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Introduction...................................................................... 4
Whats it about?.....................................................................4
Part 1: Making Characters.................................................5
Derived Statistics....................................................................6
Profession & Infrastructure.....................................................6
Edges & Hindrances................................................................6
Background Details.................................................................7
Part 2: Professions & Infrastructure...................................8
Part 3: Setting-specific character generation rules............25
The Influence Skill.................................................................25
Knowledge skills...................................................................25
Pulling Strings......................................................................26
Part 4: New Hindrances and Edges...................................27
Removed Edges..................................................................................32
Background Edges..............................................................................32
Combat Edges..................................................................................... 33
Leadership Edges................................................................................ 33
Influence Edges................................................................................... 33
Power edges........................................................................................ 34
Professional Edges..............................................................................35
Social Edges........................................................................................ 35
Weird Edges........................................................................................ 35
Part 5: Setting rules........................................................35
Critical Miss..........................................................................35
Gritty Damage......................................................................35
Breakthroughs, successes and time....................................................36
Part 6: Pulling Strings......................................................38
Failed Influence Roll Table.....................................................39
List of pulling strings............................................................39
Part 7: Resources............................................................64
Cell Creation.........................................................................64
Locations............................................................................................. 64
Standard Facilities............................................................................... 65
Computer Facilities..............................................................................66
Medical Facilities................................................................................. 66
Radar Facilities.................................................................................... 67
Training Facilities.................................................................................68
Vehicle Facilities.................................................................................. 68
Work Facilities..................................................................................... 68
Research Staf..................................................................................... 69
Operations Staf.................................................................................. 70
Pistols.................................................................................................. 70
Rifles................................................................................................... 70
Heavy Weapons..................................................................................71
Launchers........................................................................................... 71
Ammunition......................................................................................... 71
Melee Weapons................................................................................... 72
Thrown Weapons.................................................................................73
Explosives........................................................................................... 73
Surveillance........................................................................................ 73
Intrusion.............................................................................................. 74
Electronics........................................................................................... 75
Software.............................................................................................. 75
Scientific Equipment........................................................................... 76
Chem Craft.......................................................................................... 77
Medical Equipment.............................................................................. 79
Clothing/Body Armor...........................................................................80
Tool Kits............................................................................................... 80
Combat Accessories............................................................................80
Restraints............................................................................................ 81
Hostile Environment Gear...................................................................81
Standard Vehicles................................................................................82
Special Vehicles................................................................................... 83
Vehicle Accessories............................................................................. 84
Profession specific equipment.............................................................84
Part 8: PSI Powers...........................................................87
Making PSI-sensitive characters.............................................87
Psychic disciplines...............................................................................87
Power points........................................................................................ 87
Using powers....................................................................................... 87
Terminology......................................................................................... 88
Power edges........................................................................................ 88
Biological Psychokinesis PSI Powers....................................................89
Clairvoyance PSI powers.....................................................................90
Cognition PSI powers...........................................................................92
Psychokinetic PSI Powers....................................................................94
Telepathy PSI powers..........................................................................95
Psi Drugs..............................................................................99
Hypnotic techniques.........................................................................101
Implants............................................................................................ 103

Part 9: The Supernatural................................................107
Seepage Levels.................................................................................108
Seepage Points..................................................................................108
Invocations and Supernatural Manifestations.......................110
Provocation....................................................................................... 111
Controlled Invocation........................................................................111
Manifestation Tables..........................................................................111
Manifestation Descriptions................................................................112
Ceremonial Tradition.........................................................................114
Shamanic Tradition............................................................................114
Taoist Tradition..................................................................................115
Caribbean Tradition...........................................................................115
Learning new rituals............................................................115
Performing Rituals..............................................................115
Charm............................................................................................... 115
Psychic Links..................................................................................... 116
Ritual Teamwork................................................................................ 116
Failing a Ritual................................................................................... 116
Orichalcum........................................................................................ 117
Ritual Description Format....................................................117
Ritual List...........................................................................118
General Rituals.................................................................................. 120
Divinations........................................................................................ 121
Somatic Rituals.................................................................................122
Physical Rituals................................................................................. 123
Blessings and Curses........................................................................124
Psyche Rituals................................................................................... 125
Illusion Rituals...................................................................................127
Spirit Rituals...................................................................................... 128

Introduction positions of power and the strings they
can pull on Aegis behalf. Why do you
think the US has such an enormous
Savage Conspiracy X takes what this deficit? Partly because of the military
author sees as probably the best RPG industrial machine, but partly because
setting ever made, and converts it to government officials for decades have
his current favorite rulesystem. This funneled money from legitimate
conversion could not have been made government directorates and towards
without the awesome world that Aegis goals of humanitys survival.
George Vasilakos and the rest of Eden
Studios invented in the mid-90s, so all What type of character you play is
credit goes to George and his team. determined by your choice of
Profession in part 2, but since there
are 99 professions to choose from, it
Whats it about? can be a little daunting. You should
It is strongly recommended that the take some time to look over the
GM and players refer to the old 1st archetypes here, and try to find
Edition books or the Unisystem line of something in the profession list that
Conspiracy X books to learn more fits. Your GM may also help you
about the world and the conspiracy narrow down your choice of
that is Aegis. This is not a complete professions based on your archetype.
game, and even if its far from
impossible to run this game with only Archetypes
the conversion available, it is very
helpful to have other source books Civilian Aegis also recruits from the
available for reference and fluff. private sector. Journalists, lawyers,
business owners, politicians, rich
In short, the world is our own, at least dilettantes etc. may all have resources
thats what it looks like. Behind the at their disposal that Aegis is
scenes, alien races plot and scheme, interested in. Your imagination is the
government conspiracies control most limit here. If you can convince your
aspects of everyday life in the US, GM to play a stay-at-home mom, thats
psychic powers are real and fine too!
supernatural events are a fact albeit
with a pseudo-scientific explanation. Criminal Aegis isnt too picky on
who they recruit, as long as they are
The players are part of one of these certain of his loyalty to the conspiracy.
aforementioned conspiracies. Aegis Its not unknown for murderers or
protects the US against and gangsters to be recruited either,
investigates paranormal events, although they are usually watched for
including, but not limited to aliens, the the slightest sign of behavior that may
supernatural, cryptozoological jeopardize the secret conspiracy.
sightings, etc., at the same trying to
keep it a secret for the government Doctor Every group needs a healer,
and covering up any of its own secret right? In Savage Conspiracy X, this
and highly illegal psychic research. character is more than simply a healer.
Fighting for humanitys future in He may be vital in missions battling
secret is not an easy task. unknown viruses, perform alien
autopsies or invent new drugs that
But this is not their day job. Normally, enhance the human body.
they are in positions throughout the
government (but the private sector is Hacker The computer wizard is a
also possible). They have been staple of any espionage film or novel.
recruited into Aegis due to their By using supercomputers 10 or 20

years beyond whats commercially Bourne, even James Bond. This
available, these specialists are able to characer is part of the Intelligence
crunch number at an amazing speed sector, your typical CIA spook with a
and get access to systems and lot of combat training but also utility
servers in order to gain information. skills like stealth, breaking & entering
and diplomacy.
Law enforcement / investigator
Whether or not he is a member of a Soldier No matter if your character
legitimate police force or a private hails from the army, air force or navy,
investigator, this character is good at his military training should influence
investigation, connecting clues and this character. He should excel in
solving mysteries. He probably has a combat heavy missions.
lot of pull in the police department.

Parapsychologists While not

having any psychic or ritual trainings
themselves, they are knowledgeable
about the subjects at hand, and may Part 1: Making
aid psychics, use hypnosis or conduct Characters
occult research for various purposes.
Character creation in Savage
Conspiracy is a bit more work than a
Pilot Whether he is a air force fighter
normal Savage Worlds character, but
pilot or an army helicopter pilot, this
even more fun!
character is an ace behind the stick.
The following character creation
Psychic Both Russia and the US
guidelines are a mixture of the
have had strong, government
standard Savage Worlds rules and the
controlled programs developing
setting rules of Savage Conspiracy
psychic abilities in people as a weapon
against the enemy. Even though many
psychics are drug addicts or go grazy, Race
it can be challenging to play people Unless the GM allows you to play alien
who literally can kill his enemies with characters, humans are the only
his mind. allowed race. Humans start play with
one free edge.
Ritualist Even though Aegis have
studied less the phenomenon known Attributes
as Seepage, than they have psychic
Every character starts with a d4 in
abilities, there are those who are able
each attribute, and has 5 points with
to perform rituals and do magic. Its
which to raise them. Raising a d4 to a
all about shaping the Seepage though,
d6, for example, costs 1 point. Youre
but this is the closest you come to
free to spend these points however
playing the typical wizard of a fantasy
you want with one exception: no
attribute may be raised above a d12.
Agility is your heros nimbleness,
Scientist/engineer/tech guy While
quickness, and dexterity.
it may sound boring on paper,
Smarts is a measure of how well
everyone in Aegis Prime agrees that
your character knows his world and
the war against the extra-terrestrial
culture, how well he thinks on his feet,
threat will probably not be won by
soldiers, but by the minds who
mental agility.
becomes experts on alien physiology,
Spirit reflects inner wisdom and
technology or even anthropology.
willpower. Spirit is very important as it
helps your character recover from
Secret Agent / spy Think Jason

being additional 1d6 if they run. Write 6 on
Shaken (see page 68). your character sheet beside the word
Strength is raw physical power and Pace. This is 6 on the table-top
general fitness. Strength is also used every inch there represents 2 yards in
to generate your warriors damage the real world.
in hand-to-hand combat.
Vigor represents endurance, Parry is equal to 2 plus half your
resistance to disease,poison, or toxins, characters Fighting (2 if a character
and how much pain and physical does not have Fighting), plus any
damage a hero can shake off. bonuses for shields or certain
weapons. This is the Target Number
Skills (TN) to hit your hero in hand-to-hand
Skills are learned abilities such as
For stats such as d12+1, add half the
Shooting, Fighting, scientific
fixed modifier, rounded down. For
knowledge, professional aptitudes,
instance, a Fighting skill of d12+1
and so on. These are very general
grants a Parry of 8 (2+half of d12),
descriptions which cover all related
whereas a d12+2 gives a Parry of 9
aspects. Shooting, for example, covers
(2+half of d12+2).
all types of guns, bows, rocket
Toughness is your heros damage
launchers, and other ranged weapons.
threshold. Anything over this causes
You have 15 skill points to distribute
him to be rattled or worse. Toughness
among your skills. Each die type costs
is 2 plus half your heros Vigor, plus
1 point (starting at d4) as long as the
Armor (use the armor worn on his
skill is equal to or less than the
torso). Vigor over a d12 is calculated
attribute its linked to (listed beside the
just like Parry.
skill in parentheses). If you exceed the
attribute, the cost becomes 2 points
per die type. Profession &
As with attributes, no skill may be Infrastructure
increased above d12. Choose your agents Profession and
Example: Fighting is linked to what Infrastructure he belongs to. This
Agility. A character with a d8 tells a lot about your agent. Is he a
Agility can buy Fighting for one bad-ass FBI Field Agent? A sneaky
point per die type to d8. Buying a CIA spook? Or is he maybe a top
d10 costs 2 points, and a d12 scientist from NASA. It also provides
costs another 2 points. us with some information we need
namely what Spheres of Influence he
Derived Statistics can draw resources from, and which
Your character sheet contains a few pulling strings he has access to. More
other statistics you need to fill in, about Profession & Infrastructure on
described below. page 3.
Charisma is a measure of your
characters appearance, manner, and Edges & Hindrances
general likability. Its 0 unless you have Great heroes are far more than a
Edges or Hindrances that modify it. collection of skills and attributes. Its
Charisma is added to Persuasion, their unique gifts, special powers, and
Streetwise and Influence rolls, and is tragic flaws that truly make them
used by the GM to figure out how interesting characters.
nonplayer characters react to your
hero. Characters can take Edges by
balancing them out with Hindrances.
Pace is how fast your character moves Youll find a complete list of Edges and
in a standard combat round. Humans Hindrances later in this chapter. Look
walk 6 in a round and can move an

for more in our Savage Settings.

You can take one Major Hindrance and

two Minor Hindrances. A Major
Hindrance is worth 2 points, and a
Minor Hindrance is worth 1 point.

For 2 points you can:

Raise an attribute one die type, or
Choose an Edge
For 1 point you can:
Gain another skill point

In addition to the list of Edges and

Hindrances in the Savage Worlds
Deluxe Edition, there are quite a few
setting specific Edges and Hindrances
on page 22.

Characters dont purchase or own
gear by using their own money in
Savage Conspiracy. Instead, their are
able to draw upon resources
presented to them through their
profession and/or infrastructure (more
on this later). See page 59 for
information on how you calculate
Resource Points for the cell.

Background Details
Finish your character by filling in any
history or background you care to. Ask
yourself why your agent is where she
is and what her goals are. Or you can
just start playing and fill in these
details as they become important.
You might also want to talk to the other
players. Maybe your characters know
each other right from the start. Or you
might collectively decide to optimize
your cell a bit and ensure youve got a
good assortment of skills and abilities.
If so, make sure youre playing what
you want to play. Theres no point in
being the cells scientist, for example,
if thats not a role youre interested in.

Part 2: Professions
& Infrastructure These individuals speak out against
legitimate organizations, including the
Professions government, in order to point out what
One of the main reasons the character they feel are abuses or
is part of Aegis, beyond his devotion to inconsistencies. Exmples of activists
the cause, is his day job or his include lobbyists and peaceful
profession. A player may choose from demonstrators.
a variety of Professions that fit the type SoI: Civ, Pulling strings: Fanatical
of character to be played. Not all of support, Front Page News, Support,
these professions are tied in to the US +1 PSPs
government. Aegis also needs to find Infrastructures: Business Civilian,
capable individuals outside of the Independent, Religious Institution,
government. The professions follow University
the same basic profile. For more
information about the professions and United States Air Force (USAF)
infrastructures, consult the Sub Rosa These operations, logistics and
sourcebook, p. 35 and beyond. support groups supply Aegis with
combat and technical personnel.
Profession (name): A short
description of the Profession. Air Force Intelligence Officer
Sphere of Influence: This is what Intelligence Officers are responsible
type of Influence is provided by that for gathering information, both
Profession. The Sphere of Influence domestic and abroad, relevant to the
(SoI) determines what Pulling Strings technological advances, security
may be purchased and to what cost. It measures, and personnel assignments
also determines what type of within the USAF.
equipment the agent may bring to the SoI: Int, Pulling strings: Boot Camp,
fold. Cheaper Aircraft, Mobility over World,
There are 7 types of SoI: +2 PSPs
Military (Mil) Infrastructures: Department of
Intelligence (Int) Defense
Science & Research (S&R)
Criminal (Cri) Air Force Pilot
Law (Law) Pilots are the backbone of the USAF,
Paranormal (Par) and most pilots are proficient with a
Civilian (Civ) handful of aircrat.
SoI: Mil, Pulling Strings: Boot Camp,
Pulling Strings: This is a list of the Cheaper Aircraft, Mobility over World,
starting Pulling Strings that are No Trace, 1 PSPs
granted by that profession. It also Infrastructure: Department of
includes how many pulling string Defense
points (PSP) are left to spend on Comment: Access to the SR-71
pulling strings of your choice within the Blackbird Restricted Resource
stated Sphere of Influence.
Infrastructure: This is a list of broad Air Force Scientist/Technician
societal groups that provide certain USAF Technicians perform a wide
SoIs and pulling strings. Each range of tasks, not only specifically
profession choose one infrastructure. related to aircraft, but also for
Comment: These are special communications systems, data
comments for that profession retrieval and analysis, weapon
targeting, and mission specifications.
SoI: S&R, Pulling strings: Boot World, +2 PSPs
Camp, Cheaper Aircraft, Mobility over Infrastructure: Department of
World, +2 PSPs Defense
Infrastructure: Department of
Defense Army Technician
Army technicians perform a wide
Air Force Secretariat Officer range of tasks, including maintaining
Individuals on the Secretariat staff not communications systems, providing for
only take responsibility for the training data retrieval and analysis, improving
and operations of the Air force, but weapons targeting, and gathering
also for establishing liaison mission specifications.
relationships with the President and SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Boot
her staff. Camp, Cheaper Ground Vehicle,
SoI: Mil, Pulling Strings: Boot Camp, Mobility over World, +2 PSPs
Cheaper Aircraft, Mobility over World, Infrastructure: Department of
+2 PSPs Defense
Infrastructure: Department of
Defense Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco &
Firearms (ATF)
Air Force Staff Officer The ATF enforces the Federal laws
The Air Staff is responsible for Air and regulations relating to alcohol,
Force preparedness, personnel and tobacco, firearms, explosives and
support. arson by working directly and in
SoI: Mil, Pulling Strings: Boot Camp, cooperation with others. Agents of the
Cheaper Aircraft, Mobility over World, ATF has almost universal power to
+2 PSPs search and detain suspects and are
Infrastructure: Department of not required to do much explaining to
Defense other legal authorities.

United States Army ATF Field Agent

The Army includes land combat and These agents are the rank and file of
service forces and such aviation and ATF. They are the people risking their
water transport as provide direct lives going through doors to
support. apprehend gun dealers, drug dealers
and other criminals.
Army Helicopter Pilot SoI: Law, Pulling Strings: Arrest
Helicopter pilots are trained to Powers, Backup, Search & Seizure, +3
maneuver their aircraft in a number of PSPs
highly adverse conditions, such as Infrastructure: Department of
poor visibility, problemtatic weather Treasury
patterns, and enemy hostility.
SoI: Mil, Pulling Strings: Boot Camp, ATF Investigator
Cheaper Aircraft, Mobility over World, Investigators have the primary
+2 PSPs responsibility of gathering sufficient
Infrastructure: Department of information to apprehend individuals
Defense who break laws under the ATF
Army Ranger SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Arrest
Rangers represent the most elite force powers, Backup, CEASEFIRE, +3
the US Army has to offer. They are PSPs
experts at stealth and maneuvering Infrastructure: Department of
behind enemy lines. Treasury
SoI: Mil, Pulling Strings: Boot Camp,
Cheaper Ground Vehicle, Mobility over
SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Ears to the
The Bureau of Diplomatic Security Ground, Laboratory, +4 PSPs
(BDS) Infrastructure: State Department
The BDS is charged with teaching
diplomatic personnel how to protect BIR Field Service Agent
themselves against violent assault. It Field service agents actually travel into
also handles testing and updating the foreign countries to estimate the
security of all overseas diplomatic conditions there, and to perform on-
facilities, and provides trained security site research into local problems that
personnel for those areas. might not show up on paper, or by
BDS Advance Agent SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Access
Advance agents are those individuals Abroad, Ears to th Ground, Border
assigned to investigate and assure the Control (USA + 2 other countries), +1
security of foreign sites, not only in PSP
governmental facilities, but also civilian Infrastructure: State Department
meeting halls and hotel rooms.
SoI: Law, Pulling Strings: Boot Center for Advanced
Camp, Diplomatic Itineraries, Security Phenomological Studies (CAPS)
Protocols, +2 PSPs CAPS is a premiere parapsychology
Infrastructure: State Department research organization focusing on
everything from psychics to rituals,
BDS Bodyguard ghosts to demons, and fairies to
Bodyguards are assigned to provide Bigfoot.
safety to persons or facilities important
to the State Department mission. CAPS Field Explorer
These individuals have a higher profile This individual is, in many ways, a
and greater risk than their highly specialized field researcher for
counterparts. archeology and anthropology. The field
SoI: Law, Pulling Strings: Boot explorer spends equal amounts of time
Camp, Diplomatic Itineraries, Security studying in a lab and tracking
Protocols specimens in the field.
Infrastructure: State Department SoI: Par, Pulling Strings: Grants,
Comment: BDS Bodyguards start with Mount Expedition, Translators, +2
a Notice of d4 PSPs
Infrastructures: Aegis, Business
Bureau of Intelligence and Paranormal, Business Science &
Research (BIR) Research, University
Where the BDS is responsible for the Comments: Access to the Orichalcum
pyshical security of diplomats and their and Tome Restricted Resources
entourage, it is the hard-working
agents of the BIR who make it CAPS Occultist
possible. The BIR works twenty-four The occultist devotes her life to
hours a day, seven days a week, in learning the secret of the Seepage and
order to determine all possible threats how to manipulate it using powerful
and responses to diplomatic risks all rituals.
over the world. SoI: Par, Pulling Strings: Corruption
Treatment, Library, +3 PSPs
BIR Analyst Infrastructures: Aegis, Business
These desk-bound analysts are in Paranormal, Business Science &
charge of researching information Research, University
gathered through various resources, Comments: Access to the Orichalcum
and collating that data into useful and Tome Restricted Resources
Labs, Dangerous Virus, Hidden Cures,
CAPS Parapsychologist Quarantine, +1 PSP
The paranormal scientists and Infrastructure: Department of Health
researches affiliated with CAPS are and Human Services
exposed to everything from Comment: Access to the Hidden Cure
supernatural beasts to the subtle Restricted Resource
power of psychics to the devastating
ways of rituals. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Corruption The CIA is charged with collecting,
Treatment, Demon Lore and one of collating and analyzing foreign
either Laboratory, Library or Psi Lab, intelligence. The company works
+2 PSPs closely with the DEA and FBI on drug
Infrastructures: Aegis, Business law enforcement and counter-
Paranormal, Business Science & terrorism.
Research, University
Comments: Access to the Hemi- CIA Agent
Synch Device, Orichalcum and Tome An agent working for the CIA is trained
Restricted Resources to use other governmental agencies to
retrieve information about foreign
CAPS Psychic countries.
CAPS psychics have abilities above SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Access
and beyond the comprehension not Abroad, CIA Caches, CIA Training
only of most people, but also other Facilities, +1 PSP
psychics. Infrastructure: Director of Central
SoI: Par, Pulling Strings: Choose Intelligence
one of (ASPR, Cognitive Training Comment: Access to the Special
Facilities, CSICOP Training, New Age Weapons Restricted Resource
Movement, Noetic Science Institute,
PEAR Labs, SPR Library or 1 PSP), CIA Analyst/Technician
Grants, Psi Labs, +2 PSPs CIA analysts are trained to gather
Infrastructures: Aegis, Business information from a variety of sources,
Paranormal, Business Science & which they pass along to agents or
Research, University superiors for examination.
Comments: Access to the Hemi- SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Access
Synch Device, Orichalcum and Tome Abroad, CIA Training Facilities,
Restricted Resources Laboratory, Workshop +1 PSP
Infrastructure: Director of Central
Centers for Disease Control and Intelligence
Prevention (CDC) Comment: Access to the Special
The CDC is responsible for monitoring Weapons Restricted Resource
the spread of disease, engaging in
health promotion and disease Corporate Administrator
prevention, providing immunization, Individuals who administrate
and performing research on viruses corporation and other non-public
and toxins. sector organizations have the power to
make the group run smoothly or to set
CDC Scientist up pitfalls and obstacles by bogging
A scientist working for the CDC individuals down in minutia. Examples
specializes in the investigation of include white-collar workers,
dangerous diseases, and often works accountants, department heads and
with very lethal doses of viruses. CDC directors.
scientists are often called upon to SoI: Civ, Pulling Strings: Business
assist in the field. Connections, Corporate Espionage, +3
SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: CDC PSPs
Infrastructures: Business (any),
Religious Institution, University Project Cygnet
Cygnet is an operation that specializes
Criminal in remote viewing and psi-warfare.
Bending, if not breaking, the law is the Cygnet remote viewers are some of
hallmark trait of a criminal. Being a the best in the world, and are usually
criminal does not necessarily mean attached to some kind of government
that a person acts with no regards to intelligence organization.
the laws, but simply that he does not
see them as wholly applying to his Cygnet Graybeard Operative
unique set of circumstances. Graybeard operatives are usually
SoI: Cri, Pulling Strings: +5 PSPs attached to active government
Infrastructures: Business Criminal, intelligence organizations such as CIA,
Independent DEA, Secret Service and the Navy.
SoI: Int and Par, Pulling strings: Psi-
United States Customs (USC) labs, THOTH Analysis, +2 PSPs
The USC ensures that all imports and Infrastructures: Aegis, Department of
exports comply with US laws and Defense, Department of Justice,
regulations. Guards against smuggling Director of Central Intelligence
and interdicts contraband, including Comment: Access to the Hemi-Synch
narcotics and illegal drugs. Device, MHIC-EDOM, Neural
Disrupter, Psychic Amplifier Room,
Customs Special Agent Psychotron -1st Order, RHIC-EDOM
Special Agents can be broadly defined Restricted Resources
as protecting the revenue and
enforcing a variety of statutes in the Cygnet Remote Viewer
United States code. Special Agents These individuals are generally
also have unique border search attached to a government intelligence
authority that allows them to search, operation, conducting top secret
without warrant, any person, reconnaissance.
conveyance, or article, having a nexus SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Psi-Drugs,
to the US boder. Psi Labs, THOTH Analysis, +2 PSPs
SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Asset Infrastructures: Aegis, Department of
Forfeiture, Border Control (USA), Defense, Department of Health and
Customs Analysis, +2 PSPs Human Services, Department of
Infrastructure: Department of Justice, Department of Treasury,
Treasury Director of Central Intelligence, NASA
Comment: Access to the Hemi-Synch
Customs Forensic Scientist Device, MHIC-EDOM, Neural
Customs Scientists perform numerous Disrupter, Psychic Amplifier Room,
analyses to ensure, that merchandise Psychotron -1st Order, RHIC-EDOM
(both exported and imported) has Restricted Resources
been accurately identified in order to
protect revenue and ensure fair trade. Cygnet Scientist/Parapsychologist
SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Asset Cygnet parapsychologists and
Forfeiture, Customs Analysis, scientists are responsible for training
Laboratory, +2 PSPs remote viewers and Graybeard
Infrastructure: Department of operatives. They also delve into the
Treasury use of hypnosis and/or interrogation to
lower psychic barriers to retrieve
SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Psi Labs,
THOTH Analysis, +3 PSPs
Infrastructure: Aegis
Comment: Access to the Hemi-Synch Infrastructure: Department of Justice
Device, MHIC-EDOM, Neural
Disrupter, Psychic Amplifier Room, DEA Forensic Scientist
Psychotron -1st Order, RHIC-EDOM Forensic Scientists employed by the
Restricted Resources DEA use research to determine the
exact nature of drugs being smuggled
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) across the border.
The DIA is a combat support agency of SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Asset
the Department of Defense. The DIA is Forfeiture, Laboratory, Quantico
the nations primary producer of Training Facility, +2 PSPs
foreign military intelligence. Infrastructure: Department of
DIA Field Investigator
This agent gathers information about DEA Intelligence Analyst
foreign military activities, either An analyst is responsible for gathering
through direct infiltration of a specific information about not only criminals,
countrys defense system, immersion but also suspicious activities in foreign
in a countrys population, or usage of countries, flight logs, ship movement,
reliable contacts in strategic positions. crop production, and all manner of
SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Closing information that relates to the
Investigations, Laboratory, +2 PSPs manufacture and distribution of illegal
Infrastructure: Department of drugs.
Defense SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Arrest
powers, Asset Forfeiture, Quantico
DIA Intelligence Analyst Training Facility, Wide Perth, + 2 PSPs
Intelligence analysts for the DIA spend Infrastructure: Department of
most of their time crunching numbers, Defense
decoding messages, and looking for
predictable patterns. Engineer
SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Satellite Before anything can be manufactured,
Surveillance Intelligence, Satellite it must be designed to certain
Surveillance Video, Satellite specifications, depending on its use.
Surveillance Communications, +2 Engineers use their theoretical and
PSPs practical experience to design
Infrastructure: Department of buildings, roads, machines and code
Defense to match the needs stated by their
clients. Examples include archictects,
civil engineers and software desginers.
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Workshop,
The DEA is charged with investigating +5 PSPs
and apprehending major domestic and Infrastructures: Any
international drug criminals, while
addressing the growing problem of
Federal Bureau of Investigation
drugs and violence in communites
across the United States.
The FBI is the principal investigative
arm of the United States Department
DEA Field Agent
of Justice. The FBI has jurisdiction in
This individual is responsible for
over 200 categories of federal crimes.
monitoring suspected drug criminals,
obtaining information through
undercover work, and/or arresting FBI Field Agent
those in violation of the law. Field agents are responsible for
SoI: Law, Pulling Strings: Arrest conducting investigations of federal
powers, Asset Forfeiture, Quantico crimes, and they receive rigorous
Training Facility, Wide Perth, + 1 PSP training in a number of areas to assist
with their investigations. notch, state-of-the-art military
SoI: Law, Pulling Strings: Arrest complext. Not all the personnel are
Powers, Backup, Quantico Training part of the Aegis conspiracy.
Facility, +2 PSPs
Infrastructures: Department of Groom Lake Scientist/Technician
Justice These individuals are charged with
creating, manufacturing, and
FBI Intelligence Analyst constantly debugging all the latest
These individuals use a variety of state-of-the-art technology that gets
research methods to piece together developed on the Ranch.
bits of information that may help both SoI: S&R, Pulling strings: Alien
field agents and other DOJ officials in Technology, Ranch Analysis, Choose
the successful investigation and either Laboratory or Workshop, +2
prosecution of federal crimes. PSPs
SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Arrest Infrastructure: Aegis
Powers, Quantico Training Facility, Comment: Access to the Alien
Random Surveillance, + 2 PSPs Technology Restricted Resource
Infrastructures: Department of
Justice Groom Lake Test Pilot
Nearly every piece of technology
FBI Forensic Scientist constructed and tested on the Ranch
These scientists have access to one of has something to do with aeronautics.
the most comprehensive crime The test pilots are the hot dogs of the
laboratories in the world, which allows sky, pilots crazy enough to fly things
them to perform a variety of tests. that are not traditional aircraft.
SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Arrest SoI: Mil, Pulling strings: Alien
Powers, FBI Forensic Laboratory Technology, No Trace, Specialized
Analysis, Laboratory, Quantico Aircraft, +2 PSPs
Training Facility, +1 PSP Infrastructure: Aegis
Infrastructures: Department of Comments: Access to the Alien
Justice Technology and Aurora Restricted
These individuals are responsible for Human Exploration and
doing the majority of the legwork Development of Space Enterprise
proscribed by specialists and leaders (HEDS)
within the greater organization.
HEDS is a division of NASA dedicated
Receptionists, secretaries, assistens,
to opening the space frontier and to
go-fers, interns and paralegals are
extending the human experience into
followers, as are retail workers,
the far reaches of space.
homemakers or non-professional
SoI: Choose one, Pulling Strings: +5 HEDS Administrator
PSPs Currently, HEDS administrators are
Infrastructures: Any working to inform the public about the
Comments: Followers may have max viability of space travel, the possibility
5 skills at d8 at character creation, and of habitat construction, and the
may have no skills at d10 or higher. necessity of space research.
SoI: Mil and Civ, Pulling Strings:
Mission Access, +4 PSPs (S&R only)
Groom Dry Lake Research Facility
Infrastructure: NASA
The Ranch was established as an
Aegis base of operations in 1952 on HEDS Mission Specialist
the Nellis Bombing and Gunnery These specialist astronauts perform
Range in Nevada. This is now a top- scientific experiments aboard space
missions. SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Classified
SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Boot Database, IAC Analysis, Satellite
Camp, +4 PSPs Surveillance (all four types), +2
Infrastructure: NASA PSPs
Comment: Access to the SR-71 Infrastructure: Department of
Blackbird Restricted Resource Defense
Comment: Access to the Special
HEDS Ground Crew Weapons Restricted Resource
The HEDS ground crew is responsible
for everything revolving around the Immigration and Naturalization
space shuttle and rockets used for Service (INS)
NASA missions. The mission of the INS is divided into
SoI: Civ, Pulling Strings: Mission four major areas of responsibility:
Access, +4 PSPs (S&R only) facilitating the entry of persons legally
Infrastructures: NASA admissible to the United States,
providing assistance to those seeking
Idle Rich permanent resident status or
A rare few individuals have fortunes naturalization, preventing unlawful
available to them when they reach entry, employment or receipt of
maturity, and others may earn their benefits by those who are not entitled t
fortune rapidly and choose to retire them, and apprehending or removing
from gainful employment. Examples of those who enter or remain illegally in
idle rich include dilettantes, society the United States.
girls and young corporate moguls.
SoI: Civ, Pulling Strings: +6 PSPs INS Intelligence Analyst
Infrastructures: Business (any), Intelligence analysts collect, evaluate,
Independent analyze and disseminate information
relating to all INS missions.
Defense Technical Information SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Intel Files,
Center (DITC) Police Cooperation, Population
The DITC is a major component of the Database, +1 PSP
Department of Defense Scientific and Infrastructure: Department of Justice
Technical Information Program. For
Aegis, DTIC is an easily accessible INS Investigator
and continually growing warehouse of An investigator focuses on
scientific and technical information. enforcement of immigration laws within
the interior of the United States.
IAC Analyst SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Backup,
Analysts collect, analyze and distribute Police Cooperation, Population
technical information in very narrow Database, +2 PSPs
fields of study, some of it unclassified, Infrastructure: Department of Justice
and some of it at varying leveles of Comment: Access to the Range
classification. Rovers Restricted Resource
SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Classified
Database, IAC Analysis, Satellite INS Patrol Officer
Surveillance Intelligence, +2 PSPs The border patrol is responsible for
Infrastructure: Department of maintaining control of US borders.
Defense SoI: Law, Pulling Strings: Border
Control (USA), Police Cooperation,
IAC Scientist/Technician Population Database, Choose one of
IAC personnel keep abreast of the (Aircraft Workshop, Vehicle Workshop,
enormous and fast-paced Watercraft Workshop) + 2 PSPs.
developments in a wide range of Infrastructure: Department of Justice
scientific and technical fields. Comment: Access to the Range
Rovers Restricted Resource Government, State Government

