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Sir Ishfaq Ahmed
Iqra Nawaz

Roll no# bc12-008

Nazish younis

Roll no# bc12-009

Nida asif

Roll no# bc12-023

Safia nadeem

Roll no # bc12-028

Faiza liaqat

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Business plan
You deserve better

At Republic Service Agency, all business exercises are done in a socially and environmentally capable way. To
advance an effective Pakistan and as a substantial exhibit of our dedication, this annual report has been printed on
100% recycled paper and the data has been constrained to budgetary explanations just. Additional data on our
business and corporate social obligation activities is accessible on our website. www.republicservice.net.pk
Confidentiality Agreement

The undersigned reader acknowledges that the information provided by the Republic Service Agency in this
business plan is confidential; therefore, reader agrees not to disclose it without the express written permission of
Republic Service Agency.

It is acknowledged by reader that information to be furnished in this business plan is in all respects
confidential in nature , other than information which is in the public domain through other means and that any
disclosure or use of same by reader may cause serious harm or damage to Republic Service Agency.

Upon request this document is to be immediately returned to Republic Service Agency.



Name (typed or printed)



This is a business plan. It does not imply an offering of securities.


1. Executive Summary
1.1 Introduction
1.2 The Company
1.3 Managing our Growth
1.4 The Market
1.5 Services
1.6 Financials
1.7 Objectives
1.8 Demand and Supply of Domestic Workers
1.9 Vision
1.10 Mission
1.11 Core Values
1.12 Business Principles
2. Company Summary
2.1 Company Ownership
2.2 Start up Summary
2.3 Contract
2.4 Scope
2.5 Identity
3. Services

3.1 Product and Service Plan

4. Market Analysis Summary

4.1 Market Segmentation
4.2 Target Market Strategy
4.3 Statistics
4.4 Service Business Analysis
5. Web Plan Summary
5.1 Website Marketing Strategy
5.2 Social Networking
5.3 Development Requirement

6. Strategy and Implementation Summary

6.1 SWOT Analysis
6.2 Competitive Edge
6.3 Marketing Strategy
6.4 Sales Strategy
6.5 Competitor Profile Matrix
7. Goals and Objectives
8. Management Summary
8.1 Structure
8.2 Personal Plan
8.3 Government Policy
9. Financial Plan
9.1 Imported Assumptions
9.2 Breakeven Analysis
9.3 Projected P&L Statement
9.4 Projected Cash Flow Statement
9.5 Projected Balance Sheet


Republic Service Agency is located in Lahore, Punjab. The company provides a service to law firms and
other entities, which need attorneys and a service to attorneys seeking employment.

A domestic worker is someone employed and paid by a single person or a couple in a domestic partnership
within their private household. Some domestic workers live within the household where they work. A "live-in"
domestic worker means they live on the households premises.

The Company

Republic Service Agency mission is to deliver quality legal search services with the highest level of
professional responsibility. Republic Service Agency (RSA) started out of the yearning to add to this group,
generally as groups have sustained republic administration organization proprietor throughout the years. Albeit
initially from a bigger market, the proprietor understands the need in the southern Willamette Valley for a faculty
organization that fills a void left by other brief and changeless arrangement organizations. RSA matches particularly
talented laborers with customers, sparing organizations time and cash, while accommodating its representatives with
genuineness and honor. This obliges an abnormal state of correspondence. It means asking open-finished inquiries
and tuning in, not talking. This implies knowing the neighborhood advertise so RSA can truly serve every customer
and representative, not simply "offer" them our products. RSA is quality administration.

The long haul vision incorporates various work places all through the world. The proprietor sees the test in
this vision, not in the development itself, yet in preparing and urging all RSA staff to treat every customer and
representative with the same consideration and with the same level of correspondence.

Managing our Growth

As another corporate substance, RSA will be dealt with as a start-up in this marketable strategy. Amid the
recent years the proprietor gave all administrations. In Year 1, the organization will include low maintenance office
staff individual and a business master. Because of this development, RSA will have a strategies manual for in-house
staff to guarantee that the data is clear. Furthermore, RSA will give representatives customary preparing inside the
divisions to guarantee they comprehend the subtle elements of the work they are doing every day. Year 2 projections
incorporate a secretary, an alternate livelihood master, and a field agent.

The Market
RSA is structured like other temporary and permanent placement agencies. However, it will serve clients with
needs for select, specialized professionals rather than clerical or light industrial workers. Similar businesses in
Pakistan provide somehow similar services to specific group of people but there are none for the natives being
employed in their own country. Such organizations either recruit the migrant workers and offer employment
opportunities for them in Pakistan or recommend local workers on foreign countries demands.
The company's start-up requirements are $5000, of which $2000 will be provided for by the owner's personal
investment. The rest will be obtained through loans. With more investment, Republic Service Agency will be able
to improve and expand its services in the city and beyond.

Salaries are to be decided with agency from where hiring employees.

The commission charged depends on the income level of the employer.

We expect to be able to charge a 40% markup to our business clients. Thus, if an employee is being paid $10
per hour, we are charging the client $13 per hour. The company predicts that it will be able to produce sales of
approximately $40,000 by Year 3.
The company does not have any direct cost of sales; we track payments to placed individuals as regular payroll.




$20,000 Gross Margin
Net Profit




RSA is structured like other temporary and permanent placement agencies. However, we serve clients
with needs for select specialized professionals, rather than clerical or light industrial workers.
RSA places temporary workers. The company recruits through its website, advertises in newspapers, magazines
and trade publications. We find that our employees are 40% male and 60% female and ages spread evenly.

RSA serves the business client by locating a professional worker or training non-professional workers and
providing their assurance of character, staying in close contact with the client and communicating with the worker
regarding any personnel issues that may arise.
The professional and non-professional workers are served with employment opportunities at no cost; pay
rates that are within industry standards.

Job quality for domestic workers, as for all other workers, is a right; it is also a social necessity.

For the millions of women and girls in exploitative domestic work - overworked, underpaid, isolated,
constantly belittled, often violently punished, sometimes raped, even pushed to suicide - the recognition and
defense of their human and labor rights is an urgent necessity. A new international standard is on the anvil that will
officially recognize domestic work as work and regulate the rights and duties of household workers and employers.

Indeed, the exploitation and abuse that many domestic workers face stems from the non-recognition of
domestic work as work, from the hidden nature of the workplace and from the informality of the employment
relationship. In the case of female domestic workers, it is rooted in gender discrimination, replacing as it does
womens unpaid work in the home. The tendency to undervalue work performed by women is accentuated in the
case of domestic work by its low social status and the myth that no special skills are required to perform it. The
non-recognition and lack of social protection that is characteristic of domestic work is a major obstacle to
achieving the goal of Decent Work for all men and women.

However, in the absence of a specific instrument on domestic work and the inherent difficulty in
controlling working conditions in the private sphere of the household, many States either expressly exclude
domestic work from the ambit of labor legislation or make no provisions to address the specific needs of domestic
workers and their employers.

Domestic work allows other women workers with family responsibilities to achieve equilibrium between
work and family life, it plays a key role in the smooth functioning of the economy.

The regulation and formalization of the domestic employment relationship is in the interests of both
workers and employers. Specifying the rights and duties of each party will remove many of the difficulties that
employers sometimes face, ranging from frequent absences, poor quality service, quitting without notice, etc. to
crimes such as theft, kidnapping for ransom and even murder.

