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By Ariana Gibs n and Caitlin Hochschild
Our Brand name and logo:
PERFECTLY UNDONE Perfectly Und ne: (V)
state of being presentable while maintaining a
carefree and effortless existence.
Our logo features an eclectic graphic font to
represent the artistic edge and youth in our
brand. Though it could be seen in different
forms in our store decor, our main font will be
featured on our store front, printed onto the
inside tag of our garments, and will be on the
colorful hang tag featured on this slide.
What we carry:
Womens ready-to-wear
Pieces that range from casual lounge wear to nighttime festivities
Ft. tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and accessories
Odds and ends: items that come from partnering and featuring local artisans in the area
Ft. coffee table books, nick nacks, local artwork, furniture pieces etc.
Price Range: $20-$100
he Und neGal:
Women aged 16-29 who are looking for a
lifestyle brand that they can grow with in
their young adulthood
A brand for students or women just
starting their careers (incomes may vary)
She is artistic, bohemian, independent,
sassy, trend setting, feminine, and not an
urban gal
Located throughout the southeast in artsy
southern towns
A lifestyle brand for the young gypsy soul in transiti n t bec ming a (mo tly) functi ning
he Und ne Gals Values:
.Impr mptu adventures
The Undone Gal values personal
style over all else, she is not
.Youthful, gypsy lifestyle concerned with pleasing others. She
is creative and loves to explore, she
is constantly thinking about ways to
.Put together l ks with ease build a wardrobe that expresses
who she is inside and out. She likes
pairing simple pieces with
.Pers nal style over popular style statements, loves layering, and
needs a wardrobe as versatile as she
is. From looking cute while
.Unique artistic details exploring a new city, to taking on
the night clubs, this free spirited
young girl is ready to take over the
.Quality staple pieces world one adventure at a time.
Age: 23
Current Location: Savannah, Georgia
Education: Savannah College of Art and Design, Accessory Design
Monthly Apparel Budget: $100-$300
Values: innovative, expressive, edgy, uniqueness
Hobbies: traveling to different countries, visiting small markets, festival hopping, going
out with friends
Shopping Behavior: likes collecting unique pieces as she finds them, she tends to collect
one or two items at a time, not a fan of shopping sprees.
Lifestyle Overview: Having graduated from SCAD her career as an accessory designer is
taking off. She is always jet setting to different countries, visiting local markets, staying
up on jewelry trends and harvesting inspiration from everywhere. She loves attending
music festivals and concerts and keeps her ear to the ground when it comes to new artists.
Beccas Essentials
Emers n
Age: 26
Current Location: Austin, Texas
Education: University of Texas, Public Relations
Employment: PR for Uptown Studios Austin (part of Time Warner Cable)
Monthly Apparel Budget: $500-$1000
Values: comfort, uniqueness, simplicity, quality, functionality, feminine touches
Shopping Behavior: likes to bend trends to her personal style. Sticks to neutral colors so she can
mix and match her current wardrobe easily with the fun pieces she buys. She loves one pieces
(rompers, jumpsuits, body suits etc.), and she always purchases pieces she could utilize for work
and play.
Hobbies: loves keeping current on the news (entertainment and political alike), enjoys brunches
with the girls/clients, attending premieres, staying up to date on all social media outlets, and takes
her work with her wherever she goes.
A Day in the Life of Emers n
Perfectly Undone stocks me
with transitional but playful
pieces that get me through all
the facets of my day.
6am-7am: Wake up, morning work out 2pm-3pm: Handles PR crisis
7am-8am: Makes breakfast, gets ready for work 3pm-4pm: Does work for the afternoon
8am-9am: Arrives at the office, checks emails 4pm-5pm: Checks emails one more time
10am-11am: In meetings 6pm-7pm: Plans next day
11am-12pm: In meetings 7pm-8pm: Dinner with fiance
12pm-1pm: Meets clients for lunch 9pm-10pm: TV Show premiere
1pm-2pm: Catches up on social media outlets 10pm-11pm: Reads before bed/ bedtime
Age: 19
Current Location: Athens, Georgia
Education: University of Georgia, Fashion Merchandising Student
Monthly Apparel Budget: $100
Values: fun fashion, bohemian styles, femininity, good deals
Shopping Behavior: as a college student Kylie doesnt get to shop often, but when she does she loves
looking for flowy dresses and light sweaters. Kylie will pick up 2-3 items per month she think will
help her build a well rounded and youthful wardrobe. Flaunt what youve got while youve got it
is her mentality.
Hobbies: enjoys making memories. Kylie loves to go to small shows at the various concert venues
around Athens; she is constantly hunting the boutiques for deals, and enjoys going for fam
dinners with her sorority sisters on the weekends.
Why Kylie Shops Perfectly Undone: They have such good deals on their faster fashion pieces and I
love how unique their style is. I cant find things like that in the other stores in Athens, they have
great quality and all the fun bohemian twists keep me coming back for more!
A Peek at Kylies
Instagram Feed:
(Ft.s me of our past seas ns garment )