Investigator Lawyer
People with a knack for seeking clues Individuals who choose careers in the
and putting together details into a law have a wealth of legal knowledge
pattern may seek careers in at their disposal, which they use to the
investigative fields. Examples include advantage of their clients. Examples
private detectives or police force include trial lawyers, public defenders
detectives. and corporate lawyers.
SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: +6 PSPs SoI: Law and Civ, Pulling Strings:
Infrastructures: Business Legal Access, +4 PSPs
Intelligence, Business Law Infrastructures: Any
Enforcement, Business Paranormal,
Department of Health and Human Magician
Services, Department of Justice, While it is extremely rare for
Department of Transportation, Federal individuals to pursue a full-time
Government, Independent, State profession as a magician, it can and
Government does occur in some circles. Examples
of magicians include occultists,
Journalist shamans and voodoo priestesses.
Individuals who are active in the media SoI: Par, Pulling Strings: +5 PSPs
are excellent sources of information, Infrastructures: Business
and also have the rare opportunity to Paranormal, Independent, Religious
disseminate information that most Institution, University
people accept without question.
Examples include reporters, news US Marshals Service (USMS)
anchors and photojournalists. The contemporary duties of the USMS
SoI: Civ, Pulling Strings: Front Page include asset forfeiture, court security,
News, News Archive, News protection of witnesses, and other
Equipment, Press Pass, +2 PSPs special operations.
Infrastructures: Business Civilian,
Independent, University Marshal, Deputy
Deputy US Marshals carry out
Laborer hundreds of special missions yearly
Hard-core blue-collar workers staff the that are related to the Services broad
assembly lines of America and ensure federal law enforcement and judicial
the countrys continued manufacturing security responsibilities.
capability. Examples include quality SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Arrest
control inspectors, bicycle messengers Powers, Asset Forfeiture, Backup,
and packers. WITSEC, +2 PSPs
SoI: Civ, Pulling Strings: +5 PSPs Infrastructure: Department of Justice
Infrastructures: Any
Marshal Special Operations
Law Officer The Special Operations Group (SOG)
Together with investigators, law is a specially trained and highly
officers are individuals who uphold the disciplined tactical unit.
rules and regulations of society. SoI: Law, Pulling String: Arrest
Examples include patrolmen, federal Powers, Asset Forfeiture, Boot Camp,
agents and security guards. +3 PSPs
SoI: Law, Pulling Strings: Arrest Infrastructure: Department of Justice
powers, Backup, Police Resources, +3
PSPs Medical Personnel
Infrastructures: Business Criminal, Individuals who have had extensive
Business Law Enforcement, medical training, both in theory and
Department of Justice, Federal
practive, become physicians, nurses, Infrastructures: Aegis, Independent,
physicians aides and paramedics. Comments: The operative must take
Examples include internists, flight Addict, minor (drugs) without gaining
surgeons, obstetricians, pediatricians, any points toward character creation. A
nurses and EMT personnel. major addiction gives him 1 point. He
SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Medical may also spend one point to avoid the
Advantage, Quarantine, +4 PSPs addiction. Access to the Batch 7, DZ,
Infrastructure: Business Science & Hemi-Synch Device, Hemi-Synch
Research, Business Civilian, Federal Implant, Hidden Emitters, Knock-out,
Government, Independent, State L2, MHIC-EDOM, Mind Control Drugs,
Government, University Neural Disrupter, Neurophone Implant,
Np-7, Prophylogical Implant, Psi-
Project MKULTRA Enhancer, RHIC-EDOM, Smart Drugs,
The CIA commenced a secret program Stimoceiver Implant, The Zone,
entitled Project Bluebird in 1950, and Tracking Implant Restricted Resources
after being renamed and refocused
twice, it was finally labeled Project MKULTRA
MKULTRA. The purpose of MKULTRA Scientist/Parapsychologist
was advanced mind control techniques These individuals are responsible for
through the use of drugs, hypnotism, training the psychics and operatives of
electroshock and other questionable MKULTRA, and they work on
therapies. development and refinement of new
psychic talents.
MKULTRA Operative SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: MHIC-
These agents have training in both EDOM, Mind Control Drugs, Psi
spycraft and pyschics, which means Drugs, Psi Lab, +3 PSPs
they are quite craft and deadly. Infrastructures: Aegis, Independent,
SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: MHIC- Comments: Access to the Batch 7,
EDOM, Mind Control Drugs, Psi DZ, Hemi-Synch Device, Hemi-Synch
Drugs, Psi Lab, +2 PSPs Implant, Hidden Emitters, Knock-out,
Infrastructures: Aegis, Independent, L2, MHIC-EDOM, Mind Control Drugs,
Comments: The operative must take Neural Disrupter, Neurophone Implant,
Addict, minor (drugs) without gaining Np-7, Prophylogical Implant, Psi-
any points toward character creation. A Enhancer, RHIC-EDOM, Smart Drugs,
major addiction gives him 1 point. He Stimoceiver Implant, The Zone,
may also spend one point to avoid the Tracking Implant Restricted Resources
addiction. Access to the Batch 7, DZ,
Hemi-Synch Device, Hemi-Synch Project Moondust
Implant, Hidden Emitters, Knock-out, Project Moondust is the first response
L2, MHIC-EDOM, Mind Control Drugs, team entrusted with the recovery of
Neural Disrupter, Neurophone Implant, downed UFOs, alien technology and
Np-7, Prophylogical Implant, Psi- alien subjects.
Enhancer, RHIC-EDOM, Smart Drugs,
Stimoceiver Implant, The Zone, Moondust Blue Fly Pilot
Tracking Implant Restricted Resources Blue Fly pilots specialize in transport,
quick response, and stealth insertion
MKULTRA Psychic and extraction.
The standard individual in MKULTRA SoI: Mil, Pulling Strings: Alien
is a psychic, specifically trained to Technology, Blue Fly Transport, No
retrieve information using less Trace, +2 PSPs
orthodox means. Infrastructure: Aegis
SoI: Par, Pulling Strings: MHIC- Comment: Access to Alien
EDOM, Mind Control Drugs, Psi Technology Restricted Resource
Drugs, Psi Lab, +2 PSPs
Moondust Linguist United States Navy
Most Moondust missions contain a The US Naval operating forces include
linguist, who is responsible for the fleet, the Marines and the shore
surmounting any language or establishment.
cryptological obstacles that the team
may encounter. Navy Aviator
SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Alien It takes a careful combination of skills
Technology, Blue Fly Transport, to be able to take off and land on a
Translator, +2 PSPs runway the length of a seagoing
Infrastructure: Aegis vessel, but naval aviators are adept at
Comment: Access to Alien doing just that.
Technology Restricted Resource SoI: Mil, Pulling Strings: Boot Camp,
Cheaper Watercraft, Mobility over
Moondust OPS Specialist World, +2 PSPs
Ops specialists insures that the team Infrastructure: Department of
operates safely and effectively to, from Defense
and at the crash site.
SoI: Mil, Pulling Strings: Alien Navy Sailor
Technology, Blue Fly Transport, Ear to Sailors comprise the backbone of
the Ground, +1 PSP naval military forces, and make it
Infrastructure: Aegis possible to man great destroyers,
Comment: Access to Alien battleships and submarines.
Technology Restricted Resource SoI: Mil, Pulling Strings: Boot Camp,
Cheaper Watercraft, Mobility over
Moondust Technician/Engineer World, +2 PSPs
(NAIC) Infrastructure: Department of
The National Air Intelligence Center is Defense
a scientific study group that
researches and exploits any data or Navy Seal
wreckage retrieved by Moondust/Blue Often considered the most elite
Fly teams. classification of Navy personnel, SEAL
SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Alien teams are dispatched to operate under
Technology, Blue Fly Transport, the cover of darkness and silence as
Laboratory, Workshop, +1 PSP they make their way through the deep
Infrastructure: Aegis waters to arrive on distant shores or to
Comment: Access to Alien wreak havoc with enemy vessels.
Technology Restricted Resource SoI: Mil, Pulling Strings: Boot Camp,
Cheaper Watercraft, Mobility over
Moondust Tech Specialist World, +2 PSPs
Tech specialists are trained to Infrastructure: Department of
concentrate on gathering data, Defense
material and photographs at the site,
and to clean the site for any possible Navy Technician
public attention. Technicians are responsible for the
SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Alien maintenance and upgrading of
Technology, Blue Fly Transport, +3 systems on naval vessels.
PSPs SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Boot
Infrastructure: Aegis Camp, Cheaper Watercraft, Mobility
Comment: Access to Alien over World, +2 PSPs
Technology Restricted Resource Infrastructure: Department of
exploration, either for leisure travel,
cargo shipment or communications
National Security Agency (NSA) operations.
The NSA serves as the lead agency of SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Alien
the signals intelligence (SIGINT) and Technology, Choose either Laboratory
communications security activities of or Workshop, +4 PSPs
the government, and covers Infrastructure: NASA
information systems security for Comment: Access to the Alien
national security systems and Technology Restricted Resource
operations security training.
OASTT Technician
NSA Computer Scientist Technicians work with OASTT
This countrys premier codemakers engineers to jury-rig components and
and codebreakers, NSA Computer to create workable prototypes to
Scientists are trained to be on the very influence corporations into investing in
frontier of communications and data space exploration and travel.
processing. SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Satellite
SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Alexis, Secret SDI Gun Stars, +4
Codebreaker Supercomputer, PSPs
Computer Security Database, +3 Infrastructure: NASA
PSPs Comment: Access to the Alien
Infrastructure: Department of Technology Restricted Resource
Comment: Access to Magic Van Occult Researcher
Restricted Resource These individuals examine the
supernatural world to gain a greater
NSA Intelligence Analyst understanding of how it impacts
These agents are the field hands of everyday events. Occult researches
the NSA, with hom they reach out and often employ magic to peel away
monitor and control the nation around answers from the Seepage, and this
them. can be a very painstaking and grueling
SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Blanket process.
Wiretaps, No Questions Asked, +2 SoI: Par, Pulling Strings: +6 PSPs
PSPs Infrastructures: Business
Infrastructure: Department of Paranormal, Independent, Religious
Defense Institution, University
Comment: Access to Magic Van
Restricted Resource Office of Energy Research (OER)
The OER funds basic research,
Office of Aeronautics and Space stretching the spectrum of scientific
Transportation Technology (OASTT) knowledge, including materials and
The OASTT, also known as the chemical sciences, engineering an
Aeronautics Enterprise, is one of the geo-sciences, energy biosciences,
four NASA Strategic Enterprises. magnetic fusion energy, health
OASTTs work in science and research, high energy and nuclear
technology is aimed at sustaining US physics and mathematical and
leadership in civil aeronautics and computational sciences.
space transportation.
OER Scientist/Technician
OASTT Engineer OER staff are constantly
These individuals create schematics experimenting with alternate energy
for space-travel resources, especially sources and with finding ways to make
in liaision with corporations which plan current energy resources more
to take advantage of space efficient.
SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: in minutia. Examples include
Experimental Energy, Laboratory, appointed politicians and their staff
Species Identification, +2 PSPs who serve in the upper levels of the
Infrastructure: Department of Energy Federal, State or local governments
(Congressional staff, under
Parapsychologist secretaries, state commissioners,
Similar to occult researches, Mayoral staff, County Board staff, etc.)
parapsychologists examine the world SoI: Civ, Pulling Strings: Attorney,
beyond the five senses. They do not Government Access, Litigation
employ the use of magic, however, Pressure, Stopping Investigation, +3
and often disbelieve supernatural PSPs
activity, focusing instead on psychic Infrastructures: Department of
energies. Defense, Department of Energy,
SoI: Par, Pulling Strings: Choose Department of Health and Human
one of (ASPR, Cognitive Training Services, Department of Justice,
Facilities, CSICOP Training, New Age Department of Transportation, Director
Movement, Noetic Science Institute, of Central Intelligence, Federal
PEAR Labs, SPR Library or 1 PSP), Government, NASA, State
+4 PSPs Department, State Government
Infrastructures: Business
Paranormal, Independent, Religious Federal Bureau of Prisons
Institution, University The mission of the Bureau of Prisons
is to protect society by confining
Pilot offenders in prisons and community-
Pilots make their living by flying based facilities that are safe, humane
aircraft, either for a commercial carrier, and secure, and that provide work and
for the military, or as an independent. other self-improvement opportunities
Examples include commercial airline to assist offenders in becoming law-
pilots, helicopter pilots and stunt flyers. abiding citizens.
SoI: Civ, Pulling Strings: Aircraft
Workshops, Doctored Flight Books,
Cheaper Aircraft, +3 PSPs
Prison Warden
Infrastructure: Business Civilian,
As the head of a prison, the warden is
Federal Government, Independent,
empowered to contain inmates using
State Government
reasonable means. He also has
access to a number of subordinates
and to all the files on present and past
Politicians are elected or appointed
governmental officials who fill some
SoI: Law and Cri, Pulling Strings:
kind of office at a local, state or federal
Accomplices, Legal Access, Lost in the
level. Examples include assemblymen,
System, +3 PSPs
mayors and senators.
Infrastructures: Department of
SoI: Civ, Pulling Strings: Attorney,
Justice, Federal Government, State
Government Access, Litigation
Pressure, Stopping Investigation, +3
Prison Criminal, Non-Violent
Infrastructure: Federal Government,
Individuals who have been convicted
State Government
of white collar crimes as well as
crimes without physical harm to
Political Administrator
person or property are considered to
Individuals who serve in the
be non-violent criminals.
administration of any public agency
SoI: Cri, Pulling Strings: Safe House,
have the power to make the group run
+5 PSPs
smoothly or to set up pitfalls and
Infrastructures: Business Civilian,
obstacles by bogging individuals down
Business Criminal, Department of Neural Disrupter, Psychic Amplifier
Justice, Independent Room, Psychotron 1st 3rd order
Restricted Resources
Prison Criminal, Violent
Individuals who have been imprisoned Rasputin
for violent offenses, such as murder, Scientist/Parapsychologist
rape, assault or battery are considered These individuals train the psychics
to be violent criminals. and operatives of Project Rasputin,
SoI: Cri, Pulling Strings: work on the development and
Accomplices, +5 PSPs refinement of psychic talents and are
Infrastructures: Business Criminal, responsible for engineering
Department of Justice, Independent Psychotrons.
SoI: Par, Pulling Strings: Psi Labs,
Psychic Psychotrons, Satellite Alexis, +2 PSPs
As with magicians, it is somewhat rare Infrastructures: Aegis, Business
for an individual to pursue a full-time Paranormal
career as a psychic. Trained psychics Comment: Access to the Cerebro-
have abilities above and beyond the stimulator, Electro-anagram, Energy
comprehension of most people, and Alarm, Hemi-Synch Device, Lida,
are adept at attuning themselves to MHIC-EDOM, Mind Control Drugs,
the psi-energies. Neural Disrupter, Psychic Amplifier
SoI: Par, Pulling Strings: Choose Room, Psychotron 1st 3rd order
one of (ASPR, Cognitive Training Restricted Resources
Facilities, CSICOP Training, New Age
Movement, Noetic Science Institute, Researcher/Scientist
PEAR Labs, SPR Library or 1 PSP), In the interest of expanding a field,
+4 PSPs numerous individuals underake
Infrastructures: Business research projects in order to advance
Paranormal, Independent, University theoretical knowledge. Examples of
researchers include social scientists,
Project Rasputin actuarial historians and theoretical
As early as 1939, Stalin authorized mathematicians.
and funded a highly secretive group of SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Choose
psychic and occult researches headed either Laboratory or Workshop, +5
by a celebrated Russian psychic. This PSPs
group greatly aided Russias war Infrastructures: Any
effort. After the breakdown of the
Soviet Union, Aegis tracked down and Sailor
approached all but one of Rasputins Individuals who earn a salary by
major participants, and brought them piloting a boat are considered sailors.
to America. Examples include sea captains, barge
pilots and riverboat captains.
Rasputin Psychic Agent SoI: Cri, Pulling Strings: Travel
This individual is trained in psychic Connections, Watercraft Workshop, +3
abilities, with an emphasis on PSPs (Civ only)
psychotron use. Infrastructures: Business Civilian,
SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Psi Labs, Department of Transportation, Federal
Psychotrons, Satellite Alexis, +2 PSPs Government, Independent, State
Infrastructures: Aegis, Business Government
Comment: Access to the Cerebro-
stimulator, Electro-anagram, Energy
Alarm, Hemi-Synch Device, Lida,
MHIC-EDOM, Mind Control Drugs,
US Secret Service Infrastructures: Business Mllitary,
The Secret Service is charged with Independent, State Government
protecting the life of the President and
Vice President of the United States Office of Space Science
and other important government Space Science is the NASA Enterprise
officials and their immediate families. designated to solving mysteries of the
universe, exploring the solar system,
Secret Service Agent discovering planets around other stars,
These agents are charged with searching for life beyond Earth from
monitoring counterfeiting, money origins to destiny, charting the
laundering and other crimes related to evolution of the universe and
the Department of Treasury. understanding its galaxies, stars,
SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Unrestricted planets and life.
Access, +3 PSPs
Infrastructures: Department of Space Science Engineer
Treasury These engineers are responsible for
the development of space
Secret Service Security Specialist technologies, including many that will
These agents are the ones who benefit non-space science programs.
surround the President and other SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Alien
important personnel in the US Technology, Workshop, +4 PSPs
government. They are also Infrastructures: NASA
responsible for providing security for
most major federal buildings. Space Science Technician
SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Boot Camp, Space Science technicians carry out
Official Agendas, Sending Presidential the schematics provided by engineers
Orders, Unrestricted Access and make modifications depending on
Infrastructures: Department of the outcome of a number of testing
Treasury runs.
SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: +4 PSPs
Social Servant Infrastructure: NASA
Within society, any number of
individuals choose to invest their lives Spiritual Leader
in helping their fellow human beings. In every type of religion, an individual
Examples include social workers, or a small group of individuals assume
volunteers and Red Cross workers. positions of leadership. Examples
SoI: Civ, Pulling Strings: +6 PSPs include rabbis, priests and chaplains
Infrastructures: Business Civilian, for the armed services and
Department of Health and Human government agencies like Congress.
Services, Federal Government, SoI: Par, Pulling Strings:
Independet, Religious Institution, State Deprogrammers, Fanatical Support,
Government, University +5 PSPs
Infrastructures: Department of
Soldier Defense, Federal Government,
Whether trained by a standing military Independent, Religious Institutions,
force, an elite independent or simply a State Government, University
product of revolutionary fervor, soldiers
are trained in weaponr, tactics and Technician
teamwork. Examples include freedom Once an engineer has designed an
fighters, National Guard and object and a manufacturer has created
underground resistance agitators. it, it is up to the technician to fine-tune
SoI: Mil, Pulling Strings: Boot Camp, its use and to insure its maintenance.
Fellow Survivalists, Safe House, +2 Examples include computer installers,
PSPs mechanics and repairmen.
SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Workshop, also a few independent groups have
+5 PSPs ties to Aegis as well.
Infrastructures: Any SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Funding
Excellent, Immediate Access,
Trucker Increased Resources, +2 PSPs
Individuals in the trucking industry are
masters at getting goods from place to Business Military
place. Truckers have a detailed Numerous businesses provide
understanding of the routes they equipment, specialized training and
traverse, and are able to make quick consultation to branches of the
decisions about the most efficient path military.
to take. SoI: Mil, Pulling Strings: Base
SoI: Civ, Pulling Strings: Cheaper Clearance, Classified Database,
Ground Vehicles, Travel Connections, Funding (level to be decided by GM
Vehicle Workshop, +3 PSPs based on specifics of business), +2
Infrastructures: Business (any), PSPs
Federal Government, Independent,
State Government Business Intelligence
A handful of corporations have
UFOlogist positioned themselves on the cutting
As with occult research and edge of intelligence gathering.
parapsychologist, these individuals are Sometimes they work side-by-side
on the fringe of the scientific with governmental agencies, and
community. They use scientific sometimes they work independently.
methodology to prove the existence of SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Funding
Unidentified Flying Objects, and point (level to be decided by GM based on
out how certain objects do not conform specifics of business), Satellite
to any known aircraft or natural Surveillance Intelligence, +3 PSPs
SoI: Par, Pulling Strings: Area 15, Business Science & Research
UFO Spotting, +3 PSPs Several businesses make scientific
Infrastructures: Business research and development their
Paranormal, Business Science & mainstay, whether as part of their
Research, Independent, University manufacturing process or as a sub-
contractor on large research projects.
SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Funding
Infrastructures (level to be decided by GM based on
specifics of business), Discreet Staff, +
After choosing a profession, the player
then chooses from the available
Infrastructures described under each
Business Criminal
profession. He adds (if different) the
Within the business world, there are a
Sphere of Influence under the
number of ventures that are either
Infrastructure, and the pulling strings.
used by criminal syndicates as fronts
or have tight connections to the
Aegis Controlled
criminal underworld.
Credentials that fall under the
SoI: Cri, Pulling Strings:
immediate control of the Aegis
Accomplices, Funding (level to be
conspiracy do not necessarily have
decided by GM based on specifics of
readily apparent connections to Aegis
business), Safe House, +2 PSPs
itself. There are a number of
committees and organizations that
Business Law Enforcement
report directly to Aegis, often
Numerous businesses provide support
recognized as having some
to law enforcement agencies, as well
connection to the US government, but
as to the individual citizen. Private
security forces, bodyguard activities, including medical and social
organizations, law firms and legal science research, food and drug safety
researches are all examples of this. oversight, Medicare and Medicaid,
SoI: Law, Pulling Strings: Attorney, financial assistance for low-income
Funding (level to be decided by GM families, child support enforcement,
based on specifics of business), +3 preventing child abuse and domestic
PSPs violence and substance abuse
treatment and prevention.
Business Paranormal SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings:
With the recent surge in New Age Dangerous Toxins, Funding Basic,
philosophy adding to long-standing Medical Advantage, +2 PSPs
beliefs in the supernatural and in
psychic ability, several enterprising Department of Justice (DOJ)
individuals have begun to capitalize on Through thousands of lawyers,
the publics demand for crystals, investigators, and agents, the DOJ
herbs, potions and training sessions. protects US citizens against criminals
SoI: Par, Pulling Strings: Fringe and subversion, insures healthy
Culture, Funding (level to be decided competition between businesses,
by GM based on specifics of safeguards the consumer, and
business), +3 PSPs enforces drug, immigration and
naturalization laws.
Business Civilian SoI: Law, Pulling Strings:
Enterprises that are primarily CEASEFIRE, DNA Database, Finger
established within general commerce, Printing, Funding Basic, +2 PSPs
such as banking, insurance and retail,
are found in every community across Department of Transportation (DOT)
the country. The DOT is responsible for the
SoI: Civ, Pulling Strings: Funding construction, maintenance and
(level to be decided by GM based on upgrading of countless roads, and also
specifics of business), +3 PSPs works with state governments to plan
more efficient transportation systems
Department of Defense (DOD) that are not base on single-user
The DOD is the federal executive automobiles.
department charged with coordinating SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Cheaper
and supervising all activities relating to Ground Vehicles, Funding Limited,
the national security. Vehicle Workshop, +2 PSPs
SoI: Mil, Pulling Strings: Base
Clearance, Funding Excellent, +3 Department of the Treasury
PSPs The Department of Treasury conducts
accounting, revenue collection, money
Department of Energy (DOE) production and economic policy
The DOE is responsible for providing information for the entire federal
scientific, educational and institutional government.
leadership in the promotion of efficient SoI: Law, Pulling Strings: Agency
energy use, diversity in energy Control, Documents Lab, Funding
sources, and a secure national Excellent, Laundered Funds
SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Discreet Director of Central Intelligence (DCI)
Staff, Energy Blackout, Expedited The DCI is the principal intelligence
Research, Funding Basic, +1 PSP adviser to the President, directs and
coordinates foreign intelligence
Department of Health and Human collection activities and is the head of
Service (HHS) the CIA.
The HHS includes more than 300 SoI: Int, Pulling Strings: Funding
programs covering a wide spectrum of Excellent, Intelligence Agency Controll,
Project Oversight, Task Force SoI: Civ, Pulling Strings: City Hall
Creationnx Archives, Funding Basic,
Government Access, +2 PSPs
Federal Government
Federal Government is made of University
different departments, branches, Across the country, universities and
special task forces and so on (FEMA, colleges provide higher education to
Post Office, House of Representatives numerous students. These institutions
and Congress, etc.) are home to not only numerous
SoI: Civ, Pulling Strings: Funding professors, but also a wide range of
(level to be decided by GM based on support staff and a plethora of
specifics of agency), Governmental students.
Access, Increased Resources, +1 PSP SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Funding
Limited, Grants, Student Think Tank,
Independent +2 PSPs
This category covers Professions who
do not work under the structure of any
group. Part 3: Setting-
SoI: None, Pulling Strings: +2 PSPs
(indicated by the Professions SoI) specific character
generation rules
National Aeronautics and Space
Administration (NASA) There are several rules or tweaks to
NASA is responsible for the the standard Savage Worlds rules to
coordination and advancement of be aware of. These are the most
civilian space exploration and study. important and those that are valid of all
SoI: S&R, Pulling Strings: Funding type of characters.
Basic, Satellite Surveillance (all)

Religious Institution The Influence Skill

Most religions have some form of The Influence skill is one of the most
community gathering, and within this important skills in Conspiracy X. It is
grouping, individuals have varying the skills the agent tests when wants
degrees of involvement with the to use his Pulling Strings or
religious hierarchy. Connections Edges, which are some
SoI: Par, Pulling Strings: Fanatical of the most important (and fun) parts
Support, Funding Limited, +3 PSPs of the game. A character with a high
influence is probably very high up in
State Department his organization, and has considerably
The Department of State is the pull. Someone with a low Influence (or
Federal agency tasked with organizing without any points in this skill), is
and controlling the United States probably a rookie or someone who
foreign policy. hasnt made a lot of connections yet.
SoI: Civ, Pulling Strings: Consular
Affairs, Departmental Precedence, Knowledge skills
Foreign Service Institute, Funding
There are a variety of useful
Knowledge skills in the Conspiracy X
setting. Here are some of the most
State Government
Each state within the union has its own
government that consists of legal,
Knowledge (demolitions) You do
executive and judicial branches. These
not have to make a skill check in order
branches are responsible for providing
to throw a grenade or a satchel
education, maintaining roads,
charge, but you do need to make a
enforcing laws and so forth.
skill check in order to place explosives entails knowledge of electronic
such as C4 and dynamite in an gadgets from computers to radios.
efficient way. You can also use this This skill is used for any hacking
skill to defuse bombs. attempts, radio repair, etc. An agent
with this skill is also trained in
Knowledge (paranormal) - This skill electronic surveillance. He knows
covers everything from knowledge where best to put such devices for
about the alien mythology and max effect and subtlety, and knows
creatures from folklore (vampires, where to search for them.
werewolves etc) to cryptozoology,
ritualistic magic of all Languages
kinds and supernatural phenomena
Characters in the Conspiracy X setting
such as ghosts, ball lightning and
starts play with 1 language per 1/3
spontaneous combustion.
their Smarts die. You need a d6 for two
language, a d10 for three languages
Knowledge (parapsychology) - In
and a d12 for four languages. The
the Conspiracy X setting, this also
character knows these languages
includes normal psychology,
fluently. The number of languages
knowledge of psychic techniques and
does not increase if you buy another
powers (but not using them) and
die of Smarts. You can purchase extra
hypnotism. Someone with Knowledge
languages as normal skills, however.
(parapsychology) may be familiar with
The value determines how well he
a variety of psi-drugs and may also
speaks the language. He will be
function as a monitor in junction with
understood at d4, but may miss subtle
remote viewing.
nuances if natives speak quickly or
use complicated words.
Knowledge (science) - Many cells
and agents chooses to invest time also
in research, either researching Seasoned
discovered alien technology or trying Any Aegis agent has been carefully
to come up with a cure for a Black scrutinized and tested, and are always
Book created virus. Whenever some of the best agents you could
choosing this Knowledge skill, the find. Therefore, all Conspiracy X
character must also choose a characters start play as Seasoned
specialization such as physics, biology, Characters. This means they start play
chemistry etc). He gains a +1 modifier at 20 XP, and have four advances
on all rolls involving his speciality. already. See Advancement for what
you can choose each advancement.
Knowledge (engineering) - Finding
an alien spacecraft is a dream of many
Aegis cells, and good engineers are Pulling Strings
usually required to make sense of the The agents Profession and
technology, and to reverse engineer it. Infrastructure indicates what pulling
An engineer may also be useful with strings he has access to. See Pulling
other forms of technology, of course. Strings on page 34 for an explanation
The character needs to pick a of these and how they work.
specialization here as well, for
example naval, aviation, weapons etc).

Knowledge (electronics) This

See page 43 of the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition for what you can choose for the
character each advancement (every 5 XP). In addition, he accumulates more
resources, according to his Influence skill die step.

D4 = 1 RP per advancement
D6 = 2 RP per advancement
D8 = 3 RP per advancement
D10 = 4 RP per advancement
D12 = 5 RP per advancement

Part 4: New Hindrances and Edges

All of the standard hindrances in SWED are available in Conspiracy X, with the
exception of the Poverty hindrance which is replaced by Poor agency. In addition,
you can choose from the following list of new hindrances.

Hindrance Type Summary

Animal animosity Minor Animals doesnt like you
Believer Minor You believe everything has a
paranormal explanation
Cautious Minor Spirit roll to take
rash/impulsive actions
Clinical depression Minor Spirit rolls to undertake
actions when in a bad period
Corrupted by the Major Agent is corrupted by the
Supernatural supernatural, and goes
slowly insane
Disgraced Minor -2 influence rolls
Distinguishing mark Minor/Major Easy to spot mark,
impossible to hide with major
Flashbacks Minor Terrible events in the past
may cause agent to freeze in
appropriate situations
Haunted Major Malevolent spirit has
attached himself to the agent
Homicidal Minor Spirit roll to avoid using
Tendencies biggest weapon and taking
Impulsive Minor Does whatever action first
pops into his head
Jumpy Minor -2 to first action when in
stressful situation, -2 to fear
Killer instinct Minor Always act under shoot first
ready action when weapon is
Loved one Minor Has a loved one that means
a lot
Maverick Minor -2 to tasks given under order
New member Minor Influence trait max. d4
No records Minor Has no ID whatsoever
Notoriety Minor/Major Agent is a public figure,
almost a celebrity if major is
Patsy Major Agent is controlled by
another, due to blackmail or
other reasons
Poor agency Minor -1 Influence-die to Funding
Prejudice Minor Doesnt like a group of
people / beliefs
Schizophrenia Minor Voices in head can cause -2
to actions
Secret Minor/Major Has a secret that threatens
his career;or life if its major
Severed Ties Minor Not affiliated with agency,
doesnt gett he Agency
Affiliation edge.
Sleep disorder Major Suffers from a sleep disorder
(see text)
Unpopular beliefs Minor/Major Radical beliefs may bring
him in trouble; as major
these are illegal or
dangerous beliefs
Watched Minor Agent watched by enemies

Animal animosity (minor) - Animals as impulsive or rash.

don't like you, and may attack
unprovoked. While dogs and cats may Clinical depression (minor) - The
bark and growl at you, wild animals character suffers from depressions
may go to some lengths to injure you. from time to time. The GM decides
when the character is in a bad period.
Believer (minor) The agent is so The character must make a Spirit roll
convinced the paranormal exists that to undertake any action. Modifiers
he sees paranormal influence in such as -2 may be appropriate if it
everything from the recent power demands some effort, or maybe even
outage to a partner guessing the right -4 or a raise if it requires extreme effort
football result. He must make a Spirit on the agent. The character also
roll to avoid assuming a paranormal suffers a -1 penalty on Charisma when
explanation for any situation that is he has his depressive periods.
currently unexplained, and suffers a -1
to all trait and skill rolles while Corrupted by the Supernatural
exploring the unexplained. (major) Prolonged or intense
exposure to supernatural phenomena
Cautious (minor) - As in rulebook, but can corrupt a characters mind. Once a
the character needs to pass a Spirit character has been corrupted by the
roll to take any action the GM judges Seepage, she is slowly driven insane
by her heightened sensitivity to this ambient seepage level, the spirit can
pervasive energy. Eventually, the and will manifest to the character's
individual succumbs entirely, becomes detriment. If the die roll is six, the spirit
a focus for the energy of the Seepage helps the character.
and is removed from the players
control. The exact nature and Homicidal Tendencies (minor) A
manifestation of this corruption character with this hindrance tends to
depends on the circumstances that go a little overboard in combat
caused it (curses, possession by situations. Unless she succeeds in a
spirits, participation in occult rituals, Spirit roll, the character needs to use
etc.). The specifics are up to the player the biggest weapon available, use full-
and GM. See the Paranormal section auto and take head shots whenever
for more information. feasible. In close combat, she always
goes for the kill, trying to throw her
Disgraced (minor) - The agent has opponents of rooftops etc.
done something in the past that has
made him disgraced in the eyes of his Impulsive (minor) An impulsive
superiors and peers. He suffers a -2 to character often does whatever pops
all Influence rolls. into his mind first, without thinking it
through. He may not use the Aim
Distinguishing mark (minor/major) action. Furthermore, the GM is in his
Your character possesses some full right to have the character do
noticeable trait that lends itself to easy whatever the player states he's doing.
identification. It may be possible to If the characters are car chasing a
hide the mark, but difficult to remove it team of Black Book agents, and the
entirely. It could be a scar, tattoo, eye character's player says he'll try to jump
color, skin discoloration or a trait like a over and into the other car, he must do
limp or a tick. A minor mark is easier to so. He may make a Spirit roll to avoid
hide than a major one. Talk to the GM. his impulsive urges. As a GM, don't
abuse this hindrance though.
Flashbacks (minor) - Something
terrible has happened in the Jumpy (minor) - Anytime the
character's past. When a certain character is presented with a stressful
stimuli is presented to him, he freezes situation, he suffers a -2 penalty on his
and is unaware of his surroundings for first action. He also suffers a -2
at least one round. After that round, he penalty to Fear tests.
must make a Spirit roll with a -4
penalty to snap out of it. He can retry Killer instinct (minor) - When his
this roll every round, and every round weapon is drawn, any character with
the penalty goes down by -1, to a Killer Instinct is under the Held action
minimum of 0. "I attack the first thing that surprises or
startles me". The character may make
Haunted (major) - For whatever a Spirit roll to avoid firing at anyone
reason, a malevolent spirit has startling him. The roll is modified by
attached itself to the character and is number of wounds suffered (e.g. 2
driving him mad. This could be due to wounds = -2 on the roll).
a curse, spell, ritual or that the
character killed a particularly evil Loved One (minor) The character
Supernatural focus or strong-willed has someone in her life that means a
Incarnate. great deal to her, and the character
During any particularly dangerous or spends a good deal of time worrying
critical moment the character faces, about his welfare. This should come
the GM may roll a D6 to determine if into play now and again, but not turn
the spirit will seize the opportunity. If into kidnap threat of the week.
the result is equal to or less the
Maverick (minor) The character can effects of the agent, gives a +1 or +2
not accept authority of any kind. When bonus on the test.
faced with an order, the character
must make a Spirit roll to operate Poor agency (minor) The agents
without creating friction within the agencys resources are strained, and it
group. All trait rolls are -2 for the task is difficult to come up with the money
at hand. the character need for funding. Any
funding tests are performed at one
New member (minor) - The agent is a less die step of Influence, and the
new member to his parent agent can only attempt one funding
organization. When starting play, his test in any given mission.
Influence skill may not be higher than
D4. Prejudice (minor) - The character has
an irrational feeling towards a
No records (minor) The character particular kind of person or belief. The
has managed to have all records of agent must make Spirit rolls in order to
her life destroyed. Background deal with someone they hate, and they
searches turn up nothing. The agent suffer a -2 charisma towards that
has no identification, passport, social person.
security number, credit cards, drivers
license or other official records, and Schizophrenia (minor) The
needs to forge these if he wants it. character has voices in his head telling
May not be chosen by someone from him what to do (or not to do). These
CDC, NASA, Secret Service of voices always shows up when they're
Federal Marshal. May not take the least needed (GM's discretion to when
Dead or New Identity edges. the agent hears these), but especially
in stressful situations like combat. The
Notoriety (minor/major) The agent character must make a Spirit roll or
has attained some degree of fame suffer a -2 to all actions for the scene.
within a certain group of people. This
publicity is most definitely unwanted, Secret (minor/major) The agent
even if its cause reflects favorably on has something to hide which would
the character. The player and the GM have very negative effects on the
should work out the details together. It remaineder of her life. As a major
should be hard, but not impossible to hindrance, a revelation will be final and
be a part of a covert conspiracy with inescapable. If the agents secrets are
this hindrance. As a major hindrance, made public, the character may be
the character is almost of national removed from play (in prison, dead
fame, and people everywhere may roll etc).
Notice rolls to notice the celebrity.
Severed Ties (minor) - The agent is
Patsy (major) Due to unbreakable not affiliated with any professions or
promises, a desire to repay an infrastructures. She may only pull
extreme favor, blackmail or some other strings through the use of the
means, the agent is someone elses Connections edge. Members of the
lackey. Each mission the GM may, in Aegis Infrastructure may not choose
the role of the master figure, make any this.
kind of demand on the character, even
betrayal of his friends and cellmates. Sleep disorder (major) There are
The character may make an Influence three versions of this hindrance, and
roll in order to get of the hook, but he the player may only choose one of
suffers a cumulative -1 penalty until he them. He might combine Insomnia and
says yes to something. Self- Nightmares, but he only gets 2 points
destructive actions or actions that for it, and only needs to roll once.
would result in very negative after- Nightmares: The character has seen
so much horror that he can find no
solace, even in sleep. At the start of Unpopular beliefs (minor/major)
each day, the character must make a The character holds views and
Spirit roll. On a failure, he has suffered opinions that will cause friction with
a nightmare during the night and is many of the people he comes into
Fatigued for the rest of the day. On a contact with. Racism, communism and
roll of 1, regardless of Wild Die, he is other fundamental beliefs may all be
exhausted. A character can never the cause of unpopular beliefs. The
become incapacitated by Nightmares. agent must make a Spirit roll to avoid
Insomnia: The weight on the stating his opinions if the opportunity
characters shoulders are so heavy a presents itself, and suffers a -2 to all
burden that he has trouble sleeping. social rolls with those who hear him.
On the start of each day, he needs to As a major hindrance, the Spirit roll
make a Spirit roll, just like with suffers a -2 and his believes may get
Nightmares. him into serious troubles.
Deep Sleeper: The character
absolutely needs 8 hours of sleep Watched (minor) The character has
every day. If he doesnt get it, he attracted the attention of a group that
needs to make a Vigor roll or suffer could make things difficult for him and
from Fatigue for the rest of the day. In his Cell. While he may not be under
addition, he needs to make Notice surveillance at all times, they will keep
checks to wake up even at the loudest tabs on him every now and then. Any
noises (e.g. combat), and gets -2 suspicious activity on the characters
penalty to wake up for less loud part, has a 1 in 6 chance of drawing
noises. the organizations attention.


The following edges from the main rulebook have been altered or removed, or are
new edges in the Conspiracy X world. The Conspiracy X setting also introduces a
new type of Edge, the Influence edge.

Edge Req. Effects

Corruption Resistant Ritual Caster,
Dead You are officially
dead, cant be traced
Detached +2 Spirit vs fear
Extra Careful Influence d6 Re-roll on the Failed
Influence Roll table
Extraordinarily average Nobody remembers
your appearance, +2
stealth when
following someone
Hypnotist Knowledge: May use the
Parapsychology hypnotic techniques
d4 described in part 8:
PSI powers.
Increased Resources Influence d8 Generates 7
resource points per
die step, not 5
Linguist Smarts d6 One-half you Smarts
in languages
Mind Control Knowledge: May use hypnotic
Parapsychology techniques restricted
d8, Hypnotist to those with this
New identity Agent has a
separate identity
from his real
Photographic memory Bonuses to trait rolls
where memory may
Physical training +1 to tests with
strength and
PSI Resistance +2 to opposed Spirit
rolls involving
Improved PSI PSI Resistance As PSI Resistance,
Resistance but with a +4 bonus
PSI Sensitive, latent Some PSI potential
PSI Sensitive, lesser Special May use PSI powers
PSI Sensitive, PSI Sensitive, +2 on PSI checks,
greater lesser more power points
Puppet Veteran, Influence Has complete control
d8 over someone
Rapid Recharge PSI User Regains power
points faster than
Rapid Recharge, PSI User, Rapid Regains power
improved Recharge points even faster
Rich +2 RP/month
Rich, Filthy Rich +4 RP/month
Ritual caster Able to perform
magic rituals
Seepage Sensitive Sensitive to the
Seepage, can cast
rituals and control
Time and direction Notice d6 Uncanny sense of
sense time and direction
Unbreakable ties Heroic, Influence Agent is too
d10, Extra Careful important to kill
Background Edges
Most background edges must be
Removed Edges chosen before beginning play, but the
The following edges are not allowed in GM may give permission to choose
Savage Conspiracy X: some of these during play, e.g. the
agent wins big on horses and can take
Adept, Holy/Unholy warrior, Mentalist, the Rich edge.
Mr. Fix It, Noble, Power Surge, Soul
Drain, Wizard, Arcane Background - This edge is
replaced with the various PSI
Sensitive edges and the Ritual Caster
edge. to avoid trait rolls involving
supernatural dangers, and he also
Dead The characters death was receives a -2 bonus on the Fright
faked at some point either to recruit Table
him into a secret project without
raising the suspicion of his former Physical Training The agent keeps
employer, or to protect him from himself fit and in shape. He gets a +1
hostile forces hunting him. All traces to any strength tests involving lifting,
from his former life are wiped clean. pushing, breaking etc., and also gets a
+1 bonus to avoid the effects of fatigue
Extraordinarily average The when running, swimming, etc. for a
character blends in to a crowd long period of time, or for being awake
extremely well, and just about longer than normal.
everyone knows somebody who fits
the agents description. Its difficult to Leadership Edges
pick out the agent in a police line-up, In Conspiracy X, the Cell Leader may
and all Stealth attempts made to follow have his Leadership Edges affect the
someone without being noticed, other agents in the cell.
garners a +2 bonus. Influence Edges
Photographic memory - You have One of the most integral (and fun)
photographic memory, and almost parts of Conspiracy X, is the use of
never forgets anything. You may get pulling strings and the Influence skill.
bonuses to trait rolls where memory Therefore, a new type of Edge is
may help you. introduced, the Influence Edges.
PSI Sensitive, lesser - Requirement: Influence Edges
PSI Sensitive, latent (but only if
chosen as a Power Edge) This is the
edge your character must have in Connections The agent knows
order to use PSI powers. The someone in another organization that
character need not take it at character she can count on for help, and who
generation, but in that case he needs can count on her for help. Choose a
to purchase the PSI Sensitive, latent Profession and Infrastructure for the
edge first. See the PSI Section for contact. The agent may then purchase
more information. resources from the connections
Spheres of Influence as well, and may
Rich - The character generate 2 RP call upon the connections pulling
per month that can be spent on the strings twice a month. For Profession
Civilian Sphere of Influence. Only 1 and Infrastructures that can freely
RP may be pooled from month to spend some (or all) of the PSPs, the
month. player chooses the pulling strings, but
the GM has final say. If the agent
Filthy Rich As Rich, but he wants to call on the connections
generates 4 RP and may pool 2 RP pulling strings more than twice a
per month. month, a -2 penalty is imposed on
each subsequent roll. The agent rolls
his own influence, and suffers the
Combat Edges
same bad effects if he rolls a 1 on the
Detached - Emotionally, this character Influence die.
might as well be dead. This makes it
difficult to relate to normal people, but Extra careful - Requirements:
renders the character immune to Influence d6 - The agent is extra
normal fears or emotional baggage. careful to not leave a trail when he
The agent receives a +2 on Spirit rolls pulls strings in Aegis assignment. If he
rolls a one on the Influence Die, he others against the dangers of
rolls twice on the Failed Influence Roll corruption. See Part 9: The
Table, and picks the highest. Supernatural for more information.

Increased resources PSI resistance The character is

Requirements: Influence d8 The extra resistant to PSI attacks.
agent generates 7 resource points per Whenever a psychic tests his psychic
die step instead of the normal 5. For skill against this character, he adds +2
character advancement, he generates to his Spirit roll. Note: Arcane
resource points as he had one more resistance is a Background Edge in
die in Influence. Its generally best to SWED, but a professional edge here.
take this Edge at character creation. In the world of Conspiracy X, PSI
resistance is something that can be
New identity The agent or his allies learned over time.
have gone through a considerable Improved PSI resistance As above,
effort of creating a separate set of only that the bonus is +4.
records for a new identity, complete in
every detail. The character maintains PSI Sensitive, latent - The character
his own identity, but has a separate is starting to unleash his full potential.
one that holds up under nearly any He only gets one power though, and
background check. reduced power points. See the PSI
Section for more information.
Puppet Requirements Veteran,
Influence d8 The character has PSI Sensitive, lesser - Requirement:
someone who owns him a favor, he PSI Sensitive, latent
believes in the character and his This is the edge your character must
cause (whatever that may be to hm), have in order to use PSI powers. The
or maybe the agent is blackmailing character need not take it at character
him. He knows nothing of Aegis or the generation, but in that case he needs
truth about conspiracies. He follows to purchase the PSI Sensitive, latent
the characters instructions and should edge first. See the PSI Section for
be a valuable asset in some way. more information.
Details left to GM and player.
PSI Sensitive, greater - Requirement:
Unbreakable ties Requirements PSI Sensitive, lesser; Seasoned
Heroic, Influence d10, Extra Careful The character gains a +2 bonus on his
The character has become one of the PSI trait roll, and receives 5 extra
unexpendables. Maybe he knows too power points. He also regains twice
much, or maybe he has some hold the normal number of power points per
over the leaders of the agency, or day.
maybe hes just too damn talented to
be let go. The agent will receives a +2 Rapid Recharge As in SWED,
to all his Influence tests and must roll except that the character regains 1
snake eyes (double ones) in order to Power Point every 12 hours.
suffer bad effects from a failed Improved Rapid Recharge
Influence roll. As in SWED, except that the character
regainst 1 power point ever 6 hours.
Power edges
Ritual Caster The player is able to
Corruption resistant cast magical rituals. She starts play
Requirements: Ritual Caster, Veteran with 3 known rituals.
rank. The magician has researched
and discovered several various Seepage Sensitive Sensitives are
methods of defending himself and/or able to perceive Seepage
more closely than those around them.
A Sensitive may detect the agent has an uncanny ability to sense
presence of Pools and Loci, sense the time and distance. She is aware of the
amount of Seepage Points in exact time of day or night at all times,
the area, notice magic rituals, sense as well as the date. She will always
ghosts and unconsciously and know the direction and approximate
(maybe) consciously control distance to anywhere she has been
supernatural phenomena. See the before. She wont know exactly where
Paranormal section for more she is, but will know how far and what
information. direction she has traveled.

