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Integration Cloud Service

Learnings on Integration Cloud Service (ICS).

1 What is Integration Cloud Service and how is it different from SOA/SOA CS?
ICS is equivalent of Oracle Service Bus on Cloud with few functionalities added
whereas SOA/SOA CS is a full blown functionality of Service orchestration

2 Can Integration Cloud Service run on premise?

Integration Cloud Service has two agents
i Connectivity agent manages connectivity of on premise applications to ICS
on Cloud
ii Execution Agent which can be downloaded and configured on premise which
is an ICS instance on premise (few adapters are restricted with ICS on

3 ICS has four integration patterns

Map my Data (Point to Point mapping between two service)
Orchestration (Condition based activity orchestrating different systems)
Basic Publish to ICS
Basic Subscribe to ICS

4 How to use an ICS integration?

ICS integration is a Web Service which can be called by any application with
capability to call web service (like JCS, Java Application, SOA etc.). ICS Integration
can be scheduled to do an activity at a specific point of time in case of File Transfer

5 When to go for ICS and when to go for SOA/SOACS ?

If the existing application foot print is more on Cloud then ICS is best suited for
SOA / SOACs is preferred in the following cases
i In case of pure one premise integrations
ii If the integrations are too complex and would require Human interventions in
the form of approvals etc., event processing, Single Sign on support
iii If the amount of data transfer involved is large as ICS restriction of messages
per connection is 100000/day (Note that the ICS connection will not reject the
message after 100000).

6 Security in ICS?
ICS only point of communication to an on premise application is via a connectivity
agent and oracle messaging cloud service which is bundled in an ICS subscription.
Also ICS is not multitenant and every customers will have their dedicated instance.

7 Any restrictions in ICS as such?

As per the documentation message size should not exceed 512KB but the same has
been enhanced to 5MB. In case of File adapter, there is no such file size restriction
unless there is a transformation involved on the file.
8 Additional Support for ICS, tools like Jdeveloper12c can be used to import the ICS
mappings and modify the same in the XSLT Map editors

9 ICS integrations can be done at a broad level with the mappings for two Cloud
environments and put out on a cloud market place which customer can use for their

10 Multiple Integrations can be packaged into a single package and the same can be put
up for customers to use. Packages are packaged as .par file and integrations are
packaged as .iar file.

11 Partners can build their own adapters and put for usage in ICS via Cloud Marketplace

Future enhancements coming up in ICS

1 Event Framework in Fusion HCM and ERP SAAS clouds for usage in ICS as available
in Sales Cloud SAAS
2 Identity Federation (Single Sign on) support will also be available in upcoming
3 Additional components/Adapters (Workday Adapters) to be provided in upcoming