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TNTET - 2 |ililflIIililt ililtililt


Total Ouestions : 150 Time Period : 180 Minutes Maximum Marks: 150

Child Oevelopmeni and Pedagogy

(D Language I (Only One Lans@se)

As se ecled by lhe can.lidare as ftredilrm ol
lio. in hF qpp icaLion Forrn irom lhe


3o 60 35

() :-r_,

(Seolion A) Malhmalics and Science

(Malh, Ph\Eics, ChemElry, 50
Bolany, Zoology)
(For Malhemal'cs aid
Science Teache,
(Seclion B) Soaial Sludies
lFor So.ia SlLrdies Tea.her)

Note: ln Part lV, I is compulsory to attempt lhe quesiions ot Part lV (Section A) or Part lV (Seciion B) as
opted in Application Form-

Read ihe instruclions in Tamil & English at Page No. 80 last page of this booklei


ltillll ]fltiltillil]ilII 3 TNTET- 2


@gb@'F Golj:an@ bbryb +l9i1rn


@uug@n9en30 alrurisai yererco. eqaan$g ag a*n6ag5igL aA aa tul;rfl ia Gercio@ ri,

There are 30 questions in all in ihis part. All questions are compulsory.

1. 31oriraary'a/ rc1120-140 G;'rciat ,g19$at g+ah dr

*f >w iaL reii,at ie;air r o)! Ld6 LU n@i fiadrGv nsdr ,,/
C) e q r+l) w neoe,t ia,ei u I ab66t5s6fi
Children having the l.Q. tevet ot 120 -.140 is
A) Superior B)
C) Average D)
Very superior
cenius ,'-(,11r,
@c15 a,weafi& Gs nlu r@' .:a$t rgts L u @g@w at i
A) prcioarltd
@ auau,,r,a^u;, Di 66nGurnc)

'Twojactor theory' was advocated by

A) Thorndike B) Vernor
C) Spearman D) Guilford

@ a - og!u r)t aa gt aine,atrStc4 uw iSg fl errlaugei rarcnerispgdrg Gt u r4$parctr gngftei;

- A) s,6trfg GD6irge6h
Bl Cu r$ w ,an iseh
C) at?er;,aru tL@ e,?firseir

'Q) etpggnafiseir

A suitable profession for the persons having high level of ,Linguistic lnteltigence, is
A) Mathernaticians
B) Engineers
C) Players
D) Writers

ITurn over

TNTET - 2 ilil[ llriliflilrilrllil]

i4.\ araioGar, r3frwai:Ggeaeraeir, urgsriq$ Ggc,aarceir nfi91ri c1fi91i6amtrE5gcn

Ggaaw,r,oon arcicr nE1 gfi L A @A p nn
A) a@[tq$Ggrarele;eir B\ elair&Gt$ Ggaaarce}r

C) Gpeoa-,a,oir
elgcaomriziFg ,D) u$p c"g,a'..o$ Ge,6!,drd.6i,

Maslow considered physiological needs, safety needs and belongingness needs as

A) needs
Esteem B) Growth needs

C) Aesthetic needs D) Deficiency needs

5. u lb$6it aiAJi gaiot a,eae,eh at $g 6,aaa,ulei; o gc46 pgt

A) ueirgyi;a;b
C) twi,4&sLi D\ rgeopg4,i;sn

Bewards and punishments serve as

A) motivation
lntrinsic B) Extrinsic motivation

C) High motivation D) Low motivation

f-6, "*go, arcriJ61 aaiugl eg:a$ Gtgcirqsarltdt rgt@iiri^ GtuEtgcn" 6t6iugt wnA66)Lu
s^PU ?

A) afi)&eair B) qataatair

C) Ga. rcUr r ia: .-Df qqiat: d

According to whom, "social development means attaining of maturity in social


A) Erickson B) Sullivan

C) Kohlberg D) Hurlock



7. 59 et
[ ilil u


etgwda,1rlit a49ei e etlraotl


piar.ar-rulGar-rG u u 1it:ru6u i

A) su)a B) p4jas
Lfl ,n66rGl6)r r
D) g6grcis
The person perceives things in their real perspective, then they have maturity.

A) Social B) Behavioural
C) Emolional D) N,4oral -
I ,3 g1g larcrnrotair 6 nng&safi<i; ge6twu uu1$i Ct0aacsri sfidptetr 4atatgt s$pei;
6J 6adrcsn Ln;nrgl

A) Gpiaarg atr;o,anr,4 i,, ,^, al66)s al6n6n6)J

l {r,l'
C) r-ocmfl ar:r4o: orcooncrT D) et@inaap eraaare4

trackthe proficiency achieved by

lf we a student forabout 6 months, who learns drawing
then the obtained learning curve is

A) Positive curve B)'S'typedcurve

C) Bell shaped curve D) Negative curve

0 ot(lg@lLLri 616i!n Glu

A) 11ia $teaag4EtggsfilDan
rgtaneo atri$ag, e$gi s$pa9ei,: urft@eoeai gSlS6teirg)gl

B) S-F 5lip6i,
C) S-O-F +p,nen
'.Ltl I b^ eucnu(t 4L4$ F 6a6iJulA996D 8!tp61)

Reinforcement is a common term used to represent the reward in

A) Classicalconditioning
B) S-R conditioning
C) S-O-F conditioning
D) Operantconditioning

[Turn over

rNrEr-2 6 llilliilllillllflllilllillilllll

10. 'qtruAeam upi erefigL Gtuutit@,gg1Lelr u,tf ip u g tita;a.fi,",S 15iigrr Gorgyr_,@$$d

snLgtggti' slA'.3;,tr Garul u'rL4a-,t arclduzrr,a,.yAe,airic;iooe,.+ ,j.r iis.4l
, A).' tr rgsr ,;")rrd.*ri.
B) @;ar ororrrq e gar,rtrori

l, s. I' A P tar 1e.ru

Ul t sl dD Lt56u.t$8b

'Naming apple as frult and distinguishing it from other fruits, belongs to j,vhat klnd ol
forntation in Gagne theory ?

A) Concept formation

B) Associativeformation

C) Visual formation

D) Verbar fornat,o'l

1 1. O n qL u O N 6 9 ;rr;g1 ouori.i6 +.rii 6 e w ;t i; aa m! $ i c r tai lt u 4,1

A) g,r,i+"iror r 4'i rct ti,r 1t.94 61x;,1

Bl 2"u:A,,f ;i/^ t a"plit,1+,1 :',t t,iiie

C) aal{ pl i ,ir "f tJL tu )t6\tt tJ4

uJ 9;d,ar 9.]r):11.tJ,t

The deterrrt''taris of de!elopti'entd' tasks araona loo {.s.,e.ls Jr,:

. A) The culture in which they live

B) The maturliy of the physlcatfeatures

C) lndividual's value system

D) All t.e above


ilflflilflfl]ililflil]ililfl 7 TNTET- 2
gg$angsgy*,arc* afiA g ge9,i': 4Gt nw it aa @ s arc4 u trit a aa ar u u dt u G, igt 6 g *
A) Gtgr@ eruaiosa'ar at6ni&,e,
B) anL?t enuassaadr 6rr6rtii,a-
zi\ Ll6t)6fiLlt6nr sfiu6a56adr at6tfn6{6
D) aemc ctwasan6i 6ydrir&s

While teaching children, the teacher mostly uses images to

A) Develop tactile images
B) Develop visual images
C) Develop concrete iinages
D) Develop olfactory images

ggSeogaoffta& aSte4 anri,*6 3 eiir Gury1. eaSt@pcitr etaalAdl tgr&A uJ u) n6dt

Al sa$ta,eLDu@ggpd)
B) @cwdrggcn rlp Eltb eu nyVd,glpei
c) g<ir e wL u@ggtgci afi Eti: @u w15gg9cn

w @Q5 tN86c, rbqg61)

ln the course of the child's mental groMh important changes occur in his cognitive
structure by the process of
A) Equilibrium
B) Adaptation and Accommodation
C) Assimilation and Accommodation
D) Organisation
't4. .6nrgp e4datg eni$ang Ggaao,rutfipgt
$fi a$ u eo a;ri Gt $gea eti g B) a;p5$g6at niai Gt $g6t'66tdg
C\ @eocn, q,*@ggaaaoirg @ uuo*$u4n 6)bpur*i,qq

Language or Word is not necessary for

A) lmaginativeThinkjng B) Conceptual Thinking
C) AssociativeThinking D) Perceptual Thinking
ITurn ove.

rNrEr-2 8 lll lllillllllilll lil llll

15. r-oaor6eulgrd6en w rqqaurirgi gtafu@tgd- o96D 6tt6\ L;rtLwgj.

rf) 9r'1, B\ Gpinaap

C) SA. ..D) ,a$tnnaap

The emotion producing stimuli has a _ effect..

A) Cumulative B) Positive
C) Zeto D) Negative

.16. ranolue .arcirp 6) e nci: a'9 Ss,r cwr eff)wncor ufiewtut cuaniri6 p!,mcroaoon

rg;g,i; fta;a: @raiourljl ftarc: rg:<fipri fiaa grcitsni rltaas

@l +*-o"l.a, u,arretiwd: p.;rc4fleoer:ulwei pt$.;r:tpctflwei,,

B) 4alnlu:on nasre$wai: petre4$)aoexuiwei pr$oa,ga$twax

C) peoe4$iaor,,:ulwd 4trainnchwci; mauzalueir pt$eopulweit

D) :ge,trnrc9w,;i pewc4$tar,ax:f,wat: roa,roluai pt$eaguflwdo

Select the right order of the stages of evolution of meaning for the term psychoiogy

I utv
Stage Stage Stage Stage

A) studyof study of studyof siudy of

soul the mind consciousness behavlour

B) studyof study of siudy of study of

spirit the mind consciousness behaviour

C) studyof study 01 study of study of

consciousness soul mind behavrour

D) study of study of study of study of

soul consciousness mind behaviour

ililillil]iltI [iltillfll TNTET-2

1 7. Gs n4Lt @ tgrll, g efi w neo efi a, tm u G gj n$Ct !t@ gg1 6, y L A te4 6.
gn aa$)e0 weia ure
qtrCtnuti gO gnat9$$61166r sna*rL9$g .s!{66t un4dr666dri
,s$ t9ti6t p n i. @paet q16 rf) w i yere$w ei Gan Lu rLr4aaet u w atru@$g1 er gts
ecs6'd,+6u /rr.

A) gsd;eSth ggeopw ren pc$a7,i - Garlu n@

il B) GtgD9air prbq nSgb gaaerftia;Gsruur@
C) 6+oru roi,r'r9 ai 9 t +tt' O e,fipeiGatt' u t@
D) g'it ek alea 66ialra

Fill up the blank with suitable answers from the choices given below.
A teacher of science subject shows a plant and teaches the parts of it. lt can be inferred
that the teacher adopts the _ psychological theory.
A) Hull's systematic behaviour theory
B) Hebb's neurophysiological theory
Cr Gestalt rheory of ins;ghtful learning
D) Jung'spsychotherapy

,, '18.: unglcrnricq G)atLo,i u_

Ga.rcirqw, .9r(g,j,s3n6,tn .916t)6Dgl G)a,Lt+G)ewdt erouplbg
u$lears @w1iaswnatr, 14arG)warar, vu9nwai @eweEwexun@ arcu @pne0$g
a6au 6) r.-r d u-r sonol u ao$tggn eiir 6 u w i arciretr I

A) E.L. graircarrd
ul a. /r g2/or 66,

C) 6$;ir r9u-r rGg?