At a more informal level, neighborhood groups of employers of domestic workers have come together to
provide training and education to those employed in the neighborhood and to prevent and oppose abuse and

Demand and Supply of domestic workers

The growth of domestic work as a service sector is being continually fuelled by supply and demand
factors. Demographic changes such as aging populations, decline in welfare provision, increasing labour force
participation of women, and the challenges of balancing working life and family life in urban areas and developed
countries contribute to greater demand for domestic workers. On the supply side rural poverty, gender
discrimination in the labour market as well as limited employment opportunities in general in rural communities
and countries of origin ensure a continuous supply of workers into the sector.

We work to create a better future every day.

We help people to feel good, look good, and get more out of life with services we provide. We will
develop high standard of living and self-confidence in women that they can work outside. We provide assistance in
every task of daily routine and a decent job and identity to the overlooked society.


Deliver quality legal search services with the highest level of professional responsibility.

RSAs mission is to contribute to the community by filling a need for specialized, professional,
contingent workers. The company will provide workers with a safe and independent environment. It will also
provide businesses with a high-caliber of employee available for task or permanent work.RSA listens to individual
needs and customizes personnel solutions for both employers and workers.


Ambitious - As a result, orientated organization we are persistently determined to succeed. Our vitality and
dynamism makes us driven for our kin, customers and applicants, and for the positive effect we know enlisting can
have in their lives.
Expert - As specialists crosswise over numerous industry parts and callings, our expert ability and exceptional
understanding of businesses and individuals is imparted to our customers, applicants and over our extending
worldwide system.
Inquisitive - We're always curious, wanting to understand more about people and the world of work. That's how we
build deeper knowledge into what makes people fit culturally and how companies and people can achieve their full

Passionate about people - As business people, we are passionate about creating valuable relationships with
everyone we work with. Our energy forces us to discover the correct individual, accepting this is basic to enhancing
their life and work, permitting individuals to be everything they can be.


Commercial imperative-We are a business association and we will seek after the best conceivable financial return
for our shareholders. Nonetheless, in settling on monetary choices, we will have respect to the effect of these choices
on different stakeholders, including society and the earth.

Clients-We are determined to accomplish prevalent results for our clients through remarkable administration
conveyance and we perceive that our customers' prosperity relies on utilizing the right individuals in their
associations. In distinguishment of their dependence upon us, we will strive to comprehend and react to our
customers' requirements, to acquaint those competitors probably with address those needs and to upgrade our
customers' quality to their own stakeholders. In making presentations, we are focused on remunerating our
customers' trust through the most noteworthy achievable expert and moral norms.
Candidates-We comprehend that discovering individuals employments is an essential errand in the public arena that
conveys with it obligations of consideration and expert conduct. We will attempt to match competitors' requirements
and targets with those of our customers and we regard our commitments of secrecy to hopefuls.

Communication-We anticipate that our staff will correspond straightforwardly and sincerely with our customers,
hopefuls, business accomplices, suppliers and legislative and administrative bodies, inside the lawful system of
security and secrecy.

Employees-We strive to enlist, prepare, create and hold the best ability in our industry. We will seek after balance of
chance, treatment and assorted qualities through our livelihood strategies and will urge our representatives to achieve
their maximum capacity through preparing and advancement.

Human rights-Our associations with customers, competitors, representatives, business accomplices, suppliers and
the groups inside which we work are based upon admiration for people and their human rights.

Personal conduct-All our workers are required to act with genuineness, trustworthiness and decency. The offer or
acknowledgement of any type of pay off is disallowed, including assistance expenses. Friendliness, endowments and
uncalled for offers or installments that look to incite or prize inappropriate execution or may seem to place any
individual under a commitment are restricted. All Hays organizations and representatives will stick to the most
astounding moral and lawful benchmarks in business dealings all through the world. Irreconcilable circumstances
that meddle with fitting execution or free judgment are disallowed.

Environment-We are focused on working our organizations in an inexorably manageable way and will try to
diminish our natural effect year on year.
Community-We firmly accept that discovering people jobs is a crucial profit to society. Moreover, we will put
resources into our groups, including direct activities through foundations to enhance the business prospects of the

Health and safety-We will direct our operations in a way that strives to shield the security of representatives and the
general population.

Company Summary
Republic Service Agency

you deserve better

Registered Office: 179, C-block, Near Doce bakery, PIA housing society, Johar town, Lahore.

Punjab, Pakistan.

ZIP: 54000

Phone: +92-42-37020660

Fax: +92-42-37411114

Email: info@republicservice.net , jobs@republicservice.net

Website: www.republicservice.net.pk
Company Ownership

Republic Service Agency is a Multi-Service Corporation which is a partnership business owned and
controlled by five equal partners.

Board of Directors

Ms. Iqra Nawaz

Chairman (also the supervisor)

Ms. Nida Asif

Chief Executive Officer (also the marketing manager)

Ms. Nazish Younis

Executive Director / Chief Financial Officer (also the accountant)

Ms. Faiza Liaqat

Non-Executive Director (also the auditor)

Ms. Safia Nadeem

Executive Director (also the analyst)

Start Up Summary

As a new corporate entity, RSA will be treated as a start-up in this business plan.

Projected start-up figures are shown in the chart and table below.

Start up








All Helpers and their employers are required to give an undertaking to the center. If an employer breaches
the undertaking, his/her conduct will be taken into account in considering any future application he/she may make
to employ a Helper and any such application may be refused. If a Helper breaches the undertaking, his/her conduct
will be an adverse consideration in considering any future application for employment and any such application
may be refused.

Any party to an employment contract must give written notice, must be explained orally by or on behalf of
the employer to a domestic worker if he/she is not able to understand it.

There is a prescribed minimum rate of remuneration. Additional payments (such as for overtime or work
on Sundays or Public Holidays) are calculated from the total remuneration.

It seeks to bring dignity and respect to a growing workforce that makes all other work possible in our
economy. Every day, across the country, millions of domestic workers largely women of color and immigrants
are entrusted with the very important and difficult work of caring for young children, elderly parents, people with
disabilities, and homes. Despite their critical role in the economy, many domestic workers work in substandard
conditions, logging in long hours in isolation, beyond the reach of personnel policies or wage and hour protections,
and often without employment contracts. It seeks to raise industry standards by ending exclusions of domestic
workers from state minimum wage, overtime, and other workplace laws and by guaranteeing industry-specific
labor rights.

The use of domestic workers' services is an inseparable decision to the female labor force supply decision.
They argue that when women attach utility to time spent on home activities; the demand for domestic workers will
be a perfect substitute for produced domestic work.

Determinants of Domestic Workers Employment

a. They find that the likelihood of households demanding domestic services is positively correlated with their age and
b. They also find that men with spouses in poor health conditions are more likely to employ domestic workers.
c. In addition, they find that a higher women's income most significantly increase the likelihood of hiring domestic
d. They find that demand for domestic workers is stronger on weekends.
e. The probability of hiring a domestic worker is significantly higher for larger households, female headed
households, larger dwellings, and increases with aggregate household consumption.

Characteristics of work

The following characteristics of domestic work derive from this definition:

a. The work site is a private home.
b. The work performed is of a domestic nature: cleaning, cooking, laundry, child care and personal care and may
include other home-based tasks such as gardening, driving or patrolling;
c. The work is carried out under the authority, direction and supervision of the householder;
d. The worker is remunerated in cash and/or in kind, and
e. The employer derives no pecuniary gain from the work performed.