Athens, GA . Fashion Student . 19
Age: 23
Current Location: Dallas, Texas
Education: Mercer University, Nursing
Employment: Nurse at Dallas Regional/Young Housewife
Monthly Apparel Budget: $150-$300
Values: conservative, playful, bohemian, unique, quality, cut, good deals
Shopping Behavior: While she doesnt have much to spend each month, she really enjoys
picking up one or two quality steals when she can. Lorraine is always on the look out for
playful bohemian pieces with fun colors and floral patterns. She appreciates a feminine and
appropriate look but still likes to play with cut outs and an occasionally bohemian edge.
Hobbies: Bunco with the neighborhood wives, playing trivia at BWW, and going on weekend
road trips with her new hubby!
Lorraine why d you like
shopping Perfectly Perfectly Undone allows me to keep an
appropriate but playful take on all of
Und ne? todays trends. They always maintain
that femininity and bohemian edge and
they allow me to keep a consistent style
through all parts of my growing life.
Plus I always love being able to go in
there and pick up something fun for the
house too!
Micr Brand C ncept
Carefree, bohemian, youthful, gypsy lifestyle, put together,
effortless, personal style over popular style, unique artistic
details, local
Macr Brand C ncept
C mpetitor analysis
Altard State
Target market: women in their 20s, involved in community,
sometimes mother daughter duo, income level depends on
location (more expensive in the south)
Product Assortment: womens fashion apparel, jewelry,
accessories, shoes, gifts/decor; own private brand
Price Range: mid tier ($20-$100 per item of clothing)
Brand Concept: boho chic, romantic, encouraging,world
changing, modernized christian experience, charitable
C mpetitor analysis
American Threads
Target market: young women (17-28), free, bold, trendy,
Product Assortment: womens apparel, shoes, intimates,
jewelry, and accessories; own private brand and carries some
other brands
Price Range: typically below $100, but for some of the
designer brands, it can range from $100-$300
Brand Concept: authentic, #threadsbabe, personal, bohemian
C mpetitor analysis
Free People
Target market: a 26-year-old girl, smart, creative, confident
and comfortable in all aspects of her being, free and
adventurous, sweet to tough to tomboy to romantic. A girl who
likes to keep busy and push life to its limits, with traveling and
hanging out and everything in between.
Product Assortment: womens wear and accessories, home
goods, intimates, swimwear; own private brand
Price Range: $30-$950
Brand Concept: femininity, courage, the Free People
experience, contemporary, great quality and affordability
C mpetitor analysis
Riff Raff
Target market: women in their 20s, girl boss, strong,
independent, southern, mid western
Product Assortment: womens apparel, shoes, accessories,
gifts, and home goods; carries other brands
Price Range: mid tier ($20-$190)
Brand Concept: one of a kind, alluring, fashion forward,
affordable, Arkansas + Southern United States taste, local
Brand Po iti ning Map 1
Life style
Affordable Expensive
Brand Po iti ning Map 2
feminine masculine
Fashi n rend Analysis
Renaissance Woman Statement chokers Statement furs Hoodies
Corsets, velvet, bell sleeves Chokers that completely Faux and real furs. Luxury comfort
make up for a modern day cover the neck, replacing Bold patterns. carried over from
revival woman 90s thin chokers; athleisure theme.
includes velvet, metals,
and jewels
Fashi n rend Analysis
Pin-stripe suiting Extra long sleeves Navy Overcoat
Slimming and Velvet
Sleeves that cover the Nautical theme Fabric of the season.
elongates every body hands. More for looks carried over from
type. Colors are Soft and comfortable.
than functionality. the summer. Knee Not limited to any
typically black or Seen using many length or ankle
navy. colors.
different fabrics, length. Navy or
colors, and patterns. Black colors.
F/W 2016
Seas nal C ncept
Main heme: Whiskey Sunset
Whiskey Sunset is inspired by
Sub hemes: Southern Rebelli n and Riding West
Fabrics:Leather, cott n, suede
Sub heme: Southern Rebelli n
Inspirati n
Southern Rebellion was inspired by feminine southern looks
with a playful touch on todays trendy bohemian style.
Feminine, edgy,
Color Palette

M od: feminine, edgy

Southern Rebelli n Collecti n
Southern Rebelli n Collecti n
Sub heme: Riding West
Fabrics: suede, polyester,
Inspirati n
Riding West was inspired by the west coast, cali-cool feel that
has been sweeping boutiques. Fun and low maintenance while
keeping a carefree stunning look.
Color Palette

M od: Chill vibes, bohemian

Riding West Collecti n
Riding West Collecti n
C ncept Board