-D\ afli,u,ei,r t """ 3 nnit L

Name the great psychologist who expressed sex as a natural, essential, biological
function ;nstead of regarding it a shamelul, dirty or bad.

. A) E.L. Thorndike

B) Kurt Lewin
C) Jean Piage
D) Signurd Freud
lTum over

rNrEr-2 10 ill]lfllllllfltilflillilllll
19. trrgi 6tr;aal g:q6,iaun@aer-,gavuulgeu$$evrrct:14t4J,c,r4 .;r5l,i6s.mheupfirg

A) 44er irseir at w 91c,t $g p u gn.B p Lig u u @argt

.B) eq6rns6h@6hgi i 1ggt$apwrc pt_$filtuAe,rgl
C) a4aris& 6ary1i,s1jpia, puTts pt$pLu@ary1
p) eaatna:efi ggt$aa;gwrsGerir e4e,.:ergt euwgl e $GpryraG;ur s(DquuLngsttt;t)
Transitional conflicts are often faced by adolescents because
A) They are being treated as aduli only
B) They are being treated as child yet
U) Ihey are being treated as hated persons
D) They are being considered neither a child nor an adult

20 g114$ag$ @gnawritseir 14 r6,;tr tr6\) e1figi @Cts. m;irr;t u @or cJ ao-r or.r q6)r,,rr,,ri eit
i u sen @gea ev aa cfi@ lgis Garciar@ i:.
p @ at1

A) *qga@6)niA .B). rraga./oir go$nri6

C) u ne,.gwen g:$i&6 Dl ettgieunrc* g:Sii@
The child marriages are nol accepted by the Government because the couple must
have attained
A) The socialmaturity B) The physicat maturity
C) The sexual maturity D) The legalmaturity
21. Cyi8.n1] 1t $al,giGa.tLu tt',ar dugtitdwa.ti

-d.$) err--n;,
.Bl 2gcSuit uci,r@yr
u, 34 rr6nr orlral
D) gcr
Cr,minal Proneness Theory was advocated by
A) Hooton
B) Arbert Bandura
C) John Dewey
D) N.4urray


lfi [ ililtililil lilt 11 TNTET-2

i22. LEs 6eila: a@LOuaio 6u1ip @erflwne,7etr 6uqjAweit, ag$gafi @raiarqei.: araap$
Ggn$6lp@nugt (6lq6itr6iAiD eoriaLu@$piuLc f)all,auildt ) oaitgt aevi
Gurm,rtt$@;h arao,a LD6irL GufiqffLLtb,

B) .c/g9/gSnn-aieu19g6i
b), usgtas,n s/s,ss6i)
D) aleD15gen ogorr6g6i)
Conflici in selecting a course engineering or medicine by the high scorer lniya who is
motivated for both the courses is an example for conflict.
A) Avoidance - Approach
B) Approach - Avordance
C) Approach - Approach
D) Avoidance - Avoidance
23. gcg pui gatrglatw petltltuLtedoem rg!:fia,or;rsa$tgta a;$p1uqp$Sfi@ oppd.ti1l
@ pi u t g$91 iG u na zge4 erGp e4 $1 e4ea
q cu g rit rggda aah g ae.[) w er i

,A) sfici Gqnsi6i'.) @f a"oa,noa,

tl (gL D) altdeeit

According to the psychologist counselling covers alltypes of personal

situations in which one person is helped to adjust more effectively to himself and his
A) Carl Rogers B) Robinson
C) Good D) Erickson
;.,24. 8 Ib i:s 6,;$ Lol b ft cn aW u qijgcn @p eo t$@ G w n@ Gt pr ci q a ew gt :x e,: a.
A) g$faae$9w tiu@ggt+,n B) 9!dG+rcter,:awri"
\w t u86t\ 666rdl 6tr666i56t D) m enaooo gfirrdr@g 6i,
Which one of the following is not related to study skills technique ?
A) Preparingenvironment B) Goal focused

C) Day-dreaming D) Activate your mind

tr ITum over



*fi gq1tu@ar,eolr$g q5E5aoa

B) uat Lunfipei:
(/, s6nLgs,&r,
D) G)Ltn115ggun@

Striving to achieve a standard of exce ence in actions is

A) 6anchoo+

C\ eu@tuLen (@ Gtungeit a ni[tL1

Which one of the following not come under the classification of Spranger's
Fiersonality type ?

A) Theoretical B)


ililtil]utIiltfltil[ TNTET - 2

28. g:gen r,fairearGoru tt t u eter tpyaa utft uainqs1lr ufigiw u Lqw6stait @ei G)ufip
Gt a r$p z1y5 i u qsafi r,i,r arciorlrafl&aas

,A) 120 B) 320

9) s50 D) 330

The first Minnesota Muliiphaslc Personality lnventory (MMPI) has items.

A) 120 B) 320

c) 550 D) 330

29. erni$al,gl,eh albEti ar;ina,a,,6rG6,rs$gttgtri gtdtaEuu,na,6\i u96\ GlsuuJb @p6m

Al g,t66drglq@r

lp1 qareh+ n Og6 pa

C) @u$t@pdir

D) @rourppon

The ability to register words and numbers with speed and accuracy is

A) lntelleciual ability
B) Perceptual ability
C) Nlechanical ability
D) Spatia' ability

,J a neiaGi'] rc9 eir u 4$tao ea$ Ggeaataeir Ga;fi Lu fi L+66t u +g(,rfl @r ercivaarfli'eoe

A) 6 t H), /

c) 8 .D) 5

The number of steps in Maslow's Theory of Hierarchical Needs is

A)6 D) t

c)8 D)5
lTurn over


rNrEr-2 n |ilililil]utLlfllilililll

ug$) - ll

@nu1g@nio"{30 alear nisdr zatrarctr. elrllor,$g e$}am&sqgdg6 ofuoe ucrflis Gerrarin@rb.
,/..' \
3,1.' yeasrbaa t a46J 69 dt,i,!d) r6fl ti' 6rahp u iq iLt+fi gfr a it
'A),' eJag".tr*^n B\

s@a!tG6 rbaa;r@'6n ,4
C) neag,-rctl,oow4a,,iir Dl atSqan@66n6ri

;'i2. ae,saflpGaaag @grargygi @aioar;,acari u&afi rAcn uq$g oafi '.\ a

A\ FrGqff@ E) -a)l,u\i$ t66ttD tt) 61\gtglqrlA U) \a e6fi6a66t
-/ /"
' 6) teoaioGsrl' arc*ru gai efi) w rcsr g6t 1)i G) e mka,r;o saio4) a. 2J
.: Gtgtaa Gundqt B) gyaitrGcotrtuO

ct Gteu)unnatfl u) Lr,5u\olua58l

nt+. \o 966t@5tt jq)u,16n166t 6'b'fi6fi6o @66tUt-l6g \otUpp be, t

A) @666oiGa,,cE B)
C) aeiraflwn6alt
JC. en6D(rrb/616D rr@tDE5 e@tf

A) tgsaaiotaa @anaeisn,;trai
C) @cacarahg14

" Gteahp u$g nS 6ea e,9 ct $Ctgffi@

pei$tehur glritL u pSlea" -@irgpdnd @tnGtufigld'r61r.g6n@uaat wngr ?

A) G)e qefi aae a4 atct uao t B) @aharflroe 3ycn6 ueo r

C) g$petr@ueac G)e ner:aE aae 14 onGt uat t

37. '.saStf;perra;tr' erglri ug$@ei eru Gterdt tg1tlqacn tehareo.

LD .99. "tO$. @)oor 1ior.ar.r. azfrour. a j$ , e$e. t fi
-B\ ug@, @cu,tSlaaa, *g@, c,fisnyt|

C) u 9@. o9g@. @rrl'c$tc;r,oo, enrlaw- atfla.rrrjl

D) ug@, olg@, @aat$)err,a:, eg@, etflaw

I d

lll]lIiililrililil llilr 15 TNTET - 2

38. 6Gg: e dnanarjgek aryt
rsi G u r 7!,9uui @ ahangl
A) ,sge0wt6Gtuwi - w4jG*L@ aAg$G7a*
B) ani)uattgAuwn - pairgglrd: afiGpai
^.^ +ta{wrgGuwi -e9 66 Ga:r aahdr 6rt6o6D "
D\ a.t$9t,"',ttgGuwi-$ 5c,ren egeua,li ut4i! tu t-

3V. g Lp6n@d.o Ol@t Gr ur6rt bi d,LG 61bt "

AJ @uu&e,i \6).gtuussu Q)'ruutisri Dl a u&.sti

40. " ggs n p etre$ Lr4 o nulgi ri Gs4oleo or-r

GLtqsn ns6nris,6r,t" @,ignatlld $rgat;trEiati 6r,swn,;sr@6irar @as,@w pw$gLei

@O ,g:6.;,p 6ur$[igtohon@;auisouri; gl iq wng] ?
A.). .+t+ erg,taas -figi etf)eaa;,$6grcta;
B\' q arg1 ea s n fi gt i n El L t or $t i n an a u u t&e i
.94 G) a; G) G)

Cl *gtGat, et$ineopGuwG dakn,igliGprgfd:Guwi

D\ a atiG) g n aa s n fi 91 Li: t E1 G s tt er $ ir n aa p 6 u w tl &e i
eS) G1

41. " ttaiaj et rcaGujpGu j,ijG+atatn yku rdr.:

4@ie'66,n U]ttf;tgnb pbgtt " -@e Op6n,;&r ffbp6,$e 6rnti!unO wngt ?

A) r rch B; raeui pl *," D1 6pi4

GGgt tehareritE16ir 6rgt garyrcL 6unrg$gluL@araryt I

-Af ;et6'a!or 160 rd s. t i gi f eui Gu o:$ gkaaa sl6lr6r+
.B) @sg:crrnn 6r rElggcio palal - (9p,'1r.+
C) 4@ri *cor moof pn.94as wnutea 146,eoG)u:ritgi 6p,+.+
D\ pe;nGp p6rl g+atrg.i,r;aa, pai6at G)advGeor Ac,,l'g,Luinr cg96or9 o--4

43. "s't,is Ctu,ru5at'r.s4tis$;rg"

-@ant4Gwn@ GlpntiL0exarnp @atie,awi gr6tuq
wny ?

