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REPORT May 10, 2017

BY: Commissioner Wade Fleming, Chairperson, Local Road Improvement Program

Chairperson, Ladies and Gentlemen:

The Local Road Improvement Program Subcommittee, having met on May 4, 2017,
recommends that the following applications for 2017 Pilot Local Road Improvement Projects
be approved:

Municipality County Contribution Project Budget
City of Auburn Hills
3/30/2017 $29,877 $3,407,000
Project Description Remove existing concrete road, curb, and gutter. Replace concrete curb and
gutter and install 9 inches of new HMA road surface.

City of Berkley 4/21/2017 $15,342 Estimated $75,000

Project Description Concrete road patches on various City of Berkley jurisdiction streets.

City of Bloomfield
04/12/2017 $10,520 $21,039
Project Description Replace and upgrade the curbside barrier that separates Long Lake Road from
major business area in the Citys downtown business district.

City of the Village of

Clarkston 4/21/2017 $1,820 Estimated $3,640
Project Description Mill 1 of asphalt and Cap with 2 of new asphalt

City of Clawson 4/21/2017 $12,480 $1,320,650

Project Description Milling and resurfacing 14 Mile Road, east and west of Main Street, from
Washington Avenue to Bellevue Avenue. At the same time, we will be milling
and resurfacing Main Street, north and south of 14 Mile Road, from Gardner
Avenue to Lincoln Avenue.

City of Farmington 4/21/2017 $11,642 Estimate of $3,085,000

Project Description To improve local and major roads within the City of Farmington, by crack
sealing, joint replacement, and full slab replacement, as well as mill & fill asphalt
roads, and improve pedestrian crossings.

City of Farmington
04/04/2017 $100,745 $201,490
Project Description The City of Farmington Hills annual Concrete and Asphalt Road Maintenance

City of Hazel Park 4/21/2017 $19,223 $44,500

Project Description 800 Feet of HMA surface removal and 3-inch HMA overlay


Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Village of Holly 5/1/2017 $7,711 $256,009.10

Project Description Milling of existing streets and recapping with 2 of HMA (Hot Mixed Asphalt).

City of Huntington 4/4/2017 $7,267 $110,000

Project Description Maintenance of Major Peripheral street system, 11 Mile and Coolidge Hwy.

City of Keego Harbor 3/22/2017 $3,774 $103,774

Project Description The funding will be used to replace any damaged road Right-of-Way culvert
piping that is failing, jetting out clogged culvert piping areas, correct improper
pitching of the roads for proper water runoff, which will improve standing water
on the roads.

City of Lathrup
4/13/2017 $8,934 $175,000
Project Description Project expenditures would be used to improve and extend the paving limits of
the Citys 2017 paving program to include the returns at both California and

Village of Leonard 3/24/2017 $1,409 $568,318

Project Description The project includes repaving the parking areas of the downtown commercial
business (which MDOT will not fund and the cost is being borne by the Village)
and other improvements for pedestrian safety.

City of Madison
3/20/2017 $37,716 $240,716
Project Description The project includes continued maintenance of Whitcomb, a heavily used road,
to support economic development efforts for retention and expansion.

Village of Milford 4/3/2017 $8,358 $18,358+

Project Description The requested funds will be used to purchase materials and service from local

City of Orchard Lake

4/4/2017 $4,199 $8,398
Project Description The requested funds will be used to mill existing surface down in several areas
of Old Orchard Trail and to repave milled areas with new pavement.

Village of Ortonville 4/24/2017 $2,981 $5,981

Project Description Crackfill of Asphalt in Downtown area.

City of Pleasant
3/20/2017 $5,627 $858,316
Project Description The project expenditures will be applied towards the City of Pleasant Ridges
Hanover and Norwich street reconstruction.

City of Pontiac 4/13/2017 $84,753 $300,000

Project Description The requested funds will be used to mill and overlay both University Drive and
Mill Streets from the above-listed project limits. Additionally, they will replace
deficient curbs and gutters and repair storm structures and handicap ramps.

City of Rochester 4/13/2017 $14,440 $28,880

Project Description The project consists of the continuation of mill and overlay and concrete patch
of a major road in Rochester, MI.

City of Rochester
4/3/2017 $86,914 $173,830
Project Description The requested funds will be used for the 2017 Concrete Road Replacement

$3,287 Approx. $60,000

City of Sylvan Lake 4/11/2017
Project Description The requested funds will be used for removing and replacing asphalt and
repairing base and sub base only as needed.

City of Troy 4/20/2017 $108,105 $800,000

Project Description Concrete road replacement on Elmwood Avenue from Livernois (Main Street) to
Rochester Road in the City of Troy.

City of Wixom 4/14/2017 $18,814 $48,814

Continue to extend the pavement preservation for local roads in its industrial
and commercial districts. The program will include additional joint and crack
Project Description
pavement sealing, roadway marking, legends placements, and pavement

The Commissioner or Commissioners representing the project communities will be

notified, project numbers will be assigned and staff will prepare resolutions for
introduction at a meeting of the Board of Commissioners. Corporation Counsel will finalize
a local participating agreement for these projects in compliance with the rules and
procedures approved for the program and will forward the agreement to be attached to a
resolution authorizing funding for the project.

The Subcommittee has received five project plans requiring multiple years of funding to
complete. The Subcommittee approved a policy authorizing a municipality to submit a
multi-year plan for projects that require the accrual of the municipalitys allocation for a
maximum of three (3) years for planning purposes and contingent upon continuation of the
program. Approval of a plan does not obligate the County to funding the project. The
Subcommittee has reviewed the following applications and is recommending that a
resolution be introduced authorizing the limited rollover and accrual of the Communitys
allocation for:

Municipality Project budget Years Accrued
City of
4/18/2017 $1,045,000 2017, 2018, 2019
Project Install new public water main, remove and replace concrete sidewalk, install new trees
Description and decorative pavement, install new decorative street lights and install new concrete
street at Bowers St. from Woodward Avenue to Adams Road

Village of
5/3/2017 $165,000 2017, 2018
Project Mill and resurface asphalt surface two inches (2) of 9,600 feet of which 900 feet is Road
Description Commission and 8,700 feet in the Village of Oxford.

City of 4/21/2017 $480,000 2017, 2018, 2019

Royal Oak
Project Reconstruct the north-south section of Fernlee Avenue in the City of Royal Oak between
Description Samoset Road and 14 Mile Road

City of 4/19/2017 $374,047 2017, 2018

South Lyon
Project Crush and shape N. Hagadorn Street and install four (4) inches of new asphalt pavement.
Description Project includes minor drainage improvements.

City of
4/12/2017 $2,961,800 2017, 2018 2019
Project Improvement of NB Northwestern Highway Service Drive

Chairperson, on behalf of the Local Road Improvement Subcommittee, I move

acceptance of the foregoing report.

Commissioner Wade Fleming, District

#16 Chairperson, LRIP Subcommittee