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College greek councils convene to explore solidarity

Morgan Newton | April 29, 2017

COLLEGE PARK, Md- On Wednesday the

University of Marylands Greek councils, in
partnership with the Department of Fraternity
and Sorority Life, held an event on
Gramcracker Row to bring awareness to the
use of -isms on college campuses. More
specifically, the purpose of the event was to
determine how these -isms affect Greek

There were four greek councils represented at

the event, including the Interfraternity
Council, the Panhellenic Council, the National Panhellenic Council, and the Multicultural Greek
Council. The events are peer led so that everyones concerns are addressed and an abundance of
information can be shared.

The hour-long event focused on three -isms: racism, classim and sexism. A leader of the
council stated, we stress this discussion because there is a lack of cohesiveness and unity
amongst the fraternities and sororities. Granted some councils interact more than others, but this
isnt enough to combat issues that are prevalent in the community.

The first issue addressed was classism. Participants thought members of the Panhellenic Council
are richer than others which creates a classist system. Through discussions it has been discovered
that members from this council and others are on the same economic level. A peer stated, the
use of fundraising helps to unblur these lines and show that no one council is more entitled than
the other.

Next, sexism was addressed because greek life is sometimes viewed as a male dominated
organizations. This makes the atmosphere uncomfortable for sororities and co-ed fraternities.
The councils acknowledged that progress has been made as far as being more inclusive

The event concluded with discussions about racism. This seems to be the biggest -ism these
councils need to face. People expressed that racism may be hard to discuss but the barriers
between races in greek life are slowly but surely being broken.
People left the event feeling more confident that the -isms discussed, amongst others, can be
eliminated in greek life through the continuous partnerships and interpersonal relationships
between greek councils.
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