Professional Edges Part 5: Setting rules

The world of Conspiracy X is dark and
Champion As per SWED, but the ruthless. The following setting rules
bonuses granted aid him against apply:
attacks from Incarnate, Demons,
Ghosts and Invocations.
Critical Miss
Hypnotist Requirements: Snake Eyes (double ones) may not be
Knowledge: Parapsychology d4. rerolled.
This individual is trained in the arts of
hypnotism. See Part 8: PSI powers for Gritty Damage
more information regarding the use of Compare the damage of an attack
hypnotic techniques. versus the targets Toughness, and
consult the appropriate column. Each
Mind Control Requirements: wound inflicts -1 penalty to all trait
Knowledge: Parapsychology d8, rolls, to a maximum penalty of -3.
Hypnotist. The character is particularly Characters cannot make Soak rolls!
adept at using words and special They can spend their bennies on the
techniques to influence others. This nasty Vigor rolls that may follow,
edge is needed for several hypnotic however.
techniques, as well as granting a +2
bonus on some mind-influencing PSI Damage Wild Extras
powers. See the PSI section for more over Cards
information. toughness
0-3 Shaken Shaken (If the
Linguist Requirements: Smarts D6 (if the victim was
The agent has a knack for victim already
languages. He gets half his Smarts die was Shaken, hes
in languages, instead of 1/3. In already incapactitated
addition he may make a Smarts roll -2 shaken, instead).
to be able to make himself understood he
in a language he has heard for at least suffers
an hour. -4 for alien languages. a wound
Social Edges 4-7 Shaken Incapacitated
and 1 (remove from
Connections - This Edge is replaced wound play)
by the Influenc edge with the same 8-11 Shaken
name. and 2
Weird Edges 12+ Shaken
and 3
Time and direction sense wounds
Requirmeents Notice D6 The
Knowledge: Engineering
Wounds Repair
Anytime a character suffers one or Knowledge: Parapsychology
more wounds, make a Vigor roll Investigation
(counting any wound penalties Knowledge: Computer
incurred by this attack). If the roll is Knowledge: Electronics
successfull, there is no further effect. If Knowledge: Paranormal
the roll is failed, the agent is Healing
Incapacitated (see below).
Breakthroughs, successes and
Incapacitation time
An Incapacitated character must make The GM first decides which skill
an immediate Vigor roll (minus his applies to the research project, and
wound penalties as usual). how many breakthroughs are
Raise: The victim is only stunned and necessary. He then decides if its a
is not Incapacitated. Hes still Shaken short or long term projects, how many
and retains his wounds, and suffers a successes are necessary to reach a
temporary Injury that fades after the breakthrough and how much time
combat is over (or if the character is each attempt takes. When the number
completely healed of all wounds). Roll of successes have been reached, the
on the Injury Table on SWED p. 69 to project has a breakthrough. Each raise
determine what that injury is. counts as an additional success in the
Success: The victim is knocked project.
unconscious until healed (or 2d6 hours
later) and rolls on the Injury Table. Short-term projects
Failure: The character is knocked Most projects are short-term projects
unconscious as Success, above, and completed through the course of a
suffers a permanent wound (roll on the day. Searching a library for clues to
Injury Table). Unfortunately, hes also finding Chupacabra, repairing a car or
Bleeding Out and must make a Vigor performing an alien autopsy, are all
roll at the start of each round before examples of a short-term project. In a
Action Cards are dealt. Success short-term project, only one
means he must roll again next round. breakthrough is enough.
Failure means he dies. A raise on the
Vigor roll (or a successfull Healing roll) Long-term projects
stabilizes the bleeding and no further Long-term projects may take weeks,
rolls are required. months or even years to complete.
Total of 1 or less: The victim expires Findingo ut exactly how a Plasma claw
instantly. works, curing a fellow Aegis agent
from his fear of heights and learning
Research how to fly a lens-ship are all examples
In the battle for against the extra- of long-term projects. When reaching a
terrestrial threat, research projects breakthrough, the GM explains what
may be vital for humankinds survival. they uncovered and that there are
These rules cover a wide variety of more breakthroughs to be had. If the
research-related projects, from projects suddenly have more
gathering large amounts of information successes than needed to reach a
about a particular group or person, to breakthrough the successes count
reverse-engineering a Saurian fighter towards the next breakthrough.
or performing a Grey autopsy. Some of
the skills that may be used with these Cooperative rolls
rules, include: Cooperative rolls count as usual, up to
the maximum of +4. The GM may
Knowledge: Science impose a lesser maximum, depending
on the task. Five people trying to help breakthrough requires six successes
a poor soul lost to the terrors of the and each attempt takes 1 weeks of
world may do more harm than good. research. (The GM doesnt tell the
players how many successes they
Quality of equipment/workspace need, nor how many breakthroughs
In both the Pulling Strings list and the they need. When they reach a
Resources list, youll find that breakthrough, the GM informs them
laboratories/workshops/libraries are that theyve stumbled on some new
ranged from Poor to Superb. These technology.
are the bonuses for the various quality Weeks 1 Assistant aids, Butch nests
types. 1 success.
Weeks 2 Assistant aids, Butch nests
Poor -4 1 success (2 total)
Normal -2 Weeks 3 Assistant aids, Butch nests
Good +0 1 success (3 total)
Excellent +2 Weeks 4 Butch rolls a 1 on his
Superb +4 Knowledge: Engineering, but decides
to spend a benny. Nets 1 success (4
Consequences total)
Whenever the lead researcher rolls a 1 Weeks 5 Assistant aids, Butch nets
on the skill die (regardless of the wild 1 success (5 total)
die), he suffers a setback. The result of
the wild die is ignored, and he must Week 6 Assistant doesnt aid, but
reduce the number of successes Butch manages a raise and 2
already gained by 2. If this was his first successes (7 total). Butch discovers
attempt, he goes down to -2. how to fire plasma claws from the
weapon. At the same time, he
Whenever the lead researcher rolls suspects that you can use the claw to
double ones (snake eyes), something bring forth a magnetic shield. He
really bad happens. Not only does it continues the research.
ruin the project (most likely), some Week 7 1 success (8 total)
kind of accident befalls the Week 8 Raise from Butch (10 total)
researcher(s). The nature of this Week 9 Butch and the cell is on a
accident is up to the GM. Examples mission now, the assitant tries alone
may include a machine exploding, the but fails
researcher becoming corrupted in Week 10 Butch rolls a total of 21,
some way, discovering faulty and with the aid from his assistant, he
information etc. gets 22 5 successes! He now knows
how to use the defensive mode as
Example I: well.
Butchs Aegis cell recovers a plasma
claw from a dead Saurian agent. Example II: The cell is trapped on a
Butch has a d8 Knowledge: mountain hotel, and have been
Engineering and the cell has a Good attacked by werewolves the previous
engineering workspace and an nights. Several agents are injured, and
engineer assistant (d8 engineering). the only getaway car have been
Butchs player wants to know what the damaged in a failed attempt last night.
claw draws it power from, and how to Butch (Repair d8) tries to fix the car,
fire plasma balls from it. The GM using equipment and ad-hoc spare
decides that this is a long-term parts salvaged from around the hotell.
Knowledge: engineering project which The GM decides that this is a short-
requires 2 breakthroughs, one for term project that will take 3 hours, and
finding out the two different firing that Butch will suffer a -2 to his roll
modes and one to discover the due to the lack of proper tools and
defensive mode. He decides that each equipment. Therell only be light for six
hours, so Butch only has two attempts even more troubles now, as one of
before the dark closes in and the their own are blinded before the night!
werewolves attack. Butch rolls a 1 on
his Repair die, and decides to spend
his final benny to roll again. He rolls a Hacking
5 and a 4, which becomes 3 and 2
due to the penalties. His first attempts
fail, and he tries again after 3 hours. Use the following modifiers to find a
He rolls snake eyes! The GM decides Target Number for any hacking
that his failed attempt at fixing the car attempts. For hacking attempts that
has caused an oil leak,which sprays takes longer than 6 hours, a new
his eyes and blinds him. The cell has check must be made every six hours,
using the same modifiers.

Type of system TN modifier Time

Local bulletin board +2 Immediately
University computer system +0 1 hour
Small business +0 1 hour
NationalOnline Service -2 1d6 hours
Small corporation -2 1d6 hours
State agency -2 1d6 hours
Large corporation -4 3d10 hours
Federal agency -4 3d10 hours
High Security Agency -6 6d12 hours
Military Computer System -6 6d12 hours

If the hacker succeeds, he can access the system as if he were a user. If he wants
Admin access, he suffers another -2 to the check. If the hacker rolls a 1 on his
Knowledge (Electronics) check, his intrusion has somehow been discovered, and
appropriate measures will be taken.

If the hacking attempt is attempted without the use of a Mainframe, the hacking
suffers a -1 penalty. If the hacker has a mainframe in the base, he may log on to that
via a laptop or workstation. A Supercomputer gives a +1 bonus to the attempt, and
certain pulling strings may give even better bonuses. Each raise cuts the time in half.

Part 6: Pulling Strings

One of the most important and fun parts of Savage Conspiracy X is Pulling Strings.
This is how the agent uses (abuses) his position in the government in order to help in
the war for humanitys soul. It can also indicate various contacts and friends he may
draw upon for help in times of need. Your agents Profession will give you some (or
all) of your pulling strings. The rest may be chosen freely within the allotted SoIs
(spheres of influence).

M = Millitary I = Intelligence SR = Science & Research Cr = Criminal

La = Law Pa = Paranormal Ci = Civilian

Whenever a character rolls a 1 on his Influence die (regardless of wild die), he

suffers consequences. Roll 2d6 and consult the following table on. This means that
the character might succeed in getting what he wants, but that someone has left a
paper trail that will have consequences. If the character rolls a critical failure, he rolls
2d6 twice and takes the lower result.

This roll should be rolled in secret, unless the group is particulary good at avoiding

Failed Influence Roll Table

2 The character has piqued the interest of one or more members of the NDD
(Black Book) or another enemy group. They will take action, and the agent,
his contacts and his associates are in mortal danger. Give the Watched
hindrance to the agent.
3 As (4), but there is no chance that they character will not lose his position in
the Profession. Aegis may cut all contact throughout the investigation, but if
they still feel he is of use to them, he is brough back in the fold later.
4 The character will be suspended from his Profession for d6 months. In that
time, internal affairs will investigate the matter, including interrogation of
suspects, associates, friends and family possible also surveillance. Aegis
may cut all ties to the agent in this time, so as to not compromise their
position. At the end of that time, the agent must succeed on an Influence roll
to not lose his Profession permanently. Every time he has rolled on this table
for the Pulling String that gave him trouble, imposes a -1 penalty on the
Influence roll.
5 As (4), but with no penalty to the roll.
6 The character loses some privilegies at his work, effectively losing the Pulling
String permanently.
7 The character is suspended from work for one month, losing access to all
Pulling Strings.
8 The character is suspended from work for one week, losing access to all
Pulling Strings.
9 The character is under some suspicions from his Profession, and cannot use
Pulling Strings for 24 hours.
10 The character cannot use that Pulling String for one month.
11 The character cannot use that Pulling String for one week.
12 The character cannot use that Pulling String for 24 hours.

List of pulling strings

Pulling string M I SR Cr La Pa
Access Abroad 2 3
Accomplices 3 2 3 2 2 3 2
Agency Control A A A
Aircraft Workshop 1 1 1 2 1 2 1
Alien Technology A A A A A A A
Area 15 A A A 2 1
Arrest Powers 1 1 1
Asset Forfeiture 2 2 2
Attorney A A A A 2 A A
Backup 2 1
Base Clearance 2 2
Blanket Wiretaps 3
Blue Fly Transport
Boot Camp 2
Border Control 2 1 2 2 1 2 2
Business Connections 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
CDC Labs 2 2 2 2
Cheaper Aircraft 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Cheaper Ground Vehicles 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Cheaper Watercraft 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Chemical Stores 2 2 1 2 A A 1
Chop Shops 2 2 2 2
CIA Caches 2
CIA Training Facilities 2
City Hall Archives A A 2 2 1
Classified Databases 2 2 1
Cleansing Retreats 2 2 2
Closing Investigations A 2
Codebreaker Supercom. 3
Cognitive Training Facilities A A A
Computer Security Database
Consular Affairs 2 2 2
Corporate Espionage A 3 A A A A 2
Corruption Camp A 1 A
Corruption Treatment A 2 A
Counterculture Friends 2 2 2 2 2 2 1
Counterintelligence Files 1 2 2
Criminal Resources 2
Criminal Tracking 2 1
CSICOP Training A A A A
Customs Analysis 1 2
Dangerous Toxins 3 3 2 3
Dangerous Virus 3 3 2 3
DARPA Labs 2 1
Demon Lore 2 2 2
Deprogrammers A 2 A 2 2 2 2
Departmental Precedence A A A A
Diplomatic Itineraries A A A 2
Pulling string M I SR Cr La Pa
Discreet Staff 1 2
DNA Database A A A
Documents Lab A A 2 2
Doctored Flight Books A A 2 A 2
Ear to the Ground 2 1 2 2 2 2 2
Easier Funding Tests 2
Energy Blackout 2 2
Evidence Control A 2
Expedited Research 2
Experimental Energy 1 2
Exorcist Teams 1 A
Experimental Psychic Drugs 2 1
Fanatical Support 2 2 2
FBI Forensic Laboratory Analysis 2 2 2
Fellow Survivalists 2 2
Finger Printing 2 1 A A 1 2
Foreign Service Institute 2
Fringe Culture 2 2 2 2 2 2 1
Front Page News 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Funding Basic A A A A A A A
Funding Excellent A A A A A A A
Funding Limited A A A A A A A
Funding Scarce A A A A A A A
Govenmental Access 2 3 3 3 3 3 2
Grants 2 2 2
Hidden Cures A
IAC Analysis A
Immediate Access
Intel Files 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Intelligence Agency Control 2
Jurisdiction 2
Laboratory 2 2 1 2 2 1 1
Laundered Funds A A
Legal Access A 1
Legal Resources 2
Library 2 2 1 2 2 1 1
Litigation Pressure 2 2
Lost in the System 1
Map Library 1 2
Maps 1
Medical Advantage 1 2 2
Military Stores 2
Military Training Facilities 2
Mind Control Drugs 2 2 2
Mobility over World 2
More Equipment 2
Mount Expeditions 2 2 2
NMID 1 1 2 2
New Age Movement A
News Archive 1
News Equipment A 2 A 1
Noetic Science Institute A
No Questions Asked
Pulling string M I SR Cr La Pa
No Trace 2 2
Official Agendas 2 2 2
Police Cooperation 2
Police Resources A A A 2 2
Pool Access 2
Population Database 2 2 A
Press Pass 2
Project Oversight 2
Psi Labs 2
Psychotrons A
Quantico Training Facility 2 2
Quarantine 2 2 A
Ranch Analysis
Random Surveillance 2 2
Safe House A 1 A 1 1 A 2
Satellite Alexis
Satellite Surveillance Comm. 2 2 2 2
Satellite Surveillance Int. 2 2 2 2
Satellite Surveillance Standard A A 2 2
Satellite Surveillance Video 2 2 2 2
Search and Seizure 2 2
Secret SDI Gun Stars 2
Security Protocols 2
Sending Presidential Orders
Specialized Aircraft
Species Identification A 1 A
SPR Library A A A
Stopping Investigation 2
Student Think Thank A A 1 A A A 2
Supernatural Contacts 2
Support 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Swat 2
THOTH Analysis
Translators A A 1 A A 1 1
Task Force Creation A
Travel Connections A 2 A A
UFO Spotting 2 2 2 1 2
Unrestricted Access
Untraceable Weapons 1
Vehicle Check 1
Vehicle Workshop 1 1 1 2 1 2 1
Watercraft Workshop 1 1 1 2 1 2 1
Wide Berth
Workshop 1 1 1 2 1 2 1

A = The pulling string is only accessible by certain Professions or Infrastructures

No number/letter = The pulling string cannot be purchased by using that SoI.

Access Abroad of specialized items. The items
With a successful Influence test, the available vary, and only one request
character can use special travel may be made per week. The item is
connections to move his team and lent for the mission, and any requests
equipment anywhere in the made before the item is returned,
world.Travel takes 1d6 days, 24 hours suffers a -2 penalty for each item the
with a raise. cell already loans. An items worth in
RP determine how hard it is to loan it.
Accomplices 1-9 RPs = no roll, 10-14 RPs = +2, 15-
The agent can obtain help of the less- 19 RPs = +0, 20-24 RPs = -2, 25+ =
than-reputable kind. With a sucess, he -4. Those without RP cost suffer a -6
can find a criminal specialist in one penalty. Delivery time varies from
area, such as a safecracker, cat within the hour (if the item is in the
burgler, art forger etc. The specialist same town or city), to 24 hours (if
arrives in D6 days, or D6 hours with -2 within USA). Transport to another
penalty. Less skilled accomplices (five country takes two days and suffers a
thugs with guns) arrive in D6 hours (no -2 penalty. Damaged, destroyed, lost
roll), or 1 hour with a success. These or absconded items leads to an
gentlemen are susceptible to bribes. internal investigation and may impose
A bribe of d6 x 100 $ (d6 x 1000 $ for permant penalties to the characters
the specialist) gives a +2 bonus on the Influence rolls. Talk to the GM about
roll. +4 for a bribe twice the size, +6 for which items are available.
a bribe four times the size. Each
accomplice killed in the last month Area 15
results in a -2 penalty. Keeping the Named as a self-mocking parody of
specialist for an additional job or the Area 51, Area 15s are a series of
thugs for an additional day requires facilities maintained and run by
another test at -2, with an PUPPET. There are numerous
accumulative -2 for each day/job facilities spread throughout the
thereafter. country, and each one consists of a
runway, a hidden hanger, at least two
Agency Control aircraft workshops, and a lab (good
A character may divert or cancel any quality). Besides being connected to
local investigation with a successful PUPPET, these facilities are "loaned"
Influence roll. Federal investigations out to any alien-supporter who makes
take a -2 penalty. A -2 penalty may a request through the right channels.
also be imposed if the agent cannot The facilities are used to study the odd
come up with some plausible cover. bits of alien technology that have been
recovered over the years. A success
Aircraft Workshop books one week's time here with D6
The agent has contacts that can help hours notice. A raise can extend this
with repairs or small modifications on by one week or instant access. Two
aircraft. Poor workshop = no roll, raises secures both an extra week and
normal workshop = +2, good workshop instant access.
= +0, excellent workshop -2 superb
workshop -4. He can also gain access Arrest Powers
to a private hangar, and a private The character has the ability to detain
runway with a raise. almost any person. While the charges
will be dismissed in due course, the
Alien Technology person will be hold for at least one
Whether from the capture of an alien, hour (4d6 with a raise). The person's
recovered wreckage or some alien status will affect the roll. It's easier to
feeding technology from the arrest a low-life drug dealer than a
shadows, Aegis has a small stockpile senator.
them running. Knowing the codes the
ASPR Seminars: For members of the police use can assure that at least two
American Society for Psychical squad cars arrive within D6 + 10
Research, it is easy to attend one of minutes (half this with a raise). If the
these seminars throughout the United individual making the call is part of a
States. Agents may open Clairvoyance federal law-enforcement agency, this
at d6 at the cost of 1 skill point request will be seen as standard
(instead of d4), either at character procedure, as long as there is
creation or through advancement. In sufficient evidence to demonstrate the
addition, any Research projects call was warranted. Individuals with
involving Clairvoyance powers require ties to the local police department do
one less breakthrough. See the PSI not have to answer any questions from
section for more information. their back-up. Others will probably be
questioned on their jurisdiction and
Asset Forfeiture what they are doing in town.
The character has access to
confiscated materials. With this pulling Base Clearance
string, the character has access to The character can gain access to
items that require the Criminal sphere military facilities. Automatically gains
of influence. All items' cost are access to any base with normal
modified by -1, down to a minimum of security. Normal roll to access high
1. Items that cost one RP already, are security bases and weapons testing
doubled. sites. -2 to roll for most other area. -4
penalty to get inside the Pentagon or
other areas of high security, including
Attorney secret bases.
In the course of their missions,
characters are sometimes called upon "Blanket" Wiretaps
to perform actions of questionable The NSA is exempt from federal laws
legality. A few of these operatives have prohibiting unauthorized domestic
the misortune of getting caught. Being wiretaps. With a successful Influence
able to call upon a good attorney is check, NSA can monitor a group of
key to minimizing the repercussions of phone lines for specific information.
these breaches of law. With access to The tap can for example search all
top-notch lawyers, judges sympathetic phone lines in a town for a specific
to the "needs" of the group, or the right person's voice, or monitor a
amount of bribes and blackmail, company's phone lines for mention of
getting through these tough times "Flight 815". The wiretap takes D6 x 2
becomes easier. A success supplies hours to set up with a success (half
the character with a good lawyer for with a raise), and lasts for a week
any matter that does not involve (twice with a raise). May only be
significant threats to the security of the purchased by someone with the DOD
secret organization. For more serious Infrastructure.
cases, a -2 penalty is imposed. If the
character gets a raise on the Influence BLUE FLY Transport
roll, the case gets assigned to a Moondust/Blue Fly specializes in
"friendly" judge who will dismiss it for stealth insertion and extraction. A
one or more technical reasons within BLUE FLY transport can be called to
D6 x 2 months. In the meantime, the arrive in six hours without a roll. A
character is advised to tread success results in a transport arriving
cautiously. within 1.5 hours. For other locations
than continental US, a penalty equal to
Back Up half the number of time zones away, is
The police are already on patrol all applied. Insertion is via parachute drop
over the city - one phone call brings and pickup is by stealth helicopter.
that an outbreak has begun or is
Boot Camp suspected.
Members who have gone through Boot
Camp gain 2 extra skill points that can CEASEFIRE
be applied to Climbing, Fighting, Allows access to the CEASEFIRE
Shooting, Survival, Swimming, program, which matches projectiles
Throwing or Tracking. and shell casings. On a successfull
Influence skill test, this pulling string
Border Control (choose country) allows the character to see if a gun
The character's contacts can help him has been used in a crime since 1995.
get unauthorized access to a country,
either through giving him information Cheaper Aircraft
about border control, or simply looking Reduces the cost of aircrafts with 2
the other way. No roll needed for RP. Characters can only buy aircraft
information about where the border through their Sphere of Influence.
patrols will be in a set 24-hour period
in the next week. To actually gett he Cheaper Ground Vehicles
patrol not to cover a certain area for a Reduces the cost of ground vehicles
4 hour period requires a roll. A raise with 2 RP. Characters can only buy
means the patrol will be away for 8 ground vehicles through their Sphere
hours. Countries with high security of Influence.
may impose a -2 penalty.
Cheaper Watercraft
Business connections Reduces the cost of watercrafts with 2
Close ties with a company through RP. Characters can only buy watercraft
ones status as a shareholder, a through their Sphere of Influence.
former or current employee, a family
relation, or someone in possession of Chemical Stores
black material, may call upon some The character can obtain medications
much needed equipment. The with few questions asked. Over-the-
corporation is a huge entity, and it is counter drug doesn't require a roll,
often fairly simple to arrange for it to harder-to-acess supplies do, with
lose something. The equipment lent modifiers depending on the type of
must be from the Civilian sphere of medication requested. Prescription
Influence, and must be returned drugs has a bonus of +2, a roll without
undamaged by the end of the mission. modifiers obtains any illegal drug that
If not, the character loses one die step has medical uses, and a -2 penalty is
in his Influence skill. The amount of RP required for any other illegal drug. PSI
depends upon the Influence roll. No drugs cannot be obtained. One vial is
roll = 1 RP, normal roll = 5 RP, raise = secured, a -2 is imposed on each extra
10 RP. It will take 1D x RP cost in vial. Drugs are available within d6 x 3
hours to deliver these assets. hours, or D6 hours with a raise.

CDC Labs Chop Shops

This pulling string allows the agent to Vehicles, commercial or private, can
send samples to analysis with the be acquired and modified to taste. Any
CDC (biological, medical, toxicological, vehicles that can be purchased
virological). No roll is necessary, but it through the Criminal sphere of
takes 48 hours (24 hours with a influence can be had at three fewer
success, 12 hours with a raise). If the RPs (minimum one). A vehicle can
substance is supernatural or alien in also be converted (from painting to
nature, the answer is received within 3 armor plating to customization) in 6 -
weeks (1 week / 60 hours). All analysis Influence roll days (minimum 1 day)
times may be halved if the characters
can devise a convincing explanation CIA Caches
Grants access to secret CIA A successful Influence test gets
equipment caches overseas. The someone a space on a cleansing
cache has D6 RP of military or retreat. For every three months spent
surveillance gear (or 3D6 this with a here, a Spirit check allows her to
raise). The cache will be well hidden, remove one stage of corruption. This
and will take 2D hours to open. The can continue until all stages are
facility may be used as a base for up removed. The treatment will not
to a month before the local authorities remove the Corrupted by Supernatural
begin to ask questions. hindrance, however. The cure is not
perfect. If the person ever fails a
CIA Training Facilities corruption roll, all of the previous
The CIA runs a number of training corruption stages return, and a new
centers in Virginia. This pulling string level is gained. See the Paranormal
can be used either before gameplay section for more information about
starts, or through advancement. No corruption.
roll needed for the agent to come
alone or with one friend, -2 for 3 Closing Investigations
friends, -4 for 5 friends. This training The DIA has authority over all
lasts roughly and week, and allows the investigations that implicate national
agent to open one of the following security, and may shut down any
skills at d6, instead of d4:.Shooting, investigation that infringes on its area
An extra Language, Knowledge: of expertise. No roll needed for local
Demolitions, Survival, Stealth, investigations. +2 for a legal, federal
Swimming, Persuasion and investigation. Normal roll for any
Lockpicking. outside investigation except high-
profile media cases or
City Hall Archives Presidential/Congressional level
Access to old city archives where review. Even these two latter cases
plans and blueprints may be found. can be encouraged to stop with a -2
The municipal clerk normally calls the penalty. Without a credible case by the
building owner to ask permission to agent, all rolls suffers a -2 penalty.
release blueprints. This "courtesy call" May only be purchased by someone
may be avoided with a successfull with the DOD Infrastructure.
Influence roll (+2 for public buildings,
-2/-4 for high security installations). Codebreaker Supercomputer
Access to NSA's supercomputer
Classified Database facility gives +2 to any Knowledge:
Access to the extensive information Electronics check for hacking
sources accumulated by DTIC attempts. The time needed to hack is
analysts gives a +1 bonus to any divided by four. May only be
Knowledge: Science, Knowledge: purchased by someone with the DOD
Engineering and Repair tests both in Infrastructure.
connection to a Research project and
standalone tests. An Influence roll Cognitive Training Facilities
must be made if the information These cutting edge PSI labs gives an
sought is highly classified. A -2 penalty agent the opportunity to start out with
is applied if the task involves alien Cognition at d6 at the cost of 1 skill
technology. May only be purchased by point (instead of d4). In addition, any
someone with the DOD Infrastructure. Research projects involving Cognition
powers require one less breakthrough.
Cleansing Retreats See the PSI section for more
Occult researchers have started to information.
understand the basic dangers of
corruption, and they organize Computer Security Database
cleansing retreats in order to battle it. Access to NSA's manuals on
electronic security requires a check, willing to provide assistance.
and gives a +2 on Knowledge:
Computer to hack. The time is cut by Counterintelligence Files
half. This can be combined with the The FBI maintains files on every US
Supercomputer to give a total of +4 on government official with security
the Computer check, but the time is clearance, and conducts surveillance
only quartered. of these individuals every few years.
Also includes foreign dignitaries and
Corruption Camp foreign-born residents of the USA. This
Intensive encounter groups intended pulling string gives access to these
to strengthen body against corruption. files. May only be purchased by
Once a month, a request can be made someone with the DOD, Federal
to attend one of these camps. A Government, State Department or
normal Influence roll is required, -2 per State Government Infrastructure.
four extra personnel. The camps last
one complete week and gives the Criminal Resources
agent a +2 bonus on the next roll The agent's underworld contacts
against Corruption. See the grants him effective double the amount
Paranormal section for more of RP available for items with the
information about Seepage and criminal type. When attempting to
corruption. purchase equipment after game starts,
any Influence die rolls of 1 means that
the police have been tipped off. The
Corruption Treatment ramifications are up to the GM.
Aegis' CAPS-facilities have created a
program for treating supernatural Criminal Tracking
corruption. Gaining access to this Access databases on criminal activity,
program is an Influence test. The such as rap sheets, licenses, gun
parapsychologists and occultists may permits, housing permits, criminal
remove successive stages of records, fingerprinting, credit card
corruption. Each stage removed tracing etc. Normal roll if he has a
requires three months and a Spirit roll legitimate reason, -2 if not. If he
(a raise removes two levels). Even doesn't want any evidence left behind,
then, it is a 1 in 6 chance the character he needs a raise.
will return to the Seepages embrace
(all stages of corruption return CSICOP Training
immediately) each time she Members of the Committee for the
encounters threatening or extreme Scientific Investigation of Claims of the
supernatural manifestations. See the Paranormal work hard at debunking
Paranormal section for more any claim out of the ordinary. They get
information about Seepage and a +2 bonus on Fear rolls (and
corruption. subsequently a -2 bonus when rolling
on the Fright Table).

Counterculture Friends (1) [Choose Customs Analysis

a country] Gains a full analysis of a piece of
There are many subcultures around known technology through customs
the world - the Black Panthers, scientists. No roll is necessary, but it
environmentalists, Goths and takes 48 hours (24 hours with a
computer hackers. The agent can find success, 12 hours with a raise). If the
a contact with the right knowledge in substance is supernatural or alien in
whatever country is chosen in d6 days nature, the answer is received within 3
(d6 hours with a raise). No roll needed weeks, or 1week with a success, 60
for someone willing to part with hours with a success. May only be
information. Normal roll for a contact purchased by someone with the
Department of Treasury Infrastructure. can only be affected once in a given
mission. It takes d6 hours to get the
Dangerous Toxins operation shut down on US soil, 2d6
The character can gain a profile on hours on foreign soil. Half this with a
any known hazarduous material raise.
without a roll. A roll provides a single
vial. Diplomatic Itineraries
This pulling string gives access to
Dangerous Virus information on the security measures
Gain profile of known virus without roll. and locations of important personnel
A roll gives access to a sample of a involved in the political and diplomatic
dangerous virus (deadly virus with a process. To gain an interview or
raise). meeting with diplomatic personnel is
automatic (roll for foreign personnel). It
DARPA Labs is a normal roll to modify their routines
The Defense Advanced Research or schedules (-2 for foreign personnel).
Project Agency is the central research The agent can also use the movement
and development organization of the of diplomats to arrange a clever
DOD. This pulling string gives access means of secret transport. By
to DARPA labs, databases and travelling as a part of a diplomats
personnel. All Research tests gain +2. security retinue, the character can
May only be purchased by someone arrange for the Cell to gain entry to
with the DOD Infrastructure. any country with which the US has
diplomatic relations with. A normal roll
Demon Lore is required, -4 if bringing anything
Information on demons may be requiring mechanized portage. May
obtained through a normal Influence only be purchased by someone with
roll. A -2 is imposed to gain knowledge the State Department Infrastructure.
about the demons powers, while a
raise is needed to find out the bane of Discreet Staff
the said demon. If only the description Access to top-secret or high security
of the demon is known and not the researches. All research staff may be
name, researching is at a -2 penalty. purchased at -1 RP. If the staff
member already costs 1 RP, two staff
Deprogrammers members are recruited instead.
Professional making a living
deprogramming unfortunate people DNA Database
suffering from cult influence / This pulling string gives access to DNA
brainwashing. A normal Influence roll profiles derived from crime scene
is required, and the deprogramming investigations and from individuals
takes d6 days. If a 1 is rolled on the convicted of crimes. This is the official
Influence die, regardless of the wild story. In secret, FBI has sampled
die, the hold is not broken even after innumerable blood samples from
the d6 days. hospitable patients, newborn babies
and other sources, and now counts
Departmental Precedence tens of millions of individuals. If the
A character with this pulling string may sample to be analyzed is from
cancel any operation run by legitimate someone without a criminal record
authorities with a successful Influence since 1990, the Influence roll is at -4.
test, or by government agencies
operating clandestinely with a -2 Documents Lab
penalty. If the character is overseas, An agent may submit any kind of
he can supercede American paperwork or currency for analysis on
organization operations with a test, -2 forgery. A successful Influence test
if it is covert. Any particular agency gives an anlysis within 24 hours, or
generate a set of forged documents of of a particular grid in a city/town (no
any kind, from anywhere in the world, roll), entire small town or several
in 1d6 days. A raise halves these blocks of a large city (normal roll), a
times. A roll at -2 may be made for the large town or small city (roll at -2) or a
lab to attempt to match the papers with major metropolis (-4). The power will
all known forgery artists, and send remain cut for 1 hour (1d6 hours with a
back the latest location and raise).
biographical information on the forgers May only be purchased by someone
within 48 hours. Half with a raise. May with the Department of Energy or
only be purchased by someone with State Government Infrastructure.
the Department of Treasury
Infrastructure. Evidence Control
Gives an agent access to evidence
Doctored Flight Books control areas in order to examine
The agent is able, through friends and evidence or even to modify it.
contacts, to make sure that there is no To consult the evidence log, including
trace on log books that a flight the officers logs, requires no Influence
occurred, making it extremely difficult roll. A normal roll must be made to
to track the flights, or even know remove a piece of evidence, while
where he is up in the air. Normal roll doctoring the papers and adding a
for a small, -2 for a big plane and -4 for piece of false evidence requires -2 roll.
a commercial plane. Legitimately adding a piece of
evidence does not require another
Ear to the Ground test. -2 penalty if the character uses
The agent can learn various details this pulling string outside of his
about a country or region's political or jurisdiction.
economic situation, major players
within politics and business as well as Exorcist Teams
diplomats. With a -2 penalty, he gains A successful Influence test grants
information such as names of aides, access to an exorcist specialist, with a
financial backing and names of key Ritual skill die of d10 and knowledge
figures who are running the show. At of all the Spirit rituals. To add
-4 he may gain secret or blackmailable neophytes to assist, every two called
data about these VIPs. The character adds a -2 penalty. It usually takes d3
gains this information within (10 - roll) days for the exorcist teams to arrive,
hours. d6 hours on a raise. See the
Paranormal section for more
Easier Funding Tests information on rituals.
Given the sheer amount of money
flowing through the DOD coffers, Expedited Research
agents with ties to the Defense The DOE/OER labs are staffed by
Finance and Accounting Service can large numbers of quality researchers
channel money in certain ways when and supplied with top-flight equipment.
the dictates of defense require. This With the use of this pulling string, two
gives the agent a +2 bonus on long-term research tests may be made
Funding tests. May only be purchased per week, or two short-term projects
by someone with the DOD per day. May only be purchased by
Infrastructure. someone with the DOE Infrastructure.