A) of u G+ rcir af ar. ar !o.lt37


B) @ I abr tn Gat jg1,an atl I

C) 6p g,'1sen af a. r ,Li

i.U) l olb 4t t 61E'1!!6i',nbuu\tlnsJU)

lLtn over

44. u(bqGlun6fli 6t5)@1,a; lgorfl i ueio6o6,it.stgtr,its,, - @& Gtedular4oab t<fiar G)prat
etfe.!u itsck utc,aat "

xt gg.+ Granoraor, @co aar ag1aa, @aaar @atwq

B) @aoctr Goreoao, , 6) ungftuq agaoa, @rl;,r,,llr@aouq

c) a-a g G a r.;.r,a;r, g(gL 6rgt66t4., @p)6d.,r G U)n66t66r

D) G)uryfiuq Granaoaq o*aotg erglaas, glgt@autq

45. 'uada + gr;or,r'- @& 6*r$seh ercie$@e,effrcfiu4 qawigri 2

i) @ n gatgpweitcai...
ii) rr_ol Goci.r rlr5)ri er$@grubE1at @uLeaGu
F) i) ocar,a c uiattgfi alt;,,r,4u,...
ii) arci, Goei, o u9i er$G)grchglet $tuci;Gu
c) t) p66ttti g! 6D @6itG'aa rj g0ie iair@ot@ri
ii) ar ei.r Groci-r ralri at$Gtgrciirglat @wciGu
D) i) Luq i or+t6 Li g)dtrG u,ritet9t' @ g@ri.
ll) .Lr 6ir GrDd) p A i aufi,Cp trtgat @weit0u
8Gg Gtsr@,iaLuLtallgleir gehEl n$p6up6t68Atig bngt uLGtitrffig, .srg, 6rgt .?

A) eritlq B) r-or+ c) 3i6(5

''eexe an y& e rDiE o,fl@g6i, @ 6r, Gg,, - @anqGwr@ dgritsciang @or,i;a;oatni.1qfi lt q

-A! @sanrr,rri Gorp gaa e$)fi

@ @ rcio u h G e4i g a a $ G) gnea s
C) rrElGwcc et6t iaaop D) Gtpn$laGtuwn

,@ eir + pai;rg'
48. -arc e rgl tlawrrgb 2

@ 1goi6t6rlrir6;ngt B) gre;rdr6h0t C) gtei paiEl B) rgetreoeirgl

\9': GGg *irarc-t$ryar atg patptaL G)un116gl uL@<irargt t

- A\ srianaui qrLuQt
- qgcur,rllfl,
B) tgefi) isnetb - gLu@,sfi9@aaa
@, @erGer r;cfifisnar:Li:. - e!+
D) qqeir uaafti'arcxri: - nfisg!, aag

ililflullflililililffiil11t1 17 TNTET- 2
'' e",i:t1ti u yat$g afippett
6+ ri6a. raa.
J @gGlgni;sGn$g @t$gr " - @sgp6lr6i, @ ci?ufiEldrar a4o flwngt t
A) cr@$91+a rr'@ o o:l6no Ji6in

& 6tgo!0er/---- uo.,

C) garaomuot#

D1 6+ r:D6)u r r,oir r9aira-r 1;looauurertfl

'@ ttg2 gaiacrr,ar' r;takp ettra:tiEl Stt e,g1eS eit e256t I w i
A) ur!r$pn+6tt @ e,aioaargrcatr

C) at neaflpwetr Dl udllld,

. 52- 41ii6 w ,a,,tg{' erckp 4, i@eoi Ge G,oaS ek 96 gt#+i 5 7a.

A) toairoaf a-ren qgu,roJ B) eoiOa;rlzurcq
-S 69a6ir6ru6ir e$&r6v D) olet'iraui@ei., qgaraq

53. CarjGu t 5en! e'

7ea sarlr,f wi

fi w* oil, o.@@ r,uuor i B\ peag+'affliuefi

C) aevigleitueni -Ef? 5';61(5.e!666flsaci g aa$) u at i

i"; G$;i:sakrc u r ta,: euf) &Gsfip +fr w neur a,A etr taett $ Ggie .
@orcrl adl 6 G) p $galEt Orau-,ricrlfl @rirantr'

A) gl6n66,l LLtiq6tg,t 2 B) e9nrofuiaheoro eraiug orctrat t

C\ te&A$6e9t@p$ggt fpl $----.a at 4g1ri. egl G)p$*91

[a - archp Ca doaSaa Gut 1ek g,js

ry B) Gpnfia;ry5o$t

' C\ tEggr'ta;k D) .rcaria

56. aucuaoaGu rg a,:' arck ug at agd g$igi

Q# ,P--*oi, @, |o uwigol B) wtuaanaatt @th @uwirgaa

C\ ergbqsdt@tb G)uwigdt D) Goanreoh@r i 6)uuiSea

ITurn over


TNTET-2 18 ililillllilulflill1ilillilt

,\\-/5/. GrAu$$eir etgt arcata",wi aaio@ Aq$paftsre, @qcdrrcffo,tgt (g)6aputia Gpruei

Al @t mtglgti
B) epggt@L*;LA e!rilalr,tau ri
c) .g4aincar,tr G)gyeo

0 Gafr Etgil

58. ardoo+earu gqg dgu@$@ effiwneoa,g$ Gpn6\ Aeu

t) \jsqbnlbl u)fr9166t LqgI1
Ge rgpr@ e nairGprp5a,c$gt
u rcioqw pr@ Gar 9(!4!60Ligl
Gtgrciwaa t pn@ GerE1eoc$g1
B) G* q g E@ e n 6irG p n@6o t$gt
Gergpn@ rgt$g1ea t$g1
unairqwpn@ GenElat$g1
6)praiva t pr@ Gat g(966.'L-igl

0 GslrbnG) Gargg)66Ligt
Gergpr@ Gerplatggl
urctuqwpn@ gt$gtaa..$g1
G) g rcfur;o t p t @ + neiG p t g a t$gt
D) Gerpff@ Get9J6dttigl
Geng6r@ Gatgggat$g1
u naio 4w p n@ rgt $g eo L-$g1
G) g rcioea t pn@ s natrGp qgaatggl

,59.. sltu t6tt e!6aDuq g6apuft6t,6dft;; a@;s(i)A q

' ri\ 676nd,Orb .gla,gigb
K, eLA tljj@gi9b
B) @gigrn creard rqi q4ugrri 4er rbi g
C) .e1aL(5iigb @aji6ia qgugqb o6nrd@
. D) 41u9qi 6rcarigtb @giigtb eaa4ldgn
' 6dt' u nd':atg5i' ateiugl uarGam4 etga*rfldirre,ofi ei 6gn6@ erctrEl nut L1$pet
G) n
I '- A) .e4ugtcfi llgiD.lr,lit ffi ca$e0Gu:rcor9erg

C\ Gsrui ftsa; D) gafiaiocntt4dt



IffiilMflilfl[rilfl 37 TNTET-2

There are 30 questions in this Part. All the questions are compulsory-

61- Extensi'Ve reading, il propbrly guided witl

: A) /
Create love lor doing exercise a!-
\b /1
Create love for extra-reading
Create love for writing Engtish
D) Create love for listening English -9

62. Twenty six letters of Enqlish alphabets do the work ot sounds.

A) Fortylhree B) Forty two

C) Forty
@ ro,ty tou,

63. Listening is a process of hearing with

@ Understanding, interpreting and responding

B) Responding, understandingandinterpreting
eP lnterpreting, responding and understanding
D) Understanding,respondingandinterpreting

Which statement is incorrect ?

A) Acronyms can be called as alphabeieisms
B) Acronyms are pronounced as words
C) Acronyms are formed from the initial letters
@ o"ronrr" ,r" ro abbreviations
65. ln dictionary V (pp) means

A) Verb present participle

B) Verb past tense

@1 Verb past participte

D) Phrasal verb

tr [Tum over

TNTET-2 sB lllllllllilll]uilillilfilll
66. Choose tl-e correct word order.

(ry| You and Flachel and I can expect promotion

B) Bachel and Iand you can expect promotion

C) Rachel and you and lcan expect promotion
D) land Rachel and you can expect promotion
67. Add the correct question tag to the given sentence.

Let us thank our teachers. .. .

A) Shan't we ? B) Won't we ?
(}h snutt *" z D) Can we ?

68. Fill in the blank with the correct auxiliary verb.

Seldom _ our teacher come late to school.
A) do
S oio
..-o) have D) had

69. Add the right prefix to the word ,feeble, choosing from the options given.

A) -im B) -in
c| - ois
70. Polar-questionsare

@ Yes/No questions
B) Wh'questions
C) Multiple choice questions
.D) Short questions

7'1. Choose the correct sentence.

' @.. fwo ot my sisters-in-law are staying with me
B) Two of my sister-in-laws are staying with me
C) Two of my sister-in-laws is staying with me
D) Two of my sisters-in-laws are staying with me

ililrillililililflilIilililt 3S TNTET-2
72. ldentify the grammatical function of the underlined part of the sentence.

He ran through the wooden door.

A) Adverb
@ Prepositional phrase
'gI) Adjective phrase D) Verb

Fill in the blank choosing the correct word.

Heisan_ oftheschool.
A) alumni B) alumna
F alumnae @ alumnus

74. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb.

- ---- on Thursday- But on Thursday l had terrible cold. So I decided to wait till

@ was to have teft B) am to leave

I, would leave D) will leave

75. Find out the pair of words with the combination of ,adverb + noun,.

A) Dark room, mad man Bf Chewing gum, dancing girt

@ Upshot; forefinger D) Search light, play thing

76. Collecting lood for catfle is known as

A) grazing foraging
el fostering D) toraying

Which pair will suit the following sentence ?

your tongue or you will keep spoiling your make-up.

A) Bridal, bridle

-B) Brittle, bridal

@ eridt", oridut
D) Broil, bridal

[Turn over

TNTET - 2 |ilflillll]ilt [ ililr]

78. The phrasal verb'peter out, means

A) Send peter out p To decrease

C) To urge D) To progress

79. Suffixes are usually

.A), unstressed B) strongly stressed

C) weakly stressed ".D) stressed

80. Select the correct active voice of the sentence.

"l have not been informed ".

A) You wlll not inform me

B) They will not inform me

C) None of you will inform me

@, None of you have informed me yet

81. Factual descriptions of an event or incjdent are called

'!! neports "B) Articles
C) Flecords D) Registers

82. The return address reters to

A) The editoas address ql Sender's address
C) Beceiver s address D) Principal's address

83. 'O, ye wheels"

"Siop ! be silent for today.
A) Simile B)1 Metaphor
(C) Personitrcation D) Oxymoron

84. ln which of the combination the tetter'h' is pronounced ?

3)r exhibit-exhilarate B) rhetoric-khaki

C) heirhour .lD) nostet-hostile

llillilfllil[ilflilil l]ilfl 41 TNTET - 2

85. Choose the generic term of',Forks, knives and spoons,,.
A) Stationery B) Grocery

kCJ Cutlery D) Crockery

86. Parenthesis are

A) Mark of interrogation
B) l\ilark of exclamation
!97 Mark of brackets
D) l\4ark of quotation marks
87. A paraphrase ot a passage should be
A) Of specific length comoared to the or,ginal passage
B) l\y'uch shorter than the original passage
C) l\4uch longer than the originai passage
i9 ' No hard and fast rule for the length
88. Body language is considered as vehicle of communjcation along with voice and pitch.
lf one leans forward it is interpreted as

D Wishing to get involved

B) Feeling uneasy
C) Lack of contidence
O)- Showing restlessness

89. Which is the "longest pause,, ?

A) Apostrophe B), Dash
C) Hyphen o Fullstop

90. The phrase "Visually Challenged', is used as

A) Euphonymous word
,.8)' Clipping word
L-;) tuphemistic word
D) Blending word

lTurn over

TNTET- 2 42 lllliilililiuuflilflil1fllill

u@g- tv
afiq- A
466ri@ tDbglth eq 6)aJlg,,d)

@nug$ulen 60 alew nlJ,e,eh rairletretsr. q6t)olt6gt a,ll,;6rno8qri156 c aa-'utefi1,s Geuaitr@ tb.

