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The Great Gatsby Internet Treasure Hunt

1. F. Scott Fitzgerald

Answer: The thing that basically made him want to write was the fact that when he came back from the army and
began a successful business his love left him.

2. World War I

Answer: machine gun, barbed wire, and a telephone

After the war the dominate post wat American attitudes and major movements were disillusionment, fear of
bolshevism, and the rise of the Ku Klux Klan. The major movements in the 1920s were prohibition,
fundamentalism vs. modernism, and prosperity & consumerism

3. 19th Amendment

Answer: The 19th amendment was a big accomplishment for the women in the US. The 19th amendment granted
them the privilege to vote in the United States

4. The Roaring Twenties

Answer: The 19th amendment gave women the right to vote but it was rejected by the supreme court of the United
States on February 26th, 1922. Benito Mussolini became the prime minister of Italy on October 30. November 21
Rebecca Felton became the first female senator.

5. 18th Amendment

Answer: The 18th amendment prohibited the manufacturing, sale, and the transportation of alcohol. The result of
the 18th amendment was how people rebelled, and how crime was rising. Law enforcement was understaffed and
thats how the crime got out of hand.

6. Prohibition

Answer: The prohibition had many effects on the roaring twenties, specifically because of its barn

7. Organized Crime & Arnold Rothstein

Answer: Three elements of Rothsteins character are that he never smoked tobacco or drank alcohol, his
mannerisms were graceful, and his voice was mild and pleasing. These elements are interesting because it expresses
the opposite characteristics of gamblers like Arnold Rothstein.

8. Flappers
Answer: A flapper was a women who went out of their way to do the opposite of what women were supposed do.
They wanted to basically be the definition of beautiful. The pushed boundaries by wearing dresses with their knees
being exposed. They also cut their hair into short bobs to try and be fashionable.

10. Music

Answer: Jazz players like Louis Armstrong, Fletcher Henderson, and Al Jolsons April Showers, he sings about the
bright side of thing, and have a good time. In Al Johnsons April Showers, he sings about how it is raining but after
it rains the flowers blossom.

11. 1920s Slang

Answer: The Bees Knees means an extraordinary person or idea, and I chose this term because I had heard this
term before. Giggle water means intoxicating drink, and I chose this term because in that time period they couldnt
talk about alcohol.

12. Video


13. Drawing Conclusions