Energy Blackout Experimental Energy

Characters with ties to the DOE may Due to the nature and variety of the
call upon the power of the Federal research programs run by DOE, a
Regulatory Commission over natural number of innovative technologies
gas, oil, electricity and hydro-electric have been are being developed. An
facilities. The agent may cut the power agent with this pulling string may be
able to analyze and supply energy for world, and a character is able to call
otherworldly devices. The energy on them in time of need. A successful
source will not be better than the Influence test gains access to either a
original, but will be superior to well-fortified compound or well-armed
connecting an alien weapon to a car supporters. The compound is safe and
battery. An Influence roll -2 is required fortified. The supporters are 2d6 well-
to create the power source and keep it armed militia members willing to join
secret. It will take d6 weeks of the fight against the aggressors and
development and construction time for imperialists.
small items, 2d6 months for larger
items such as spacecraft. A raise Fingerprinting
halves the time. Since most of the staff Access to fingerprint databases. No
involved in this are not in the know, roll needed to find someone with a
the project may result in a security record, -2 penalty to find someone
breach (GMs discretion). without. A -4 penalty is imposed on
foregin nationals.
Expermiental Psychic Drugs
MKULTRA and other psychic research Foreign Service Institute
organizations are careful, but The State Department runs a school
occasionally one of their samples of the Foreign Service Institute that
psi-drugs is either copied or the teaches courses on etiquette to safety
formula reconstructed. A normal roll overseas.
gives one dose additional doses This pulling string can be used either
requested suffer a -2 penalty. Delivery before gameplay starts, or through
is d6 days (half with a raise). One advancement. No roll needed for the
request per month only. Members of agent to come alone or with one
psychic organizations ususlly choose friend, -2 for 3 friends, -4 for 5 friends.
the Psi-Drugs pulling string over this. This training lasts roughly and week,
See the PSI section for more and allows the agent to open one of
information. the following skills at d6, instead of d4:
Knowledge (electronics), Persuasion,
Fanatical Support Taunt, Driving or one free language.
From activists to religious cultists,
various groups can always use a few Fringe Culture
more fanatical followers to help them Those with alternative views tend to
in their tasks. The followers are not stick together. An agent can try to pick
skilled, or outstanding in any way, but through her friends sources for any
they will follow orders to the end. They kind of information or needed services
can't be used for discreet tasks, but with a sucessful Influence roll. It can
they can cause a lot of mayhem. A also be used to gain a +2 bonus on
success sends up to four followers to any Knowledge skill.
your location, -2 for four and -4 for
eight. They arrive in 2D6 x6 hours, half Front Page News
with a raise. A connection with a journalist grants
the character the ability to push news
FBI Forensic Laboratory stories to the forefront, and conversely
Access to one of the largest and most to help bury stories in the paper. A
comprehensive crime laboratories in successful test is required to push a
the world. An analysis of a normal- newsworthy item further into the
priority sample can be gained spotlight. -2 penalty for a remotely
automatically within 24 hours. believable story to front-page news
and a -4 penalty to push an
Fellow Survivalists unbelievable or apparently impossible
Militias and citizens rights groups are story to front-page news. To bury a
very active in certain portions of the story, it is reversed. -4 penalty to bury
a newsworthy story and a normal test Funding Excellent table.
to bury an impossible and
unbelievable story. Funding Limited
Access to funding rolls using the
Funding - Basic Funding Limited table.
Access to funding rolls using the
Funding Basic table. Funding Excellent
Access to funding rolls using the
Funding Excellent Funding Excellent table.
Access to funding rolls using the

Funding Tables

Funding - Scarce
Funding Tests Disposable Income
Inf. Mod. Amount Inf. Resources
Aut $1-$100 D4 None
+2 $101-500 D6 None
+0 $501-1000 D8 None
-2 $1,001-$2000 D10 1 RP/month
-4 $2K - $6K D12 2 RP/month
-6 $6K - $10K
Funding - Limited
Funding Tests Disposable Income
Inf.mod Amount Inf. Resources
Aut $1-$500 D4 None
+2 $501-1K D6 None
+0 $1K-5K D8 1 RP/month
-2 $5K-$10K D10 2 RP/month
-4 $10K-$50K D12 3 RP/month
-6 $50K-$100K
Funding Basic
Funding Tests Disposable Income
Inf.mod Amount Inf. Resources
Aut $1-$500 D4 None
+2 $500-$5K D6 1 RP/month
+0 $5K-$10K D8 2 RP/month
-2 $10K-$20K D10 3 RP/month
-4 $20K-$100K D12 4 RP/month
-6 $100K-$500K
Funding Excellent
Funding Tests Disposable Income
Inf.mod Amount Inf. Resources
Aut $1-$1K D4 1 RP/month
+2 $1K-$10K D6 2 RP/month
+0 $10K-$20K D8 3 RP/month
-2 $20K-$100K D10 4 RP/month
-4 $100K-$500K D12 5 RP/month
-6 $500K-$1M

Funding Tests
When taking a Funding test, the
character shoud declare how much Without a roll, this pulling string can
money she is trying siphon from her arrange a fact-finding tour to any legal
agency/infrastructure. If she wishes, or public area for up to six people
she can attempt to better cover her within D6 days, 2d6 hours on a raise.
paper trail by getting a raise on the A -2 penalty is applied to restricted
Influence roll. At the end of each areas if the agent does not mind
month, the character tallies the total warning the target group of their plans.
amount she has requested (excluding The target will have performed as
any money she covered). The much damage control as possible
character makes a final Influence test within the few hours before the
adding to the roll penalty equal to the inspection arrives. A surprise
total money requested. If the roll (best inspection imposes a -2 penalty.
of Influence die and Wild die) is 1 or Another -2 penalty is imposed if the
below, the characters abuse of group wants to leave with physical
organization funds has been detected evidence such as photos and small
(GMs discretion on the repercussions objects.
of this event). If the
Influence die comes up as 1, the roll A funding organization grants money
fails no matter the wild die. to science/research projects. Once
every six months a successfull rolls
Example: Charles is a CDC scientist gives 20 RP of resources to spend on
with a d8 Influence with access to the labs/workshops, staff and/or
Funding-Basic pulling string. In the equipment related to specific research,
first week of the month, he borrows expeditions or related science
$5,000 (Influence +2, he rolls a 5) projects. The grant comes with $ 10
which he uses to fund an expedition to 000 in disposible income. If no new
Mexico. While in Mexico, he results emerge within six months, the
requisitions twice more, each for equipment will be repossessed and
$5,000. He gets a raise on the final the staff will leave. If results are
roll. The total amount for this month is forthcoming or partially reveal new
$15K. Normally, he would have had to technology, the character can make an
make an Influence roll -2 to avoid additional grant request every six
detection. Since he raised his last roll, months.
the last 5K was buried so deep it
cannot be detected. Therefore, he Hidden Cures
checks the modifier for $10K, and rolls A successfull check -4 gives character
Influence. He rolls a 5, and avoids access to one vial of a cure to a lethal
detection. biohazard (level 4). These cures are
kept in secret vaults deep innside
Depending on each characters job, USAMRID. This pulling string can only
they also have access to certain be used once per three months. The
disposable income. In effect, cures are panimmunity factors. If the
organizations with more money Influence roll is a 1 (regardless of wild
available can grant employees higher die), the story is leaked and any
salaries, and the higher Influence number of groups may take action
employees earn more money. Once (CDC, terrorist groups, media, etc).
per month, a character gains a number
of RPs that can be spent on the IAC Analysis
Civilian Sphere of Influence resources. The Information Analysis Centers
If the character doesnt spend any RPs (IAC) of the Defense Technical
that month, he may carry over 1 RP Information Center (DTIC) have some
per month cumulatively. of the best labs in the world for
theoretical applications. With a
Governmental Access successful Influence roll, any sample
submitted to a lab will be analyzed and tests are +4. The GM should
the analysis sen back within a week determine the nature of all police help,
(24 hours with a raise). The agent can but it could include sharing police
also raise specific questions, which the facilities, manpower and some
scientist will then examine and return a equipment (up to 2 RP).
suggested course of action.
Intel Files The agent has access to
Through connections in intelligence, laboratory/workshop of any particular
law and media agencies, information type. Poor No roll, Normal +2,
about a subject/target that was Good +0, Excellent -2, Superb -4.
investigated at some point in the past. Access is for 1 week, 2 weeks with a
No roll needed for information that raise. After this, new rolls must be
were in the news. Successfull roll made. Each lab is dedicated to one
gives information that would require specific filed, and a -2 penalty per field
intervieweing friends and associates is applied if the lab should cover more
and facts such as criminal background than that. To avoid the attention of
information along with known contacts other workers in the area, another -2
of the subject, typical hangouts, may be applied to work in complete
patterns of living, close friends and secrecy.
personal information. A roll at -2 gives
secret information that would require Laundered Funds
surveillance and/or With all the money and valuable
interrogation/torture. Finally, a roll at -4 property that passes through the
reveals all information collected using Department of Treasury, and the lack
any means possible, including of staff to closely monitor all
paranormal. This may not be transactions, characters can siphon
admissable in court. It takes D6 x 3 more money and resources without
days to get the information, 2d6 days the risk of detection. The total negative
with a raise. modifier to the agents Influence roll at
the end of a month is halved (minimum
Intelligence Agency Control zero).
The office of the Director of Central
Intelligence (DCI) coordinates
activities within the Intelligence Legal Access
community. The agent may divert or Attorneys or characters with ties to
cancel minor projects within the lawyers can not only get access to
intelligence community with a areas that are hard to penetrate, but
successfull roll and major projects with also enter these areas without being
a -2 modifier. The GM may add searched. They can smuggle up to a
another +2 or -2 depending upon how full briefcase of equipment or papers
the character explains this to his peers into a prison, police building,
and superiors. government offices or judicial building
without being searched. Can also gain
Jurisdiction access to crime scenes by claiming to
With ties to active law enforcement be representation of the accused or for
officials, the agent can easily obtain purposes of determining what
any and all law enforcement evidence was left behind.
assistance needed. This pulling string
grants access to the Backup pulling Legal Resources
string without extra cost. In addition, a As established veterans of the law
successful test gives the agent any enforcement and judiciary system,
other kind of help. -2 to the roll if Marshals may use their contacts in the
outside the characters jurisdiction. If police and judicial systems to perform
the character is in pursuit of a felon, all a variety of tasks.
Reliable information about law- needed to stop it in the first two weeks.
enforcement character, court Normal roll within a month, -2 in the
employee or prisoner can be retrieved second to third months and -4 beyond
with no roll. A roll grants a personal that.
interview with that person or May only be purchased by someone
unrestricted access to a federal facility with the DOJ, Federal Government,
at the character's convenience. -2 for State Department or State
highly classified persons or places, Government Infrastructure.
and -4 for people and places who
aren't supposed to exist. It takes d6 x Lost in the System
5 hours to obtain information, get Once a criminal has been put into the
access to a building or set up a jail through the use of an arrest power,
meeting. A raise halves this time. May it is possible for him to be lost in it for a
only be purchased by someone with while. Useful when attempting to
the Marshal Professions. replace people or even to keep them
out of the way long enough for other
Library plans to come to fruition. No modifier
This pulling string gives the agent to lose the prisoner for a day, -2 for 2-3
access to a library, one of a ritualists days, -4 for a week. The GM may
most valued properties. The quality of impose other bonuses or penalties
the library determines the bonus to depending on the status of the
occult research tests and the difficulty criminal.
of getting access. Each library has a
set personnel who can help a ritualist Map Library
learn a set of specific rituals The National Imagery and Mapping
(breakthrough requirement are one Agency provides timely and accurate
less than needed). imagery, imagery intelligence and
No roll - Normal library No bonus to geospatial information to the DOD.
research 3-5 rituals The character can get access to the
Normall roll Good library - +1 best domestic and foreign maps. A
research 6-12 rituals general map needs no roll. A roll is
-2 to roll Excellent library +2 needed if the map should include
research 13-18 rituals service roads, trails and detailed
-4 to roll Superb library - +3 research landmarks. For foreign maps, apply -2
19-24 rituals to general maps, -4 for specific ones.
May only be purchased by someone
Litigation Pressure with the DOD Infrastructure.
When an agent decides that putting
legal pressure on an individual or Maps
business will aid its mission, a DOJ The agent has access to "uncensored"
Profession or someone with such ties CIA maps of the world (without a roll).
may do so through one of the With a roll, he can access maps of
Litigation Organizations. A successful secret military or sensitive
test commences an investiagtion installations. Areas that "do not exist"
against a person or company within can be located with a -2 penalty. All
2d6 days (half with a raise). A second maps arrive in d6 days, half that with a
test turns the pressure up and a legal raise. May only be purchased by
suit is started within 2D6 days (half someone with the DCI Infrastructure.
with a raise). If the agent wants access
to confiscated materials or to be
included to an on-site investigation, Medical Advantage
another test may be made. Note that All medical facilities cost two RP less,
the agent does not have full control medical staff one RP cheaper, drugs
over this legal action, and the longer it and scientific and medical equipment
takes, the harder it is to stop it. No roll one RP less, special vehicles that are
medical in nature are three RP the agent to come alone or with one
cheaper. friend, -2 for 3 friends, -4 for 5 friends.
This training lasts roughly and week,
MHIC-EDOM and allows the agent to open one of
The agent has access to these mind- the following skills at d6, instead of d4:
controlling devices. A successful Fighting, Climbing, Driving, Shooting,
Influence roll gives a loan of up to one Repair, Pilot, Stealth, Survival and
week. Delivery depends on how far Tracking.
from the groups storage aret he item May only be purchased by someone
must be taken. If in the same town or with the DOD Infrastructure.
city, the device is delivered or dropped
off in an hour. Same country delivery is Mind Control Drugs
24 hours. -2 penalty for delivery to The agent has access to effective,
other countries. Damaged, destroyed, mind-altering drugs. These may be
lost or absconded devices result in a administered through ingestion,
visit by members of the granting contact or injection. A successful test
organization with some hard questions secures the agent four vials of 2 doses
of where the device was lost or each. -2 penalty for each vial sought
damanged, and a permanent die step within a one week period. Delivery
reduction to Influence. See the PSI varies depending on how far from the
section for more information. storage area the agent is. Theres also
a -2 penalty on delivery to foreign
Military Stores countries. The victim must make a
The agent can requisition twice his die Spirit roll to avoid the consequences,
step in Resource points from military -4 if the entire vials contents are used.
stores (e.g. an agent with d8 in The GM and player can determine the
Influence may requisition 6 RP). drug effects, but the follwing
However, the equipment must be hindrances are suggested: Delusional
returned within a week and in the (paranoia), Killer Instinct, Flashbacks,
same condition it was borrowed in. If Homicidal, Pacifist, Schizophrenia.
the agent needs it for one more week, The duration is 3 hours for 1 dose, 6
he may only borrow his Influence die hours for 2.
step times one. Items that will be
expended (except small arms ammo) Mobility over World
costs twice its listed amount of RP. Using special travel connections, the
Vehicles and other large equipment character can travel wherever in the
that has been damaged, must be world without leaving behind clues. No
repaired before delivery. Each RP not roll needed for travel within the US, a
returned lowers the agents Influence normal roll for travel to an allied
die step by one. This is temporarily, country and -2 for travel to a non-allied
and will come back at a rate of one per country. Another -2 is applied if
month. If this temporary reduction bringing a team or bringing more
brings the Influence skill below d4, a equipment than they can carry.
permanent reduction of the Influence Securing transportation takes d6 days,
die step also occurs. or d6 x 2 hours with a raise. May only
May only be purchased by someone be purchased by someone with the
with the DOD Infrastructure. DOD Infrastructure.

Military Training Facilities More Equipment

Some of the finest training and Most intelligence agencies develop
education facilities in the world are superior espionage technology. With
administered by or directly affiliated this pulling string, the agent can
with the DOD. This pulling string can secure any Intrusion, Electronics,
be used either before gameplay starts, Software, Surveillance,
or when advancing. No roll needed for Communications, Hostile Environment
Gear or Special Vehicles used
primarily for Espionage at -2 RP. Any
items with a basic cost of 2 RPs or
less are doubled in quantity instead. News Equipment
Getting a hold of some official media
Mount Expeditions equipment is a good way to sneak
This pulling string takes care of all around in the open. Access to
relevant permits, transportation to the cameras, uniforms, video and other
site and back for the entire expedition equipment requires a normal. News
and equipment. No test needed for a vans and helicopters are at -2. A live
domestic expedition, normal roll for broadcast at -4 and will normally have
foreign expedition to friendly country, a 10 second delay.
-2 to an unfriendly country. A particular,
hotly contested scientific site such as Noetic Science Institute
Stonehenge, the Sphinx or the Easter This institution in Austin, Texas has
Islands is -4. Time is 2d6 days, half spent over twenty years researching
this with a raise. psychic abilities.
Agents may open Telepathy at d6 at
NMID the cost of 1 skill point (instead of d4),
The National Maritime Intelligence either at character creation or through
Database gives access to maritime advancement. In addition, any
information on harbors, imagery of Research projects involving Telepathy
coastal regions, maps of the sea powers require one less breakthrough.
bottom etc. No roll gives you a highly See the PSI section for more
detailed map of a domestic or coastal information.
area including all possible
topographical information. A normal No Questions Asked
roll is needed for foreign locations. -2 if Halts any governmental investigation
the map covers classified or secret into claimed NSA activities or projects
locations, -4 if foreign. May only be within D6 hours.
purchased by someone with the DOD,
Federal Government and State No Trace
Government Infrastructure. Erase military flights from existence
with a successfull roll. No roll needed
New Age Movement for secret or stealth military aircraft, -2
Psychics brought up in the New Age for standard military crats. Also, -2 for
fringe movement have a talent for the planes that were involved in an air
psychic abilities untouched by incident.
mainstream psychics. Agents may
open Psychokinesis at d6 at the cost Official Agendas
of 1 skill point (instead of d4), either at A successfull Influence roll gives the
character creation or through agents access to details of security
advancement. In addition, any measures, agendas and travel routes
Research projects involving for government officials. -2 roll for a
Psychokinesis powers require one less member of the Presidential cabinet or
breakthrough. See the PSI section for a former President and family, -4 for
more information. the Vice-president, president and their
families. May only be purchased by
News Archive someone with the Secret Service
The agent has access to archives of Profession or the Federal
written, audio and video information, Government, State Department or
both published and not. No roll needed State Government Infrastructure.
for access to this, but an Investigation
roll is needed to find useful information PEAR Labs
within 24 hours, d6 hours on a raise. The Princeton Engineering Anomalies
Research Laboratories are home of Locus is -4. See more information
the most intensive psi-warfare about Pools and Loci in the
research in the world. Agents may Paranormal section.
open Bio-PK at d6 at the cost of 1 skill
point (instead of d4), either at Population Database
character creation or through The INS maintains a huge computer
advancement. In addition, any file of all naturalized citizens and of all
Research projects involving Bio-PK dual nationals. This database is linked
powers require one less breakthrough. to the Social Security Database. No
See the PSI section for more roll needed to check a suspects
information. immigration status. Normal test to gain
access to information such as name,
Police Cooperation birthdate and place and a general
An INS profession may divert or history of records (marriage, change
cancel any local investigation name, felonies, places of
automatically, or any federal employment). At -2, the agent can add
investigation with a normal test. -2 to a new name to the database, in effect
the roll if these cases are not near a creating a new identity for a short
US border, or in a territory. If not a period. The ID will stand up to scrutiny
plausible reason is given, the GM may for d6 days, or longer with a raise
impose another -2 penalty. (months or even years GMs
Police Resources
Access to various police equipment. Press Pass
No roll needed to access blank tickets, Press passes are available for many
uniforms, nightsticks, handcuffs and invite-only affairs. The difficulty of
other small odds and ends. Normal getting into the event depends upon
test to access police cruiser, how much attention the event is
motorcycles, snowmobiles, vans and seeking. Events with great public
other non-combat vehicles. -2 to exposures requires no roll. Events with
access 3RPs worth of weapons (that celebrities and big-name attendees
could be purchased through Law) and require a roll. A publicly known, but
limited amount of ammunition. -4 for private affair, would give a -2 penalty
access to police helicopters, boats, (major candidate fundraiser), while a
SWAT vans, 5 RPs worth of weapons secret event or one with closed
and limited ammunition. If vehicles or attendance list would give a -4 penalty
other large equipment are lost or (private celebritys or politicians party).
destroyed, it results in a permanent
reduction of an Influence die step. If Project Oversight
the equipment is used to help non- Members of the Director of Central
police personnel impersonate police Intelligence (DCI) office have access
officials, and they are caught, the to intelligence projects being run by all
Influence skill die reduction may be members of the US intelligence
worse. community. A roll is needed to request
dossiers on any current, past or
Pool Access planned Confidential project. Higher
Some magical institutions keep security classifications (Secret and Top
records on the locations of Pools and Secret) require rolls at -2 and -4. May
Loci, and even what causes them to only be purchased by someone with
become agitated. The agent may get the DCI Infrastructure.
information about locations of Pools
and Loci (places of high supernatural PSI-Drugs
activities). To find a Pool is automatic, Over the years, MKULTRA scientiss
an agitated Pool is a normal test, a and other researches have developed
Locus is a -2 test and an agitated a battery of designer drugs that
augment psychic powers. The first vial The FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia
requested requires a normal roll, with houses superior training facilities used
a -2 penalty for each additional vial. by the FBI, the DEA and other
Delivery time depends on distance agencies. This pulling string can be
from the Ranch or other storage used either before gameplay starts, or
facility. Within a state or two, delivery through advancement. No roll needed
time is 2d6 hours. Anywhere else in for the agent to come alone or with
the US takes 4d6 hours. -2 for delivery one friend, -2 for 3 friends, -4 for 5
abroad and increases the length of friends. This training lasts roughly and
time by 2 days. A raise halves this week, and allows the agent to open
time. See the PSI section for more one of the following skills at d6,
information. instead of d4: Fighting, Climbing,
Knowledge: Electronics, Driving,
PSI Labs Shooting, Stealth, Streetwise,
The agent can gain access to Tracking.
laboratories that offers psychic May only be purchased by someone
research possibilities and state-of-the- with the FBI or DEA professions.
art psychic equipment for accurate
testing. The quality of the library Quarantine
determines the bonus to psychic When CDC discovers an outbreak or
research tests and the difficulty of potential outbreak of an infectious
getting access. disease, it may send a team of doctors
No roll - Normal PSI lab No bonus to quarantine the affected party or or
to research area. The quarantine may last for
Normall roll Good PSI lab - +1 anywhere from between 24 hours to a
research full week. Quarantining an individual or
-2 to roll Excellent PSI lab +2 a family requires no roll. A normal rolls
research quarantines an apartment, office
No superb PSI labs are known to exist. building or complex. A small town or
See the PSI section for more neighborhood is at -2, and a large city
information. -4. A major city needs presidential
authority and national emergency.
Psychotrons Using quarantines as a cover up may
The agent has access to these attract media attention.
Russian engineered psychic devices.
A third order psychotron requires a Ranch Analysis
normal Influence roll. -2 penalty for a The extensive Ranch laboratories and
second order psychotron and -4 for a scientists/technicians are always on
first order psychotron. Delivery call to analyze alien technology or
depends on how far from the groups other materials. A scientific analysis of
storage aret he item must be taken. If unknown technology, material or
in the same town or city, the device is substance can be gained in one week,
delivered or dropped off in an hour. 1d6 days with a raise.
Same country delivery is 24 hours. -2
penalty for delivery to other countries. Random Surveillance
Damaged, destroyed, lost or The agent may request the FBI to
absconded devices result in a visit by undertake random surveillance of US
members of the granting organization citizens who are entrusted with
with some hard questions of where the security clearances of any kind. A
device was lost or damanged, and a normal Influence roll must be made for
permanent die step reduction to a full surveillance including bugging of
Influence. See the PSI Section for home and offices and 24-hour video
more information. monitoring. Penalties apply if the
target is influential or has a high
Quantico Training Facility security clearance.
mall, industrial zone or commercial
Safe House zone would impose a -4
Through various connections the penalty. It is impossible to do this kind
agent can gain access to a secure of surveillance on a large city or
low-profile location for six people (no metropolis.
roll). A new roll is needed every week,
and a -2 penalty applies in areas Satelite Surveillance: Intelligence
where a safe house would be difficult These satelites are the highest tech
to set up, like busy office areas, open possible and have been available
waterfronts, rural areas or foreign since the late 80s or early 90s. They
lands. can focus on tiny details, down to the
date on a penny. They are used to
Satelite Alexis take photos of ongoing intelligence
The agent has access to the largest operations and to confirm results of
and most ambitious psychotron ever those missions. The character can
built an orbital satellite. Using a reposition the satelite with an Influence
HERMES request, access to the roll, and also search the archives if
satellites capabilities requires a desired. If the agents target location is
successful Influence roll -2. The not deemed important to the observing
satellite has basically a d12 score in agency, the target will not be in the
Telepathyy in Bio-PK, and may be archives. Classified locations impose a
used for Bio-PK Trance or any -2 penalty to the Influence test.
Telepathy power. However, on a roll of
1-2 on d6, the desired power has been Satelite Surveillance: Standard
depleted and the agent must wait a These photo archives date back to the
week (half on a raise). The satellite late 60s and continue through the
position itself in 2d6 hours (half with present. Many countries now sell their
raise) and stays in position for 8 hours satelite images and/or their archives to
(twice with a raise). See the PSI companies or individuals. Unless the
section for more information. subject desired was important to the
observing agency, a Notice check is
necessary to find anything relevant. A
Satelite Surveillance: success finds a broad-detail photo d10
Communications x 10 miles in detail. A raise gives a
Spy satelites listen to cellular photo of d 10 x 10 yards.
communications, TV and radio
broadcasts and any other form of Satelite Surveillance: Video
communication that travels to and from The most secret and rarest of spy
other satelites. They follow all satelites are equipped with video
important traffic around the globe, capabilities. These satelites record the
including major cities and military movement of a nations enemies, its
bases. To reposition one to a more own important government officials,
limited or specific target requires an and other events and places that are
Influence roll. A communication satelite deemed important enough to be
monitors all traffic coming in and out of watched in detail. These cameras can
its target area. The smaller the area, zoom in to get fine details in a one-
the more likely the computer or yard by one-yard area. These are
technician will be able to pick out a generally focused on specific areas,
voice or a phrase. An area like a and
warehouse would require a normal requires an Influence roll -2 to
Notice roll. A small city block would reposition.
impose a -2 penalty. A small
village/town, a military base, shopping
Satelite surveillance
Gaining access to satelite records usually requires the character to physically visit
the location in which the records are stored. Recent records (past year) are stored in
the main location of the agency or at a branch equipped to view the data. To have the
files shipped requires another Influence roll and takes d6x2+6 hours via courier (half
that with a raise) within the US. To a foreign location, -2 on the Influence roll and
D6x2+12 hours (half that on a raise). To have them sent through the Internet incurs
an additional -2 penalty.

Time spent searching the files depends on the specificity of the information sought.
To have someone else search through the footage requires another Influence roll,
and adds D6 days (half that with each raise). A specific location on a specific day
would require one hour or so to look through the photos, while a specific location for
a period of months may take days to look through.

If searching for the specific voice of a known person who has been recorded, the job
can be assigned to a computer and takes D6 days. Communications can be turned
into transcripts and a computer can search them for specific phrases or patterns.
This task takes D6 days.

Having a satelite repositioned requires another Influence roll. If its an important area
to the observing agency, it is observable in D6 x 10 minutes, and is recorded for D6
+6 hours. If the spot is not a priority, it takes D6 hours to reposition a satelite and
images are available for D10 hours. All raises halves the time it takes to reposition,
and adds an hour to observation time.
prepped through a successful
Influence -2 test, it remains ready for
Search and Seizure eight hours (twice with a raise). After it
The character can arrange the search has been assigned a target, it needs
and seizure of any public or private 4d6 hours to reposition (half with a
area. If the search is essentially legal raise). It may not lock on to anything
(reasonable suspicion of illegal activity smaller than a compact car. It
can be shown), a success secures a malfunctions on 1 on d10. The satelite
warrant for an entire, or part of a, acts as a wild card and has Shooting
standard private home or business. A d10. Whatever it hits, is destroyed.
-2 penalty is imposed to search all or May only be purchased by someone
any part of a large residance or with the DOD Infrastructure.
company. -2 penalty also for areas that
are not owned by American citizens, Security Protocols
areas owned by illegal/quasilegal The character can circumvent any
agencies, and illegal searches or other federal agency as long as some
searches without justification. Law- form of diplomatic threat can be
enforcement agencies cannot reasonably foreseen. -2 penalty if the
target is a military agency. If the agent
move against military sites or federal needs extra support, she can actually
property. requisition help from these federal
agencies. A normal roll (-2 if military)
Secret SDI Gun Stars gains access to any non-classified
Access to the US Military's two facility or property that the agency
protoype killer satellites. The guns fire normally has use of. May only be
metal projectiles roughly the shape purchased by someone with the State
and size of a hockey puck. Few in the Department Infrastructure.
military and NASA are even aware that
Sending Presidential Orders
GS Fred and GS Ginger exist. Once By orchestrating duty rosters and the
Presidential agenda (Influence -2), an understaffing or faulty procedures. An
agent can arrange to be in the right investigation can be forcibly
place at the right time to send forged sidetracked for these reasons. A
presidential orders and directives. normal roll is needed to stop an
Depending on the importance of the investigation that has yet to become
orders, they may found to be public, while a -2 modifier is necessary
fraudulent in a few hours or days. A to drop one that is public. If the
stay of execution may not be character using this pulling string is a
discovered at all, while a directive to member of a law enforcement agency,
prepare for war with France will be all tests are at +2.
discovered within the hour.

Specialized Aircraft Student Think Tank

Gives the agent access to the use of a The character has access to some
specific, specialized aircraft. Requires kind of institution of higher learning,
access to a long runway or military where an expert on everything from
base. Aircraft are lent for a period of physics to ancient Egyptian
one mission. These aircraft include the hieroglyphics may help him. A
SR 71 Blackbird, the B2 Spirit stelath successfull roll presents the character
bomber, the F117 Nighthawk stealth with an expert with d10 in the required
fighter and the F/A22 Raptor stealth field of experties. A -2 penalty is
fighter on a successful roll. Rare applied for a wild card expert. The
experimental aircraft such as the consultation will take 1d6 x 6 hours to
Aurora impose a -2 penalty and any set up, half this with a raise. The
alien aircraft impose a -4 penalty. expert has a 1 in 6 chance of rousing
his curiosity if the topic is not easily
Species Identification explainable.
The Office of Energy Researchs
Human Genome Program (HGP) is the Supernatural Contacts
lead automated high-throughput DNA- Those groups or professions who have
sequencing program in the country. strong involvement in the supernatural
Unofficially, the program has been sometimes makes allies with the
broadened significantly. Grey, Saurian corrupted. Members of the groups may
and a few highly guarded Atlantean call upon their Forsaken or Incarnate
DNA samples are being analyzed as friends and treat them as honored
well. It also includes animals and members of the group. Its a normal
cryptozoological creatures. A full report test to call for the aid of a Forsaken,
is delivered in 1d6 days on a and a -2 test to call for an Incarnate.
successful Influence roll, 24 hours with Only one call may be made per month,
a raise. and any additional calls imposes a
cumulative -2 penalty. The number of
SPR Library such allies are not unlimited, and if
The Society for Psychical Research the Forsaken or Incarnate is killed, the
maintains one of the biggest libraries character loses a die step of Influence
devoted to paranormal phenomena in permanently. See the Paranormal
the world. Access to this library gives a section for more information about
+2 bonus on any tests involving Forsaken and Incarnate.
Knowledge: Paranormal or
Knowledge: Parapsychology Support
including tests to Research projects. The agent may find contacts
everywhere that is willing to do small
favors. No roll necessary to find a
Stopping Investigation middle-class contact. A semi-important
Many police investigations go person such as a manager requires a
unsolved or are dropped due to normal roll. -2 for an important private
personage such as the head of a authorization to create special task
corporation, while a nationally forces to carry out intelligence or
important figure is -4. GMs discretion international policy. The agent can
on how much of Aegis this person draw upon the resources of any of the
knows. armed forces, state department or
intelligence community members. The
SWAT task force must have a specific
Access to SWAT teams consisting of purpose and will be required to report
six highly trained, fully armed and weekly. The character has access to 3
armored men. To call a team to an restricted pulling strings points of any
ongoing violent situation requires no organization within these
roll. In a situation where there is no infrastructures 6 with a raise.
clear danger requires a roll. If the use
of the SWAT team needs to be a Travel Connections
secret, a -2 penalty is applied. The Using a network of international
team arrives within the hour. criminals such as drug couriers, gun
runners and smugglers the character
THOTH Analysis can get travel to any major city within
A remote viewing session can be input the country they are based within 48
into the characters HERMES Mark II hours automatically (half on a raise),
or higher terminal, and uploaded to normal roll for up to 6 people, -2 for
THOTH (the Project Cygnet any additional 3 above this. Travel to
supercomputer) for instant analysis. another country requires a normal roll
No roll needed for public locations. and d6 days (half on a raise), -2 per 3
Normal roll for private locations, -2 for additional people. If they have
military and -4 for non-existent sites. equipment more than they can carry,
-2 for sites outside of North America. add -2 penalty. If they are entering a
There is 2 in 6 chance to no highly restrictive area, add another -2.
information is available. The data
returned gives some idea of the UFO Spotting
degree of the accuracy of the viewing, Leaking information about UFO
and most likely target actually viewed sightings to various UFO fan groups
as well as whether or not the target throughout the world causes
was viewed in the past or possibly in enthusiasts to flock to the site. The
the future. It also gives both a monitor more influential the character is, the
and a psychic +2 bonuses on future more the groups will believe the story
checks regarding target locations and to be true and turn-out will be quicker
personnel connected to this and in greater numbers. Operations of
information. any group in the area will be greatly
See the PSI section for more disrupted, and secret groups will be
information. frequently forced to change their
operating area, or take action against
Translators the believer groups. The exact effects
The agent has access to specialists on of this is up to the GM, but certainly
living, dead and arcane languages. penalties to security and notice rolls
These personnel may be called upon are likely, and the odds of a blunder or
to translate any text in any living, dead leak are also higher. 1d6 groups of
or arcane languages with a successfull believers (each group counts 20-30
Influence roll. The time it takes to members) times half the agents
translate the texts is one week, 24 Influence die, show up in 1d6 days
hours with a raise. (half that with a raise).

Task Force Creation Unrestriced Access

The Department of Central Intelligence The agent may gain entry into all
can secure the Presidents governmental complexes under the
guise of errands for the President. This
does not mean they get free roam of Wide Berth
the building in particular secure Local police and even most federal
areas, an escort will be provided. No agencies tend to give the DEA a wide
roll needed for non-secure public berth. These organizations can be
buildins or minor security non-public warned off any DEA investigation with
areas of public buildings. Normal roll a well-placed phone call and a
for regular security military buildings, succesfull Influence test (-2 for federal
-2 for high security/classified areas or characters). DEA agents do not have
-4 for non-existent places. A -2 free reign however, and excessive
penalty is applied for each non-Secret unusual activity will most likely prompt
Service individual brought in, or for inquiry higher up the chain of
each Secret Service character beyond command.
the first two. The agent may also try to
gain unescorted access to the WITSEC
complex or facility with a -2 penalty. The US Marshalls Witness Security
Program protects witnesses in major
Vehicle Check (choose a state) criminal cases. An agent with this
Access to DMV-databases can reveal pulling string can use the program to
vehicle and owner information. A create untraceable Ids with a
successful roll traces a license plate successful Influence roll. An Influence
and gives information about name, roll with a -4 penalty is needed to
address, Social Security number, search through WITSECs databases
phone numbers and description. to break a witness cover and find his
Getting information on outstanding or hers new and old identity.
warrants and traffic tickets requires a May only be purchased by someone
succesfull roll at -2. Running a vehicle with the DOJ Infrastructure.
check outside of the chosen state is
also a penalty of -2. Workshop
The agent has access to a non-vehicle
Vehicle Workshop workship of any particular type. Poor
The agent has contacts that can help workshop = no roll, normal workshop =
with repairs or small modifications on +2, good workshop = +0, excellent
ground vehicles. Poor workshop = no workshop -2 superb workshop -4.
roll, normal workshop = +2, good Each workshop is dedicated to a
workshop = +0, excellent workshop -2 particular field, and each additional
superb workshop -4. An agent may field required adds a -2 penalty. To
gain access to a private garage to have the workshop in a secure
store vehicles with a normal test, and location with no chance of drawing
they can be stored for d6 days (twice attention, add another -2. The agent
with a raise). has access for 1 week, twice that with
a raise.
Watercraft Workshop
The agent has contacts that can help
with repairs or small modifications on
seaworthy vessels vehicles. Poor
workshop = no roll, normal workshop =
+2, good workshop = +0, excellent
workshop -2 superb workshop -4. An
agent may gain access to a private
dock to store seacraft with a normal
test, and they can be stored for d6
days (twice with a raise).
Part 7: Resources
Cell Creation
After character creation, the group should work together in order to stock
the cell with the necessary facilities and equipment. Each agent should by
now have an Influence skill die and one or more Spheres of Influences. The
agents Profession and Infrastructure indicates which Sphere(s) of
Influence he may choose from. Use the following table to determine how
many Resource Points from his Sphere(s) of Influence he has available.

Influence Resource Points

Skill (RPs)
D4 5
D6 10
D8 15
D10 20
D12 25

The cell then pools together all its resource points in the various Spheres
of Influence, and purchases the equipment listed on the following pages.

Examples: A cell of four agents consists of a CDC agent (SoI Science &
Research), with d6 influence (10 RPs, a CIA Agent (SoI Intelligence) with
d8 influence (15 RPs), a CAPS Psychic with Infrastructure Aegis (SoI
Paranormal and Intelligence) with d4 influence (5 RPs) and a Prison
Criminal, and d8 influence (15 RPs). Their RP pool is S&R 10, Criminal 15,
Intelligence 15 and 5 points that can either be spent on Paranormal or

Location M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci
Abandoned Building 5 5 4 4 6 5
Armored Location +5 +5 +5
Bomb Shelter 2 2 3 4 3 4
Estate 6 5 4 4
Industrial Park 12 11 10 10
Marine Research Vessel 10
Military Base 15
Mobile Home 6 5 5 6
Office Building 6 5 6 8 5
Ofshore Oil Rig 15 15
Private Residence 5 4 5 5 5 3 3
Storefront 2 1 1 2 1
Underground 15 18 16
Underwater 16 15
Warehouse 7 8 5 5 6 8 5

Only game efects and restrictions are listed here. For more information,
see Aegis Handbook p. 119.

Abandoned building: No airstrip. Two Large faciliies and no facility may

be obvious from the outside.
Armored Locations: Gives the location an armor of 15 and the facility
cannot be damaged by less than Heavy Weapons.
Bomb shelter: No large facilities, no airstrip, no helipad, combined lab
and workshop staf can be max 5.
Estate: Includes pool, gym, garage (20 size leves) and six bedrooms, 1
large facility. No airstrip.
Industrial park: Includes mainframe computer facility. Max two Large
Marine Research vessel: Includes radar array, GPS terminal and base
radio. Deck includes helipad and room for two watercraft. Only one Large
facility (no Airstrip).
Military base: Includes barracks and a brig. Only agents from the DOD
infrastructure or Project Moondust can spend resource points for this. A
connection is not enough.
Mobile home: Two beds, kitchen and bathroom. No large facilities. No
airstrips or anything else that is too bulky or requires large energy
Office building: Includes ten phone lines, computer workstation, fax
machine, copier and a paper shredder. No airstrip. No large facilities.
Offshore oilrig: Two large facilities. Not airstrips. Garage only for
seagoing vessels, and must include an vehicle elevator.
Private residence: Includes three dormitory-style rooms and a two-car
garage (12 size levels). One large facility. No airstrip or helipad.
Storefront: Includes window shutters or tinting and a good security
system. Lower the costs of underground sites by 1 RP. No large facilities,
airstrips or helipads. One single living quarters only. One garage and one
other facility may be attached to the store.
Underground: Hangars or garages require elevator. Underground
airstrips costs 5 RP extra.
Underwater: Includes life support facility. No facilities for aircraft or
vehicles incapable of submerging.
Warehouse: One large facility. No airstrip.

Standard Facilities
Standard Facilities M I SR Cr Po Pa
Armored Facilities +1 +1 +1
Auditorium/Briefing room 1 1 1 1 1 1
Barracks (2 = Large) 2 2
Biohazard suite 8* 5*
Brig (2 = Large) 2 3 4 2
Darkroom 5 3 3 4 4 3 3
Dive Bay 1 2 1 2 3
Dormitory (4 = Large) 1 2 2 3 2 3
Environment Chamber 5
Isolation Tank 4 3
Killing House (Large) 4 4 3
Life Support 6 5 8
Quarantine Slammer 17 15
RV Room 13 12 13 10
Storage Vault 2 2 2 2 2 2
Submarine Dock (Large) 3 4 6
Suite (2 = Large) 2 2 2 2 2 2
Telecommunications Lines 2 2 2 2 2 2

* These entries have special cost or size features. See the descriptive
SotM This facility is detailed in the Shadows of the Mind sourcebook

Only game efects and restrictions are listed here. For more information,
see Aegis Handbook p. 123. If no description is given here, the title is self

Armored Facilities: Gives the location an armor of 15.

Barracks: Houses 10 people. Includes bed, lockers, showers and
Biohazard suite: Modifies a lab. Cost is as listed, + max staffing level for
the suite. Needed to work with lethal viruses, chemical and biological
hazards and extraterrestrial biological samples and life forms.
Brig: Holds four prisoners.
Dormitory: For one or two people similiar to cheap hotel room.
Environment chamber: Designated for handling people and objects
exosed to extra-terrestrial environments like the moon and near-orbits.
Can also be used as a decompression chamber.
Isolation chamber: Hermetically sealed chambers gives +2 on any long-
distance PSI test. Only characters with PSI powers or from agencies that
research such powers may purchase this.
Killing house: Tactical excercise chamber with moving targets. Agents in
cells with this facility may open up Shooting at d6.
Quarantine slammer: Room for 1 person. Used for observation of
biohazard victims. Includes IC unit.
RV Room: A soundproof and lightproof room with no psychic signature.
Gives +2 to any Remote Viewing test.
Storage vault: Airtight, secure, radiation-proof, steel-walled storage 4 x
4 meter deep.
Submarine Dock: Two mini-subs can be placed here. Can also be used as
a maintenance bay.
Suite: Two-person rooms with kitchen, living area and bedrooms.
Telecommunications lines: Examples include 20 dial-in phone lines
suitable for data, voice or fax transmissions, a long-distance internetwork
computer connection linking two or more geographically remote locations
or a satellite earth station uplink. Each of these items are considered a
separate facility and must be purchased separately.

Computer Facilities
Computer Facilities M I SR Cr Po Pa
Mainframe (3 = Large) 6 5 5 6 6 7
Personal Computer/Workstation 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Supercomputer (2 = Large) 12 10 8 12 13 12

Only game efects and restrictions are listed here. For more information,
see Aegis Handbook p. 124.

Mainframe: +1 to Knowledge (electronics) checks made to research

Personal computer/workstation: Required to use the Knowledge
(electronics) skill for computer tasks.
Supercomputer: +1 on Knowledge (electronics) check to hack into other
computer systems.

Medical Facilities
Medical Facilities M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci
Field Hospital (3 = Large) 5 3 5 4
Hospital (Large) 8 10
Intensive Care Unit (Large) 10

Only game efects and restrictions are listed here. For more information,
see Aegis Handbook p. 125.

Field hospital: Includes 5 beds and supplies equivalent to a Medics Kit.

Hospital: Supports 2 patients. Gives a +2 bonus on Healing, both for
doctors trying to aid the patient, and for the patients self-recovery.
Intensive Care Unit: Supports only one patient, but gives that patient
+4 bonus on Healing, both for doctors healing and for self-recovery.

Radar Facilities
Radar Facilities M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci
Poor 1 2 3
Average 2 2 3 3 4
Good 4 4 4 5 4 6
Superb 8 8 8
Short Range Scan Module +2 +2 +2 +4 +3 +5
Short Range Increase Module +2 +2 +2 +4 +3
Medium Range Increase Module +4 +4 +4 +6 +5 +7
Long Range Increase Module +6 +6 +6 +8
Extreme Range Increase Module +8 +8 +8 +10
Focus Module +5 +5 +5 +7

Radars have their own die rating which the operator uses when the radar
checks to see if something shows up on radar. If a wild card is operating
the radar, the radar also receives a wild die. The quality of the radar also
gives its range. The first number is for the huge, stationary radar and
shipboard radar, the other for vehicular radar. Add-on modules can be
bought for more range and modifiers to the radars skill roll.