There are 60 questions in all in this part. All questions
are compulsory.

91. 2,400 +.6. r|)at$ag12 Gcvaoouu zrsah lO gntaefi)ei tgggl

rgtt:ytlui. S,4OO *.1g.
$)eagaagl8 prLsaft,i rg4ergfig atgga;,aa Gaur;aerwrLseh Ggeaer
A) 10 B) 15 ct 20 o) 25
lf 2,400 sq.m. of land can be tilled by 12 workers
in 1O days, how many workers are
needed to till 5,400 sq.m. of land in .18
days ?

A) 10 B) 15 c) 20 D) 2s

92. e$ipefien gciiG)er n19 argg g1efi;a$@gy b O.2Oe g gln.stq$+exr;g@a 5

@egt$$ elt$gnn. goalalei-r gr/orn (o. i 3,g3O 6)u$pfiaafle , erL4c,9@g6
A) 4./" B) 57" c) 6% D) 7%
Ashwin deposited Rs.2OO per month for 5 years
in a recurring deposit account in a
post office. lf he received Rs. .13,g30,
then the rate of interest is
A) 4% B) s?o c) 6% D) 7%

93. g@ egt ri;g 6h C6ircl au ntg uia;$eagq 6 SOa/" .g @afi $gnci, et peir u q lt u atrc4 arggeo ett
eg69p6.ea@&.fii6b 2

Ai so B) 100 c) 125 D) 1s0

lf the each side of a square is increased
by 50% then by how much percent will its
area be increased ?

A) 50 B) 100 c) 125 D) 150


llilllllllllllllillil ll 4 rNrEr_2
94. 9117 oA w lorgg qirseir gxapGw p5.12,5e0 a$Ub eg.8,800 1qrp6i@
iu:rrg@an @reain@
6+dhptisar. 34$tei.. grg ur,tgptti nfiG)aq5 unitgprTaay a;tLqgl.ll,
."5.300.:a@sk 6 uE16pfi erccf)ei GLar$g
@aonu$ 6)greoa oetrerr c

A) Rs. 1,475 B) Bs. 1 ,57S C) Rs. 1,675 D) Rs. 1 ,570

Two partners invest Hs. 12,SOO and Rs. g,5OO respectively in a business. lf one partner
gets Fls.300 more than the other in the profit, what is the total profit ?

A) Hs. 1,475 B) Bs. 1,575 C) Rs.

.1,675 D) Rs. 1,570

95. g1g *iiarc$itoa @al,arrr l ua,stits.afi;ia.@gan1B 6ar,6. ggg/ wli15 6leL6 o6rf)d.slpeir
At 1056a.r,82 Bt 1i5 id.D'2 C) 12sGs.L62 D) 1356a.rtr2
The sum of parallelsides of atrapezium s .18
cm and height is 1S cm. Then its area is
A) 105 cm2 B) 1
cm2 C) j2s crn2 D) 135 cm2

96. G
$ i s aiar tat fi p1 ai ery1 I u i G Tr s n $ p 6) u ng otr 2

A) dororag B) .d;"4 C) +l1@ir-r6,,rurri D) garadroi.r

Which one of the following is a ferromagnetic substance ?

A) Bismuth B) Nicket C) Atuminium D) euartz

vt . s>g)6.r;6ttrL6)t.tDAl6n 619l s+t n

A) 6rcnGevnLe$6l6h S lJa6D6)p6natr ggtrrg6)A

B) r,6airGatrmr$6 ab 51.94a:6 $sne*,gfl ul@amp

D) JsirGenrrtt$$ahS I 3aau6),osran gplug@a

Which one of the followjng is correct ?

. A) The symbol for Sl unlt of current is A

B) The symbolfor Sl unit of current is amp
C) The symboi forSl unit of current is am
D) The symbol lor Sl unit of current is a

ITurfl over


Yo. 6l6D 6rU ! ,7 ,6fi 617 6rg4lGul Golsrlr.l$ u tc4i).
A) $)qdla8,6!r
o) d)nq5.\6tr
w I StLU talu ntJS LaGfi
Dl .eaaenggtL
Sound travels faster in
A) Liquids
B) Gases
C) Solids
oi al ot tnese

99. ru914 oirong!av qr@ae;r s;6utA$g6n et ao+, e,$)aa ar ut n tgi.

A) 6a:uurr-&g!
ol L, 6vUtr b s_ /6,
v) 6]6fiL4si66.t6g,gt;t)

D) 16 anGarg
Flespiration in living beings is an reaction.
A) Exothermic
B) Endothermic -
C) Photo-decomposition
D) Electro chemical
100. aaialawnr4 unLqdsa,";i)Gatn 14o.+eugi 6a9an u .r ir4eiscri Gau r unglsn&a rgtr4wna
4gri. cT6euodon @ti;g .gt6)an e,aioa,sonqaut 44rf)&gi:
56nr6,b L@tLulgl.
A) sig$qi;Ltsti B) HF
c) Hct D) HBr
_-- acid cannot be stored in glass or silica bot es as it attacks botfles.
A) Aqua regia B) HF
c) Hct D) HBr


llilfllflililililfliltiliill TNTET- 2
101.40rdx36rdgl6r6q666)6nL!6t)Lug(t6rreit.;ua err4dratuaSleiirg15g;cltaugtdogq5ua;
erltAt gt6irpndD Gadieglians sLt'j,ut@ehargl. Ltsi GLnanfi
.14 LB $,aqg:ehor
u6@uleit uniuerc4 ('rcitca .

. A) 1226 m2 B) 1tr46 m2 C) 1266m2 D) 1286m2

A cow is tied up for grazing inside a rectangular field of dimensions 40 m x 36 m in
one cornerpf the field by a rope of length 14 m". what is the area of the field left
ungrazed by the cow ?

. A) 1226m2 B) 1246 m2 C) 1266m2 D) 1286m2

1O2. a,r Lt at qa$tancrr gq5 gntfiy sJo9ulrcir 47ryn 35 cm @gr gq5 e g1g au 4,aflou ,atalarde,lt
u@Rng arr;{to.l.gtie og@ea ui,ai
A) 35 cm B) 45 cm C) 55 cm D) 65 cm
A copper wire is in the form of a circle with radius 35 cm. lt is bent into a square_ Then
the side of the square is

A) 35cm e1 +S cm C) 55 cm D) 65 cm

103. eO @gbq&, a,i9wrctrg ut$@dt taitetrerrg g1y"qg:&Gocr,ulr ,atqogteit arbpi

ul@eirerg1. @aag g1y egtr atLydtl)ait arctterri,lgio Gurgl e4gc aoq uis $drb 616A661 2

A) 4cm B) 5cm C) 6cm D) 7cm
A rod is beni in the shape of a triangle as shown in the figure- Whal is the length of the
side i{ it is bend in the shape of a square ?

A) 4cm B) 5cm C) 6cm D) 7cm

E] ITurn over

TNTET-2 46 rililililr[iltffitll]ililt
104. SasrerrllettevaLSEld,r ep1 grits c,96tgi arct elar,g:islt u@@pgt t
A) 1:2.6 B) 1:1.6 C) 1:3.6 D) 1 :4.6
Which of the following is called as the golden ratio ?
A) 1 :2.6 B) 1 ;1.6 C) 1:3.6 D) 1:4.6

105. a,,rgoluc&ah gf;ap uni t

A) cnoi' B) gdait C) uneoaficncio D) tnbfiglgu)
Who is the Father of Geometry ?
A) Gauss B) Euclid C) Paul Erdos D) Ramanujam

106. .13
+ 23 + 33 + 43 _ 53 _ 63 + 73 + g3 - 93 iA oan rcagt

A) 422 B) 432

c) 442 D) 452

'13+ 23 + 33 t43 + 53 + 63 + 73 + 83 + 93 is equal to

A) 422 B) $2
c) 442 D\ 452

107. 99980001 dir at irtisg:r;oljl

A) 9991 B) 9999
c) 9199 D) '1999

The square root of 99980001 is

' A) 9991 B) 9999
c) 919e D) 1999

o 000007
108. olooot275 eo Gpryrw a@iLJ

A) 5.3 B) 0.5 c) 5.0 D) 0.05

The approximate va,r" of
ooooot zzs
A) 5.3 , B) 0.5 c) 5.0 D) 0.05

ll lliiil il lllll I I lll 47 rNrEr - 2

10e. {rooo rsa

- -6-dl ;r16n4
A) 0 B)2
C) craxupyittuur oieiraoou D) @ero,r!;b argTaTLi @;i;nol

lhe vallte
trooo roq i<
of :::.:
i729 \e1 -
A) 0 B) 2
C) Undefined D) None of these
1'10. S.rp.,;,i ,,.,yCc.,, i 16r.1 t,!"t),1..
A) 33 '" B) 1:3
c) 0.33 D)
,3 331
Which one is not relateciwlth others ?

Al s31e6 B) 1:3

c) 0.33 D)
'3 33f

111- igi;a;aivt":tit6,oi arq utiaeaelaoi)GS Aigl ElrrytuLLgt ?

A) .l B) ; .C) e D) .,,E

Which one is differf rom others ?

A) ,r B) - C) e D) .,,'2

12. (10x + 3) + (10y + 5) = 11 (x +y) 6r6rn6-+ (x + y) = ?
A)2 B) 3 c) s D) 8
ll (10x + 3) +(10y+5)=11(x+y),then(x+y) = ?

A)2 B) 3 c) 5 D) 8

ITurn over

rNrEr _ 2 4a lllllllllllllfll lllillll] lil

113. l(x) erchp uoitqtEti.tqi Gsrco'eraaw3x+ 2 4trcia e,tgis6at,ta,E;b LiS

A) fr;j B) rl;

o) ,[;J
lf a polynomialf(x) is divisibte by 3x + 2 th6n the remainder is

3.J ,
c) fl\ -:l2) ,) ,[;.1
1 1 4. 6,
$+e,ak c at j $ ei eryt u <it gt Et Lqi Ga, zanau u.roi,cu,
B) -12x3 + yz2 + Jzx
C) -2xy 2+31[
D) 3x-7
Which is not a polynomial ?

A) 0

B) *12fr +yz2 + J2x

C) -2x92 + 3fi
D) 3x+7

I t5.

A) 2',tD q"ttr c)2 D)8

rhevarueor (rz)"":_!z)" ; "
A) 2.lz B) ^rD c)2 D)8

llllllllllffiill lllllll]llll 4e rNrEr-2

1 16. Cleir;r1g17ieop 35.5 6 r'rrb, Gro roi ercaf d cp gCl.ggtafcir fas,p bn .