Characteristics of Employment

a. Invisibility
b. Unequal balance of power
c. Paternalist attitudes
d. An apprenticeship rather than an occupational choice
e. Lack of a precise job description
f. Availability at all times


The agency can finish the contract at any time if it finds any of the party committing violation.


The commitment by Governments and social partners to highlight this sector at the International Labor
Conference offers much hope that it can be transformed into one that offers greater opportunities for decent work
for the many millions of women and men around the world who work as domestic workers.


A different uniform for workers who represent the agency and each of them will wear identity cards
issued by the center.

Republic Service Agency matches entities in need of attorneys and attorneys in need of employment. RSA
provides an attorney recruiting service to law firms and other companies. It makes every effort to make sure there is
good fit between the attorney and the position being filled. In order to have a satisfied candidate and client for the
long haul, it is important to do so. The group of workers we offer covers professions of;




Laundry Workers

Butlers, Companions

Gardeners, Chauffeurs


Home Health Aides



Security guards

The agency or contractor or third party recruits the domestic worker and negotiates the contract with the
employer. The agency or contractor provides support services to the domestic worker. The agency provides health
and personal care for the sick or elderly .It operates in a way that leads to domestic workers being subject to
exploitation. It facilitates with residing in the office premises for homeless domestic workers and work for few hours
at employers place and nourishment and medication to them.

Domestic work allows other women workers with family responsibilities to achieve equilibrium between
work and family life, it plays a key role in the smooth functioning of the economy. The regulation and
formalization of the domestic employment relationship is in the interests of both workers and employers.
Specifying the rights and duties of each party will remove many of the difficulties that employers sometimes face,
ranging from frequent absences, poor quality service, quitting without notice, etc. to crimes such as theft,
kidnapping for ransom and even murder.

At a more informal level, neighborhood groups of employers of domestic workers have come together to
provide training and education to those employed in the neighborhood and to prevent and oppose abuse and
exploitation. Employers can demand employees at any time by giving a call on agencys number.

If the asked worker is not present at the moment, substitute of it can be sent on behalf to perform the work.
RSA goes about as an expansion of the customer's human asset division, guaranteeing that there is open
correspondence in the middle of boss and representative, and aiding with any investigating or critical thinking that
may be required.

The company is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this market opportunity because of the
management and field expertise of the proprietor.
Products and Services Plan
Changing labor market conditions threaten the concept of full-time permanent employment.

RSA provides a complex blend of services to distinct populations. The company serves businesses through
connecting them with the professional contingent work force. It also serves the worker by connecting them with
businesses, at no charge, and providing benefits not often provided by other employment agencies.



10 household were interviewed from each area.

Band 1 (RS 1500 - RS 3000)

Band 2 (RS 3001 - RS 6000)

Band 3 (RS 6001 - RS 9000)

Band 4 (RS 9001 - onwards)

It was originally estimated that 3000 household are selected with 33% rate of expected response, we
interviewed 1000 employers and domestic workers. However the actual sample only yielded a total of 982
domestic workers and 416 employers.
Employers were more reluctant than domestic workers to participate in this survey, in some cases domestic
workers felt to intimated by their employers to participate in the survey.

DEMOGRAPHICS : (Domestic Workers)

Area Worker (%) Employer (%)
Metropolitan-formal 59 57
Small Urban -formal 37 37
Rural Farm homestead 2 5
Rural Village under chief 1 1
TOTAL 100 100

Age %
16-30 years 24
31-40 years 31
41-50 years 30
51-60 years 13
61+ 2

Education level %
No formal education 14
Junior primary-Grade 1-4 13
Senior primary- 27
Grade 5-7
Secondary Education Including 45
Total 100

Language Spoken at home Spoken with employer / Spoken whilst

(%) employee (%) performing tasks (%)

Worker Employe Worker Employer Worker Employer

Urdu 10 55 30 40 30 40
Punjabi 70 20 60 40 60 50
Other 20 25 10 20 10 10
Total 100 100 100 100 100 100

Allocated a free room on this 33
employers property
I own a house 27
I own a hut 8
I share a hut 6
I rent a room in a house 5
Live on an other employers property 3
I rent a house 5
Other 14
Total 100


Working Days %
One 5
Two 9
Three 10
Four 4
Five 44
Six 15
Seven 13
Total 100

# of employers # of working days

1-4 days 5 days 6-7 days Total
1 21% 48% 31% 100%
3 68% 22% 11% 100%
3 or more 38% 32% 30% 100%
ALL 28% 44% 28% 100%

Experience %
Less than a year 10
1-5 years 29
6-10 years 23
11-15 years 11
16-20 years 11
Over 20 years 16
Total 100

Saturdays Sundays
Worker Employer Worker Employer
More than weekdays 10 21 10 22
Less than weekdays 3 1 1 3
Paid the same as weekdays 67 70 69 67
Sometimes paid more 4 8 4 8
Dont know 17 - 16 -
Total 100 100 100 100

Payment for overtime Worker (%) Employer (%)

No 55 13
Yes , with a standard (flat) extra payment 14 32
Yes , per each extra hour of work 6 7
Yes, per each extra hour of work at interested 2 10
hourly rate
Yes, with payment in kind 14 20
Yes, with time off 9 18
Total 100 100


Worker (%) Employer (%)

Daily 7 9
Weekly 7 6
Once every two weeks 1 1
Monthly 84 83
Total 100 100

> 1000 7 5
1000-2000 31 27
2001-3000 21 24
3001-4000 17 19
4001-5000 10 10
5001-6000 5 5
6001-7000 4 5
7000+ 4 6
TOTAL 100 100


Travel costs 17 35
Uniform costs 17 45
Medical aid costs 5 28
Pension fund 5 16
Education costs 3 9
Housing costs 3 12
Burial society 2 5


According to worker According to employer

(%) (%)
Cooking 80 Cooking 76
Gardening 57 Gardening 48
Driving 50 Driving 44
Childcare 21 Childcare 18
Household management 16 Household management 15
Guarding 15 Guarding 20

Caring for elderly 71
Caring for the ill 66
Cooking 61
Child caring skills 56

According to worker (%) According to employer (%)

Cooking 55 Cooking 66
Guarding 51 Guarding 25
Driving 32 Driving 16
Childcare 10 Childcare 54
Household management 5 Household management 4
Gardening 26 Gardening 20


Domestic works according to his/her own food plan 32 24
Domestic decides what has to be done on the day 29 29
Domestic works according to employers fixed plan 20 14
Both employer and domestic decide what should be done 12 4
Employer decides what has to be done on the day 6 28
Other 1 1
Total 100 100

Learn from my former employers 32
Learn I taught myself 32
Learn Mother 27
Learn from any present employee 16
Learn from some else 6
Learn by attending classes 1
Learn at school 1

Yes 55
No 41
Dont know 5
Total 100


I dont have adequate skills to work 36
in other occupation
Easier to find work as a domestic 34
I enjoy working as domestic worker 16
Other 13
Total 100


Needs the help 50
Has other commitment 20
Needs help with special tasks 18
Time problem 6


Proficiency Read Write Speak Read Write
Not at all 8 9 0 14 11
Poorly to fairly well 14 18 32 37 37
Well or very well 79 73 68 52 52
Total 100 100 100 100 100


Not at all 1 13 14
Poorly to fairly 25 34 37
Well or very well 74 47 42
Dont know 1 7 8
Total 100 100 100


Employers who wish to employ helpers have to satisfy the following criteria:
The employer is financially capable of employing a helper after his/her household expenditure has been
The helper shall be provided with suitable accommodation and with reasonable privacy
The helper and the employer shall enter into a standard Employment Contract.

