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May 6, 2017

Morgan Newton
2310 Bayleaf Ct.
Baltimore, MD
(410) 299-3697

1020 Hull Street

Baltimore, MD 21230
(888) 727-6687

Dear Kevin Plank,

Your advertisement for a public relations representative intern adequately fits my qualifications,
and I am writing to express my interest in and avidity for the position. I was excited to to learn
about this opportunity because I possess strong skills in writing, design and public speaking.
Being accepted into this program would not only refine the skills I already posses, but offer an
environment that will provide many more. I am interested in this internship because it would
adequately prepare me for a career in sports public relations. I would be able to contribute to the
companys social media platform and contribute a creative design sense.

I am currently enrolled in the public relations program at the University of Maryland, College
Park, and am looking to complete my bachelor's degree by the fall of 2018. I am also minoring in
law in society. I have served as the public relations chair for the University of Maryland
Womens Club Basketball team, where it was my responsibility to develop social media accounts
and create fliers for events. Also, I am the Communications Supervisor for Conferences and
Visitor Services and created a weekly newsletter under this position. Both roles have provided
me with a plethora of knowledge and experience that would be applicable to this position.

Based on your description of the ideal candidate I also offer:

Great interpersonal communication skills; maintenance of professional

An educational background in public relations, writing, marketing, and employee
Able to maintain a positive attitude while working in teams and contribute to
committee responsibilities
May 6, 2017

Morgan Newton
2310 Bayleaf Ct.
Baltimore, MD
(410) 299-3697

If available, I would like to meet in person to learn more about the company and your
expectations, as well as expand more on my qualifications. Please feel free to call me at (410)
299-3697 or email at mrn23@umd.edu.

Thank you in advance for your review of the attached resume. I look forward to meeting you


Morgan Newton