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Investigating the factors influencing the demand for Karib Cable internet service over
Lime internet service (vice versa) amongst villagers of Lowmans hill
Purpose of the Project

It has been noticed that over the years the intense competition between internet
service providers in St.Vincent (LIME and Karib Cable) has caused a change in
demand for either of the service amongst subscribers. The service providers are
primarily engaged in amending the service provided in an attempt to get more
customers to subscribe to them. It is the aim of this project to examine the factors
influencing the demand for these service providers.
Collection of Data

Data used in the SBA were collected primarily in three main ways; they include:

Questionnaires- questionnaires were structured and distributed amongst

the residents of Lowmans hill.

Internet Research- Pertinent research was conducted on the internet and

relevant information was recorded and also used as reference during the

Interviews- Interviews were conducted with relevant individuals, who

would provide necessary information about the topic.

Presentation of Data

Fig 1
Fig 2

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Fig 3

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Fig 4

Fig 5
Fig 6

Fig 7
Fig 8

Fig 9
Fig 10

Fig 11
Interpretation and Analysis

The graphs and charts illustrated in the presentation of data are all derived from
information received from the questionnaires. The ten illustrations are represented by
Fig 1 Fig 10.

FIG 1- is showing the number of interviewed Karib Cable and LIME

customers. According to the information displayed in fig 1, 73% of the
respondents are subscribed to Karib cable internet, while the other 27 % is
connected to LIME. So the majority of the respondents are Karib Cable
customers.(see table 1 in appendix)

FIG 2 and 3- figures 2 and 3 are illustrating the options chosen for
question 2 on the questionnaire. The graph in Fig 2 is showing that 33 %
of the Karib Cable respondents have been connected with the service for
between 5- 10 yrs. Only three out of the eleven respondents have been
connected with the service for less than a year. Fig 3 shows that 50 % of
the LIME respondents have been connected with the service for more than
a year. It is important to note that absolutely no LIME respondent has
been connected with the service for more than a year.

Fig 4 and 5- these Figs are illustrating the responses for the question 3 of
the questionnaire, showing respondents opinion on whether the service
delivered by their provider reasonably priced for both LIME and Karib
Cable customers. The graph shows that 82 % of Karib Cable respondents
which is a total of 8 persons (refer to table 2 in appendix) think that the
service delivered is reasonable. While Fig 5 shows that 50 % of the LIME
respondents think that the service is reasonable, and the other 50 % think
its not. Both percentages represents 2 person each (examine table 2 in

Fig 6 and 7 Figs 6 and 7 represents the respondents answer to no.6 of the
questionnaire for Karib Cable and LIME customers respectively. The
information illustrates that 20% of the Karib Cable respondents have
never experienced any inconvenience from their service provider while 0
% of LIME customers responded chose Never as their answer. Two OUT
of the four lime respondents have experienced problems with their service
provider and one OUT of 11 responded with Often for Karib Cable
customers. 18% of Karib Cable customers chose very often while 25%
LIME customers chose the same.

Fig 8 and 9- shows the respondents answers to question 7 of the

questionnaire for Karib Cable and LIME customers respectively. 45 % of
Karib Cable respondents think that the service is excellent while 0% of
LIME customers chose excellent as their answer. One respondent thought
the service delivered was of poor quality for each internet provider. For
both service providers the majority of respondents thought the service
provided was Good.

Fig 10 and 11- these figs represents the answers to question 8 of the
questionnaire. 25 % of Lime customers (only one) want to change service
provider if given the chance and 27% (total of 3) of Karib Cable
customers want to change their service provider.( see table 3 in appendix)

Interview interviews were carried out and pertinent information recorded

and put together. From the interview with Karib cable employee it was
derived that:

The majority of Karib cable subscribers are satisfied with the

service delivered.
The service is of better quality(based on factual comparisons
between both competitors and surveys)
There has been a steady decline in the numbers of persons
unsubscribing and an increase in those subscribing.(over the years)
The increase in quality delivered is driven mainly by the
competitive nature of both providers.

Resident of Lowmans Hill- Joy Wilkins (was a LIME customer then later switched to
Karib Cable);

The services offered by LIME were better at a point in time but

later, Karib Cable services improved significantly.
Experienced fewer problems with Karib Cable than with LIME.
Monthly bill paid on internet service is less than LIME
More rewards and benefits of being a Karib Cable customer.

The information above is based on the response of specific questions structured by

the interviewer in aid of this SBA. (Wheres the interview schedule? It should be
in the appendix.)


The information recorded from all the various methods of data collection all show
that the majority of selected villagers in the area of Lowmans hill are currently
connected with Karib Cable internet service, a total of 11 out of 15 respondents

Based on the information received it is safe to say that Ceteris Paribus Karib Cable
has more internet subscribers than LIME, however this is only an assumption based
on the recorded information and may not be an accurate reflection of the entire
community. We observe that four lime customers have been connected with the
service for more than 5 years and only 1 LIME subscriber has been connected with
the service provider for more than 5 years (see Figs 2&3), it is possible for us to
make the assumption that the service delivered by Karib Cable Providers is much
better or of a higher quality than that of LIME.