A) 5.90 . 10 23Kg
B) 5.90 . 1O23Kg
c) 5.90 . 1o 23g
D) 5.90 x 10239
Atomic mass of Cl is 35.5 g/mol. The mass of a Cl atom is equalto

A) 5.90 . 10-23 Kg
B) 5.90 x 1O23Kg
Cr 5.90 . '10 -23g
D) 5.90 r 10239

117. uni;qi)wcio Gter$- 1675

A) eocurciu Bl L4GvtLGtnGe rctn

C\ g1!5aeseir
-1928. D) qjdoan
Bacterial cell - 1675 1928.

A) Virus B) Protozoa

C) Fungus - D) Algae

118. gir e$areruit gnarq u0ilGlu6ia uwc*u@$$ qgl9atr u0fiLui.

@$geosw gnatqEia;ltr et@a e$fiw$ gataaqegtLi, G)ufrw aaflseaeruqb, Sai'trc
Gtufr,w Ga.tiaealnulla, G)urf)w g, @aocuacir, .gt9a,clr6\ si&a,6ar G)s,rariv_ etiaaga,air

A) qtrLGuturcE Aarrtq B) ;ryoiGa;zunerirlannurr4

v) !4otdrn + D) .e1e,ng49emit4

A farmer planted apples using plant breeding techniques. These plants have resulted
' in the increase in vigour and fruit size, large root size, large leaves, flowers, more
seeds and sugar content in them. What kind of seeds he would have planted ?

A) Autopolyploidy. B) Allopolyploidy

C) Euploidy D) Aneuploidy

td ITurn over

TNTET-2 IUffiilil ilililttflIil il

1'19. 6Gg, 6)sn@isu u Ltar;,arc6geit gteig x,gsetr olGgr
9115 eua,au?oi
6) gncitlea tw earcu. geirgl nc@iGatgut@ s rcoa:,
u @ Gt pgl. e4e,;,gsa r@d t4.
A) Oer.rn6roo*rui
B) 6 lGro ra, r irr
vl blIstDtt
D) OrjCaei.rau r

Three of the items given below are related in a way or other. But one of it has no
relation with the other. Find out that.

A) Lomentum
B) Cremocarp
u) Hegma

D) Cypsetta

12O. an@saoat 34gltuupdt a1fiu@i t&aLG)u1yi

$w cgear;rc4
A) a-,arr og eulJrgs ari an @gu 8 ti .:a gpgd:
B\ c,Lcvd 6er$gts;6;r.sag\g6x
C) matu :l1f uu
D) 6u , borr rg r I $ uqarat grcu t &a.eh 4gf +,ei

The most dangerous consequence of excessive deforesiation js

A) Destruction of wild animal habitats
B) Loss of torest wealth

C) Soil erosion
D) Loss of valuable plants

121. l,ABCrir ZA 41erg1 lB g e$t24. a4$sJlGu,gLb ZC etr6a;afliGa ze-lrrzi 10g. ozerfloir

A) 46. B) 56" c) 66" D) 76"

In A ABC, the measure 01

ZA is greaterthan the measure of lBby24". If the exterior
angle of ,,C is 108., then ,, A is
A) 46" B) 56' C) 66. D) 76"

il ]lilIillililililtillfl 51 TNTET -2
122. gg gS)uAeca4eaneogt 6 ar6rniaoflcir g.8,8 8Q 4trse4i:'4 a.tcgtataefitei't g.7,920
qgse4 6 nng @ pg1 atr;afl ei: at u4c,99ri
A) 5% B) 6%

c) 7% D) 8v.

A certain sum of money amounts to Rs. 8,880 in 6 years and Rs.7,920 in 4 years.
Then the rate percent is

A) 5% B) 6%

cl 7v. D) 8%

123. 250 btuant;\tiscjr ><irar g15 u efiei) 6l eio, 55 roncouorriooh s,attL uSagqi 75
mn666ruirc;T snaiu$ar;,gq Jl',63 oh erfiuSar,gqb tSggt&aratisar
m noozor ric
6 lliG)sLrlr,cq Lb e$) lybq@ atrpclri l;ratf) cit x,;;i _-u $ap e$(gbq b u.n6alrc.l ia,6fi) dt
epe$pb e6;rar c

A) 32/" Bl 42% cl 12./. D) 22"/.

There are 250 studenls in a school.55 students like basket ball,75 students like
foot ball, 63 students like throw ball, while the remaining like cricket, what percent of
students like basket ball ?

A\ 32"/,5 B) 42v. c) 12% D) 22%

1 24. 60 @. 18. G et a g@ e;o @ eai g b g O n 6t $ ea gg

O @6t L A 6) Lt
gr rgao 95 n d;aft G p rgqt do

scd@pgt. aaGggry$66,g 40 Gt.t3. Gers$$ei Oeetrprcit, orctanre4 Gpr$@ei stilqri2

A) 6%hrc. e) z fnrs.
cY afnrs. q s%hrc.
A car takes 5 hours to cover a particular distance at a uniform speed of 60 km/hr. How
long will it take to cover the same distance at a uniform speed of 40 km/hr ?

A) 6%hts. e) tfnrs.
c1 dfnrs. g sfnrs.

[Turn over


125. 96G)pr.qaow @1ig ggtnwg,arpe,si)$gefiGw g:eopGw 30 gt6)tr,taJar,4O

6)suqi)^itpgt. nfiGtpqS ggrw $i f rkaw 6)*nra1"nur 24 6t uits'tf) d: sncs)
i"rluqri. 6p..r i q * rcr.a;ra, @ jgt gJ196Agt h
9!+,LL,Affi,k qGt uu uggon Sp igl
a9t tlL u LL
-nai .e4 $6) pnL+ ar$ga LL 6nd G p q6g ai:6) q i q,n I

B) 2 rlrmf

C) 3 ocatf

D) 4mcuof

Two taps can fill a tank in gO minutes and 40 minutes.

Another tap can empty it in
24 minutes. lf the tank is empty and ail the three
taps are kept open, in how much time
rhe tank will oe filted ?

A) t hr.

B) 2 n.s.
C) 3 hrs.
D) 4 hrs.

.36 = 4 arctftej, x ai n$Ltq
A) 16
B) 196
c) 256
D) 296

It 32x 4 +.rQ. = 4 , then the value of x js

A) 16
B) 196
c) 256
D) 296


lillllt iltilt il ililfi 53 TNTET _ 2

127. ary1 *i) w rc,:tpoia z

A) g 7 - 9

B) Zt
1 s 4l r 3 4
..,-) J Zl 5

c) ), -, " ?,r,1 .:

'3413 I
D) ) 7 ? 2 7 3

Which ls not correct ?

I t 4.8'

's 4 13 1
B) ;z - ;=
i 2; 3

C) .t t
l:)2-t "

13 4 13 4
Dr 2 7 3 z 7 3

'28. )1s.'2./a. z@.Lhh.: a.f ua)t a^

A) l; e) .fq ^, 3 8

Wh ch is least in the tollo\ivlng ?

5 3/ 1 1,/
16'/A' 4 2

A) t2 o) lA v/ /o
u1 5
ITurn over

TNTET - 2 [[]tfl[tilu
129. oni.@@ru66t pdri;gd A(0, O), B(3, O), C(x, y) bpgJLL u\u, c) ;r66rD 4drdtt6dr
6+&eua;geag gf)tgne;tC(x, y) en a@[tq
A) (3,5) B) (5,3) c) (-5,3) D) (3, -5)
ln Cadesian plane the points A(0, 0), B(3, O), C(x, y) and D(0, 5) represents a rectangte,

then C(x, y) is

A) (3,5) B) (5,3) c) (-5, 3) D) (3, -5)

l JU. ar/ / @t 6fi{j.g1:t ut d,e 61 6rrl / maw$G, e G,+, tem.4arc4a.efi e a^$ get

A) 90" B) 180' c) 270" D) 360'

The lotal angle at the centre of a pie chart is

A) 90" B) 180" c) 270" D) 360',

. algf rr,ralo;t, arglti pffe q$@65)Orjg aatgna.e$)ei r;gltln tugltu1 jgt pwmi)a,sl
u(5 6 pg. @g atjG5 tot.wti gewLugdgl uurliuGG pgt ?

A) aGetfrwr B) @gauGpni.t C) 6)gD"-t D) u"v@gdsrn

Digoxin, a biomedicine obtained from the plant dlgitalis rs used to treat

A) [i]alaria B) Heart Disease C) Cough D) Menial Stress

132. e4arcar$g srwyflal;ir, ulgrite,elr nfig16

6)unrgtsar .groev$11.i ?atd,tGeugt
.e4orc4aofiea $ir 4aetaa6 G)arcitr@afiary1, 8$i,salot_eldElei er$ten 73"." $i o d'rargt

A) Oorchcnri B) rrroi-,
CJ y5eaadQtgag D) goranr
All vegetables, fruits and food items contain water in different proportion. Find out the
thing in which 73% of water is present.

A) Cucumber B) Mirk

C) Potato D) Ess


lll lllllll llilllllll lllll lll 5s rNrEr - 2

133. 6ugiumt;tcn gierD,titsrh siwi e,riq$ geirr;.l'n 6)s.r6nrr6D.6u. .g4erfi$te;o uicar:wio
uaioranea gefr) &Ge i&easu1 etr lget i gru naGat zr;wrai,at$ pw nfi id earp et u,ic,aaw k
srewuutna 4trgg@GwrcioGuii gnaqi ergl arcv saio@ t94.
A) Gn tGaat4 rru t B) 6ur' @ aufu r
C) aorugrrn D) ololi-rorb
lVIost ot the green plants are self dependent because they synthesize their own food
materials by photosynthesis. Find out the angiosperm plant which lack chlorophyll.

A) Monotropha B) Petunia

C) Cuscuta D) Viscum

134. u $gr i et 6u Aci u ul gt k anawrate,r, arc,r u r4$gat fir,ap 2iroctragci ao aris @ u.l aumo oir

Guirdpmir. @ gft 15 s,r q,iriurm 16,1 6,r,eu tttilei;r q5ea pt u n@

A) l riairB,2
enarr B) aarorer-r,0airA

C) aoaruer"&ahBu D) ao", or-r r Lr0 air E

The inabiliiy of a X student to retain his lessons in memory is due to the deficiency of

A) Vitamin Br2 B) Vitamin A

C) Vitam n Bs D) Vitami4 E

135: tu9ti)w$ $nc4 tgtap0dt g!)ltqa\r;tn 3g4G*fi)wb @eogtl$bG)ur5dr

A) eweadag

lrl d. rLLb lul,

Cl D t,y ta ti
D) 9G r 116 uri
ln Bioremediation Gibberella fusarium is used to break down

. A) cyanide.
B) cadrnium
C) mercury
D) chromium
tr ITurn over

TNTET-2 Illllllllllluttilllflil il
136. 6g!de erforr @ w$cr;,au?eir c;9r;aeaeiteio 6tae46 atr,9er,;,-o rgeop$g af)ae eryt.t
A) ara$cnr-o r-&is +l arril&a ,6 c,96as

B) ararlanra gairTll.l etg1ie.t cri6o.s

Vl r+fiuL:1lu td 6r\166\E

D) d,c;dst$g e$tr,tte

Which one of the tollowing is the weakest force among the fundamental forces of
nature ?