Poor: d4 / 30 km / 1 km
Average: d6 / 50 km / 4 km
Good: d8 / 80 km / 6 km
Excellent: d10 / 100 km / 8 km
Superb: d12 / 200 km / 12 km
Short Range Scan: 30 km/ 1 km - +1 to checks within range
Short Range Increase: +20 km / + 2km
Medium Range Increase: +50 km / + 5 km
Longe Range Increase: +80 km / + 8 km
Extreme Range Increase: +120 km / + 10 km
Focus Module: Allows for a very focused scan upon a particular area
within the radar range. The area can be of a radius no longer than the
radars skill die / 2 * 10 in meters (e.g. a d8 radar must circle in an area no
more than 40 meters in radius). It provides a +4 bonus to radar tests in
the area focused upon.
Radar Tests
Radars do not need to test for anything but the most stealthy and small
objects, and radar tests may be made once per round.

Size of target
1 -6 8-9 +2
2-3 -4 10-15 +4
4-5 -2 16+ +6
6-7 +0

Radar Modifiers
Low Radar Signature (F-22 Raptor, Stealth Helicopter, Grey Craft) -2
Ground/Sea Stealth Vehicle (Shadow) -4
Airborn Stealth Vehicle (B2, F117) -6
Alien Tech Stealth Craft (Aurora) / Saurian Craft: Gna-Tall -8
Atlantean Craft/Saurian Craft: Croll/Te-Mulys -10
Saurian Craft: Kath-Yal -12
Especially High Radar Signature (Transport Plane, Building) +2
Jamming +2
Stealth Vehicle Actively Opposing Radar -1

Training Facilities
Training Facilities M I SR Cr Po Pa
Firing Range (Large) 2 2 4 3
Gym 2 3 4 3 3
Pool (Large) 4 4 2 4 3 3

Only game efects and restrictions are listed here. For more information,
see Aegis Handbook p. 125.
Firing range: Allows an agent to open Shooting at d6
Gym: Allows an agent to open Climbing, Fighting and Throwing at d6
Pool: Allows an agent to open Swimming at d6

Vehicle Facilities
Vehicle Facilities M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci
Airstrip (Large) 8 10 11 10 10 10
Garage (*) 1* 2* 1* 2* 1* 3* 3*
Hangar (Large) 1* 2* 1* 2* 1* 3*
Helipad 5 6 6 8 5 7
Vehicle Elevator 4 4 3 5 3 5

Only game efects and restrictions are listed here. For more information,
see Aegis Handbook p. 125. If no descripton is given, the title is self

Airstrip: Includes tower facilities and radio/radar equipment.

Garage: Equipped for standard maintenance. A workshop is required for
major repairs or modifications. Garages cost 1RP per 4 size levels. 12 size
levels = Large facility.
Hangar: Equipped for standard maintenance. An aerospace workshop is
required for major repairs or modifications. Hangars cost 1RP per 4 size
Helipad: Includes radar and radio equipment.

Work Facilities
Work Facilities M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci
Additional Space (per Staf) +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
Aerospace (Staf = 3) 5 5
Automotive (Staf = 2) 3 5 3 4 4
Construction (Staf = 2) 4 3 2 4 3
Electronic (Staf = 2) 4 3 2 4
Expanded Service * * * * * * *
Lab/Library (Staf = 1) 2 1 1 3 3 1
Mechanical (Staf = 2) 4 3 2 4 4
Workspace Quality: Poor -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3
Workspace Quality: Good +5 +5 +5 +5 +5 +5 +5
Workspace Quality: Excellent +10 +10 +10 +10 +10
+10 +10
Workspace Quality: Superb +15 +15 +15 +15 +15
+15 +15

Only game efects and restrictions are listed here. For more information,
see Aegis Handbook p. 125. If no descripton is given, the title is self

Aerospace: Two or more workshops are needed to build an airplane from

scratch. Requires a hangar to be useful.
Automotive: Two workshops needed for bigger vehicles like semi-tractors
or tanks.
Construction: Woodworking and other construction.
Electronics: Two shops needed for copying or constructing new circuit
boards and small integrated circuits. Thee allow for fabrication of small
quantities of high-density integrated circuits by electron beam etching.
Mechanical: Lathes, milling-machines, band-saws and other equipment
necessary for fabrication of machine parts. Large parts such as rotor-
blades, wing struts etc. requires 3 or more workshops.
Lab/library: A lab or library must be assigned to one of the following
skills: Knowledge (any), Healing.
Expanded Service: Labs/libraries may be expanded to another skill at
the cost of 1 RP. Other workshops may be expanded to include another
type of workshop at 1 RP less than the original.
Example: A Lab (Knowledge: Science: Physics) may be expanded to also
be a Lab (Knowledge: Science: Chemical) at a cost of 1. An Electronics
workshop purchased by someone from the Millitary, can expand to
Construction at the cost of 3 RP. Use common sense a Knowledge
(paranormal) library cannot be expanded to a Lab (Knowledge:
Engineering) for 1 RP.
Workspace quality: Poor: -2, Excellent +2, Superb +4 on Research
checks. See the Players Compendium for more information.

Research Staf
Research Staff M I SR Cr Po Pa
Academican 5 4 2 4 3 2 3
Computer Specialist 3 2 2 4 3 6
Doctor 3 4 2 3 3 5
Engineer 3 3 2 4 4 6 3
Lab Assistant 2 2 1 2 2 2
Monitor 4 3 4 5 5 2 4
Scientist 4 3 2 4 5 5 3
Technician 3 3 2 3 4 5 3

Description: Staf are always extras.

Academician: Smarts d10, Knowledge (paranormal) d8 or Knowledge

(computer) d8
Computer specialist: Knowledge (electronics) d10
Doctor: Healing or Knowledge (parapsychology) d10, Knowledge
(electronics) d8
Engineer: Knowledge (engineering: choose specialization) d10,
Knowledge (electronics) d8
Lab assistant: Knowledge (science: choose specialization) d8 or Healing
d8 or Knowledge (parapsychology) d8, Healing d6, Knowledge (electronics)
Monitor: Knowledge (parapsychology) d10, Hypnotist edge. For 1 more
RP, the Monitor also has the Mind Control edge.
Scientist: Knowledge (science: choose specialization) d10, Knowledge
(electronics) d6
Technician: Repair d10, Knowledge (electronics) d6

Operations Staf
Operations Staff M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci
Intelligence 3 2 5 4 3 6 3
Pilot/Driver/Sailor 2 3 4 3 3 5 3
Soldier/Mercenary 2 4 5 3 4 6 4

Description: Staf are always extras.

Intelligence: Shooting d8, Fighting d10, Stealth d8

Pilot/driver/sailor: Pilot, boating or driving d10, Shooting d8, Repair d8
Soldier/mercenary: Shooting d10, Fighting d10

Pistols M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci #
Auto Pistol 2 2 2 2 4 5
Dart Pistol 3 2 4 5
Machine Pistol 2 2 4 4 5
Revolver 2 2 3 2 4 10
Sub-Machine Gun 2 2 3 4 5
Taser 1 2 2 1 1 5

Description: Explains which weapons in the Savage Worlds Deluxe

Edition these weapons correspond to. You can choose a selection of the
available weapons.
Example: Auto-pistol gives 5 weapons. You could choose 5 glocks, 2 glocks
and 3 Rugers or any combination.

Auto pistol: Glock, Colt 1911, Desert Eagle, Ruger

Dart pistol: New weapon: 5/10/20 2d8* 1 3 1 Special
SeSee Tranquilizer for efect. * Only for purposes of overcoming armor
Revolver: Derringer, Colt Dragoon, Colt 1911, S&W 44, Peacemaker, S&W
Sub-machine guns: All weapons under submachine guns.
Taser: New weapon 2/4/8. Anyone hit must make a Vigor roll -2 or become
unconscious for 1d6 rounds. Even if the roll is made, the agent is Shaken
for d6 rounds (no chance to recover). A raise allows for the efect to be
recovered from. The target will still be connected to the cord after being
hit, and the attacker may send another jolt (max 10) into the target each

Rifles M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci
Assault Rifle 2 2 3 2 5
Bos 2 2 2 5
Dart Rifle 2 2 4 5
Elephant Gun 2 4
Rifle 2 2 2 2 4 5
Shotgun 2 2 3 2 4 5
Sniper Rifle 2 2 3 2 1

Description: Explains which weapons in the Savage Worlds Deluxe

Edition these weapons correspond to. You can choose a selection of the
available weapons.
Example: Assault rifle gives 5 weapons. You could choose 5 AK-47s, 2 AK-
47s and 3 M-16s or any combination.

Assault Rifle: All weapons under Assault Rifles.

Bows: Bow, crossbow, English long bow or sling (see Medieval weapons
Dart rifle: New weapon. 12/24/48 2d8* 1 7 7
SeSee Tranquilizer for efect. * Only for purposes of overcoming armor
Elephant gun: Barrett, Sharps Big 50
Rifle: M1, Kar98, Spencer Carbine, Winchester 76
Shotgun: All weapons under Shotguns
Sniper rifle: Any rifle (or elephant gun). Modified for sniping and includes
bipod, silencer and sight mount.

Heavy Weapons
Heavy weapons M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci #
Flamethrower 2 4
Heavy machine gun 3
Light machine gun 2 4 5 4 1

Description: Explains which weapons in the Savage Worlds Deluxe

Edition these weapons correspond to.

Flamethrower: Flamethrower
Heavy machine gun: M60, MG34, MG42, SAW
Light machine gun: Gatling, M2 Browning, M1919, 7.7 MG, Besa, DTMG,
14.5mm MG

Launchers M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci #
Disposable RL 1 10
Grenade Launcher 2 3 4 3
Missile Launcher 2
Mortar 2
Rocket Launcher 2
Underbarrel GL 2 3 4 3
Vehicular GL 2

Description: Explains which weapons in the Savage Worlds Deluxe

Edition these weapons correspond to.

Disposable RL: Panzerfaust

Missile Launcher: Bazooka, Panzershrek,
Mortar: New weapon. Min. range 40 meters. Smarts -2 to hit target. If
not, the hit deviates 2d10 in a random direction. Damage 3d6 (AP 5).
Rocket Launcher: AT-4, M72 Law
Underbarrel GL: M203 40MM. Mounts under an assault rifle.
Vehicular GL: M203-40MM. Mounts on a vehicle.

Ammunition M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci
40 mm Grenades
Flare 1 1 2 1 40
Flechette 1 2 2 40
High Explosive 1 1 2 1 40
Ripper 1 2 2 40
Smoke 1 1 2 1
Tear gas 1 1 2 1 40
Armor Piercing Bullets +1 +1 +1 +1 NA
Dragon Rounds +1 +1 +1 NA
Tactical Bullets +1 +1 +1 +1 NA
Tracer Bullets +1 +1 +1 NA

Description: Only game efects and restrictions are listed here. For more
information, see Aegis Handbook p. 131. If no descripton is given, the title
is self explanatory.

40 mm Grenades: Used in Underbarrel or Vehicular GL.

Flare: Illuminates a 100-meter diamater area. The parachute flare burns
for 1d6+3 rounds. When a flare is fired, anyone not taking precautions to
shield their eyes must make an Agility test -2 or be blinded for d6 rounds.
Flechette: Range halved. LBT. AP 2
High explosive: AP 8.
Ripper: Fires a cloud of razor sharp metal. Cone template. 2d10 damage
to anyone.
Smoke: LBT of smoke. Lasts for d6 rounds. Nightvision goggles needed to
Tear gas: Vigor -2 or shaken for d6 rounds. Checks made to recover also
sufers -2 penalty.
Armor piercing bullets: +2 AP to weapon
Dragon rounds: Only available for shotguns. Victims catch on fire.
Shotgun will fail on a Shooting roll of 1, regardless of the result on the Wild
Tactical bullets: +2 damage, but this is applied only if the original
damage penetrates the Toughness. Before that, damage is -2.
Tracer bullets: When Tracer Bullets are used in conjunction with
Suppressive fire, any subsequent shots fired against targets in that
directon the same round eliminates 2 points of negative modifiers for
shooting in dark areas.

Melee Weapons
Melee Weapons M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci #
Club 1 1 1 1 1 24
Knife 1 1 1 1 24
Mace Spray 1 1 2 20
Stun Gun 1 1 1 1 1 2 10

Description: Explains which weapons in the Savage Worlds Deluxe

Edition these weapons correspond to.

Club: Baton, Brass knuckles

Knife: Bayonet, Switchblade, Survival knife
Mace spray: Anyone hit must make a Vigor roll -2 or become Shaken for
d6 rounds. To recover before this time, a -2 penalty is applied to the roll.
Stun gun: Touch attack. Anyone hit must make a Vigor roll -2 or become
unconscious for 1d6 rounds. Even if the roll is made, the agent is Shaken
for d6 rounds (no chance to recover). A raise allows for the efect to be
recovered from.

Thrown Weapons

Thrown Weapons M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci #
Hand Grenades,
Frag 1 1 2 1 40
Incendiary 1 1 2 1 40
Smoke 1 1 1 1 3
Stun 1 1 2 2 1 3 40
Tear Gas 1 1 2 1 2 3 40
Throwing knife 1 1 1 1 50

Description: Only game efects are listed here. For more information, see
Aegis Handbook p. 132. If no descripton is given, the title is self

Incendiary: Anyone within the MBT catches on fire. Damage as a

Smoke: MBT of smoke. Lasts for d6 turns. Nightvision goggles needed to
Stun: Agility -2 or shaken for d6 rounds. Checks to recover also sufers -2.
Tear gas: Vigor -2 or shaken for d6 rounds. Checks made to recover also
sufers -2 penalty.

Explosives M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci #
Breaching Charge 1 1 2 2 10
Claymore Mine 1 10
C-4 1 1 1 2 2 5
Detonators: Radio 1 1 1 2 2 1 50
Detonators: Timer 1 1 1 2 2 1 50
Dynamite 1 1 1 2 2 5
Satchel Charge 1 5

Description: This is a combination of game terms for the item, and what
weapon it corresponds to in the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition.

Breaching Charge: Small, tamped charge that creates a six-feet wide

hole in the wall. Inefective against armored locations. Anyone on the
other side of the wall must make a Vigor -2 or be stunned for d6 rounds.
Any checks to recover also sufers a -2 penalty.
C-4: 4d6 damage. Counts as heavy weapon. Knowledge (demolition)
check required. May be used with detonators.
Claymore Mine: Claymore
Satchel Charge: 3/6/12 1 4d6 LBT Use Throw skill
Detonators: A Knowledge (demolitions) check may be made so that the
explosive will go of when tampered with.
Dynamite: LBT 4d6 requires Knowledge (demolitions). May be used
with Detonators.

Surveillance M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci
Audio Bugs 1 2 1 1 24
AV bugs 1 2 1 1 12
Bug Detector 1 2 2 1 2
Burst Transmitter 1 1 2 1 3 3
Camera 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 4
Headset Microphone 1 1 2 3 2 1 6
Infrared Flashlight 1 1 2 3 1 12
Infrared Goggles 1 1 2 3 2 2 2 10
Laser Eavesdropper 2 1 3 1 3
Nightvision Goggles 1 1 3 1 3
Remote Monitor 1 1 3 1 1 6
Shotgun Microphone 1 3 1 1 2
Starlight Telescope 1 1 1 3 2 3 2
Tape Recorder 1 1 2 1 1 1 6
Telescope 1 1 2 1 1 4
Video Camera 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 3
Video Cassette Recorder 1 1 2 1 1 1 6
Wiretap 1 2 1 1 12
Wiretap Detector 1 2 1 1 5

Description: Only game efects are listed here. For more information, see
Aegis Handbook p. 133. If no descripton is given, the title is self

Audio bugs: 72 hours battery life. Activate only upon sound. Receiver
must be within half a kilometer.
AV bug: As audio, but transmits data as long as it is light to see.
Bug detector: Only detects bugs that transmit, not those that only
Burst transmitter: Transmit messages and data. Range 10 kilometers.
Camera: Professional camera, including lenses, tripods, filters and
Laser eavesdropper: Targets windows, and reads the vibrations. Line
of sight. 10 kilometer range.
Nightvision goggles: -1 perception tests based on sight.
Remote monitor: Used in conjunction with video cameras, AV bugs,
satellite imagery etc.
Shotgun microphone: +4 to sound-based Perception tests out to 1 km.

Intrusion M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci #
B&E Kit 1 1 1 1 4
Lock Pick 1 1 1 1 5
Lock Pick: Electronic 1 1 1 2
Lock Pick Gun 1 1 1 4

Description: Only game efects are listed here. For more information, see
Aegis Handbook p. 135. If no descripton is given, the title is self

B&E Kit: Includes bolt cutters, prybars, glass cutter, hack saw and a
Lock Pick: Needed to avoid the -2 penalty to lockpicking for mechanical
Lock Pick: Electronic: Needed to pick electronic locks.
Lock Pick Gun: +2 to picking mechanical locks.

Communications M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci #
Base Radio 1 2 1 3 2 2 3 1
Cellular Phone 1 1 1 1 1 6
Hands Free Radio 1 2 1 1 12
Personal Radio 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 6
Satellite Uplink 1 1 1 2 1 2 1
Scrambler 1 1 2 2 4
Signal Jammer 1 1 2 2 1
Vehicle Radio 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Description: Only game efects are listed here. For more information, see
Aegis Handbook p. 136. If no descripton is given, the title is self

Base radio: Large, stationary radio transceiver with a max range of 100
kilometers in optimal conditions.
Hands free radio: Range 0.5 kilometers.
Personal radio: Range 2 kilometers.
Satelitte uplink: Sends and receive signals to an orbiting satellite.
Normally used on a vehicle.
Scrambler: Used on radio transceivers (including cell phones), and sends
encrypted messages intelligible only to another radio connected to a
scrambler with the same settings. 15 minutes of transmissions and a
Knowledge (electronics) check may decipher scrambled transmissions.

Electronics M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci #
GPS Terminal 2 1 1 3 3
Laptop Computer 2 1 1 3 2 1 2 1
Photo Recon Drone 2 2 3 4
Portable Radar 3 3 3 5 1
Telemetry Robot 3 2 4 3 1
Submersible Tele. Robot 3 2 4 1

Description: Only game efects are listed here. For more information, see
Aegis Handbook p. 137. If no descripton is given, the title is self

Photo Recon Drone: Small remotely piloted aircraft used for

reconnaissance. Knowledge (electronics) check required to operate. 10
kilometer range. A camera is mounted on it.
Portable Radar: Range 8 kilometers.
Telemetry robot: Used for bomb disposal, biohazard, radiation etc.
Knowledge (electronics) check required to operate. A camera is mounted
on it, and it may also have a shotgun or water cannon mounted (skill of
d4). A water cannon functions like a shotgun (with a +1 bonus), but those
hit must make Strength -2 checks or fall prone and becoming shaken.
Range 1 km.
Submersible Telemetry robot: As the land-based robot, but no weapons
may be mounted.

Software M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci #
CAD/CAM 2 2 1 2 2 1
Image Processing 1 1 1 2 1 2 1
Global Mapping 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 1
Science Expert System 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 1

Description: Only game efects are listed here. For more information, see
Aegis Handbook p. 138. If no descripton is given, the title is self

CAD/CAM: Computer Assisted Design / Computer Assisted Manufacturing.

Used in conjuction with Research projects based on Knowledge
(engineering) or Repair. The program must choose a specialization
(electrical, mechanical, aerospace etc). The bonuses are as follows:
Workstation/laptop versions +1, Mainframe +2, Supercomputer +2 and
halves the research time. The lead researcher must make a Knowledge
(computers) test to make use of this program.
Global Mapping: Detailed, up-to-date maps of every explored area on
the planet. If the computer the software is running on is connected to a
GPS terminal, the terminals position may be shown on the map. If the
computer is connected to two radio receivers, the software can triangulate
on any signal both receivers pick up. A Knowledge (electronics) check is
needed. The laptop/workstation version can only track a single radio
signal, while the mainframe/supercomputer version can track an unlimited
amount of signals.
Image Processing: Can be used to doctor photos and videos, and also to
determine if such a photo or video is fake. Knowledge (electronics) checks
are used as opposed tests in this manner. The mainframe version of the
software gives a +1 bonus, the Supercomputer gives a +2 bonus.
Science Expert System: As CAD/CAM, but used in conjunction with the
Knowledge (Science), Knowledge (Parapsychology) or the Knowledge
(Paranormal) skill. If used with the Knowledge (Science) skill, the program
needs a specialization as well (biochemistry, physics, etc).

Scientific Equipment
Scientific Equipment M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci #
Biohazard Space Suit 2 3 2 5
Biohazard Suit 1 2 1 4 25
Evidence Collection Kit 2 1 1 1 1 1 3
Geiger Counter 1 2 1 1 2 12
Pocket Dosimeter 1 2 1 2 20
Quarantine Tent 2 2 1 2 1
Radbadge 1 1 1 1
Radiaton Suit 1 2 1 3
Specimen jars/ 2 1 1 1 1 1 12
Collection tools

Description: Only game efects are listed here. For more information, see
Aegis Handbook p. 139. If no descripton is given, the title is self

Biohazard Space Suit: Level 4 Biohazard protection suit. -2 agility.

Biohazard Suit: Any damage (cuts, slashes) inflicted on the wearer will
ruin the integrity of the suit.
Evidence Collection Kit: +1 bonus to Investigation on the scene, as well
as to any tests made in the lab afterwards.
Pocket Dosimeter: Tells someone how much radiation he has been
exposed to.
Quarantine Tent: Allows 4 agents to work comfortably on a single
subject. Takes 15 minutes to set up. Includes four biohazard suits. When
deflated, it fits into the back of a station wagon.
Radbadge: As Dosimeter, but only usable once.
Radiation suit: Protects against radiation, chemicals and
microorganisms. Also gives an Armor of 2.
Chem Craft

Chem Craft M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci #
Alcohol 2 1 1 2 1 10
Alcohol Extender 2 1 1 2 60
Alcohol Incapactior 2 1 1 2 60
Benzedrine 2 1 1 2 60
BZ 2 1 1 2 6
Cafeine 1
Cocaine 2 1 1 2 1
Curare 2 1 1 2
LSD 2 1 1 2 36
Marijuana 2 1 1 2 1
Painkillers 1 2 1 1 2 24
Rohypnol 2 1 1 2 12
Sleep Aid Pills 1 2 1 1 2 1
Sodium Pentothal 2 1 1 2 60
Speed 2 1 1 2 1
Tranquilizer 1 1 1 2

Chem Craft items are perfect for agents with the Habit hindrance. A
Healing test is necessary to know how many doses is safe before an
overdose may occur. An addict who does not have Healing, does not sufer
the -2 penalty with regards to his drug.

G = Ingested J = Injected A = Addictive

Alcohol (G, A): One dose = one alcohol poisoning and must make
hard liquor drink or six beers. -2 a Vigor test or die. Success
penalty to all actions for every means the character must be
two doses taken up to four, and rushed to the hospital for
for every dose after the fourth. immediate medical attention
For resource purposes, one unit of within four hours. If not, he must
alcohol is one bottle of hard liquor make another Vigor roll at -2 or
or wine (1 liter) or one case of die.
beer. Onset Time: 1Dx10 minutes. Alcohol, extender (G): This
Duration: 2 hours. drug accelerates its efects on the
Overdose: >Half vigor die. The human body. Any alcohol drunk
character must make a Spirit roll has its efects doubled. Onset
to stay conscious. Failure results Time: 1D minutes. Duration: 2
in unconsciousness for 1D x 4 hours.
hours. If he succeeds, he may Overdose: >1. The subject
keep drinking, but each new dose becomes severely ill and endures
causes an additional -2 to the 20 minutes or so of painful
Spirit roll. If he fails a second or vomiting.
any further Spirit rolls, he sufers Alcohol Inapacitor (G): This
drug reduces the efet of alcohol creates a sense of euphoria, and
on the body. Halves the efects of extra energy. It also creates a
alcohol on the body. Onset Time: strong dependence after only a
20 minutes. Duration: 4 hours. few uses. The character gains a
Overdose: >1. The subject sufers higher die to all Agility, Vigor and
from intense nausea, vomiting for tests related to wounds or pains.
30 minutes. The character will be unable to
Benzedrine (J): This strong sleep for 12 hours after a dose is
stimulant is able to bring the taken. Multiple doses lengthen
subject from unconsciousness to the duration. Onset Time: 1
a trance-like, awakened state. minute. Duration: 2 hours.
Unconscious patients must make Overdose: >Half vigor die. The
a Vigor roll to regain character must make a Vigor roll.
consciousness. This is not full Failure results in death, success
consciousness, the agent sufers means the individual gains the
a -4 penalty to all physical actions Habit (major) hindrance.
for the duration of the drug and a Curare (G, J): This South
-1 penalty to all mental actions. American plant derivative is used
Onset Time: 1D minutes. as an anesthetic. The subject is
Duration: 2 hours. completely paralyzed, even eye
Overdose: >Half vigor die. An movement is not possible. Heart
overdose creates a psychotic rate and respiration are
episode in the patient for twice decreased to minimum levels,
the normal duration. requiring a Healing roll to
BZ (G): This is a psychoactive discover that the subject is alive.
variant of LSD with an extended The subject is completely aware
duration. The subject becomes of his surroundings. Onset Time: 1
overcome with violent behavior hour. Duration: 12 hours.
and hallucinations that render her Overdose: >1. The subject must
completely out of touch with make a Vigor roll or die. Success
reality. The subject will attack means the target is rendered
anyone within reach and seek to unconscious for 1D6 hours. A
destroy as much as possible. Healing roll must also be made no
Onset Time: 1D hours. Duration: 7 matter how many doses are
+ 2D6 days. consumed. Failure results in an
Overdose: >1. The patient falls overdose.
into a coma for 2D6 days. After LSD (G): The drug is known as
this, she emerges normal, but acid among other names, and
with the Flashbacks hindrances. covers a whole field of
Caffeine (G): A tolerance to the psychedelics including mescaline
drug (caused by habitual use) and psilocybin. The subject
negates any of these bonuses. sufers from wild hallucinations. If
Notice tests are made at +1. Also, the subject knows he took the
Spirit tests associated with drug, the hallucinations are most
psychic abilities are made at +1 likely pleasant. If not, they are
bonus for the duration. Multiple usually very disturbing, resulting
doses have no efect, other than in panic and fear. Onset Time:
to extend the duration from the 1Dx10 minutes. Duration: 1d6 x 6
time the last dose was taken. hours.
Onset Time: 1 minute. Duration: Overdose: >Half vigor die. The
30 minutes. character has a bad reaction and
Overdose: Gains the Jumpy is deeply troubled after the drugs
hindrance for the drugs duration. duration expires. The character
Cocaine (G, A): This drug gains the Flashback hindrance. A
second overdose will add the Overdose: >Half vigor die. The
Death Wish hindrance. A third and character sleeps for 1D x 8 hours
all following overdoses will lead to in addition to the regular
suicide attempts. duration.
Marijuana (G): The subject Sodium Pentothal (J):
sufers a -1 penalty to all Spirit Commonly known as truth
rolls as a feeling of relaxation serum, it is nothing more than a
overwhelms her. Onset Time: 10 sedative that reduces the
minutes. Duration: 1-4 hours. subjects alertness and self-
Overdose: N/A restraint. Patients must make a
Painkillers (G,A): The character Spirit roll -2 to resist answering
does not sufer from any penalties any question asked of him. He
relating to pain for the duration of must tell as much of the truth
the drug (all penalties are that is asked for. The patient
reduced by 1), but sufers a -1 sufers a -4 penalty to all physical
penalty on all other tests due to and mental actions. Hypnotism
mental clouding. The character made against a patient under
must also make a Vigor test if he Sodium Pentothal receive a +4
is not active or fall asleep. Onset bonus. Onset Time: 1D minutes.
Time: 10 minutes. Duration: 4 Duration: 5 minutes. Overdose:
hours. Overdose: >Half vigor die. >1. Knocks the patient
The character falls into a coma for unconscious and forces a Vigor
1D6 days. roll. Failure results in death,
Rohypnol (G): This drug induce success puts the subject into a
unconsciousness and impair deep sleep for 1d6 hours. If the
memory. The subject enters a character is woken from this deep
hypnagogic state in which all sleep, he will be at -2 to all
Spirit rolls are at -4. The drug also actions from grogginess until all
interferes with short-term the hours pass and until 6 hours
memory, requiring a Smarts roll of normal sleep are gained. A
-2 to remember anything that Healing roll must also be made no
happened while under the matter how many doses are
influence. Onset Time: 30 consumed. Failure results in an
minutes. Duration: 12 hours. overdose.
Overdose: >Half vigor die. The Speed (G,A): The subject feels
subject falls into a coma for D6 excited and gains a boost of
days. If the drug was mixed with energy. Vigor tests are made at a
alcohol, a Vigor roll -2 must be higher die level. He will also
made to avoid death. become irritable, paranoid and
Sleep Aids (G, A): Many people unable to sleep for 12 hours after
have trouble getting to sleep, taking a dose. Onset time: 10
particularly when their lives are minutes. Duration: 2-4 hours.
filled with global conspiracies. Overdose: >1. The subject sufers
The character must make a Vigor convulsions for 1D6 inutes, before
test if she is not active, or fall falling into a coma for 2d6 days.
asleep. If she is active, she must Tranquilizer (G,J): See
make a Vigor test every two description under Medical
hours, starting at +2 and Equipment.
sufering a -2 penalty Overdose: >Half Vigor die. The
cumulatively every two hour. If subject falls into a coma for 2D6
she succeeds in staying awake, days at the end of which the
she sufers -2 to all tests for the subject must make a Vigor roll or
duration of the drug. Onset Time: die. Success leaves the individual
15 minutes. Duration: 8 hours. in a coma and the Vigor test must
be rolled again in 2D6 days.

Medical Equipment
Medical Equipment M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci
Antidote Injectors (Mil) 1 1 20
Antidote Injectors (Res) 2 5
Doctors bag 1 1 2 2 2 5
First Aid Kit 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 25
Medics Kit 1 1 1 2 1 2 10
Sodium Pentothal 1 1 2 10
Tranquilizer 1 1 2 2 3 10

Description: Only game efects are listed here. For more information, see
Aegis Handbook p. 140. If no descripton is given, the title is self

Antidote injectors: Must be used within 15 minutes if exposed to nerve

agents. The agent rolls vigor. A raise means that he will be able to act
normally (with a -1 penalty to all rolls) and is immune to the efects as
long as the agent rapidly evacuates the scene. A success means that the
agent is incapacitated, but will live through the attack. He is hospitalized
for d6 weeks. A failure means that the antidote actually makes it worse,
and the agent dies of exposure. The antidote (Res) gives a +2 bonus on
the Vigor test.
Doctors Bag: Regular use of this bag gives a patient a +1 bonus on
Natural healing rolls. Also includes one vial of Sodium Pentathol and one
vial of tranquilizers.
First Aid Kit: Required to avoid the -2 penalty to Healing checks.
Medics Kit: +2 bonus to stabilization and resucitation attempts.
Sodium Pentothal: Truth serum. Healing needed to administer
correctly, failure means the victim falls unconscious. The victim must
make Willpower -2 rolls in order to not tell the truth to questions hes
asked. He doesnt have to reveal information he was not specifically asked
to give, however. Any mental tasks is penalized with -4, and any attempts
to hypnotize a subject under the influence of this drug, gains a +4 bonus.
Tranquilizers: 6 doses each. If used in combination with dart pistol / dart
rifle, the damage inflicted need only surpass the Armor Rating (if
applicable). If snake eyes is rolled, clothing prevents the injection. The
victim must then roll Vigor rolls each round, starting with a +4 bonus on
the first round, and then reducing that bonus with 2 each round. In
addition, his Agility and all Agility related skills sufer a cumulative -2
penalty each round. When he fails his Vigor roll, he falls unconscious for 15
minutes per dose used (max 6).

Clothing/Body Armor
Clothing/Body Armor M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci #
Bulletproof Briefcase 1 2 2 4
Camouflage Fatigues 1 1 1 1 1
Flak Vest 1 1 2 1 2 10
Helmet 1 1 1 1 2 10
Kevlar Vest 1 1 2 1 2 6
Uniform 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 24

Description: Only game efects are listed here. For more information, see
Aegis Handbook p. 141. If no descripton is given, the title is self

Bulletproof Briefcase: Armor 4 to briefcase.

Camouflage Fatigues: +2 to Stealth when wearing fatigues appropriate
to terrain (forest, jungle, desert, arctic and night).
Helmet: Use Steel Pot.
Kevlar vest: w/Inserts not available
Uniform: Various uniforms for undercover or covert operations, e.g.
police, military, fast food joints, repair or maintenance companies, state
road crews, circus clowns etc.

Tool Kits
Tool Kits M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci #
Tool Kits 1 1 1 2 2 2 2

Description: Only game efects are listed here. For more information, see
Aegis Handbook p. 143.

Tool Kits: +2 bonus on Repair skill.

Combat Accessories
Combat Accessories M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci #
Bipod 1 1 1 1 2 5
Briefcase MP 1 2 1
Extended Clips 1 1 1 1 2 40
Flashlight Mount 1 1 1 1 20
Gas Mask 1 1 1 2 1 3 10
IR Laser Sight (BOL-PW) 1 1 2 1 3 5
Laser Sight 1 1 2 1 3 10
Silencer 1 1 2 10
Starlight Scope 1 1 2 1 3 5
Telescopic Sight 1 1 2 1 2 10
Tripflares 1 1 1 1 2

Description: Only game efects are listed here. For more information, see
Aegis Handbook p. 142

Bipod: +1 to Shooting when leveled on a stationary rest. No snapshots or

rapid movements are possible. It takes one round to fold together the
bipod. Available for rifles, sniper rifles, assault rifles, elephant guns and
dart rifles.
Briefcase MP: This armored (Armor 4) briefcase has a built-in machine
pistol. Use any sub-machine gun in conjunction with this item. Shots fired
sufer -2 penalty. Shots may be aimed.
Extended Clips: Doubles the normal rounds for pistols other than
revolvers and derringers. 50 shots for any rifles.
Flashlight mount: Can be mounted on any pistol or rifle. May decrease
darkness penalties.
Gas Mask: Protects from gases. -1 to eye-based Notice tests.
Laser Sight: +1 against targets with close range. May be mounted on
pistols and rifles.
Silencer: Notice test to hear shot. +4 at 5 meter bonus worsens by 2 for
every 5 meters. Silencers may be burnt out if you fire more than 1 shot.
Roll a d6. If you roll less than the numbers of shots you fired, the silencer
is ruined. May be mounted on pistols, machine pistols, sub-machine guns,
rifles, elephant guns or automatic rifles.
Starlight scope: Negates penalties for poor lighting. May not be used in
pitch darkness. Can be mounted on rifles, sniper rifles, elephant guns and
assault rifles.
Telescopic sight: Increases the range increments by one for aimed single
shots. Can be used on pistols, revolvers, sub-machine guns, rifles, sniper
rifles, elephant guns and assault rifles. Example: A Spencer Carbine has a
range of 20/40/80. With a telescopic sight, the range is 40/80/160 but
only when you aim and fire one shot.
Tripflares: Generally used only to warn of someones approach.

Restraints M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci #
Handcufs 1 1 2 1 2 12
Straightjacket 1 1 2 3
Plastic Binder Strips 1 1 2

Description: Only game efects are listed here. For more information, see
Aegis Handbook p. 143.

Handcuffs/Straightjacket: Strength/Agility d12 needed to try and

burst/wiggle free of these. Its still a -4 penalty to the check.
Plastic Binder Strips: Strength d10/Agility needed to try and
burst/wiggle free of these. Its still a -4 penalty to the check.

Hostile Environment Gear

Hostile Environ. Gear M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci #
Base Camp 1 1 1 2 2 3 1
Climbing Gear 1 1 1 2 1 2 2 6
Cold Weather Gear 1 1 1 2 2 5
Diving Suit 2 2 2 4 5 1
Drysuit 1 1 1 2 2 6
Flare Gun 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 10
Flashlight 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 24
Oxygen Rebreather 1 1 1 2 2 1
SCUBA Gear 1 1 1 3 2 4 4
Survival Kit 1 1 1 2 2 2 10
Wetsuit 1 1 1 2 2 2 12

Description: Only game efects are listed here. For more information, see
Aegis Handbook p. 143.
Base Camp: Includes tents, sleeping gear, cooking apparatus and food
for six people.
Climbing gear: Required to use climbing without a -2 penalty.
Diving Suit: Armor 3.
Flare gun: Illuminates a 100-meter diameter area with dim light. When a
flare is fired, anyone not taking precautions to shield their eyes must make
an Agility test -2 or be blinded for d6 rounds.
Oxygen Rebreather: Like SCUBA gear, but the air is recycled, allowing
the diver to stay underwater for 24 hours.
Survival Kit: Includes knife, flint and steel, compass, first aid kit, flare
gun with six flares, six fishhooks and five meters of fishing line.
Wetsuit: Armor 1. +2 Stealth in night/water.

Standard Vehicles
Standard Vehicles M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci
Compact Car 2 2 4 1
Coupe 2 3 2 4 1
Helicopter, Observation 4 4 7 4 9 1
Helicopter, Passenger 4 7 5 9 1
Helicopter, Transport 4 4 5 9 1
Jeep 3 4 3 4 5 1
Jet, Cargo 5 6 12 1
Jet, Civilian 5 12 1
Jet Ski 2 1 2 1
Minivan 3 4 6 1
Motorcycle 2 2 1 3 1
Pickup truck 3 4 3 5 4 6 1
Prop Plane 4 5 7 4 9 1
Recreational Vehicle 6 6
Sedan 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 1
Snowmobile 1 2 1 2 1
Speed Boat 4 4 5 3 6 1
Sport Utility Vehicle 3 5 4 4 6
Sports Car 3 5 4 6 1
Tractor-Trailer Rig 3 3 5 6 1
Tractor-Trailer Rig: Box +3 +3 +4 +4 1
Tractor-Trailer Rig: Flatbed+2 +2 +3 +3 1
Van 3 3 3 4 3 4 6 1

Special Vehicles

Special Vehicles M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci #
Ambulance 5 5 7 1
Biohazard Ambulance 7
Fishing Trawler 8 8 9 1
Helicopter, Assault 7 1
Jet, Fighter 7 1
Jet, Jump 10 1
Lab RV 12 13 1
Lab Van 8 7 8 8 1
Mini-Sub 4 5 1
Police Cruiser 5 7 4
Security Sedan 5 6 6 8
Snow Cat 3 3 4 6 1
Surveillance Van 7 8 7 1
SWAT Van 8 9 7 1
Telephone Crane Truck 5 7 7 1
Zodiac 1 1 1 1 1 2

Description: Most special vehicles include various other equipment. Here

is the description of what is included with a vehicle. For more information
on the vehicle itself, see Aegis Handbook p. 145.