Now its time to turn your focus towards your target market: Who are you going to provide your
services? Depending on the type of business you are starting and the type of plan you are writing, you may
not need to go into too much detail here. But, no matter what, you do need to know who your customer is
and have a rough estimate of how many of them there are. If there arent enough customers for your product
or service, that could be a warning sign. If you are going to do a formal market analysis, this is where youll
need to do a bit of research, first to identify your market segments and then to determine how big each
segment is. A market segment is a group of people (or other businesses) that you could potentially sell to.

A good business plan will identify the target market segments and then
provide some data to indicate how fast each segment is growing. When identifying target markets, a classic
method is to use the TAM, SAM, and SOM breakdown to look at market sizes from a top-down approach as
well as a bottom-up approach.
TAM = your Total Available or Addressable Market (everyone you wish to reach with your product)
SAM = your Segmented Addressable Market or Served Available Market (the portion of TAM you will
SOM = your Share Of the Market (the subset of your SAM that you will realistically reachparticularly in
the first few years of your business)
Once you have your target market segments defined, its time to define your ideal customer for each
segment. Your ideal customer is a fictitious representation of your market and is often called a Buyer. Your
buyer personal should be defined with a name, gender, income level, likes, dislikes, etc. While this may
seem like additional work on top of the market segmentation that you have already done, having a solid
buyer personal will be an extremely useful tool to help you define the kinds of marketing and sales activities
you will develop to attract these ideal customers.


Our agency is under extra pressure to find the right candidate and will spend extra time to get the person that
"fits the bill."
The advantage to the client is that they only pay if the services are rendered.

The number of domestic workers in the Philippines is currently 624,000.14 About 1.2 million Dutch
households make use of the services of domestic workers, most of them informally.
In Europe, the number of domestic workers is rising as more women enter the labour market.
In Asia it is estimated that domestic workers form between 1 and 3% of the population, more than what the
statistics for India indicate. In addition to migration from rural to urban areas within countries, the main
international flows are from South East Asia to the rest of the continent and towards the Middle East.
Within the region the participation of rural children in domestic work is high - it is estimated to be almost
25%.Domestic work is generally not included in the calculation of GNP as it is not considered productive


A more professional website will allow the viewer to have more trust in company as a professional
A better job board within the new website will allow for presenting job possibilities in a more user and friendly
Adding a current affairs section to relate changes in the legal market place within our services area will help drive
traffic to the site.

The focus of the new marketing strategy is to present Republic service agency as the go-to place for legal
recruiting agency and placement. We will use the appropriate services to drive traffic to our new site.


The current website is need to be updated with newer technologies such as HTML, JAVA 5 and JAVA Script as
flash is quickly becoming outdated.

Subscribe to: www.republicservice.net.pk

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Authorized from Provincial The employerfrom
Authorized derives no pecuniary gain
Government. from the work
Government. performed.
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Leading Multi-Service Center in

EMPLOYMENT Leading Multi-Service Center in
Pakistan Pakistan
Recruits the domestic worker.
Certified with our Agency Certified with our Agency
resource consultant.
Human Labor Negotiates
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Providing balance
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Providing Domestic by Governments
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State-of-the-art Training Center Salaries are to beTraining
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availability all times.
from Provincial time if it finds any of the
Authorized from Provincial party committing
Government. violation.


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Differentiation Marketing Strategy

Differentiation Strategies
Every brand faces the dual challenge of positively influencing growth (by capturing new customers) and
doing it in a way that promotes loyalty to the brand.
Every brand seeks to differentiate.
Strategic differentiation is the key.
The struggle for differentiation may take many different forms.
The brands differentiation strategy should change and evolve as the market matures and competition
Marketing Strategies that are used in our business are:
1. Customer Service Differentiation
Moving up the differentiation scale and focusing on superior customer service is a way to avoid the
limitations of a product/service play. This strategy is used frequently by the insurance and investment industries.
Differentiating on customer service may be more costly for the brand in that it requires the infrastructural support
and continual advertising or messaging to remind the potential customer of the service offer.
2. User Experience Differentiation
In a commoditized market, differentiating based on an emotional bond with the customer is both very
powerful and difficult to do successfully. The brand that is able to build emotional or social connections will have
fiercely loyal customers with low churn.
3. People Differentiation
Contracting and preparing preferred individuals over the contender can turn into an unlimited upper hand
for an organization. An organization's workers are frequently neglected, yet ought to be given watchful thought.
This human asset based preference is troublesome for a contender to impersonate on the grounds that the
wellspring of the point of interest may not be exceptionally clear to an outcast. The intangibles are more vital than
the tangibles on the grounds that the hardest thing for somebody to copy is the soul of your people. This upper
hand can envelop numerous zones. Executives who pay consideration on workers, observing their execution and
duty, may end up with an exceptionally solid upper hand. A decently prepared creation staff will produce a
superior quality item. Yet, a contender will most likely be unable to recognize if the focal point is because of
prevalent materials, gear or employees. People separation is vital when shoppers bargain straightforwardly with
representatives. Workers are the cutting edge guard against melting away consumer loyalty.

Examples Of Differentiation Strategy

For market analysis it is necessary to cover all the for Ps of marketing.

Before you start working on your positioning statement, you should take a little time to evaluate the current market
and answer the following questions:

What features or benefits do you offer that your competitors dont?

What are your customers primary needs and wants?
How are your competitors positioning themselves?
How do you plan on differentiating from the competition? In other words, why should a customer choose
you instead of someone else?
Where do you see your company in the landscape of other solutions?


Price sends a very strong message to consumers and can be an important tool to communicate your positioning to
Your pricing should cover your costs.
Your initial price may not be your profit center.
Your prices need to match up with consumer demand and expectations
Price too high and you may have no customers.
Price too low and people may undervalue your offering.


With pricing and positioning taken care of, its time to look at your promotion strategy. A promotion plan details
how you plan on communicating with your prospects and customers.

Place :

For product companies, a distribution plan is an important part of the complete business plan. For the most part,
service companies can skip this piece and move on.

Differentiation sales strategy

Sales strategy includes all the channels through which we can make aware people (customers) of our products and
services. We will make advertisement of our services through different sources.

Common Promotion Channels

1. Networking

2. Job Boards

3. Targeted Internet Advertisement

4. Social Media

5. HR Conferences

1. Networking:

Former colleagues are the best marketing tool; they can be the first satisfied customers, and they can
recommend the services of the new recruitment agency to their friends The network can source the new agency
with vacancies, and the network can recommend the attractive talents for interesting job vacancies The network
provides the honest and instant feedback; it helps to implement changes and improvements The network provides
useful tips and observes the competition on the job market Many vacancies can be explored just by using the
network The network trusts the new recruitment agency; your friends trust you as the business owner .

2. Job Boards:

Massive opportunity for the promotion of the recruitment agency Most people start the search for the new
job by surfing the job boards Job Boards allow the custom layout of the job advertisement Job Boards allow
backlinks to the website of the recruitment agency The agency has to engage visitors coming from job boards,
and has to offer similar job vacancies (accountants should see job offers for junior financial analysts, etc.) The
agency has to invest into the development of the attractive logo and the intuitive website.