Also complementing this assumption is information recorded in an interview with a

Karib Cable employer that over the years they have experienced a significant increase
in subscribers along with their effort to constantly improve the service provided. Two
Karib Cable customers think that the price for the delivered service is not reasonable
and similarly two LIME customers think that the price of the provider is not
reasonable for the delivered service. Taking into consideration that this accounts for
18% and 50% (see Figs 4&5) of Karib Cable and LIME respondents respectively it
can be inferred that Karib Cable is providing better quality service than LIME
however what can be stated as a fact is that the service is offered at a lower rate. So
the assumption can be made that Karib Cable is using their resources more
efficiently than LIME as they are able to produce a higher quality service (See Figs
8 & 9) and still able to place a lower price on the service. We can now relate this to
the field of economics and correctly state that Karib Cables production is along the
Production Possibility Curve (PPC). Also to support this assumption is the fact that
73% of the Karib Cable respondents dont wish to change their service provider and
majority of them believe they are connected to the better network. (See Table 4 in

If we take a look at Figs 6&7 we can clearly see that inconvenience between the two
competitors is more dominant amongst the LIME customers. A total of 50 percent of
the LIME respondents claim that they have Often or Very Often experienced
inconvenience from their provider. While 20% of the Karib Cable customers were of
the same view. This clearly shows that Karib Cables service is superior to LIMEs
based on this data.

Based on the responses of question 8 even though LIME prices are higher than Karib
Cable there is no significant burden placed on the respondents, only one of the fifteen
respondents said paying for their internet (LIME) service has become a problem after
she lost her job and only the father in the home was working. Economically we know
that once income of a household is decreased so will the spending powers of that
particular household. Hence from

From the interview with Karib Cable employee, we can support our findings. The
information received states that Karib Cable has a wider spread of customers than the
competitor and generally more subscribers. From the research conducted Karib Cable
had more subscribers than Lime a total of 11 accounting for 73% of the respondents.
The employee also stated that generally the subscribers are quite satisfied with the
delivered service. FIG 8 from the presentation of data represents the same
information. So the result of this interview coincides with the SBA results.

The information received from the interview with Joy Wilkins (resident of lowmans
hill) also goes hand in hand with the SBAs result. She said the service of LIME was
better at a point; this supports our aim that there is a constant increase in
competition between the competitors. After switching to LIME she experienced fewer
problems with her internet service. Once again this information shows that Karib
Cable offers a superior quality service to that of lime.

As stated in the purpose of study it has been realised that there has been intense
competition between the internet service providers of St.Vincent we can conclude
(based on data received) that the Services of Karib Cable are preferred in Lowmans


After studying the data recorded from the SBA certain recommendations can be

Improve quality of service provided OR lower price for service in order

to attract customers
Give reward to persons who are connected to service provider for a long
period of time, this will in turn encourage subscribers to stay connected.
Since internet service is a necessity in these modern times services must
always be up and running permanent watchmen should be put in place
24/7 to ensure system failure never or rarely occurs.
If system failures cannot be avoided offer some sort of compensation to
affected individuals
Focus on providing the best for customers instead of competition, appeal
to persons needs and wants and do annual surveys to get feed back on
how to best improve system.

LIME can aim towards achieving a more efficient use in their resources hence they
will be able to reduce their price rate while still making a profit. This will in turn
appeal to customers as the first law of demand and supply states when price
decreases demand increases.

Karib Cable unlike LIME already has efficient use of their resources based on the
data collected so they can keep whatever combination of resource allocation they are
using. Adjustments may be needed if need arises in the future for example due to
more intense competition from their competitor.
Appendix 1
A copy of the questionnaire is shown below.


The purpose of this questionnaire is to aid in the collection of data for my CSEC
Economics SBA in order to achieve the aim of study which is to determine the
factors influencing the demand for Karib cable internet service over LIMES
amongst residents of Lowmans Hill

*Below are a set of questions followed by various options. Answer the questions
by checking the box next to the answer you choose. Some questions MAY
require a brief explanation. Thank you for your assistance

1. Which internet service provider are you connected to?

A. Karib Cable B. LIME

2. How long have you been connected to this service provider?

A. 1-5 years B. 5-10 years C. 10-15 years D. More than

15 years

3. Would you consider the service delivered by this provider to be reasonable

A. Yes B. NO

4. In your opinion do you believe you are connected to the better network?

A. Yes B.NO
5. Briefly explain the reason for your answer to item 4 above

6. How often do you experience disruption of service or any other inconvenience
in inconvenience from your service provider?

A. Not Often B. Often C. Too Often D. Never

7. How would you rate the service delivered by you provider?

A. Poor B. Satisfactory C. Good D. Excellent

8. If you had the opportunity will you change your service provider?

A. Yes B. NO

9. Explain briefly the reason for your answer in no.9

10. How does paying for this service affect your ability to purchase other goods
and services?

Thank you

Appendix 2

Karib Cable 11
TABLE 1 Showing amount of persons subscribed to internet service providers.

Karib Cable Yes-9 no-2

LIME Yes -2 no-2
TABLE 2 Showing respondents views on if the service delivered is reasonable.

Karib Cable 8-no 3-yes

LIME 2-yes 2- no

TABLE 3 Showing respondents choice on changing service providers.

Karib Cable 9/11

LIME 2/4
TABLE 4 Showing respondents view on if they are connected to the better network.

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You must include your bibliography, table of contents, acknowledgements...
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Title: 2/2
Purpose of the Project; 3/3
Collection and Presentation of Data: 3/3 + 7/7
Interpretation and Analysis of Data: 8/10
Findings and Recommendations: 6/6 + 4/4
Communication of Information: 5/5

Total: 38/40