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Teacher: McCormick_ Art M/J All classes

Concept/Topic: Art
Unit Essential How can portraits and self-portraits help you think about your own and others
Question: identity?
Date/Time: All Middle School Art Classes. 4-6 weeks.
Grade Level: 6th-8th

Learning Objectives Students will be able to create self portraits by use of lines and different
LEQ (Lesson Essential Students will be able to accurately demonstrate proportions of their face by
Question): use of pencil.

NGSSS VA.68.C.2.4: Use constructive criticism as a purposeful tool for artistic

VA.68.C.2.3: Examine artworks to form ideas and criteria by which to
judge/assess and inspire personal works and artistic growth.
VA.68.S.1.1: Manipulate content, media, techniques, and processes to
achieve communication with artistic intent.
VA.68.F.3.4: Follow directions and complete art tasks in a timely manner to
show development of 21st-century skills.
Cross Curricular MAFS.K12.MP.5.1:Use appropriate tools strategically.
Connections MAFS.K12.MP.6.1:Attend to precision.
MAFS.K12.MP.7.1:Look for and make use of structure.
MAFS.7.G.1: Draw, construct and describe geometrical figures and
describe the relationships between them.
LAFS.6.SL.1.2: Interpret information presented in diverse media and
formats (e.g., visually, quantitatively, orally) and explain how it contributes to
a topic, text, or issue under study.
Student Activities & Students are first introduced to the Selfie PPT.
Procedures Within the power point, provide examples of artists with self-portraits. We
discuss how a mood is created based on the artists chosen medium. We
also talk about how forms are created from shapes and by use of values we
can create the illusion of space. PPT below.
Next we review the symmetry of the face, breaking down the face shape
into fractions, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8th. Basically determining where the eyes go
(one eye space between two eyes) We review facial shapes (such as round,
oval, heart, square, etc.. ) (we also discuss jaw and hair lines)
Next we review step by step how to create an eye, nose and mouth turning
basic shapes of the face (using direct observation) into forms. I also
demonstrate how to manipulate value to create depth.
Students will then have 3-5 days to complete a worksheet where they have
to complete full rendered with value images of 3 eyes, 3 noses and 3
Next students will be assessed and teacher will decide which students will
create their own self portrait using pencil, soft color pencils or oil pastels.
Teacher will determine medium based on students mastery of

Resources/Materials 2 Graphic Organizers


Assessment/HOT-Q Teacher will assess students based on Rubric (provided).

Teacher will also provide students with works by other artists giving the
students a variety of visuals to demonstrate different moods created from
self portraits.
Assessment will be a timed self portrait given on Friday 11/18

Identify and describe the use of positive and negative space in the artworks.
Analyze how the artist uses negative space to create and emotion in the
portrait. (Analyze)
Interpret which element of art helped the artist create contrast.
Form an opinion on this composition. (Judgement)
ESE Accommodations ALL Students will be provided with extra time as needed.
ESOL One on one time will be given to each student. ESE/ELL/ESL learners will
Differentiated Instruction be given a buddy to help with instruction.
Small group instruction for ALL students.
Visuals will be available to everyone.
Instructional worksheets will be provided to everyone
Directional Repetition
ESE students have the ability to use any taught medium (pencils, color
pencils, crayons, markers)
Rubric Provided to all students (attached, in english and Spanish)
Vocabulary emphasis, scale, proportion, focal point, value. contrast, blending, balance,
symmetry, asymmetrical, expression, profile view, full length view, light,
texture, shape, line, space, Positive and negative Space,
Reviewed Artists:
Rembrant, Picasso, Frida Kahlo, and Kehinde Wiley.
Civics Connection Think About: Engage in metacognition, Able to create and express informed
explanations, opinions and arguments.
Demonstrate: Use appropriate behavior in a variety of settings, can listen to
and analyze text, speech and arguments.
Express:Self-discipline, Empathy, Open-minded, engage in reflective

Student Example
Modification Worksheet (available to all students
Emerging -1 Developing - 2 Proficient - 3 Exemplary - 4

Understanding of Art Student demonstrates Student demonstrates Student demonstrates Student demonstrates
Concepts and Skills: minimal comprehension basic comprehension and comprehension and highly developed

FACIAL of facial proportion. 0-1 integration of some facial integration of most comprehension and
facial proportions were proportions. 1-2 facial proportions. 2- 3 integration of proper
measured correctly. proportions were proportions were facial proportion.
measured correctly. measured correctly. Portrait is meticulously
planned and executed.