3. Google:

Google Adwords allow the effective and cheap advertisement of job vacancies Recruitment agency can
promote its social media networks using targeted advertisement Google Adwords cannot be used for the building
of the brand name of the agency, but it can attract job applicants The recruitment specialist has to identify the
right keywords and has to optimize the advertisement Agency pays per click and it has to monitor the conversion
rate (clicks versus applications).
4. Social Media:

The most promising for agency LinkedIn: Highly intelligent social networking for enrollment orgs
Recruitment Agency can captivate its representatives in diverse gatherings and it can add to examinations
Recruitment Agency ought not advance itself forcefully Twitter: Slow social networking which constructs solid
and captivated groups around distinctive subjects Recruitment Agency can utilize its fortes and it can add to
groups Twitter functions as the best device for prescribing adolescent gifted employment

5. HR Conferences:

The recruitment agency has the opportunity to present its professional staff, its recruitment methodology and
recruitment channels employed to find the best job candidate The agency can demonstrate its deep knowledge of
the local job market, and the best local recruitment channels The agency can connect the presence at the HR
conference with its network of satisfied clients Informal talks with potential clients are more valued, if the
satisfied customers acts as the confirmation.

Some of the advertisement sources are briefed below:

In a growing population pamphlets are the best way for the advertisement of our services A best way for the to

make people aware of our services specially for those who have less time


One of the oldest way of advertisement is to publish our ads to newspapers with a complete detail of our mission
and vision statement.

Our web site is www.republicservice.net.pk


For information email at info@republicservice.net.pk

For job application email at jobs@republicservice.net.pk


Our promotional page on facebook is



Strong management.
Size advantages.
Unique products.
Cost advantages.
Experience in community development

Online presence
Weak brand


Online market.
Large market.
Emerging markets.
International expansion.
New services.


Volatile costs .
Volatile revenue.
Intense competition.

Strength(6) +opportunities(5) = 11

Threats (3)+ weakness(2)= 5

Telephonic interview
Kamatta Pakistan:

Kamatta Pakistan.com start-up dedicated to bringing better job opportunities to the blue collar (informal) job sector
(cooks, maids, house keepers, helpers, office boys, factory labour, etc.) by appropriately connecting the right
employers and job seekers via the web, SMS and social networks.
Inspiration Kamatta Pakistan project is inspired by:

A research conducted on Pakistani labour market that such type of labour market can perform better if the
flow of information is increased.
Duke University and World Bank research that showed that the primary path out of poverty is income
diversification which can be achieved having access to multiple job opportunities.

Their Aim is to act as a scalable, sustainable, digital and replicable solution to both informal sector employers and
job seekers. With our innovative mechanism we are reaching job seekers through mobile phones which have 70%
penetration in Pakistan. This service will be able to:

Increase income of informal job seekers.

Decrease commute time to save money.
Increase possibility of selecting ideal Job seekers.
Decrease turnover rate to save cost of resourcing.

PPa is one of the leading recuiriment and management consultant firm since 1975 .
PPA gurantees selectiom of competent personnel according to the requirement of client , for which a module
is developed .
Ppa does not take any gratification from workers and thus selection and processing on merit is ensured .
PPA takes minimum time to complete selection , documentation and travel formalities of workers.
Paperwork is competed through the network supported by various check lists.
PPA is authorized through Govt. since 1975 and they are directed to professionalism and honesty.


The Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM) is a tool that compares the firm and its rivals and reveals
their relative strengths and weaknesses.

In order to better understand the external environment and the competition in a particular industry,
firms often use CPM. The matrix identifies a firms key competitors and compares them using
industrys critical success factors. The analysis also reveals companys relative strengths and
weaknesses against its competitors, so a company would know, which areas it should improve and,
which areas to protect.

Critical Rating Score Rating Score

Reputation 2 0.26 3 0.39
Customer 2 0.04 4 0.08
Strong 3 0.45 3 0.05
Low cost 1 0.05 3 0.15
Sales per 1 0.08 2 0.16
Variety of 4 0.28 2 0.14
Successful 1 0.08 2 0.16
total - 1.24 - 1.96

Goals and objectives

Goals establish where you intend to go and tell you when you get there. They help improve your overall
effectiveness as a company whether you want to increase your share of the market, for example, or improve
your customer service. The more carefully you define your goals, the more likely you are to do the right things
and achieve what you wanted to accomplish in the first place.
Objectives are the specific steps you and your company need to take in order to reach each of your goals. They
specify what you must do and when.
Improve customer satisfaction

Employee attitudes typically reflect the moral of the company. In areas of customer service and sales, happy
employees are extremely important because they represent the company to the public.Remember to carry through
on your customer service goals wherever your business has a presence. This means both online and offline. More
than ever, social media is a systematic part of your customer service model, so if you have a presence on sites like
Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and so on, be sure you are actively listening, engaging, monitoring and responding to
your customers online. This blog offers some tips that can help &improve employee satisfaction.

Give Employees More Control

Employers could offer alternative work schedules such as flextime or telecommuting. Today's employees have
demanding schedules outside of work, and many workers appreciate a boss who considers work-life balance.
Because every person's obligations outside of work are different, customized schedules are a great way to improve
employee satisfaction.

Employers should also encourage employees to customize their workstations. This could include dcor and/or
equipment. This not only gives employees control over their work environments, but it can ease personal barriers
such as back pain or eyestrain.

Ease Commuting Stress

"Bad commutes are a major source of unhappiness. People feel frustrated, powerless, and stressed," states

Employers should consider ways to decrease commuting stress. For instance, employers could stagger work
times to avoid heavy traffic. Review beginning and ending times and determine if the specific times or the amount
of people arriving at each time can be adjusted. In addition, review late arrival policies. If employees are severely
reprimanded for arriving late, they will be much more stressed during a bad commute and will arrive at the office
Another possibility is to offer telecommuting options. This eliminates the necessity of commuting and allows
employees to work where they are most comfortable. Telecommuting also has a variety of benefits for the
employer such as reduced costs.

Stop Wasting Time

Tight deadlines are another major sources of stress for many employees. Employers can ease this stress by
freeing up more time. For instance, employers can make meetings shorter and more efficient. Consider tricks that
sound silly but are actually effective such as having a meeting with no chairs. People will be more likely to stick to
the necessary agenda when they have to stand the entire meeting.
Whenever possible, substitute conference calls for meetings. To reduce unnecessary chitchat, make calls
before lunchtime or at the end of the day. People will want to cut to the chase, so they can go to lunch or get home.
Another idea is to create organizational systems that improve efficiency. Clutter and confusion are major time
zappers. Organized offices and systems ease stress, save time, and increase productivity.

Promote Good Health

To help employees make positive lifestyle changes, have a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator and
microwave to prepare healthy meals. Research shows that preparing food is healthier than eating out. Also,
encourage breaks throughout the day. Even small amounts of exercise throughout the day are beneficial.