Ambulance: Vehicle radio and medical supplies (treat as medics kit and
first aid kit).
Biohazard Ambulance: All equipment as a standard ambulance, plus 3
biohazard suits, 2 tasers, 3 flashlights, specimen sampling gear, body
bags and a flamethrower. Also contains a portable biocontainment pod (as
a stretcher, but with an airtight plastic bubble over it) and a small
pressurized tank filled with disinfectant chemical.
Fishing Trawler: Radar array, GPS terminal, base radio and a Zodiac raft.
Helicopter, Assault: Use the AH-64 Apache in SWED p. 60. Also includes
12 ECM pods, a vehicle radi and radar array, ejection seats which
incorporate a parachute, survival kit, first aid kit and 10 signal flares.
Jet, Fighter: Use the F-15 Eagle from SWED p. 60. Also includes 12 ECM
pods, ejection sat, vehicle radio, radar array and parachute, first aid kit
and survival kit.
Jump Jet: Use the AV-8B Harrier from SWED p. 60. Equipped with ejection
seats and parachutes for the pilot and navigator, as well as survival kits
and first aid kits.
Lab RV: Contains research lab facilities large enough for four researches
to work on biological, chemical or medical research. Include a computer
workstation running Chemistry, Biological and Medical expert system
programs. Also includes 2 quarantine tents, 8 biohazard suits, 4 radiation
suits, 6 personal radios, 8 sets of specimen jars and tools, 2 Geiger
counters, 24 radbadges, 4 dart rifles, 80 darts, 10 vials of tranquilizer, a
doctors bag, 4 medic kits, 10 industrial strength flashlights, a spotlight,
video camera, remote monitor, vehicle radio and satellite uplink.
Lab Van: Contains a small, two-investigator laboratory fully equipped for
biological, chemical and medical research. Also includes one quarantine
tent, four biohazard suits, four sets of specimen jars and collection tools, a
Geiger counter, eight radbadges, a dart rifle, twelve darts, six vials of
tranquilizer, and several sealed cages for small live specimen. Also
includes a vehicle radio and car fax.
Mini Sub: Vehicle radio, two robotic arms for specimen collection, air
tanks good for two people for eight hours, two dry suits and two sets of
SCUBA gir.
Police Cruiser: Shotgun, box of 50 shells, vehicle radio, first aid kit, 50
signal flares and a radar gun.
Security Sedan: Vehicle radio, scrambler, autonav computer, radar
detector, cell phone and car fax. The car can also be made airtight at the
flip of a switch.
Snow Cat: Vehicle radio, survival kit, first aid kit and 25 signal flares.
Surveillance Van: Vehicle radio connected to a satellite uplink and
scrambler, four hands-free radios, cellular phone (and scrambler),
electrical and electronic tool kits, six wire taps, twelve bugs, a tape
recorder, a video recorder, 3 remote monitors, a laser eavesdroppe, four
AV bugs, a shotgun microphone and a starlight telescope.
Swat Van: Six submachine guns with flashlight mounts, a box of 50 clips
of SMG ammo, six helmets, six flak vests, six gas masks, six hands-free
radios, one case (20) each of stun and smoke grenades, a vehicle radio, a
sledgehammer and a medics kit.
Telephone Crane Truck: Full electric and electronics tool kits, a stack of
orange road cones and a vehicle radio.

Vehicle Accessories
Vehicle Accessories M I SR Cr Po Pa Ci
Autonav Computer 1 1 1 3 2 2 4 1
Inflatable Raft 1 1 1 1 1 1 2
Infrared Spotlight 1 1 1 2 2 2 6
Parachute 1 1 1 2 1 2 6
Signal Flares 1 1 1 2 1 1 2
Spotlight 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 4
Winch 1 1 1 2 1 2 2 4

Description: Only game efects are listed here. For more information, see
Aegis Handbook p. 148.

Inflatable Raft: Four-person raft.

Infrared spotlight: Users will need some means of seeing in the infrared
spectrum for it to be efective (such as IR cameras and goggles).
Winch: 100 meters of cable, capable of lifting a size 7 vehicle.

Profession specific equipment

The following resources are limited to certain Professions. If the comment
section of the Profession entry in Part 2: Professions and Infrastructures,
does not indicate that the character can purchase these items, they are
unavailable except through pulling strings. The items are grouped by
Sphere of Influence, except for Alien Technology (which is a special case).

Aurora 20 1 vehicle
Special Weapons 5 1 item
SR-71 Blackbird 15 1 vehicle

Magic Van 10 1 vehicle
Mind Control Drugs 1 6 doses
Special Weapons 5 1 item

Science & Research

Hidden Cures 5 1 dose
Knock-out 1 100 doses
L2 1 1 dose
MHIC-EDOM 5 1 unit
Mind Control Drugs 1 6 doses
Np-7 1 60 doses
RHIC-EDOM 15 1 device
Smart Drugs 1 60 doses

Batch 7 1 6 doses
Cerebro-stimulator 20 1 van
DZ 1 28 doses
Electro-anagram 6 1 unit
Energy Alarm 10 1 alarm
Hemi-Synch Device 5 1 unit
Hemi-Synch Implant 2 1 implant
Hidden Emitters 5 3 emitters
Lida 3 1 unit
MHIC-Edom 10 1 unit
Neural Disrupter 5 1 unit
Neurophone Implant 2 1 implant
Orichalcum 6 100 miligrams
Prophylogical Implant 5 1 implant
Psi-Enhancer 1 6 doses
Psychic Amplifier Room 5 Access
Psychotron 1st order 5 1 psychotron
Psychotron 2nd order 10 1 psychotron
Psychotron 3rd order 20 1 psychotron
RHIC-EDOM 15 1 device
Stimoceiver Implant 5 1 implant
The Zone 1 6 doses
Tome 5 1 ritual
Tracking Implant 5 1 implant

Range Rover 5 1 vehicle

Alien technology Variable 1 item


Aurora: The Aurora aircraft is the most advanced fighter aircraft in

existence, and incorporates Saurian propulsion systems, Atlantean Pilot
Interface Systems and Grey psychic lenses. Includes 4 Sidewinder
missiles. Missile lock is achieved through a modified version of a Gray
Clairvoyance lens and the guidance by a Grey Telepathy lens, making it
nearly impossible to shake. Cells that wish to incorporate an Aurora
Interceptor must have hangar space, a private airstrip, an aerospace
workshop and a pilot capable of flying the craft. To use it to its fullest
capacity, a pilot must have Pilot d12, the Atlantean Pilot Interface System
and be at least PSI Sensitive, latent. More information about the Aurora in
the Aegis Handbook p. 149.
Batch 7: See Chemcraft under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
Cerebro-Stimulator: See PSI Equipment under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
DZ: See Chemcraft under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
Electro Anagram: See PSI Equipment under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
Energy Alarm: See PSI Equipment under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
Hemi-Synch Device: See PSI Equipment under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
Hemi-Synch Implant: See PSI Equipment under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
Hidden Cures: Panimmunity factors to level four biohazards. Worth a
fortune, and owning one of these is begging for media, aliens and other
groups to come knocking.
Hidden Emitters: See PSI Equipment under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
Knock-out: See Chemcraft under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
L2: See Chemcraft under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
Lida: See PSI Equipment under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
Magic Van: May make a TEMPEST attack on any non-shielded computer
in use within 100 meters, allowing the NSA agent to see anything that
appears on the target computer screen, read what is being typed and
capture data sent to a printer. Cannot be detected. The time it will take
the agent to lock on to the correct computer, is D6 * half the number of
computers in the area. Any raise halves the time again.
MHIC-EDOM: See PSI Equipment under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
Mind Control Drugs: Can be administered in any form (pill, powder, gas,
injection), and can only be detected with a Healing -4. The subject must
make a Vigor roll at +4 (-2 for each additional dose) or succumb to the
efects for 1D6 + dosage hours. The subject behaves as if he possessed
one of the following traits: Schizophrenia, Flashbacks, Homicidal
Tendencies, Delusional (paranoia), Pacifist or Killer Instinct.
Neural Disrupter: See PSI Equipment under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
Neurophone Implant: See PSI Equipment under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
Np-7: See Chemcraft under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
Orichalcum: See Chapter 9: The Supernatural.
Prophylogical Implant: See PSI Equipment under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
PSI-Enhancer: See Chemcraft under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
Psychic Amplifier Room: See PSI Equipment under Chapter 8: Psi-
Psychotrons (1st to 3rd order): See PSI Equipment under Chapter 8:
Range Rover: Self-sealing tires and gas tanks, GPS system, vehicular
radio, winch, infrared spotlight and laptop computer. Includes also a
shotgun and assault rifle, along with two sets of kevlar and a box of ammo
for each small arm.
RHIC-EDOM: See PSI Equipment under Chapter 8: Psi-powers
Smart Drugs: See Chemcraft under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
Special Weapons: These are covert assassination tools available to the
agents of the CIA. Appear to be mundane objects, but have various small
arms inside them. The weapon has only one quarter of its normal ammo,
and receives a -1 penalty for any shot due to inherent inaccuracies.
SR-71 Blackbird: May be fitted with six Sidewinder Missiles. Equipped
with ejection seats, parachutes and survival kits. Aegis Handbook p. 151.
Stimoceiver Implant: See PSI Equipment under Chapter 8: Psi-powers
The Zone: See Chemcraft under Chapter 8: Psi-powers.
Tome: A collection of scrolls, a book or even a computer database
focusing on one ritual. Ritual Casters trying to learn new spells halves the
number of breakthroughs (round up) normally required.
Tracking Implant: See PSI Equipment under Chapter 8: Psi-powers

Part 8: PSI Powers frequent use of bennies may reflect

the fact that PSI is tiresome for the
user, and that he may not have the
In the world of Conspiracy X, PSI extra energy needed when it comes to
powers are real and an area the US resisting damage, succeeding in a
Military and various Intelligence fistfight etc. Its also quite common for
agencies invest a lot of time and psychics to take drugs to increase
money in. Project MKUltra and CAPS their effectiveness.
are two prime examples of this, as is
the Soviet sponsored Project Rasputin
(now in the hands of Aegis). Psychic disciplines
There are five distinct psychic
discipline. The majority of psychics
Making PSI-sensitive have powers within one or two fields,
characters and it's really rare to find someone
who have powers in three or more
If a character wants to start out as a
disciplines. The psychic can still
psychic, he must choose at least the
choose powers from various
PSI Sensitive, lesser edge. He can
disciplines, but it is encouraged that he
choose the PSI Sensitive, greater
is limited to maximum two. The five
edge as well, or pick it up at a later
disciplines are:
advancement. If the player decides
that the character has a psychic Biological Psychokinesis (Bio-
potential after play has started, he PK)
must pick up the PSI Sensitive, latent Clairvoyance
edge first. Consult your GM on Cognition
whether the PSI powers are due to Psychokinesis (PK)
drugs' side effects, a ritual or other Telepathy
clandestine project, or simply that the
character is a late bloomer.
Power points
Any character with a PSI Sensitive
Works as normal, except that the
edge, can purchase points in the skill
character regains their power points at
PSI (Spirit).
a rate of 1 per day per rank (Seasoned
characters regain 2 per day,
A note about trait rolls
Legendary characters 5). Use of PSI
Most of the powers described below
takes its toll on characters, so they
have inherent penalties to them. The
cannot perform at full strength every
reason behind this is that PSI powers
day of the year.
are unreliable at best, and even the
best psychic can have an off-day. The
Soul Drain: While this is an Rank: There is no rank
edge in SWED, every psychic (even requirements for any of the powers.
latent psychics), may use Soul Drain. Range: Unless otherwise
The psychic first decides how many noted, Sight range also includes
power points he wants to drain from remote viewing. N/A range means that
his own soul. He then makes a Spirit it is self-explanatory or that it happens
roll minus the number of points he inside the psychics mind.
wants to drain. If the result is 1or less, Duration: This is explained in
the character suffers a wound and falls the text.
unconscious for 1d6 hours. On a Trappings: Conspiracy X PSI
failure, he suffers a wound. On a powers have no trappings.
success or better, he gets the points
he needed and must use the power
points immediately. Note that it is Terminology
entirely possible for the psychic in this Throughout this section, you may
way to fall unconscious, but not be encounter a couple of terms, Monitor
incapacitated. The difference is that an and Hypnosis. Heres a short
unconscious psychic (and not an description of what this means in the
incapacitated one) is in no danger of game.
Monitor: A monitor is an assistant who
aids the psychic with some of the
Using powers powers, basically the remote viewing
The following has been modified from powers and bilocation. A monitor must
the Arcane Background (Psionics) have the Knowledge: Parapsychology
description in SWED p. 82. skill. He often helps the psychic move
Brainburn: Whenever the into a trance-like meditative state
psychic rolls a 1 on his Psychic needed for some of the powers to
discipline die (regardless of Wild Die work. He also provides a remote
result), he is automatically Shaken. On viewer with map coordinates, images
a critical failure, everyone within a or information that is needed for the
Large Burst Template is Shaken. What psychic to find a specific person or
the trapping for this critical failure is, location.
depends on the discipline and power
used. One example from each Hypnosis: Several powers also
discipline is listed below. mentions the uses of hypnosis. This is
a technique used through Knowledge:
Bio-PK: The psychic causes immense Parapsychology. See the section on
pain to anyone not succeeding on a Hypnosis on page 96 for more
Vigor roll. information.
Clairvoyance: All within the template
are assualted by a psychic scream.
Spirit roll. Power edges
Cognition: The targets are assailed by The Arcane Background edges from
grim visions of the future or repressed SWED is replaced with the three
memories from the past. various PSI Sensitive powers.
Psychokinesis: Small items nearby are
trapped in a psychokinetic vortex. A PSI Sensitive, latent
wound may be caused by a bigger Skill: One of the psychic disciplines
object. listed above (Spirit)
Telepathy: The thoughts of everyone Starting power points: 5
nearby enter the head of those in the Starting powers: 1
large burst, causing a distracting If a player wants a character to start
cacophony of voices. developing psychic abilitites after initial
character creation, he must first pick Biological Psychokinesis PSI
this edge. Through failed rituals, Powers
dangerous experiments, drugs or
BIO-PK manipulates psychic energies
simply that the character is a late
and the bodys aura, and can be used
bloomer, he has started to develop a
both to heal and to harm. Various
psychic potential. He only has one
esoteric cults and faiths claim to
power, and he must choose a power
possess BIO-PK, and many of these
designated (basic power) -
powers mirror shamanic powers relied
Adrenaline Surge, Hunch, Intuition,
on by various aboriginal cultures.
Ken, Read Aura, Second Sight or
Adrenaline Surge (basic power)
Discipline: BIO-PK
PSI Sensitive, lesser
Power points: 2
Skill: One or more of the psychic
Range: Self (but see text)
disciplines listed above (Spirit)
Effect: The character induces an
Starting power points: 10
adrenaline surge in himself (or
Starting powers: 3
another), a brief burst of inhuman
The character can choose whatever
strength and near immunity to pain.
powers they want to, but due to the
For 1d6 rounds, he gains d12 Strength
fact that he must have at least one
and Vigor, and ignores all wounds or
basic power in a discipline before
shaken effects. When the surge wears
learning new ones, he should take
off, tally up the wounds and roll as
care to focus in one or two disciplnes.
usual. The character may forego the
When choosing the New Power edge,
skill roll if he burns double the power
the character chooses another power.
points, and he may induce an
All five PSI disciplines have one or two
adrenaline surge in others with a -4 on
basic powers that all PSI users know
the roll.
before learning more advanced
techniques. Before choosing any other
power within the same discipline, the
Discipline: Bio-PK
character must choose at least one of
Power points: 2 per +2 to die roll for
the following: Adrenaline Surge,
healing, 2-6 points for causing injuries,
Hunch, Intuition, Ken, Read Aura,
the same amount as the penalty
Second Sight and Telekinesis.
Range: 10 meters
Effect: This is a training that
PSI Sensitive, greater
manipulate psychic energy for
Requirements: PSI Sensitive, lesser,
purposes of healing or causing illness.
Veteran rank
A Bioenergetics session gives the
The character gets a +2 bonus
psychic a +2 on Healing rolls per 2
on all PSI trait rolls, and gains another
power points used.
5 power points. He does not
automatically gain any extra powers
The psychic may also cause injuries. A
though. He also regains twice the
roll at -2 causes a superficial wound
normal amount of power points per
(d4+Spirit), while a -4 causes breaking
bones or bad wounds (d6+Spirit). A
heart attack may be induced with a -6
test, causing d10 + Spirit wound
POWERS damage.
Even though the information here is Illnesses may also be caused, with
sufficient to play, it is advised that the penalties ranging from -1 (common
GM and player also consult the cold) to -5 (cancer).
Shadows of the Mind sourcebook.
Discipline: Bio-PK
Power points: 2 (for example, he may spend another
Range: Touch nine power points to receive an extra
Effect: This is another form of healing d8 damage). This power may be used
through the manipulation of psychic in junction with Bilocation, Bio-
energies and the body's aura. See Information Transfer, Dream Telepathy,
table below for effects and penalties Remote Influence, Telehypnotism and
any Remote Viewing power. The base
Trance At -4, the PSI user may penalty is -6 in any of those cases.
induce a trance in their patient
perfect for hypnosis. Telehypnotism
Discipline: Bio-PK
Healing At a successful test -2, a Power points: 4
patients injury penalties to healing is Range: Sight
reduced by 1 for each success and Effect: This is one of the most
raise. powerful and difficult psychic powers
that exists, and the psychic must also
Slow metabolism While a subject is possess at least one Telepathy power.
in a trance, the psychic may attempt to In addition, he needs to have a skill die
slow his heart rate and breathing in Knowledge: Parapsychology.
signals. The body functions ten times Basically, the psychic uses Bio-PK to
slower than normal, meaning that he put the target in a trance, and
can hold his breath ten times longer, Telepathy to send hypnotic
go without food and water ten times suggestions. The psychic needs two
longer or even stave off stabilization combat rounds and a PSI test at -2 to
rolls. To the casual viewer, the subject induce a trance. He then must make a
appears to be dead (Healing roll or Knowledge: Parapsychology test
Perception -4). The effect lasts as long versus the target's Spirit roll, and
as the subject is in a trance. The effect succeed at a PSI skill test at -2. He
requires a normal roll if its another may then employ various Hypnosis
subject, but works automatically if its techniques. The power may also be
the psychic himself. used remotely through the use of
Clairvoyance. The Mind Control edge
Stabilize wounds At a successful roll, grants a +2 bonus using this power.
the psychic stabilizes his own wounds
(-2 to others). Trance
Discipline: Bio-PK
Power points: 2 per 30 minutes
Remote Cardiac Manipulation Range: Sight
Discipline: Bio-PK Effect: The psychic may place a target
Power points: 6+ in a trance-like state. This requires two
Range: Sight rounds of concentration and a Bio-PK
Effect: This is one of the blackest roll. The target may then be
techniques developed by Project hypnotized by a skilled hypnotist. The
Rasputin, and involves inducing a target may make a Spirit roll every half
heart attack in the target. To do this, hour to snap out of it. Any damage
the psychic must concentrate on the causes the target to snap out of it
target for two rounds. He must then automatically.
pass a normal trait roll, and then make
an opposed Spirit roll against the
target. In addition, he must spend Clairvoyance PSI powers
three power points and either touch Clairvoyance, or clear seeing is just
the target (Spirit test at -2) or see the one of a group of abilities that psychics
victim (-4). The psychic can add extra have long claimed to possess. Others
dice to the damage by spending three include clairaudience, or the remote
additional power points per die step
sensing of voices and sound, and Discipline: Clairvoyance
clairsentience, or remote sensing with Power points: 1 per reading
other senses. Range: Touch or sight
Effect: The psychic may identify
Bilocation colors and images, and to read words
Discipline: Clairvoyance with her skin, using either the fingers
Power points: 2 per ten minute or the face. The character may read
(doubled if in time or over great letters or images within sealed
distances) envelopes (normal test), read with her
Range: Special fingers without looking at the text (-1),
Effect: The character can project his discern the color of an object just by
consciousness in time and space and touch (-1) and read text while blocked
conduct out-of-body travel. He can by other objects (-2). Dim conditions (-
travel to any place in the universe and 1), total darkness (-3).
perceive events as if he were
phsyically present. He does not have a Dowsing
physical presence in the place visited, Discipline: Clairvoyance
but he can use other psychic abilitites Power points: 2 per hour
as if he were physical present. In Range: Special
some cases, the psychic may manifest Effect: This is an art of clairvoyance
physically, but this is draining. that detects the life energy that fills the
See the table below for modifiers to earth. Searching for underground
the psychic's PSI roll. water, minerals, pipes, etc. is a normal
test. Searching for missing people or
Travels to a place he's been before -1 lost objects require a test at -2 and the
Unknown place w/ help of a monitor -2 use of a map of the area to be
Unknown place without help -4 searched. Hidden objects buried
Other side of the earth/the moon-1/-2 underground is -1.
The future/past Requires skill die in The dowser needs a dowsing rod
Cognition (wood or metal L- or Y-shaped rods),
Manifesting physically -6, 2 pp/ rnd, bent wire or pendulums. If the psychic
requires skill die in Bio-PK doesn't have access to this, he suffers
a -2 penalty.
Discipline: Clairvoyance Extended Remote Viewing
Power points: 2 per three questions. Discipline: Clairvoyance
Range: N/A Power points: 4, then 2 per half hour
Effect: This is a form of spirit Range: Special
mediumship in which information is Effect: The psychic most often work
passed to the channeler from a together with a monitor on this,
separate being, variably described as prompting the viewer and checking his
an angel, spirit, deity, extraterrestrial or vital signals. First, the viewer must
demon. Channelers use an altered enter a trance-like state either through
form of state, such as a trance, drugs, a hemi-synch device or
hypnagogic or meditative state, and hypnosis (Knowledge:
may also use oujia boards, automatic Parapsychology) roll. The viewer is
writing or other devices to then given map coordinates, a photo
communicate. Channelers may ask or image or as much information as
three "yes or no"-questions about the possible about the target location or
present status, location etc. of a target. the target person to be viewed. The
If he wants to ask questions that range psychic then rolls a skill roll and travels
into the past or future, he also needs psychically to the target like an out-of-
to have the Cognition skill. body experience. The viewer may
relate what he sees normally, but his
Dermo-optics senses are entirely at the target. He
may also suffer from environmental
hazards if viewing something Remote viewing takes normally
underwater or in a lava pool. The an hour, but is so draining that the
viewer may move out of danger character cannot do any more remote
through a Clairvoyance test, and the viewing for several hours. Any
monitor may help with his Knowledge: additional attempts to use ERV costs
Parapsychology skill. Alternatively, if twice the amount of power points and
the monitor for some reason wants to suffer a -2 penalty.
keep the viewer there, he may
convince him that theres no danger, Hunch (basic power)
by winning an opposed Knowledge: Discipline: Clairvoyance
Parapsychology roll vs. Spirit. Power points: 1
Range: Special
The viewer is in a kind of Effect: The character gains insight
astral plane and may see other into their current situation, allowing
psychics or psychic entities. The them to ask three "yes or no"
character cannot be affected by questions about the present condition
physical objects, but may of object, people or events. Note that
communicate with objects or the information gained is only about
individuals by touching them. This the current location, status or nature of
requires a Spirit roll to avoid dropping an object, person or event. With a -2
out of the experience. When touching on the roll, the character may ask one
other beings or objects, other powers question about a location that is
may be used, such as those of the blocked from view by an object or
Cognition discipline. The character structure, or sense any spirit or other
may also communicate with the supernatural manifestation normally
subconscious mind of beings with a hidden. The character may forego the
Clairvoyance roll -2 (modified by +2 if skill roll if he burns double the power
the viewer has ranks in Telepathy, +4 if points.
hes a Greater Psychic). As the
psychic is speaking to the Outbound Remote Viewing
subconsciousness, the other being will Discipline: Clairvoyance
not be aware of the intrusion. He will Power points: 2, then 2 per half hour
still not reveal any secrets, but the Range: Special
psychic may for example use Remote Effect: With a -1 test, the clairvoyant
Influence. can reach a particular known
individual. The individual can be
Returning from an ERV session anywhere, but the psychic must
requires a new Clairvoyance roll. If this describe his surroundings in detail.
roll is failed, the viewer is stuck and in The viewer will be able to view the
critical danger. The psychic path taken target individual's sorroundings
to the target is now gone and the vaguely while following him, and will
viewer must find a new way back. receive sensory impressions of all
Each attempt to return requires a new kinds. The main difference between
check at -4 and costs 1 PSI point. If ORV and ERV, is that the psychic
the character runs out of PSI points, a must know that a particular being is at
piece of his spirit is lost forever. He a location. It is impossible to spy out
becomes a psychic burnout, loses all entirely new or inaccessible
psychic skills and a die step in Spirit. locations.There is no danger of not
The viewer can also possess another returning from an ORV.
body by spending 3 PSI points and
winning an opposed Spirit roll. It costs Scrying
3 PSI points per day to maintain the Discipline: Clairvoyance
possession, and the new body must Power points: 1 per question
touch the old one to return to safety. Range: N/A
Effect: Using reflectice surfaces such and -10 and 12 power points for
as mirrors, pools of water or crystal anything further than this. Unless the
balls (technically called speculums), psychic focuses on a particularly time,
the characters can, after one hour of he gains vision of the next violent or
study, ask one "yes or no" question dramatic event. If he wants to focus in
about anything. If he wants to ask on a particular event, a penalty from -2
questions about the past or future, he to -4 is applied, depending on how
needs to have the Cognition skill as much info the psychic possess. I want
well. Each questions costs 1 power to know what Derek and Wayne will
point. talk about hen they meet next week
may only give a -2, while I know there
will be some kind of battle being fought
Cognition PSI powers here someday may result in a higher
penalty. Visions of the future may be
Cognition can be divided into dangerous to the psychics psyche.
precognition (future) and retrocognition For visions 10 years or more into the
(past). In this game, they are gather future, a Spirit roll must be made, with
under one discipline. These powers a -2 penalty for each time increment.
allow the psychic glimpses of the past, Trying to look 5000 years in the future
or glimpses of a possible future. A imposes a Spirit roll -6. Failure results
theory postulates that there are an in a roll on the Fear table. Use the
infinite number of possible futures, and penalty as a bonus on this d20 roll.
that what the psychic sees, is the
result unless someone interferes. Ken (basic power)
Discipline: Cognition
Divination Power points: 1
Discipine: Cognition Range: N/A
Power points: 2 Effect: The character gains
Range: N/A information about the past or current
Effect: The character may predict the state of an object or event. Every
future through the use of one or more subject has a purpose and associated
symbolic divinatory techniques. This emotions these are what Ken
may be used through everything from detects. The character may ask three
runes to tealeaves, I-ching, casting yes or no questions, and may forego
coins or a standard tarot deck. Each the skill roll if he burns double the
successful -2 roll lets the psychic ask power points. The player could for
three yes or no questions about the example ask: Was the traffic accident
future of a particular subject. Its a -4 in front of us really accidental? or
to divine your own future. Was this alien device created to
Future Visions
Discipline: Cognition Past visions
Power points: 2+ per minute Discipline:Cognition
Range: N/A Power points: 2+ per minute
Effect: Through this power, the Range: N/A
psychic may get a vision of events that Effect: Through this power, the
will take place at his current location. A psychic may get a vision of events that
normal test and 2 power points is took place at his current location. A
required for visions within the next normal test and 2 power points is
year, -2 and 4 power points for the required for visions within the last year,
next ten years, -4 and 6 power points -2 and 4 power points for the last ten
for next hundred, -6 and 8 power years, -4 and 6 power points for last
points for next thousand, -8 and 10 hundred, -6 and 8 power points for last
power points for next ten thousand thousand, -8 and 10 power points for
last ten thousand and -10 and 12
power points for anything older than Psychokinetic PSI Powers
this. Unless the psychic focuses on a
particularly time, he gains vision of the Psychokinesis (PK) is the psychic
most recent violent or dramatic event. ability to move and manipulate objects
If he wants to focus in on a particular by thought alone. PK is different from
event, a penalty from -2 to -4 is other psychic powers due to its
applied, depending on how much info physical-affecting nature and some
the psychic possess. I want to know characteristics of its use.
what Derek and Wayne talked about
when they met here last week may Size increment Throughout the PK
only give a -2, while I know there was section, you will encounter the term
some kind of battle here during the size increment. A size increment is the
civil war may result in a higher psychics Spirit die x 5 in pounds. This
penalty. is important as several of these
powers deal with the movement of
Precognitive dreams objects through mind control. Lifting
Discipline: Cognition heavier objects is more difficult and
Power points: 2 requires more power points.
Range: N/A
Effect: Through dreams, visions of the Apportation
future can be seen and communication Discipline: Psychokinesis
with distant friends and family is Power points: 2+
possible. Information gained from such Range: Sight
dreams is generally vague and Effect: The character may apport
symbolic in nature. However, the (teleport) objects of one size increment
information is often highly relevant to that are in visual range into her hands
coming events if interpreted correctly. by spending two power points and
While dreams tend to be about events making a Psychokinesis roll at a -4.
that are subconsciously important to Moving larger objects require four
the character, the psychic may force extra power points per size increment
his dreams to deal with subjects hes and imposes an additional -2.
interested in, by spending two power Apporting a normal human being (if
points. The GM should describe the the psychic has d10 Spirit) would
dream to the character in vague terms, require six power points and -8 to the
and interpretation of the dream may be roll.
done through roleplaying or by
succeeding in a Parapsychology test Jinx
or Smarts -2. A failed roll results in a Discipline: Psychokinesis
faulty interpretation. Power points: 2+
Range: Sight
Second Sight (basic power) Effect: This is a subtle psychokinetic
Discipline: Cognition manipulation of the microscopic
Power points: 1 components of modern electronics and
Range: circuitry. The psychic may attempt to
Effect: The character is able to get Jinx any machine that contains some
hints about future event. The character amount of electronics. If the psychic
may ask three "yes or no" questions touches the object, a normal test and
about a future event. The character two power points applies. If in visual
may forego the skill roll if he burns range, three power points and a test at
double the power points. For example, -2. Seeing the target via clairvoyance
the character may ask: "Will Eddie live is acceptable. The GM and the player
through till tomorrow?" or "Will the should work together to decide what
bomber strike again?" or "Is Johnny effect a successful Jinx has. Any
going to be in Seattle next week?" raises should increase the damage
and the effects. If done with a vehicle who are bashed into walls or other
in a chase or combat, the driver should solid objects suffer the casters Spirit +
roll on the Out of Control table. D6 as damage.

Levitation Teleportation
Discipline: Psyhokinesis Discipline: Psychokinesis
Power points: 2 Power points: 4+
Range: Sight Range: Special
Effect: This power allows the Effect: This is an incredibly complex
character to slowly lift an object up one procedure that actually incorporates
meter. The lift lasts one combat round aspects of clairvoyance and
and costs two power points. If the telekinesis and requires an inordinate
psychic wishes to maintain the amount of power point expenditure.
levitation or raising the object a further Teleportation has 3 stages.
meter, it requires a new test and two
new power points. The cost is always 1 - The psychic must be at the location
per size increment (Spirit die x 5 lbs), of the object to be teleported, and then
so a psychic with d10 Spirit weighing see the target area either physically or
150 lbs lifting himself, uses 6 power through remote viewing. The
points pr round. clairvoyance will take 1d6 minutes for
up to human-sized objects, and a few
Telekinesis (basic power) hours for larger objects.
Discipline: Psychokinesis
Power points: 3+ per round 2 - The psychic then needs to remove
Range: Sight any matter (dust, gas or liquid) from
Effect: Telekinesis is the ability to the target telekintically - a
move a single object or creature painstakingly difficult task. This costs
(including ones self) with will. A normal two power points per size increment
roll can lift up to one size increment (Spirit die x 5 lbs).
and move it half your Spirit die per
round. A -2 penalty and 2 extra power 3 - The final stage is the teleport itself.
points per round is imposed for each In a final burst of concentration, the
size increment extra. psychic exert a tremendous amount of
psychic energy to actually move the
Lifting creatures Living targets may object itself. This costs two power
resist with an opposed Spirit roll points per size increment of the object,
(against the Psychokinesis roll). If the and he must make a skill roll at -2 pr.
roll is greater than the psychic, the size increment. After the object has
victim is unaffected. If the subject can been successfully teleported, the
grab unto something solid, he may psychic makes another roll at -2 pr.
prevent the lift with an opposed size increment to see if stage 2 was
Strength vs Psychokinesis. completed successfully. If this roll fail,
an object may be damaged. Living
Telekinetic weapons A psychic can creatures teleported suffer 2d6
use telekinesis to wield a weapon. damage, and any armor is negated.
When used in this fashion, the melee
(or ranged) weapon uses the Thermokinesis
Psychokinetic skill instead of Fighting Discipline: Psychokinesis
or Shooting, but suffers a -2 penalty to Power points:
all attacks. Damage for melee Range: Touch or sight
weapons are based on Spirit, not Effect: This is also known as
Strength. pyrokinesis or cryokinesis. The psychic
may spend two power points and
Dropping things Dropped creatures succeed at a roll at -2 to warm or cool
suffer falling damage as usual. Victims small objects touched. He may also
spend two power points and succeed allows the psychic to induce a
at a roll at -4 to ignite flammable momentary hallucination of her own
objects within visual range, warm less design. The target of this attack will
flammable items, cool substantially the experience the hallucination as if it
temperature of a room, freeze liquids were completely real - sights, sounds,
that are within reach or extingusih feeling and all. The psychic can make
small flames. The psychic receives her victim see a person or creature
another -2 for attempting to ignite non- that is not there, hear gunshots or
flammable substances or cool very hot cries of help, or smell smoke and feel
objects. Heating or freezing living the heat of flame. The psychic can
tissue causes d4+Spirit burns to also cause her target not to see or
exposed flesh. sense something that is there,
effectively rendering that person or
object invisible. This power only works
Telepathy PSI powers on the psychic's own race, so a human
cannot Dominate a Grey, for example.
Mental communication has long been In order to use this power, the
seen as the answer to the worlds psychic must make a successful roll at
diverse languages, and difficulties in -4, spend two psi points and then
communicating over long distances. defeat the target in an opposed roll
(Telepathy vs. Spirit). The psychic
All Telepathy powers have similar must then maintain the illusion by
ranges. Unwilling targets must be concentrating (can only move his
within line-of-sight, but Clairvoyance speed) and making a roll. He may
powers may replace line-of-sight. alternatively spend a power point to
Willing targets may be anywhere. avoid the roll (but he still cannot do
anything). If the target interacts with
Bio-Information Transfer the illusion in some way, he may make
Discipline: Telepathy a Spirit roll against the psychics skill
Power points: 1 roll in order to see through it.
Range: N/A
Effect: The psychic can project an The psychic may also attempt to
image into the mind of someone the rewrite part of the target's personality.
psychic knows well. This image should When used successfully, a single
be distinct and very specific. The statement may be inserted into the
psychic may spend two power points mind of her victim, which becomes a
to ensure automatic success. The permanent part of the victim's psyche.
receiver typically has a codebook with This statement can be subtle: "You
a series of symbols that mean specific believe it would be best if I were the
things. The receiver must make a team leader" or overt "You would
Smarts test to successfully identify the rather die than hurt me". The psychic
correct image. If the receiver has the must first make a Telepathy roll at -4
Lesser PSI Sensitive edge, he gains and then make a Telepathy roll against
+2 to this test, Greater PSI Sensitives the targets Spirit. This costs two
gain +2 on this test. power points, regardless of whether or
not the first test succeeded. The Mind
Domination Control edge grants a +2 bonus using
Discipline: Telepathy this power.
Power points: See text
Range: Sight
Effect: Psychics capable of Whenever a psychic successfully
Domination are able to focus on the dominates another, both the psychic
sensory centers of the target's brain and the target must make a Spirit roll.
and override them temporarily. This If one (or both) fails the roll, they suffer
a psychic backlash. Whoever fails
must roll on the Psychic Backlash example, the character may ask: "Will
table below, adding half of the the gunman fire at me if I surrender" or
opponent's Spirit die. If the opponent "Is the technician thinking about
has a d8 Spirit die, the target adds 4 to betraying us?" but not "Where is the
his 2d6 roll. gunman hiding?".