A) Strong nuclear force B) Weak nuclear force

C) Gravitational force D) Electromagneticforce

137. Lt$gj geiEl orljuL[tuLc aeai$@estrg$gt 4 e$)errn4 6n@i6)a$ eryjwltuluatyta

@1,9riuL SupLu@@pg ewflci; cag e4ar,t$9 6)uq5a twyn,(g = 10 ms-2)
A) 20m B) 10 m
C) 400 m D) 2m
A ball thrown up is caught by a thrower 4 seconds after start. The height to which the
ball has risen !s (g = t O ms-2)
A) 20m B) '10 m
C) 400 m D) 2m
1-38. 6GLpOJra ) attg w ns I iG nni s i: 3 u w eir u @ $ g i u @ Gt p g1.. c16i ar;l,,sfr,i,: a4 91

A) rgap$g Liehgal't eraio e-aotcuLgl

B) aa$s u151g$lorl,6n La;rl)Lugt
v ) 616t1 b @ q,6@n'3a766t99 p g e 6116fi1OA
D) aaeacn$gi
Nichrome wire is used as the heating element because, it
A) has low specific resistance
B) has high melting point
C) is easily oxidised
D) all of these

llllllllrfi ilfl ilrllililillilt 57 TNTET- 2

'139. gieoar l.6)o 97airueb uweiiru@$guu@atg

AJ anEl@aw dti{ianrut G)cidafiwfiSl

B) Gteirm@fl
Ql GyiS,a,a rilld&rGeatt' t t ekaflwfigj
D) c nei;r- t4- 6)rnu di,e,rrr,,/lwsfl
Electrostatic induction is used in

A) AC generator
B) Transformer
C) Di generator
D) Van-de-gratfqenerator

140. grg@rdt;aataioagtEtgp-Jo'A'ulrA@gggStElggti:t'B'i,gGpiGa;r_.@[tutap&d>
.40 @.18. yl,e.trfl achp Geta$@,i Gte66pgt. tj,aio@6 flgggrj>'A' i,g6e 6).LB.lu,6efl
orck p Garc$@<i; @y56 q 6t p 91. .s44ain eo n +fi @eawGerab.

A\ *6t B) 50 6).r,6.Zmcmf
C) 456.l.t8.tu,allll D) 55 6).18.zooof

A train travels in a straight line track from Station'A'to Station,B,at a speed of40 Km/hr
and returns to Station 'A at a speed of 60 Km/hr. The average velocity is

A) zero B) 50 Km/hr

C) 45 Km/hr D) 55 Km/hr

141- o$g, fl6a6)uilci: a,ndtDt?tl;tr al,r,Lcmr?)aio G)a:ei'l Afi4aaa: 6lAi,g 6,c,fi;6tpg,t ?

A) qGqfffl@,a B) Orounpieoar
V) A466 tbl666o D\ oGan$toat
Colchicine stops mitotic cell division at which stage ?

A) prophase B) metaphase

C) anaphase D) telophase

[Tum over


1 42. @t$p ufi U G pnitig snqawanev 41ai;rGa,nS''tr

A) L - carroi B) efinB - 2
C) garadatu ll D) ArL
The oncogene responsible for causing blood cancer

A) L-myc B) ErbB-2
C) Hox ll D) ret
143. 6tgDiG)u6il6)coio otL at it' @ erckug1a$g a9etltl6teh:aftoluoi,6uu4

A) gatrnair B) Grflnfiehaaat

C) oor-,9$ D) ugS@ainotfr Gtewerdt

Herpestes edwardsii is the scientific name for

A) Garden lizard B) Mongoose

C) Spider D) Fruit bat

144. a4$ts Gtaru@b @pgeocw Ggcaf) erana.

Al q0aia e rGeLen B) el0eio

C) arlatu 6)e*rq o r D\ er0aia @ acioe9 f"Gtugi
Stinging nature is more in one of the following bees

A) Apis dorsata B) Apis florea

C) Apis indica D) Aois mellifera

A) AemeioGan4wti aarcu ndeio B) SemaioGanqwb gGalrio

C) AamaiaGan4wi nGafiun Dl AemaioGnnqwi: o"ou n;ttd uryi
Perinicious Malaria is caused by

A) Plasmodium vivax B) Plasmodium ovale

C) Plasmodium malariae D) Plasmodiumfalciparum


llll ll lllllilllil lllll ss rNrEr_2

146. gai:GLtteff)wi gGanaq@, Ge n4wi rgGenneag@ Geirigt tdr6n o6u6o6rdoar
aetk $gcaft? w 3fr$6g@&s uwciru@i*rl)wrca ggap
A) r.lrq rala,oir
+o q * tii6 atq i;g6t)
Q) rfieirenanit&d eu4$pefi D) ugritantgd:
The mixture of ammonium chloride and sodium chloride are separated by

A) Crystallisation B) Distillation -
C) Fractional distillarion D) Sub imation

147. g1g sase6E6i o,g14Lgna,6ll,e@ J4worfltgdr Oelcq 0.01 x 10 I M.6r6nflrlo a,6t,us6,t6irpH

A) 3 B) e
c) 11 D)4
The concentration of hydroxyl ion in a solution is 0.0.1 x l0-9 M. The pH value of the
solution is
A) 3 B) s
c) 11 D) 4

148. s4$s 44erc4 stlj gl teii- L\$Gpdir erft) Sg1 ggi l;flao;;fi) u nlgLc,eiteir etf) w rco *ncidu n@

A) t6$Ggah -+ sniueiat qT&cri+@+ firn;)g

B) r,8$Getah+ 4dF gldir ; a,niu.'if.aotqSs'nI,e@+ aagj.qgeir

C) L86Gpd;t+ an$E1 >aniueir+ aagtDLrg:<66r

D) r-8$Ggcir+ 4gi6rgeir s,riueirr;at4trJ'ar,e@ + $rtne$

, Which word equation correc y shows how methane undergoes combustion in plentiful
supply of air ?

A) l\,4ethane + Carbondioxide + Steam

B) Merhane + Oxygen , Carbondioxide + Hydrogen
C) l\.4ethane + Air ) Carbon + Hydrogen
D) lvlethale - Oxyger + Carbondioxide + Steam
iTurn over

TNTET - 2 lllllllllllllflllilililtililr

149. 6;!e erirl @eo c$)at a tGo;ts 44wasftsefloo, 1pi etfieoeugo. teirarl4wafirtafiatraer t@
erLcl urag0e& aradlqn;in e46alblq 3d5 @,i@fiL9LL d)fi66,g
qL@b. (-gtg! *uiorMn = 25,Fe= 26, Co =27 )
A) Mn3+, Fe2+, Co3+

B) l\4n2-. Fe3+, Co4-

C) Mn'. Fe2-. Co2-

D) N/n3'. Fe4., Co*

Among the following series of transition metal ions, the one where all metat ions have
3d5 electronic configuration is
(At. No. Mn = 25. Fe
=26.Co = 27)
A) Mn3 . Fe2,. Co3

B) Mnz*. Fe3+, Coa+

C) Mn-, Fe2-, Co2+

D) Mn3+, Fe4+, co*

A) 2Cu + 4HCl + O2 ) ZCuCt2+ 2H2O

B) 3Fe + 2O2 . Fe3Oa
C) MgCO3 + MgO + CO,
D) 2ZnS + 3O2 .2zn} +25c,2
Which one of the following reactions is an example for calcination process ?

. A) 2Cu'4HCt +O, > 2CuCl2- 2N2O

:l ffi",i;;1::2
D) 2ZnS + 3O2 -> 2Zne + 2SO,

ililfltilililflililtItil[l 61 TNTET-2
rl.fio1 - B
eg:soilwtit urcde,air

egi,lgti o$t a tw
@ L u g@ A a;t 6O etll em&acir yeh6n 6tr. e!66'ar,ig[ 6g 6q i&6 i,s
etfl G c.rcio@ ti.
There are 60 questions in all in this part. All questions are compulsory.

91 . @!rc\ Gpqritc,6lfte;t @re:Gtr6ir1t alfiu@rh aafltd;Gfig1

,;fip;agstt' B) eg@q6n
@ .

vl dn6D DLsS,StDtr) D) 46anw sr as

The sudden streaks of light seen on a starry night is called qr,

Moon lqr'
Akash canga

92. ersalar,lar& arLt4


@ eo?tua cua,rucEtscir
arLr4 euan0:w
euattltwLL u@ 6 a,tc
u@i) c,16figu tr
E l

6:tr@t Lrd66fi

g) Lg)wp66tq lH6abiq eur,rlut fuaek D) @mg1au arcoyutr srit

The map which shows the boundary

A) Political maps B) Thematic maps

C) Physical maps D) I\4ilitary maps

93. u neig$ wraat a;$St ugi 6$p 6u fi w GLt yoofi

A) \DtL65t6A4L6O G,u,;p*o*,
w I ElEiStuu btulblad,L6i) D\ uQtAdG)upSdau$

Th e Pangea was surrounded by a mega ocean called

A) Tethys . B) Panthalassa
c) lndian Ocean D) Pacific Ocean


TNTET -2 62 lllllllll lililltff ]iltilflI

94. Aay e j$ t ,s,tt1 er u em,it gdaglaair

ffi u ns,naire,elir B) G)nneaq6&s,"tt

vl en564en D) eaQq @se;1r

The cresent moon shaped dunes are called

A) Barchans B) Moraines
C) Cirques D) Aretes

95. qlaio@ rg:rgatgLb g1y5 gflutier@all,er,aw Gpri@ e$abarfiEt

A) e9wiutrr,i sff$Dl B) g)Aj6 & s,nliryl
C) u,getisrlbEl @ GmchsngEt

The winds that blow from a particular direction throughout the year

A) Trade winds B) Polar winds

C) l\ilonsoon winds D) Planetary winds

96. 6u fi) w @ 615 L q u $g1 arcu.s4a gBsL u @ aryt dgl I

A) Su6 @ tgrltweir
C) 4g5tGct D) e$@reh

Which is called big ball of fire ?

A) Earth B) Sun
C) Pluto D) Moon

97. er t.94 6) a f) &s n e$ ai @ g i q a a qG w n y rh u n ul b G) c,t it u $G q n L ti

Al 6u L.S4L@r66t+6 bGqqLLD B) e,m*ffaia
S a.n,""n $Gro-e a @ L'LD I pt u \i I E a IL L Ln
q6a q

The warm current which is flowing along the East coast of North America

A) North Atlantic Drift B) Canaries Current

C) Gulf Streami D) Equatorial Current

ilfl lt flil1ilfliiltilu
98. rohgrioi pan tG u gt i ot ab

..A) eqrs a;otfcri, B) Ga,f enamrcuourflsri

C) u6l6 6i.6r cIrotrfd,.i 'i\ fi@ Cttddrttt)
The trade that occurs within the limit of local is called

A) Bural Trade B) Bitaterat Trade

C) Multilateral Trade D) Local Trade
99. gr,raipnu+6n 6 uLGrr;Ewk qi)ug@wrgi@un

$ ,6 ao t(, ; B) $ 5iO t tuuekotl

C\ Gsiwgt$gn D) Ocahooerr
Which one of the following is a producer of petroleum ?

