____ Listening ____ Writing _____ Reading ____ Performing
___ Journaling ____ Discussing _____ Centers _____ Homework _____ Research
___ Investigation ____ Laboratory ____ Using Technology
___ Other ______________________________________________________________

Explain: _Students get to listen and participate during the warm-up. While they are in groups
they have to work on worksheets given to them and some of the assignments require discussion
among the group.

____ Stated Expectations for Behavior ____ Positive Reinforcement
____ Redirection of Inappropriate Behavior ____ Encouragement of Students
____ Self-disciplined Students _____ Effective Time Management
_ ___ Materials Ready _____ Enthusiasm for Teaching/Learning
Explain: _Since half of the students were special educations students, there was a psychologist
and a special education teacher to keep the students on task and monitor their behavior.


This classroom was a Science class for 7th graders but half of the class was special education
students. There was a student-teacher, the class teacher, a psychologist, and a special education
teacher present during the class period. The student-teacher was the one conducting the class and
the rest of the adults were observing and guiding the students when they were off-task or when
they needed help. The student-teacher would walk around the class to help out students when she
noticed that they were having difficulties solving a problem. While students were in groups, they
would help each other out. I did noticed two special education students off task, but the special
education teacher grabbed their attention and talked to them in private. One of those students was
an emotionally disturbed student that wouldnt let the student-teacher model a problem in the
Lecturing time . But it was handled well by the special education teacher and psychologist.

Overall, the class lesson was productive and mostly all students finished their
assignments. There werent too much distractions or chatter by the students. They all participated
when the teacher questioned them, and they were respectful.