3-7 Knocked unconscious for 1d6 PSI-Interception

minutes Discipline: Telepathy
8-9 The backlash damages the Power points: 2 per projection
character's psychic facilities. blocked or altered
Any powers require the use Range: 150 kilometers
of two extra Power points for Effect: The psychic may pick up
the next 1d6 days. psychic transmissions. He first rolls a
10-11 The target suffers a normal test to see if he detects
psychological hindrance, most telepathic projections. He may then try
likely one possessed by the another test with a -2 penalty to
opponent. If he doesn't have understand what is being transmitted.
any, roll on the Negative Psych He may block the telepathic signal with
Profile Hindrance table. a roll at -4 or alter the message with a
12+ The character's brain roll at -6. Each projection blocked or
hemorrhages violently, causing altered costs two power points.
2d6 damage
Dream Telepathy Discipline: Telepathy
Discipline: Telepathy Power points: Varies
Power points: 2 Range: Special
Range: N/A Effect: This experimental techniques
Effect: The character can project creates and directs throught-forms at
images into someone's dream without target people. These thought-forms
penalty. With a -2 on the roll, the are believed to be psychic entities with
character may send a specific their own auras. Thought-forms like
message to another person. Finally, a hate, anger or even death can be sent
successful test at -4 is necessary to to a person, and will latch onto similar
read a person's dreams. This can be vibrations in that person's aura,
done in an awakened state, but enhancing it and inducing the desired
requires at least two hours of effect. Sending a Greed thought-form
concentrated effort. at a criminal would exacerbate his
greedy nature and push him to commit
Intuition (basic power) further crimes.
Discipline: Telepathy
Power points: 1 A short-term thought-form requires one
Range: N/A day of concentration, 4 power points
Effect: Intuition gives an insight into a and a successful Telepathy test at -4.
living subject's thoughts and next This thought-form is based around one
course of action. The character may of the basic emotions (such as anger,
ask three "yes or no" questions about depression or happiness) and must be
the state of mind of a particular targeted toward an individual known at
individual, their next action or their least casually. If the target is in no way
most probable reaction to a near future affected by that emotion, the thought-
event in vague terms. Near future is form bounces back and affects the
defined as within the next hour. The psychic instead. If the target has some
character must know the individual in form of that emotion (even only
question at least casually. The subconsciously), it latches on and
character may forego the skill roll if he drives that emotion to obsessive levels
burns double the power points. For for one week.
change in the state of the body
A thought-form can also be created to or mind
target certain psychological Yellow Strong thought-related
hindrances, like Cautious, Clinical energy tied to concentration
Depression, Curious, Death Wish, and study
Jumpy, Impulsive, Phobias etc. When Green Harmonious, healing,
latched onto individuals with these helpful energy
mental problems, it worsens them. In Blue thought-related energy
game terms, they suffer another -2 tied to calm reflection and
penalty for any rolls made to avoid acceptance
negative effects.
Indigo Spiritual, strong
psychic, purity of spirit energy
Thought-forms focused around a
particular concept, such as Death, Violet Deep internal struggle,
exists. These creations result in something very important held
extreme suicidal tendencies for a within
week, giving the subject the Death Brown Honest,
Wish hindrance. At the end of the straightforward, gentle energy
week, if still alive, he must make a Gray Lack of life force
Spirit roll (at -2 for each raise the Silver quick-thinking, agile
Telepath scored on the skill roll), or energy
attempt to committ suicide. These Black malevolence or
thought-forms are extremely destructive energy, may be
dangerous. Each day, there is a 1 in 6 self-directed
chance that the tought-form turn on
their creator and afflict him instead.
Remote Influence
Discipline: Telepathy
Power Points: Varies
Read Aura (basic power) Range: Sight
Discipline: Telepathy Effect: This is a similar, but far less
Power points: powerful version of the Domination
Range: Within visual, auditory or power. When the psychic has the
tactile range. target in sight (through normal means
Effect: Every living things radiates or clairvoyance), he needs to confirm
energy, which vibrates at different that he has reached the right person
frequencies and emits multi-colored by reading the person's surface
light visible only to psychics. See the thoughts (this requires spending two
Aura Color Chart for more information. power points and making a trait roll).
The character can ask three "yes or He then spends another two PSI
no" questions about the emotional points, makes a trait roll against the
state of the target. The character may subjects Spirit roll with a -2 modifier. If
forego the skill roll if he burns double both tests succeed, he may plant
the power points. hypnotic suggestions such as "You
want to leave this area immediately",
Aura Color Chart "You want to forget about this incident
Red Strong emotional energy completely and go on with your life" or
often related to stress, anger, "these aren't the droids you're looking
hostility and sexuality. Possibly for". Suggestions which continue in
linked to physical exertion. time, such as "You hate guns" may be
Pink Clear emotional energy overcome in time. The target may
tied to happiness and make a Spirit roll each week to
contentment override the suggestion. Suggestions
Orange Energy related to a that are strongly abhorrent to the
target, such as "Kill yourself" or "Kill
Alex" are valid, but gives the target a NP-7 (G,J)
+2 on his opposed roll. The Mind NP-7 concentrates on destroying
Control edge grants a +2 bonus using short-term memory, blocking the
this power. chemical that allows short-term
memories to be stored. The victim
Chemcraft must make a Smarts test -2 to
remember anything from the duration
of the drug.
Certain chemicals were discovered in
Onset time: 10 minutes
the course of MKULTRA and
Duration: 2-4 hours
MKDELTAs research and not released
Overdose: > 1*. The subjects short-
to the public.
term memory is impaired for life. The
victim must make a normal Smarts test
Overdose: A Healing roll is required to
to remember anything he did the last
know how many doses constitue an
overdose. If an asterisk (*) is next to
the overdose information, a Healing
Smart Drugs (J)
roll must be made no matter how
This enhancement drug gives the
many doses are used.
agent a +2 bonus to all mental tasks.
Application method: J = Injected, G =
Additional doses result in a +1 bonus
each. The agent will not be able to
sleep for 12 hours after the drug wears
Knock-Out (G)
off, and is always at least Fatigued by
This very basic drug covers a wide
range of drugs that cause
Onset time: 5 minutes
unconsciousness, and can be slipped
Duration: 2 hours
into drinks, foods, etc. The subject
Overdose: > Half vigor die. The
must make a Vigor test +2 (-2 pr
subject suffers brain damage, losing 1
additional dose) or fall unconscious.
die step of Smarts (min. D4).
No memory of the time unconscious
will exist.
Onset time: 10 minutes/dose Psi Drugs
Duration: 12 hours/dose Batch 7 (G)
Overdose: > Half vigor die. The The subject improves or gain a new
subject must make a Vigor test (-2 per psychic discipline, temporarily, chosen
dose over the overdose limit or fall into by the GM or randomly determined.
a coma for 2d6 days. The psychic gains a separate set of
power points to use on this new
L2 (J) discipline and a number of powers.
This is an amnesia drug used as a last The numbers of doses determine this.
resort by MKULTRA agents. Attempts 1 dose = 5 pp, 1 power, 10 doses = 10
to create a drug that selectively erased pp, 3 powers, 3 doses = 15 pp, 3
time periods of memory were powers, +2, regains pp twice the
unsuccessful due to the brains non- normal rate. Also, the character
linear memory storage methods.Any temporarily gains the appropriate skill
attempt by a victim to remember die at d4. He does not improve his die
anything from his life, requires a if he already has the correct skill. This
Smarts test -2. Failed tests mean that drug has many side-effects. The
those memories are lost forever. immediate headaches gives a -2
Onset time: 10 minutes modifier to all trait rolls the next hour.
Duration: N/A In addition, the character must make a
Overdose: > 1*. The subject suffers Spirit roll with a penalty equal to
brain damage, losing a die step in number of doses taken, or suffer
Smarts (min. D4). violent seizures and unconsciousness
for 4D6 hours. Table
Onset time: 10 minutes
Duration: 1 week Roll Hindrance gained
Overdose: > Half vigor die. The 2 Paranoid delusions, major (as
character must make another Vigor roll Delusion, but with a paranoid
with a penalty equal to the number of twist)
doses taken in the last month. Failure 3 Phobia, major
results in death, success means the 4 Jumpy
character loses all psychic abilities, 5 Nightmares
traits and edges forever. 6 Cautious
7 Phobia, minor
DZ (J) 8 Impulsive
Any psychic readings or attempts to 9 Paranoid delusions, minor (as
mind control whoever takes this drug, Delusion, with a paranoid twist)
gains -2 for each dose taken. If the 10 Clinical depression
subject is a psychic, he may not use 11 Schizophrenia
any psychic powers himself. 12 -1 Smarts die (minimum d4 if
Onset time: 30 minutes Smarts already d4, reduce
Duration: 24 hours Spirit)
Overdose: > Half Vigor die. The
character rolls on the Negative Psych PSI Drugs Side Effect Table
Profile Hindrances table. 2d4
Prolonged use: When the subject has 2-4 The character metabolizes the
taken the drug a total of five times, and drugs without any problems
every three times thereafter, he must and suffers no ill side effects
roll a Vigor roll or suffer a Negative 5 The psychic is in danger of
Psych Profile Hindrance. becoming addicted to the drug.
He must succeed at a Spirit roll
Psi Enhancer (G) or develop a Habit trait of one
The subject gains 3 Power Points for dose of PSI Drug per day.
each dose taken. 6 The psychic suffers a vivid and
Onset time: 4 rounds terrifying hallucination, shaking
Duration: 1 minute him for 1d6 rounds. A failed
Overdose: >Half vigor die. Roll 1D on Spirit roll gives the psychic the
the PSI-Drug Side Effect table, adding Flashback hindrance, with the
two plus the number of doses taken. triggering condition being use
of PSI powers.
The Zone (J) 7 The character keeps hearing
The subject enters a coma in which he voices in other peoples heads.
can utilize all psychic disciplines not If he fails a Spirit roll, the
requiring line of sight or a waking echoes last even after the drug
state. The character gains 2D6 power wears off and he develops the
points for the duration of the coma. Schizophrenia trait.
Additional doses gives an additional 8 The high dosage has started to
1D6 power points. desensitize the characters
Overdose: > Half vigor die. The system and she is developing a
character enters a coma indefinetely. tolerance to the effects of the
The character is still able to use drug. The effects of the PSI
psychic disciplines, but cannot wake Drug is hereafter reduced by
himself. Intensive care, Healing rolls one for purposes of the Power
with high penalties and a small miracle Point benefit gained, and the
is needed to wake him (GM's psychic receives +2 bonus on
discretion). all overdose rolls to the drug.
Abstination for one month
Negative Psych Profile Hindrance negates this tolerance.
9 The extremely high levels of the hypnotist tests his Knowledge:
drugs currently coursing Parapsychology against the victims
through the characters system Spirit.
put him in danger of sustaining
permanent and debilitating The following modifiers applies to both
brain damage. The psychic the roll to induce a trance, and to the
must succeed at a Spirit roll or hypnosis itself. Some of these may be
becoming a psychic burnout, cumulative. A subject in a comfortable
losing all psychic powers and room who actively resists and dislikes
one die step in Spirit. the hypnotist gains a +5 on his Spirit
10+ The psychic has overdosed on roll, and the hypnotist suffers a -5 to
the PSI drug, perhaps fatally. The his skill roll.
character immediately takes d6
damage per dose in the system. Subject trusts hypnotist +2
Subject wants to be hypnotized +2
Subject is in comfortable room +1
Subject doesnt mind being hypnotized +1
Hypnosis Subject dislikes hypnotist -2
An agent with the Hypnotist edge may Subject actively resists -4
use the Knowledge: Parapsychology Subject hates hypnotist -4
skill to hypnotize others. This is used Subject has fanatical desires to resist -6
in many mind-controlling techniques.
Before any hypnosis technique is
employed, the subject must be placed Hypnotic techniques
in a hypnotic trance. This requires at
least a minute of calm and a The following techniques may be
successful roll, and cannot be done in employed by hypnotists after the
combat. subject has been placed in a trance.

When the subject is in a trance state,

Technique Modifier Time Restrictions
Amnesia +2 10 min Not used by MKULTRA
Body Control - 10 min
Change of Reference - 30 min
Couriers -4 1 year Mind Control edge, 3 rolls
False Memories - 30 min
Manchurian Candidate -6 6 weeks Mind Control edge
Multiple Personalities -4 1 year Mind Control edge, 3 rolls
Patsy -1 3 weeks Mind Control edge
Personality modification -4 3 months Mind Control edge, 2 rolls
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions -2 1 hour
Regression - 30 min
Sleepers -2 5 hours Mind Control edge
Suggestions - 30 min
Suicide Clause -4 6 hours
variaton of the Change of Reference
Amnesia Making a subject forget a technique. It enables the hypnotist to
period of time, such as the hypnosis control the physical sensations of the
session, is relatively easy. If another
hypnotist wants to learn what was subject, to affect the subjects
forgotten, he must roll versus the first bleeding, eliminate pain, alter his body
hypnotists skill. A Smarts test may tell temperature or blood pressure, create
the subject that hes missing time. allergic reactions etc. Examples of

Body Control This technique is a uses include reducing the wound

penalty by 1 or give a +2 bonus on Multiple Personalities This subtle
tests to stabilize an incapacitated technique creates different
victim. personalities that surface at different
times within a particular individual,
Change of Reference This basic often without that person knowing
about them. These personalities may
technique changes the perceptions of be triggered in a timed sequence, by
the subject, so that he might think a verbal cue or by specified outside
pencil is a sword or that the hypnotist stimulation. The hypnotist may give
is his father. This technique is often the other personalities other
used to grant the hypnotist the Trusts psychological hindrances or edges.

Hypnotist modifier for all further tests. Patsy Creating a patsy is relatively
easy and highly effective. When an
Couriers One of the most lucrative operation requires an assassination or
uses of MKULTRAs hypnosis program similiary dangerous task, having
is the creation of unknowing couriers. someone programmed to take the fall
These individuals are used to transport for the actual operation is ideal. The
documents and goods all over the patsy, hypnotized to be in the wrong
world without knowing why, or place at the wrong time, is often tied to
remembering their actions. Creating a the crime by a paper trail.
good courier is harder than creating a
killer or patsy, as the courier is used Personality modification Creating
many times. The process takes a year, a completely different personality
three successful tests and also requires three months and two tests. If
incorporates Amnesia (to forget his successful, a completely new
activities as a courier), Multiple personality is created that can vary
Personalites (creating a duplicate greatly from the former personality.
personality that is dominant) and Memories remain, but tastes, desires,
maybe a Suicide Clause (if a mission edges etc. can be altered.
goes awry). When the subject receives
a programmed phrase, he travels to a Post-hypnotic suggestions Tasks
pre-arranged place for the pick-up and that the hypnotist desires to be
instructions. A new command sends accomplished at a later date are
him on his way and back again where covered under this heading. Again,
a third phrase returns him to his changes of references that may be
normal life. required must be made before these
suggestions are placed. Each
False memories This is more suggestion requires a separate test.
effective than Amnesia, and masks Also, some sort of cue must be placed
missing time with false memories. to trigger the suggestion.
False memories created by MKULTRA
operatives tend to be of alien Regression This technique aids in
abductions. Uncovering false retrieving information. By regressing
memories is a Knowledge: the subject to a situation of comfort
Parapsychology test against the and trust (i.e. that he is among family
Hypnosis skill of the implanter. or with a superior), changing the
subjects frame of reference is far
Manchurian Candidate This easier. Now, information that he might
technique creates a killer who will be loath to reveal to the enemy he will
develop an intense hatred of the be happy to discuss. Success results
target, which culminates in an attempt in giving related Change of Reference
on the targets life at a time and place attempts a +2 bonus.
of the hypnotists choosing.
Sleepers Sleepers are individuals
hypnotized to be unaware of their implant requires a Healing roll and a
controllers and to perform certain Knowledge: Paranormal test to guess
tasks without knowing why. Sleepers at their significance. If the character
tend to be ordinary people, highly has the Mind Control edge, he can
anonymous and disposable. They are make a Healing roll to identify if the
generally used for low level implant is one of ours or not. Its
surveillance. impossible to discover these on X-
rays, as they are composed of
Suggestions Any task that the advanced ceramics. An MRI or CAT
hypnotist wishes the subject to scan might reveal them on a
perform is covered under this successful Healing roll. Removing
technique. This includes only actions them requires surgery for several
that the subject would normally have hours and a Healing roll. Failed
no objection to performing. Each healing rolls cause 2D6 damage to the
suggestion requires a separate test. patient.
Changes of reference may be used to
allow suggestions that would Cerebro-Stimulator: This large piece
otherwise be untenable. of machinery takes up an entire room
or a large van, and is composed of
Suicide Clause Most couriers, some sensitive tuning equipment and a
killers and many patsies are imbued narrow beam transmitter. The device
with a suicide clause. This technique has a range of 200m when targeted
implants a post-hypnotic suggestion against one person. It can also affect
that the subject become suicidal given all within 25m radius centering around
the appropriate cue. a target up to 50m away. The operator
must succeed in both a Knowledge:
Parapsychology check and a
Knowledge: Electronics check. Long-
term effects are at -2.

Short-term effects
PSI-equipment Unless otherwise noted, a raise on the
The following equipment is exclusively Knowledge:Parapsycholgy check
available to those of a specific doubles the duration.
profession, or for those with a contact
in one of these organizations. The Confusion Target shaken for 2D6
descriptions here are just the bare combat rounds.
essentials, it is recommended that you Heart attack A heart attack is
also read Shadows of the Mind from induced in the target. See SWED p. 85
page 77 and onwards. for rules on heart attacks. On a raise,
the victim suffers another -2 penalty on
Implants the Vigor roll.
Several of the items described below Hallucinations For 2D6 rounds, the
come as implants that must be subject hallucinates wildly and is not
surgically inserted into the subject. able to interact with reality in any
Acquiring implant resources only gets coherent fashion.
the agent the item. Implanting them Homicidal Rage The target viciously
requires the appropriate skill tests and attacks anyone around him for 2D6
facilities. rounds.
Memory Loss Short-term memory is
A Healing roll, the Mind Control edge disrupted, erasing 2D6 hours centering
and two hours is necessary to implant around the devices use. Target is also
one. Identification of scars or bumps shaken for 2D6 rounds.
that might indicate the presence of an Trance: Target enters a hypnotic
trance for 1D6 x 10 minutes. Hypnotic
tests gain +4 bonus. Pain or physical cumulative -1 penalty every week
damage breaks the trance. thereafter.
Unconsciousness: Target must make a
Vigor roll at -2 or be rendered Electro-Anagram
unconscious for 1D6 hours. This device is about the size of a
personal computer. It registers the
Long-term effects electromagnetic field emanating from a
These effects require continous living object or being. It can also
beaming at the target, at least six slightly alter the field it detects, and
hours a day for two weeks. The can be used to enhance healing. It
operator must use the area effect gives a +2 bonus on Natural Healing
version of the stimulator, and only one rolls.
of these effects may be used at once.
Staying out of the radius for three days Energy Alarms
removes the effects. The victim may These highly complex particle
make a Smarts test against the enhancement field generators are
operators Knowledge: Parapsychology used to detect the presence of a
check in order to notice his strange psychic. An energy alarm can be set
behaviour. up to watch over an area with a radius
of 10m around the device. They
Anger All those within the radius cannot work if positioned within 20m of
suffer from heightened tempers and one another. Any psychic power used
hostility. A Spirit roll is necessary to within the radius has a 4 in 6 chance
avoid aggressive actions at stressful of setting it off every turn the psychic
situations. A raise gives this Spirit roll a stays in range. Detecting the alarm
-2 penalty. requires a Notice roll -2 and a
suspicion that there might be one. In
Anxiety Those within the area suffer other words, the player needs to state
a fear stimulus within their minds. hes looking for one. There is no way
Stressful activities will be met with of disabling such an alarm.
fleeing or suffering fear reactions of
varying degrees. Spirit roll to avoid Hemi-Synch
such situations. On a 1 the victim A headphone device which produces
must roll on the Fright table on page slightly different frequencies in each
85 of SWED. A raise from the operator ear, creating a third rhythm in the
imposes a penalty of -2 on the Spirit brain. It can also be implanted and
roll. activated by controllers as required. It
can be used either to reduce the
Insomnia Sleep is next to impossible subjects Spirit die by one, or to
for the affected, requiring a Spirit roll increase the subjects psychic
-2. Loss of sleep affects the character attunement, granting him one extra
as the Sleep Disorder hindrance. After Power Point. The device takes 30
four nights, the target begins minutes to take full effect.
hallucinating and stops functioning,
requiring medical attention to avoid Hidden Emitters
permanent damage. On a raise, the These devices can be as small as a a
effects of a sleepless night is doubled. pager and hidden almost anywhere.
They emit microwave beams in an
Depression This effect creates a enclosed area. Only limited strength
sense of helplessnes and fatigue in against normal humans, but those
the target. The target gains the Clinical implanted with stimoceivers will suffer
Depression hindrance. After another from their full power. The waves can
month of use, the target must make a also be used to track an exact fix on
Spirit roll to avoid attempting suicide the location of the emitter (even if in a
every three days. This test suffers a moving object).
imposed where the effects have no
Effects that can be generated include duration.
dizzines, trance and unconsciousness.
The target must make a Spirit roll to Homicidal Rage The target viciously
avoid the effects. -2 if implanted with a attacks anyone around him for 2D6
Stimoceiver. Dizziness results in a -1 rounds.
on all tests for 2D6 combat rounds. Trance: Target enters a hypnotic
The trance lasts until broken or 1D6 trance for 1D6 x 10 minutes. Hypnotic
hours. Unconsciousness lasts for 2D6 tests gain +4 bonus. Pain or physical
hours. Successful resistance to trance damage breaks the trance.
or unconsciousness results in Fear: An intense fear is created within
dizziness, unless a raise is rolled. the subjects mind, forcing him to try
and flee the situation. If that is not
Lida possible, he will curl up and hide. A roll
A small box-sized device that is of 1 on the Spirit roll forces the subject
composed of a flashing light and to also roll on the Fright table on page
speakers operating on a very high 85 of the SWED.
frequency. Takes one hour of Unconsciousness: Falls unconscious
continous use to take effect. The for 4D6 rounds.
subject must often be restrained. After Heart Attack: The subject must makes
one hour, the subject falls into a a Vigor roll or suffer a Heart attack.
trance-like state in which all Hypnosis See page 85 of the SWED for
tests gain a +2 bonus. information on heart attacks. If he
succeeds, he gains the Jumpy
MHIC-EDOM hindrance for 1D6 hours.
The Microwave Hypnotic Intracerebral Hallucinations For 2D6 rounds, the
Control-Electronic Dissolution of subject hallucinates wildly and is not
Memory device. Its roughly the size able to interact with reality in any
and shape of a flashlight, but emits no coherent fashion.
light, only invisible microwaves. An
operative using this device must have The second function is to jam the
both the Knowledge: Parapsychology brains synapses, effectively erasing
and the Knowledge: Electronics skill, short-term memory. The range is 25m
even though he only has to roll the or 10m radius around the user. A
Knowledge: Parapsychology skill. A d4 Knowledge: Parapsychology test is
in Knowledge: Electronics is therefore needed. If successful, all targets are
enough. shaken for 1D6 rounds and their
memory is erased for 1D6 hours
A subject may detect a slight tingle or centering around the devices use. The
a headache on a Notice roll -4. The user will also be affected with this,
MHIC-EDOM has a range of 100m unless he wears a prophylogical
and must be targeted at a particular implant.
individual. Success allows the operator
to create any effect allowed by the Neural Disrupter
stimoceiver. If the target does not have This looks like an electric razor and is
a stimoceiver, the operator must composed of advanced electronics. It
succeed in a Knowledge: fires a low-voltage microwave beam
Parapsychology test against the that is specifically calibrated to disrupt
targets Spirit roll. If the target already brain functions. It requires no
has a stimoceiver implant, the Knowledge-skills, but the shooter
Knowledge: Parapsychology test gains must succeed in a called shot to the
a +2 bonus. head for the effects to be
implemented. Following effects can be
A raise causes the duration of the produced. A raise causes the effects to
effect to be doubled, or a -2 penalty be doubled, unless otherwise noted.
The extra damage effects from a drained. Others are activated by
called shot is not applicable here. human touch or gaze.

Nausea Causes severe illness. Third Order

Subject automatically shaken for 1D6 These require only the presence of a
rounds while he vomits and falls to the human, animal or plant to draw upon
ground. its bionergy. The psychotron must be
Sleep Subject must succeed in a close to the life force for 24 hours if
Vigor roll -2 or fall unconscious for 1D6 human, 48 if animal and 72 for plants.
hours. The device absorbs 1 Power Point
Seizure The seizure effect actually during each of these time periods, to a
causes brain damage, creating maximum of 3 Power Points. Psychic
incapacitating spasms for 2D6 combat may charge a Third Order psychotron
rounds and resulting in 2D6 of damage by transferring 1 Power Point per half
(+1D6 on a raise). In addition, the hour of concentration.
subject must make a Vigor roll or
suffer permanent brain damage, losing The lowest order psychotrons will
a die step in Smarts. perform a programmed task until
drained, such as attracting small
Neurophone objects to it, relaying thoughts to a
This tiny, opalescent device uses the third party or changing colors to
brain as a transceiver, transmitting denote psychic energy use in the area.
what is heard and receiving signals. They may be activated by any psychic
This device is implanted in the ear, with a thought, as long as the psychic
allowing the controllers to hear has the device in view. Once activated,
anything the subject hears. They can the device loses 1 Power Point per
also transmit cue phrases to the day. See Shadows of the Mind page
subject with post-hypnotic suggestions 81 for some examples of Third Order
(see Hypnotism section). Range is 50 Psychotrons.
Second Order
Prophylogical Implant To charge these somewhat more
These implants protect against powerful devices, a psychic must
electromagnetic mind control beams, concentrate on the item for at least six
giving them a +4 bonus to resist the hours on two consecutive days. At the
effects of these devices. end of this, the psychic transfers 1
Power Point. These can hold up to 4
Stimoceiver Power Points. With a thought and 1
This brain implant allows the controller Power Point, a psychic may activate a
to dictate a targets behavior, desires Second Order psychotron within sight.
and thoughts. Either requires the These psychotrons can be tasked with
MHIC-EDOM device or a hidden performing any basic psychic power.
emitter within 5 meters. See the MHIC- See page 84 for what powers are
EDOM device for a list of effects. basic.
See Shadows of the Mind p. 82 for
Psychotrons some great examples of Second Order
Most psychotrons are capable of psychotrons.
storing energy from only one psychic
discipline. They also are made for one, First Order
and only one, specific purpose. These are the most rare of all
Psychotrons are ranked in order, third psychotrons, and only a handful have
order being the weakest and first order ever been made. They can absorb up
being the strongest. They can be to 6 Power Points, and it takes only
charged with various amount of Power teten minutes of concentration per
Points and do a programmed task until Power Point transferred to it. The
transferring psychic must have the PSI No longer than the tip of a pencil, but
Sensitive, greater for it to work, emits a weak signal showing the
however. They can be activated location of the individual. Can only pick
without the expenditure of Power up individuals who are within range of
Points. These psychotrons can be a cellular phone transceiver. The
tasked with performing any psychic signal emitted is so weak that only
power. See Shadows of the Mind p. 82 ELF searches will pick it up.
for some great examples of Second
Order psychotrons.

Tracking Implants

Part 9: The Supernatural

This part describes, in short, the phenomenon knows as Seepage, what Corruption, Incarnate
and the Forsaken are, and how to use magic. It ends with a list of all the commonly known
Seepage is the uncontrolled psychic energies that stem from mankind itself. It
is a psychically active world-mind guided by humanitys own fear. We
contribute to it naturally every day, an endless supply of psychic energy
seeping out of our bodies as our aura. It is guided by our fear and is
responsible for all supernatural activity. It pools into certain locations, corrupts
individuals and manifests into our reality.

Seepage Levels
The base level of Seepage is one. The normal level of a Pool is also one, but
can increase to two when agitated. The normal level of a Locus is two, rising
to three when agitated. Agitation is usually due to the presence of a Sensitive,
although the GM can determine other causes, such as increased psychic
activity, ritual use, trauma or death.

Seepage Points
Roll a D6 for each Seepage Level in the area. This is the amount Seepage
Points (SPs) available for supernatural manifestations, rituals and Incarnate
powers. Remember that other factors, such as the presence of a Sensitive,
may add to the number of SPs. Once depleted, the SPs are regained at the
rate of one point per Seepage Level per hour. The Seepage Points are in any
case re-rolled at midnight.

Certain dates or times of day also adds to the number of Seepage Points.
Noon or midnight - +2 (lasts d4 rounds)
Full moon - +2 (or the day before or after)
During solstice/equinox - +10
The four days of power - +15

The four days of power are Imbolc (Feb 2nd), Beltane (April 30th), Lughnasadh
(Aug 1st) and Samhain (October 31st).

Corruption is a permanent mental change induced by the Seepage. It is a
phenomenon that works directly on man and occurs in degress, over an
extended period. This can be the high price paid for a poorly executed ritual or
induced by a ritual curse (bitten by a vampire, werewolf, etc.). The corrupt are
in constant danger. They are living with the dark knowledge they are becoming
something else, drowning in forces as old as thought. A player may start out
on the path to corruption by taking the Corrupted by the Supernatural

Once an unfortunate has been corrupted, he will find the Seepage has built its
own channel in to his soul and is pooling its energies. Although there are steps
one can take in opposition as the path widens, once corruption is completed,
all one can do is drown in the river of mankinds fear. Becoming an Incarnate
is one of the possibilities if the path to corruption cannot be stopped. Incarnate
are powerful beings capable of invoking manifestations and leaving its mark
on the physical world. The GMs compendium contains more information on
how this happens, and its up to the GM how much he will divulge to the

When the path to corruption is complete, and the unfortunate one is not turned
into an Incarnate, he becomes a Forsaken. Hes as insane as an Incarnate,
but possesses no powers. Still, for the sake of mankind, this is a far better
option than the alternative. Pools
In a place full of mystery or superstition, or a place of extremely emotional
events especially those resulting in death, Seepage gathers into a reservoir
of psychic energy called a Pool. These can be shrines, battlefields, crime
scenes, haunted houses, churches or any place with strong emotional impact.

A Pool can gain enough power that it can outgrow local tales and become a
worldwide legend. A Pool of this significance becomes known as a Locus.
Some notable Loci are places such as Easter Island and Stonehenge, holy
places such as Jerusalem, the Vatican and Tenochitlan and mystical or
legendary locations such as the Pyramids and the Bermuda Triangle.

Here follows a more detailed description of some of the edges tied to the
Paranormal and to Ritual Casters.

Corruption Resistant
The magician has discovered several methods of defending himself against
the dangers of corruption. He may use one of the three following methods in
conjunction with a ritual.
Blood Charm Using a charm containing bits of hair and blood from at least
three other participants in the ritual, the caster protects himself at the cost of
the others. If the ritual goes wrong, he gains a +4 bonus to his Spirit roll to
resist corruption. Everyone whose hair and blood is in the charm, however,
receives a -2 penalty to their Spirit roll.
Saamaaa Amulet Making an amulet out of your own hair and blood gives the
opposite effect. Everyone you give an amulet to, receives a +2 bonus on their
Spirit rolls to resist corruption, while the caster receives a -4 penalty. Up to a
dozen amulets may be made for use with a ritual. The amulets must be
willingly given to the wearers.
Protective Circle: Before the ritual is started, a special circle is drawn around
the ritual space. This takes 5 minutes and everyone involved gains a +1 bonus
to resist corruption.

Ritual Caster
Any player who wishes to use magical rituals, must choose this edge. This
opens up the Ritual Caster skill, which is linked to Spirit. The character starts
play with knowledge of three rituals.
Seepage Sensitive
Sensitives are able to perceive Seepage and its manifestations more deeply
and more closely than those around them. In addition to being able to sense
the character of Loci or Pools, Sensitives can perceive magic and the
presence of supernatural beings.

A Sensitive also notices magical rituals automatically, invocations or

involuntary summonings that occur within 100-200 meters. They also know
whether any site has been used for numerous magical rituals over the years,
and the general nature (harmful or not) of those rituals. If a Notice check is
made, the Sensitive may perceive that magic was performed once in a given
location, or the category of magic currently being performed. A -2 Notice roll
allows the Sensitive to determine the category of the most recent ritual
performed or the details about magic currently being performed.

A Sensitive may also, with a Notice roll, perceive how many Seepage points
are available in an area. With a success, he estimates the energy within d6
points. Roll a d6 and add that amount to the current Seepage points. Then roll
another d6 and subtract from the first roll. The dice may ace. On a raise, he
knows exactly how much Seepage points there is.

Sensitives add 1 Seepage Point in the region they are, and also increase the
number of SPs regained by 1 per hour.

A Sensitive may also control Invocations (see next page). In order to do so, he
must first be aware of his abilities. This is mainly a role-playing choice to be
made between the player and the GM. To actually perform a controlled
invocation, the Sensitive must remain stationary for at least two minutes and
succeed on a Spirit roll. Like any other invocation, the player must roll equal to
or less than the local Seepage Level on d6. If unsuccessful, nothing at all
happens. If successful, the Sensitive roll on the appropriate Sensitive
Invocation Table or Site Manifestation Table to see what actually occurs. Since
the Sensitive is able to help shape the supernatural manifestation, the player
may modify the number rolled by up to +/- 1 (+/- 2 on a raise). The player and
GM then rolls for control as normal, with the Sensitive receiving a +2 bonus
(+4 with a raise). The player wins all ties.

Invocations and Supernatural Manifestations

Pools and Loci may randomly manifest supernatural phenomena. Choose
certain phenomena related to the site in question, or roll randomly on the table
on the next page.

When the GM wants to check for a supernatural manifestation, he rolls a D6. If

the result is equal to, or lower than the current Seepage Level, a Manifestation
occurs. A Sensitive may also, unconsciously or consciously, invoke a
manifestation. No matter how the manifestation comes to be, it draws 1 SP
per Seepage Level.
In addition to causing Pools and Loci to become agitated by his mere
presence, a Sensitive may provoke a manifestation in times of stress. GMs
call to when a Sensitive is stressed, but gunfights etc. are not an uncommon
source of stress. The Sensitive must then roll a Spirit roll (with any injury
modifiers). If he fails, and if the GM rolls equal to or lower than the Seepage
Level on a D6, a phenomenon manifests. If the Sensitive is aware of his
abilities, he may try to control the phenomenon by making a Spirit roll (-2
against an agitated pool or a locus, -4 against an agitated locus). He may then
direct the manifestation as she sees fit.

Controlled Invocation
A Sensitive may also performed a controlled invocation, drawing upon his
power to cause a manifestation to appear with easier chance of controlling it.
See the Seepage Sensitive Edge on page 105.

Manifestation Tables

Sensitive Invocation Table

Use this table to determine manifestations in areas that are neither especially
benevolent or malevolent. Most sites are neither.

Benevolent Site Manifestation Table

Use this table for supernatural sites that have traditionally been of a holy or
benevolent nature, such as holy wells, ancient churches or temples and the
sites of miracles. Even though supernatural phenomena here may be
frightening, unless controlled by a Sensitive, they will never directly harm
anyone except to prevent him from harming someone else.

Malevolent Site Manifestation Table

Use this table for supernatural sites with particularly horrific natures, such as
the locations of bloody battles or mass suffering, as well as temples to dark
gods and sites of demon worship.

Sensitive Invocation Table Benevolent Sites Malevolent Sites

2 - Circle 2 - Circle 2 - Circle
3 - Teleportation 3 Teleportation 3 Teleportation
4 - Levitation 4 Levitation 4 - Frenzy
5 - Vision 5 Vision 5 Thrall (Terror)
6 - Vortex 6 Vortex 6 - Vortex
7 - Apparition 7 Apparition 7 - Apparition
8 - Mirage 8 Healing 8 - Mirage
9 - Telekinesis 9 Thrall (Calm) 9 - Flame
10 - Pyrokinesis 10 Mirage 10 - Harm
11 - Ball Lightning 11 Ball Lightning 11 Ball Lightning
12 - Astral Conjunction 12 Astral Conj. 12 Astral Conj.
Manifestation Descriptions
Here comes a description of the supernatural manifestations that may occur.
Its up to the GM to decide if exposure to these manifestation causes a roll
against Fear, and any modifiers on the Fright Table.

Apparition Apparitions are telepathic illusions that possess the form of a

creature or creatures, or more rarely an object. Primarily visual delusions, they
can also incorporate sensations of touch, sound, smell and taste. Examples
include spectral figures, a momentary changing of ones own appearance
(undertaking a demonic visage, coupled with a smell of brimstone), haunting
voices or phantom hounds. As with all telepathic illusions, it only takes place
within the minds of those affected. A 1 SP Apparition lasts for 1 round, a 2 SP
Apparition for 1d6 minutes and a 3 SP Apparition for 1 hour.

Astral Conjunction Roll twice on the table and generate twice the usual
amount of SP for the manifestation.

Ball Lightning The presence of ball lightning has always left mystery in the
wake of its passing. It has been described as a ball of light several inces to
several feet in diameter, varying widely in color. Often sen during or just before
lage storms, they appear as flying spheres ignoring gravity or wind. Once
manifested, the ball appears suddenly and floats slowly (no more than 10
meter per round), controlled by the player or GM. It lasts for D6 pr Seepage
Level of the area. If it touches anything, it discharges a small amount of
electricity D6 (+1 pr Seepage Level), normally not enough to injure
someone. When the ball is about to go out, roll a D6. If the result is higher
than the Seepage Level, it fizzles out. If it is equal to or lower than the
Seepage Level, it explodes in a Medium Burst Template, causing D10
damager per Seepage Level.

Circle Circles are unique manifestations of the supernatural. They generate

a momentary bubble of force that leaves its mark on the surrounding terrain.
The power becomes most noticeable when vegetative matter is about,
presenting itself as the more famously known crop circles. Although harmless,
circles can even leave their imprint on durable substances (circular cracks
spreading out through pavement). Each SP spent on a Circle increases the
diameter by ten meters.

Flame Flammable and nonflammable objects start burning. 1 SP spent

ignites one flammable object, 2 SP ignites one non-flammable object or 1D6
flammable objects, 3 SP ignites 1D6 non-flammable objects or 2D6 flammable
objects. See the Fire rules on page 88 in SWED.

Frenzy A single individual at the site becomes enraged and will experience
a supernatural adrenaline response. Strength, Agility and Vigor increases to
D12 and any Shaken, Wounds or Incapacitated effects are ignored. Once the
frenzy abates, all damage effects are immediately applied. 1 SP grants 2D6
combat rounds of frenzy, 2 SP grants 3D6 combat rounds and 3 SP grants
4D6 combat rounds.
Harm Some or possibly all of the people at the site (a Sensitive can control
who is affected) will be wracked with severe pain as the Seepage courses
through their bodies. A Spirit roll must be made to avoid 2D6 of non-lethal
damage. 1 SP is a roll at no modifier, 2 SP is a Spirit roll with a -2 penalty and
3 SP is a roll at -4.

Healing One or more injured or ill people at the site will be healed. This
manifestation can heal wounds, diseases and, in rare cases, long-standing,
but non-genetic, physical handicaps (blindness). Healing can stabilize wounds
for no SP, and heals one wound per SP spent.

Levitation When invoked, it causes someone to raise into the air and float
about slowly (5 m/round). Sometimes the victim is controlled by a Sensitive,
sometimes its not. 1 SP will levitate a person for 1D6 rounds. The GM and the
player rolls for control each round to see who directs the levitation for that
round (the victims vote is the tie breaker).

Mirage A Mirage is an environmental illusion, abstract and otherworldly in

nature. A common illusion in relation to haunted houses and religious figures.
Bleeding walls or rocks, an unearthly fog and the formation of an inexplicable
cold spot are documented occurrences.

Pyrokinesis This manifestation is similar to the Thermokinesis psychic

power. 1 SP causes 1D6 objects to become too warm to handle. 2 SP causes
flames to lash out against 1D6 flammable objects, which may be set on fire. 3
SP causes flames to last out against 2D6 flammable objects or 1D6 non-
flammable objects. In both cases, the damage is D10.

Teleportation Teleportation is the spontanteous movement of an object or

objects from one point to another without traveling the corresponding distance
in between. The most common result of an uncontrolled teleportation is fish
fall, which is a sudden anomalous rain of small animals or other organic matter
from the sky. It is also to blame for panthers showing up in the English
countryside and alligators in the sewer. In low Seepage areas, teleportation is
only capable of moving a few small animals or a single object. In highly
supernatural areas, a huge number of small creatures, or even a human could
be teleported. Distance is not an obstacle for the psychic nature of the
supernatural, but for some reason organic matter seems to be more prone to
teleportation than inorganic. Unique objects may not be teleported (e.g. the
Hope diamond), and it is important to remember that the objects come from
somewhere, they are not generated spontaneously.

1 SP can teleport several (up to a few dozen) very small animals or objects, 2
SP can teleport a single larger animal or few hundred small items or creatures.
These objects may appear over a period of several rounds or minutes. 3 SP
can teleport a large creature, even a human, several small animals or a legion
of tiny animals that may continue to appear for up to a half hour.

Telekinesis This manifestation is similar to the psychic power with the same
name. It lasts for D6 rounds. 1 SP may control 1 human-sized being or object.
2 SP may control 1 larger being or object (like a small car) or 1D6 human-
sized beings or objects. 3 SP may control 1D6 larger beings or objects and
2D6 human-sized beings or objects.

Thrall (Calm) Everyone within the area becomes filled with a sense of
peace and calm. Anyone within the effect will cease all conflict unless
attacked, or unless a Spirit roll is made. 1 SP gives no modifier to the Spirit
roll. 2 SPs impose a -2 penalty, while 3 SPs impose a -4 penalty.

Thrall (Terror) Everyone within the area becomes filled with terror and must
roll for Fear. 1 SP gives no modifier. 2 SP imposes a penalty of -2 to the Spirit
roll (and is a +2 on the Fright Table) while 3 SP imposes a -4 penalty (and a +4
on the Fright Table).

Vision A character at the site receives a vision of some past, present or

future event tied to the site. 1 SP spent reveals one fact about the site, 2 SPs
reveal three facts about the site. The GM decides if these visions are past,
present or future.

Vortex A vortex is another telepathic illusion that works directly on the

senses rather than creating a particular vision. A vortex can throw off
perspective, seem to twist objects out of shape, alter the sensation of gravitys
pull, increase or decrease sound or light sensitivity, distort perception of size
or any other sensory adjustment. These are more bizarre than frightening, but
have a powerful effect on those caught within their influence nonetheless.

When a character picks the Ritual Caster edge, he must choose a ritual
tradition. There are four ritual traditions. Each comes with a set of bonuses
and/or penalties. At the end, there is a list of the rituals the caster can learn
from the start of his career. Other rituals must researched. A Tome helps this

Ceremonial Tradition
This is essentially the default tradition. Ceremonial magicians specializes in
group magic. When a ritual is cast upon more than one subject, the penalties
for casting on more subjects are reduced by 2. While there normally is a -2
penalty of casting a spell on 2-4 subjects, Ceremonial magicians suffer none.
5-7 subjects incur a -2 penalty instead of -4, and so on. In addition, any extra
participants contributes +1 SP in meeting the required Threshold. For
example, performing a ritual that requires 5 participants grants a +4 SP bonus.

Rituals: Blessing of protection, Dispel Magic, Emotional Aura, Oath-Binding,

Protection from Magic, Reading the Past, Vortex, Warding Circle

Shamanic Tradition
Shamans are particularly attuned to the ambient energies of the Seepage, and
have a special affinity for what some call the astral plane. All Shamans must
have the Seepage Sensitive edge. They also gain a +1 bonus when casting
the Scrying and Visitation rituals. All shamans must have some aid to enter the
altered state of consciousness necessary to cast rituals. For rituals with no
penalties inherent to them (see table on page 114), an hour of meditation and
a successful Spirit roll is necessary. For more difficult rituals (with penalties to
them), they must use hallucinogenic drugs or other non-meditational
techniques. An hour after the drugs take effect, the ritual may be commenced.
Most of these drugs last for 4-6 hours and leaves the caster Fatigued
afterwards. All shamanic rituals may be cast alone, even if the description
states that multiple participants are needed. Shamans are not penalized when
casting magic through charms.

Rituals: Call Weather, Reading the Past, Scrying, Spirit Bottle, Visitation

Taoist Tradition
Taoists blend physical training and movement with their mystic arts. They must
have Fighting of at least D6. Taoists must also meditate before attempting a
ritual (but only a minute), and must first test their Spirit, taking into account the
penalties for the ritual. All Taoist rituals may be cast alone, even if the
description states that multiple participants are needed.