Encourage Social Connections

Employers can also encourage office celebrations for holidays and birthdays. These celebrations do not need to
be expensive. It can be as simple as asking everyone to bring in a covered dish. Even when there is no reason to
celebrate, encourage employees to eat lunch together. Provide a comfortable eating area.
Socialization is not limited to office hours. Encourage out of office socialization such as volunteer programs.
This gives employees a change to develop relationships outside of the office while promoting the company in a
positive way. Community service is a great way to build a positive reputation, and it is a happiness booster for

Break Up Routines
Surprises add spark to all areas of life, including the workplace. "Even a small treat can boost people's
happiness and people get a bigger kick from an unexpected pleasure," says Rubin.
Employers should look for small ways to surprise employees. For instance, you can occasionally bring in a
special treat such as coffee or baked goods. Small gestures show employees that you appreciate their time.
Another idea is to host an office party for a quirky holiday. Employers could even allow employees to create
a holiday. Again, this does not need to be expensive. The keys are breaking up the routine of the workweek,
promoting socialization, and demonstrating your appreciation.
Also consider an office give-away. You can hold a raffle or competition to motivate employees. The prize
can be as simple as a gift card or as extravagant as a vacation.


Management Summary
RSA is owned and operated by Five Partners. It will be formed as a Multi-Service Corporation. RSA will be
incorporated to eliminate personal liability for the partners.

Directors Profile
The staff consists of Directors working full time for RSA. In addition to them, there will be an office manager
in charge of managing the office and conducting the interview, a receptionist/secretary, HR person, and an
associate salesperson. The office manager will be a salaried employee as this person needs to be a stable
foundation for the office. The receptionist and HR person will be hourly workers. The account manager will be an
hourly worker with a bonus payment system to create a financial incentive for superior service.


Social and monetary prosperity of the individuals is one of the essential targets of the present individuals'
legislature. Work Policy, in the same way as arrangements in different fields, ought to additionally point in
accomplishing the destinations in a way ideally equipped to the assets of the nation and the current situation with
economy. There is an dire need to revitalize the economy, obliged supported endeavors, to expand the level of
profit, advancement of speculation and augmentation of occupation. There is a similarly certified prerequisite to
make among specialists and executives, a superior attention to their commitments to the national targets expressed
previously. In the meantime, the Government perceives that specialists and executives must appreciate sensible
profits as can be managed by the economy without misery set-backs. Keeping these needs in view, the Government
considers that an adjusted work approach ought to be taking into account the accompanying goals:-

- Workers' entitlement to structure unions and unions ought to be ensured and an institutional structure be made
accessible to cultivate close participation in the middle of laborers and head honchos at foundation level.
- Equitable change of rights in the middle of specialists and head honchos ought to be guaranteed in an air of
congruity, commonly valuable to the laborers and the administration.

- Consultations in the middle of laborers and head honchos on matters of enthusiasm to the foundation and welfare
of laborers ought to be made more successful.

- Adequate security of employments ought to be accessible to the laborers and there should be speedy redressal of
their grievances.

- Conditions ought to be made that laborers and superintendents are submitted in improving the work benefit.

- Promotion to higher employments be guaranteed at all levels in view of suitabilitwhat's more legitimacy and for
this reason plans ought to be made for inservice preparing offices.

- Facilities for fitting matching of openings for work and the employment seekers be reinforced and standard
strategies be streamlined.

- Social protection plans to be further reinforced.

- Just and compassionate states of work be ensured to all laborers.

- Forced work in all its structures to be wiped out.

- Provisions identifying with the livelihood of kids to be entirely followed to and be authorized.
The Labour Policy has accordingly been divided into four parts, i.e.
i) Legal Frame Work;
ii) Advocacy: Rights of Workers and Employers;
iii) Skill Development and Employment;
iv) Manpower Export.


The Government is of the considered perspective that an environment of modern peace and
comprehension is the need of great importance. The Government would support and help the procedure with
volition of both laborers and executives. It will secure genuine rights and diversions of laborers and
superintendents what's more minimize the regions of erosion which propel both of them to disturb. The
inquiry of unwilling and hesitant specialists has, then again, remained a wellspring of concern just as for the
Government, managers and exchange unions' authority.

Rationalization and Consolidation of Labor Laws.

The Labor Laws are very mind boggling, over-lapping, strange, and on occasion render the topic hard
to see, other than making disarray for the individuals who manage them. Further, the punishments
recommended for offenses and resistance are low, since some of these laws were confined amid
preindependence period. The Labor Laws will be combined what's more vindicated into five center laws, viz;

i) Laws identifying with mechanical relations.

ii) Laws identifying with job and administration conditions.

iii) Laws identifying with word related wellbeing and wellbeing.

iv) Laws identifying with human asset advancement.

v) Laws identifying with work welfare and government managed savings.

Universal/Voluntary Coverage

An extensive Social Insurance for seniority advantages and wellbeing administrations will be
presented on enrollment toward oneself/intentional premise to permit all specialists in formal and casual area
of economy, including self utilized persons, to profit from it.

Issuance of Smart Cards

The enrollment of workers will be connected with the Smart Cards being issued by NADRA. All
particulars of the specialists as for name, vocation history, instruction, abilities will be put on the Chip of the
Smart Card. This card will likewise fill the need of enrollment under Government disability, EOBI and
laborers Welfare Fund and will be a wellspring of Information Bank of work power for re-skilling of
workforce as for upgrade of livelihood inside the nation and abroad.


The Government is resolved to execute the arrangement of least wage as an essential component of work
insurance, and proposes to proceed with the current tripartite the lowest pay permitted by law determination
plans. An free National Wage Commission will be set up and the administration will create a Working Group
to make definite suggestions with the end goal of particular capacities and operational plans for such a
Commission, counting its specialized and secretarial help prerequisites and its relations with commonplace
pay altering powers.

All industrial, commercial and other establishments registered under any law shall pay wages to
the employees through Cheque/Bank transfer.
Women Workers
The Government is committed to providing women with equal opportunities for employment and will re-
examine existing legislation to ensure that women are not denied access to suitable jobs that are arising due to
Pakistans changing labour markets.

Young Persons
Laborers between the ages of 14 and under 18 years won't be occupied with dangerous working conditions
and other workplaces that antagonistically influence their physical and good advancement. They will likewise be
given more prominent access to instruction and preparing, especially preparing, custom-made to distinguished
work market needs.
Children and young persons will be withdrawn and kept from perilous nature as, for instance, mining,
tanneries, block furnaces, development, also glass bangles and so forth. Unique projects will be intended to center
adolescent household specialists utilized in private family units. Installment of the lowest pay permitted by law will
likewise be guaranteed to the adolescent person.
Eradication of Bonded Labor
The Government might annul fortified work in all its structures and might make proper changes in law to make
it more stringent, entirely executed and shield the enthusiasm of laborers who have here to remained under
constrained work.
Contractual Employees
The Government has already started the process to regularize/confirm contract employees. All contract
employees in public sector will be regularized/confirmed within shortest possible time.
Child Labour.
The Government shall take legal as well as other measures to regulate and control the employment of
children in certain occupations and processes considered hazardous and injurious to their health.

Informal Economy Workers

Stretching out work assurance to the nation's vast and assorted informal economy is a real test. The casual
economy helps millions of individuals over an expansive geographic zone, undertaking a wide assortment of low-
paid, low-gainfulness employments, under living up to expectations conditions that are habitually brutal,
undesirable, and dangerous. Casual economy laborers are not secured by work laws. Government is wanting to
make it compulsory for the work organization to take the activity to perceive how it can best contact such laborers
and give them with fundamental security through the procurement of report administrations, in light of a
work augmentation' approach. workers in the informal economy, including home laborers and local laborers, will
advantage from enhanced wellbeing and wellbeing courses of action, access to government managed savings plans,
and the installment of least wages, where a representative executive connection is clear. The work of youngsters
under 14 years will be dispensed with, and the vocation of those between the ages of 14 and under 18 years will be
entirely controlled, through a blend of stronger enactment and the presentation of work augmentation
Health and Safety
A Tripartite Council on Health and Safety be set-up to distinguish wellbeing what's more security risks for
specialists of all monetary segments and to make proposals for security measures on a ceaseless premise.
Tripartite Monitoring Committees will be set up at District, Province and Federal level to monitor
implementation of Labour Laws, particularly with reference to payment of wages, working environment
and working time.