Understanding of Art Student rarely Student occasionally Student demonstrates Student demonstrates
Concepts and Skills: demonstrates ability to demonstrates understanding of how strong ability to draw

OBSERVATIONAL draw from observation. understanding of how to to draw from from observation. All
No features show draw from observation. observation. 2-3 facial facial features show
evidence that the student 1-2 facial features show features show evidence evidence that the
has studied his/her own evidence that the student that the student has student has studied his/
likeness. has studied his/her own studied his/her own her own likeness.
likeness. likeness.

Craftsmanship and Student demonstrates Student demonstrates Student demonstrates Student demonstrates
Use of Media: minimal understanding of basic understanding of essential understanding accomplished

PENCILS USED TO using pencil to add value using pencils to add value of using pencils to add understanding of using
and shading. Artwork and shading. Some value and shading. pencils to add value and
shows poor craftsmanship shading creates the Most shading creates shading. The shading
and insufficient attention illusion of 3-D form. the illusion of 3-D accurately creates the
to detail. Artwork appears Artwork may appear form. Overall illusion of 3-D form.
messy or unfinished. messy or unfinished. craftsmanship is good. Overall craftsmanship
on the artwork is

Use of Class Time Student rarely uses class Student uses some class Student uses most class Student always uses
time to develop his/her time to develop his/her time to develop his/her class time to fully
artistic skills. Student is artistic skills. Student is artistic skills. Student is develop his/her artistic
infrequently productive occasionally productive productive, focused, skills. Student is
and completes few tasks and completes some tasks and completes tasks constantly productive,
with a positive attitude. with a positive attitude. with a positive attitude focused, and completes
most of the time. all tasks with a positive
Emerging -1 Developing - 2 Proficient - 3 Exemplary - 4

Comprensin de los El estudiante demuestra El estudiante demuestra la El estudiante demuestra El estudiante demuestra
conceptos y una comprensin mnima comprensin bsica y la comprensin e la comprensin
habilidades del arte: de la proporcin facial. integracin de algunas integracin de la altamente desarrollada
0-1 proporciones faciales proporciones faciales. 1-2 mayora de las y la integracin de la
se midieron proporciones se midieron proporciones faciales. proporcin facial
correctamente. correctamente. 2- 3 proporciones se apropiada. El retrato es
midieron meticulosamente
correctamente. planeado y ejecutado.

Comprensin de los El estudiante rara vez El estudiante demuestra a El estudiante demuestra El estudiante demuestra
conceptos y demuestra capacidad de veces comprensin de que entiende cmo una fuerte habilidad
sacar de la observacin. cmo dibujar de la sacar de la observacin. para sacar de la
habilidades del arte: Ningunas caractersticas
observacin. 1-2 rasgos 2-3 rasgos faciales observacin. Todas las
DIBUJO demuestran la evidencia
que el estudiante ha faciales muestran muestran evidencia de caractersticas faciales
estudiado su propia evidencia de que el que el estudiante ha muestran evidencia de
semejanza. estudiante ha estudiado su estudiado su propia que el estudiante ha
propia semejanza. semejanza. estudiado su propia

Artesana y Uso de El estudiante demuestra El estudiante demuestra la El estudiante demuestra El estudiante demuestra
los Materiales: una comprensin mnima comprensin bsica del la comprensin esencial la comprensin de usar
del uso de lpiz para uso de lpices para del uso de lpices para lpices para agregar
LPICES USADOS agregar valor y valor y sombreado. El
agregar valor y agregar valor y
PARA CREAR sombreado. La mayora sombreado crea con
sombreado. Las sombreado. Algn del sombreado crea la precisin la ilusin de
ilustraciones demuestran sombreado crea la ilusin ilusin de forma forma tridimensional.
la artesana pobre y la de forma tridimensional. tridimensional. La Artesana en general en
artesana en general es la obra de arte es
atencin insuficiente al Las ilustraciones pueden
buena. excepcional.
detalle. Las ilustraciones aparecer desordenadas o ional. La artesana en
aparecen desordenadas o inacabadas. general es buena.

Uso del tiempo de El estudiante rara vez usa El estudiante usa un poco El estudiante usa la El estudiante siempre
clase tiempo de clase para de tiempo de clase para mayor parte del tiempo usa el tiempo de clase
desarrollar sus habilidades desarrollar sus habilidades de clase para para desarrollar
artsticas. El estudiante es artsticas. El estudiante desarrollar sus
plenamente sus
infrecuentemente ocasionalmente es habilidades artsticas.
productivo y termina productivo y completa El estudiante es habilidades artsticas. El
algunas tareas con una algunas tareas con una productivo, enfocado, y estudiante es
actitud positiva. actitud positiva. termina las tareas con constantemente
una actitud positiva la
productivo, enfocado, y
mayor parte del tiempo.
completa todas las
tareas con una actitud