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A cleaner tomorrow.

The environment in Morocco is subject to very strong pressures due particularly to poor waste
disposal, and an annual waste generation growth rate touching 3 percent. Thats why I came
up with an idea that consists of recycling and putting to use 2 hazardous and very common
residues used oil and wood ach.
In fact more than 80000 tonnes of used oil are discarded without being recycled every year in
morocco, and vegetable oils produce similar environmental effects like petroleum oils, such
as causing soil and water pollution, destroy future and existing food supplies, breeding
animals, and habitats and Form products that linger in the environment for many years.
As for the wood ash it is a very real and toxic element. It contains 80% of the toxins that were
contained in the wood. This ash is highly "leachable" and can contaminate ground water if
buried. There have been several incidents reported where this ash has caused, sickness, death
and contamination
So my idea consists of implanting collect stations all over morocco where people, restaurants
and even hotels can dump their used oil. As for wood ash our main source would be
traditional hamams that are spread all over morocco. At the same time well create a
production unit that will consist of making cleaning products such as rinsing solutions, soap,
toilet cleaners, dishwashing liquid from a mixture of oil and wood ach. And just like that
we will be hitting two birds with one stone, we will eliminate 2 residues that damage the
environment and eradicate pollution, create employment and make bio and cheap cleaning
products that wont harm the environment.
Morocco has given us so much; it is our turn now to give back.