The decent work strategy of the

country comprises four elements that are closely related:
opportunities for productive, remunerative and safe work;
social protection;
respect for workers basic rights and interests; and
Social dialogue
The Social Security Ordinance will be suitably amended to remove the lacunas and difficulties
experienced by the Provincial Governments.


The Labor Policy imagines a concordant working relationship in the middle of laborers and executives for
enhancing the execution and proficiency of the business. The rights and commitments based way to work issues is
being taken after likewise as per the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. So as to satisfy commitment
under the Constitution and also under worldwide contracts with respect to prosperity and financial security of the
laborers, a procedure must be developed and sought after as per the idea of average work in the occupation area.
The financial development is a precondition for growing gainfbusiness. In any case monetary development in
itself couldn't diminish destitution. Just beneficial and profitable work could dispense with destitution and
hardship. Pakistan has endorsed numerous worldwide duties identifying with work benchmarks method reactions
to the social test. The Labor Policy imagines a concordant working relationship in the middle of laborers and
executives for enhancing the execution and proficiency of the business. The rights and commitments based way to
work issues is being taken after likewise as per the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. So as to
satisfy commitment under the Constitution and also under worldwide contracts with respect to prosperity and
financial security of the laborers, a procedure must be developed and sought after as per the idea of average work
in the occupation area.
The financial development is a precondition for growing gainfbusiness. In any case monetary development in
itself couldn't diminish destitution. Just beneficial and profitable work could dispense with destitution and
hardship. Pakistan has endorsed numerous worldwide duties identifying with work benchmarks method reactions
to the social test.
The Government will insure full adherence of labour laws and workers friendly environment in all
establishments to promote decent work in the country.
Skill Development and Employment
Skill Development
i) Particular accentuation will be given on Training of Trainers to amplify the multiplier sway.
ii) Training in para-therapeutic administrations, of which in a matter of seconds there is an intense lack will be
iii) The modern apprenticeship plans will be revitalized and admission will be improved.
iv) The generation of gifted labor for osmosis and spread of new cutting edge innovations particularly in the use of
hardware, PCs and cutting edge generation frameworks will be empowered.
v) Mobile preparing units and exchange tests (through the National Training

Board Skills Standard and Certification System) for the individuals who are

prepared through the casual "Ustad-Shagird" framework will be

vi) The administration will empower the inclusion of private segment to sort out serious in-plant preparing,
effectively take part in the foundation and administration of professional preparing organization; and the National
Training Board will be reconstituted with an extensiverepresentation of the private segment.
vii) Matric Tech plan should be presented in all schools run by the Workers Welfare Fund to bestow Technical
Education to the understudies.
viii) Increasing the extent of laborers in the work power with higher levels of instruction and abilities will be
empowered. This will be attained to by supplementing general school instruction with specialized/professional
preparing and by facilitating the way of school graduates to advanced education with an accentuation on expert
ix) The legislature will institutionalize courses/curricula and guarantee uniform quality control.
x) The exchange unions will be occupied with recognizing preparing needs and needs and the administration of
preparing projects and preparing
xi) An undeniable Labor Market Information System should be made with making of Human Resource Center at
distinctive urban areas.

The most difficult issue confronting Pakistan today is the high rate of
development of populace and work power developing at more than 3 percent every annum, amongst the most
elevated on the planet. Its populace has an education rate of under 60 percent. It has an immaterial base for the
generation of abnormal state exploratory and center level specialized labor, and the nature of instruction
hagenuinely crumbled lately. The fundamental targets of the nation's Work Policy should be to meet the necessities
of the economy, the executives also the common laborers.


Human resource is one of the major capitals of any country. Presently, the highest amount of foreign
exchange is being earned through the remittances by the expatriate Pakistanis. Procedures regarding export of
manpower will be simplified and streamlined by making necessary amendments in the Emigration Rules to ensure
expeditious processing of demands for overseas jobs.

The Overseas Employment Promoters will be given further incentives to enable them to improve their
performance. Pakistan Embassies abroad will be asked to extend necessary co-operation to the delegations of OEPs
when they visit the labour importing countries for procurement of manpower demands so that they may be able to
procure maximum demands for Pakistani labour.
Regular export promotion campaigns and visits to main employers especially in the Gulf region will be

Return migrants will be viewed as a potential asset (a package of labour skills, experience and investible
resources) which will be tapped for the benefit of the economy. Existing schemes to attract investments by
migrants while abroad as well as on return will be expanded and made more effective.

In addition to above to enhance the export of manpower, major steps will be taken by the Government, which
shall include:

Formulation of Manpower Export Committee in the Ministry to:

Prospects of Pakistani emigrant workers

Promoting emigration and protecting emigrants

Re-integration of returning emigrants and effective use of diaspora resources

Supporting measures and implementation mechanism .

Manpower Export Committee at National Level with following role and functions:

Prepare marketing plan and strategy for enhancement of manpower export.

Approve training plan, functional language courses.

Arrange financial resources for training in Pakistan.

Approve Road Shows/Job fairs in different countries.

Extend invitation to important employers and key government functionaries of labour receiving countries
to assess the training facilities in Pakistan - invest for up-gradation.

Enhance the strength and capacity of skill training system of Pakistan - at par with standards of Labour
importing counties.

Establishment of a Manpower Export, Research and Information Center (MERIC) in Bureau of


. Coordinate with Ministries and Provincial Governments.

Coordination and Liaison Committee in Pakistani Missions

Coordinate with Manpower Export Committee.

Liaison with Pakistani community as well as the private and public sector foreign employers.

Develop Market strategy and action plan for employment abroad.

Provide information on the skills requirement, occupation wise emerging opportunities to the Manpower
Export Committee.

Recommend leading foreign employers & key Government functionaries, to be invited to Pakistan for
showcasing the prevalent training/skill standards, investment in training institutions and hiring of
Performance evaluation of Pakistani Missions inter-alia needs to be made in terms of their
initiatives for raising the number of Pakistani workforce, to provide feedback on the key labour market
developments, major economic programs and projects.

Financial plan
Your financial backers are interested in their investment. To them, the heart of your business plan is represented by
the financial projections which must include income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. These
statements must convince your backers of two very important details: your business will generate enough cash to
(1) repay your backers and (2) fuel your incentive to succeed
A detailed financial model has been developed to analyze the commercial viability of a Driving School under the
Prime Ministers Youth Business Loan scheme. Various cost and revenue related assumptions along with results
of the analysis are outlined in this section.

Project Financing
Following table provides details of the equity required and variables related to bank loan:

Project Financing
Total Equity
37.5% 150000
Loan(62.5%) 250000
Mark up to
bank 12%
tnure of loan 5years
36 Investment every

Project Cost

Following requirements have been identified for operations of the proposed business.

