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Dylan Tijerina

Mrs. Shumate

English 2

15 May 2017

Nature vs Nurture from Childhood to Adolescence

Many children have an idol or hero they look up to, or a place for them to be themselves

and can chose a path they want to take. Except the contradiction of the hero or place, basically

the person or environment.Stephen King's novel IT, highlighted this contradiction of social

values with its main characters of 7 children. Both influence greatly affect the childhood of

children and can determine their adolescence/adulthood, although many studies show people

having a greater impact on a child's future.

It doesn't just have to be parents that affect the children but also other children, friends,

and neighbors. For most communities like towns, the people in the society often are close and

share knowledge to make them closer. Neighborhoods surrounding the immediate neighborhood

of residenceand the duration of exposure to disadvantaged neighborhoods throughout the

childhood life course influence the likelihood of graduating from high school (Crowder). This

study signifies the challenges of neighborhoods who highly influence the future of education to a

child's future. Study suggests that shared silent spaces are valuable opportunities for young

people(Wood). The cause of silence benefits children on the external and internal behavior

hardships. Basically creating an unspoken bond for children to share with other children in

silence, just like IT when the losers club founded each other by the silence of the community

doing nothing to help stop missing children. They became strong together untied.
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While children face a lot of difficult things in life, what characteristics and

behavioral traits in adulthood come from the people in their childhood. Results show that child

abuse, domestic violence, and both in combination have risk for internalizing and externalizing

outcomes in adolescence (Moylan). As shown with Beverly Marsh in IT as she leaves her

abusive father only to marry a man who is abusive physically and verbally. She stays with him

even though she can go places on her own as she is intelligent and smart but her past with her

father kept her in that relationship. Just like the impact of bullying experiences on body image

shame and eating psychopathology (Duarte). As children grow up they face bullying

everywhere and its impact can be heavy in later years causing effects on the body of the victim.

Just like Ben Hanscum in the novel IT who was a fat kid who ate his feelings away with tons

of candy and junk. Later in adulthood, what had happened to him caused him to change

physically for the better as he lost weight and straightened himself out.

Children face a lot of hardship and outside factors have a bigger impact than most would

think. Environmental influence is heavy, which can cause the outcome of childrens thought

process. But the most impactful effect is the people around them who influence them the most

both physically and mentally as most studies have proven.

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Tijerina 4

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