A) Thiruvarur B) Thiruchinapa i

C) Coimbatore D) Chennai

100. g anp,6g 6seu e'9 eo eo tea ew G u n&$c,r 1ggt (!p661!D

A) *neoa;au Gurigettq$gl B) @
qus)d, G u thlq;u q$gt
'i$ gnl Guni;@c,ttgg) ul 6urc8 LOlu Gufi$(r@t75gl

The cheapest means of transport

A) Hoadways B) Railways
C) Waterways D) Airways

101. "@$glis@Jl-, rg:,aioaslosggl. @Gr sof raodyauroi, Cteitwlutt una6n7s6tr, 6t6ryt

A) grgewevi B) pnuGpeu ir
g ,",Lei DJ aagaitwi

Who said "Hindus and l\4uslims as pots of the same clay,, ?

A) G urunanak B) Namadeva
C) Kabir D) Chaitanya

tr [Turn over

102. uaer$Geogirg"rggnGaoaioafi)" ereilo - c,lar,*s tr,t paow ou14@wati
".4\ @rrnrcsrgpi B) pmtri;

@ 6inaoGP"-;t

Who wrote the commentary of Bhagavat Gita called Gnaneswarj ?

A) Fiamananda B) Nanak
C) Kabir D) Gnanadeva

103. t ti.+e t p t itaq Gu fi eruitgt ewa:,gt';,Lug argl

A) Ut6nttuuL(h) B) {tctyit,;6r
IV, 96D16u5\'e 7L6oL D) uieri.
Which baltle is also known as "Haksasa Thangadi" ?

A) Panipat B) Tarain
C) Talaikottai D) Buxar

1 0 4. :4 & u n ah et yg ot r ri.t g a p 0i@ g $g&s q5i,g rgalt ut er ir

{l @t"retGotciara B) nneSl;iqgnuir
C) tliundt D) elqan Ouur6t

Akbar made some experiments in the land revenue administration with ihe help ol

A) Raja Todar Mal B) Nilalik Ambar

C) Birbal D) Abul Faizi

105. qfig+ e reirlr4alona. oo.a,6'ur giglatr Jbai6r!

A): 660 '1
@ roos
c) 1671 D) 1676

The Treaty of Purandar was concluded in

A) 1660 B) tbb5
c) 1671 D)


tflillllilililtilliltil[1 TNTET - 2
106. aryGancf aho oi^ita,i Guni u$$lw orllatritaran ot *,ptrha,oir6aur ' @

;Nl aa9&as,i;Ctatt@ @ Xlll--,ro-g, ael6or@

C) Yl-rjl urcop s,d;GterL@ D) Vll - ri unanp col6cur@
The details of Ashoka's war with Kalinga is gjven in the

A) Kalinga Edict . B) Xlll - Flock Edict

C) Vl- Rock Edict D) Vll- Rock Edict
1O7 . ea a415tti glaturgtb 4aiv@

A) 6).t9.320 B) 6).19.58

@ a.a.ze D) A.rs.78

"Saka Era" starts trom the year

A\ A'AAN B) 58 A.D.

c) 78 A.D. D) 78 B.C.

108, erita anet unain4uL is,afieb qtrLdt&.g rgtt4al aLqweliaair

A) enganaGoiaar BV Gergiaei,r
Cl ud,:aiafis&
Pandya rule of the Sangam Age declined due to the invasion of
A) Sathavahanas B) Cholas
C) Pallavas D) Kalabhras

'109. pner$gn uekaeoa sgs$aap flge$tweln

^) lg t5upn @ a^oranon
v) su)fiqq Augt Dl eg@yrsnpi

The founder of the Nalanda University

A) Sri Gupta B) Kumara Gupta

C) Samudra Gupta D) Chandra Gupta
E ITurn over

TNTET-2 |ililffiilt]uiltiltilfi[]
110. paie efiggeog @wfiftwern
ffi) urcari B\ ,gsnetln

C) weumtre;anrit D\ srcllpnei

Harsha Charitha written by

A) Bana B) Harsha

C) Hiuen Tsang D) Kalidasa

1 1 1. p terr n rL aa,su9air @oarar-r eairr6r@ &a L u Lt @ rljt

A) gaq|tutt @ G)nnp@ypnGro
G> rg6r9Lsn D) Gor.rrgg6n

The statue of a dancing girl found in

A) Harappa B) Mohanjodara
C) Bimbitka D) Lothal

112. tti; Gr;t g$@en teirer u r eekseftei er a$raaofl ieoo

A) 1027
I 1028

.Q)., 102e D) 1030

The Rig Veda consist of hymns.

A) 1027
0 1028
c) 1029 D) 1030

113. @fi Llcar&aefi o$g 6 taryf] u?c;a e4ggLl u L@efiarg1

@ u,ns Bl +acia@ggi
C) o@sl D) sfr68)

The Tripitakas are written in the language of

A) Pali . B) Sanskrit
C) Urdu
'D) Hindi

|l]ffi iltfrililililililt TNTET - 2

114. uffteEq$$q$ag q@w gaaapsqnna. $)i.anatfl$gg wni?

Af .gtG*rcn B) ?t*pruir
fS -sa,i, D) anso"tiaeiir

Who laid foundation of the new capital at Pataliputra ?

A) Ashoka B) Sisunaka
C) Udayin D) Kakavarman

115. @$@wrc0etr nn;iG)weraa9 orctr g4eog&sl u@ uafi

*l og;i;@r Augn B) e$@xgttsn
C) erar eneio@rt| S Gta,cnqawn

Who was called lndian Machiavelli ?

A) Samudra Gupta B) Chandra Gupta

C) Shama Sastri D) Kautilya

1 16. " $la,tg$ah tSug@g gtpai;r".s1are0@,i t+^p

Sangp qiug$ 6urrgs tfiug$
Qd 66t.i, &(g el bii1i u LL Gr)
L 6i df(A E 16fl ci a4 6t t;4 Sta$$c;n ui}uerc4

6 argp >1iugg 6tdi9dtr uqnu6tr6q

c) t'tLbtr{;5 tt9pdL(9
Anngp >fiugg

"The Productivity of Land" can be measured by

TotalProduction Total Produciion

A) B)
Amounts of inpuis employed Area of land

Total Production Area of land

c) Total capital employed

tr ITurn over

TNTET- 2 68 ilil][ililtilflrfftll]ililr
1 17. fi ao$@.ait.ogfl Lq aftrr;rru rctrgt.t
@ @dt'a B) gaig&,ge sai
C) gaitEltilgti 11ectp ama; D) gai;rg&gri.:a@snna

The supply price of land is

A) Zerc B) Equal to one

C) Less than one D) More than one

118. Glji aaiutalitEteh og e4@a $icll,u,tipahaa:;a Ge,rctutg1

A) @wg@tb B) uritrgsatr
. U ) U89lqu.B6fi

Which of the following is the more liquid asset than others ?

A) Machine B) Shares
C) Money D) Bonds

119. @li@w,n"ialt e ril6iu dir a6$gLu14 utrlgLuct ueana arcilrug1

1) M, B) Ivl,
(0'r. D) M+
The term "Broad l\.4oney, refers by Reserve Bank of tndia is

A) Mr B) Mz
C) M: D) M+

-120. @atggLi u wehu r@ u&eggtdt @pSigiGu ngt, @AJ61116.l6ni uu6iu n(A

A) C49t6nt6\5a B) egapulti
@f ftarcowrc @6dgh
Q @d,,
When the total utility is maximum. the marginal utrlity will be

A) lncreasing B) Decreasing
C) Constant D) Zero

llll ll lll ll
ll ll ue rNrEr-2
'.i ,-,, ,, -tu gi 3ur,t t Lr4,r1456a.rcm i;tjg" t.;nuqjct,*
A) +letu 'ru't B) qTgpi
Qr .1,, 4r
@' a,,a.,.]
The second l\y'ysore war came to an end by the Treaty of
A) Salbai B) Purandar
C) N,lysore D) Mangalore

122- \t; - L. ttut eQt i

A) lrararori Ca,tcor
B) @)tru*rt,qti
C) lgle*q

\D) +aj5 ray

Kattabornman was hanged to dealh at
A) Palayan, Kottai
B) RanararnapJram
C) [,4adhurai

D) Kaiyattar

1 23. C\.s'r14L 4 pt-c'9,u t Gqtttrj,a''am u w ei'tu @lp ugt $p eitir

iAl r1 !s(iT L TJmr -dL
B) 0,rnrd ".,r+r,iu,za;
tl D45)11.l]17

O) ,;ekat:ri tAit

Who was a first Sepoy refused to use the greased cartridges ?

' A) N4angal Pandey
B) Bani Lakshmi Bay
C) Bhadur Shah
D) Kunwar Sinqh
c lTurn over

TNTET-2 llfltffiililuilililililil
124. @$@w rr,ia'ertl et yficaa ensaniqetqagialu@ary1
A) 1 / /3@(4tu b,g]66:,pet' t ti
BJ 1813ut'cwal t b
|SSA -*rrouAtAn;n aa77a^*
D) r-0ahGr t. unie9 eLL rh

The l\4agna Carta of the lndian people

A) '1773 Regulating Act
B) 18'13 Charter Act .

C) 1858 Queen's Proclamation

D) Minto-lilorely A

125. @$@w G96tw sn Gtq6ae 6)At6StuJ@ri

B) W. C. unefigf)
C) t:sn$uran$S
D) a'u'reip e j@o Gunaiu
The Indian National Congress was tounded by
A) A. O. Hume

B) W. C. Banerjee
C) Mahatma candhi
D) Subhas Chandra Bose

126. gji$w Aiuia,a"auga;h 69n' qeit

A) 6ardr6) B) sngj,@qni
' /rA'r1 ^
Yli! e\'qDna) D\ Llgnlgn
"Cradle of lndian temple architecture,,

A) Vangi B) Kanchipuram
C) Aihole D) Bijapur

lifl lllllifl flililililiiltil ilt

71 TNTET - 2
127. 'g:4arb tQs.j$t rctiu,eh gt' 4l-Ca taiotur. ci
LA! Erdrsm uus) B) anpr9d Gtsaaiotocir
C) g:qGtarcivuair D) Ggwrit@e naiocndi;r

r Mahendravarman-l took up the tifle

A) Chitrakarapuli B) Vadapikondan
C) Mudikondan D) Jayamkondan
128. 4givureir @wfiS)wgl
. A) G5eury6 @Y .t gps,tuo^*
E! @trnrwaafi Dl asnunrgit
Andal composed
A) Devaram B) Thirupavai
C) Ramayanam D) Mahabharatham

. @rciauri gGtrua;rGuni p66tti)upp 4.ttin}
A) 190 1
c) 1194 D) 1196

Second Battle of Tarain was fought in the year

A) 1190 B) 1 192
c) 1194. D) 1 196

1 30. aryar.rac4$ahO e;g{tugtdir 6lpcirefi i;@w - uo;l,tG)w@L Aei;r ueot$gatu$t

gl6ugg]rr/orr B) g6ui
Q) @uGrrckg&ar,4, & u,nr;sti s,rt tn

The commander of the South lndian expedition under

Alaudin Khjlji
A) lltumish B) lbak
C) Firoz-Tughtaq D) Malik Kafur

[Tuln over

TNTET-2 72 lil [ lluilflltiltilil

131. a gg ru$$ air.et+lr u6ll L ep) g 61gt -
{3/' sor"- B) aasC)w6x

G) Gturg5onrgnqi D) @qtrali)

Which is the basic unit of the society ?