Capital investment
Furniture 40000
Equipment 90000
Total Capital
cost 130000
Initial Capital
Cost 270000
Total Capital 400000
Detail of assets

office equipment
Description units Price Total
air conditioner
(1.5 Ton
window 1 55000 55000
Hp computer
(14 inch LCD) 1 15000 15000
(ft Square) 625 32 20000
Total office
Equipment 90000

Furniture Detail
Unit per price Unit Total
chair 6 5000 30000
Table 1 10000 10000
Total Furniture 40000

Human Resource Requirement

The below table provides details of human resource required to run the Driving School. Salaries of all employees
are estimated to increase at 10% annually

Human Resources Detail

no of
partners Monthly salary total

5 10000 50000 per month

Revenue Generation
1st 3rd 4th
Quarter 2nd Quarter Quarter Quarter
Units Quantity Total Units Quantity Total Units Quantity Total Units Quantity Total
Deriver 8 15000 120000 10 15000 150000 10 15000 150000 12 15000 180000
Chef 6 15000 90000 8 15000 120000 7 15000 105000 18 15000 120000
Guard 5 12000 60000 6 12000 72000 8 12000 96000 6 12000 72000
Maid 3 5000 15000 5 5000 25000 6 5000 30000 6 5000 30000
Total 285000 367000 381000 402000

285000*35% 367000*35% 381000*35%

99750 =128450 =133350*3= 402000*35%
385350 400050 =140700*3=422100

Projected Income Statement

The income statement (profit and loss statement) shows the revenue, expenses, and net income (or net loss) for a
period of time. Net income is the amount by which total revenue exceeds total expenses. The resulting profit is
added to the retained earnings account (accumulated earnings of a company since its inception less dividends). A
net loss reduces the retained earnings account. The projected income statements demonstrate that your business
has the ability to earn profits over time.
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Revenue Quarter Quarter Quarter Quarter
Commission 299250 385350 400050 422100
less Direct Cost of Sales 0 0 0 0
Gross Profit 299250 385350 400050 422100
less Operating expenses
advertisement (10,000) (8000) (10000) (8000)
Communicatio Expenses (3000) (3500) (4000) (4000)
Rent (90000) (90000) (90000) (90000)
Utilities bill (15000) (20000) (20000) (18000)
Deprecition expnses (3250) (3250) (3250) (3250)
Salaries (150000) (150000) (150000) (150000)
Income(EBIT) 28000 110600 122800 148850
Add Interest Receivable 3825 3825 3825 3825
31825 114425 126625 152675
Less Interest Expenses 7500 7500 7500 7500
Net Income 24325 106925 119125 145175

Cash Flow Statement

Revenue does not necessarily mean receipt of cash, and expense does not automatically imply a cash payment. Net
income and net cash flow (cash receipts less cash payments) are different. For example, taking out a bank loan
generates cash, but this cash is not revenue since no merchandise has been sold and no services have been
provided. Loan repayments consume cash, but do not reduce income - they are recorded as a reduction to

Cash 150000 51250 165100 91150

Cash Form
Commission on
Revenue 299250 385350 400050 422100
Cash Available For
use 449250 336600 565150 513250
Less Furnature Purchases 40000
Office Equipment
Purchased 90000
Expenses Paid
Advertising 10000 8000 10000 8000
Expenses 3000 3500 4000 4000
Rent 90000 90000 90000 90000
Utilities Bill 15000 20000 20000 18000
Salaries 150000 150000 150000 150000
Investment in shares 100000 100000 100000 100000
Deposite in Bank 50000
Cash Carried Down 51250 165100 91150 93250

Projected Balance Sheet

balance sheet is a statement of financial position that shows total assets = total liabilities + owners' equity.
Financial position refers to the amount of resources (i.e., assets) and the liabilities of the business on a specific
date. Owners' equity is the residual interest, or the amount of the assets to which the owners have claim because
creditor claims (liabilities) legally come first. Owners' equity in a business derives from two sources: (1) paid-in
capital, which is the investment of cash or other assets in the business by the owner or owners; and (2) retained
earnings, which are the accumulated profits of the business less the losses and withdrawals. The purpose of the
balance sheet is to report the financial position of a business at a particular point in time.
Assets 1st quarter 2ndquarter 3rd quarter 4th quarter
cash in hand 51250 65100 91150 93250
cash at bank 60000 40000 20000 50000
receivable 3825 7650 11475 15300
total Current
Assets 115075 112750 122625 158550
Fixed Assets
Furniture 39000 38000 37000 36000
Equipment 87750 85500 83250 81000
deposit(fixed) 170000 170000 170000 120000
Investment in shares 100,000 200,000 300,000
Total Fixed Assets 296750 393500 490250 587000
Total Assets 411825 506250 612875 745550

Current liabilities
loan payable 37500 25000 12500 50000
(within 1 year)
long term liabilities
loan payable 200000 200000 200000 150000
(within 4 year)
total liabilities 237500 225000 212500 200000
partnership capital

capital 150000 174325 281250 400375

profit 24325 106925 119125 145175
total capital 174325 174325 400375 545550
total liabilities 411825 506250 612875 745550
and capital

1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Ratio Analysis quarter quarter quarter quarter
Current Ratio 3.07 4.51 9.8 3.17

Liquid Ratio 2.97 4.2 8.9 2.86

Leverage Ratio
Debt To Equity Ratio 1.36 0.8 0.53 0.37

Debt Ratio 0.58 0.44 0.35 0.34

Time Interest Earned

Ratio 3.73 14.75 16.37 19.85

Net Sales To Net

Assets Ratio 0.73 0.76 0.65 0.56

Net Profit Margin 8.10% 27.70% 29.80% 34.40%

Net Profit To Net

Assets Ratio 0.59 0.21 0.194 0.195

Net Profit To Equity

Ratio 0.14 0.38 0.297 0.27

Formulas Of Ratio




5-Time Interest Earned Ratio




Working Notes

interest receivable on bank deposit of Rs.170000 @9% is 3825 for each quarter

Depreciation Office
Expenss e Furniture Equipment
49000 90000
Less 1st quarter 1000 2250
39000 87750
Less 2nd quarter 1000 2250
38000 85500
Less 3rd quarter 1000 2250
37000 83250
Less 4th quarter 1000 2250
Book Value 36000 81000
Current Liabilities

Loan payable

Loan Paid In 1st Year 50000

Less piad in 1st Quarter 12500
Loan payable in 2nd Quarter 37500
Less Paid 12500
Loan Payable in 3rd Quarter 25000
Less Paid 12500
loan payable in 4th Quarter 12500
Less Paid 12500
Loan Payable for 2015 is 50000
Remaining loan is fixed liabilities
Agency invest in shares of public company

1st Quarter 0
2nd Quarter 100000
3rd Quarter 100000
4th Quarter 100000
Total 300000

Other assumption
Salary will increase by 10% every year
Rent Will increase 10% every year
Depreciation is 10% p.a. under
straight line method
Utilities bill will increase with the level of
Break Even Analysis

If you can accurately forecast your costs and sales, conducting a breakeven analysis is a matter of simple math. A
company has broken even when its total sales or revenues equal its total expenses. At the breakeven point, no profit
has been made, nor have any losses been incurred. This calculation is critical for any business owner, because the
breakeven point is the lower limit of profit when determining margins.

In case of republic service agency there is no direct cost so break even is the point at which total sales becomes
equal to total investment as seen in 3rd quarter