Rituals: Speed Healing, Basic Blessing, Enhance Body, Blessing of Skill

Caribbean Tradition
These magicians have a special connection to spirits. All Ritual Caster skill
checks to summon, bind or banish ghosts or ascended ghosts gain a +1
bonus. During a Ghost Possession ritual, the ghost need make no test to stay
in possession of the host unless the host wills it. Caribeean casters need not
check for corruption when performing a Summon Ghost or Ghost Possession

Rituals: Banish Spirit, Bind Spirit, Emotional Aura, Ghost Possession, Spirit
Bottle, Summon Ghost

Learning new rituals

Learning new rituals involve research. Its easier if the magician has access to
a tome/grimoire, either by finding it on an adventure or purchasing it with RP,
or a mentor. In that case, the number of breakthroughs necessary are halved.
The number of breakthroughs needed depends on the inherent penalty of the
ritual. If there is no penalty, only 4 breakthroughs are needed. A -2 penalty
requires 6 breakthroughs, then 8 for -4 and 10 for -6. The caster uses
Knowledge: Paranormal for this purpose.

Performing Rituals
All rituals must have a well-defined target. Normally, the target is present at
the ritual. However, especially when using curses or other harmful magic, the
target is not present. To affect a distant target, a charm may be used. The
magician must cast the ritual to creat the charm (adding a -2 penalty) and the
charm must be physically given or touched to the target. The charm must be
physically large enough to be held. Potions that are drunk by the target or
powder that is blown at the target may also work.

Psychic Links
Other than a charm, a psychic link may also be used to affect a distant target.
This link must either be a piece of an object, something from a certain place,
or some object which has a direct personal connection to a living target. Bits of
hair, fingernails, clothing, jewelrey, etc. If the the pyschic link is actually from
someone else, that individual is the actual target. Using a wide variety of
different psychic links (e.g. photographs, bits of hair and a favorite watch)
gives the magician a +1 on the roll. If the psychic links comes from different
owners, the ritual fails and will require a roll to resist corruption.

Ritual Teamwork
Many rituals require multiple magicians to work together. In any ritual, one is
chosen as the leader (called the primary magician). Assistants who are within
one die step in Ritual compared to the caster, is called a disciple and is the
most helpful in the ritual. For each disciple, add another +1 bonus (max +3).
Anyone with Ritual of at least d4 (but at least two steps away from the primary
magician) is called a neophyte. For every three neophytes, a +1 bonus is
given (max bonus from neophytes are +2). These bonuses does not count to
any participants who are required simply to perform the ritual. Three
neophytes = one disciple.

Disciples and neophytes may also help to increase Seepage Points for
purposes of Threshold requirements. Each disciple, or every three neophytes,
may add 1 SP.

Disciples and neophytes may also aid in reducing the time to cast the ritual.
Simply add together the number of additional disciples and groups of three
neophytes, and divide by that number.

The primary magican must designate who in the team are there to meet the
minimum participants requirements, who will influence the skill test, who
should be concentrating on increasing Seepage and who should be trying to
reduce time. They can only be doing one of the tasks.

Failing a Ritual
If a ritual fails due to the lack of required participants or if the Seepage
Threshold is not met, the rite simply fails with no further detrimental affects
aside from wasted time and effort. If the Seepage Threshold is made, but the
magician fails his Ritual Caster roll, it is a whole different story.

First, the Seepage energy collected and assembled for the purpose of the
ritual is released in a churning chaotic mass upon the assembled occultists.
The GM must immediately spend a number of SPs equal to the rituals
threshold on immediate supernatural manifestations. The GM rolls randomly
three times on the applicable Manifestation table (see above), and choose one
or more from the results. In addition, any participants left alive, risk corruption,
no matter if they participated in the ritual or not. They must make a Spirit roll (-
2 if the Seepage level is 2, for example in a Locus or an agitated pool or -4 if
the Seepage level is 3 or higher, such as an agitated Locus) or become
corrupted by the supernatural.

This ultra-rare mystical metal significantly enhance ritual abilities. By its very
presence, orichalcum increases the Seepage Level by one. At least is gram is
needed for this effect. When consumed, orichalcum is even more powerful.
The metal is consumed in milligram units. The time necessary to perform any
ritual is divided by the number of milligrams consumed. For example, if 60
milligrams of orichalcum is consumed to perform the Cause Wound ritual, the
ritual takes one minute instead of one hour. Further, if orichalcum is
consumed, no link or charm is necessary. The magician may instead affect
anyone within line of sight. To consume safely, a Knowledge: Paranormal test
is needed. If it it fails, the subject suffers D6 injure per 30 milligrams
consumed (round up).

Ritual Description Format

MODIFIER (MOD) The modifier to the Ritual skill roll.

THRESHOLD (THRD) The number of Seepage Points that must be present

to perform the ritual

RANGE (RNG) - In general, the descriptions assume that the target is actually
present at the ritual. Such a range is listed as Ritual (R). If the target is not
present, the ritual may still be performed. In this case, the caster must embed
the ritual in a charm, or possess a psychic link to the target. Either creating a
charm, or using a psychic link, imposes a penalty of -2. A few rituals have a
range of Charm (C) or Link (L). These rituals are specifically designed to work
with charms or links, and do not incur the -2 penalty. Some rituals have special
rules for range (S).

DURATION (DUR) A duration of R means that the effects only last during
the performance of the ritual. A duration of D (Day) means that the ritual lasts
until the next sunrise or sunset. A duration of M (Moon) means that the ritual
lasts until the next full moon. Other options are P (Permanent), I
(Instantaneous) or have special rules (S).

AREA: The maximum area or number of targets the ritual affects. 1T means
that the ritual is limited to a single individual. R (Ritual) means that all
participants in the ritual are affected. P (Place) means that a single house,
small office building, large mansion or other moderate size building are
affected. B (Boundary) means that everyone and everything within an obvious
natural or obvious boundary is affected.
LENGTH: The time in minutes (m) or hours (h) to cast the ritual. If the length
of the ritual is doubled, the caster gains a +2 bonus. Some rituals have a
variable (v) length.

PARTICIPANTS: In generel, unless the required number of people are

involved, the ritual may not be performed. Shamans and Taoists may avoid
these requirements, see page 111. One of the magicians is always designated
as the primary magician.

EFFECT: A description of the purpose of the ritual and an rules involved.

Unless specified otherwise, all magic have extreme subtle effects. Magic
manipulates luck and coincidence. It does not create glowing spheres of force
or balls of fire.

DESCRIPTION: A brief description of how most versions of this ritual are


Ritual List

General rituals Mod Thrd Rng Dur Area Lng Par

Cure Corruption V 3 R I 1T 2h 3
Hasten Corruption -2 3 R I 1T 1h 3
Dispel Magic V 1 R I R 1h 1
Defuse Seepage 0 1 R I R 2m 1
Sacrifice 0 0 R R 1T 20 m 1

Divinations Mod Thrd Rng Dur Area Lng Par

Questioning 0 1 R I 1T 10 m 1
Scrying 0 3 L R 1T 1h 1
Reading the Past 0 4 R R 1T 2h 1
Prophecy 0 5 L R 1T 2h 1
Visitation -2 6 L R 1T V 3

Somatic rituals Mod Thrd Rng Dur Area Lng Par

Stabilize Wounds 0 2 R P 1T 10 m 1
Induce Adrenaline 0 4 L 1h 1T 20 m 1
Enhance or Diminish 0 4 R D 1T 1h 1
Cause Wound -2 6 L P 1T 1h 1
Induce Cardiac -4 12 L P 1T 3h 3
Immortality -6 15 R P 1T 12 h 5

Physical Rituals Mod Thrd Rng Dur Area Lng Par

Malfunction V 6 L P 1T 30 m 1
Repair -2 7 R P 1T 1h 1
Strengthen 0 4 R D 1T 20 m 1
Spontaneous -4 10 L P 1T 3h 3
Call Weather -4 12 S S B 2h 5
Teleport -4 12 R I 1T 3h 5
Natural Disaster -6 15 S P B 8h 13

Blessings and Mod Thrd Rng Dur Area Lng Par

Basic Blessing 0 1 R D 1T 1m 1
Basic Curse 0 1 R D 1T 1m 1
Blessing of -2 5 R S 1T 20 m 1
Curse of Poverty -2 5 R S 1T 20 m 1
Blessing Skill -2 5 R S 1T 20 m 1
Curse of Ineptitude -2 6 L M 1T 20 m 1
Protection from V V R M 1T 20 m 1
Blessing of -2 5 R D 1T 20 m 1
Curse of -2 7 L D 1T 20 m 1

Psyche Rituals Mod Thrd Rng Dur Area Lng Par

Mind Riding -2 4 L R 1T 3h 1
Possession -2 10 L R 1T 3h 3
Oath-Binding -2 4 R M/P 1T 1h 1
Send Emotion 0 4 L S 1T 5m 1
Amnesia -2 6 L S 1T 5m 1
Insanity -4 10 L M 1T 2h 3
Domination -6 15 L P 1T 3h 5
Infection 0 3 R P 1T 10 m 1
Emotional Aura -2 4 R D 1T 20 m 1

Illusions Mod Thrd Rng Dur Area Lng Par

Disguise 0 3 R D 1T 1h 1
Invisibility 0 4 R D 1T 1h 1
Vortex -4 6 L/C D P 2h 3
Major Illusion -4 6 L/C M P 2h 3

Spirit Rituals Mod Thrd Rng Dur Area Lng Par

Summon Human -2 5 L D R 30 m 1
Summon Ghost -2 7 R P R 3h 1
Ghost Possession -4 6 R D R 1h 1
Summon Demon -6 15 R P R 8h 5
Bind Spirit -2 2 R D R 30 m 1
Warding Circle 0 3 R D R 5m 1
Banish Spirit -2 2 R P 1T 1h 1
Spirit Bottle -2 7 C P 1T 1h 1
Bind Zombie -2 6 R S 1T 4h 1
Ritual to Hasten Corruption
General Rituals Effect: If the Ritual Caster roll is
successful, the subject must
Ritual to Cure Corruption immediately make a Spirit roll vs the
Effect: This ritual purifies the mind and casters roll. If she fails, she snaps and
body of the subject from the adverse must immediately test to see if she
effects of Seepage corruption. The becomes Incarnate or Forsaken. The
subject must be present and subjects roll is also modified by
conscious. The ritual suffers a -2 (stages held -2). So someone at stage
penalty if the corruption is in stages 0- 1 actually gains a +1 bonus, while
1, a -4 penalt if in stages 2-5 and a -6 someone at stage 4 gets a -2 penalty.
penalty if the subject has already
become an Incarnate. Forsaken Even if successful, the subject must
cannot be cured. The subject also roll again vs the caster or complete
suffers D8 damage from this ritual due another stage of corruption.
to all the strain on his body. If the ritual
is successful, the subject tests his Dispel Magic
Spirit with the same modifier as the Effect: This ritual dispels the effects of
ritual. If he fails, the subject loses all a single magical ritual that has been
connection to the Seepage. He loses cast upon one or more participants in
all PSI powers and any edges this ritual. The magician must know
involving magic or the Seepage (such which ritual was used, and may
as Ritual Caster and Seepage employ Divinations in order to find out.
Sensitive). The magician must defeat the other
magicians Ritual skill check in order to
If the subject succeeds in his Spirit roll dispel the Ritual.
(the GM may spend up to two of his Description: The subjects are touched
own bennies on this roll), the subject and manipulated by th magician. They
rolls 2D6 and consults the table below. may be massaged, chanted over or
spun around, have smoke blown over
2-4 Subject is cured. All stages them or immersed in a cleansing bath.
removed and the subject retains his
link to the Seepage. Defuse Seepage
5-7 Subject remains corrupted and Effect: This ritual is performed during
retains the first stage. the course of another ritual to safely
8-10 The subject loses the Seepage drain its power and cancel its effect. If
Sensitive edge (if he has it). performed successfully, the energy
Otherwise, he is fully cured. necessary to perform the ritual being
11-12 Subject remains corrupted and countered will not be available, and
keeps the first two stages of the ritual that is the target of this effect
corruption. will fail without any dangerous release
of Seepage energy or chance of
If the Ritual Caster skill test fails after corruption. It is impossible to make a
the Threshold has been met, the charm base don this ritual. It may be
subject immediately gains one stage of performed at a distance if the caster
corruption and immediately tests to possess a psychic link to the caster of
see if he snaps. Incarnate become the target ritual. Both rituals must be
instantly enraged and have access to performed simultaneously. If the
Seepage Points equal to half their Defuse Seepage ritual fails, the other
Spirit die plus the Threshold level of ritual is not stopped, but all present
the ritual. In addition, everyone must test against corruption. If
involved in the ritual must check for performed using a Psychic Link, only
corruption as usual. those people actually present at the
Defuse Seepage ritual must make a
test to resist.
Description: This is a simple ritual all senses can be used at the scene.
where the magician says a few words The events perceived aret he most
and burns a small object collected at emotionally charged incidents
the site of the ritual. associated with the object or place and
represent no more than 30 min 1
Ritual of Sacrifice hour worth of time.
Effect: Unlike other rituals, this does Description: If the magician reads an
not use Seepage energy, it produces object, he must hold it. Otherwise, he
it. The amount produced depends simply concentrates or chants or
upon the type of sacrifice. Killing a dances.
small animal or bird, produces D3
Seepage Points. If he cuts himself for Prophecy
D4+Str damage (armor doesnt apply), Effect: The occultist is granted a
1D6 Seepage Points is generated. If precognitive vision about a chosen
he actually kills a human being during target and may ask three yes or no
the ritual, 2D6 Seepage Points are questions about the future of some
generated. person or place. The visions gained
Description: All versions involve a using this ritual need not reveal the
specifically prepared knife, sword or success or failure of the endeavor.
other blade. Description: Like Scrying, the magician
either enters a deep trance, or focuses
on some object like a crystal ball or a
When a psychic link is used in a Visitation
divination ritual, it is usually burned, Effect: An extended version of Scrying.
ingested or otherwise consumed. The primary magician can actually
affect the person or location visited.
Questioning He may ask about the targets present
Effect: state of mind, and near-future
Allows the magician to gain insight into intentions. Vision of the targets
his present situation. In game play, the surface thoughts will appear in the
magician may ask three yes or no magicians mind. This telepathic link
question about a present event or lasts for the duration of the ritual. The
situation. magician may also use the Seepage
Description: Meditation, Tarot cards, I energies at the target location to move
ching, pendulums, cards or dice small objects around slowly, if he
succeeds on a Spirit roll for each
Scrying attempt. If he fails, the ritual ends (but
Effect: Grants the occultist a detailed do not risk corruption).
vision of a distant person or place.
May ask three yes or no questions The first hour of this ritual is spent in
about the person/place. preparation. After that, the primary
Description: Magician sinks into a magician visits the target. He is safe
trance, or gazes into a polished bowl, for the first three hours. After that, he
a pool of pure water or a complex may become lost. If the magician visits
mandala. for 3-6 hours, he must make a Ritual
roll. From 6-9, the roll is at -2. For 9 to
Reading the past 12 hours, the roll is at -4. Staying more
Effect: A successful reading grants the than 12 hours means the death of the
occultist information about the past of magician. If any of these tests are
a specific place or object. He may ask failed, the magician becomes lost in
three yes or no questions abot such the Seepage energies for 1D6 hours.
past events. This vision is so vivid that At the end of that time, the magician
may test his Ritual Caster skill again
with the appropriate penalty for the charm or a psychic link. -2 bonus if the
length of time he has been away from magician wants to cast it on himself.
his body. Description: Usually the target, or a
Description: The primary magician figurine representing the target, is
goes into a deep trance and remains inscribed with symbols and words
motionless once the ritual has begun. representing the attribute being
Any attempt to disturb the primary affected. Alternatively, the subject is
magicians body causes the ritual to given special herbs to eat or drink, or a
fail. The other magicians simply chant special amulet to wear.
and protect the primary.
Cause Wound
Effect: This ritual causes the targets
Somatic Rituals body to injure itself. The target suffers
D6+Spirit damage. The wound seems
Stabilize Wound to have natural causes.
Effect: The ritual allows the occultist to Description: A statue, photograph or
give the subjects body a sudden influx other object representing the target is
of healing energy. The subject heals usually broken or damaged in some
one wound per success. Incapacitated way.
characters who need to be stabilized
first, counts stabilization as a success. Induce Cardiac Arrest
Description: This simple ritual consists Effect: One of the most powerful attack
of little more than the magician laying rituals known. The magician directs
hands upon the subject for a few hostile energy at the targets body and,
minutes. if the ritual is successful, the target
becomes incapacitated. He must make
Induce Adrenaline Surge a Vigor roll at -2. If successful, hes
Effect: The subjects body is filled with shaken and cannot recover in 1d4
magical energy and temporarily rounds. If he fails, he dies in 2d6
brought to the peak of efficiency. If rounds. A Healing roll at -4 saves the
successful, this ritual increases the victims life, but he remains
Strength and Spirit by one die step Incapacitated.
each (two on a raise). Further, the Description: An object representing the
target ignores all Shaken, Wounds or target (statue/photograph) is attached
Incapacitated effects. Once the ritual to the psychic link and then destroyed.
duration ends, the subject immediately
suffers all damage effects. If Immortality
performed on himself, the magician Effect: Every time the ritual is
suffers a -2 penalty. If performed on performed, the subject becomes 2D6
more than one subject, a penalty of -2 years youngr. After completion, the
is imposed per three subjects beyond subject will be unconscious for a full
the first. day. If the Ritual fails after the
Description: A very loud and active Threshold is met, the subject ages
ritual. Weapons, uniforms and loud 1D6 years in addition to risking
noise are common props. corruption.
Description: This is an intense ritual
Enhance or Diminish Body that involves chanting and drumming
Effect: Enhances or diminishes either in addition to deep meditation or exotic
the targets Strength, Agility or Vigor exercises. All versions involve the
die step by one. Only one attribute at a subject consuming unusual
time, unless on a raise. Only one such substances like powdered gemstones,
ritual can be in effect at a time. When unusual herbs or odd chemicals. If the
this ritual is cast to lower a subjects Ritual fails, these ingredients cause
attribute, it is usually cast using a 2D6 damage to the magician.
Physical Rituals is manipulated.
In order to repair or enhance an
object, some understanding of the Strengthen
processes necessary for such a repair Effect: This ritual allows the magician
is required. Straightening a dented to protect an inanimate object from
fender or reattaching a broken handle harm. It receives a -4 bonus to all rolls
would require no specific knowledge. on their respective Equipment
Fixing a circuit board, however, would Damage and Malfunction tables.
require the magician to have some Results below 2 mean that the device
skill in Repar, Knowledge: Electronics does not even receive superficial
or Engineering. A D4 is enough, the damage. The ritual also increases
Seepage takes care of the rest. Armor and cover toughness by 2.
Malfunction rituals simply involve Description: The object is inscribed
destruction, and no skills are needed. with special symbols, washed with
herbal teas or simply touched and
Malfunction chanted over.
Effect: This ritual causes malfunctions
to a single device, like a car, lock, Spontaneous Combustion
computer, tank or a passenger jet. Effect: This ritual starts large fires, and
Power grids, computer networks and is especially good at causing living
the security systems of large targets to be consumed in flames.
installations are all composed of a Characters are considered non-
number of discrete devices, and may flammables, but automatically catches
not be affected. The player roll on the on fire when subjected to this ritual.
Equipment Damange and Malfunction The fire grows in intensity on 5-6,
table, and adds +2 (+4 with a raise). instead of 6 (see page. 88 on SWED).
It may also cause malfunction to one Description: The magician ignites the
random internal nanotech system or a psychic link in a large fire or brazier. In
nanotech device. some traditions, the magician simply
Description: Some image or figure holds or gazes at the psychic link,
representing the device or object is which bursts into flame.
burned, broken or destroyed.
Call Weather
Repair Effect: No ritual can make snow in the
Effect: This ritual uses the energy of middle of a heatwave or a hurricane in
the Seepage to repair broken a desert, but this ritual can cause any
mechanical or electronic devices. type of weather that is reasonable to
Devices that have been totally both the location and the time of year.
destroyed, or that have significant The desired type of weather gradually
pieces missing, cannot be repaired. forms over the next few hours. The
Also, devices repaired with this ritual weather lasts as long as is reasonable
still look quite worn and beaten up; this for a condition of that type. A storm
ritual does not make a device look may last several hours, a tornado may
new. First, note the entry on the last an hour or less and a hurrican or
Equipment Damage and Malfunction heatwave may last for days. This ritual
Table that corresponds to the present directly affects weather conditions over
condition of the object. Roll 1D6 (2D6 several dozens to several hundred
on a raise) and subtract this number square miles.
from the entry on the table. The final Description: Some rituals involve
result cannot be reduced below 2. turning on a fan and throwing buckets
Description: The magician touches of water around for a strom, or paint or
and manipulates the device during the sketch a picture of the desired
ritual. If performed using a psychic weather.
link, an image or modell of the device
Effect: Instantly teleports a single
individual from the location of the ritual Basic Curse
to any location that the magician is Effect: The opposite of the Basic
psychically connected. The subject Blessing Ritual. The subject suffers a
simply vanishes and instantly -2 modifier to one trait or skill roll for
reappears elsewhere. For every three the next day (casters decision). It can
or less people beyond the first subject, also be used on several participants,
a -2 penalty is imposed. Using a with a -2 penalty for each three
psychic link to teleport a distant person individuals beyond the first.
from her present location to the Description: The caster needs only
location of the ritual is also possible, at touch the subject or the link.
a -2 penalty. Again, for each additional
three people or less teleported to the Blessing of Prosperity
Rituals location, a -2 penalty is Effect: This ritual subtly manipulates a
imposed. multitude of factors to ensure that the
Description: All versions of the ritual subject of the ritual will receive, or be
involve the subject passing through a able to afford, the next object they
doorway or across some specially wish to requisition or purchase. The
designated boundary. The subject subjects increases his Influence skill
instantly vanishes when she passes die for the next Influence or funding
this boundary. test he makes. The apparent source of
this temporary boost seems perfectly
Natural Disaster natural.
Effect: This ritual causes a natural Description: Acts relating to the
disaster to occur. Earthquakes or acquisition are performed in the ritual.
volcanoes are possible on fault lines or The caster may write himself a false
if there is at least a dormant volcano check or create a model of the desired
nearby. On the seacoast, this ritual object.
can summon a hurrican or tidal wave.
Some regions have very little potential Curse of Poverty
for natural disasters, and the ritual Effect: The reverse of the Blessing of
produces nothing more than a severe Prosperity ritual. Subjects become
draught or a hailstorm. This ritual may temporarily poor and out of favor. Until
not be cast using a psychic link or a the next full moon, their Influence skill
charm, so can only be used to affect is lowered by one die step. All funding
the region surrounding the ritual. and Influence tests become harder.
Description: This is a loud and flashy Once again, the reason seems
ritual where the participants chant and perfectly normal.
scream for the destruction of the area. Description: The reverse of Blessing of
Maps and models of the region may Prosperity. Models of objects are
be burned or destroyed. destroyed, and money or images
representing money are burned.

Blessings and Curses Blessing of Skill

Effect: The subject is temporarily
Basic Blessing better at a given skill. For the duration
Effect: The subject receives a +2 of the ritual, the subject increases his
modifier he may use on any trait or die step in any given skill he has at
skill roll for the next day. For every least a D4 in, by one (two with a raise).
three individuals after the first, a -2 Only one such ritual may be in effect
penalty is imposed. at a time.
Description: A simple ritual where the Description: Involves images and
magician simply touches the subject actions associated with mastery of the
and gives him something to carry. skill.
Curse of Ineptitude weapons.
Effect: Makes the subject temporarily
worse at a given skill. For the duration
of the ritual, the subject decreases his Psyche Rituals
die step in any given skill he has at All of these rituals are designed to
least a D4 in, by one (two with a raise). work only on beings with some human
Only one such ritual may be in effect ancestry and who retains their
at a time. connection with the Seepage. They
Description: Objects associated with only affect humans, Grey-human
the skill are burned or otherwise hybrids and the Incarnate. They have
destroyed. no impact on other aliens or psychic
burnouts. It is possible to devise rituals
Protection from Magic that may affect aliens, but that must be
Effect: The subjects is protected from the result of an extended Knowledge:
the next ritual directed at them. The Paranormal research project.
Ritual Caster check by the next caster
must defeat the check made by this Mind Riding
ritual. This also affects helpful magic, Effect: This ritual allows the magician
but the subject may dispel this ritual by to invade the mind of the target of the
eating, drinking or bathing in a ritual. The caster perceives all sensory
specially prepared herbal mixture. stimuli experienced by the subject. The
If the subject is targeted with a ritual caster suffers the same wounds as the
designed to affect multiple targets, and target, but the damage suffered is non-
the new caster does not defeat the lethal. He cannot read the targets
caster of the Protection from Magic mind, influence him or communicate
ritual), all targets automatically resists. with him. Sensitives and Telepaths
Description: The caster draws designs may notice the caster, but the results
on the subject in edible ink, or the of the ritual are otherwise
subject be given something to carry or unnoticeable. The first 30 minutes are
wear. The ritual ends when the subject needed to establish the link, and the
washes off the ink or discards the caster may spend up to 3 hours in the
object/clothes. subjects mind. The caster may end it
at any time.
Blessing of Protection Description: The caster dons a mask
Effect: The subject automatically of the subject (may be a blown-up
makes rolls to remove the Shaken photo) and holds or ingests the
condition (but can make a normal roll psychic link. The caster is in a light
to act normally in that round), and trance, and suffers a -2 penalty to all
receives a +2 bonus on Vigor rolls trait rolls.
made when wounded (+4 on a raise).
For each three or less subjects beyond Possession
the first, a -2 penalty is imposed. Effect: The caster gains complete
Description: The subject is usually control over the actions of the subject.
given some object to carry, or a Once the Ritual Caster skill is
special herbal medicine to swallow. successful, the caster rolls Spirit vs.
the targets Spirit. If this fails, the
Curse of Vulnerability caster may not attempt this ritual again
Effect: This ritual makes the subject for at least a day. If the target is
more vulnerable to harm. He needs a asleep, drunk or drugged, he receives
raise to remove the Shaken condition a -2 penalty on his Spirit roll. If the
(and can never act normally in the subject is placed in danger and
same round), and any Vigor rolls when receives damage, he may test his
wounded suffer a -2 penalty. Spirit again, with a +2 penalty if the
Description: Often, the psychic link to damage is of a lethal nature (and not
the subject is touched to a variety of
non-lethal). If the ritual ends as a naturally amount of time.
result of damage to the subject, all Description: A representation of the
participants must test against subject (doll, photograph, candle) is
corruption. As the Mind Riding ritual, carved, painted or otherwise
all damage to the subject is also decorated with colors, objects and
imparted on the caster (but as non- symbols.
Description: Identical to Mind Riding. Amnesia
Effect: Removes the events
Oath-Binding surrounding a single specific incident
Effect: This ritual creates a magical from the subjects memory. The
oath. Anytime an individual involved in incident cannot have happened more
the oath breaks it, all of the other than three days prior to the time of the
participants are aware of it. Any who ritual. Any time the subject is reminded
breaks the oath are immediately of the incident, he may make a Spirit
subject to one of the following rituals: roll -4 to immediately remember the
Basic Curse, Curse of Poverty, Curse suppressed memories. The caster can
of Vulnerability, Cause Wound or use Amnesia on more subjects;
Induce Cardiac Arrest. This ritual impose a -2 penalty for each three
affects those who break the oath targets beyond the original first. The
every time. All participants must be subject will fill the blanks in his
aware of the repercussions when memory with mundane memories. The
swearing the oath. The ritual caster may influence this selection as
automatically fails if someone is well, at another -2 penalty. The
unwilling or uninformed, and all must memories may come back through
test against corruption. This ritual lasts hypnosis.
for either one month or forever. The Description: Some object representing
ritual comes with a provision so that all the memories is usually burned or
surviving members of the oath may destroyed during this ritual.
void the oath by mutual consent. All
attempts to magically dispel the oath Insanity
suffer a -2 penalty, but if dispelled, it is Effect: This ritual temporarily drives
dispelled from all participants. This the subject mad. The caster can
oath is possible between human and roughly decide on the type of madness
Incarnate, and also between human (paranoia, schizophrenia, catatonia,
and spirits. It is possible to have the etc.). The specifics nature of the
spirit automatically banished if it madness (who the paranoia is directed
breaks the oath. against, what the voices in the head
Description: The oath is sworn and the say) are determined by the mind of the
penalties stated out loud. Often signed target. In game terms, the subject
in blood, or blood is drunk. takes on a mental Hindrance for one
month. The caster must also beat the
Send Emotion target in a Spirit vs Spirit contest. If it
Effect: This ritual allows the magician fails, the caster may not attempt this
to influence the emotions of the ritual again for one full day. If the
subject. He may cause the target to target is asleep, drunk or drugged, he
feel or cease feeling any desired receives a -2 penalty on his Spirit roll.
emotion. It cannot make an enemy into Description: Usually involves
a friend, but it can notable alter mutilating an image or object
someones current emotional state. If representing the subject and
the desired emotion is to be directed at damaging the psychic link to them in
a specific target, the caster must have some way.
psychic links to both the subject and
the target of the subjects emotion. The Domination
emotions will fade or be replaced in a Effect: This ritual allows the magician
to control and direct the inner workings
of the subjects mind, and is able to
rewrite part of the personality to suit Illusion Rituals
her needs. The magician may insert a
single statement into the subjects Although the illusions seem to affect
mind. Examples include You are all five senses, including touch, they
madly in love with me, You will never cannot do damage of any kind and are
betray any agents of the Black Book essentially intangible. Electronics are
etc. After succeeding on the Ritual not susceptible to illusions, e.g. a
Caster skill roll, the caster tests his video camera will capture the invisible
Spirit roll against the subjects. If either man.
of these rolls fail, all participants must
roll for corruption. If the target is Disguise
actually present and conscious, both Effect: Makes a subject look or sound
the casters roll gain a +2 bonus. like another person, animal or object.
Description: The statement to be All senses apply. If disguised as
inserted into the mind is repeatedly another person, the magician must be
chanted, written or otherwise familiar with the person being imitated,
represented. The subject or the or have access to extensive video
psychic link is placed in the center of footage. People interacting with the
the ritual space. illusion is still fooled. If you disguise
someone as a dog, people petting him
Infection will feel fur. For each three targets or
Effect: This ritual is designed to less after the first, the magician suffers
corrupt the subject. If the Ritual Caster a cumulative -2 penalty.
roll is successful, the subject must Description: Involves masks, face
make a test to avoid becoming paint or similar disguises to the
corrupted. If the subject manages to subject. Can also include heavy
resist the corruption, the energy incense or other means to obscure
summoned will rebound upon the visibility.
magician. In this case, the magician
must test to resist corruption just as if Invisibility
the ritual had failed. The subject must Effect: Renders the subject
be physical present for the ritual. unnoticeable for everyone except
Cannot be cast using charms or links. electronics. Hides all senses, including
Description: Subject is restrained and low sounds and smells. The footsteps
tattooed, painted, drawn or carved of the subject will not be heard, but if
upon. he shouts out or breaks a window, that
sound will be heard. Melee attacks
Emotional Aura also breaks the spell, but shooting
Effect: This ritual affects how others someone with a silence rifle or gun will
react to the target. The caster can not dispel the ritual.
choose a single emotion as the Description: Producing heavy incense
dominant reaction everyone will have or smoke, putting on camouflage and
when they encounter or imagine the applying face paint.
subject (fear, love, distrust, anger,
etc.). The caster cannot determine the Vortex
specific reactions. Someone targeted Effect: This ritual distorts the
by an aura of fear, may have a perceptions of everyone inside the
different response from his wife than building that is the target of the ritual.
from a complete stranger in a Shapes and colors are distorted, the
darkened alley. pull of gravity varies in both intensity
Description: The subject or psychic and direction and everyones sense of
link is often painted or otherwise direction will be useless. Once
adorned with colors and objects.
someone leaves the building, the he is physically unable to reach the
effects vanish instantly. Everyone in site, the ritual ends when the duration
the area suffer a -4 penalty to Notice- expires.
tests. All other tests suffer a -2 penalty
due to confusion and vertigo. Summon Ghost
Description: A model, photo or drawing Effect: This ritual causes the desired
of the target building covered with ghost or spirit to manifest itself within
random designs like inkblots. the confines of the ritual space. Unless
the caster is simply attempting to
Major Illusion summon the spirit of any nearby ghost,
Effect: This ritual allows the caster to a psychic link to the ghost is needed.
alter the appearance of any single Having the complete or nearly
building. Both the interior and exterior complete corpse or skeleton of the
may be affected. This ritual may be individual being summoned, grants a
used to hide a room in a building, or to +2 bonus. When summoned, ghosts
disguise the uses to which it has been will manifest a visible illusion, speak
put. Illusory furniture are completely invisibly or use telekinesis to move
intangible. Walking down a set of objects about. The ghost has 7 SP to
illusory stairs causes a nasty fall. It manifest its powers. Unless the spirit is
can also be used to create effects bound upon arrival, its reaction
such as bleeding walls, snarling depends on its personality and the
werewolves romping through the circumstances around the summoning.
house and similar horrific scenery. Unless the summoner has some
Description: Model, photograph or useful information or service to offer,
drawing is altered. Or the caster may most ghost reactions range from
tell a vivid story about the building. disinterested to angry.
Description: The psychic link is placed
in the center of the ritual space.
Spirit Rituals Brazier with incense, mirror,
photograph or a small statue is placed
A lot of these rituals involve the nearby to serve as a temporary
summoning and binding of ghosts and habitation for the ghost. Offerings of
demons. The GMs Compendium has bread, milk or liquor are often used to
more information about these beings. entice the spirit to come.

Summon Human
Effect: This ritual calls a specific Ghost Possession
person to the location where the ritual Effect: This ritual allows a ghost to
was performed. For the next day, the possess a living human, even if the
subject feels drawn to that location, ghost does not have the Possession
and has convincing reasons to go power. If the subject is willing, the
there if asked. The subject does not caster receives a +2 bonus on his
know he is magically compelled to go Ritual Caster roll. The ritual requires a
there, but will not risk death or harm psychic link to the ghost, or else a
anyone, unless that is in his nature. random ghost will inhabit the subject.
Jobs, money and similar concerns are While possessed, the subject is
ignored. If someone has compelling entirely unconscious unless the ghost
reasons to stop him from going, he allows it to be conscious or it succeeds
must succeed in a Persuasion -2 on a Spirit roll -2. Subjects who are
against the casters roll. If the role- conscious, may perceive the world
playing is particularly impressive, the around them and communicate
GM may void the penalty. The subject mentally with the ghost. The ghost
stays at the location for 1 hour while does not have access to the subjects
there, before the compulsion ends. If mind or skills unless the subject is
conscious. At the end of the ritual, the
ghost is forced out unless it succeeds spirits to depart. This command
on an opposed Spirit roll with the effectively banishes the spirit and
subject. A test may be made every disperses the supernatural energy.
sunset. It is possible to use a psychic The basic version only binds ordinary
link to a distant subject. ghosts and poltergeists. A somewhat
Description: Sometimes the subject is more complex ritual (-2 to roll, +2
given the ghosts psychic link to wear. Threshold, 3 participants) allow the
The ghosts name may be chanted magician to bind and control ascended
while the subject is given special food ghosts. A notably more complex ritual
and drink. (-4 to roll, +4 Threshold, 5 participants)
allows the caster to bind demons.
Summon Demon Description: Caster creates some type
This dangerous ritual is for many the of object that binds the spirit. Specially
pinnacle of magical achievement. tied knots, woven tapestries, sigils,
Unless the magician wishes to risk rings and even chains and lockets.
instant destruction by randomly
summoning any demon that may be Warding Circle
nearby, some psychic link to the Effect: This ritual creates a barrier that
particular demon desired is needed. ghosts, demons and the Incarnate
For many of the older demons, their cannot pass. The barrier must include
true names and special sigil are all a closed line like a circle or square that
that is necessary. For more obscure covers an area no larger than 9 yards
demons, a psychic link is needed. in any direction. It has no effect on
Once summoned, the demon is free to humans or aliens. All Warding Circles
do as it will, unless the summoner have some physical mark of their
binds it or is foolish enough to strike a boundaries. If the boundary of the
deal with it. Demons have normally circle is broken in any fashion, the
extensive power, and this ritual spirit is instantly freed. While they
provides them with 15 SP to spend. cannot break the boundary
Most versions simply summon the themselves, they may certainly
demon in an incorporeal form, other communicate with others and try to
versions allow the magician to provide persuade them to do so for them. The
a living body for the demon to spirit is freed when the duration
possess, or even a mobile object like a expires. This ritual must be performed
suit of armor. before the summoning ritual. The
Description: Similar to those of for the basic version only wards against
Summon Ghost ritual, but more ordinary ghosts and poltergeists. A
elaborate and complex. Offerings are somewhat more complex ritual (-2 to
also provided, animal sacrifices or roll, +2 Threshold, 3 participants) allow
cups of human blood. Demons may the magician to make a warding circle
react more positively to a summoning against ascended ghosts. A notably
if it has a human victim to play with. more complex ritual (-4 to roll, +4
Threshold, 5 participants) allows the
Bind Spirit caster to ward against demons.
Effect: As soon as the Bind Spirit ritual Description: The magician must mark
is begun, the spirit is bound and may the boundary physically. Either by
take no action except generating drawing or marking, or by placing
Telepathic Illusions in order to interfere markers at four or more points around
with the ritual. If this ritual is the boundary.
successful, the spirit is bound until the
next sunrise or sunset. At that point, Banish Spirit
the spirit is free (unless a new binding Effect: This ritual banishes a spirit from
has occurred). Newly freed spirits may a person or place. A possessed person
flee or attack the ones who bound can be exorcised and a haunted house
them, but magicians often command can be cleansed. Banishing does not
return the spirit to a lower realm, but common spirit bottles are actual
simply disperses the Seepage energy bottles like hip flasks, wine bottles or
required to create the ghost. The ghost baby-food jars, but it is also possible to
may be summoned again, effectively use books or scrolls.
recreating it. Unless bound, the spirit
will try to flee or attack the caster. The Bind Zombie
ritual cannot be used with a psychic Effect: The creation of zombies does
link, but may be used with a charm. not actually involve raising the dead. It
The basic version only banishes is however one of the most powerful
ordinary ghosts and poltergeists. A bindings used against living humans.
somewhat more complex ritual (-2 to This ritual may not be performed using
roll, +2 Threshold, 3 participants) allow psychic links or charms, and the
the magician to banish ascended subject must be physically present. If
ghosts. A notably more complex ritual successful, the subjects personality
(-4 to roll, +4 Threshold, 5 participants) and will are suppressed to the point
allows the caster to banish demons. that he only responds to the
Description: When used to rid a commands of the caster. The trance
person of possession, this ritual gives the subject a -2 penalty on all
usually involves restraining the subject Agility rolls and skill rolls based on
and threatening the spirit inside, or Agility. The subject gains a +2 bonus
cleansing the person with water, salt or to recover from being Shaken. This
sometimes fire. When used to remove ritual may only be broken by casting
a spirit from a place, the location is Dispel magic or killing the caster.
usually washed with salt water or Description: The subject is bound and
some other liquid. Incense may also force-fed specially prepared
be used. substances. Sigils may also be drawn
or tattooed on his body.

Spirit Bottle
Effect: This ritual creates an object
that can contain the essence of a
single spirit. When finished, the ritual
causes the spirit to be imprisoned and
contained in the object. Trickery and
the Bind Spirit ritual aret he most
common methods of forcing a spirit to
enter this trap. A spirit may not be
summoned as long as it is in this trap.
They will, however, be released if the
physical object is broken or if the
specific conditions for releasing the
spirit are met. Character with the
Seepage Sensitive edge or Telepaths
may communicate with spirits in this
trap by touching the object. Spirit
bottles may trap ghosts, ascended
ghosts and demons. Spirits are
commonly released only when they
have agreed to perform specific
services for the individual releasing
them. Sensible casters use the Oath-
binding ritual to insure compliance.
Description: The binding object is
inscribed, chanted over or simply
blessed by the magician. The most