A) Family B) Polity
C) Economy D) Village
132. eufiGg angrb uncdt g:pa,96,t arjp 6nr1$)16dt @wlbpuucL-gt t
-A)r cri,irono, B) L(bgt

C) nsngg)
@ eaeia@rgpi

ln which language the song "Vande l\ilatharam" was written first ?

A) Bengali B) Urdu
C) Nilarathi D) Sanskrit

133. 10 41atgt g$grcitr@$@reLb eryaao rwir$g gt&6tw$gtatk6,sn@$ggt t

@ puofipui*rg^r*i B) g@bu ey15nrctri:
C) y tt' @ er 1a rcab D) eStat"rw e fiu$S

The main objective of Tenth Five Year Plan is to raise

A) The per capita income B) Family income
C) National income D) The agricultural products

134. gnSu eui gl66awreun pnwsi dljisaiorafiaanrct Ggri$@g@i;ai u@@ytniaei,r

/'n, r qne4u 4un B) Gal ni e u r tEl [t A car isai
\H L9l uut61)r1a;@7
C) g+w qs;$ g6daD,;ui D) .^
g)A etc6\ LUulll6nxs6n

The Deputy Chair Person of the Rajya Sabha is elected

A) By the members of the Rajya Sabha only
B) By the members of the Lok Sabha only
C) By the President
D) By both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha members


llllliililll]uttillilil [] TNTET 2
135. u tr@ga6ilp$@en gse*n G)uEt6 yrtlrlr;u,i e LLm Gta,naitr@ cuq!:tuL_.eL6r;t@
A) 21 .aai;Gurui2OOS B) 21 aa&Gurui2004
C) 11 aaiGuu n2OO5 .6* i 2 +lr;Grru;zo0s
The Flight to lnformation Act was passed by the Parliament on
A) 21st October 2OO5 B) 2'1st October 2OO4
C) 1th October 2oo5
1 D) 12ih October 2005
136. @rq,qra;r *,4w qwo1eir Guugl eu neaft a et u9 eir .94 eo et$g1 g ao r,sgg i @^ * pgl
6emtllu u@eugl
Al rt"""Og 6grlflfia. r'6.l,6o aL rcn aa.;,:i 6p
@, rypatftena,,ou
C) ori; @oog[]b*'r*'^ D) ar@agGtgngpfiena,a
Thunder storms are accompanied by many weather elements
A) lron and steel industry B) Weatherfactory
C) Feriilizer factory D) Paper industry
137. at nple0ch G g66ldu a;@),61r $t a p a4 GteL u @w b ma uit a$ cg ggt Gl u At b
G)unqLsadrulti aai6GprLi:.
A) a:a$)n anrdsar B) a 61561 616:fil15l156tI

C\ LAi;s @ua rp arcrdaeir

& @wbaas elarritactr

AII materials obtained from the nature to satisfy the needs of our daily life is known as

A) Mineralresources B) Soil resources

C) Non-renewable resources D) Natural resources

'138. me#)sah raarirro en$aap utg1e,niser@ig6 gtwfiit 4L(5a.

A\ lla*r4l).arctrri. B) Gatonnorireoro 6+urgoir
C) raair;, atr;tlo urgtan$gek -D) gial q&safi 6y driggc;)

An effort made by man to prevent soil erdsion is

A) Soil erosion B) Cuttivation
C) Soil conservation D) plantation

[Turn over

TNTET - 2 74 llllllllll11ililililill[]
139. e-ar6).-n 6pci' urbu$$tog,et: @rciocti @ub ett5i,i:65o pn@

B) Gevn


Whjch one of the countries is second place in the production of paddy jn the world ?
A) lndia B) China
C) lndonesia D) U.S.A.

140. s.ien era:in6eor w afiEti @wfi;l;,satirq se,fiar satt dt@&s uweiu@$gti,g:eap

W gl6adu1tOlfi6D tgD6np

B) Gnpr rnr9ei-r 6 an' tq a i Oi n, gt6,r.n

C) $ p.iia 6 c't afil g:et p
D) u Lea tsar rre; er (jti, gi rgtaa p

The method used to extract minerals like oil and natural gas
A) Drilling
B) Suriace rnining
C) Open cast nin,ng
D) Str'p.n;ning

141. eri!,.gtanlq 1990 4ri gcnlnourr te* e4g$pS)e4 2train .r'e,.eafteSt$gglt I

A) galf6+n B) qGerlrai-rGan
tct,oo.n,;. D) te*s a;snqng g4aatitl
Which one of the organisations declared the year 1990 as the World Ljteracv year ?
c) u.N.o. D) W.H.O.
142. 6. n$g4eon gp6lu4i eLti 6srchr(D e,t tu u tt qgai,sr@

l-^J 1976 B) 1975 c) 1974 D) 1986

Abolition of Bonded Labour Act was passed in the year

A) 1976 B) 1975 cJ 1974 D) 1986


lllflflilIililtillIl[il 75 TNTET- 2

A) 535 @'?s+s
c) 56s D) 525

Total number of members in the Lok Sabha

A) 535 B) 545
c) 565 D) 525

144. EJ6t6tt9 SnScptis,b wnnnc;i eL'rti9iia,iut' t gt

,AJ? @arerdt B) aafi gyn .slaioaon
C\ afi.$.4n. a;trbtlfign

The reservoir in Poondi was commissioned by

A) Rajajl B) Aringar Anna

c) M.G.R.
@ Kamaralar

145- @$@w s y?tw,i egawlq 6*rggtis;@6tr L;i6riLidargt.

A\ 448 B) 459 @ ++s
The lndian Constitution contains Articles.
A) 448 B) 459 C) 449 D) 450

146. e,aotfteoft Glar$ta;ar adr eruirugl

a+/ Gtufiw s4arc1la: t$ u$@ @g)G;n Gt6,nr;;nt Gtgtgpooa,&aeir

@ rEparco a4are4 rfiu$@ Ctefiqi Gtpryftooa,aa,eir

tv) @ fi ut e4 arc$t do rg u g@ @e dq b Gt p rgfi aa, B a.dr

D) rf,ta,i @Stw a4atal),i t$ui;@ GterLqi GtprgQeua&seir

Computer lndustry is

A) Large Scale lndustry B) Medium Scale lndustry

C) Small Scale lndustry D) Very Srnall Scale lndustry

llurn ovor

TNTET-2 76 il fl]lililtilflfl Iu
147. t8e$)air ya rctLmo Jiotmateair durgnercA,i kaac66pg1.
A) stfisaTl ug$t S: oorforro @r@
C) caineE+rieq D) qgg:eroi,

Abundant food for fish, plankton is avajlable

A) Coastalarea B) Continental shelf

C) Continental slope D) Sea floor

148. Apuq c1dag@,figi @g)Lq 6,96gpr@l(gd @6nrGur udrerGarsllun@

A) ApLq,ai6,srjl B) 6)-DrLl atasd
$ ararniF ag6lgrb DJ uis&aaang@

The difference between bidh rate and death rate is termed as

A) Birth rate B) Death rate

C) Growth rate D) Density of population

149. 8G g r6tr6ncu fi El 6ir 6tgt g:peirea a u!: u $@ i a rya6,rfla36n

A) reaglq afiAti g:ergcvti B) g:axpe,arb n.hg1i G gryS d .s4anuq

((C! -daLr. rori. reo,r,ri rrir D\ f et gb. g:etaar' gn
\-/ "
Primary factors of production is

A) Labour and Capital B) Capital and Organization

C) Land and Labour D) Land and Capitai

150. "Garca a*1 u rgl q 119er,paa w,,.s4 pJ) g:si u @a@ w e,.t n

B) @eowevd ynSabeio
C) u,zci.rorrgcGevoi.r+ah 1@) a,ioarr.ag

The concept of "Division of Labour" introduced by

A) N/arshall B) Lionel Flobbins

C) Paul Samuelson D) Adam Smith
TNTET -2 80 rfliiililiuut flfl ilil il
ladrod uopls/ ar.nuq i:_r.orblB-e-a! Caretu y rnd Complyr
\9.d6ru 15rLjq.fl/tMpOBTANT

rhe cand dale mUs, ensure rha.he oueeon B.ok sr seres cod; h"" b;^,,"d;",;;"fi'"ii;;;;",;;;;;";;i;;#;:;:;;;:"ll
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;::;:::;":;2;1,331"',y;il,c@"rl{ rW5:k::"",i"::'.'L:;:t::ti:,i',.,, ,,"
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5 41 antrrrj-,r 6.jr6itrL Lag-| riai Lag Ir sii:,,1r, rrair:,c, j'.jr;: ,==i j6rr,rrdr6il
e;hdi 6ona.-r
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- g:jlli,:#:g:ij},y,*:9?.'J.ll***",.,,,,.,"4!5rJ,,"+i)a;rldd,4ds!ptrrLL,in.n.r.,ie-:;:ii.,,r:jrr4r6.\;4
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agi,ii+_t ts) *6;i,p.;"; j,!r.1; d:'l':,'.::.;l::'l:li";;;
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ar,. na, bedtre n,nJo,u,roieooraonry u""pace provdadalrheend otheBookrel oonorlear
!o aoor ona pape' srrat r'e D or ded
n ro.i,.-..:r:sr.n Eooker

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-_;:_---t ,, :.':t. .,.-"'1':
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.E , ' .d
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.,lrLra79r' 7 i id i!,r7inliriLj 9.50 A I

l#i1#iiu"a#tffifl;XfI*,i{ffi #rt'd;;rt*',ijl+l# j,,.#;:#
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00 F lrl;LJ
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wr erourFol No 0MBAnsr erShejNo Ouen/onBooreLspr
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n Lne space provded n,h Ques, on Bodkrol as we ,r" 3i,""'ii:;13l3f,1"f,*ryour onaru'e
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.-D.doc.bd oo, paro., J" ' " o'o"J -_eoMF^ '-" . ;' ;:-;.- ;
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s.,i "l vrt bjl-lr d{i':,y%;"1?;:lgStH:"At"::?::t*xz,J;i,i},U:1!,",-#i.d,ijl1,;i,.}.i*?J?fs,,
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- ".i:;tii'; t?_"i_i:.fl;l::J:i*1fl;#Ifi.cl,rH7$y*b,y:?..ffi9.,"ui;-.t%i,:f;?'"GT1,:r,\j,::"1""#
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