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There are four type of teaching and learning component in smart schools. The first type of
teaching and learning component is curriculum. The function of curriculum is to help
students to achieve overall and a balanced development. For example in physical, mental and
spiritual. Secondly is pedagogy. What is meant by pedagogy? Pedagogy is the method and
practice of teaching especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept. It allows to mix
variation of way of learning strategy to ensure the understanding and promote the
understanding level of learning of all students. The third type is assessment. What is the
meaning assessment? It is the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality or ability of
someone or something. It is used to estimate the feedback from the students in readiness,
progress, achievement and aptitude. Lastly, teaching and learning materials. We can create a
challenging , motivating and interesting task by combining network based , teacher based
and courseware materials.

There are a few technology have been equipped and used in school since the introduction of
smart school. There are a few types of technology enablers in school. Firstly , facility
description classroom . It is equipped with multimedia courseware and presentation facilities.
Other than that , email or groupware for collaborative work in library. It is also known as
media center. It is equipped with database center for multimedia courseware and network
resources. For example access in internet computer. Next , for teaching with computer studies
as a subject , the students be able to access multimedia audiovisual equipment multimedia. It
is equipped with tools that help for creating multimedia materials and catering to
development centre. Development centre is a studio or theatre with various level of
sophistication. It is equipped with a control of room for centralized audiovisual equipment ,
video conferencing studio , preview room for audio , video or laser disk material teachers.
Room With on-line access to courseware catalogues and databases, information and resource
management systems, professional networking tools, such as e-mail and groupware.
Administration Offices Capable of managing databases of student and facilities, tracking
student and teacher performance or resources, and distributing notices and other information
electronically. Server Room Equipped to handle applications, management databases, and
web servers; provide security and telecommunications interface and access to network